Chapter 15



I know Eric is having a bad day, but his attitude toward everyone was uncalled for. I’ve never gotten mad at him before, so I guess this will be a test to see how our fights go. I hate fighting; I especially hate fighting with someone I love so much.


I eventually get my clothes off and change into my pajamas. I’m worried about Eric walking around out there with as tired as he is. I know he didn’t take his truck, which is the only thing keeping me at bay. I want to jump in my car to find him. I worry, but then I remember what he said about having a babysitter. I go into the kitchen and pull down a bottle of wine. I don’t drink a lot, but it’s one of those days.


I pour myself a glass while I go to the fridge to pull out some grapes and cheese to go with my crackers. I didn’t eat at all at the luncheon, so I’m starving now.


I’m tired. I wanted to come home and curl up with my boyfriend, but his attitude killed that plan. As I drink my wine and finally get some food into my stomach I start to calm down. I won’t apologize for telling him I didn’t want him around, because I didn’t, but I understand why he’s so snappy.


I keep my eye on the clock and after two hours pass I finally give in. I pick up my cell phone to call Eric. If he doesn’t have his phone on him I might scream.


If he does have his phone on him, he’s not answering it. I get his voicemail but at least I know he didn’t send me to his voicemail. That doesn’t make me worry less.


I sigh and decide to shoot him a text message.


Me: Come home please. I need to kiss your face.


I set my phone down and finish my glass of wine. When I don’t hear back from him right away I get up to start pacing the kitchen. What if he fell or bumped his head on something again. What if he’s too tired and passed out. I know it’s irrational, but that’s where my brain goes.


By the time I finish the bottle of wine and start to clean up my snack mess another hour has passed and I still haven’t heard from him. Now I’m half drunk and I can’t go out to look for him. Way to go, Sook.


I sigh and go to sit on the couch. I want to call Jessica, but this is not the day to call her to whine about my boyfriend walking around on his own. At least I still have him here with me. Instead I lie down to wait for him. The sun is down and I know it’s cold out there, sprinkling too. My other option is to call Audrey, but she’d just tell me to let him freeze if that’s what he chooses to do. She loves her son, but she also knows he’s an adult, capable of taking care of himself. I know that too.


I’m just starting to doze off when I hear the front door open. I don’t know how long he’s been gone at the point, but it’s well over three hours.


My eyes open and I’m sure he can tell I’ve been crying as he stares at me.


Eric closes the door and heads back toward the bedroom without a word.




I get up to follow him.


“Am I getting the silent treatment now?” I ask quietly, leaning on the door jamb.


“You set the table. I’m just sitting at it,” he answers as he takes off his uniform. I notice what looks like sawdust on his shoes.


“Where’d you go?”


“My house.”


“I’m not mad anymore, but I’m not sorry either.” I don’t think he realizes what a dick he was being. “I just want to hug you, but I’m not sure if you’ll accept it.”


“I’m glad you’re not mad anymore,” he replies as he pulls his shirt off. He takes off his undershirt after that and then starts to unzip his pants.


“Should I leave you alone?”


“I don’t really know what I should say to you. I don’t think I said anything wrong before,” he tells me.


“How about you tell me what you’re thinking,” I suggest.


“Right now I’m thinking I want a shower.” Off go the pants.


“Would you like company?” We haven’t even looked at each other naked since we first came home from the hospital and he almost fell.


“No,” he answers and turns for the bathroom.


I sigh and head back to the living room. If he doesn’t want me around I’m not going to push it. That doesn’t mean it feels good. It’s been a shitty, shitty day and it doesn’t seem like it’s getting better anytime soon. Hell, at this point maybe he should’ve gone to stay with Audrey since he clearly doesn’t want to be around me.


The shower turns off about twenty minutes later, so I wait on the couch to see if he comes out. He doesn’t. Eventually it starts to get to me so I get up and go into the bedroom. Eric is lying down staring at the ceiling.


“Can we stop this now?” I ask as I walk in and climb onto the bed next to him.


“I don’t know,” he replies. “I didn’t need you trying to make a point today, of all days. I have enough on my mind right now. Maybe it shouldn’t entitle me to a free pass on saying a few things that maybe I shouldn’t, but I think it does. And the fact that you chose to sit in the car when… never mind.”


“Not never mind. We can’t get through anything if you don’t tell me what’s going on, Eric.”


“Today’s the day I needed your support and you chose to sit in a car, pouting over a stupid comment instead. I left to give you your space and I’m the asshole for it,” he explains.


“You’re not an asshole for anything,” I tell him. “To me it wasn’t a stupid comment. It hurt and it was embarrassing. If you don’t want me helping you tell me so, don’t snap at me like I’m a bug in your way.”


“That’s not what I said,” he sighs.


“Point is, I wasn’t in there because I was hurting too. I have a feeling if I would’ve gone in it only would’ve gotten worse,” I sigh too, flopping back on the bed. We can’t go back to earlier and change it now…


Eric sits up and leans over to grab his pants off the floor. He digs into the pocket and pulls something out. When he scoots back he gives me what’s in his hand.


“I was going to give you this earlier,” he tells me.


“Earlier…” He places a small box in my hand. “Eric, what is this?”


“Open it.”


I open it, gasping as soon as I see the beautiful Opal ring.


“Eric,” I breathe. I don’t know if this is just because or if… no, he can’t be…


“All of this happening… I don’t believe it’s an accident. It’s a reminder that life is short– too short to wait for a perfect moment or because someone else thinks we’re moving too fast. I love you. I love us. I love that we make other people nauseated and I love that we make dinner together and take turns hogging the remote. I love that you get mad and make that angry kitten face when I tell you that you snore because you don’t think you do. I love that you’re meticulous about which way the toilet paper faces and that you get annoyed if I turn it the other way,” he says with a little smile. “And if there’s anyone I’m going to go toe to toe with for the rest of my life, I want it to be you, Sookie. Will you marry me?”


“Yes,” I answer without hesitation. I would’ve said yes after our first date. It sounds crazy but it’s the truth. I set the ring down and hop up to sit on his lap. I start to pepper kisses all over his handsome face. “Yesyesyesyesyes,” I chant so he knows I mean it.


He hugs me tightly and kisses me back when my lips press against his.


“You sure?” he chuckles.


“There’s no one else I’d rather spend my life with, Eric Northman. And I promise to stand by your side no matter what. Even if I’m upset or angry with you. When you look down I’ll be there,” I promise with tears in my eyes.


“Good.” He strokes my hair back from my face and gives me a lingering peck. Eric picks up the box and takes the ring from it so he can put it on my finger. “It was my grandmother’s ring on my mom’s side. Mom gave it to me after she met you.”


That only makes me cry harder. That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. I love his mom. I hold out a shaky hand for him to slip it on. It fits perfectly.


“It’s beautiful,” I sniffle.


He kisses my finger. “It looks good there, babe.”


“I’m sorry we fought today. It was a terrible day,” I say, reaching up to stroke his short hair back. “I love you so much, Eric.”


“I love you too,” he replies. “And I’m happy you’ll be babysitting me for the rest of my life. I’ll try not to wear brown and black together.”


“I’ll sic Pam on you if you do,” I chuckle. “You’re the only one I ever want to babysit ever again.”


“Good,” he smiles.


“I missed your handsome face today,” I whisper. I lean in to give him a soft peck on the side of his neck.


“I’m here now.” His hands settle on my hips.


“Yes you are… how are you feeling?” I reach between us to rub his cock through his shorts. If ever there was a time to make love, this is it.




“Me too. Do you think you’re well enough to celebrate?” I ask, kissing the other side of his neck.


“What’d you have in mind?” The way he’s kneading my hips I’m sure he knows.


“Going for a little ride,” I whisper, reaching into his shorts. This way I do all the work.


“Mmm… that sounds like fun.”


“Good.” I pull him out of his shorts, stroking his thick shaft, making him harder and harder. “I’ve missed this.”


“Me too,” he groans.


I smile, shifting back on the bed. My left hand wraps around his length so I’m able to get a good look at the ring. It’s perfect. It fits me just as well as Eric. Like a glove. I look up at him, opening my mouth to take his head between my lips. I start by flicking my tongue through his little slit, gathering the tiny bit of pre-cum. I moan as I start to suckle his head the way he likes.


“Mmm… that’s good, babe,” he praises, twining his fingers in my hair to guide my head up and down when I start to bob slowly.


I wrap my hand around his length, stroking him in time with my mouth. I slide my tongue around his slick shaft as I bob. I don’t want to take him any deeper. It’s been long enough that he’s liable to explode if I swallow his cock.


I moan as I suck, reaching down with my free hand to push my pajama pants down. I have to stand up to take them off. Eric pushes his shorts all the way off while I strip.


“Lie back,” I direct him as I climb onto the bed again.


He does as he’s told, resting his head on his pillow, stroking himself while he waits for me to get in position. I straddle his hips, sitting up so he can line himself up with my opening. Our eyes are locked as I start to slide down his length until he’s buried inside of me completely.


“I missed this a lot more than I thought,” I tell him, swiveling my hips.


“Me too,” he agrees. His hands cup my tits as I move up and down; his thumbs rub over my nipples in a teasing way.


“Mmm, that feels good, babe,” I breathe. I lean back some, resting my hand on his thigh. Eric is getting a perfect view of his cock sliding in and out of me from this angle. His head is also rubbing over that magic spot inside of me, making me moan loud for him.


His hands move down my sides to my hips to hold me steady and he begins to thrust up quickly, taking me right to the edge before slowing down again. Eric groans when my walls pulse and his thumb starts to rub circles around my clit.


“You look so fuckin’ beautiful right now, baby,” he tells me.


“You feel so fuckin’ good,” I reply. I want to drop my head back but I know how much he loves the eye contact. I can feel my orgasm approaching. My stomach muscles twitch and I can feel my ovaries tingling. “Please, may I cum for you, Eric?” I plead.


“You don’t need to ask,” he replies, his hips starting to thrust faster again to help me along. He’s slapping against my inner thighs and his thumb on my clit goes faster, too.


“Oh… fuuuuck!” I cry out when my orgasm hits like a tidal wave. My hips jerk, rendering me incapable of moving anymore. I collapse forward onto his chest, panting heavily while he continues to drive into me.


Those big hands of his cup my face and lifts my head so he can kiss me, stealing what little breath I have. Eric rolls us over and slows his thrusts a bit. The kiss keeps going, our tongues rubbing up against one anothers and he starts to swivel on every thrust into me.


This is it, forever. I’m with the only person I ever want to be with again. Eric is my forever and I’ve known that since the first time he called me Sookie instead of Susannah. The best part is, he wants to spend the rest of his days with me too.


16 thoughts on “Chapter 15

  1. I love these stories. You know I love the fluff and the teeny bits of angst to amp up the drama. This was sweet and just exactly what I needed. You guys are really so amazing at these collaborations. Thanks for sharing your joint smutty genius. ❤

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