Chapter 15


I’m fucking ready to get out of this place. As much help as it’s been for me, I’m ready to get my new life started. My release time is two and I’m pacing the lobby waiting for Mom at two-thirty.


“You gonna miss me, Talbot?” I ask while I wait.


“You know I will,” he winks.


I didn’t have to work too hard to get out to see Sookie. I just asked sweetly and offered him a pair of my boxers. Clean of course.


“I’ll be sad to go,” I say, but we both know that’s a lie.


“Liar. I’m guessing that skinny bitch is picking you up?”


“My mother is picking me up and she’s not a bitch, at least not anymore,” I chuckle.


“Does that mean you’re available?” He eyes me like I’m a porterhouse.


“No, that means my mother requested to pick me up,” I say shaking my head. “I’m still heading east with the Ice Queen.”


“You call me if you need a warm up,” he smirks.


“You’ll be first on my list,” I smile. He knows he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell with me.


“Mmhmm,” he hums and has to answer the phone.


I’m standing by the door with my arms folded over my chest when I see Sookie’s car pull up. She steps out in a little yellow tube top and a white skirt. Instant boner.


I wave goodbye to Talbot, grab my bags and leave through the door I walked into three months ago.


“Baby,” I breathe, dropping my bags.


“Surprise,” she smiles.


“Why are you here?” I ask, pulling her close by her hips. I’m sure she can feel the hard-on.


“Your mom showed up on my doorstep yesterday. We had a lovely chat and she suggested I pick you up instead,” she tells me. “Apparently it’s okay if you get me pregnant now.”


“Sorry about that,” I chuckle and dip my head to give her a kiss hello. I slide my hands back to squeeze her and feel it’s a little tighter. Mmm…


“It’s okay. I like your mom. My dad will be tripping over his tongue when he meets her,” she says and tickles my abs. “Come on, let’s get out of here. It’ll take about thirty minutes to get back to my house.”


“That’s going to be a long thirty fucking minutes,” I chuckle as I pick up my bags to follow her to her car.


“You can look at the booklet I got when I walked through the house.” Sookie put in an offer on a place in Maine.


“That will help. I can think about all the dirty things I’ll do to you there,” I smile.


“The tub in the master bath is big enough for two. There are four bedrooms so we’ll have room to grow. But the best part is the view,” she grins.


“Sounds amazing,” I smile, leaning over to kiss her neck. “Mmm, you smell so good.”


“New perfume. It’s a little citrusy,” she winks.


“I think it’s just you,” I purr, sucking lightly just below her ear.  Part of me wants to fuck her, the other part just wants to snuggle the fuck out of her.


“Mmm… let’s go so you can find out if I taste as good as I smell,” she whispers and squeezes my cock.


“Did you miss having my long, thick cock inside of you?” I whisper against her neck.


“You know I did,” she breathes.


“Take me home, beautiful,” I purr as I rest my hand on her thigh, rubbing just under her skirt.


Sookie starts her car and heads for her house. I’m a good boy the whole way, barely moving up her thigh. When we pull into her driveway I’m so fucking ready to be in her I don’t even look at the house.


“Do you mind if we skip the tour?” I ask, leaning down to nibble on her ear.




“Good.” I turn to get out of the car, leaving my bags in her backseat. I follow Sookie to the front door and wait rather impatiently for her to unlock it.


She gets the door open and leads me in. “Home sweet home,” she says.


“Gorgeous,” I smile without even looking around. I close the door behind us and turn to press her against it. I hook her thighs and lift her up, rubbing my erection against her center. “I’ve been dreaming about this for a fucking month,” I whisper, kissing along the side of her neck.


“Me too,” she breathes and reaches between us to unzip my jeans.


My fingers manage to find her pussy and I push her panties over, running my fingers through her folds. She’s already so fucking wet.


“Get my cock out, baby; I’m so fucking ready for this…”


Sookie reaches into my pants and frees my erection, stroking me and rubbing my head up and down her folds. “Fuck me, Eric,” she pants when she puts me at her entrance.


I push my tip in, starting with quick, shallow thrusts. I pull my head back to watch her face as I push in to the hilt. I don’t tease her. I start to pound into her pussy, slamming her ass against the door.


“Show me your tits, beautiful,” I pant.


Sookie moans and with a gentle tug on her top, her tits are free and bouncing with my thrusts. She holds one up for me.


“Mmm,” I moan as I wrap my lips around it. I suck hard for a second before flicking my tongue over the tight peak. I pull her hips forward as I drive into her, over and over and over again. I’m never going to fucking last.


“Oh fuuuuck,” she moans and reaches down to play with her clit. “I’m gonna cum so hard, Eric.”


“Give it to me, baby,” I pant, pounding into her as hard as possible. She’ll probably have bruises on her inner thighs tomorrow. I’ll apologize later.


Her walls pulse and grip my cock as her fingers move faster over her clit. “Yesyesyesyesyes!” Sookie screams.


I growl, dropping my head back as her orgasm milks me of my own. I cum with a roar. My hips continue to move slowly as I press her harder into the door.


“Fuuuuuck, that was so fucking good, Sookie,” I pant, pressing soft kisses to her neck.


“Mmhmmm,” she hums as aftershocks make her shiver.


“You wanna show me a different room in the house?” I ask as I trail kisses to her lips.


“Mmhmm,” she hums again.


“Should I carry you?” I ask, giving her another deep thrust.


She groans as her walls pulse. “Yes,” she breathes. “Third door on the left.”


I make sure I have a good grip on her and make my way down the hall. When I reach her room I catch the bed out of the corner of my eye between kisses. I take the few steps to reach it and drop her onto the end.


“Strip,” I command as I take a step back to remove my clothes.


Sookie peels off her tube top and then shimmies out of her skirt and thong. She kicks off her sandals and scoots back on the bed, spreading her legs wide so I can see my cum dripping out of her.


“Gorgeous fucking sight,” I groan.


She reaches down to swipe up some of my cum and licks it off her fingers. “Mmm…” Sookie moans.


“You’re more than welcome to get it straight from the source,” I offer as I stroke my cock.


Sookie shifts on the bed, rolling onto her stomach to lick and suck on my head while I stroke.


“Mmm, good girl,” I whisper. I use my long wingspan to my advantage and reach down to push her leg over so I can rub her opening.


She arches her back as her hand comes up to play with my sac. Her plump, pink lips wrap around my head while her tongue flicks against the tiny slit on my tip, trying to coax more pre-cum from me.


I squeeze my shaft as I stroke, pushing out as much as I can milk. I dip my fingertips into her center, slowly twisting side to side. She’s drenched and I’m dying to be in her again.


Sookie pulls back and says, “I want you in me.”


“Get comfortable.”


She gets on her hands and knees toward the middle of the bed. I climb on behind her, grabbing her ass. I give her a light smack before I wrap my hand around my shaft and run my head through her folds. When I reach her opening I slowly fill her. I ghost my fingertips up her spine, tangling my fingers in her hair. I yank her head back, making her back arch. I swivel my hips, without thrusting and give her one more swat.


“Is this what you want?” I ask, rubbing her gorgeous ass.


“Perfect,” she says.


“Mmm, yes it is,” I agree as I slide out and slowly push back in so she can feel every inch of my solid length.


“So good,” she purrs and rolls her hips.


That’s when it hits me. We don’t have a fucking counselor to answer to. We don’t have to worry about other patients hearing us. We don’t have to sneak in and out of each other’s rooms in the middle of the night, or a tiny ass bed. This is real fucking life and Sookie is all fucking mine.


“Tell me how you want it, baby?”


“Slow,” she replies. “We don’t have to rush anymore.”


“No we don’t,” I agree. I let go of her hair and rest my hands on her waist. I stay nice and slow, pushing her back down slightly to switch the angle. When I thrust in again Sookie lets out a strangled cry.


“Right there, Eric,” she pants. “Mmm… don’t stop.”


I don’t. I rub my thumbs across her lower back, giving her a light massage. I watch my cock slipping out, covered in her honey before disappearing into her warm, wet sheath again and again.


“You should see how fucking sexy this looks,” I tell her.


“Maybe someday I’ll let you record it.”


“Mmm, no, I’ll make you watch when I flip you over,” I suggest instead. I know neither Sookie or I would release a sex tape, but we’ve both been in the media enough. We don’t even need to chance it. Plus, like I told her before, I don’t need a video or pictures to remember what this looks like.


“That works too.” Sookie gasps suddenly and her head drops to the bed. “Ohhhh fuuuuck… faster, Eric. I’m so fucking close.”


“Yes, ma’am,” I chuckle. I start to thrust harder, speeding up so my hips are smacking into her ass. Her walls start to flutter and clench around me, making it harder to shove into her. “Is that it, baby? Is that what you need?” I breathe, giving her a little love tap on her right cheek.


“Yes!” Sookie cries out. Her pussy clenches violently, making her shake. “Fuckfuckfuck! Ohmygod!”


“So. Fucking. Good,” I pant, punctuating each word with a hard thrust. “You want to swallow it, Sookie?” I ask when I feel my balls tighten and my cock begins to swell.


“Yes,” she answers.


I pull out and manhandle her, pulling her head down to my end of the bed. I barely have my head between her lips before I erupt, filling her mouth with my release.


“Swallow it all,” I growl and push her head down a little farther until I hit the back of her throat, making her gag a little. Fuck… I didn’t mean to do that.


She doesn’t seem to care though. Sookie keeps bobbing up and down on my dick, making sure I’m nice and clean before she pulls off.


“Mmm… feel free to do that anytime,” she tells me.


I grab her arms and help flip her onto her back. I move so I’m on top of her with her legs around my waist. I dip my head down to suck on her bottom lip and whisper, “Do you like tasting your delicious honey all over my dick?”


“Mmhmm,” she nods. “And I really like it when you manhandle me.”


“Do you, now?” I smile, tilting to nibble on her neck.


“I have had several dirty thoughts that involve you grabbing me in random places, without warning, and fucking me wherever we are,” she says.


“That can be arranged,” I smirk, rocking my hips against her center. “Have you thought about my lips wrapped around your clit?” I ask as I reach between our bodies to stroke her swollen nub.


“Many times. Last time I did you tied me to the bed first,” Sookie tells me. She spreads her legs wider for me.


I sit up on my knees and take her wrists in one of my massive hands. I hold them together above her head and shove two fingers into her pussy. I start to scissor them as I pump in and out. My thumb goes to her perfect little nub and I draw light circles.


“I’m going to watch you cum over and over today, you know that?” I ask as I start to massage her g-spot.


“Ohhhh God,” she moans and her eyes roll back.


I keep my fingers slow and tell her, “I’m going to worship your body for the rest of my life, beautiful. You’re stunning, especially when you’re cumming hard for me.”


She whimpers as her back arches, forcing her nipples up. Sookie struggles to get her hands free. I tighten my grip and start to work a third finger into her pussy.


“Is this okay?” I ask, speeding my fingers up.


“Yes,” she breathes. Her eyes close and I can feel her getting wetter.


I dip down to pull her nipple between my teeth, nibbling and sucking softly. I her pussy is gushing out over my fingers, making a puddle on the bed, no doubt.


“Tell me when you’re ready for more,” I whisper against the soft skin on the underside of her breast.


“More,” Sookie pleads a minute later.


I’m solid as a fucking rock again so I extract my fingers and quickly replace them with my cock. As I drive in I let go of her hands so I can lift her hips by her ass and rub my wet fingers over her rear hole.


“Have you ever been fucked here, Sookie?” I ask as I rub.


She shakes her head. “The Idiot thought it was gross.”


“What do you think?” I push the tip of my finger into her ass while I slowly pump in and out of her pussy.


“I want to try it,” Sookie answers. “Do you want to fuck me there?”


“Very much so,” I nod, pushing my finger in deeper. “I want to fuck you any way I can…”


“Mmm… that feels good, Eric.”


I still my hips and pump my finger in and out as I watch her face. She fucking loves it, which only serves to make me harder. I’m not going to fuck her in the ass today, but I will, very fucking soon.


“Do you want more?” My fingers are still wet from fingering her.


“Yes,” she pants. “So… good…”


I take a moment to work a second finger into her tight little hole. “Do you feel full now, baby?” I ask grinding my hips against her.


“So full. Fuck, that’s so fucking good, Eric,” Sookie moans.


“Do you have lube?” I ask. If she does I just lied to myself. I’ll fuck her as hard and deep as she fucking wants.




I smile and pull my fingers out of her. I lean over to the nightstand and find the lube… and a vibrator, which I grab as well. Today is starting to get very fucking interesting.




There’s a devilish look in Eric’s eyes when I look over my shoulder. Then I notice he grabbed my vibrator too.


“What are you going to do with that?” I ask.


“Mmm, I haven’t fully decided yet,” he smirks as he settles between my legs again. He flips on the toy, making me jump when he rests it on my clit.


“Mmm… that’s a good start,” I smile.


“Option number two is driving it into your pretty little cunt while I fuck your ass,” he tells me. I see Eric pick up the lube and flip the cap open.


“Both options sound lovely,” I reply. My head drops to the bed again. Luke hated this thing. He knew I had it but he never would have done what Eric is doing now. He didn’t think sex toys were necessary. Then again, Luke thought he was much better in bed than he really was.


“Mmm, oh yeah? Watch this,” he smiles as I feel the lube pour down my pussy, dribbling over my back entrance. The toy stays on my clit when his thick tip nudges at my ass. “Tell me if it’s too much.” Eric’s tip pops into my ass, causing him to let out a deep groan.


Oh wow. He always feels big, but right now he feels absolutely huge. I grasp at the comforter and moan when he pushes in a little deeper. It’s an extremely tight fit and the stretching sensation I feel is a little weird. He takes it slow, adding more lube to make the ride a little smoother. The vibrations on my clit overwhelm me and when he’s buried halfway, I squeeze my eyes shut when I cum again.


“Open your eyes, baby, I want you to watch this,” he tells me. He turns off the vibrator and I feel the tip rub around my entrance. “Do you want me to fill both holes, or do you have enough?” he asks.


“Mmm… enough for now,” I pant. I want to get used to this before he does anything else. The shallow thrusts I’m getting feel amazing.


He sets the toy on the bed before he rests his hands on my inner thighs, holding my legs open. I feel his thumb rub through my folds while his cock goes about an inch deeper.


“Do you see how fucking hot that looks?” he whispers.


“Not really,” I admit. Damn boobs are in the way, plus it’s not a good angle for me to see anyway. “But your cock feels fucking enormous.”


“That’s because it is,” he smirks as he looks up at my face. He keeps his eyes on mine, watching my expression as he fucks me. Eric keeps his thrusts fairly slow, never going too deep.


“This is so good,” I breathe and shift my legs to pull my knees up to my chest. Ohhhh… yeah, this is really fucking good.


He swivels as he pushes in a little deeper. “Yes, Sookie, this is really fucking good,” Eric pants. “Fuck, how are you this fucking good?”


“I’m just lying here,” I chuckle. I’m literally not doing anything but hugging my knees to my chest.


Eric smiles at me and says, “It’s the angle; really fucking good.”


Yes it is.


“You can go faster,” I tell him. “I know you want to.”


“Do you, now?” he smirks. He shifts so he’s hovering over me and his hips speed up some.


“Mmhmm,” I nod. “I know you want to own me.”


“That I do,” he agrees. Eric dips his head to suck on my nipple as he thrusts a little harder and faster.


“Oh fuck,” I moan. “So good, Eric.”


“Mmm, you’re going to make me cum so hard for you,” he whispers around my nipple before moving to the other one to give it the same attention.


“Cum on my stomach. I want to see it,” I tell him.


He grunts as he places light kisses up my chest to my neck. He starts to move faster and I feel his cock begin to swell. Eric pulls out, sits back again and grips his shaft. He starts to pump his cock in quick jerky motions until he cums all over my stomach with another deep grunt.


“Fuck… sorry,” he pants while milking his cock.


“Don’t be sorry.” There’s definitely a mess on my stomach, but it looks sexy. “Did you like doing that?”


“Mmm, of course I did,” he says, picking up the vibrator again. He watches my face as he slips it into my pussy with ease.


“That feels good,” I whisper and flex my hips.


He flips the toy on, keeping it deep inside of me as he twists and pulls out less than an inch before pushing in deep again.


“Oh God,” I breathe. I want to close my eyes but instead I look down and watch him fuck me with the toy. The pressure in my belly builds quickly thanks to the vibrations. I grab for the headboard and my hips move on their own accord.


“I fucking love watching your body,” Eric tells me as his fingers find my clit and he starts to lightly tug.


“Fuckfuckfuck,” I chant. “Mmm… I’m gonna cum, Eric.” I barely get the words out before I explode. I’m talking flashing colors behind my eyes and my pussy clenching so hard I push the toy out of me.


“Mmm, fucking perfect,” he whispers. I feel Eric move off of the bed and a few seconds later I hear the water running in my bathroom. My eyes are still closed when he returns and I feel a warm washcloth running down my stomach. He wipes his cum off of me before taking the cloth back to the bathroom. When he gets back to the bed he lies down next to me and rests his head on my chest.


“Don’t be offended if I fall asleep,” I whisper.


“I was going to say the same thing,” he chuckles. “I’ve missed napping with you.”


“Me too.” We didn’t do it often, but when we did it always felt good. “I have steaks marinating for dinner.”


“Mmm, you’re an angel,” he says, nuzzling his face into my boobs. “This is my fucking heaven.”


I smile and say, “This feels really good.” I run my fingers through his hair and I know it’ll knock him out.


“It feels right,” he adds, resting his hand on my hip. He tilts his head to kiss the inside of my breast before he lets out a big yawn.


“Go to sleep, Eric,” I whisper. “I’ll be right here when you wake up.”


“Mmm, okay, love you,” he whispers back.


I smile and kiss his head. In a matter of minutes we’re both asleep.




The potatoes are already foiled and on the grill. The steaks look good in their onion, lime and jalepeño marinade. I put them on a plate and take them outside where Eric is by the grill, checking out my view.


“What do you think?” I ask as I open the barbeque lid and put the steaks down.


“It’s fucking gorgeous, but it just hit me that I’m not going to miss California. It has it’s beauty, but I’ve seen the ugly, dirty side first hand and I’d rather live clean without it.”


“Me too,” I agree and close the lid. I hug him from behind and say, “I’m going to yoga at seven tomorrow morning, but I’ll be home by nine. I’ll bring home coffee.”


“Mmm, okay,” he replies and I can hear the smile in his voice. “Can you swing me by my parents after that so I can see Mom and get my car?”


“I promised your mom I would have you home by lunchtime.” She knew he’d just get in his car and come here if she picked him up.


“Thanks. I can show you my domain,” he chuckles. “I assume Mom had the maid clean up anything I left messy.”


“You’ll be losing maid service,” I say and tickle his ribs.


“I’ve gotten used to cleaning,” he chuckles, squirming a little. “I’ll be the maid at home until I start making money and then I’ll hire one for us.”


“By then we might have little Northmans to do the housework for us. I only clean up after someone in a diaper,” I tell him.


“I’ve been thinking more about kids lately,” he says. He threads his fingers through mine and continues, “I don’t want my kids to grow up like me. Mom said she didn’t want me raised by a nanny, but she wasn’t really there to do much for me. I plan on being very involved in our kids’ lives, even if you and I don’t work out in the end.”


“Good. I want you to be very involved too.” Truthfully, I’ve been hearing my biological clock ticking really loud but I know it’s not the right time to get pregnant. “The only reason I would deny you access to your children is if you started using again.”


“Good,” he responds. “If I start using again I don’t deserve to see them, at least that’s how I look at it. If I relapse I’m letting them and myself down.”


“Well hopefully that won’t happen.” I kiss his back.


“I feel pretty confident that it won’t.”


It’s on the tip of my tongue to tell him I want to have a baby, but thankfully Alcide appears.


“I smell meat,” he says as he walks into my yard.


“I’m grilling steaks for Eric and me,” I reply. “Al, this is Eric Northman. Eric this is Alcide Herveaux, my next door neighbor and fellow Luke hater.”


“Nice to meet you,” Eric smiles, releasing my hand to shake Alcide’s.


“Likewise,” Al smiles back. “I didn’t mean to interrupt anything, but the caveman in me couldn’t resist the smell.”


“It’s fine. Want something to drink? I’d offer to let you stay for dinner but I don’t have enough steak,” I tell him.


“No problem,” he shrugs. “I’m good; I just wanted to see what was going on.”


“You can come for dinner tomorrow. I’m making buttermilk fried–”


“I’ll be here,” he says before I can finish.


“Chicken,” I mutter. “Dinner’s at six. You’re welcome to stay a while if you want.” I move away from Eric to flip the steaks.


“Ahhh, nah, I don’t want to impose,” Alcide says.


“You’re not,” Eric tells him.


“Yeah, stay,” I say. Eric and I will have plenty of alone time. “I can through a chicken breast on the grill for you.” They’re boneless/skinless so it’ll cook in no time.


Alcide thinks a moment before he agrees, “Sure, thanks, Sookie.”


“Sure, no problem. Do you want it seasoned or barbeque sauced?”


“Either one,” he shrugs.


“Okay. I’ll be right back.” I close the grill lid and go inside.


I already have the chicken in the fridge for tomorrow, so I get one of the breasts and season it with a little olive oil, fine sea salt and garlic pepper. I’ll glaze it with barbeque sauce when it’s almost done. Before I go outside I grab a few bottles of water for us to drink. I get Alcide’s chicken on the grill and hand out the water before going back inside for plates and silverware.


There are extra potatoes baking so I can use them later for hash browns. I get us silverware and pluck the steak sauce and barbeque sauce from the fridge and bring everything outside. Alcide and Eric are talking as I set the table. Judging by the look on Eric’s face, Alcide must be telling a Luke story.


I hear my phone making noise back in the kitchen so I go back into the house to see who’s calling. It’s Selah, my realtor. She and her husband own an office in Brunswick. The house she showed me is in Penobscot and it’s right on the water. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms and it’s on six acres of land with a water view. There’s a dock leading off the back of the house so we’ll have to be careful when we have little ones running around, but it’s the pristine sort of environment we both need.


The second I stepped out of the car I knew it was supposed to be my house. I felt like I was home before I even walked in. The house is only a little over ten years old and it needs a few updates here and there, but generally speaking it’s in really good condition. We’ll have neighbors down the road but we won’t be on top of anyone like I am here in Laguna. Our house is literally at the end of the road. If you keep going it’s just woods and then Pierce’s Pond. I want this house so bad I can taste it.


“Hello?” I answer.


“Hi, is this Sookie?” Selah answers in her very pronounced Maine accent.


“It is. How are you, Selah?”


“I’m doing great,” she says. “I’m calling because I got news back from the bank.”


The house, sadly, was a foreclosure so when I made my offer she informed me there probably wouldn’t be any room to haggle. They would either accept it or reject it but since the market is still rather unstable and I would be able to pay cash, the odds were in favor. Even so, she warned it could take anywhere from two weeks to a few months for the bank to respond to my offer.


“Oh? What’d they say?” I cross my fingers, toes and anything else I possibly can in the hope that this is good news.


“The bank accepted your offer,” she tells me.




“Really?” I jump up and down, doing my little happy dance.


“Yes, really,” she says happily. “I’ll need you up here in three weeks for the closing.”


“I’ll be there, don’t you worry about that.” I’m taking the house whether Eric likes it or not. My gut says it’s my home.


Selah gives me the details about the closing. It’ll be happening up in Bangor about an hour away from the little town we’ll be living in but as soon as I sign all the paperwork the house is mine. I’ll get the keys and I can officially start moving in that day. I’m so excited I could burst. As soon as I get off the phone I run outside and jump on Eric.


“We got the house!” I tell him and pepper his face with kisses. I don’t think I’ve been this happy or excited about anything since I won my gold medal.


Chapter 15

8 thoughts on “Chapter 15

  1. I’m so glad he’s out and Sookie got the house! I’m sure it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows for them, but at least they can start building a life together out of the public eye.


  2. Awww I loved that Sookie surprised him and went to pick him up for his discharge. Hot hot reunion… And she got the house… plenty of good news all around.


  3. Wasn’t it nice of his mother to allow them to have some time together before she gets to see Eric. Wasn’t their reunion the ultimate? Brilliant writing on the reunion. 🙂


  4. They’re so cute and likeable when they’re not selfish junkies Awwww. I wonder how they’ll cope with kids inclined to be addicts…


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