Chapter 19


My body is vibrating inside. I’ve never wanted to cum so fucking bad in my life. The second the cuffs are off I make Sookie yelp when I hook her around the waist and roll on top of her. Part of me wants to tease her the way she just teased me, the other wants to cum all over her face. It’s a toss-up.


My dick wins the battle and before I know what’s happening I have Sookie pinned below me. Her hands are above her head; her wrists being held in one of my hands. I guide my tip to her opening and slam into her.


“That’s what I fucking need,” I growl, pausing a moment to calm down some.


“Fuck, I need it too,” Sookie moans and her perfect, perky tits thrust up.


As soon as I can move without exploding I start to thrust. Each time driving in so hard I shift her body up. Her tits bounce and I can feel her walls fluttering from the aftershocks of her orgasm. Fuck, she feels fucking perfect.


I already know I’m not going to last long. I’m not worried about cumming before her either. I know how to treat a girl in bed. I also know how to get them coming back, so Sookie will be cumming hard tonight whether it’s on my cock, my fingers, or my tongue. All the same, right now I start pounding into her so hard I know she’s going to have bruises tomorrow.


“Is this what you were trying to do, Sookie? Did you need me so worked up I would fuck you into the bed? I know that’s what you like, Angel. I can feel your pussy holding on so fucking tight,” I growl at the end.


“Mmm… yes. Fuck, that’s what I want,” she moans.


I don’t reply. My brain isn’t fully functional yet. Instead I reach down with my free hand to pull her leg up, spreading her wider so I can get as deep as possible. The cry she lets out tells me this was a good change. Apparently it’s a good change for me too. Her walls tighten and I feel my balls slapping against her ass. My stomach muscles start to twitch and I can feel my orgasm right there…


“Oh fuck. Tell me where you want to,” I gasp.


“My tits,” Sookie pants. “Cum all over them, baby.”


I pull out quickly and without releasing her wrists I move up, jerking my cock until I explode. My cum shoots all over her nipples, skipping up to hit her chin.


“Fuck! Yes!” I roar with my release.


“Mmm…” Sookie moans and I can feel her hips flexing, rubbing against my thighs.


“Hold onto the bed,” I direct her.


I move down between her thighs, spreading them so her dripping wet cunt is on full display for me. I look up at her face and slide two fingers into her hot, wet core. I rest my other hand on her lower abdomen and brush my thumb over her clit. I apply a little pressure on her belly and start drawing slow circles around her swollen nub while my fingertips stroke that sweet spot inside of her.


“Oh fuck!” Sookie pants. Her hands tighten around the slats of the headboard as her walls pulse around my fingers.


“Mmm, that’s it. Let go, Angel,” I purr as I rub her clit faster. I start fucking her with my fingers in hard, shallow thrusts, making sure my fingers don’t leave her g-spot.


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuuuck!” Sookie screams. Her body shakes violently and then something completely unexpected happens.


My girl can squirt. Who knew? My arms and thighs are soaked. Sookie is shivering on the bed, clutching the slats as tight as possible. I don’t stop my fingers until I notice a tear trickling down her temple.


“Are you okay?” I ask as I slowly pull my fingers out, making her shudder.


“No! I peed on you,” she answers, obviously upset.


I chuckle and crawl on top of her. We both need a shower anyway.


“Angel, you didn’t pee on me,” I promise, dipping to kiss her chin.


“Yes I did,” she sniffles. “I felt it.”


I make her cringe when I bring my hand up between our faces and lick her fluids off of my wrist.


“Angel, that’s not pee. You, for lack of a better term, squirted on me. That’s not a bad thing, I promise,” I say. I start licking my fingers and say, “Mmm, definitely not pee.”


“Are you sure? I mean I don’t think you drink pee or anything but it felt like I did,” she says.


“I’m sure. You came really hard and you just learned that women can ejaculate too,” I smile. Apparently she’s been with fucking idiots if the guys before me didn’t help her figure this out.


“Oh… I knew it was possible, I just didn’t think I could… I never have before,” she explains and that delicious blush creeps up her neck.


“It’s okay. Believe me, I’m not complaining,” I say, moving down to kiss her neck. “Want to shower or see if you can do it again?”


“Umm… you pick. You’re the one getting sprayed if it happens again.”


I chuckle and shift my hips. I slide my erection into her and say, “How about I lie right here and make love to my girl?”


“That works too,” Sookie smiles. “I guess this means you don’t mind being my bitch, huh?”


“Mmm, no, I’ll be your bitch,” I purr as I swivel my hips. Sookie gasps when my head rubs her g-spot.


“Oh fuck.” Her hips buck. “I think you broke my easy button.”


“Yeah?” I swivel again, gaining the same reaction. I lick her lips.


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” she pants when I keep swiveling my hips.


“Are you going to do it again?” I ask. Her nipples are hard against my chest and I can see the red creeping up her neck. “Are you going to cum so hard on my dick that you squirt your delicious honey all over me?”


Her eyes screw shut and I get my answer when her body shakes as violently as it did before right before she explodes.


“Mmm, we’re going to need to change the sheets,” I purr. I push up onto my hands, locking my arms. I look down between our bodies as I start to pound into her again. I love the way her pussy looks all stretched around my shaft. She’s soaking wet, my stomach is dripping down onto her.


I have a sudden thought and pause long enough to push her legs together. When I start thrusting again Sookie whimpers as my shaft rubs over her clit each time I drive in hard.


“Fuck… Fuck that’s so fucking hot, Angel. Make me cum for you.”


“Can’t… mmm… can’t cum anymore,” she whimpers.


“Are you sure?” I ask. I drop my head to suck her nipple. I can taste my cum on her tits, making me groan.


“Too much,” she breathes.


I push up onto my knees. I keep thrusting and this position is rubbing my shaft perfectly, milking my own orgasm from me. This time I cum with a roar, buried in her pussy. As I pull out I finish on her mound.


“Holy fuck… we need a shower,” I pant, collapsing onto the foot of the bed.


“I can’t move,” Sookie says.


“I can’t yet either,” I admit. “When I can I’ll run a bath for you so I can change the sheets.”


We both lie on our backs, panting. Eventually I’m able to move and I get up to take a quick shower. When I’m done I bend down to put the plug in the tub and turn it back to the faucet while I dry off.


Sookie still hasn’t moved by the time I get back, but she’s awake, staring at the ceiling.


“You alright there, sparky?” I ask.


“You broke me.”


“I’m sorry,” I apologize. “I have a bath running and I’ll carry you in as soon as you’re ready.”


“Okay. I want a nap but I feel too gross,” she admits with a smile. “We may have to flip the mattress too.”


“Damn. Good thing we’re keeping my bed,” I chuckle. “Should we invest in plastic sheets?”


“Ha. Ha. Ha. You’re funny.”


“Just a suggestion,” I grin. I go into the bathroom to turn off the water and then go back to get Sookie. “Ready or not you’re heading for The Dip,” I joke as I scoop her up bridal style.


“Funny, isn’t that what required the bath in the first place?” She snorts.


“Mmm, you’re cute,” I smile and kiss the tip of her nose. I set her down directly in the water. “Is the temperature okay?”


“Perfect. I might fall asleep in here.”


“As long as you don’t drown on me. I need your help with the mortgage.” I get up and grab her a towel for when she’s done.


While I’m up I get a new set of sheets to replace the wet ones on the bed. I shake my head when I realize I do need to flip the mattress. It takes a few minutes to get the bed in order before I go back to the bathroom. Sookie is floating in the tub.


“You still alive in there?” I ask, kneeling next to the tub.


“Mmhmmm,” she hums without opening her eyes.


“You ready to get out or should I wash your hard to reach places?” I reach out to stroke her hair.


“I think my hard to reach areas have filed for a temporary order of protection,” she smirks.


I’m not going to lie; it makes me feel pretty fucking good that I broke her pussy like this. She’ll be fine tomorrow.


We stay silent for a few minutes before I whisper, “We got the house…” It’s still a little unreal.


“Yes we did. Now we get to argue over paint colors. I’ll call Portia’s cousin Terry about doing the remodeling. He’s a great contractor,” Sookie tells me.


“Okay,” I agree. “You know when she called to tell me we got the place she kept talking like it was just me. Like you weren’t even part of the process and your name isn’t involved in the mix. I think if we ever sell we need to find a different agent.” Sookie explained to me why she refused to go with Selah. Apparently her douchebag ex fucked her. A lot.


“Oh yeah. She’s not getting two commissions off of us,” she says.


“Either way, she got us what we wanted for the price we wanted,” I sigh. “And this is almost over. Do you think this is too soon to buy a house together?” I don’t think so, but we’ve known each other less than six months. I guess when it’s right you know.


“Yeah, it’s definitely crazy, but I’m happy about it.”


“Good,” I nod. I pull some of her hair over so I can twirl the ends. “I assume you want to get married one day too, right?” I ask. I’m not proposing anytime soon as far as I know, but we’ve already started mentally having kids.


“That was always the plan,” she answers. “I like the idea of having someone to share everything with.”


“I do too. You know, you’re the first girl in a long time that I like if that makes sense. I like spending time with you. You make me laugh and I feel like I can be silly with you.”


“I like silly. I see too much serious at work,” she says.


“I promise to try to make home as calm and comfortable as possible. I don’t want stupid fights about TV, you know? And if I start spending too much time at the bar please remind me I have someone that misses me at home,” I request. I know I go through stages where I don’t want to leave the bar. I hope I don’t get there again, but it’s definitely been a relationship ender in the past.


“Damn, I was just going to start calling in plumbers, electricians and other day laborers to scratch all my itches,” she jokes. “It worked for Gran, apparently.”


I sigh. I hate that she’s upset with Adele. I understand completely why she is, but I wish she would talk to her to find out what really happened. The Adele I know doesn’t seem like a big slut. My Grams, that’s a different story.


“I won’t be so forgiving, Angel. Cheat once and it’s over between us. I won’t share you.”


“I just don’t get it. I mean I would understand if Gramps was abusive or if he ignored her, but he didn’t. He doted on her. He adored her. I wanted to find a man that would love me the exact same way and the whole time Gran was fucking someone else. I don’t understand it,” she says.


“When you can, talk to her about it. I’m not saying she was right, but maybe there’s more to it than you know,” I suggest. “Maybe it happened before they had kids. You’re going make yourself sick over this until you know the facts.”


“I don’t know what she can possibly say that will justify what she did. Every cheater has their reasons but that doesn’t make it right.”


“I know,” I say. “I just hate seeing you so upset. I know you’ll be angry over this for a long time, but I can’t stand to see you hurt over something she did and then admitted when she was trying to help you figure out what to do with me.”


“I’ll talk to her eventually. I’m not ready yet.”


“I know. I’ll be here for you when you are,” I assure her. I know that’s going to be a hard day for her.


“I know you will. I appreciate it.”


“You ready to get out? There’s a nice clean bed calling my name,” I yawn. I should go to the bar but I’d rather curl up with my girl.


“Mmhmmm. I could use one of your subtly violent snuggles,” she says.


I chuckle and ask, “Do you need me to help you up?”


“No, I’m okay now.” Sookie sits up and pushes herself out of the water.


I hand her the towel. I pull the plug so the water can drain and I go to the room to wait for her. I flop on the bed. I had no idea how tired I was until I jump awake when Sookie slides onto the bed with me.



“So this is it,” I say to Lafayette when I pull into the driveway of my new house. I’m making him come with me to buy Eric’s birthday present.


“This is a big motherfucker. Why you two need all this?” he asks, looking out the passenger window.


“It is bigger than we wanted, but it felt like home as soon as we walked in. The bathrooms need updating and we need to repaint every room, but it’s… it’s perfect,” I explain.


“And this is right, with Eric? You don’t think you pushin’ this shit too fast?”


“I know it’s fast and maybe a little crazy, but I love him. I… I’ve never felt like this about anyone, Laff.”


“It’s all that big Scandinavian dick,” he grumbles as he gets out of the car.


“Jealous?” I call after him and get out of the car too.


“Nope, just worry ’bout ya. Now show me the love nest.”


“I can’t. We don’t have the keys yet. I just wanted to show you the outside,” I tell him. “We close in two weeks.”


“I’mma go look through the windows,” he says. “Maybe I’ll test the security and see if I can break in.”


“No you won’t,” I laugh. “I promise to have you over the day we get the keys.”


“Helpin’ yo ass move don’t count,” he smirks as he jogs up the front porch to look through the windows.


“You don’t have to help me move, but there might be a shirtless Viking in it for you.”


“I’ll be there with bells on.”


I stand back while Lafayette walks around the porch peering in the windows one by one. I decided to replace Eric’s busted TV for his birthday since it’s sort of my fault it got broken in the first place. Only I decided to give him an upgrade. After doing some research I decided to go with a 75″ flat screen with 3D capability. Once he gets the video games hooked up to it I may not see him for a while. I also won’t be offended if he gets a hard-on when he sees his present.


“There’s a second master bedroom on the first floor,” I tell Lafayette. It’ll be nice if Gran or Grams ever need to stay over.”


I haven’t told him about the fight I got in with Gran, but I know he calls her from time to time just to see how she’s doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gran said something to him about it. Then again, it’s not like Laff to stay out of it when there’s trouble.


“Or I can move in. This shit is nice,” he says as he heads back in my direction.


“It is. It’ll be beautiful when I’m done with it,” I grin. “Nicer than if I had married Sam, that’s for damn sure.”


In high school I dated Sam Merlotte for three years. He was my first love and we had a good relationship, but he wasn’t my forever boy. Of course that didn’t stop him from proposing to me the year after we graduated from high school.


“Ya’ll woulda been divorced by now,” he shrugs. “Then you’d be a twenty-seven-year old divorcee and then who would want yo ass? You’d be stuck wit me and I sure as fuck don’t want cha.”


“I love you too, bitch,” I wink.


“Alright. Let’s go get this boy his present. Don’t be surprised if it make me cum all over it,” Laff deadpans.


“I didn’t think you were that into electronics, unless it was a hair removal system,” I snort.


“Honey, I like dick just as much as the next bitch, but I’m still a man,” he reminds me.


I chuckle and get behind the wheel of my car. Laff gets in the passenger’s side and I crank up the air conditioning. It’s fucking hot outside.


“Do you think it’s an okay gift?” I ask as I back out of the driveway. I’m going to be paying this off for a while.


“I think you gonna get a marriage proposal when he see it.”


I snort at that. “No, I think it’ll be awhile before I get one of those.”


“I don’t know. Ya’ll is movin’ pretty quick,” he shrugs.


“True, but I’m only getting married once. If we don’t work out we can sell the house and go our separate ways, no big deal. If we get married there will be the divorce lawyers, the house, probably kids… Living together will be a big enough adjustment without throwing wedding planning into the mix.”


“Mmhmm,” Lafayette hums and looks out the window.


“What?” I know he’s thinking something.


“I jus hope he know that,” he shrugs. “He look like a mama bear protectin’ her cub when you was on that bafroom floor.”


“We’ve talked about marriage to the extent that we both want it,” I tell him. “But we’re not ready for that yet.”


I know we’re moving faster than I’ve ever moved in the past, but I’m not crazy. Getting married would be insane.


“Jus so long as you on the same page. He good, though. If you did run off and elope in Mexico I wouldn’t worry.”


I raise an eyebrow. “You wouldn’t?”


“Anyone that stand up to me without battin’ an eyelash ain’t bad. In case you missed it I ain’t exactly little or meek. Plus he didn’t look at me like the last three assholes you dated. It took me a while to come to terms wit it, but you gots a good one.”


Laff was dealt a rough hand in life. His mom is a little nutty and growing up not just African American, but also being the only out and proud gay man in town… Lafayette got picked on a lot when we were young. He got his ass kicked more than once by local redneck assholes when we were kids. As we got older he got bigger and stronger. It took almost stabbing Reese Bentley in the stomach for them to figure out he wasn’t fucking around anymore with them. They haven’t messed with him since.


“That’s because you are one big, fabulous bitch and the best friend I could ever ask for,” I tell him. “So what about you and your Latin lover? Are you two on this week or what?”


“Off this week. He threw a bitch fit when he said I got too flirty wit a customer. He know that’s how I gets paid. I keep tellin’ him not to come in, but he jus won’t stop.”


I shake my head. Jesus means well, but it never works out when he visits Lafayette at Hooligan’s. My second cousin Claude opened a strip club a few years ago and promptly hired Laff to be a dancer. The club has done pretty well and the clientele isn’t strictly female. In fact, the club was where Laff and Jesus met so it’s not exactly a secret he’s a dancer. The way Laff looks at it, coming out of the closet once was enough; he’s an open book now.


“So tell the bouncer to bounce him,” I shrug.


“That a whole other fight I don’t wanna get into.”


“Well if he’s eighty-sixed at the door it’s not your fault. Blame Claude,” I suggest. “Tell him he’s caused too many disturbances and Claude doesn’t want him to come in anymore.”


I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t happened already.


“It jus better to be off for now,” he sighs. “We see what happens in the long run.”


“You know, you could try datin’ someone else,” I suggest.


“I ain’t opposed to the idea. I jus ain’t been out to meet no one.”


“Then maybe we need to go out and get you some,” I smile as I turn into the parking lot of the big box store.


“Say when,” he smiles back.


I find a parking space and we head inside. Almost immediately we’re pounced on by an over-eager salesman. I decline his help just because he has this smarmy Bill Compton look about him. Lafayette goes right to the televisions and parks himself on a recliner where an 80″ screen TV is playing one of those stupid Vin Diesel car chase movies that I don’t get but Laff considers to be soft-core porn.


It takes a minute to find the TV I want and I legitimately do a little happy dance when I see it’s on sale. It’s not a cheap TV by any means, so getting it for a few hundred bucks less is a huge deal. Another salesman approaches me and this one doesn’t give me the creeps.


I buy the TV as well as a special warranty for it. I’m pretty sure I can hear my credit card weep when he runs it, but I know Eric will love this present, so that makes it worthwhile. The main point of bringing Lafayette along was so I would have someone to help me load it into the car and then into the apartment.


It’s Eric’s night off but he’s visiting Pam right now. The TV is heavy but we get it up to the apartment. I put it in the spare bedroom and close the door just as Eric walks in.


“Hey,” he says as he closes the door. “Did you guys have fun today?”


“We did. Laff wants to move in with us,” I tell him as I walk over to kiss him hello. “How is Pam?”


“Good. Glad to say she’s injury free still,” he chuckles.


“That’s always good.”


“What did you guys do today?”


“We had lunch, got some things waxed or painted and then I showed him the house. I also got your birthday present. It’s early, but I can’t keep it hidden from you.” I take his hand and lead him back to the spare room. It’s mostly full of his stuff so it would be easy for him to see it by accident. I may as well let him have his new toy.


“Angel, there’s a box for a giant television mixed in with my stuff,” he says calmly once we’re in the room.


“There is. You should take a closer look at it.”


He looks down at me before he let’s go of my hand and walks over to read the box carefully. He notices it’s unopened as he runs his hand up and down the edge of the box.


“Sookie I think I need a moment,” he jokes. He walks back over to me and pushes me against the wall, making me yelp. “You are… There are no words to describe what you do to me, Sookie,” he whispers and presses his lips to mine.


“I guess that means you like your present?”


“I love it, and I love you. It’s more than a TV,” he says. “It’s accepting something you don’t agree with because I want it. It means a lot.”


“I want you to be comfortable in our house. Plus I’m sure it’ll be cool to kill shit in 3D,” I joke.


“There’s that too,” he laughs.


“We can set it up if you want to play with it,” I offer.


“No, let’s wait until we’re in the new house,” he declines.


“Okay. Is that screen big enough for you?”


“It’s perfect for me,” he smiles and kisses me again.


“Good. I’m glad you like it,” I say sincerely. I may never be a fan of giant TVs, but it’s not about me.


“Thank you so much, Sookie. It’s the perfect gift,” he assures me. “Don’t be surprised if you find me in here looking at the box.”


“I won’t,” I laugh.


“Good. Did you eat already?”


“Not since lunch,” I reply.


“What do you feel like?” he asks, taking my hand to lead me out of the spare room.


“Something easy and light. Maybe a salad or something.”


“Okay. Do you want to help or go sit on your cute little butt?” Eric asks, smacking my ass.


“I can help.”


“I’m going to need more than salad. Do you want to work on that while I make some chicken?”


“Sure,” I nod. “There should be boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the freezer.”


“Okay.” He opens the freezer and takes out some chicken. He takes them to the sink and then goes to get the stuff out for salad for me.


We work together getting dinner ready. Eric makes the chicken on my grill pan while I get the salad together. I add some craisens and chopped pecans to my bowl, along with some diced pears I have in the fridge. Fruit works great in place of salad dressing.


“Do we want to eat in here, the living room or in the spare room with your new sidedish?” I tease.


Eric laughs and says, “We can eat in here.”


“I’m going to find you in there checking on her in the middle of the night, aren’t I?” I take my bowl to the table and sit.


“Most likely. Now that we have her we should look into getting a security system. One that has video cameras so I can check on her when we’re gone.”


I snort. “We should probably get a gun too so we can defend her honor in case anyone puts their grubby paws on her.”


“Good call,” he says seriously.


“I bet she’s a big slut.”


“We were bound to have one kid to take after me,” he sighs dramatically.


“True. I think she needs a name so when people ask where you are I can tell them you’re with another woman,” I snort again.


“Do you think Penelope fits?”


“She’s your other woman,” I shrug.


“I think that’s what we’ll call her.”


“Penelope it is.”


“Penny for short,” he nods. “Do you want garlic toast?”


“No, thanks. I don’t think garlic toast and fruit would go together very well.”


“Garlic toast goes with anything,” he chuckles.


“Have it.”


I spear my salad while he fixes his bread. I think he’s got more chicken than salad, but that’s fine with me. I assume at some point we’ll have a son or two. It’s a good thing there’s a second refrigerator in the back room of our house. We’ll probably need it. Thinking of our mental children reminds me of what Lafayette said in the car about us getting married so I decide to bring it up.


I chuckle and say, “So Lafayette thinks we’re eloping in Mexico.”


“Uh, I want to marry you one day, but Mexico is a little soon,” he snickers.


“That’s what I said, but he’s not convinced. Apparently you made quite an impression on him after Debbie attacked me.”


“That cunt attacked my woman. I wasn’t letting anything or anyone near you until the ambulance showed up. That doesn’t mean I’m ready to marry you in a month.”


“Oh I know. He called you a mama lion,” I chuckle.


Eric laughs. “I’ve been compared to worse.”


“I can only imagine.”


“I’d rather not share some of the names,” he snorts. “Mostly by women that I didn’t want to call again.”


“I’m sure they were colorful,” I laugh.


“One woman told me she cursed me so my dick would fall off when I got my next hard-on. It didn’t work, obviously.”


“Huh. That could have been interesting. Eric the Eunuch,” I snicker.


“I would’ve murdered her,” he tells me seriously.


“I believe it. You and you’re little friend are pretty inseparable.”


“I love him. He’s gotten me through a lot of hard times,” Eric snorts.


“Ironically, he’s the source of most of them.”


He laughs and takes a big bite of his chicken.


“I doubt you’d love me so much if I didn’t have him anymore.”


“I don’t think that’s true at all. I don’t love you because you’re great in bed,” I tell him.


“I’m sure it doesn’t hurt though,” he shrugs.


“Of course not, but the reasons I love you still have nothing to do with your dick.”


“That’s good to know,” he smiles.


“I’m guessing my tits are a factor for you though,” I tease with a wink.


“No, but the fact that your female helps,” he says. “Mostly your kindness sucked me in and your willingness to look past my faults.”


“Mmm… it’s not so much looking past them as accepting them. We both have a past and things in it we’re not proud of.”


“There you go,” he smiles. “We fit.”


“We do,” I agree. “You know I was engaged once before?” I never told him so unless Gran did he wouldn’t know.


“Oh yeah? What happened with that?”


“I was nineteen and too chicken to say no when Sam proposed to me. When I went to try on wedding dresses I had a panic attack and called off the wedding,” I tell him.


“Do you ever wonder what would’ve happened if you would’ve gone through with it?” he asks.


“Not really. I loved Sam but I knew when I said yes that it was a mistake,” I admit. “I’m sure we’d be divorced by now.”


“Thank you for telling me. I’ve never once entertained the idea of proposing to anyone,” he chuckles. “Sadly I’ve had a string of dead end relationships.”


“As long as you learned something from them, there’s nothing wrong with that.”


“I learned what I don’t want and that I was doing shit all wrong,” he nods. “It made it easy when I found you to know that you’re what I want.”


“Awww,” I coo and smile at him. “You know, if you met a girl like me ten years ago you probably wouldn’t have paid any attention to her.”


“Oh, I would’ve paid attention,” he chuckles. “You wouldn’t have gotten a second call though. Or I would’ve tried to talk you into fucking me and whatever girl I had next to me.”


“I probably would have slapped you and thrown my drink in your face,” I snort.


“Had plenty of alcohol in the face,” he laughs.


“I believe it.”


The Eric I know is a Teddy bear but I’m sure he’s said and done some outlandish, offensive shit in the past.


“I’ve been punched, kicked, been called a douche; asshole was a fan favorite. However, I’ve gotten more yeses than nos.”


“So I’ve been told.” I don’t even want to know what his magic number is. I don’t even want an estimate.


“You know your yes is the only one I care about,” he says, taking his final bite of chicken.


“I do.” I know he sees me differently than all of the other women in his past. If he didn’t we wouldn’t have bought a house together and we wouldn’t be talking about marriage and children.


I didn’t plan on changing Eric and it was never my intent. Honestly, I don’t feel right taking any credit for it. If Eric wanted to change, he did it all on his own. If I did anything, maybe it was showing him the way, but he’s done all the heavy lifting. He’s finally found the Eric he didn’t think existed.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. Impressed with your last paragraph. Very telling. Excellent chapter. 🙂
    Great one liners in there when Sookie & Laff were out together.


  2. That bit about the squirting, so familiar. That’s how it worked for me too. I think they will now be in need of at least a plastic underlayer.

    So good how they talk about their past and the future. I believe to many couples just don’t communicate with each other.

    Grear chapter


  3. My favorite part was Sookie buying the TV, I agree it was acceptance. I’m curious about Gran too. I’m wondering if it was the same guy? I like that E/S talk about their thoughts, feelings and past. Great chapter!!!!


  4. LOL at the name Penelope for the TV. I had a car I named that. It was a Holden Cruze, so I named her Penelope. I’m not a fan of the actress, but the name really suited my car.


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