Chapter 20



Later that afternoon Sookie and I were sitting on the couch, naked, when my phone rang. I knew by the tone it was my ex-wife. I groaned, but if I didn’t answer she would have just kept calling.


“Can you hand me that?” I asked Sookie since it was on her side of the couch.


“Of course.” She twisted to reach my phone so her ass was sticking up a little bit.


I smacked it. I couldn’t help myself.


“Ow!” Sookie pouted when she handed me my phone. “You’re going to kiss it better when you’re done.”


“I will,” I promised. I hit the answer button. “Hello?”


“Hey, what’s this about you having a girlfriend staying overnight? I thought we were going to meet each other’s significant others before they started staying over?” As if she had followed that stupid rule when she started seeing Jennifer?


“It’s Sookie. Josie knew Sookie before we made it a thing,” I replied. I didn’t want to fight about this. “Plus it was spur of the moment.”


“Oh there’s a relationship that’ll last,” Felicia snorted. “So when do I get to meet her? I know she’s been spending a lot of time it my daughter. Josie talks about her all the time.”


Oh so she was jealous.


I couldn’t help the small smile that played on my face.


“It’s still new, Felicia. If you want she won’t stay over with Jo here. They’re friends though, and she’s really good with Josie,” I told her. I reached over to roll Sookie’s nipple between my thumb and finger.


Sookie moaned and shifted on the couch to reach down and tease the tip of my cock.


“I don’t see why I can’t meet her. You insisted on meeting Jennifer,” she reminded me.


I sighed and pulled the phone away. “Felicia wants to meet you,” I whispered. I leaned over to lick her nipple, because I couldn’t help myself with Sookie.


“When?” Sookie reached down a little more to play with my sac.


I put the phone back to my ear. “When would you like to meet her?”


“The next time you pick up Josie would be good. I could even bring her to the cafe and we could eat lunch together or something,” Felicia suggested rather civilly.




I looked at Sookie and said, “I get Jo next Wednesday. She would like to meet you then. She will come to the cafe and we can all sit down to have lunch.” Public was better for the meeting anyway.


“I can do that,” Sookie agreed. Then she shifted on the couch and her lips wrapped around the tip of my cock.


I had to stifle the groan when I put the phone back to my ear. “She’s fine with lunch Wednesday,” I told Felicia. My hand went to Sookie’s hair so I could massage the back of her head.


“Okay. Then lunch it is. I wish you would have said something, Eric. I know you’ve been spending time with her so I don’t buy that spur of the moment nonsense,” she told me.


It was hard to give a fuck with Sookie’s tongue swirling around my head. She was letting herself drool a little so that when she started to stroke my shaft, her hand glided smoothly along my skin.


“Mmm, it was,” I said. “I have been spending time with her but she was seeing someone else until recently.” That was more than Felicia needed to know.


She was quiet for a few seconds. Sookie’s head started to bob and since I wasn’t fully hard yet, her pouty lips reached my base and then she pulled back slowly.


“Fine. Well, I have to get going. I’ll see you Wednesday. Tell Sookie thank you for making Jo’s costume. She’s already plotting ways to get to wear it to school for picture day.”


“Will do. I’ll see you later.” I hung up on Felicia before she could say anything else. “My ex-wife thanks you for the costume.”


Sookie released my cock long enough to say, “She’s welcome,” before she was back to work. Her mouth and hand were working together very well.


Sookie didn’t give the best blowjob I’d ever had but she was still damn good. I ran my fingers through her hair, pulling it into a ponytail. We’d spent hours learning each other’s bodies, but there was still so much more I needed to know. Like if she liked dirty talk…


“I still want you to straddle my face while you do that,” I told her.


She lifted her head and said, “That could be tricky right now.”


“We could make it happen,” I reminded her. The couch was big and it was a simple shift. I learned about three hours prior how delicious her pussy was.


“Later,” was all she said before her head was back to bobbing up and down slowly, taking her time with her task. Her free hand went to my balls to massage them while her tongue bathed my shaft.


I normally dropped my head back during a blowjob. I kept my eyes on Sookie’s mouth this time. Her tongue was soft and wet, while her hand was gentle on my sac.


“Look at me, Sookie,” I whispered.


She hummed softly before her pretty blue eyes moved up to look into mine. Her cheeks hollowed and she sucked a little harder as she pulled up next.


“Mmm, that’s good, baby,” I said with a soft smile. I reached down her body to rub her ass where I smacked it earlier. I dipped my hand a little farther down to massage her opening.


Sookie moaned and started to bob faster. Her walls fluttered as I played with her core. Her lips tightened a little more so I started thrusting a little. I knew she couldn’t deep throat me, but the sound and feel of her little gag made my cock twitch between her lips. Something told me Sookie was used to soft gentle sex, which was pretty much what we’d been having all day. It felt great, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted something a little more… I didn’t know the word for it.


“Is this okay?” I asked when my hips moved a little faster. I was still learning her limits.


“Mmhmm,” she hummed. Her juices were starting to run down her thighs, so she must have been turned on by what I was doing.


I kept my rhythm going while I slid my middle finger into her dripping wet core. She was hands down the tightest girl I’d been with besides Ginger Peck when I took her virginity when I was sixteen. It was different being with someone so much younger than me. It worked though, we worked as friends, we were definitely working while we were naked.


It was time to test the dirty talking. “Is sucking my dick making you so wet?” I asked.


“Mmhmm,” she hummed again and squeezed my sac a little.


I wasn’t anywhere near close to cumming. I came way too many times already.


“Baby, how are you feeling here?” I asked, adding a second finger to her pussy. Playing hooky turned into what was going into the seventh hour of our sexcapades.


She pulled up and said, “I’m good. Am I boring you? If I’m doing something wrong–”


“No,” I stopped her, bringing her face up to mine for a gentle kiss. “You’re not boring me. You’re welcome to continue. You’re just so damn wet… I wanted to… are you on birth control?”


“The pill.”


“Do you want to keep sucking my dick?” I whispered. I still had my fingers in her pussy, slowly pumping in and out. If she wanted to keep going she was more than welcome to.


“We can move on if you want,” she said.


“Tell me what you want.” We’d been doing what I wanted all day.


Sookie got up and straddled my thighs.


“I don’t think your fingers and your cock will fit at the same time,” she winked.


I pulled my fingers out, bringing them straight up to my mouth to suck her honey off of them. She was delicious. Sookie’s hand wrapped around my hard length and she continued to stroke me.


“I haven’t had sex without a condom in years,” I told her.


“I can go get one,” she offered.


“Mmm, nope. I want to feel you.” I tilted my head to kiss her neck, just below her jaw. “You’re going to feel so good, baby.”


“I used condoms every time with Alcide, just so you know,” she told me.


“Thank you for telling me.” I trusted her. I wouldn’t have suggested it if I didn’t, but I did appreciate her saying something.


“Full disclosure is part of the deal, right?”


“Right. The last time I didn’t use one was with Josie’s mom,” I said, so she knew I’d been safe over the years.


“Good to know,” she smiled. “You know Jo asked if I’m going to be her step mom.”


“She loves you. I’m not really surprised. I can tell you that if things continue to stay this fun that won’t be too far off.” I wanted to get married again. I wasn’t anywhere close to thinking about marrying Sookie, but in a year or so if things were good I could see it happening.


“I told her I would only be her stepmother if we got married, but we don’t need to talk about that right now.” She lifted up just right and I slid into her.


Oh. My. God.


I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt something so glorious. I grabbed onto her hips and helped her rock her hips back and forth. Her pussy was so goddamn wet she was already dripping down to my balls. I leaned forward to kiss and suck her neck.


“Stay just like this for a few minutes,” I whispered. As she rocked I could tell by her walls pulsing every few seconds when her clit rubbed against me.


“You don’t want me to get a condom?” Sookie teased.


“Fuck, I don’t ever want to use one with you again,” I chuckled. “You make me feel like a damn teenage boy. I want you in every way I can get you.”


“Mmm… I’m sure you’ll have me every way you can think of and then some,” she smiled.


“Turn around,” I told her. “I want your back to my chest.” I could play with her body easier in that position.


Sookie lifted up until I slid out of her. She gave me a lingering peck before she turned around and held my shaft in place while she took just my head inside her. The little tease only rode the first inch or two of me.


Thankfully, I wasn’t in a rush. I looked down to watch her ass as she slowly moved her hips. One of my hands slipped around her body so I could rub her clit. She was so soft and wet. She felt like silk wrapped around my tip. I used my other hand to rub her ass. I ran my thumb through her lower cheeks, stopping to massage her rear entrance.


She moaned and slid further down my shaft until I was completely buried in her. Sookie started to bounce and I could see her playing with her nipples in the reflection of the flat screen straight ahead.


It was fucking hot.


I applied a little pressure to her rear opening, but didn’t push in. My fingers moved faster over her clit. I wanted to feel her cum. My orgasm wasn’t going to happen for a while still. I was already addicted to seeing Sookie cum though. She made the sexiest sounds.


“Ooooh… Oh fuuuuck,” she moaned. She rarely cussed but I noticed she did when she was about to cum. Her walls began to clench and her back arched. “Fuckfuckfuckfuck!” she cried out.


“Mmm, that’s my girl,” I purred. Being buried in Sookie’s pussy when she came was the best feeling ever. I moved my hand away from her ass and wrapped my arm around her body to pull her tight against my chest. I shifted on the couch so she was lying on top of me. My fingers kept moving over her clit, faster than before. My heels dug into the cushion and I started to thrust up into her dripping wet core.


“You want it hard?” I panted after a minute or so when my hips started pumping up faster. “Your tight little cunt seems to love the way my cock feels driving into it.”


Sookie gasped and her fingers dug into my hips. Her pussy was still pulsing and gripping my shaft. She nodded and turned her head to kiss on my neck and jaw.


“Fuck, Eric,” she moaned.


“Are you going to cum again for me?” I needed to feel it. “Cum again for me and I’ll put you on your knees, bent over the couch and keep pounding into you…” I could feel my stomach muscles begin to twitch.


“Dirty boy,” she panted. She moaned louder and her body tensed before a second orgasm suddenly ripped through her. Her juices flowed easily to my sac as she came.


I stilled buried deep inside of her while she came. As soon as she was done I pulled her off my cock and flipped her onto her stomach. I pulled her ass up as I got into position behind her. I settled my dripping wet length between her rear cheeks, rubbing up and down.


“Would you rather I make love to you in missionary position on the bed? Or do you like me being your dirty boy?” I asked. My fingers went right back to her swollen nub, rubbing slowly.


“I like both Erics,” she answered. “Just fuck me.”


“Greedy,” I growled. I pulled my hips back so my tip fell into position at her opening. I held onto her hips and slid back into her with ease. She was so fucking slick I was able to slide in and out with no resistance. My cock wasn’t little by any means. It was impressive.


As soon as I was buried inside of her I pulled my hand back and brought it down on her ass. It was something I did without thinking.


“Ohfuckagain!” Sookie immediately cried out and her pussy clenched.


I did it again, earning another tight clench. “Rub your clit,” I commanded. I smacked her ass two more times before I started thrusting in and out.


Sookie did as she was told and her head dropped to the cushions of the sofa. Her walls kept fluttering as I drove into her. I kept my eyes on the spot where we were joined. I held onto her hips and used them as handles to help me move her up and down my length. Her next orgasm was going to pull mine from me, I knew it.


“Tell me where you want me to cum, greedy girl,” I growled, smacking her ass again.


“In me,” she moaned. “Oh fuck, oh fuck… Eric!”


“That’s it. Cum all over my big dick,” I panted. As expected, her orgasm pulled mine from me. Sookie screamed into the cushion when she came, milking my orgasm from me. I slammed in one last time, grinding my hips against her as I filled her pussy with me hot, thick release.


“Ohmyfuckinggod,” Sookie panted. Her legs were a little shaky.


I rubbed her ass while my hips jerked a few times. “Was that good?” I asked, knowing it was likely the best sex she’d ever had.


“It was decent,” she answered with a little giggle.


“Just decent, huh?” I gave her a light smack on her ass. “You just came three times. What more do you want from me?” I joked.


“You called me greedy so I’m just trying to live up to the name.” Smarty.


I reached out to wrap my hand around her throat. I pulled her up against my chest and sat back on my feet so she was sitting on my lap.


“You are greedy. Do you want another orgasm?” I reached between her thighs to start running my fingers over her clit.


“No, I’m good.”


“Should we clean up so I can feed you?” I started to nibble on her shoulder.


“Mmm I think so,” she said.


“What do you want to eat?” I helped her slide off of me.


“I don’t know.”


I kissed along her neck, wrapping my arms tight around her middle.


“I don’t know either. Want to order in?”


“That’s fine with me.” Sookie turned her head to kiss me. “Do we need to go let Sir Dimples out?”


“Mmhmm,” I hummed. “Go hop in the shower. I’ll let him out and then join you.” We were both sticky and gross.


“Okay.” Sookie gave me one more kiss and then got up.


I gave Sookie a light smack on the ass as she walked away. The jeans I had been wearing were on the floor so I picked them and put them on real quick to let Dimples out. I had a feeling if Sookie and I got together it would be good. We got along great and we all knew how happy I was about her relationship with Josie. I was a little concerned about Sookie and Felicia meeting, but in a public venue it couldn’t be too bad. Even though the café would probably be closed by the time Felicia and Jo got there.


Eh, I wouldn’t know until it happened. There wasn’t much I could do either way. Even if Felicia hated Sookie, Jo didn’t and she had no reason to argue it. Sookie was good to my daughter. That was always going to be her biggest appeal. Her tits and her kisses were tied for second.


Shit… I owed Dawson a TV.


12 thoughts on “Chapter 20

  1. That meeting should be interesting. Wonder if Felicia will be a pain but hoping not since she actually thanked her for the costume…guess we will find out soon, hopefully 😉


  2. Wasn’t the tv bet just about that night? Lol, oh well. Trey gets a TB, Eric gets sookie. Eric is still ahead… and getting head it seems lol.
    Very naughty for playing while he was in the phone 😉


  3. Omg…I was so engrossed in reading this chapter I didn’t realize that I practically almost finished a whole wheel of Brie….haha…great lemons ladies…*going to take a cold shower*😉


  4. Haha wasn’t the TV just for their date night?
    Eric is so screwed and in both ways xD
    I have a feeling Felicia won’t be easy…


  5. LOL! Cheeky Eric being on the phone while they were naked and mucking around……I have a feeling that as soon as Felica sees pretty Sookie, she is going to be a jealous ex. She might only be nasty when Eric isn’t around though, time will tell if she is or not. Can’t wait. I just hope they work well together and it doesn’t interfere with their relationship.


  6. I kinda feel a bit bad for Felicia… As a parent one has to be the disciplinarian, the one with the unpopular rules… So sure, it has to be a bit hard to see your daughter’s ‘crush’ on Sookie who sews the most awesome dresses and has no duty to be the ‘bad guy’…
    I hope for Josie’s sake that Sookie charms Felicia just like she did her daughter… Or at least they can be civil… Surely there can be jealousy about Eric at this point?
    Sookie being ‘naughty’ while Eric was on the phone to his ex-wife made me giggle…


  7. Their alone seems to work for them, I just hope it continues. Felicia is most likely jealous because Jo comes home and talks about Sookie constantly. Felicia didn’t introduce Eric to her girlfriend until after everything had ended and I wouldn’t be surprised if Eric or Sookie brought that up… Felicia won’t like that at all.


  8. Love this story! I hope Felicia at least tries to be nice. I can see how she would be jealous of Josie loving Sookie so much, that can’t be easy. But hopefully they can work things out. I’d love to see a fun date night with Amelia/Tray and Eric/Sookie! Party at the Dawsons!


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