Chapter 24



I was extremely happy my daughter was a sound sleeper. I’d heard Sookie scream during sex the day we played hooky together, but for some reason I didn’t expect her to cum so loudly. I wasn’t mad. My cock thickened a little more hearing it. Her eyes were squeezed shut while her sexy body trembled in the middle of the bed.


I slowly shifted on the bed to move her hand out of the way. I didn’t know if she was expecting it when I sucked her fingers clean. She was still delicious. With her fingers in my mouth I moved up her body so I was hovering over her. My thick tip ran up her inner thigh, trailing pre-cum along her smooth skin.


“Look at me,” I told her since her eyes were still closed. My girl had beautiful blue eyes so I wanted to see the lust in them when I slid into her.


Her lids fluttered open and those pretty eyes focused on my lips wrapped around her fingers. She slid them out of my mouth and reached down to put my tip at her opening for me.


“Fuck me,” she whispered.


I didn’t hesitate to slide in deep with one fluid thrust, filling her completely. Sookie let out a soft whimper as my thick length pulsed inside of her. She wanted me to fuck her so I hooked one of her legs over my elbow, resting my hand on the bed. I had my other hand by her head and I pulled my hips back only to drive into her hard. Sookie gasped, but managed to stay quiet… ish.


“Is this what you need?” I asked in a strained voice. She was tight and crazy wet.


“Yes… again… oh fuck,” she moaned.


I gave it to her again and again as requested. I didn’t know where I wanted to look. Her tits were bouncing with each hard thrust. Her pussy was sucking me in over and over, and she had the sexiest look on her pretty face. I ended up keeping my eyes on hers as much as possible when I dipped my head to catch her nipple between my teeth. As I fucked her I held the stiff peak while quickly flicking my tongue over it.


The little noises she was making were starting to get louder and Sookie pulled my head away from her tits to kiss me. Her tongue danced with mine effortlessly; her walls fluttering perfectly around my cock, milking me slightly as I filled her over and over again.


I changed the angle some. She liked to kiss while we fucked. I didn’t have a problem with that. I pulled her leg up higher as I settled my weight on her. With the subtle shift her hips raised some so the head of my cock ran across that magic spot inside of her.


“Is that good, lover?” I whispered against her lips when the moans got louder. I tilted my head to nibble on her jaw. “It feels so fucking good to me.”


“Ohfuckyes! Don’t stop,” she panted. Her nails dug into my back and her hips tried to rise to meet my thrusts.


It was a strange turn on, but when I heard Sookie say fuck it made my cock twitch. Those words didn’t come out of her mouth often. Not that it was a bad thing.


“That’s my girl,” I growled as I pumped faster and harder. “I want to feel you cum on my dick…. fuck… give it to me,” I panted. I wasn’t close yet, but I knew if she came it would push me that much closer to the edge.


She reached down and rubbed her clit to help herself along. It wasn’t much longer before her body tensed up and she nibbled on my shoulder to muffle the noise she made when she came again. Her pussy was still pulsing when I sat up on my knees and flipped her onto her stomach. I pulled her hips up and drove back into her from behind. Her pussy felt like heaven. I knew that it wasn’t going to take much longer for me to cum.


Sookie turned her head to cry out into the pillow when I subconsciously smacked her ass. I doubted she’d ever been spanked before me, and she seemed to love it. So much so her walls were pulsing hard enough to rip my orgasm from me. I intended to ask her where she wanted it but I ended up cumming with a roar. I squeezed her ass cheeks, trying to keep her close as my hips jerked against her.


“Fuck,” I panted. I needed to make sure I didn’t wake up my child two rooms away.


“That was pretty good,” Sookie said over her shoulder. Her core pulsed involuntarily, making us both groan. “Next time you might have to gag me.”


“I have no problem with that,” I chuckled. I pulled out and dropped onto the bed next to her. “I could shove your panties into your mouth to keep you quiet,” I told her as I rolled her into my arms.


“I think you overestimate how big my panties are,” she chuckled too.


“True.” I kissed her forehead. “I could always quiet you with my hand over your mouth.”


“Or that.”


“Or… we can wait until Jo isn’t here and I can bend you over the island and you can make all the noise you want.” I rolled onto my back, taking Sookie with me so she was lying on top of me like a human blanket.


“You know, I think you just stumbled onto my true kitchen calling,” she said with a little smile. “Fucktoy.”


“You’re my favorite fucktoy ever,” I snorted as I rubbed her back.


“You’re mine too,” she replied. She kissed my chest and her fingers grazed over my ribs in a slow back and forth rhythm.


We’d been together less than a week and I already knew what we had was real. We’d become friends before we became lovers. I’d never had that with anyone. I liked it. It felt good. Being with Sookie felt good.




“You home!” I called out when I walked into the Dawson homestead. I knew Sookie was out shopping with Amelia and the door was unlocked so I assumed Tray was somewhere in their big ass house.


“Kitchen! Amelia demanded I make chili!” he yelled in response.


“I need your help,” I said as I walked into the kitchen. “I can make that if you want.”


“She doesn’t want your pansy ass chili,” he said.


“Are you on a vital part of the cooking process? I have something in the truck I need your help with.” I knew the bet about the TV was if I went home with Sookie that night three months prior, but I also knew Dawson hadn’t gotten it yet. He was eighty percent done with my Chopper so I decided to buy the TV he wanted for him.


“Doing the prep stuff,” he said. Tray moved to the sink and washed his hands. “What’s in the truck you couldn’t move yourself? I know you’re stronger than you look.”


I flipped him off and said, “You have to come see it, shitstain.”


“How I’ve missed your pet names, boo boo.” It was odd hearing that come out in such a gravelly voice.


I shook my head and turned to head out to the truck with Tray right behind me. The small gasp I heard come from him told me when he saw the TV.


“We made a bet,” I reminded him as we approached.


“I vaguely recall that,” he said. “So you finally tapped it huh? Took you long enough.”


“She had a man and unlike my ex’s man, I’m not a homewrecker.”


“True that,” he nodded. “Well, that’ll look good in baby’s room.”


“What baby?” Was Amelia pregnant?


“The one my wife and your fuck buddy are out shopping for, fool.”


“Congratulations, man,” I smiled, clapping him on the back. “And she’s more than a fuck buddy. She even met Felicia last Wednesday.”


“No shit? For real? And she survived?” He was clearly impressed and surprised. “Oh the man hater wasn’t there was she? Maybe she was finally getting her dick surgery.”


“Huh, could be,” I chuckled. “I’m sure Felicia didn’t want her to try to start a dick measuring contest.”


“Woulda been embarrassing when she won,” he snorted.


“Fuck you, now I’m taking the TV back,” I snickered.


“It’s not my fault.” Fucker wiggled his pinky finger.


I knew what I was working with. I wasn’t ashamed.


“Come on, let’s take this in,” I said as I unhooked the tie holding the TV to the truck.


“You know I’m tempted to say this isn’t necessary but I’m not turning down a new TV. Ames might de-nut me though. She said I have too many gadgets. Clearly that was her uterus talking.”


“You’ve served your purpose, it’s not like it will be a bad thing,” I shrugged. I hopped up into the bed of the truck to push it toward the end. “But if you don’t want it I can put it in Jo’s room.”


“We’ll see if the wife lets me keep it. I’ve learned recently to pick my battles with her. She’s become… erratic.” Tray lifted one end of the TV box.


I got down to grab the other end so we could start carrying it in. “I know all too well what you’re going through. How far along is she?”


“Nine weeks. She knew something was wrong when she started eating mayo straight out of the jar with a spoon.”


“Oh that’s sick.” I started gagging. Felicia never ate shit like that.


“Yeah, it’s pretty gross. You know she hates mayonnaise, so it was pretty disturbing.”


“I would’ve moved out if Felicia would have eaten like that.”


“Liar. You would have made her some fancy aioli.”


“It would’ve been better than straight mayo.” He was right. I spoiled her until she cheated on me.


“Speaking of baby mamas, think you’ll end up there with Jugs?”


“It wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen. She’s amazing with Josie, so I know she’d be a good mom. It’s still too early to tell. We’ve only been a real could just about a week,” I told him.


“Oh come on. You’ve been fucking for a week but you’ve been a thing since she got that tattoo,” Tray said.


“No we have not been. She had a boyfriend. She hung out with Josie and me, but friends was all it was.”


Tray shot me a skeptical look but grabbed a knife he always carried from his back pocket. He cut the tape sealing the box shut.


“What? She didn’t even like me, hell.” I helped him pull the TV from the box.


“If you say so,” he said. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I waited until we got the TV out and Tray had control to check it. Sookie.


Sookie: Black or red?


Me: Lingerie or something else?


Sookie: Lingerie 😉


Me: Red. You got a picture of it?


“She’s buying lingerie,” I told Dawson. I was excited about that.


“Don’t spray in the house.”


“Shut up,” I chuckled.


Sookie: Wouldn’t that ruin the surprise?


Me: Or make me more excited for it…


Sookie: oh fine…


A moment later I got a picture of a teeny red, lace thong.


Me: Mmm I definitely can’t use that as a gag.


“Where we putting the TV?” I asked Tray.


“I don’t know yet. Maybe in the bedroom.” Amelia would kill him.


Sookie: Nope, but you could use it to tie my hands behind my back.


“Do you think the marriage would last if we put it in the bedroom?” I chuckled.


Me: Yes I can… My home office or the kitchen?


Sookie: I was thinking over my head, tied around the bedpost 😉


“True. I’ll call her.” Calling the wife for permission to hang a TV… but I was the whipped one.


“Uh huh… you know we could always take it to the shop. I have a feeling you’ll probably spend some nights there,” I chuckled.


Me: Perfect. Your place?


Sookie: Unless you’re moving my bed to your place.


Me: I’m with Tray now. Let me know when you guys are leaving the store and I’ll meet you there.


Sookie: Deal.


“Why would I spend nights at the shop?”


“Amelia is pregnant. She’s going to start getting irrational, quick. You may end up there later and later,” I explained to him.


“Nah, I can handle her.”


“I don’t think you understand the level of crazy a pregnant woman can get,” I chuckled.


“We’ll see.”


“Okay. Well, call the missus to see where she wants it.”


“How’s the munchkin doing with you dating Sookie?” Tray grabbed his phone and tapped out a text.


“She wants Sookie to be her stepmom and to move in with us,” I told him. “She likes Sookie more than she likes me.”


“That’s because she’s got good taste,” he snorted.


“You’re an asshole, you know that?” I snorted. “I’m happy she likes her. I could get over it if Felicia didn’t like her but I’ll choose Josie every time if I had to pick between them.”


“It’s how it should be. Princess doesn’t have any little punks trying to date her yet, does she?”


“She has three husbands,” I informed him.


“What the fuck?” He looked horrified.


“Uh huh. Apparently Felicia was trying to teach her acceptance and told her to give everyone a chance. She took that to heart and has given every little shitface a chance to be her husband. I don’t like it. Sookie and Felicia think I’m overreacting.”


“How many wives do those future dick beaters have? I’m gonna have to teach the munchkin how to throw knives…”


He was overreacting.


“I didn’t ask. I know Landon has kissed her on the cheek, but the other two have only hugged her. I told her she can keep them but I want to meet them. You’re welcome to be there.”


“Can I bring the Mossberg?” He was serious.


“No.” It was funny that he was all overprotective since Amelia was pregnant.


“It won’t be loaded.”


“The last thing I need is for Jo to get in trouble because one of her friends pissed themselves,” I chuckled. “Come with me when I pick her up next time. I’m meeting them then.”


“Deal,” he said. His phone chimed. “I have clearance to put the TV anywhere I want.”


“Nice. Room?”


“You know, I think the bedroom is the best choice,” he said.


“Alright. Let’s get this beast up the stairs.”


Tray nodded and helped me get the TV up to the master bedroom. Once we got it up there we had to move a few things around, but we found the perfect spot for it. Tray ran down to the garage to get the tools so we could hang it on the wall. We were about halfway done when I got a message from Sookie telling me they were leaving the store.


I was happy for the Dawsons. Tray was a shit, always fucking with me for the things I did for my daughter. He was in the same boat so I was going to be able to pay him back for all his shit talking.


10 thoughts on “Chapter 24

  1. Agree about 2 daughters..nothing makes a man more protective than having daughters. When my youngest son found out they were expecting, he was talking about all the boy stuff they would do together..then he found out they were having a girl..good lord how his plans changed. I’m surprised he didn’t try to have her fitted with a chastity belt before she left the hospital.


  2. I hope Tray has a little girl so he stops picking on Eric! Lol
    Can’t wait for Eric to meet up with Sookie later. She is really coming out of her shell cause I don’t really believe she and Bill were very imaginative in the bedroom or Alcide either…


  3. This story is so much fun… are you sure it is coming to an end?
    Loved their sexytimes but also Tray the man… totally deserving of twin daughters… And yeah, that texting was hilarious… Good to see Eric can see he’s close to being whipped by Sookie too… Not that she is any less into him either….


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