Chapter 19: Up Against a Wall



I got to Eric’s house before him, but it was dark so I assumed no one was there. I stayed parked down the street, waiting in my car until the Buick turned the corner. I got out of the truck and locked the doors before closing mine. Eric pulled into his driveway as I crossed the street. He met me in the driveway. I’d thrown on a dress, but there was nothing under it.


“You’re late,” I said.


“Traffic,” he replied. “But we’re alone for the night.”


“Grace isn’t coming home?”


“No, she’s staying at Amber’s tonight,” he smirked as his eyes traveled up and down my body, ending on my tits.


“Too bad you only need five minutes,” I smirked right back.


Eric chuckled as he took my hand to lead me into the house. “Still interested in swimming?”


“Maybe another time.” I followed him inside. The house still wasn’t my style at all. It reminded me of an art gallery. It didn’t feel homey to me at all.


He released my hand so he could pull his shirt off. He tossed it on the counter in the kitchen.




“Seems like the safest choice. So… what were you up to when I messaged you?” I found it hard to believe that date Madi told me about was that great if Eric ditched her that fast.


“I was on a shitty date,” he answered honestly. “She wasn’t really my type. I think Stan was trying to get me laid.”


“What was wrong with her?” Not that I cared if he was seeing someone. It was none of my business.


“She had fake tits, offered to let me fuck her in any hole I wanted less than twenty minutes into the date and wants nothing to do with kids.” He led me up the stairs to his bedroom.


“Three strikes and you’re out.” I grabbed his ass because it was there.


“Exactly.” He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down his ass a little. “Better access for you.”


“Thanks.” Since I could, I gave his right cheek a good smack.


“You always struck me as the dominatrix type,” he chuckled. Eric turned faster than I could track and pushed me up against the wall in the hallway. “Unless you’d prefer it if I spanked you.”


“I’m not really into it either way,” I answered. “Are you?”


“Never really tried it.” He reached down to grab my thighs so he could lift me up. His hips rocked forward, rubbing his growing erection against my center.


“We’re definitely in the wrong position if you want to be spanked,” I told him.


“I don’t want to be spanked, Sookie,” he chuckled. “What made you message me?” His head dipped down so he could lick and nibble my neck.


“I wanted your opinion on the new bikini.”


And I wanted to know if the date was worth shit, but apparently she isn’t.


“I like it,” he purred, his head moving around to the front of my neck on the way to the other side.


“I’m not wearing it now, unfortunately.” My head tilted to the side for him.


“I prefer you naked anyway.” His hands rubbed up to my ass, giving me a light squeeze. Eric’s soft lips skimmed up my neck so he could nibble my earlobe.


“I thought you preferred me bent over a flat surface.” I hated to admit he was a good kisser, but damn.


“I enjoy you that way too.” His lips found mine in a gentle kiss that slowly deepened. His hips continued to rock up, rubbing his erection over my center. My dress rode up so I could feel the bare base of his cock rub over me.


My arms wrapped around his neck. The making out was good. The way his hips moved was even better. When I reached down I freed his cock and moved my skirt out of the way. All it took was a few subtle moves and he was sliding into me. Ugh, damn, that felt good too. Really, really good.


The kiss broke and Eric’s forehead rested against mine. His hips stayed nice and slow as he moved in and out. The soft, subtle groans he let out were a lot sexier than they should have been.


“Take your dress off,” he whispered, pulling me away from the wall just enough to for me to slip my dress up.


I used one hand to get it over my head. The material hit the floor at the same time my back hit the wall. I moaned when his hips swiveled a little, changing up the angle a little. Our lips met again in another kiss that made my ovaries tingle. It could have been the way he was thrusting into me. Maybe it was both.


“Faster,” I breathed between kisses.


He was good at following direction. His hips sped up, driving into me a lot more deliberately. His hips slapped against my inner thighs each time he drove into me, grinding a little so he rubbed my clit with his body. My legs wrapped tighter around his waist, holding on tighter.


“Fuck, you feel so fucking good,” he whispered before nipping my bottom lip.


“You might need seven minutes instead of five,” I said in a breathy voice. I reached down to help myself along.


“I can give you ten,” he grunted.


“Lofty goals,” I moaned. The extra friction made my walls flutter.


“I like to be an overachiever. Let me feel you cum, gorgeous.”


“I’m working on it.” Eric was definitely doing his part to help me out there. It flashed in my mind randomly how sad it was that I was pushing forty, and I was in the midst of having the ‘wildest’ sex I’d ever had. That was pretty pathetic.


Eric’s hands dropped down to my ass again. He pulled my hips away from the wall a little, changing the angle, also allowing him to get deeper. His blue eyes blazed as they stared into mine, silently begging me to cum for him. My eyes closed as the pressure built. My fingers moved faster…


“Ohhhh… Fuck,” I moaned. My walls clenched hard and the pressure went over the tipping point. “Fuuuuuuck!”


He stopped moving so he could ride out my orgasm. I wrapped my arms around his neck so he could carry me to his bedroom. When he got to the bed he fell forward onto the bed, picking up where he left off, eventually going a lot longer than ten minutes.


I wasn’t sure how long we’d been going at it before his orgasm finally began to build. He sat up on his knees, lifted my hips and slammed into me again and again and again. Just when he was about to explode he pulled out and shot his release all over my mound.


“Fuck, yes!” he shouted.




We were both breathing hard when I reached down to stroke him and make sure I’d gotten all of his release.


“That was a new record.” His hips jerked as I stroked him slowly.


“Mmm, imagine how long I’ll last next time,” he chuckled. His big hands had a good grip on my hips still, massaging me gently.


“Next time? You think you have it in you to go another round?”


“I do,” he smiled. “Maybe not right this second, but yes.”


“If you were nineteen I’d be disappointed by that,” I assured him. Hell, I needed a break. My body wasn’t used to multiple orgasms.


“You wouldn’t have wanted to know me at nineteen,” he chuckled. He moved to lie down next to me, wrapping his arm over my stomach. “I wasn’t as… generous as I am now.”


“Funny, I was a lot nicer when I was that age.” Ben ruined that.


“That was when you had Josh, right?” His big hand moved up and down my stomach, brushing over the underside of my left breast.


“Yeah, it was,” I confirmed. “He was the only good thing I had going for me back then.”


“I’m sorry his dad was such a shithead. I will never understand how people treat their kids like that.” He leaned in to kiss the side of my neck.


“Josh was never important enough and I was never good enough. That about sums it up.”


“There’s something wrong with that man. Even nineteen-year-old asshole Eric wouldn’t have treated you guys like that. My girls are what changed me. I knew I didn’t want them to grow up thinking it was okay to put up with a shitty man. Aude and I had been together for a year when she got pregnant. We were getting ready to break up, but hearing their little heartbeats made me do a one-eighty.”


“You were lucky. Ben never had that moment. Last time I saw him… He wasn’t nice to me. I don’t know how I ever loved him.” Why the hell was I tell Eric this stuff?


“You should be the one person he is nice to. You’re an amazing mother to his son, Sookie. If I ever see the fucker it’s going to be really hard not to punch him in the face,” he admitted.


“He’s not worth it. You know a little after Josh’s first birthday I was still struggling to lose the last ten pounds of the baby weight I’d gained. I was starting to get discouraged because it seemed like no matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of it. So to motivate me, Ben put up pictures of Playboy models on the fridge.”


Eric shifted so he was propped up on his elbow. He looked down at my face, into my eyes and said, “He didn’t deserve you. Either of you. You’re a beautiful woman, I’m sure you were just as beautiful with whatever baby weight you gained. Aude was forty pounds heavier when she passed than she was when I met her. I never made her feel like there was something wrong with her because she put on weight. Your body created his child. It shouldn’t have mattered what the fuck you looked like.”


“But it did. A week later I found out he was cheating on me.” I should have left him, but I couldn’t. There was nowhere to go.


Eric let out a low growl. “He is definitely worth a punch in the fucking face.”


“No he’s not. God knows what diseases he’s incubating.”


“I’ll put on a hazmat suit first,” he muttered, getting comfy on the bed again. For such a big man he did a good job curling around me.


“That Playboy story is just the tip of the iceberg,” I sighed.


“I’m sure if you told me all the stories I’d be ready to get out my gun,” he sighed too.


“Since when do you care about me enough to kill someone?”


“Since our children decided to have a baby together. You’re important to Madi, so you and Josh are important to me now.”


I had a feeling there was more to it than that, but I wasn’t ready to pull at that thread. I needed to change the mood. Eric being annoyed with me was more comfortable.


“I bought curtains for the nursery.” I didn’t, but he didn’t need to know that.


“I thought we agreed the nursery was on me,” he said, propping up on his elbow again. “I’m supposed to go shopping with the kids next weekend.”


“I saw ones I liked so I bought them. Hot pink with sequins–”


He growled again, but it was a lot more menacing than the one from a moment ago.


“You better find a room to put them in in your house,” he argued.


“Why? They’ll look great in the nursery.” I got up off the bed to go clean up in the bathroom.


“Not with the colors Madi and Josh decided on,” he said without getting up.


“They’ll get over it.” I smiled to myself. I knew Madi didn’t want pink.


“You can build your own nursery in the big house. You don’t get to decide shit for their nursery.” Eric finally got up from the bed. I heard him leave the room.


I didn’t know where he went, but I wasn’t about to go walking around the house naked. When I was done in the bathroom I went back to his bed to wait for him to come back from wherever he’d gone. He was kind of cute when he was mad.


When he got back to the room he had my dress in his hand. He set it on his dresser and closed the door behind himself.


“In case Grace decides to come home finding a dress in the hallway isn’t what I want her to come home to.” He came over to the bed to sit next to me. His eyes didn’t stay on my face for long.


“Smart. So about the curt–”


“Take ‘em back,” he said, cutting me off. “You should know Madi doesn’t like hot pink.”


“They were on clearance. I can’t take them back. They’d work in here…”


“Or you can cut them up so the guys in your shop can use them as rags.” He was on to me.


“Sequins don’t make good rags.”


“You can put them up in your room,” he shrugged.


“They wouldn’t match.”


“Find something else to do with them then.” I felt his hand on my back, rubbing up and down.


“Oooh, your office,” I chuckled.


“The only pink thing I want anything to do with is between your thighs,” he told me. His hand moved up to rub over my thigh.


“It’ll be a cold day in hell before you have that in your office.”


“I’m fine with it in my room now,” he purred. Eric leaned over to kiss the side of my neck.


Of course he was.


Rather than having another internal debate about what I was doing with him, I gave into it. I could hate myself later.




Hadley was giving me one of her looks. I knew she was just dying to say something I wouldn’t like.


“Oh just say it already,” I huffed. She was driving me nuts.


“It happened again, didn’t it?”


“What ‘it’ are you referring to?” I drizzled a little more dressing on my salad. We were eating lunch out on my patio.


“The ‘it’ that happened with Eric. You saw him again,” she accused. “You have that well fucked glow.”


I rolled my eyes.


“I don’t know what glow you’re talking about. You need your old lady eyes checked,” I snickered. I knew she wasn’t buying it.


“My old lady eyes are just fine. I know that look. You guys had a whole bunch of sex, didn’t you?”


“Three times isn’t a bunch,” I muttered, making her laugh. “It’s not funny, Hadley.”


“It’s hilarious to me,” she snorted. “He was able to go three times in one night?”


“Yes. Is that unusual?”


“Most guys are one time that lasts less than five minutes and then they’re knocked out for a few hours before they wake up for a snack,” she said. “Yes, that’s unusual in a good way.”


“There was rest between rounds,” I shrugged. “I’m not going to do it again though. He’s starting to get kind of… He’s being nice to me. It’s weird.”


“Have you ever thought that maybe he’s a nice guy? I also think you’re lying to yourself. It’s going to happen again,” she predicted.


“He can go be a nice guy to someone else.”


“You know not all men are like Ben…” she said a little more seriously.


“Ben has nothing to do with it.” I speared a piece of chicken. “I just don’t have time for a relationship.”


“Has he asked you for a relationship? I don’t see anything wrong with you two scratching each other’s itches,” she shrugged. “And I think it does have something to do with Ben since he was the last relationship you were in. I feel like you expect every man to be like him.”


“I have bigger priorities than a relationship. I’ve got a grandchild on the way, two businesses to run… No, Eric hasn’t said anything about a relationship, but if he’s being nice to me it’ll go that way eventually. I told him about the Playboy thing and he got pissed, Had.” Again, she was laughing.


“You have a grandchild that you aren’t responsible for, two businesses that are well established and fine, and he got pissed because he’s a good man. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being in a relationship with him if he does want one… eventually.”


“Like I said, he can go find someone else to be nice to. I don’t need a man. Never have.”


“They’re nice to have. Especially if they can go three times in one night,” she snickered.


I shrugged. “He’s not doing anything a good battery operated toy can’t do.”


Hadley looked like she was going to pop me upside my head.


“Don’t give me that look. I’m a grown ass woman,” I said.


“I know. That’s why you’re getting a look and I’m not saying anything.” She took a bite of her salad.


“Oh you’re saying plenty,” I assured her.


“I think it’s time to focus on a personal life, that’s all.”


“I have a personal life.”


“Lunch with me doesn’t count as a personal life.”


“Says who?”


“Says me. What are you going to do if I end up moving to Red Ditch to be with Remy?”


“Not Eric,” I snickered.


“Ha! You’re going to do Eric a lot,” she laughed.


I shook my head.


“He’s dating, Hadley. He’s not that interested in me,” I shrugged. I left out that he left a date for me. I didn’t know how I felt about that.


“Does he have a girlfriend? He’s free game until he does,” she said. “And if he’s still doing you, he’s interested.”


“He’s interested in orgasms,” I said. “He can get those anywhere.”


I knew I wasn’t making sense.


“If he’s calling you for orgasms he’s interested in you.”


“Well I’m not interested in him.”


“Uh huh.” She wasn’t buying it.


“You really want to move to Red Ditch?”


“I’m thinking about it. He wants to get away from the scene of the crime. Remy is worth it,” she shrugged.


I wasn’t sure that would be enough. A change of scenery would put some distance between Hadley and whoever she’d cheated with, but it wouldn’t fix whatever was broken in their marriage before that. Of course I wanted things to work out for them, but I didn’t want Hadley to move so far away because she thought it would be a quick fix.


“Are y’all thinkin’ of going to counseling or something?” They probably needed it.


“He suggested it,” she nodded. “I said it’s probably a good idea.”


“If you’re serious about fixin’ your marriage, I’d strongly recommend it. Just moving won’t do it.” I wasn’t clear on why Hadley cheated in the first place.


“We’ve been discussing it. I know moving there won’t fix it. His mom recommended a counselor for us that we’re going to look into.” She took another bite of her salad and then sipped her water.


“That’s a start.”


“I think so. We’ve already worked through what was going on when it happened. This wouldn’t have happened if I had fessed up when it happened,” she sighed. “I foolishly thought he’d never find out.”


“At least you apologized.” I never got that from Ben. Anytime I confronted him he listed a whole bunch of reasons why it was my fault he was sleeping around. I never bought into it, but I’d be lying if I said the words never affected me.


“I love him. I fucked up and I know it. If I wasn’t sorry I wouldn’t have,” she shrugged.


“Then maybe a fresh start is the right thing after all. You know I want y’all to work it out, right?” Even if it meant she had to move hundreds of miles away.


“Thanks. That means a lot,” she smiled. “I want it to work out too. I really want it to never have happened.”


It was too late for that.


I was on the verge of telling her to look on the bright side when my phone chimed on the table. It was a text message from Eric. I rolled my eyes and turned off my phone screen instead of reading the message. I knew Hadley had seen who the message was from by the look she was giving me.


“If I keep answering him, he’ll keep texting me. I need to nip it in the bud,” I rationalized.


“Or you can just keep doing it. There’s nothing wrong with gettin’ some,” she reasoned.


“No, there isn’t,” I agreed. “But I’m still not going to.”


“Your loss,” she shrugged. “If it’s as good as you say it is you’re letting a good thing go.”


“I’ll live. I made it just fine for thirty-seven years without him.”


“You keep this up and you’re going to end up all old and alone,” she teased.


“Maybe that’s my plan. Ever think of that?”


“Or maybe you’re already a stubborn old coot,” she countered.


“Maybe I am, but I’m happy with my life the way it is. Why ruin it?”


“You could be making it better.”


“The only man who ever made my life better was Josh, and he’s barely into man territory,” I pointed out.


“That’s because you won’t give anyone else a shot.”


“I won’t let anyone take advantage of me. That’s all any of them ever tried to do.” I took a long drink from my water glass.


“Is Eric trying to take advantage of you? You know he doesn’t want your money. Hell, he’s probably the first guy to not want anything from you but your time.”


“I don’t know what he’s after. I’m not interested in finding out.” It was better not to know. Just leave it alone and get on with my life.


Hadley shook her head as she took another bite of her salad. She knew damn well that I didn’t care about having a traditional family. I didn’t need to be married like she did. I was doing just fine on my own. Hell, I thrived on my own. It allowed me to focus on my businesses. I’d built them on my own. I didn’t know if there was some intention of sabotage or what, but I wasn’t going to take the chance. The sex was good, but it wasn’t worth my work. If Eric wanted to date someone else, that was fine with me.


16 thoughts on “Chapter 19: Up Against a Wall

  1. Me thinks she doth protest too much! I understand she was really burnt by Ben but to have never given any other man a chance to get close? I hope something changes before she might push Eric away, but if that happens she’ll probably realize what she is missing and I don’t think it’ll only be the sex! I think they both just like being with each other.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Sookie is breaking my heart a bit. I hate that she’s so scared. She’s a badass bitch, but I think it would do her a world of good to let down her walls a little. She’s an amazing woman who deserves a great guy. I want to hug her again. 😦

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Yeah right Sookie, keep telling yourself you don’t care if he dates another….. I feel she intenionally texted him half naked on purpose to see if he’d come home from his date early for her and she don’t want to admit that to herself…She is in so much denial it hurts my stomach. She’s gonna ruin a great thing with a good man if she keeps playing games. That’s twice now that she ignored his text or call. Immature actions.. I’d be done and over with her shit. Does she not realize she is no longer a 19 year old kid who didn’t get to have the fairytale with dick head Ben and how many good years she has left? God I hopes she gets her head outta her ass. She keeps initiating their trists and then hiding the next day or so…. Ggrroowwll!! I hope she don’t push Eric away with her immature kid games all because of fear of getting hurt They are grown adults now… Sorry for my rant LOL… I guess I got a little annoyed by this Sookie. Maybe it’s the menopause making me growl lol…
    Love you guys

    Oh sorry fantastic chapter! When you can pull all that emotion from me you need to know you two are the shit! Yeah, yeah know I’m scratching for more please, or you may break my poor lil heart ( bats eyelashes) as if that’d work SNORT, SNORT… Hey a bitchs gotta take a shot right? LOL….

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  4. Sookie is paranoid about relationships and she needs counseling. Sookie is being wishy- washy with Eric. She texts him during his date because she was jealous and knew she get him to come to her. Let Eric find a woman that gives him what Sookie won’t and Sookie will freak the hell out.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Sookie, Sookie, Sookie! Honey, don’t you know that the best sex of your life starts to happen around your late 30’s and especially into your 40’s? And he went 3 rounds? Hang onto that man! LOL! Ms. Jaded, that is what we shall call Sookie now! So all that shit with Ben happened between the ages of 19-21 & she’s still holding onto it? Get over it! If there was one man who had no agenda with her, it’s Eric! She makes the comment that he just wants her for sex? Uh…that statement goes both ways so what’s with the hypocrisy now? I’m thinking that Sookie might be having some feelings she hasn’t allowed herself to feel in so long that they’re having a hard time getting through the cobwebs in her brain. Also, these games? How long does she think any man will put up with them? Enough, Sookie! Time to behave like the adult you claim you are, and want your son to perceive. Great chapter, ladies!

    Liked by 3 people

    • All I know is….. If I found someone with that monster dick I’d be sitting on it EVERY chance I could mount him, he could scare me any time he wanted to pull it out… I be lost in love plus he’s fine as fuck too! Shit Sookies a lucky bitch go sho! Sorry apparently still menomooding today eeks… Still love it..


  6. Oh dear… Sookie is a bit delusional thinking she doesn’t care if he’s on a date… Case in point above!!! I hope she doesn’t miss out on something good out of fear…
    Also did they have sex without a condom AGAIN? Pulling out is not a great contraception method….


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