Chapter 2: Pizza and Orgasms

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I generally didn’t need a fluffer, but I couldn’t help myself with Sookie. She was sexy as hell, and willing to assist. I needed something to get me ready for Ginger. Ginger was nice but I’d heard bad things about her blowjob skills. There were very few things worse than a woman that used teeth. With Sookie on set I was able to work my way through the scene.

I’d been in the business going on ten years. I hadn’t been active that entire time. I took some time off for actual relationships, and a little time to travel. I’d gotten into porn on accident-ish. I was on set working as a cameraman. I’d been in college to become a photographer/videographer and needed a job. I went onto the Internet and found a production company looking a camera man. My first day on set the actor in the movie couldn’t get it up. Nothing that was tried worked, and being new to seeing naked women walking around freely I had a hard-on from the moment I walked through the door. I wasn’t a small man, in any sense of the word, and the massive erection in my jeans had been noticed by one of the assistants. When asked if I was interested in ‘acting’ I remembered I stuttered a few times before I agreed. I hadn’t been tested so we used a condom, of course. I was nervous as hell, but as soon as the cameras started rolling and I was in action I focused on my partner. I learned that if I did that, focused on my partner, I was just fine being filmed. I kept it up. Ten years later I was one of the biggest names in industry.

“Do you have plans?” I asked Sookie as soon filming stopped. Ginger was covered in spunk that was meant for the pretty little blonde I was standing in front of. She had to go shower, as did I, but I wanted to secure time with Sookie first.

“I might,” she said with a teasing smile. “But I might be convinced to change them.”

“What would it take to get you to change them?” I smiled back. I had a towel around my hips. I was a sweaty fucking mess.

“I’m not even a little bit ashamed to admit that with you, it wouldn’t take much. I’d settle for multiple orgasms and maybe a slice of pizza.”

I laughed and said, “I can provide all of the above. You’re welcome to come shower with me if you like…” I reached out to run my fingers through her hair. I didn’t want to kiss her with her friends… anything on me. Sookie wasn’t a colleague. I was also very pleased she liked it as rough as I did. Not too rough, but enough to leave a mark.

“I’ll save that for later, thanks.”

“I won’t be long,” I promised. “Meet me at the front door in ten?”


I smacked her butt lightly as I walked past her toward the bathroom. Ginger was on her way too so I walked with her. There were two different rooms with bathrooms that were close together.

“Sookie isn’t seeing anyone, is she?” I asked Ginger as we walked.

“Not that I know of,” she answered. “I think she broke up with the last guy she was seeing. She hasn’t mentioned him in a while.”

“That’s very good to know,” I chuckled. “Sorry if I hurt you today.” I tended to get a little carried away when I got excited. I was excited about going home with Sookie.

“Are you kidding? If you hurt me I would have twisted your balls.”

“That would have been terrible,” I laughed. Sookie would have hated her for putting me out of commission for the night, not to mention how Stan would react.

“Yes it would, but that’s what the dos and don’ts list is for right, to avoid those types of situations.”

I nodded. I didn’t want to tell her she used too much teeth. She was a sweet girl and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

“Well, I’ll see you next time,” I said when we reached our respective rooms. I leaned down to kiss her cheek. My cum squirted on her forehead so I felt safe with the cheek. “I’m taking your friend home with me.”

“Don’t break her,” Ginger snickered.

“I won’t do anything she doesn’t want me to do,” I smiled. “I already promised her a night of orgasms and pizza.”

“Sounds like my dream date.” Ginger went into her room and closed the door.

I went into my room so I could take my shower. I had a girl waiting for me.

The shower didn’t take too long. I pulled on the same jeans and T-shirt I was wearing when I arrived. I left the bathroom I was in, slinging my bag over my shoulder that had all of my toiletries in it before I went back downstairs to find Sookie sitting in a chair.

“You ready?” I asked, holding out my hand to her. I hoped like hell she hadn’t changed her mind.

“I’ve been ready since they called you down here.” Sookie got up and took my hand.

“Pray traffic is on our side,” I chuckled. I took note of how her hand fit mine perfectly. “If you didn’t already tell her, I let Ginger know you were coming home with me.”

“I told her. I think she was a little jealous I fucked you first. She’s been waiting to work with you.”

“Huh, I wouldn’t have guessed.” I could usually tell when girls were anxious to work with me. I had a reputation of being good to my girls. We did have the dos and don’ts lists for a reason, that didn’t mean some of the actors followed them. I usually watched a few of my new costars’ movies to get a feel for what they would be like. “She did tell me orgasms and pizza sounds like a perfect date. She thinks you’re a lucky girl.” We made it to my Escalade and I opened the door for Sookie to get into the passenger side.

“Can you think of a better date? I mean, not that this is a date.” She climbed up into the truck.

I leaned forward once she was in so I could kiss her cheek. “This actually sounds like the best date I’ve ever been on and it hasn’t even happened yet.” I shifted my head so I could catch her lips with mine. I reached up to grab the back of her hair as my tongue slid into her mouth, swirling around hers in a deep kiss that left Sookie breathless when I pulled back. By the way her tongue moved with mine I knew she’d be amazing at giving head later.

“Traffic better be good,” she said. It was easy to see her nipples were hard under her thin white T-shirt.

“If we find a good route I can get us there in twenty minutes.” I rubbed my hand down her chest, over her nipples through the thin material. “I hope you don’t have plans tonight, or tomorrow morning.”

“Nothing that can’t be cleared from my schedule,” she replied.

I smiled at her as my hand slipped up her shirt to tug her nipple lightly. She would learn really quickly I didn’t have much of a sex filter anymore. I moved to the other nipple to tug that one too before I stepped back, closed her door, and walked around to the driver’s side. I hopped in and pulled out my phone so I could find the best route home. We’d both had our orgasms already, but that didn’t mean we didn’t need more. Stat.


“This is it,” I said when we walked into my house a half hour later. I locked the door behind us. I lived in the Hollywood Hills on a quiet street. I lived in a two bedroom just big enough for me. I didn’t need a whole lot.

“It’s nice,” Sookie said as she looked around. “It doesn’t scare the shit out of you to be hanging off the side of a hill with just a few pieces of metal holding up your house?”

“Nah, those few pieces of metal are in pretty securely. It was built in 1961 and it hasn’t fallen,” I smiled. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and tossed it over one of the stools by the kitchen.

“Hopefully it stays that way.” Sookie knocked on the wooden wall.

“I don’t plan on rocking the house that hard,” I teased. I grabbed Sookie’s hand so I could pull her close to me. I dipped my head, licking her pretty pink lips. “How do you want it?” I asked quietly. My hands rubbed over her hips, heading for her sexy ass.

“I’d say ‘surprise me’ but that could get painful with that boa constrictor in your drawers,” she smirked.

“I can be as gentle or as rough as you want me to be.” I pulled Sookie’s shirt over her head before I unbuttoned her shorts.

“In a hurry?” She unbuttoned my jeans too.

“I’ve been thinking about getting you naked again since I walked away from you in that room earlier.” I pushed her shorts down. My hand went right between her legs, stroking over her lower lips. They were still wet from earlier. Mmm…

“Watching you fuck all day kept me wet. I almost grabbed one of those standby toys,” she told me.

“I’m sure they could have improvised and I could have had you both at the same time.” I dipped my head to nibble her collarbone. My lips traveled up to her ear and I added in a husky purr, “I was thinking about you anyway.”

“Too bad I’m not a porn star.” Her small hand wrapped around my dick and began stroking me.

“That could change if you wanted it to,” I smiled against her neck. I started backing her up toward the counter. I kissed down her chest to her tits, dropping to my knees in front of her. I pulled Sookie’s shoes off before I pushed her thighs apart. My fingertips rubbed back and forth through her slick folds. “I’ve been dying to get my tongue here.” I flicked my tongue out to get a quick taste of her pussy. She was just as sweet as I expected her to be.

“I don’t think porn is for me,” she answered.

“There’s nothing wrong with that.” I lifted one of her legs to rest it on my shoulder. I looked up at her pretty blue eyes. “You clean?” I’d be pissed if she wasn’t. I’d been looking forward to this part all day.

“You bet. I’ve been on Depo since I was seventeen too. I would have gotten a hysterectomy if they let me.”

That was a little harsh, but not what I was worried about at the moment.

“Very good to know.” I tilted my head forward, flicking my tongue out to taste her. My eyes fluttered closed as I dove in. I pushed my middle finger into her warm, wet core, pumping in and out in shallow strokes. My tongue swirled over her clit, giving her as much friction as possible. I’d made my money by giving girls head. I had a pretty damn good idea what I was doing.

“Oh my god,” she breathed. “I’m not busy again ever…” Her fingers ran through my hair a little before her hand settled on the top of my head.

I chuckled quietly. My fingers pushed in a little deeper, curling just right over her g-spot when I felt it. I licked and sucked her clit, making her leg tremble over my shoulder. The sounds coming from her were making my dick hard, along with her sweet taste. It didn’t take long before orgasm number one was working it’s way through her body. I wasn’t sure how many orgasms she wanted but I was good for them as long as she didn’t tap out.

I’d been in situations when filming where it wasn’t happening for me. I liked feeling a connection while I was in the moment. I felt that connection with Sookie, which made it tough to fuck Ginger with her so close. I pulled my head back so I could watch her face as she came. My fingers were still moving quickly over her g-spot. She looked damn good when she came. The gush of honey that poured out of her wasn’t too bad either. I pulled my fingers out and sucked them clean before I tilted to rub my tongue over her opening, licking up as much of her sweet nectar as I could.

“Can… can I hire you?” Sookie panted. She was still trembling a little bit from the orgasm.

“I’d do this for free,” I told her. My tongue slithered up the length of her slit, rubbing her clit one more time. I could have spent hours right where I was.

“You’re hired.”

It was my job…

I stood up from the floor. I picked Sookie up so her arms and legs wrapped around me so I could carry her to the couch. I leaned forward to settle her on the soft cushions.

“How many orgasms are you interested in tonight?” I stood above her, stroking my cock.

“I haven’t decided.”

“So… go until you pass out on me?” I chuckled.

“Doesn’t that sound good to you?” She spread her legs and reached down to play with her clit.

“That does sound pretty damn good.” I knelt down on the couch between her thighs. I continued to stroke myself as I watched her play.  

“Besides, wasn’t the sex scripted enough for you today?”

“Mmhmm.” I leaned forward some time rub my tip up and down through her folds. I pushed the head of my cock into her entrance, giving her shallow strokes. I could watch her silky walls stretch around me all night and be perfectly happy.

“You’re such a tease.”

“I’ll make sure you’re plenty satisfied, Lover,” I purred. I drove all the way into her, making her back arch up. Damn, she was tight. I wasn’t so used to that anymore…

“Mmm… I’m going to make sure you keep your word.” Sookie kept rubbing her clit, making her walls clench.

“I’ve been called a lot of things but a selfish lover isn’t one of them.” I pulled almost all the way out before pushing just my tip in again. I pushed her thighs back, spreading her a little wider.

“Lucky me,” she smiled.

I thrust in again, driving in to the hilt. I liked the way her tits bounced when I did that. Hell, I seemed to be enjoying everything about her so far. Instead of pulling back to tease her I started fucking her hard, slamming in over and over. Her warm, wet walls flutter and pulsed, trying to hold me inside of her on each in stroke. She was right about the scripting thing, but that didn’t mean I didn’t want to know what she liked in bed. That could be a discussion we could have later. My hips slapping against her ass as I pounded into her was more important at the moment.

“Yesyesyesyesyes,” she moaned. Her pretty eyes rolled back with her next orgasm a short time later.

That was something I could get used to. I pulled out and flipped her over onto her stomach. I slid back in from behind, leaning over her body so I was caging her in between my hands for a few strokes. I reached up after a moment to run my fingers through the back of her hair, pulling her head back. Her ass arched up against me as I slid in and out nice, slow, and deep.

“This is going to make me cum so hard,” I breathed into her ear when I dropped down to my elbow.

“Me too,” she said. Her walls were still fluttering. “That’s the spot right there,” she said as I pulled back. She gasped on the next stroke too.


She had a damn good pussy. I didn’t speed up at all but my thrusts became harder, and more deliberate. My hips swiveled slightly, making Sookie gasp each time the head of my cock rubbed over her sweet spot.

“Cum for me, Lover. Let me feel how tight that sweet pussy gets,” I whispered into her ear before gently biting her lobe.

It didn’t take too many more strokes before she lost control and came again. Her walls clenched hard, trying to keep me as deep as I could get. Her body shook under mine and her ass rubbed against me.

That was all I needed. Her orgasm milked mine from me, causing me to erupt deep inside of her.

“Fuck, maybe I should hire you,” I murmured. My hips continued to jerk for what felt like forever.

“I don’t think you could handle it,” she teased.

“I’d like to try.” I thrust forward again before I pulled out. I sat up on my knees so I could help her flip over onto her back. I pushed Sookie’s legs apart so I could watch my cum dribbling out of her. “There is something so fucking sexy about that.” I rested my hand on her lower abdomen so I could rub my cum all over her clit.

“Never gets old, huh?” I saw her pussy tighten up and more of my cum oozed out of her.

“I usually pull out,” I said. I rubbed my thumb over her opening, gathering more cum to keep her clit nice and slick. “Don’t get me wrong, cumming on tits and tongues is pretty nice but this is… It’s keeping me hard.” It could have just been Sookie.

“I guess your line of work is all about the money shot, huh?”

“The producers don’t really care if we get off. They want a good show, so that’s what I try to give them. Even though I cum every time, it’s not always satisfying.” I twisted my hand to slide two thick fingers into her. As expected her walls were still pulsing. When I pulled them out I rubbed our combined cum down over her rear hole. I wasn’t sure if she was into anal, but I at least liked playing a little.

“Well most people don’t want to pay to watch awkward and bad sex,” she said. “Although I did watch one that had to be intentionally bad.”

“Nah, some production companies don’t give a shit. They want fucking no matter how bad it is. Have you ever seen my first movie?” I applied a little pressure to her back entrance as I leaned over to suck her right nipple between my lips.

“No,” she answered.

“If I see you again I’ll have to show it to you some day.” I moved to nibble her left nipple. “It was pretty obvious how nervous I was.”

“I’m sure I can find it online somewhere,” she said. “I’d be nervous too. That production assistant walking in on us totally threw me off my game.”

“I think we’re all immune to it now.” I pulled my hand back and reached for a tissue box that I had on my coffee table from a cold I had a few weeks before. I wiped off my hand before I settled on top of her. My mouth stayed level with her tits so I could continue to kiss and suck. “Even behind the scenes it’s no big deal.”

“Maybe to you,” she laughed. “That was a first for me. My ex tried to talk me into video but the last thing I wanted was to end up being broadcast on their tour bus.”

“I think you’d be a natural, but I know it isn’t for everyone. What club do you work at?” My lips skimmed over her collarbone.

“The Black Mustang,” she answered. “I’m thinking of maybe moving on, but I’m not sure what I want to do. I’m getting a little old for stripping.”

“How old are you?”

“Twenty-five. I’ll be twenty-six in July.”

“You have quite a few good years in you still,” I chuckled. I moved off of her, settling my hand on her stomach.

“Maybe in another line of work, but not mine.”

I didn’t know if I wanted to get into a deep conversation with Sookie about what she always wanted to do with her life, or what my original goals were. Instead I kissed her on the lips before asking, “Should I order pizza before we start working on more orgasms?”

“I think that’s a good idea.”

I got off of the couch so I could go grab the phone. I tossed my T-shirt to Sookie so she could cover up if she wanted to. I got her favorite type of pizza before I called to place the order. When I woke up that morning I had a good feeling about the way the day would go. It seemed like that feeling was more of a premonition. I wasn’t sure if it would go past one night, but for the time being, I was going to have a damn good night.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Pizza and Orgasms

  1. Damn, it got real hot in here….
    Love how open they both are and I have a feeling this is just the start of them. I’d love to see his early work! Lol
    Thanks for sexy update.


  2. For now it’s good as fwb’s because they’re just getting to know each other. What happens when feelings get involved because they have this chemistry? Can’t to find out how they can make this work!


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