Some People Do

Some People Do
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SUMMARY: Unable to cope with a horrific childhood, Sookie turned to alcohol. In doing so, it cost her her relationship with Eric. She’s gotten help, thanks in large part to an ultimatum from her ex. Now she’s working on making amends, but not sure how to go about when “I’m sorry” doesn’t seem good enough. Sookie knows that her chances of being forgiven are slim. She’s not sure she could do it if the shoe was on the other foot. Eric’s no saint either. He’s had his own demons to face down, and bad behavior to rectify. While he’s never had to kick an addiction, correcting toxic habits and changing learned behavior can be just as tough to do.
Maybe, just maybe, this is a case where true love can win in the end.
“Some people quit drinking too much
And some people quit lying
Some people decide to grow up
But it’s never good timing
Most wouldn’t forgive what I put you through
But I’m here tonight, hoping some people do.”
– Old Dominion



This story contains themes of child sexual abuse and drug/alcohol use.
Read at your own risk. 




Neither Missy Dee or Makesmyheadspin are addiction counselors or trauma specialists.
We are not mental health professionals.
We are not attempting to treat or advise anyone who is suffering from child sexual abuse trauma or addiction on how to cope with their trauma or addiction.
If you or someone you love is dealing with these issues, you should contact mental health professionals and/or addiction specialists.