Chapter 6


Sookie and I didn’t spend the night together after the date. I got a load of shit from Jake, but I’m convinced he’s just jealous, especially with the number of questions he asked about the positions I got her in. Since I’m not a complete asshole like he is, I didn’t give him very many details.


Sookie is staying with her brother while she’s in town. I remember him from football. He’s a few years older than us so he was on his way out when I was starting football. I don’t even know if he remembers me from high school so I’m going in blind when I pick Sookie up so we can go together to look at the new house she’s thinking about buying. It’s a little strange looking at as house with someone I technically barely know, but it feels like the right thing to do. I still don’t know if it’s the novelty of seeing my first major crush, or if I truly do care about the girl, all I know is I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her since seeing her at the reunion. We have spent most of that time together, so that could have something to do with it.


I like that through all the fucking; I’m learning things about her too. Some things I don’t care for, like her sharing a bed with her ex, but I know that’s going to be short lived. Plus, we aren’t an actual couple, so I can dislike it, but there’s no point in saying so. I’m sure she knows. I’m slowly coming to terms with the fucking other men thing. I’ve been nonchalant, but as I told her, that’s my issue to deal with. The more I know about the process, the better I’ll feel. Inviting me to a shoot makes me feel a hell of a lot better so I know more about the mechanics of it. Ultimately, if it ends up being an issue I want to know, as I’m sure Sookie does, sooner rather than later. So far, it’s not a deal breaker.


When I pull up in front of Jason’s house Sookie is standing out front with a medium sized pit bull puppy, who I assume is Edith. She’s adorable with her ears flopping as she bounces around. I’m surprised she’s not running toward my truck.


I stop and get out, which is when Edith notices there’s a new person around and comes bolting toward me. If she were any bigger it might be intimidating, but she’s still fairly small.


“Hi,” I smile at Sookie as I kneel down to pet Edith. She’s a jumpy little thing. Ew, she’s a licker.


“Hi,” Sookie says as she approaches me. “Edith, get over here. Eric doesn’t want you drooling all over him.” Edith gives me a legitimate smile before she goes trotting back to Sookie.


“She’s adorable,” I smile again as I approach Sookie. When I reach her I lean down to give her a quick peck hello.


“Yes she is. She’s ridiculously friendly. Almost to the point where she gets her little feelings hurt if someone doesn’t play with her,” she explains. Edith plops down on Sookie’s foot.


“Aww, I wouldn’t want to do that,” I chuckle. “Is she going to look at the house with us?”


“If you don’t mind. I’ll drive if you don’t want her in the truck. She loves car rides.” At the mere mention of a ‘car ride’ Edith is up and doing doggy donuts in anticipation.


“I don’t mind at all. As long as she doesn’t piss on a seat, I’m perfectly fine,” I shrug. “Are we going now, or into the house?” I don’t know if her brother is here and if he is, I don’t know if I have to check in with him before taking his baby sister out.


“I told Judith we’d meet her at two, so we should probably get going. I’m just going to run inside for Edith’s leash. She’s usually a good listener, but sometimes she gets too excited. I promise she won’t piss in the truck though. She just did her business before you got here,” Sookie tells me.


“Good. Want me to take her, or do you want to get her leash on her before we’re in the truck?”


“I’ll put it on her before we get out. She’ll probably park herself on my lap for most of the ride anyway. She’s a big baby, but I love her.”


“How could you not?” Edith is super adorable. I call her to follow me and since she sees I’m heading for the truck, she follows. Since it’s lifted she isn’t able to hop in yet so I lift her onto the passenger seat. She starts sniffing around everything, getting to know her surroundings while I walk around to the driver side and hop in while we wait for Sookie. As soon as my door is closed Edith is on my lap trying to get snuggles. Her little tail starts going a mile a minute when I scratch under her collar. Her little tongue flicks out every few seconds trying to give me slobbery dog kisses which I manage to fend off.


As soon as Sookie opens her door I lose my new friend. Apparently Sookie is more important than me right now, which is fine since I have to drive.


“Where is this place?” I ask as I start the truck.


Sookie pulls her cell phone from her giant purse and after tapping the screen a few times, she hands it over to show me the listing. I know exactly where it’s at so I hand her phone back to her and get on the road.


“Judith is your dad’s girlfriend, right?” I ask as I back out of Jason’s driveway.


“Yep. They’ve been together for three years now.”


“You like her?” I don’t know if I would like my parents with anyone else, not that Sookie had a choice in the matter.


“Mostly. Every now and then she gets a little judgey, but she makes my dad happy.”


“I’m sorry,” I say, reaching over to hold her hand. “Is this okay?” I lift her hand to kiss the back.


“Of course,” she smiles.


“Good.” I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with us. She said she’s not ready to be in an exclusive relationship, so I won’t ask her to be my girlfriend, but I enjoy touching her. I’m a touchy guy in general and it would blow big time if she had a problem with it. At this point, I’m just letting this go wherever it goes. I’m trying not to take it too seriously since it’s literally been a day and a half.


Sookie and I talk about all kinds of stuff on the way to the house. I groan when it comes into view. It’s a stunning house.


“That’s fuckin’ gorgeous,” I say quietly as I pull up to the driveway.


“Isn’t it? And the inside is newly renovated and not too girly. I like that the house has a more masculine feel to it. It’s what I would expect a house in the mountains to be like, you know.” She clips on Edith’s leash before opening her door. “Plus I’m not silly enough to think I can do porn forever. I’m getting close to thirty, so it’s time to look forward and make plans.”


I get out of the truck and walk around to join her. My hand immediately finds hers. “You ever thought about what you’re going to do once you retire?” I ask as we walk up to the front door.


“It sounds kind of hokey, but I think I want to write a book,” she answers. “I’ve been writing up notes here and there over the last few years but I haven’t had the time to really dedicate to it. I’ll probably self-publish it.”


“That’s not hokey at all,” I assure her. “What would it be about?”


“Fictional porn stars,” she smiles. “Write what you know, right?”


“Right,” I chuckle. I loop my arm around her shoulders, keeping her hand in mine as we walk through the open front door. I assume the older lady standing there looking around is Judith.


“Hi, Jude,” Sookie says. She lets go of me to go give the older woman with pin straight silver hair a tight hug.


“Hi, sweetheart. I’m glad you could make it. This house isn’t going to stay on the market long, but it was intentionally listed so low in the hope of starting a bidding war,” Judith says. “Is this your bodyguard?”


“No,” Sookie laughs. “No, I haven’t needed one since Bill was locked up. This Eric Northman, an old friend from high school. Eric, this is Judith Vardamon, realtor extraordinaire.”


“Pleased to meet you, Judith,” I smile, reaching out my hand to shake hers.


“Likewise, Mr. Northman. Well, I’ll let you tour the place by yourself without me chirping in your ear and I’ll wait for you on the deck off the dining room. There’s a fireplace and a hot tub for eight out there.”


“Plan on having parties, Sookie?” I tease as we start toward the kitchen. It has an open floor plan so we can see the kitchen from our spot near the front door. We also have a gorgeous view of Lake Tahoe from here.


“Well I do enjoy a good gang bang,” she smiles.


“Do you, now?” I ask, rubbing my hand down her back to pat her butt. Judith is already outside so I don’t feel weird teasing her.


“Mmhmm. Dahlia’s Delight featured one. I was blindfolded the whole time.”


I don’t know if that turns me on or makes me jealous. A little growl leaves my throat either way.


“Is that something you save for the camera, or something you like in your free time?” I ask as she rubs her hand over the smooth granite.


“I’ve never had one privately,” she says before opening the enormous fridge. “It might be fun though. There’s something kind of sexy about not being able to see anything that’s about to happen. There’s just hands and tongues all over me, guys taking turns using me and getting me off…”


I walk up and wrap my arm around her from behind, dipping my hand into her top to rub her nipple. “Is that something you’d like to do once you’ve moved up here?” I purr in her ear before sucking lightly on her lobe. I’m starting to think it’s a turn on.


“Mmm… Maybe,” she breathes. “Would you be a part of it? Would you like to watch other men make me cum over and over again?”


“I would definitely be a part of it. I love watching you cum and I know I can only do so much.” I rub my thickening cock against her ass and whisper, “Do you feel what it’s doing to me, just thinking about watching that?”


“I think we should go check out the master bedroom,” she says, rubbing her ass against me.


“Lead the way.” I pinch her nipple before pulling my hand out of her shirt. I ghost my fingertips down her arm until I reach her hand and thread my fingers through hers.


Sookie leads me to a large bedroom down the hallway with another majestic view of the mountains and lake. She closes the bedroom door and throws the lock. There’s a huge bed with four heavy posts at the middle of the room.


“Imagine fucking me from behind while looking out the windows,” she says in awe and unzips my jeans as she gets on her knees.


My hands instinctively go to her hair as I keep my eyes on the view. I look back down at her as she pulls my cock out, stroking it slowly.


“That’s a beautiful view, but what I’m looking at now,” I run my knuckles along her cheekbone, “Is far more beautiful.”


Sookie winks at me and rubs my tip against her lips before her mouth opens. She wastes no time taking me as deep as she can, which is three quarters of the way, before pulling back slowly. Her hand comes up to stroke me while her head bobs quickly. I keep my hands in her hair as I start to pump my hips in time with her hand.


“That’s fuckin’ good, pretty girl,” I whisper. My cock is getting harder and harder by the second. I know we don’t have a lot of time, so I reach down to tug my sac while her heads moves faster and faster. “You want to swallow my cum or are you going to bend over so I can fuck you?”


Sookie releases my dick and unbuttons her jeans while I lift her off her knees. I turn her around as she pushes her shorts down her thighs about halfway. I move her a little closer to the bed and bend her over. I stroke her folds with the head of my cock a few times before I feel like she’s ready to take me. Her legs are still close together, making her feel extremely tight when I push into her.


“Fuuuuck,” I groan. I grab her hips and don’t hesitate to start pounding into her pussy.


“Ohfuckohfuckohfuck,” she chants quietly. Sookie covers her mouth with her left hand while her right sneaks down to rub her clit, making her walls flutter and grip my shaft.


“So fuckin’ good, Sookie,” I whisper. “Are you thinking about how it would feel if I pulled out right now and some other guy walked up and started fucking this perfect little cunt?” I growl softly. “I can move up and slide my dick right into your hot little mouth.” I don’t care if it’s not something we ever do. The words are making her pussy pulse faster, trying to milk my orgasm from me. “Is that what my pretty girl wants?”


“Mmm… Mmhmm,” she moans behind her hand. She moves it away long enough to put my hand on her throat.


I squeeze a little, arching over her body. My hips start to piston while I pull her head back so I can see her pretty blue eyes. “You like the way my big dick feels?” I whisper, swiveling a little on each hard thrust. “Your pussy gushing all over me tells me you fucking love it.”


“Yes, I fuckin’ love it,” she groans. “Oh my fuck… Eric… I’m gonna… I… Fuuuuck!” she cries out before she explodes.


I close my hand over her mouth to hold in her cries. I slam in a few more times before I lose it, erupting with a silent roar. Fuck. I can house hunt with her like this every fuckin’ day of the week. This girl is going to give me a damn heart attack before I’m thirty if she keeps making me cum like this.




So a quickie during the tour wasn’t what I had in mind but I’m not sorry about it. I’m pretty sure Eric isn’t either, especially when I reach back and dip my middle finger into my pussy after he pulls out so I can taste our cum.


“You’re going to kill me, woman,” he chuckles as he rubs my ass.


“I’ll try to be more boring,” I wink before pulling up my panties and capris. I get my pants buttoned and stand up straight. “Mmm… I can feel your cum making a mess in my pan–”


Eric cuts me off when he crashes his lips to mine for hot, searing kiss that steals my breath.


“I don’t want you to change a fuckin’ thing,” he whispers against my lips.


“What was I going to change?”


“You said you’d try to be more boring. I like you just the way you are.”


“Good. Come on; let’s keep looking around before Judith suspects something.” I give him one more kiss before we leave the room.


“This is the best view of the lake I’ve seen so far,” Eric says when we first step out of the hallway.


“It is gorgeous. It’s… serene. I could use some fresh air and quiet.” Our hands link as we walk.


On the third floor there’s a guest room, a loft that would make a great office or mancave area. Right now it has an air hockey table and a pool table in it, along with a large sectional sofa and a huge flat screen TV.


“Do you know if it comes furnished?” he asks, eyeing the pool table.


“I don’t but I could ask about it. If not, pool tables are easily purchased. Are you a big pool player?” I intentionally lean over the far end of the table because I’m a terrible tease.


“No, but I like the way you look bent over it,” he smirks, giving me a light smack on the ass.


“Mmm… I’ve never fucked on a pool table,” I reply. “Or an air hockey table either, for that matter.”


The walk-in closet in the master bedroom was empty so I’m assuming the house is only being staged. This stuff is most likely rented to give potential buyers an idea of the possibilities the house contains.


Eric and I go back down to the main level and then down to the first floor where there’s another living area, two bedrooms, the laundry room, a bathroom and a wet bar with a wine fridge and a kegerator. Eric looks like he’s died and gone to real estate heaven.


“Oh, and there’s my dock.” I point out the French doors that lead to the patio where the outdoor kitchen is. Beyond that is a path through the lawn, leading down to the water where I have fifty feet of beach access and a boathouse attached to the dock.


“Perfect spot for my boat,” he chuckles. “Damn, that’s a really nice view.”


“Right?” I move closer to the doors and just stare. I’ve waffled on the notion of being a mom, but standing right here, looking out at this gorgeous yard, I can see faceless kids playing on the grass. I can see them chasing each other and I can hear them laughing as they run. I can see myself relaxing in a hammock with a book and my husband teaching the kids to fish.


This is… home. I know it.


“What are you thinking?” Eric whispers, kissing the side of my neck as he wraps his long arms around me from behind.


“I think this is it,” I whisper as if I’m afraid saying it louder will disrupt the view. “I can see the future in the yard.”


“Then you should tell Judith you want to put in a bid.” I feel his soft lips turn up into a smile against my neck.


“Is this a place you’d like to visit?”


“I would love to visit,” he tells me. “Hell, it might be hard to get rid of me. Can you stand me hovering when I don’t want to go home to my stinky roommate?”


I giggle and say, “If it wouldn’t be awkward I’d tell you that you could be my roommate. There’s plenty of space down here for you to have to yourself, but that would be weird, right? Dating but living in the same house in different bedrooms?”


“I’d sneak into your room every night,” he admits. “Would it be weird if I said I wouldn’t pass this place up if you offered?”


“I think I’d question your sanity if you did. I mean kegerator, Eric,” I say, pointing to the tap.


“I have money saved up. I can help with closing costs,” he says, practically drooling.


Am I really going to do this? I mean I’ve done some crazy, impulsive things before but is this crossing a line? Living together is only going to increase whatever expectations Eric says he doesn’t have. If I’m being honest, though, the idea of living with him doesn’t scare me. I’ve had bad roommates in the past. I follow my gut, and my gut says Eric would make a great roommate. Plus, it’ll make my dad and Jason happy. Neither of them know Eric and I went on a date yesterday, only that we went out on the boat.


“You won’t mind having a clumsy pit bull trying to snuggle with you?” I ask him.


“She can keep me warm when you kick me out of your bed,” he winks.


“I know it sounds crazy, but I think we should maintain separate spaces for the time being,” I say.


“We aren’t a couple, right?” he says as he starts to rub my shoulders. “Purely roommate situation until we decide to either get more serious or stay as just roommates?”


“That won’t be complicated for you?” I know we’re not on the same page emotionally, so I don’t want that to be a problem if this doesn’t last.


“I don’t think so,” he says. “I don’t know… it just feels like the right thing to do.”


“I have one rule.”


“What’s that?”


“No light beer in the kegerator.”


“If I didn’t think you’d turn me down I’d ask you to marry me for that comment alone,” he snorts. “No light beer, that’s a guarantee.”


“Good. Save that marriage proposal. You may need it someday,” I tell him.


“It’ll be a good one,” Eric promises. “If it makes you feel better, I’m barely home during the week. I leave the house at five and don’t get home till after seven.”


“Yikes,” I cringe. “That’s a lot of time in the car.”


“Hour each way. I work out when I get to work,” he tells me. “If we had a gym here I’d work out before I leave. However, you’re less likely to get sick of me right away.”


“I don’t think I’d get sick of you. I’m not home much either, to be honest. If I’m not filming I’m at a convention, doing promotional work, on photo shoots or making personal appearances somewhere,” I tell him. “I have to schedule time off or I run myself into the ground.”


“Hopefully I can give you a reason to come home more,” he says with a sweet smile.


“Or maybe I can talk you into coming along with me or visiting me on weekends. A lot of my conventions are in Las Vegas. I’m sure you can find plenty to do if you get tired of meeting porn stars.”


“No offense, but I doubt I’d ever get tired of meeting porn stars,” he laughs.


“You’d be surprised,” I snort.


He closes the small distance between us, wrapping his arms around me in a tight hug.


“So far you’re the only porn star I’m interested in,” he says, kissing my forehead.


“Well, I’m sure I can introduce you to a few girls that might change your mind,” I chuckle. “And before you ask, yes, I’ve fucked them.”


“Ah, but do I get to fuck them,” he jokes, giving me a light smack on the butt.


“Well since we’re only roommates right now, you can fuck anyone you want,” I reply.


“Good to know. Would it bother you if I brought another girl home to fuck in my room without you?”


I think about it for a moment before I answer him. Right now I don’t have any clear cut emotional attachment to him. It would be selfish of me to demand that he be exclusive to me while I’m not going to return the favor.


“No, it wouldn’t,” I reply. “You’re allowed to do what you want in your room. If feelings change, we can talk about it.”


He nods and says, “If I do end up sleeping with someone else I wouldn’t bring her here while you’re home out of respect. Or if I am, I’ll warn you if you want…”


“Eric, I’m a big girl. Monogamy has its place but that’s not where we’re at yet. I know better than anyone that sex isn’t always about emotional connections. You don’t need to hide any other women from me. I appreciate your consideration of my feelings, but really, you don’t need to make special arrangements,” I assure him.


“Alright,” he nods.


“If it gets awkward we can revisit it and make amendments as we go.”


“That’s fine,” he shrugs.


“Are you really sure you want to do this, Eric?” I lean against the counter of the wet bar.


“I am. Something tells me I’m going to be here anyway. I’m tired of living with Jake. I love the guy, but we’ve been roommates for ten years. It’s time to move on. Whatever it is that’s going on with us will work itself out. You may not believe that I’m okay with this, but I’m a big boy, Sookie. I know what I’m doing.”


“I believe you’re okay. It’s just that I don’t know you very well. I only want to be sure that you’re sure, that’s all,” I explain. “Now I’m going to go find Judith to put in an offer and you can look around down here some more if you want. Maybe pick out a bedroom or measure the wall to see how big of a TV we need down here. I’m a football fan.”


He smiles and says, “And you said to hold off on the marriage proposal. There’s a wedding chapel right across the border. Football, full fat beer and you like to fuck as much as I do. What more could I ask for?”


“Someone who can make more than tacos and pizza,” I snicker.


“Hmm, I can make more than that and I actually like to cook,” he shrugs.


“So you do the cooking and I’ll repay you with blowjobs?” I ask hopefully.


“I’m perfectly fine with that deal,” he grins.


“Good.” I hear Edith skittering across the floor, searching for me upstairs. “I’ve been thinking Edith needs a little playmate…”


“Are you suggesting we go pick out another puppy together, pretty girl?” Eric asks, tilting my head up for a sweet kiss.


“We can go together or I can go alone or you can pick one and surprise us,” I reply.


“I’ll find a friend for Edith before you girls move up here,” he promises.


“She’s fixed so it’s okay if you get a male dog,” I say. Edith comes lumbering down the stairs clumsily and nearly slides past us on the shiny wood floor.


“Okay.” Eric bends down to pick Edith up, scratching behind her ears.


Edith manages to land a sloppy kiss on his wrist. I can already tell she’s going to wear him down and sucker him in like she does with everyone because she’s just that cute and relentless. I leave Eric with Edith while I go upstairs to start the paperwork. Buying a house is a big step for me but I’m excited about it. I think this is going to be a good move for me. It’ll put me one step closer to retiring from porn, anyway. It’ll make my family happy and it’ll be good for me too.

Chapter 6

7 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. OMG they met a day & a half ago now they are going to be housemates. Things move fast in this world. Interested in seeing what problems you can create for them to overcome. 🙂


  2. Oh Lord! I can’t wait to read what you ladies imagine & come up with for conflict between these two. I know it’s going to be full of angst & lemony goodness! These two are moving way too fast, so this will be interesting.


  3. Awwwww Edith is SO cute… That picture got me all dog-jealous!!! And the house sounds amazing too. Nice that Sookie has found a house that she feels will be her home…
    The flatmate situation seems like the worst idea ever for as long as they stay in that dating non-exclusively limbo… Surely if they are going to be fucking other people it’d be better to do it at least discreetly out of the other person’s direct view? It is one thing to know Sookie is fucking someone else (outside of work) but to have to hear it or see the guy at breakfast is worse (in my opinion). I am using Sookie as an example only because Eric stated he wasn’t going to see other women while seeing Sookie… Also in her PoV Sookie seems pretty detached in contrast with Eric who’s all in his crush bubble… Sure it makes sense since she’s just known him really for 2 days but the abyss between the level of feelings between the two seem enough of a challenge without adding the room mate complication….


  4. I’m not usually a fan of pit bulls. But I have to admit that that puppy is absolutely adorable.

    Non exclusive. There appears to be some room for potential angst here. … which doesn’t surprise me lol.

    Love it all! !!!


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