Chapter 13: She’s Got This Thing About Her



We ended up back at my place. I had the back door open for Ripley to go in and out since it was a fenced yard. Sookie and I were showered and already in our comfy clothes for the night. That consisted of a pair of basketball shorts for me.


“Do you want some ice cream?” I asked. I felt like I needed a waffle cone.


“I’d love some.”


“I have a half gallon of mint chip and some caramel waffle cones dipped in chocolate and peanuts. Which one do you want?” We had the music on softly filling the room. I wasn’t a huge TV fan. There were a few shows I watched but I usually read when I was home alone.


“Surprise me,” she answered.


Waffle cone it was. All I had to do was take the wrapper off. I wasn’t kidding when I told her I was lazy at home. I went to the freezer to get them. Once the wrappers were gone I went back to the living room where Sookie was and plopped down on the couch right next to her.


“Are you okay with just the music for now?” I took a small-ish bite of my cone.


“Yeah, it’s fine with me.” She took a bite of her ice cream and got some on her nose.


I smiled and told her, “You’re doing it wrong.” I leaned in closer and licked the little bit she got on her nose off.


“I don’t think I am,” she said.


“No?” I licked her lips because I could.


“Nope,” she replied. “I think I’ve been eating it the best way I could.”


“Mmm, well, I’ll make sure to clean up any that you get on you,” I told her as I sat up some so I could take another bite of my ice cream.


“Such a good boyfr– I mean date,” she said.


“Do you want me to be your boyfriend?” I asked her. I knew I wanted it, but I was waiting on Sookie to be ready.


“Before we have that talk there’s something I need to tell you,” Sookie said. She shifted on the couch so she could look me in my eyes. “I don’t know if it matters to you but I know it would matter to me so I just wanted you to know that I forgive you for before.”


That makes my heart swell a little. I didn’t realize I wanted to hear that until the words came out of her mouth. I was a shit boyfriend before and I really wanted to redeem myself.


“Thank you, that means more to me than you know,” I said.


“You’re welcome,” she smiled. “As for being my boyfriend… Do you think we’re ready to have that talk?”


“I know I am,” I told her. “If you’re not we can shelve it for a while.”


“I just don’t want to move too fast. I know that sounds crazy considering how backwards and inside out all of this has been but I don’t want to rush it, if that makes any sense to you,” she told me. “I can tell you, though, that I’m not seeing anyone else and I don’t have any plans to.”


“Neither am I.” I was going to make a bad joke about breaking up with the other girls I was seeing, but that would be poor taste given what happened with the Old Timer.


She giggled and said, “Then maybe I can refer to you as my lover.”


“Mmm, we have to be lovin’ on each other to be able to call me that,” I smirked as I settled my hand on her smooth, bare thigh.


“We’re not? When did that get taken off the table?”


“It’s still on the table but it hasn’t been happening,” I reminded her.


“Then what would you like to be called? My fella?” she snickered.


“Is this 1922?”


“Well you objected to Lover for lack of truth in advertising,” she pointed out. “How about my gentleman caller?” Now she was being ridiculous.


“Or we could just put truth to the Lover pet name,” I said, rubbing her thigh.


“That does sound like the easiest solution,” she agreed. Sookie took another bite of her ice cream and made sure she got some on her lips.


Being a dutiful lover I moved in to lick it off of her full lips. “Mmm, somehow it tastes better this way,” I purred.


“And you said I was doing it wrong,” she said.


“You’re not getting it in your mouth,” I laughed. “So far I like the extra places better.”


“You clearly have no imagination,” she said and took another bite of her ice cream, making sure to get it all in her mouth that time.


“I have plenty of imagination.” Like I wanted to feel her cold mouth on my body, preferably on my growing erection. That would be evident soon enough.


“If you say so.” She took another bite.


“What are you imagining, since I’m so boring?”


“Nothing,” she shrugged.


I sat back on the couch to eat my ice cream so it didn’t start to get melty. My hand was still on Sookie’s thigh, drawing light circles with my fingertips. She didn’t seem to mind. She also ate her ice cream the right way from then on until it was all gone.


“Come here,” I said when we were both done, tugging her to try to get her to come sit on my lap.


“How close?” She shifted closer to me.


“Here.” I patted my thighs after I kicked my legs out to rest my feet on the coffee table.


Sookie straddled my legs and sat on my thighs, as requested.


“Close enough?”


“I could use you a little closer, but this will do,” I smiled. I tilted my head to nibble on her collarbone.


She scooted a little closer and I could feel the heat coming off of her from between her thighs.


“Better?” she asked quietly.


“Mmhmm,” I hummed. I slipped my hands up her thighs under her shorts. When I reached her ass I groaned when I realized she was going commando. “Is this okay?” I whispered against her neck when I started to place soft, wet open mouthed kisses on her smooth skin.


“Uh huh.” Her fingers lightly raked over my abs as my lips moved in closer to her neck.


I gripped her ass so I could pull her a fraction closer so she could feel what she did to me. My kisses traveled up her neck so I could nibble on her earlobe.


“Next time we have ice cream I wouldn’t mind you getting a little messy,” I whispered. “It does taste so much better mixed with you.”


“See now I’m just imagining a Sookie Sundae,” she replied.


“All of your most sensitive parts covered in whipped cream so I can lick it off?” I brought one of my hands up to cup her left tit, rubbing my thumb over her tight nipple.


Sookie nodded and said, “Scoops of ice cream on my stomach and maybe chocolate sauce on my thighs…”


“Mmm, now I want one.” I tugged her earlobe before adding, “The ice cream melting and dripping down to your sweet little pussy. That would be my favorite part to lick up.”


“Caramel sauce on my tits,” she added and turned her head to catch my lips.


I moaned into the kiss as her hips started to rock. I knew she could feel what she’d done to me. Especially since I gripped her ass again to help her move. I broke the kiss, ghosting my lips down her neck.


“Push your tits up for me, pretty girl,” I told her so I could give her nipples the attention they deserved.


Sookie sat up a little straighter and pulled her thin tank top over her head, leaving her tits bare for me. She dropped the shirt on the floor and then her hands held her tits up for me and she leaned in a little closer.


My eyes flicked up to hers as I moved in to wrap my lips around her right nipple first. I started to slowly suckle, rubbing the tip of my tongue around the tight peak. My cock was solid. If we didn’t go all the way I was going to have blue balls from hell.


Sookie moaned quietly and kept her eyes on mine while I suckled. Her hips started to move in slow circles, going clockwise and then counterclockwise and then moving back and forth to change up the friction. She let go of her left tit to grab my hand and guide my fingers into her shorts so I could feel how turned on she was. Her head fell back when my thumb massaged her clit.


I turned my hand so I could push two thick fingers into her slick core.


“Do you want my cock here?” I asked quietly as she started to slowly ride my fingers.


She nodded. “So much,” she breathed.


“Pull it out,” I directed her. I curled my fingertips at just the right spot so I was rubbing over her g-spot as she fucked herself on my hand.


Sookie gasped but release her right tit to reach into my shorts. Her small hand wrapped around my shaft and freed it from the confines of my shorts. Her thumb rubbed over my tip, spreading around the little bead of moisture there, allowing her hand to glide a little better when she began to stroke me.


“Mmm, that feels good. Why don’t you get up and take your shorts off?”


“You’ll have to move your hand first,” she pointed out.


I did. When I pulled my hand out of her shorts I brought it straight to my mouth to suck her sweet nectar off of my fingers. Sookie got off of me and wiggled out of her shorts. She got right back on my lap and rubbed her very wet pussy against my solid shaft. Her head dipped down so she could kiss me and without prompting, she reached down between us to put my tip at her entrance. Her tongue was dancing with mine when she began to sink down.


Goddamn I needed her. It hadn’t been that long but I missed it. She felt like silk wrapped around me. Sookie’s pussy was warm and wet, and oh so fuckin’ tight. Just fuckin’ perfect for me.


“Now you can call me your lover,” I smiled into the kiss.


“Gentleman caller was just starting to grow on me,” she smirked and swiveled her hips.


“Mmm, fuck, do that again,” I groaned.


She did.


“Like that?” Sookie licked the length of my neck and nibbled on my ear as her hips went the other way.


“I like that very much.” I reached back to rub my finger through her lower cheeks, tapping on her back entrance when I found it.


Sookie gasped and her back arched. Her hips kept moving in circles while her lips worked my neck and jaw. I could feel her walls pulsing every few swivels and her juices started to run down to my sac. I loved how wet she got.


My finger continued to play, rubbing and tapping on her tight little hole. I liked the way her body reacted to it.


“You like that?” I asked when I applied a slight amount of pressure and her walls began to flutter.


“Mmm… Yes,” Sookie moaned. Her head fell back and she began to bounce up and down on my cock, making her tits bounce, too. Mmm…


I sat back a little further so I could watch her tits sway. I pulled my hand to the front of her body and started to rub light circles around her clit. I wasn’t going to last too long and I wanted to make sure she got off too.


“Oh fuuuu… That feels good,” Sookie panted. She leaned back a little so I could see my cock sliding in and out of her better.


“Mmm, it looks good too,” I told her. She was in control and I kinda liked it that way. I loved that she was taking whatever pleasure she wanted. Her silky walls started to grip my shaft harder each time she took me in. I could feel my balls begin to tighten and I knew I was right on edge. I wanted her to cum. I wanted her to take me with her.


Sookie’s movements became erratic, so she stopped bouncing and moved back and forth instead. She was breathing hard and her nails dug into my shoulders.


“Oh fuck!” she cried out. Her silky walls gripped me hard and she shook as she came for me.


That was all it took to follow her right over the edge. Her pussy was so tight around me it was like sucking my cum out with a fuckin’ straw.


“Gg… God… Goddamnit,” I breathed when my orgasm hit. My release shot deep into her core, filling her completely. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders to pull her tight against my chest. “We are way too good at this,” I panted.


“Uh huh,” Sookie agreed. Her pussy was still massaging my shaft with her aftershocks.


We sat there trying to catch our breath for who knows how long. Her head settled on my shoulder as I started to rub her back. She felt good not only wrapped around my softening cock, but in my arms. It felt like she belonged there.


“I don’t ever want to move again,” I told her with a quiet chuckle.


“Going up to bed might be good,” she replied. Her soft lips started to move around my neck.


“Mmm, eventually,” I agreed, tilting my head to give her better access. “Are you sure you don’t want to be my girlfriend?”


“I’m thinking about it,” she said. Her teeth dragged over my skin and she sucked on the right spot below my ear.


“What else are you thinking about?” I purred. My hands slid down her back to rub her cheeks. She had a great ass.


“How to talk you into taking me up to bed so you can fuck me slow,” Sookie whispered in my ear.


“All you have to do is ask, pretty girl,” I whispered back. I pushed her ass down as I thrusted my hips up, getting good and deep. I wasn’t solid, but I was only twenty-five, I was far from going soft.


Sookie groaned and said, “Will you take me upstairs? I want to feel that big cock fucking me slow and deep.”


“I’ll give it to you however you want for as long as you want,” I promised. I sat up on the couch and got a good grip on Sookie so I could stand up. She wrapped tight around me while I walked to the stairs. My cock fell out of her around the time I stood up, but I could feel the combination of my cum and her honey dripping down my groin.


When we got to the room I carried her to the bed and leaned forward at the side of the bed so her back was pressed against the mattress. Sookie scooted back so I had enough room to get up on the bed between her thighs.


“How deep do you want it?” I asked as I rubbed her folds with the tip of my cock.


“Deep,” she said. Sookie reached up to grab the headboard and she opened her legs wider for me.


“Mmm, no,” I told her. I grabbed her thigh and swiveled the bottom half of her body so I could straddle one of her thighs. With her other leg hooked around my hip. I was able to get insanely deep when I pushed into her. I was able to rub her clit with one hand and her ass with the other.


“Just like that, Eric,” Sookie panted when I found a good rhythm.


After a few minutes I decided to play a little more. I brought my hand to my mouth to suck on my finger so I could get it wet. I rubbed my wet digit between her cheeks, playing with her back entrance. From my advantage I could watch her face I started to apply a little pressure. I would back off if she didn’t like it, but that didn’t seem like the case.


Her walls began to pulse and Sookie reached down to tug on her pebbled nipples. Her eyes closed and her body tensed. She was close to cumming again. Since I had already cum I wasn’t even close. I added a little more pressure until the tip of my finger pressed into her ass. I just wanted to test the waters. I wasn’t sure if she had done anything like this after we broke up. She didn’t push my hand away so I took it as she was enjoying it.


She began to moan with every thrust and her back arched. “Yesyesyesyes!” Sookie shouted as she released.


“Perfect,” I praised her. I pulled out long enough to roll her onto her back again. I pushed her thighs back, lifting her hips some and drove in deep again as she requested. “Is this still how you want it?” I asked as my hard thrusts caused my hips to slap against her ass.


“Fuck yes!”


I still kept it slow as requested but made sure she felt every hard, deep, thrust. I fell forward on my hands, practically folding her in half. I was able to dip down to grab her nipple between my teeth, making her moan louder. If I had neighbors they would hate me.


Shit. My stomach muscles started to twitch as my cock began to swell and pulse.


“Fuck, I’m going to cum again, baby. Where do you want it?” I grunted.


“My tits,” she breathed.


I slammed in a handful of times before I pulled out. I moved up her body and started stroking my cock until I shot my release all over perfect tits.


“Ffffuuuck!” I shouted.


“Goddamn,” Sookie panted.


“Uh huh,” I agreed, falling onto the bed next to her. I wiped up some of my cum and offered her my finger.


She willingly leaned over to lick it off.


“You’re fun,” I smiled. “And cute, and I still want you to be my girl.”


Sookie sat up slowly and casually said, “Okay,” before she scooted off the bed to go to the bathroom.


“Just like that?” I chuckled. I got up off the bed to follow her. I walked right past her to grab my wash cloth.


“You had to work for it,” she said as she cleaned up.


“I’m glad you agreed; Mom will be happy. I’m happy.” I kissed the back of her head as I reached forward to wet the cloth.


“I give it three months before she asks when you’re going to knock me up.”


“She’ll want me to marry you first,” I said. “But she is ready to be a grandma.”


“Good point,” she laughed.


“Are you in a rush to get married?” I asked.


“Yes. Ring please,” she deadpanned, holding out her hand.


I grabbed it to kiss the back of her hand. “One day,” I winked.


Sookie and I finished cleaning up before we went back into the bedroom. I ran downstairs to make sure Ripley was in the house and all the doors were locked. By the time I got back to bed Sookie was curled up under the blankets. She looked adorable in my bed. I was excited that she agreed to be my girl. I had a chance to make the things I did wrong right. We both deserved the happiness. I just had to make sure I stayed on my track with my drinking moderation. I knew I could. I was in a good spot. I loved myself again, which opened me up to fall in love with the pretty girl snuggled up in my bed.




7 thoughts on “Chapter 13: She’s Got This Thing About Her

  1. I chuckled at ‘gentleman caller’ and ‘my fella’! Oldies but goodies. I’m glad they decided to see only each other. I’m so happy that Eric says he loves himself again and is ready to love her. That shows so much personal growth.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay, second chances rock! Hopefully Eric can keep to his plan not to mess up and Sookie will catch onto it quickly if he does and call him out. A little patience goes a long way too.


  3. I think they both had to love themselves before they could try again with each other. I really like how Sookie told him she forgave him and how much that meant to Eric .


  4. YAY! I’m getting notices for story posts again! I missed these stories so much, and didn’t even realize it. Such a great chapter! They’ve had their talk and they’re moving on to ‘better’ things! 🙂

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