Chapter 1

The bell goes off all over the house to let us know there’s a lineup about to start. The Cathouse is always busy on the weekends, especially on Friday since its payday. On any given Friday I can book up to six or seven parties if the men just want to come in and get off. Usually I’d go running for the parlor at the sound of that bell, but I have a client coming tonight. Over the last six months Eric has become a regular for me. He’s a great guy and I enjoy seeing him. I know I probably shouldn’t have a favorite customer, but he’s good to me.

In addition to the rate he pays to spend time with me, he brings me gifts and sends me flowers. It’s like the best friends with benefits relationship ever. This is a business relationship at the end of the day, after all. I like him, of course, or I couldn’t have sex with him, but that’s as far as it goes.

He’s a customer.

There’s a knock on my door a few minutes later and I open it to find another one of Pam’s ‘kitties’ standing in the hall. Her real name is Claudine, but around here she goes by Neveah. Some of the names the girls come up with are pretty crazy. We all have our niche, and Claudine likes playing up this angelic/fairy look. It works for her, though.

“Hey, come in,” I say and wave her inside.

“You should see what just walked in,” she says after she closes the door. “A guy in his late twenties, looking like he’s about to have a panic attack.”

“That’s nothing new,” I smirk and go over to my closet. Eric likes red, so I try to wear it when he’s coming.

“He was with his mother,” Claudine says. “She brought him here to lose his virginity.”

I turn around to face her and I don’t know if I’m shocked, horrified or embarrassed for this poor guy. I’ve seen a lot of interesting and/or questionable things here, but mom bringing in her son to cash in his v-card is a new one.

“Wait, were they going to party together?” I ask.

“Ewww, no. No, she brought him here to lose his virginity to one of the kitties.”

“Oh… Well that’s still fucking creepy.”

We get all kinds here, and I try not to judge but there are some things that are obviously very weird. A mother bringing her son to a brothel is one of those things. I’m open about my sexuality and all, but I wouldn’t want my father to march me into a room full of hot men, tell me to pick one and then…

“Did he at least get to pick the girl, or did his mother do it for him?”

“He picked Jessica.”

Jessica is known as Scarlett on account of her gorgeous, natural red hair. She’s popular with virgins because even though she’s smokin’ hot, she’s not intimidating at all. She’s got these big, innocent blue eyes that drive the guys crazy. Jess looks like she could easily be someone’s girlfriend, no matter who she’s with. She’s got a great ability to play up the innocence and whatnot for the virgins, but she’s no dummy. She can handle a guy with a hedge fund, too.

“Oh he’ll be in love when he leaves,” I laugh. I’ve seen it a million times before.

“Probably,” Claudine agrees with a smile.

“Did she go in with them for negotiations?” I ask, feeling the secondhand embarrassment creeping up for this poor guy.

“I don’t know, but his mama made sure to let the entire lineup know her baby boy Hoyt was a first timer.”

“Oh. My. God.”

We all love virgins around here. They’re almost always terrified and they’re almost all willing to admit they don’t know their ass from their elbow when it comes to sex. Statistically speaking, it’s safer to have sex with one of us certified sex workers than it is some random piece of strange. We undergo regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases and get examined regularly by a gynecologist. Everyone in this house is clean as a whistle and we reserve the right to turn anyone away we don’t want to have sex with for any reason.

There are some guys that come in here and think because they have money to spend they can treat us like trash, and that’s not the way it goes. But most virgins that come in here are eager to learn through experience. Some come in once and we never see them again, while some become repeat customers. My money is on this guy coming back to see Jess again.

I find a red Valentino dress that’s mostly leather with a flowered lace overlay running down the front, and pull it out of the closet.

“Oh, that’s pretty. Got a date?” Claudine smiles knowingly.

Usually I play up my southern roots, lay on a thick Louisiana accent and prance around in cutoff shorts, a cropped top, cowboy boots and a straw cowboy hat with my hair in pigtails. Dixie Darling, the character I created for this place, makes a lot of money.

“Yep. One of my regulars is coming in,” I say with a smile, and go looking for a pair of fuck me shoes. I pull a pair of black peeptoe Louboutins.

“Overnight date?”

“Yes, and we’re staying at one of the hotels nearby. Thank God, because being here with the lineup bell going off at three in the morning can be really annoying if we’re trying to sleep.”

“You sleep?”

“He’s a snuggler,” I explain.

“I love snugglers,” Claudine sighs.

“Me too. I think most guys assume they have to come in here, pound us silly and get out.” I move to my dresser and select some red lingerie to wear under my dress that I know will drive Eric crazy when he sees it. Just thinking about his reaction gets me a little wet.

“That’s the old school way, I bet.”

“And now they can have two girl parties or a girlfriend experience.”

I drop my robe and put on the lingerie before I pull on my dress. I’ve been in parties with Claudine before, so her seeing me naked is no big deal. I wasn’t with a woman until I got here to the Cathouse. My first experience was with Pam, the owner of the brothel, and we’ve had sex several times over the years. Since then I’ve been with many women, sometimes in the same party.

“Okay, if your date doesn’t sport instant wood, give him his money back,” Claudine says once I have my dress on.

“Thanks, but that won’t be necessary. He’s very… excitable,” I smile into the mirror and start accessorizing.

“He’s a lucky man.”

The lineup bell goes off again, and on her way out, Claudine slaps my ass. I wish her luck and then go into my bathroom to start working on my makeup. I went into town this morning for a mani/pedi so my nails are red. My hair is already done. Eric should be here to pick me up in less than an hour.




It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen Dixie, my little blond bombshell. I’ve missed her small frame pressed against mine and the way she smiles at me when she sees me. She looks at me in a way my wife never has. Don’t get me wrong, I love Aude, but I’m not in love with her. She’s a great mother to our six kids and she takes care of me when I’m home, but there’s always been something missing between us. I’m certain we’ve both felt a friendship through the years, and a mutual affection, but we’ve never felt that… thing.

My intentions were never to have sex with Dixie when I visited The Cathouse the first time. It was a place Alcide wanted to go before getting married and since I was his best man and best friend it was my duty to make it happen. I only intended to get a lap dance from her, but my eyes couldn’t get away from her full, red lips. Aude has given me a handful of blow jobs over the years, usually for special occasions like my birthday, but they were all lacking. It was obvious she didn’t want to do it, but felt obligated when I begged for one. She runs to the bathroom to brush her teeth and she doesn’t even let me cum in her mouth. I end up releasing all over my stomach and showering alone afterward.

Anyway, as I watched Dixie slide her small plaid shirt down her arms my eyes kept returning to her lips and wondering what it would be like to get a real blow job, one that didn’t make me feel dirty for it in the end. I’d been faithful to my wife for twenty-three years and then some if you count the time before we married. Of course I looked at other women, but I would never cheat on Aude. This was different though, Dixie wasn’t a random hook up. She was a girl paid to do this with no feelings or strings attached so I asked. With a pretty smile she blushed like no one had ever asked her to do something so shameful, but she was intrigued.

With negotiations out of the way she put on the perfect show. She was shy, sweet, and sexy as she helped me pull my slacks off. She asked me how I wanted it and I was honest. I let her know I wasn’t very experienced in the blow job area and I would like if she pretended not to hate it.

“Sweetheart,” she started, her voice was soft and calming. “I’m going to worship this beautiful cock. I’ll show you how a woman should make a man feel.” With that she wrapped her small hand around my length and began to stroke.

I’d told her before that I’d only ever been with my wife and I really, really wanted to cum in her mouth, but she was good and told me she didn’t want to take that chance. She did however let me cum all over her chin and chest. She did exactly as she said she would do and worshipped me. She treated me like I was the only man in the world and her life’s goal was to get me off.

After that I knew I had to see her again and so I have. I fly out every two weeks to spend the weekend with her. Aude and the kids believe I’m away on business. I feel bad about leaving the kids, but it’s nothing new, my job keeps me away a lot.

I pull my rental into the parking lot at The Cathouse and make my way inside. Dixie said she’d be waiting in her room for me and to have Pam call her down. The other girls have grown accustomed to me coming by and all smile at me or hug me, rubbing their tits on me. They’re a good group of girls.

“Pam,” I greet her when she comes around to give me air kisses.

“I’ll call her down; she should be ready for you.” She goes back around the counter so she can call Dixie down. A new customer comes in while I wait and I watch the girls line up.

A few minutes later Dixie comes walking down the stairs and all I can do is stare. She’s stunning, wearing a gorgeous red dress made of leather and lace. She has on a pair of heels that I think I’ll fuck her in later. She’s extremely accommodating and gives me any and every fantasy I can come up with. She does things with me that would send Aude to an early grave. Aude is very… plain for lack of a better term.

She approaches me with that sweet smile, “Hey handsome.” She reaches out to grab my hand, giving me a little squeeze and I lift hers to kiss it.

“Hi, you’re stunning,” I compliment and she rewards me with her blush.

“Why thank you,” she says, and nibbles her bottom lip as she looks me up and down. “You’re looking pretty good yourself.”

“Thanks,” it’s my turn to blush a little. I wore a business suit on the plane, but I’ve left the coat and tie in the car. I take a moment to get into business mode and ask her if we can go to her room to take care of payment. She accepts and I follow as she leads me upstairs. Once the money is taken care of, it takes all of my willpower to not take her right there in the middle of her bed, but I’m good and grab her overnight bag so we can go to the hotel.

“How’ve you been since I saw you?” Dixie asks, stroking my thigh as I drive.

“Busy, the twins are in baseball and Alyssa plays soccer. We spend a lot of time taking them to practice and watching games. And that’s when I’m not working. Christian is being a shit and he hates us right now. I dealt with that through Ryan so I know it’ll pass. What about you? How’s… things?” I feel weird asking her about her time without me. Right now she’s mine for the next two days and I don’t want to think about my Dixie with other people.

“I’ve been busy, too,” she says. “It’s almost finals time, so I’m studying when I’m not working. I can’t wait for the semester to be over.”

It’s hard to think she’s only a few years older than Levi. “I know how you feel, my oldest is going to school for criminal justice. He’s stressed and tired all the time. We barely see him right now.”

“That’s a shame,” Dixie says. Her hand moves up my thigh and rubs over my cock. “I’m happy you’re here. I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

“Mmm,” I hum, “I’ve been thinking about you too…” I look over at her, “And the things I have planned for us.”

“Are you going to tell me, or is it a surprise?” Dixie applies a little more pressure, making me groan.

“Hmm,” I place my hand over hers, “Yeah, this time it is.”

“Good. I love surprises,” she practically purrs.

I lift her hand from my cock and suck her index finger and kiss the palm of her hand before I put it back. We pull into the hotel and have the car valeted once I take her bag from the trunk. I checked in earlier and already put my bag in the room. I take her hand, pulling her close so I can put my arm around her shoulders. I place her a bit in front of me to cover my hard-on. As soon as we step onto the empty elevator I spin her so she’s facing me. Her hand goes right back to my cock and my lips crashed into hers. She told me she doesn’t always kiss, but with the amount of time we spend together she feels good about kissing me. My tongue slips through her lips, playing with hers, tasting the inside of her mouth. She tastes like cherries. My hands grip her head so I can move her where I want her. I like being a little rough with her sometimes, definitely not something I’m able to do with Aude.

When the kiss breaks so I can kiss her neck, Dixie says, “I love the way you taste.”

The feeling is mutual, and I suck lightly on her neck. She smells incredible. Her hands land on my ass and give it a squeeze. More than once she’s told me what a great ass I have.

Dixie moans while I kiss her neck. I love all the noises she makes. She’s not afraid to tell me what she likes and what she doesn’t.

“You know what I want tonight?” she pants a little and reaches to unzip my fly. “I want you to fuck my ass. I’ve been fantasizing about how good your big, thick cock is going to feel there.”

“Mmm, you read my mind, pretty girl,” I growl as the elevator dings and we exit. My pants are still unzipped and I don’t care.

We enter our room, I drop her bag and we’re tugging at each other’s clothes before the door is closed all the way. I stop her frenzied movement and turn her back to me so I can unzip her dress. Letting it slide down her body I shudder when I see the lingerie she’s wearing under it. Her body is stunning.

“Keep the shoes on,” I whisper when she goes to kick her shoes off.

“Whatever you want.”

I turn her to face me again and stand back to appreciate her gorgeous curves. My eyes rake her body and my cock stiffens a little more. I reach up to take her hair down and revel in her golden waves falling over her shoulders. “Go lie on the bed on your back, Dixie.”

She does as she’s told and I bite my bottom lip when she spreads her legs open, staring into my eyes.

Dixie brings her hand down and it slips into her sheer, red panties. “I’m so wet right now, Eric.”

“Good girl, are you thinking about my dick in your ass?” I take my shirt off and drop my pants. I’m standing in my boxers, stroking myself through the thin cotton. “Thinking about it is making me hard. You make me so hard it hurts.”

Dixie moans while her fingers move. Her head falls back and she says, “Yes, I’m thinking about you fucking my ass.”

I climb onto the bed, hovering over her body and dip my head down to take a nipple between my teeth as she plays with her pussy. The wet, sticky sounds her cunt makes turns me on even more, knowing I do this to her. “Are you going to be my dirty girl tonight? Do I get to cum on this pretty little face?” As I mentioned, I get to live out every fantasy I have with her.

“You can cum anywhere you want, baby,” she purrs, her hips moving with her fingers.

“Mmm, good,” I hum and take her other nipple into my mouth, making her cry out when I nibble a little.

I sit up and take my own boxers off before I slide her panties down her luscious thighs. They immediately spread again and her fingers go right back to work on her clit. “Let me help, pretty girl,” I say softly and my hand joins hers. I work my middle finger into her pussy and groan when her wet heat envelopes my index finger as well. She pumps her hips in time with my fingers, getting herself off on our hands. Giving Dixie pleasure gives me pleasure; I can watch her get off all day.

Dixie’s head falls back against the bed and her moans get louder. “Make me cum, Eric,” she pleads. Who am I to deny her?

I find her g-spot and curl my fingers up to rub over it. She automatically stops rubbing her clit and reaches up to grip my biceps as my thumb takes over rubbing her little nub. One thing I like is she always tells me what she wants and I’ve spent a lot of time learning what she likes. “Oh fuck!” she cries, her inner walls are gripping my fingers. She’s very close.

“Come on, pretty, cum for me, cum hard on my hand before I fuck you in that tight little ass.” Her nails start to dig into my arms and I continue. I’ve learned she likes it when I talk to her. “Is that good? You like my thick fingers filling up this little snatch don’t you?” she’s panting and her eyes are closed tight. “Look at me when I make you cum,” I growl and her big blue eyes snap open. Her whole body quakes when she cums with a silent scream.

Her pussy is still convulsing when I pull out and slip my finger into her ass. “Are you ready to take me here?”

“Yes,” she says in a shaky, breathy voice.

I know what pocket she keeps the condoms and lube in so I reluctantly leave her to grab them. When I meet her on the bed again she’s still on her back, legs still open wide for me and she watches my every move as I dribble the lube over her ass. I reach down to rub it around and dip a finger in to lube her up everywhere. She’s still a bit shaky and clearly ready for more as she grabs the condom and rips it open, handing me the open package. I roll it on, stoke a little more lubricant on the rubber and nudge her lower hole with my head. She’s begging me to fuck her, but she’s still a little tense. I use my thumb to rub around her dripping wet cunt. Stoking her lips and playing with her clit I get her to relax a little and my tip pops into her ass, making us both groan in pleasure.

Dixie grabs her thighs and holds her legs back a little more, practically folding herself in half. I thrust my hips, working my way deeper into her ass and my thumb is still making sure she’s soft and wet.

“Fuck me,” she growls. I listen.

I pull back until just the tip is inside and thrust back in harder and deeper. Since she’s holding her own legs I reach up and pull the cup of her lingerie down so her heavy round tits are on display for me and I pinch her newly exposed nipples with one hand while my other hand is still playing with her pussy. Her ass is stroking my cock so tight she feels so fucking good around me I know it won’t take long for me to cum.

“Do you like it?” I question, steadily pumping in and out of her.

“Yes,” she pants, “Harder… fuck… deeper.”

I don’t want to disappoint so I do speed up my thrusts, slamming deeper into her ass. She chants my name, incoherently begging for more. I impale her on my thick cock, my pumping getting more and more erratic. I want her to cum with me so I focus on her clit. She’s so lost in the sensations her eyes are closed again, gripping her thighs tight as she tries to spread them impossibly wider. Her body begins to shake and quiver again and I let go. I’m too caught up to remember I wanted to cum on her face and I release in the condom deep inside of her ass. Still inside of her I lean over her sweaty body and kiss her soundly on the lips before I slip out and into the bathroom to dispose of the condom.

When I rejoin her in the room she’s completely nude and lying on her side in the middle of the bed. I climb up and spoon in behind her, stroking her hair back, tucking it behind her ear.

“Thank you,” I whisper and kiss her neck just below her ear.

“No, thank you. I’ve been wanting that all day,” she says, and moves my hand so it’s on her breast.

“You’re too good to me, pretty girl.” I gently caress her right breast before moving to her left to give them equal attention.

“Baby, I’m just getting started,” Dixie says, and turns her head back as far as she can for a kiss.



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