Chapter 4


I can’t even believe I’m doing this. I am fucking Sookie Stackhouse… literally.


“Come on,” I purr. I don’t know where this confidence came from, but I’m going with it.


I pull her head off of my cock. I bring it all the way up to my face and I lick her lips. I use my other hand to grab her thigh and pull it over my legs so she’s straddling me. I want her to give me head, but I want to finish this first. I wasn’t kidding when I said I can fuck for hours. I can make it last all night if I want.


“Fuck me,” I whisper against her lips as I feel her lower lips glide along my tip.


“I’m getting there,” she says but keeps rocking her hips slowly.


I reach between us and move my cock into position. I hold onto her hip with my other hand and I thrust up as I pull her down, impaling her on my shaft.


“Better,” I grunt and crash my lips to hers again.


“Impatient,” she replies and presses her hands to my chest. “Huh. You have great tits too,” she winks.


I chuckle. My eyes travel down to her tits. I reach in to pull her tits out of the corset and I press them together. My head dips down but I keep my eyes on hers as I drag my flattened tongue over her nipple. I move to the other one and do the same thing.


“Mmm, just as good as you described,” I moan. I start sucking on her breats, leaving little marks as I move along her milky skin.


Her hips move in slow circles, grinding herself against me. “I wouldn’t lie to you, Sir,” she says. My cock pulses inside of her every time she calls me that.




I let one hand fall to her ass and I run my finger through her cheeks, rubbing her back hole. There’s so much I want to do to her, but I know I have time. I let go of her tit and tilt my head to kiss her softly. When I pull back I shift so I can lie back so she can move however she wants to. I keep my fingers rubbing over her asshole and rest my other hand on her lower belly. I hold her panties out of the way and I begin to run quick tight circles over her clit.


“That feels good, Eric,” she says in a breathy voice. Sookie’s head falls back and she reaches behind her body to massage my balls.


“I want you to cum again. You’re perfect when you cum,” I tell her. I know later I’ll have to remember to make that a command, but for the moment I just want this to be us. Fucking like I normally would.


“I will,” she moans and starts to rise and fall quickly.


My thumb moves faster and she falls over the edge when my middle finger pops into her ass. She goes rigid and her nipples stand at attention. I want to bite them, but that can wait.


“Oh my fuck,” Sookie moans and her hips move faster.


Oh my fuck is right. This orgasm threatens to push me over but I hold out. I grab her shoulder and pull her chest down so she’s flush with me. My hips start to thrust up faster and I can feel her aftershocks ripping through her body.


“You’re so fucking gorgeous when you cum. Do it again.”


“Oh… oh… oh fuck…” Sookie groans and for a minute I think she might cry. Instead she screams and cums again.


I smile and roll so I’m on top of her. I sit up and pull out so I can slide her panties down her legs. I toss them across the room, hook her legs over my arms and thrust back in. I lie on top of her, basically bending her in half and my hips start to piston. I know she likes it hard, fast and I’m sure this is the deepest fucking she’s ever gotten.


“Can you do it again?” I ask. Every few thrusts I grind my hips, rubbing her clit with my pubic bone. Her walls are already pulsing around my shaft. Her body is limp and I’m sure at this point I can turn her into one big orgasm.


Sookie nods and her eyes roll back while her fingertips dig into my arms. “Right there, Eric,” she breathes.


I don’t change my angle. I can feel her flutter each time my head rubs over her g-spot. This one is building quickly and I know she’s going to cum hard.


“Tell me when it’s too much,” I whisper. I can cum whenever I want at this point.


Her walls grip my shaft hard and her mouth opens to release a silent scream. Her nails rake my arms and her pussy is clenching so hard she’s almost pushing me out of her.


“That’s it, baby,” I groan. God, I could do this all night. I’m just waiting for her to say the word. “Do you want to get on your knees again?” I doubt she can hold herself up right now.


“Can’t… move…” Sookie says in a shaky voice. Her eyes have yet to focus again.


I rest all of my weight on her. I release her legs, grip the edge of the mattress and pull myself up so I’m getting even deeper.


“Say the word,” I purr directly into her ear, “I’ll cum so deep inside of you…”


Sookie whimpers and her head rolls to the side to give me better access to her neck. After a few seconds she moans, “Please…”


“Please what, lover?” I ask, my lips brushing over a spot I found just under her ear that makes her body shiver.


“Cum,” she whines and her walls pulse around my shaft.


“Mmm, yes…” I moan. My hips thrust hard four more times before my stomach coils and I slam in, cumming deep inside of her pussy. “Fuck…” I growl. I stay buried inside of her and grind my hips so she gets every last drop.


“Ohmygod,” she groans and her walls clench.


“Goddamn, that was… and it’s only going to get better.”


“Mmm…” Sookie moans and her eyes close.


I gently pull out so I’m not as tempted to start going again. I stay on top of her and turn her face to mine so I can kiss her softly, sliding my tongue between her lips. The kiss is lazy and only lasts for a moment before I roll off of her. I pull her into my chest and she nuzzles my neck. I don’t know what to say, or if there is anything to say at all so I stay quiet, rubbing her back.


“I had no idea you could do that,” Sookie whispers after a few minutes of quiet.


“Do what?” I question and kiss her forehead.


“Make me cum that hard.” I feel her smile against my neck and then soft kisses moving up it slowly until she reaches my ear and tugs on my lobe with her teeth.


“So… you like that?” I smile. I groan when she nibbles a little harder and my hand slides down to grab her ass so I can pull her tight against my groin.


“Very much,” she breathes and keeps sucking lightly on my neck.


“If you keep that up I’m going to push your head down so you can suck my cock,” I tell her. I’m still mostly dressed and Sookie is still in her corset. Mostly.


“I like it right where I am,” Sookie says. She rocks her hips against me.


I reach down to unsnap her corset and I pull it off. She rocks back so I can pull it out from under her. She stays on her back while I pull my shirt and undershirt off. I wiggle out of my pants and then pull Sookie close again.


“Much better,” I grin. Her body is soft against mine and I rub up and down her back, giving her ass a little squeeze each time I run my hand over it.


“Bet you didn’t think this would happen when you left my office this morning.”


“Nope. I know you were teasing me on purpose,” I wink. “I wanted to grab you and bend you over your desk.”


“I wasn’t teasing you,” Sookie lifts her head, “I really like talking to you.”


“And talking to me usually includes licking frosting off a cup cake. I’m pretty sure you eyed my cock once while you did it.” I have no clue what she was looking at since my eyes were on her lips the whole time.


“I just happened to have a cupcake there. I didn’t think you would care. Plus you were staring at my mouth the whole time so how would you know where I was looking?” Sookie smirks.


“I could feel your eyes on me.” I roll her onto her back and dip to kiss her hard on the lips. “You have a beautiful mouth,” I whisper.


“Thank you. You’re cute when you drool,” she teases.


“Just wait. If I sleep over your pillow is in trouble,” I laugh.


“Note to self: Scotchgard the pillows…”


“Does that mean you want me to stay the night?” We have two more days to lay in bed if we want to before we have to go back to work.


“You don’t have to if you would rather go home.”


“Depends on how many more times you want to cum,” I say. I flex my hips so she can feel I’m already getting hard again.


“Mmm… I don’t know. I lost count already,” she says.


“Is that a bad thing?”


“Not even close.”


I roll off of her again and lie on my back. I grab my cock and give him a few slow strokes.


“Sookie, get down there and suck my dick,” I command. I’m still kind of soft so she’ll be able to take all of me easily.


She moves slowly down my chest and keeps her eyes locked on mine as her lips graze my shaft. Sookie licks me from base to tip and kisses up and down my shaft. Her lips finally wrap around my head and she sucks hard as her hand grips my base to hold my length up. Her tongue swirls a few times and then her head starts to bob up and down.


“That’s really good, baby, take me deeper,” I groan. My hands move to her hair so I can help her head move.


Sookie moans and when I nudge her throat, she swallows my tip. My cock slides down her throat and Sookie holds still when I thrust my hips up. I smile and hold the back of her head with one hand while I start pumping my hips a little faster.


“I bet you love this, dirty girl,” I moan as I fuck her throat. “I bet your pussy is gushing.”


She moans around my shaft and her hands grab onto my wrists. Tears fill her eyes but she doesn’t try to pull away from me.


I’ve never been able to do this. My cock is too big for most girls. I take advantage of it and my grip tightens on her hair. I push her head down as I thrust up. Her lips are puffy and red from kissing and now from fucking me with them.


“Make me cum for you,” I growl.


Sookie moans again and she finally pulls her head back and she starts to bob again. Her hand wraps around my shaft and Sookie pulls off me to catch her breath. Her chest heaves as her head lowers so she can lick and tease each of my balls. Her lips wrap around one and her thumb smoothes over the tip of my dick. Her mouth moves to the other side and she repeats the process.


“Yes…” I hiss. This is going to make me cum quickly. “More,” I growl.


She lifts her head and her lips wrap around my tip, focusing on it while her hand works my shaft. She sucks and swirls her tongue around and around with her free hand going to my balls to tug gently on them.


“That’s it… I’m cumming,” I gasp. My hands go to her hair again and I hold her head in place as I thrust up and my cum starts shooting deep into her mouth. “Fuuuuuck!” I shout and my head drops back.


Sookie moans and licks up every drop that leaks out of her mouth. She kisses my tip and smiles at me.


“Was that okay?” she asks.


“Perfect,” I pant. “Fucking brilliant.”


“I’m happy you enjoyed yourself, Sir,” she says and then climbs off me to lie on her back.


I curl into her side and rest my hand on her stomach. “You did a very good job, Sookie. Thank you,” I praise and kiss her jaw.




The next morning I wake up with Eric wrapped around me and sawing serious lumber. I wiggle out of his arms and make my way to the bathroom. I’m a hot mess. There are little love bites on my neck and tits and my makeup is dried on my face in places it doesn’t belong. My hair is all over the place and no amount of brushing is going to make it better.


After I pee I brush my teeth and wash my face. I don’t bother with my hair, though. The only thing taming it will be a shower. When I leave the bathroom I pull on one of my sleep shirts and go out to the kitchen to start coffee. I know Eric isn’t usually a late sleeper. I’m still shocked that he’s Goldie. Nothing he said to me in our chats made me even suspect they might be the same person.


When the coffee is ready I pour myself a cup and go to the living room with it. I stretch out on the couch and sip my coffee, thinking about how things with Eric might work. It dawns on me that maybe he doesn’t want a girlfriend. He’s always talked about girls in terms of one night stands or being failed blind dates his mom set him up on. Before I can get too far ahead of myself I hear the bedroom door open. Heavy, shuffley footsteps make their way down the hall and Eric staggers into the living room with his eyes mostly closed.


“Morning, Pony Boy,” I smile at him over my coffee cup.


He just grunts and walks over to sit on the edge of the couch near my knees. He ducks under my coffee so he can nuzzle his head into my boobs as his arms wrap around me.


“What happened to the peppy, morning guy?” I ask. I’m not surprised when he steals my coffee from me.


“I’m not peppy until after my first cup of coffee,” he mumbles.


“Gotcha.” I run my fingers through his hair and let him drink my coffee.


“And I’m a snuggler.”


“I figured that out when you fell asleep on my tits,” I chuckle.


“Don’t judge me, they’re soft.”


“I wasn’t judging.”


He stays quiet and takes another drink.


“If you keep doing that you’re going to put me to sleep,” he says quietly and I see his eyes close.


“You could have stayed in bed. I didn’t want to wake you,” I tell him.


“Nah, I’m up,” he tells me. “I just need a shower. I feel gross with the dried sweat all over me.”


“Mi baño es su baño,” I snicker.


“Thanks. Do you want to join me?”


“I might. You go first. I need a cup of coffee since mine was hijacked.”


“I’m not even sorry.” He gives me a sleepy smile and kisses me softly on the lips before he downs the rest of my coffee and stands up. “Just a preview,” he says and drops his pants next to the couch before walking away.


“I thought last night was the preview?” I shake my head and stand up to go refill my cup.


I need a shower too but I decide to wait. Instead I start my oven and line a cookie sheet with parchment paper so I can cook bacon on it. The bacon is in the oven and I’m on my second cup of coffee when Eric comes into the kitchen.


“Feel better?” I ask as I lean against the counter. My kitchen is barely big enough for three people to stand in at once.


“Much better,” he tells me. “So, I guess we should talk about this… whatever it is.”


“Yeah, we probably should,” I agree and add more coffee to my cup. I open the cabinet next to my head to reveal the other mugs to Eric.


“Thanks.” He grabs a mug and fills it with coffee. “I guess we should start with the relationship aspect. Do you want this to just be a sex thing or would you like to date?”


“I wouldn’t be opposed to dating you but if you just want to keep it casual for now I’m okay with that,” I answer.


“Sookie, I like you. I would be a fool to not want to date you.”


“I know they’re the same, but it feels like I’ve been two different people to you. I had no idea the guy I’ve been having hot cybersex with is the adorkable guy from work. You were the one I had the dirty dream about, by the way,” I inform him.


“I figured that out,” he winks. “I like both versions of you. I’ve always been attracted to you, that’s why I barely talked to you. I just figured you only talked to me because you felt bad for me.”


“Why would I feel bad for you?” I ask curiously.


“I’m an awkward giant and most girls just look at me before running away from me. They always look nervous before they do their best to get out of whatever room I’m in.”


I step closer to Eric and say, “Sweetie, they look nervous because they want to fuck you. They run from the room to change their panties. Trust me.”


He looks horrified. “No way, Sookie. You’re insane,” he argues.


“Eric, trust me. I hear girls at work talk about you all the time.”


“Oh hell,” he blushes. “Now I’m just going to be more awkward.”


“And they’ll just think you’re cuter,” I shrug. “Except Russell wants you to be gay.”


“Ah… that’s not happening… ever,” he snorts.


“I could be your beard,” I giggle.




“Seriously, if anyone asks you’re straight as an arrow.”


“I’m pretty sure I proved to you how straight I am when I fucked you until you couldn’t talk,” he smirks.




“If we date would you like me to be dominant all the time, or just when it comes to sex?”


“I’ve done it both ways. I’m guessing you won’t be comfortable with the all the time scenario,” I reply.


“Probably not,” he says honestly. “You know I’m way too nice for that.”


“You don’t have to be mean in order to be dominant,” I tell him. “My ex wasn’t mean. In fact, he’s a pretty awesome pediatrician.”


“Maybe that was the wrong choice of words. I’m too… It’s just not something I can do all the time.”


I nod and say, “I’m not going to count you out, but previous experience tells me that could be a problem somewhere down the line so we’ll see what happens.”


I don’t want to assume this can’t work but I also don’t want to pretend like this isn’t important to me. I’ve been honest with Eric about everything up to this point and I’m not going to stop that now.


“I guess we will,” he agrees. “Thank you for giving it a chance with me.”


“You’re welcome.”


The timer goes off so I have to squeeze by him to open the oven. I hear him growl behind me as I take the bacon out and set it on the cook top.


“I don’t know what’s sexier, your ass or the bacon,” he tells me as he presses his body against my back and wraps his arms around me.


“If you don’t know the answer to that I must not be doing something right.”


He brushes my hair to the side and dips down to kiss my neck just under my ear.


“You’re doing something very right,” he whispers.


“You sure about that?” I turn my head to look back at him.


“Positive,” he smiles and thrusts his hips against my ass.


“Good to know. How do you like your eggs?”


“Over medium.”


“How many?” I ask.


“Three. Do you need help with anything?”


“No, I’m good. Thank you though.”


“Okay. Uh… Do you mind if I run home real quick to grab some clothes. I can be back in less than ten minutes,” he says.


“Sure. You live that close?”


“Uh huh,” he nods. “I’m on the other side of the apartment complex.”


“Shut up,” I say in disbelief. This whole time he’s been just a few feet away?


“No?” he chuckles.


“You seriously live in this complex?” I’ve been here for four years now and I’ve never seen him once. Not here or anywhere in the neighborhood.


“Yes, I moved here when I broke up with my last girlfriend. Right after my dad died.”


“Oh.” I frown at the mention of his dad. I remember how quiet he was after his dad passed away.


“Don’t,” he whispers and brushes his thumb along my eyebrow.


“It’s just sad,” I say quietly. I don’t even know what all his dad went through before he passed, but cancer isn’t exactly known for being kind.


“It is, but I’ve made my peace with it,” he says.


I nod and then open the fridge to get the eggs.


“If you want to run home, go ahead. I’ll just get the skillet warmed up while you’re gone,” I tell him.


“I’ll be right back.” He kisses the tip of my nose and then disappears into my room to put his clothes back on. He’s been walking around in a towel since his shower.


I get a skillet out and set it on the cook top to start warming and get the bacon off the cookie sheet to drain. Eric lets me know when he’s leaving but I stay in the kitchen to keep working on breakfast. Once I have three eggs cracked and cooking, I grab my phone off the coffee table to text Thalia to tell her about Eric. She used to work for the same company Eric and I work for so she knows him.


Me: You are never going to believe who I did last night.


T: Sure I will. Slut.


Me: shut it, hooker.


T: Who’d you let put his thingy in you last night? Lol.


Me: Someone you know.


T: I know a lot of someones.


Me: McCreamy


T: Shut your slutty mouth!


Me: I’m completely serious. And o…m…g…


Eric got the nickname ‘McCreamy’ when he showed up at work on Halloween dressed as a doctor and we both had a moment. Thalia called him McCreamy because of the state of her panties and the name stuck.


T: I don’t think I’ve ever been jealous of you. I want details and photographic evidence.


Me: ha! I’ll call you later with details. He just went home to get fresh clothes.


Me: But I can forward you an email from a few days ago.


I can send her the picture Eric sent me when he had the semi in his basketball shorts. I know Thalia won’t share it with anyone.


T: I’ll take whatever I can get! My God I wanted to bone that man!


Me: Down girl.


I forward her the email and flip Eric’s eggs.


T: That’s not even completely hard. Do you need some pain meds?


Me: Crutches might be nice lol


T: Go all White Chicks and get a wheelchair. Hahahaha.


Me: Oh good Lord lmao. No, I don’t need a wheelchair. Maybe an icepack. You’ll see me tomorrow.


Stupid baby shower.


T: Any other pictures you want to send, feel free 🙂


Me: I don’t think he’d like that very much. You know how shy he is.


T: Damn you and your morals.


Me: Yeah, yeah.


T: I’ll see you tomorrow. Have you changed your email password recently? 😉




Me: You go in there and I will not be held accountable for the things that require brain bleach.


T: I’ll just look for stuff from him that has attachments.


Me: yeah, let me know how that works out for you lol


T: Fine. 😦


With Thalia who knows what she’ll do. She’s not exactly on a first name basis with tact, particularly when it comes to men she wants to bone. I set my phone aside when I hear the door open. Perfect timing since Eric’s eggs are ready. I slide them onto a plate and grab him a fork from the drawer.


“Thanks,” he smiles. “Eat at the table?”


“Yeah, unless you want to stand there and watch me make my eggs. Thalia says hi, by the way.” I’m cleaning it up for him.


“Oh, uh… who?”


“A couple of years ago you came to work dressed as a doctor for Halloween. I was Jessica Rabbit and Thalia was the Judge,” I remind him.


“Ah, hi back,” he smiles, “Why does she know I’m here?”


“Because I told her. She’s one of the girls that wants to fuck you, by the way.” I crack two eggs into the skillet.


“She should’ve told me. I would’ve been so flattered I probably would have,” he tells me.


“She thought you would cry,” I laugh.


“If it’s the girl I’m thinking of, I might have. She’s pretty, but terrifying.”


“Thalia has a lot of personality in that little body,” I agree. I grab my phone again and show him a picture from Labor Day at an outdoor concert. Both of us are in bikini tops and straw cowboy hats. I’m taller than Thal by about five inches, but she’s as curvy as I am.


“Yeah…” Eric stares at the picture and I notice him licking his lips.


“You okay there, Sparky?” I snicker and set my phone aside again.


“Mmhmm, you two are just very pretty girls. I’ve always thought so.”


“Thanks. Thal will be thrilled to hear you said that,” I smile and flip my eggs. I grab a loaf of bread and pop a few pieces into the toaster.


Eric takes a bite of his eggs.


“These are perfect,” he tells me.


“Good. Want toast?” I ask.


“Yes please.”


I nod and hand off the fresh toast when it pops up. I make more for myself and get the grape jelly from the fridge. A few minutes later Eric and I sit down at the table even though he’s more than halfway done with his breakfast already.




I close my eyes and step under the spray in the shower to rinse shampoo from my hair. I feel better now that I’m clean. I reach for the conditioner and start humming a Carrie Underwood song under my breath while I work the cream through my hair.


I rinse my hair again and then turn off the water. Unfortunately I forgot that Eric used my towel so when I step out of the shower I have to walk my naked ass out to the hallway linen closet to get a new one. Eric’s got the TV on but I hear his throat clear when I walk by him.


“Go to your room, Sookie,” he tells me. He’s using the same voice he uses during sex.


“I’m getting a towel,” I say as I open the closet door and reach for one.


“Sookie,” he growls.


“What?” I ask innocently despite the quivering my ovaries are doing.


“Go to your room. Now. I’m not going to tell you again,” he says calmly.


“I can’t get a towel?” I close the door. “You took the other one.”


He arches an eyebrow at me and flicks his eyes to my bedroom door, silently telling me to do as he says. I shrug and go to the bedroom. I close the door behind me and wrap the towel around my hair.


The door opens a few seconds later and Eric is leaning in the door jamb.


“This isn’t going to work if you don’t listen when I tell you to do something,” he tells me. His eyes are traveling up and down my body.


“Just because you order me doesn’t mean I can’t sass you.”


I drop the towel on the floor.


“Fair enough.”


I turn and saunter into the bathroom to comb my hair. I’m combing through my ends when Eric walks in. He stands behind me and his hands ghost up my sides from my hips to my breasts. He keeps his eyes on mine in the mirror as his hands slide around to hold onto my tits. He pushes his erection against my ass and starts to sway his hips from side to side.


“Do you feel what your naked body and your sassy mouth do to me?” he asks in a hoarse whisper.


“Mmhmm,” I answer and keep combing my hair.


“Sookie, put your comb down.”


“I’m almost done.”


He catches my wrist and snatches the comb away from me, dropping it in the sink.


“Eric,” I whine.


A wicked grin spreads across his face and faster than I can track one hand goes to my hip and the other wraps around my throat. He pulls my ass against his crotch and squeezes lightly on my throat.


“Can I finish combing my hair now?” I ask even though I already know the answer to the question.


He shakes his head no. His hand is so big it practically wraps completely around my neck. He pulls me forward as he moves my hips, bending me over the sink.


His hand slides over my hip and down my ass and he asks, “When I tell you to do something, what is the answer I should receive?” in a deep, raspy voice.


I smile at his reflection and in a sweet voice I say, “Yes, Sir.”


“Very good, Sookie. Now what happens when you sass me?” he questions and his hand moves to the other cheek. He pulls a little harder on my throat making my back arch.


“I don’t know,” I reply. I don’t know what his rules are or how he plans to deal with disobedience.


“This time you’re going to get a spanking,” he says and I feel a light tap on my ass.


“That’s it?” I giggle.


He lets go of my throat, presses me down with a firm hand between my shoulder blades and says, “Hold on.”


Before I can do or say anything his hand comes down on my ass so hard my body rocks forward.


“No more Mr. Nice Guy,” I gasp. My backside is already stinging.


He cocks an eyebrow at me though the mirror and gives me a second spanking in the same spot.


“You’re going to get a swat for each sassy response, Sookie. If you continue you’ll only add to the count. Right now you’re at seven,” he tells me and gives me another slap.


I whimper and say, “Yes, Sir.”


He keeps his eyes on mine when I get spanking number four and five. He stops and his finger slides through my folds.


“It seems you like it when I spank your naughty ass, Miss Stackhouse.”


“Mmhmm,” I hum and spread my legs a little wider.


He pushes two fingers into me and starts to pump. He keeps fucking me until my walls begin to pulse. He pulls out and slaps my ass.


“One more,” he whispers.


“Yes, Sir,” I moan.


Eric rubs his hand over my hot, stinging ass. He stops and drags his finger through my slit from my clit all the way up to my ass, dipping his finger into my core on the way. He pulls his hand back and when he brings it down on my ass my body rocks so hard my hips hit the counter.


“Ahhh!” I cry out and take a deep breath while blinking back a few tears.


“All done, baby,” he tells me as his hands begin to massage my lower back.


“Thank you, Sir,” I whisper.


“You’re welcome, Sookie.” Eric stops rubbing my back and helps me stand up straight. He turns me around to face him. He wipes away the few tears that fell and asks, “Did you learn your lesson?”


I nod and whisper, “Yes, Sir.”


He’s better at this than he thinks.


Eric cups my face and presses his lips to mine in a soft kiss.


“Would you like it if I fucked you now?” he whispers with his eyes on mine. He’s very intense right now.


“Yes, Sir,” I whisper back.



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