Chapter 22




I’ve been waiting for this day since we first saw the house. Eric barely let me pack the old house and it was making me crazy. I got to sit and point most of the time. Sometimes he would make piles and I would sit and go through what’s being kept and what’s being tossed, but all that doesn’t matter now. Both kids are with Grandma Northman and I have my dad, brother, Eric’s dad, and the two guys my horny butt can check out. Eric and Trey. Not that I’m checking Trey out, but he has nice forearms, that’s all.

It’s going on noon and the old house is clear, I just need to go back and clean later. The guys are starting to unload the truck and let’s just say I’ve had to stop myself from jumping Eric more than once. When he has something heavy he gets this intense look of concentration and his biceps bulge out and… mmm. Channing Tatum has nothing on my fiancé.

I walk out to the truck to grab a box. I hate feeling useless and so far I feel useless today.

“Trey, can you scoot those boxes over here so I can start taking them in?” I ask as I point to a stack of boxes that I know aren’t heavy.



“Eric’s orders. You aren’t lifting a thing today,” he says and goes back to whatever it is he’s doing.

“Trey, I lift two kids regularly that are heavier than those. Scoot them over here,” I say a little firmer.


I huff and turn to stomp toward the house.

“Eric!” I yell his name. He may be sexy, but he’s about to get an ass chewin’.

He appears at the top of the stairs with a smile on his stupid, sexy face. “Yes, Toots?”

“Tell Trey that I can lift a ten pound box. I’m not a goddamn invalid,” I snap.

“I know you’re not, but you are pregnant and I recall you telling me that lifting things isn’t a good idea,” he says with a smirk that makes me want to fuck him and kick him at the same time.

“I can lift a box of towels,” I huff as my eyes travel his body. “If I can lift Jake, I can carry a few boxes in the house. Trey won’t let me ’cause you said no. That’s a bunch of bullshit and you know it.”

Eric shrugs and says, “I keep telling you not to lift Jake too. You’re not moving boxes today so get over it.”

“You’re an asshole,” I grumble. “You just wait till everyone leaves. You’re gonna be in for it, Mister.”

He gives me one of those sexy leers and says, “Yes, Mistress.”

I change my tactics. I close the small distance between us so my breasts are pressed against him. I look up into his eyes and brush the hair out of his face.

“Are you sure you won’t call off the hounds? I promise I’ll make it worthwhile later,” I purr and bat my eyelashes.

“Tempting,” he says, giving my ass a squeeze. “How about you be a good girl and after everyone goes home I’ll give you the hard fuck up against the wall you’ve been wanting?”

“Watch it, Northman, that’s my baby sister,” Jason calls as he walks through the room.

I glare at his back before returning my gaze to Eric. I pull his face down to mine so if anyone walks through they can’t hear me and I whisper, “Or I can push you against the wall and suck your dick so hard your eyes cross and your toes curl.”

“You can do that too,” he says. “But you’re still not lifting any boxes.”

“Eriiiiic,” I whine, poking my bottom lip out. I’m on the verge of a tantrum. “It’s my stuff too, let me do something productive.”

“You’re growing two humans. You’re done,” he says firmly. “Don’t make me tell your dad.”

“Why do you have to be so unfair? The babies are small still, they aren’t doing much growing today, I promise.”

“No, and if you can’t help yourself I’ll have Jason take you to your mom’s.”

“Fine, Dad,” I grumble. “You’re lucky it’s hot when you get all firm and demanding with me or else I’d keep fighting this.”

He leans down to whisper, “Keep arguing with me and you’ll get another trip to the bathroom.”

In that case…

“What are you going to do if I’m caught doing something you don’t think I should be doing?” I ask and I start rubbing my tits on him. “Like lifting a small box.”

He pulls me off to the side and says, “I’ll take you upstairs to our bathroom and bend you over the sink. I’ll have you pull down your pants and then you’ll get a good, hard spanking.”

A shiver runs through my body and I turn my head to yell, “Trey, Eric said I can carry light boxes!” before I look back at Eric with a smirk.

“No, I didn’t!” Eric shouts as well.

“You’re no fun,” I pout and stand on my toes to kiss him.

He kisses me back and gives me a slap on the ass.

“I’m not trying to make it easy for you, Toots. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do,” he says, and goes back outside.

I go back to the truck and my dad and Eric are in there now. “Can you guys at least put the kitchen boxes in there so I can start unpacking?”

“Already done,” Dad says.

Huh, must’ve been while I was trying to sway Eric.

“Thanks, Daddy,” I smile and then look over at Eric and ask, “Am I allowed to unpack, Warden?”

“What do you think, Corbett?”

“Hmmm…” Dad rubs his jaw.

“You guys are a couple of assholes,” I huff and throw my hands up. “I’m going to get lunch. Eric, can I at least drive, or is turning the steering wheel too much?”

Dad snorts and nudges a box of towels closer to the edge of the truck bed.

“You’re funny, Sookie,” Eric deadpans. He’s too busy moving a stack of boxes to look at me.

I pick up the box and say, “Absolutely hilarious. Ha-ha-ha,” as I turn to walk away.

“Sookie!” Eric yells. He must see that I have a box.

I really piss him off when I start jogging off with it.

“You’ll never catch me!” I giggle over my shoulder.

“Yes I will and you’ll be sorry!”

I see his dad and I yell, “Dad, catch,” before tossing him the box. I don’t wait to see if he catches it or not. I just keep going. I’m not going that fast, so I’m sure Eric is going to catch me eventually.

He catches up with me a few minutes later and tosses me over his shoulder. “I sent everyone out to get lunch,” he tells me as Eric heads for the stairs.

I smack his butt and giggle, “You don’t scare me, Mr. Northman.”

He growls and when we get to our room, he sets me on my feet. Eric points to the bathroom and says, “Go.”

“Yes, sir,” I say and scurry into the bathroom.

He follows behind me and says, “Pants down, Sookie.”

I turn my back to him and I meet his eyes in the mirror. I begin to nibble my bottom lip as I unbutton and unzip my pants.

“All the way off, or just to my thighs?” I ask.

“Just to your thighs. Leave your panties all the way on.”

I push my ass out slightly and slowly slide my jeans down to mid-thigh. I know what to expect, so I go ahead and bend over the counter, resting my weight on my elbows.

“If you want me to spank you just say so,” he says as his hand rubs over my ass.

“It’s no fun if it’s not earned,” I inform him.

“I’m happy to hear you say that,” he smirks and I get my first slap on my ass.

I yelp and then moan softly. He’s only spanked me a handful of times, but it seems my hormones are craving kink. Eric keeps his eyes on mine as his hand rises and falls on my backside over and over again, alternating from one side to the other.

“How wet is your pussy right now?” Eric asks while he’s rubbing my stinging ass.

“I’m dripping down my thighs,” I whimper.

“Really? Too bad you lifted that box then.” Eric starts to pull my jeans up.

“I don’t need you to give me an orgasm. I can do it myself,” I tell him. I really want him to fuck me, but I can’t stop running my mouth.

“Then in that case, go ahead.” He steps back.

“No, I don’t need an audience.” I also want to give him a blowjob. These fucking hormones are going to be the death of me.

“Okay. Then I’ll just be unloading more boxes.” Eric turns to leave the bathroom.

I grab his hand and pull him harder than either one of us expects. I push him against the wall and stand on my tippy toes to kiss his chin and whisper, “What I really want is to watch your face when you cum in my mouth.”

“So what are you waiting for?”

I keep my eyes on his as I unbutton his jeans and reach in to pull his cock out.

“You were really going to unload the truck with this?” I ask as I stroke his hard-on.

“I knew I’d never make it all the way to the truck,” he smirks.

“Cocky, asshole,” I smile and drop to my knees.

I pump his cock a few times before I wrap my lips around his head and begin to suck. I keep my hand at his base and stroke in time with my mouth. I flick my eyes back to his as I drag my tongue along the underside of his shaft. Eric pulls my hair out of its ponytail and twines his fingers through my thick hair. I start moaning and humming as I try to get him deeper into my mouth without gagging.

“That’s so good, Toots,” he says in a husky voice.

His hips start thrusting in time with my mouth and my grip tightens. I don’t know how long the guys have been gone so I want him to cum as quickly as possible.

I pull off and say, “Tell me what you need. I want to make you cum right now.”

“I need your pants off,” he says.

I give him one more hard suck and stand up to drop my pants and panties, kicking them to the side.

“Where do you want me?”

Eric presses me against the wall and lifts me up so we’re eye to eye. He thrusts his hips with his cock trapped between us, rubbing against my slit.

“Do you feel how wet you make me?” I ask softly and lean in to suck his bottom lip.

“I do,” he says. “Put me where you want me, Sookie.”

I keep one arm around his neck and I reach between our bodies with the other. I grab his cock; line him up with my entrance and say, “This is where I need you. Fuck me, Eric.”

He drives into me and groans. “Goddamn, Toots.”

“Mmm, I know,” I moan and flex my hips, trying to get him to move.

Eric begins to thrust quickly. His hips slap against my inner thighs his lips attack mine. My legs lock around his waist and I pull back from the kiss. I lean in to nibble on his earlobe and whisper, “Do you know what I’ve been thinking about? Ever since you brought it up I’ve been imagining your thick, hard cock driving into my ass.”

I’ve never had anal sex, and I have no idea if I’ll like it, but I know the thought of it turns him on.

“Do you want it?” he asks as his hands shift to grab my sore ass.

“I want everything with you, baby,” I purr. I mostly want him to cum right now. I’m getting close and there’s nothing better than feeling his hot, thick release filling my body.

Eric kisses me again and his hips move faster. He pulls me away from the wall just a little and when he pulls out, the tip of his cock rubs against my spot. I whimper as my walls begin to clench hard around him. He knows exactly what he’s doing to me.

“Make me cum,” I moan and drop my head back, hitting it on the wall.

He groans and his thrusts become erratic, but every thrust in is harder. My nails dig into his back and he thrusts in five more times before he explodes deep in my pussy, triggering my own release. This is exactly what I needed.

“Perfect,” I pant. His hips continue to jerk a little as we breathe, trying to calm down.

Eric presses his forehead to mine and says, “Please don’t lift anything else. I just want you and the kids to be safe.”

I stroke my hand down his sweaty face and whisper, “I promise, baby. I’ll stop causing you unnecessary stress.”

“Thank you.” Eric kisses me softly.

“You’re welcome, and I’m sorry I frustrated you earlier,” I apologize. Even though it just brought us both to toe curling orgasms.

“Apology accepted.”

“Ready to clean up?” I offer.

Eric gently pulls out of me and sets me on my feet. It takes us a few minutes to clean up and when we get back downstairs we’re still alone.

“So… since we have time to talk about it, and we haven’t, is anal sex something you really want to do?” I might as well ask while I’m in kink mode. It can easily stop as soon as the babies are born.

“I haven’t really thought about it too much,” he says. “Until a little while ago I didn’t think you were interested in it.”

“You keep playing with my ass, it’s almost like asking me for it,” I giggle. “Then you brought it up that time and well… I don’t know.”

“I just tried it the first time to see how you would react,” he shrugs. “You seemed to like it so I did it again. Then the day I asked about it, it just seemed appropriate.”

“In all honesty, you’re huge, and it scares me, but I think we can try it sometime. If I hate it we stop, if I don’t, we do it again.”

“Okay. No rush on it.”

I lean in to give him a kiss. “We’ll make sure we don’t have the kids and you’re going to give me a full body massage and two orgasms to loosen me up.”

“Done and done.” Two orgasms is nothing for him.

“Have I told you lately that I love you?” I ask, kissing him again.

“Not since before you found out you’d been banned from the truck,” he smiles.

“My dad pushed the box toward me,” I grin. “And I love you like crazy.”

“I love you too, Toots.”

“Do you think we can fuck one more time before they sho–” I stop mid-sentence when Eric’s dad pulls up in front of the house with the rest of the guys. “Never mind.”

“Cockblockers,” he winks.

“There’s always tonight,” I whisper and kiss him again. This time I grab the back of his head and slip him some tongue, effectively disgusting my brother which he makes apparent when he throws a bunch of ketchup packets on us.

“How do you think I got knocked up, Jay?” I laugh when he walks past us, grumbling to himself.

“Through a hole in a sheet,” Dad says. “Or maybe some nice scientist made the babies in a tube.”

“Nah, Sookie’s a naturalist,” Eric says.

I look at my dad and it’s apparent he wants to believe his scientist theory. He just isn’t as vocal as Jason.

“You know I like you kid, but that doesn’t mean I won’t dig a hole in the backyard,” Dad tells him.

“Daddy, can it. The backyard is all concrete here anyway,” I wink. Compared to Sam, Eric walks on water in my dad’s eyes.

“Not at my house,” Dad smiles.

A Styrofoam container appears in front of me, courtesy of Eric’s dad.

“BLT on a pita, extra bacon with cheese and curly fries,” he says.

“At least someone around here knows how to treat a pregnant lady,” I smile up at him. “Thanks, Pop.”

“Thank Eric. He told me what to get you,” he winks.

“Oh, Eric got his thank you,” I say under my breath before turning to smile and thank him out loud.

“You’re welcome,” he says as his dad hands him a container too. “If you’re nice I’ll share my mac ‘n cheese bites with you.”

“I promise to be the sweetest I’ve ever been,” I tell him. “And I already promised no more lifting.” I think that includes Jake which is hard because he still loves to be held.

“Holy shit, how’d you get her to agree to that?” Trey snickers.

I throw one of my curly fries at him and say, “Not in mixed company.”

“Ah, so premarital sex was involved,” he smirks and my dad punches his arm while Jason smacks him upside his head.

“You’ll learn soon enough,” I shrug when he looks at me for help.

“I’ll be out in less than five, guys.” Eric opens his container and grins. “Dad, you’re a lifesaver.”

“Save it for after you have the heart attack and I have to do CPR,” he replies.

“Drew, please don’t kill my finacé. I’m too young to be a widow and a single mother of three,” I tell him.

Eric sits at the breakfast bar and says, “I asked for it, but it’s not like I eat patty melts with bacon all the time.”

“Oh, I know. I feed you eighty percent of the time. And I highly doubt your abs and thighs would still be so sexy,” I grin and pop a curly fry into my mouth.

“Okay…” Dad leaves the room, making me laugh.

“Seriously, the immaculate conception theory can only work once,” I say through my giggles.

“It’s not like we’re giving a play by play,” Eric smirks.

“Keep it that way,” Eric’s dad says.

“Yes, sir,” I say and give him a salute. “Babe, can I have a nibble of one of your mac ‘n cheese bites now? It’s not for me. One of the babies wants it.”

“Help yourself,” he says.

“Thanks.” I grab one and take a bite before going back to my BLT.

After we eat, Eric gives me a quick kiss before he gets back to work. I stay in the kitchen and I begin to unpack. Dad put the boxes up on the counters so I don’t have to bend over a lot.

By the time I’m done in the kitchen, the guys are done unloading the truck. My dad lets me know Mom has been cleaning the old house so I don’t have to. Along with lifting, Eric doesn’t want me around strong fumes from household cleaners. He’s already way too over protective, but I won’t fault him. Plus I promised to listen to what he says. I stop myself constantly from reminding him this isn’t my first rodeo. He’s eventually going to drive me crazy.


We’ve been in the house just under a week. I’ve managed to get all of the major items unpacked, but there are still a few things that can wait. What can’t wait is decorating the Christmas tree. Eric and I took the kids to pick out a tree yesterday. It’s a seven foot Douglas fir. Full and fluffy, and ready for ornaments. Last year we had separate trees so this is our first family tree.

I have Christmas music playing, cookies on the counter and happy kids running through the house. This is perfect.

“Babe, can you wrangle the kids so we can get started?” I ask Eric when he comes into the kitchen to snag a cookie. He just finished putting the lights on the tree so we’re ready.

“Yes, dear.” He gives me a kiss on the cheek and then goes in search of the kids. They’ve been running up and down the stairs all day.

I grab the plate of cookies and take it out to the living room. I return to the kitchen and get three glasses of milk and my tea. We don’t normally allow the kids to eat in the living room, but this is a special occasion.

“Are you guys ready?” I ask the kids as they come running in. Jake is having a hard time with me not picking him up so when I sit on the couch he climbs into my lap.

“Can I put the star on at the end?” Joey asks. It’s been her thing since she’s been born.

“No, me!” Jake says.

“Since Dad is the only one that can reach it on his own maybe he should,” I suggest.

“I wanna do it!” Jake whines.

“If you keep whining like that you’ll be sitting right here on my lap all night,” I tell him. I’ve never allowed Joey to be a whiner and I won’t let Jake do it either.

“You’re mean,” Jake huffs and folds his arms over his chest.

“Yep, now straighten up or you’re going in time out, Mr. Pouty pants.”


“Eric, do you want to take care of this?” I ask. I’m not his mother so I don’t feel right scolding him. I will if I have to, but I’d prefer Eric be the disciplinarian.

“Jake, go sit on the stairs for three minutes,” Eric tells him.

“No!” Jake bursts into tears. Someone’s having a bad day.

Eric comes over and plucks Jake from my lap. He’s kicking and screaming as Eric takes him out of the living room. The crying continues but Jake stays on the stairs. Eric comes back to the living room and opens a box of ornaments.

“You don’t want to wait till he calms down?” I ask as Jo goes to help Eric with the box. She has a huge grin on her face.

“Nope. He needs to learn that he has to listen and behave, and when he doesn’t, he’ll miss out on fun stuff,” Eric says as he hands Jo a glittery pink ornament that Aunt Pammy gave her at Thanksgiving.

“Alright,” I sigh. I feel a little bad for him, but Eric makes a good point.

I get up from the couch and hold out my hand so Jo can hand me a Minnie Mouse ornament I got while I was pregnant with her.

“Mom, can you pick me up so I can put this one up high?” she asks, looking up at me with a Tinkerbell ornament. I had a small Disney obsession in my teen years.

“Sure, ba–” I’m stopped short with a glare from Eric.

“I got it,” he says. “Mommy has to be careful because of the babies,” he explains to Jo.

“Oh, okay,” she agrees and reaches up for Eric to lift her. I can hear Jake huffing on the stairs.

“Where do you want it?” Eric asks. He moves around the tree at Jo’s instructions.

“Here!” she grins and reaches out to place the ornament.

“Good job, kiddo,” he says once the ornament is in place.

I pick up a special ornament I bought a couple weeks ago. It’s a mint green ball ornament with the words ‘Northman Family 2013’ printed in gold glitter.

“This one’s for you, baby,” I tell Eric as I hand him the little box it came in.

He opens the box and smiles.

“Perfect,” he says and leans down to kiss me.

“Kinda like you,” I smile back. We are a little disgusting.

He takes the ornament from the box and hangs it toward the middle of the tree where we’ll be able to see it every time we walk by.

I grin and go back to finding ornaments for Joey to put on the tree. We’re about halfway done when a sniffly Jake comes walking up to me. I’m not paying a lot of attention so he has to tug my sweatshirt to get my attention.

“Hey, handsome, are you ready to help us?” I ask as I rub his hair back.

He nods and says, “I’ll be good.”

I lean down to kiss his head and I hand him the ornament in my hand.

“I love you, buddy, I’m glad you’re joining us,” I say to him.

“I love you too, Mom 2.”

He’s too cute for words sometimes. He only calls me that when he’s feeling extra clingy, which these days is all the time.

“Eric, can you help him put this one at the top of the tree?”

“Sure,” Eric replies and lifts Jake up.

I’m getting tired so I take my seat on the couch. Eric excels at being a good dad and one of my favorite things to watch is him in Dad mode. I watch as they get all of the ornaments on the tree and right at the end it’s time to place the star. In order to avoid fights I come up with a plan that hopefully works.

“Do you guys what to put the star on at the same time, or take turns. One of you can do this year and the other gets next year.” I don’t mention that they’re going to have two more contenders in a couple years.

“Joey can do it this year,” Eric says.

“Are you okay with that, buddy?” I ask Jake to give him a chance to redeem himself.

He looks disappointed but he nods. I make Eric glare when I pick him up and carry him back to the couch to sit on my lap while Jo grabs the star.

“Don’t worry, you’ll probably be tall enough to put it on with no help next year,” I smile and tickle his side, making him squirm. Since I’m a sucker for his pouty face I might sneak him out of bed later after I take the star off so he can put it back on.

“But Dad will still like Joey more,” Jake says, making both Eric and me stop.

“That’s not true, Dad likes you and Joey just the same,” I assure him. I have no idea how to deal with this, and truthfully it’s Eric’s job, but I can try.

“Nuh uh,” Jake shakes his head. “He picks Jo first and she calls him Dad even though she has a dad.”

“You call me Mom 2, don’t you?” I’m at a complete loss. I didn’t think about this when Eric moved in with us full-time. It never occurred to me that Jake would get jealous that Jo gets his dad all the time when he only gets him a couple days a week. “Eric loves Jo, just like I love you.”

“Mommy said that if Sam wasn’t so bad I could spend more time with Dad,” Jake says, and I can see Eric’s face flush with anger.

“We’ll talk to Mommy. Sam doesn’t know where we live and he won’t be coming around anymore,” I promise. My eyes flick up to Eric, pleading for him to say something.

“Buddy, I love you and Jo the same. She gets to see me more because she lives in this house, but it doesn’t mean I love her more,” Eric tells him.

“See, I told you Dad doesn’t like Joey more,” I tell him, with a tight smile.

Jake just stays quiet after that.


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10 thoughts on “Chapter 22

  1. Oh no. It looks like Jake is jealous. I wonder were it’s coming from. I think Eric pays attention to both Kids. I can understand his confusion since Jo is with Eric full time. I enjoyed the chapter.


  2. Awww… I feel bad for Jake as even without Aude’s words (not sure about the context and kids sometimes can get things wrong too…), he is too young to understand adult complications… Joey now lives with Eric full time and so will the twins so he is bound to feel the odd man out poor darling…
    The move scene was SO hot…. and funny, esp. Jason and Sookie’s dad being all prudish….


  3. That’s heartbreaking. Someone is telling that child horrible things & should be ashamed of themselves. That is just as abusive as any physical type. As far as the rest of the chapter, it was so lighthearted & fun. This is really an enjoyable story. Looking forward to how they work on poor little Jake’s insecurity issues.


  4. Ahh, the joys of a blended family! I do think Eric should’ve stepped up and taken over that discussion with Jake, though…not made Sookie take the lead with his own son.


  5. What the freak ideas is Aude putting in poor Jake’s head? Better nip that in the bud quick. It was cute seeing Jason and the dads get uncomfortable at Sookie and Eric canoodling, and the tree ornaments sound beautiful.


  6. Sounds like Aude is playing Jake off against the happy couple. Not cool. Well done including some disharmony in the story. Really enjoying reading this delightful little tale.


  7. It’s all so funny when Sookie is banned from moving things trying to seduce Eric into letting her, but it backfires. Poor Jake, he thinks his daddy is choosing Joey over him and I’m sure that’s why he was acting up. I hope Aude isn’t jealous and filling jake’s head with crap based on her assumptions.


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