Ink Master: 5 Years Later…



I looked at the beautiful shower in my bathroom and nearly burst into tears. Instead I opened the front loading washer in the master suite and transferred the clothes to the dryer. Why not, I figured. Since I was up for Presley’s 2 a.m. feeding I might as well make my life a little easier. My second son was five-weeks-old and he was lucky he was cute or I might have dropped him at the nearest fire station. My first son had regressed a little since becoming a big brother and was demanding he sleep with Mommy and Daddy since the baby got to. It was easier to let him have his way than it was to reason with the unreasonable.


Before I became a mom I thought I’d be a hard ass, my way or the highway kind of mom. I was naïve. I also learned to pick my battles. Going in the pool alone was a firm no, but skipping a few green beans wasn’t worth the argument. That’s not to say there were no rules because there were and there were consequences if the rules weren’t followed. Colt, my oldest, had his daddy’s charm and my stubborn streak.


We were doomed.


Presley was in a fresh milk coma in his bed. Colt couldn’t get on the boob fast enough when he was born, but with Presley it had been a bit more challenging. We were working on it, though. It was getting better every day. Finally I was starting to feel a little human again, even if I was exhausted all the time. I forgot how much work went into a new baby. Foolishly I had romanticized having a second child. I had envisioned Colt would bring me diapers and be my little helper.


Instead he was throwing fits to take back the attention he was so used to getting from his father and me. It was slowly driving me mad. He was lucky I loved him or he would have found himself at another fire station.


I got the dryer going and then, as tired as I was, decided it was my best chance to shower in peace. So I stripped off my clothes, avoiding the mirror at all costs. My stomach was never going to look the same. My boobs were engorged and saggy. The little nests in my hair were this close to being ready to accept tenants.


All that disappeared when I felt the hot water running down my back.


Eric and I got married in Vegas on New Year’s Eve six months after we met. It was a decision we made in the moment, but I had no regrets. I had a gorgeous garnet engagement ring and instead of a wedding ring we both got tattoos. Mine was of a king’s crown on my ring finger. Eric had a queen’s crown on his. That was enough for me and more permanent than a ring I could lose or one of the kids could get ahold of.


I shaved my legs and my underarms. An appointment with my waxer needed to be made before I let Eric anywhere near my lady parts. Things were a little too National Geographic down there for even my liking. I lathered up my hair and stood under the water while I rinsed. Damn, it felt good to get rid of the homeless look.


You wouldn’t know it to look at me most days, but I actually lived in a very nice house. The Painted Death shops had gotten crazy popular after the show ran its course. Profits soared and it was a good thing we opened a second shop. I was still managing the original location. Lately I was going in to do paperwork with the baby before Eric had to go open the other location. I wasn’t a constant presence around the shop but I was going back to it soon. I missed being there.


When I opened my eyes I realized I wasn’t alone. My oldest was standing outside the shower, naked from the waist down.




“Colt, you should be in bed,” I told him.


“But I want to get clean. I peed in the bed,” he replied.




“Take your shirt off,” I sighed. Potty training was still in progress. I told Eric not to give Colt that last glass of water twenty minutes before bed. Did he listen? No, of course not. I’m the ogre who wants our kid to dehydrate.


He could enjoy sleeping in the piss puddle then.


I got my pushy toddler cleaned up and dried off. Eric slept like the dead so he heard none of it. I took Colt down to his room and to get him dressed in fresh jammies.


“You have to sleep in your big boy bed,” I told him.


“No, I want to sleep with you,” he whined.


“Buddy, Mommy is very tired and you kick a in your sleep. Plus if your brother wakes up I have to go get him.”


“Send him back.”


“Sorry, no can do. There’s no return policy on baby brothers. I had to get up at night for you when you were a baby. That’s part of the deal. How about you sleep in your big boy bed tonight and tomorrow you can come to work with Mommy while your brother stays home with Daddy?”


“Yeah, I like that,” he agreed.


Thank you, Lord.


We went potty and then I got him into a Pull-Up so if he peed again it wouldn’t soak the sheets. I tucked Colt in and turned on his music. The kid loved Chopin, so I left it playing quietly on an old iPod that was docked out of his reach.


“Sweet dreams, buddy. I love you.”


“I love you too, Mommy.” I leaned over to give him Eskimo kisses and then I left the room. I closed the door most of the way and went back upstairs.


The crib was set up in the little sitting area that was part of the master suite. We had a TV in there, along with a big couch Eric loved napping on. Thank God we had it because no way was I sleeping in the wet spot. I grabbed my pillow off the bed and went over to the couch. Just when I was getting comfortable and falling asleep I heard Eric cuss.


Someone found the piss puddle.




The next morning Eric was in a mood. I let him get up and change the sheets in the middle of the night without saying a word. No doubt he figured out I was faking being asleep. He slammed a door and it scared the baby, so Presley was up almost an hour before Eric got him back down. I was tempted to jump in and help, but nope, he needed to handle it himself. There was no reason he couldn’t.


I got up with Presley when he was ready to eat again. He was still nursing on the couch when Eric got up. Presley was a slow eater but at least he didn’t graze all day like his brother did. I knew the real reason Eric was crabby and it wasn’t just sleep deprivation.


It was the utter lack of sex in the last two months.


We took for granted how easy it was to put Colt to bed and then go at it for an hour or two before passing out. My body wasn’t ready for it yet and I was too tired or disgusted with myself to even think about blowing him. He was probably done with the sad shower jerk off sessions but until the doctor said I was ready to go again, Eric was just going to have to deal with it.


“Sleep well?”


His look was a silent ‘fuck you’ but I wasn’t offended. He loved me.


“You know how I slept,” he grumbled. His pissy mood didn’t stop him from leaning over to kiss my forehead.


“Last I saw you were sound asleep.”


“Until I rolled into the piss pocket and then woke up this little stinker.”


“I hate to say I tol–”


He clapped his hand over my mouth. “None of that, woman. Do you want me to make breakfast?”


I moved his hand away and said, “Sure. Presley should be done by then.”




“Sounds good.”


“Special pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream or plain?”


“Surprise me.”


“You got it,” he nodded before turning to head toward the kitchen.


“Ah!” I looked down at my aggressive little eater. “That hurt, you little bugger.”


Of course my son just stared up at like nothing happened. He had no idea how painful breastfeeding could be and never would.


“You better be nice to the mother of your children someday or I’ll personally make your life miserable,” I warned him. His little lips curled up in a smile.


Ugh, this is why I keep you…


Yeah, I loved him. I loved both of my kids. Being a mother was the most wonderful, challenging and rewarding thing I had ever taken on. I loved the cuddles and watching them learn or discover new things. But real talk? Sometimes Colt was an asshole and it felt like I was failing. The mommy blogs were rarely helpful.


When I was pretty sure Presley was done I extracted my sore nipple from his mouth and tucked my boob away in my very unsexy nursing bra. Since he was nowhere near mobile yet I left the baby on the sofa while I got up to go pee. My hair looked halfway decent. Huh. Maybe the key was showering in the middle of the night.


I brushed my teeth before I left the bathroom so my dragon breath didn’t scare away my hubs. Presley made himself comfortable in my arms and his little lip curled up in the snarl that got him his name. Eric and I had been at a stalemate on a name for the baby. Then he came out with that Elvis lip and that settled it.


“I made a deal with Colt to get him to sleep in his own bed last night,” I told Eric, who was mixing up pancake batter. Our fancy stove had a griddle plate in the center that got a lot of use.


“What was the deal?”


“I take him to work with me this morning and you stay with the baby.” I put Presley in the swing. He loved the swing.


“It’ll be easier with just one,” he nodded. “Presley will probably sleep the whole time.”


“Hopefully. If not there’s pumped milk in the freezer for him.”


“I saw it.” Eric grabbed a ladle so he could start cooking the pancakes.


“Are you busy today?” More often than not he was booked up with clients. He’d had to reschedule several people when Presley came early. I only made it to thirty-eight weeks and two days before he decided he was done cooking. He came out weighing just under eight pounds and he was twenty-one inches long. Had he gone another two weeks he would have been quite a big boy.


“I have three appointments. They’re bigger pieces, but I plan to be out of there by nine.”


“Sounds ambitious.”


“I want to go to bed with you tonight and not climb in when you’re already sawing logs,” he chuckled. “I’m taking Tuesday and Wednesday off to hang out with you guys. I need a break.”


“And you think you’ll get one here?” I laughed a little harder than I probably should have.


“Family time is a break.” He smacked my butt before flipping the pancakes.


“Pfffft you’re welcome to take the boys anytime you want and I’ll go hang out at the shop all night.”


“You know it’s not hanging out,” he reminded me. “I stay busy when I’m there. How about we ship the boys to my mom on Tuesday night? We can get a night of uninterrupted sleep.”


“I don’t think I can do that. Presley’s still so little and if Colt flips out I don’t want your mom to have to deal with him…” I trailed off. I liked my mother-in-law okay. I wasn’t sure she liked me even though Eric said she did. I always felt like she was judging me for one reason or another. Last time she came by it was Colt’s haircut. She asked me if he cut it himself. I almost cut her.


“Wishful thinking,” he chuckled. He was feeling better and not so grumpy. I knew that when he pulled me closer to him so he could kiss me.


“I know you’re anxious for my doctor to give me the all clear. We need to decide if Presley is going to be the last little Northman.” I needed to know if I was getting back on birth control or if I needed to make Eric an appointment for a vasectomy.


“What do you think? You want to try for a girl in a year or so?” He looked over at Presley. “He is a cute little shit.”


“We do make beautiful babies. A girl would be nice but my gut tells me you don’t make any. You know I found Colt butt naked, holding his little winkie and watching me shower at two this morning? That was some Norman Bates shit.”


“Uh, hell yeah it is. I’ll have a talk with him about it. According to Mom it’s normal to for kids to play with themselves, trying to figure out their body parts.”


“Of course it is but that’s not what he was doing,” I said. “Plus, considering the amount of time you play with yours it would be hypocritical to give the boy a hard time.”


“I don’t much have a choice right now,” he pointed out. “You’re not in the mood to play with it but it still gets hard. It’ll hurt if I leave it alone. You can talk to him.”


“About what? He’s three. There’s nothing to talk about.”


“I don’t know, Sookie. I haven’t been three in like… thirty-something years. I can Google what to do about it.”


“That’s my whole point, there is nothing to do. He’s a toddler. He’ll outgrow it on his own,” I said.


“You should know you can’t give me that kinda logic when I’m not all the way awake.”


“I see the coffee. You’re just being weird,” I smirked.


“It hasn’t kicked in,” he chuckled.


“Do you want to get Colt up or should I?” He could be a bear first thing in the morning. Usually I let him sleep until he was ready to get up.


“I’ll get him if you want to finish the pancakes.”


“Sure. What time is your first appointment?” I took the spatula from him and began to deposit the pancakes onto a plate.


“Noon,” he answered. “I want to leave here by eleven if that’s okay.”


“It’ll make for a tight morning.” It was already after seven. No way was I getting out of the house before nine. Trying to go anywhere with either of the kids always made things more complicated. “I’ll just tell Colt Presley has to come with us.”


“I can take him with me until you’re done,” Eric offered. “I know where the cooler is for the milk. Once I get there he can hang out in his bouncer until you come get him.”


“And how do you propose to tattoo and feed him at the same time?”


“I can make Diantha feed him. You know she loves the kids,” he shrugged. Diantha was a new apprentice at his shop. “She’s only taking walk-ins now, so I can ask her not to take anyone until you pick him up.”


“I don’t know,” I sighed. Then I had to go across the city to go pick him up and Diantha would want to sit and gab for three hours about whatever trip-hop band she was into at the moment. I had shit to do. “I’ll just take him with me. It’ll save me time.”


“Sorry,” he apologized.


“No, it’s totally my fault for thinking you were working your regular hours.” I ladled more batter onto the griddle.


“Sorry. This is the last one I had to reschedule after Presley was born, otherwise I would have been.”


“It’s fine, Eric.” I was a little annoyed but there was nothing I could do about the situation.


“I can reschedule again…”


“Just go get Colt up.”


He nodded before he left the room. I got plates down, including one of the little plastic plates we used for Colt. He rarely threw fits at the table or anything but he had flipped a plate once or twice. Plastic was less breakable. I put a pancake on his plate and spread a little butter on it. After I flipped the cooking pancakes over I got the syrup out of the pantry and drizzled a little on Colt’s pancake. Just as I was cutting it up for him he came into the kitchen.


“Morning, buddy.”


“Morning, Mommy,” he replied, rubbing his eyes.


“Are you hungry?” I bent to pick him up when he lifted his arms.


“Uh huh.” He wrapped his little arms around my neck.


“Daddy made us pancakes. I have yours all cut up. Do you want some strawberries too?” I kissed the side of his head.


“Yeah, I want berries,” he nodded.


“Good choice. Do you want milk or milk?” I tickled his side.


“Milk,” he giggled and squirmed.


“Very good. Did you go potty?” I moved out of the way so Eric could take the pancakes off the griddle.


“Yeah. Daddy took me to go.”


“Good job. Go get in your booster seat and I’ll be right there.” I put my son down and watched him take off for his seat. I just hoped he stayed in a good mood when I told him he wasn’t getting his Mommy date as planned.




I sat there across from my wife in the candle light. She looked gorgeous, as always. Marrying her was the best idea I’d ever had. We were standing at a Craps table in Vegas when one of the waitresses in a little skimpy outfit asked if my wife wanted anything. Rather than correcting the waitress, I corrected myself and did the inevitable. When we walked away from the Craps table I somewhat jokingly asked if she wanted to get married while we were in Sin City. A sweet, giggly “sure” was her response so we made a beeline to the first wedding chapel.


There we were five years later and I was sitting across from her at a small table in a tiny restaurant in the French Quarter, away from the boys for the first night. I had my hand linked with hers, and instead of looking at the menu I was looking at her. I wasn’t even sure she noticed it.


“Did I already tell you how beautiful you are tonight?” I tried to make sure she always knew she was beautiful to me. Even when she looked like shit, I reminded her she was beautiful, because she was.


“You did. I feel like I’m stuffed in a sausage casing.”


I knew as much. She wasn’t happy with her post-baby body. To me it was just as beautiful as pre-baby body. It was different because it created a life.


“You definitely don’t look like that. Not that you ever have to me.” I released her hand so I could finally pick up the menu.


“You’re biased, but thank you. Any minute now the benefits of breastfeeding can kick in. I think Gwyneth Paltrow is a big liar about how much weight she lost doing it.”


“She probably is,” I chuckled. “I’m happy with you however I get you.” She knew my attraction to her had nothing to do with her body. I was attracted to the woman she was on the inside.


I set the menu back on the table and leaned back in the chair. “So… speaking of post-baby body, how do you feel about having more?” I was fine with the two boys we had. If Sookie wanted to try for a girl that was fine with me too.


“Well, I’ve thought about it.” She took a drink of her virgin piña colada. “I think I’m done being pregnant. I love our boys but I don’t think I want to carry anymore.”


“Okay,” I agreed. It was her body. I was terrified to go under the knife to get a vasectomy, but it made better sense than her going back on birth control until she reached menopause. “Do you want to call tomorrow to make me an appointment?” I was never going to willingly call a doctor and ask him or her to snip my nuts.


“Sure,” she readily agreed.


“You know I’m going to try to have as much sex as humanly possible with you before then, right?” I chuckled. We’d gotten back into sexy mode just over two weeks ago. It wasn’t often, but the few times it happened were glorious. I came harder than I’d ever cum before in my life the first time. We had a quickie during naptime. I wanted more than a quickie but we both knew time was limited. I knew after a vasectomy I wasn’t going to be able to have sex for a while. It wasn’t going to be the end of the world.


“You do know what a vasectomy is, right?” Sookie looked confused.


“I do. I also know I’m going to be out of commission for a couple weeks. We still have that box of condoms to get through.”


“You’re insane,” she laughed. Damn, I loved that laugh.


“Sometimes,” I smiled. “You know you’re the only one I would have ever dreamed of doing this for…” She knew how I felt about her. It was never a secret.


“Babe, I hate to burst your bubble but you’re not a sex camel.”


“In my head I am,” I chuckled. “Don’t go ruining that for me.”


“I don’t want you to have unrealistic expectations of our sex life. The way it was is over, honey.”


“I know.” I was very well aware. “What are you ordering?” She knew no matter what it was I was getting a bite.


“Hmmm… I haven’t decided yet. I think I need to cut carbs out of my diet,” she frowned. “No more tortillas.”


“I don’t think you need to cut them out completely. Maybe not as much. Get more whole grain things,” I suggested. When Sookie was on a diet, I was on a diet too since she did most of the cooking. “A little bit of lean protein with each meal and cut back on refined sugars.” Like tortillas and regular wheat bread that we ate.


“Wow, babe, anything else you think I should give up?” She laughed but it wasn’t because she thought I was funny.


“Sookie, you know I think you look perfect the way you are. I know you’re not happy with the way you look. If you want to diet, I’m going to do my best to help you make it the best diet possible.”


Her attention went to the menu, scanning over the pages. I could tell she was bothered by something but she wasn’t talking about it.


When the waitress came to take our order she ended up getting a lame grilled chicken salad without dressing or croutons.


“Babe, what’s bothering you?” I asked as I reached over to take her hand again. I didn’t like seeing her like that. I was sure my comments didn’t make whatever it was better.


“Let’s not talk about it right now. I’ll just get upset and ruin our night out and I don’t want to do that, so let’s just pretend like everything is fine.”


She knew I hated that. It was going to be hard to drop it, especially if she was going to be ridiculous and order a bowl of lettuce with chicken. I didn’t want to ruin the night though. I pulled her hand up to my lips to kiss the back before I set it on the table again.


“Promise me we’ll talk about it later,” I requested. “I don’t like seeing that look on your face and I’m sorry for whatever I said to put it there.”


Sookie sighed and said, “I know you’re trying to be supportive but sometimes… Sometimes it’s the opposite.”


“I’ll try to stop,” I sighed too. “I didn’t mean anything by what I said.” She knew that. I’d never understand women and I knew that as well.


“Just imagine if I told you all the time how perfect and beautiful you were, how you never needed to change anything and then I came up with a whole list of ways for you to better yourself,” she said. “And you didn’t even have to think about it. It just came right out. I avoid mirrors for a reason lately Eric. I’m not happy. But at least I don’t bullshit myself into thinking something I’m not and I wish you would stop trying to do it to me.”


“I’m sorry, Sookie,” I apologized again. “When you said something about cutting out the carbs I just thought about how I used to eat. That was all; I didn’t mean anything by it. You have to know by now I truly don’t give a fuck how much you weigh. You just created a kid, Sookie. You are perfect and beautiful to me. I… I’ll just stop.” I took a drink of my water. I didn’t want to argue with her on date night.


“It’s fine. I shouldn’t have said anything.” She sat back in her seat.


“I don’t want you to think you should hold things back. You know I don’t have much of a filter, Sookie. I blurt out what I think when I think it.”


“I know.” She reached for her drink. “Man, I miss tequila.”


“How long do you think you’re going to breastfeed this time?” I asked, changing the subject. The kids were a safe topic.


“Until I get tired of it or he won’t do it.”


I nodded, not really sure what to say next. Instead of saying anything I picked up a piece of the bread on the table and slathered some butter on it. I offered it to Sookie in hopes of some sort of truce. I could tell she was still bothered.


“It’s all yours,” she said.


I ate the bread. I didn’t know what else to do, so we sat there in silence. Anything else I was going to say would have just pissed her off even more.




“Sookie!” I called. She was cleaning Colt’s room. I was with Presley, watching him when he rolled over for the first time.




“Presley just rolled over,” I said as I flipped him onto his back again. Immediately he was wiggling, trying to roll onto his stomach.


She came down the hall and turned the corner into the living room.


“Onto his side or his belly?”


“He made it all the way to his belly,” I answered. “Watch him.”


“Pudge, did you roll over?” Sookie cooed at him. He gave her one of his little grins before twisting onto his side. The momentum took him all the way over onto his round belly. “Oh hell… We’re in for it now.”


I chuckled at that. She was absolutely right. It didn’t take long for Colt to start crawling once he rolled over.


I flipped him onto his back one more time, mostly because it was fun to watch him. It also worked his little muscles.


“Come sit with me for a minute.” I was sitting on the floor with my back against the couch.


Sookie sat on the floor next to me. She had dropped ten pounds since our first date night and was back to work at the shop.


“You know, I think putting Colt in nursery school three days a week was a good idea,” she said as she reached out to tickle Presley’s chubby thigh.


“I think so too. It’s good to socialize him with kids his own age.” He was around adults way too much. I leaned over to kiss my wife before adding, “I promised him some Daddy time tomorrow when I pick him up from school.”


“He’s lucky. I never get Daddy time,” she pouted.


“Would you like some Daddy time?” I kissed her neck.


“We’re like roommates lately. I’m sure you’re not so happy with the amount of jerking off you’ve been doing. I know I’m not happy with my little DIY quickies in the shower.”


“You know this one is due for a nap.” I reached out to rub Presley’s back since he’d made it to his belly again. She was right. I didn’t complain because I knew she was tired.


“Moving his crib downstairs was a good idea too.” Presley was mostly sleeping through the night. Occasionally he would wake up due to a very wet diaper or because he needed to top off the tank, but otherwise he was more low maintenance than his brother was at that age.


“A very good idea,” I smiled. “You want to put him down?” I hoped milk machine was going to dry out soon. I missed my girls.


“Sure,” she agreed. Sookie leaned over to give me a kiss that told me exactly what was on her dirty mind.


When the kiss broke I gave her a heated look. My cock twitched in anticipation. I’d had my vasectomy two weeks after our dinner date, and was fully healed. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


I waited for Sookie to stand up before I lifted our little man to hand to her. I watched as she walked toward the hallway. Her ass was just as sexy as always. We made it through that fight about her weight relatively easily. I felt like shit for my instant meal plan. She knew I didn’t mean anything by it. I shouldn’t have said it though. We’d been through worse.


As soon as I walked into our bedroom I stripped my clothes off. We had about two hours of alone time before I had to go pick up Colt. I hoped like hell Presley slept that long. I wanted to remind Sookie how I felt about her and just how sexy I thought she was.


When Sookie walked into the room about twenty minutes later I was lying on the bed naked, still completely ready to go even though I was starting to doze off.


“I was beginning to think I lost you, gorgeous,” I purred in a sleepy sex voice.


“Presley takes his time.” She pulled off her top and tossed it to the side. Off went the leggings next. She wasn’t wasting any time, probably because she was used to not having any to waste.


“I can’t wait to get my time with the ladies,” I chuckled. My hand wrapped around my shaft as I watched her.


“You mean Bessie and Elsie?” She cupped her tits.


“Mmhmm.” They looked amazing to me.


“They’re going to need scaffolding soon.” Goodbye panties… They flew through the air when she kicked them away.


“I’ll be more than happy to help.”


“It’s a full-time job.” Sookie climbed up on the bed and ran her warm tongue up the length of my cock. She sucked my tip with her eyes on mine.


“If we didn’t need to pay for this house and food for the kids I’d take the position happily.” My hips began to gently rock. Her lips felt like heaven.


Her mouth was too busy moving up and down my dick to reply. Sookie’s head bobbed for what felt like hours before she finally took me deep enough to swallow my head.


My eyes closed like they always did when she took me that deep. It was an involuntary reaction. She was hands down the best dick sucker I’d ever had. I probably helped that I was crazy in love with the woman.


“As good as that feels, gorgeous, I want to feel another part of you wrapped around my dick.”


She hummed and kept bobbing for a few seconds before releasing me. Her lips were a little puffy as she sat up. She crawled up the bed and pressed those beautiful, swollen lips to mine. I reached up to grab the back of her head, deepening the kiss. I could taste myself on her tongue. For some reason that turned me on even more.


As we kissed I helped her shift so she was straddling my waist. I grabbed my cock so I could run my tip through her slick folds. I let out a deep groan when she began to sink down my length. She felt different than when we first met, but still just as good.


Again she wasn’t wasting any time and started to bounce on top of me as we kissed. It was sadly force of habit to steal whatever few minutes we could before a kid woke up for figured out where we were. Colt was a magnificent cockblocker.


I grabbed her hips to slow her down. We both know Presley wasn’t near as bad as Colt. He liked his sleep. I started to rock my hips up to meet hers. The kiss broke a minute or so into it.


“I want to savor every second with you, gorgeous,” I whispered against her full lips.


“Oh I’m sure you will.” Her hips rolled, changing up the sensation.


I groaned at the feel of her warm, wet walls fluttering around my shaft. I kissed her again as my hands slid around to her ass.


“We need to have more of this time,” I breathed. I loved our boys, I really, really did. I missed my wife though. I knew it would get better when they got older.


“We need more hours in a day.” Running a booming business and raising two kids took up a lot of our time.


“I’m willing to lose out on some extra sleep for you,” I smiled.


“We just need to scale back our work hours a little and find managers that don’t suck,” she said. It wasn’t quite the sexy talk I had in mind.


I held her hips down and drove up into her, making her eyes cross. I did it again and again. It felt so fucking good.


“We’ll work on that tomorrow.” I nibbled her jaw.


“Good idea,” she moaned.


I rolled us over so Sookie was on her back. I pushed her legs up, spreading them nice and wide for me. My eyes locked onto hers as my hips sped up, driving into her over and over. In. Out. In. Out… I released one of her legs so I could reach down and rub her clit quickly. I wanted to feel her cum.


“Ohhhh… Fuck,” Sookie moaned. Her walls gripped my cock, trying to keep me buried deep. Her nails dug into my arms as she got closer and closer to cumming.


Damn, watching her fall apart like that was sexy as hell. I drove into her until she she came with a silent scream. I followed right behind her, filling her up with my release. Fuck… I fell forward, continuing to roll my hips as I kissed my wife.


The story of how we met was always an interesting one to tell to people that didn’t know. I knew from day one she was going to be an important person in my life. I didn’t know she would become the most important person. She was, though. Sookie was my soul mate, if they existed. We spoke to each other without even saying a word. There was an undeniable connection between us and I couldn’t have imagined my life or family with anyone else.



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  1. Perfect ending. I like how you described life with kids and trying to balance schedules. I like how they worked through the problems and talked. The pictures were beautiful too. I really enjoyed the story .

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  2. Wonderful ending. Loved how well they deal with things even when it’s not going the way they want it. Thank you so much for sharing you stories with us.

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  3. Great ending! Loved how you wrote about balancing the craziness of post-baby, family life, and work. It’s insane, but you have to make time for another first. Terrific little story!

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  4. Lovely ending. Liked how you included the reality of merging a new born baby into a working family. Plus the body issues after giving birth . Enjoyable story, thank you. 🙂

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