Chapter 18



Josie looked stunning in her Belle costume. Sookie broke up with Alcide, which was for the best, and came over to help do her hair and makeup. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the makeup part. She went light on it though so she didn’t look like a harlot.


“Are you coming trick or treating with us?” I asked Sookie since she was still at the house. The sun was still up so we weren’t going just yet.


“Sookie you have to come,” Jo insisted.


“Are you sure you don’t want your dad all to yourself?” Sookie countered.


“I’m sure.”


“Okay. Then I suppose I can tag along,” Sookie relented.


“Good. I might need someone to hold me back if one of those little snot nosed shits checks out my baby,” I said seriously. I really didn’t like the makeup. It made her look too old.


Sookie rolled her eyes.


“Daddy, you cussed.”


“Yep, and I better not hear you repeat it until you’re sixteen,” I said.


“Sookie, I think I need more pink powder,” Jo said.


“No, less is more with makeup. You want to look like a princess not a clown, right?” Sookie pinned up more of my baby’s hair. She had thick, curly hair that was gorgeous.


“You don’t see Sookie with a lot of makeup on, do you?” Josie looked up to Sookie. I wasn’t mad at that. Despite our first impressions, Sookie was one of the nicest, most genuine people I knew.


“No, but Sookie’s not a princess and it’s Halloween,” Jo reasoned.


“Sookie wants to be a princess though. Also, you’re right, it’s Halloween and she’s still only wearing a little. You look perfect as is, Jo,” I promised. I wasn’t so sure she believed me.


“You’re a boy,” she said dismissively.


“Which means I know a pretty girl when I see one. Less pink powder is better.”


“Sorry kid, daddy’s the boss,” Sookie said.




“Sookie, where’s your Pocahontas costume?” I asked. I was interested in seeing that.


“At home.”


“You should have brought it,” I smirked. She was still the hottest girl I knew. My crush was still alive and well. I’d gone on a few dates but they all ended in disaster. Except the one with Halleigh. I slept with her but we weren’t compatible so we left it at one date.


“I wasn’t planning on dressing up tonight,” Sookie said. “I had plans with some cookie dough and a Rob Zombie movie marathon.”


“Hmm, I have cookie dough ice cream and a bigger TV if you want to hang out with me and the kid after trick or treating,” I offered.


“I don’t think the movies I have planned are kid friendly,” she chuckled.


“Are you kidding me? She loves scary movies. Jennifer got her hooked.”


“So you have no issue with your eight-year-old watching The Devil’s Rejects?” Sookie asked incredulously.


“What’s that about?” Jo asked.


“Something we’re going to watch after you pass out,” I chuckled. I was fine with her watching Halloween, she knew when to close her eyes, The Devil’s Rejects not so much.


“Awww man. No fair,” Jo pouted.


“You’re going to get so much candy you won’t even notice,” I said.


“Daddy you need your costume on,” Jo reminded me and Sookie tried not to laugh.


“Only if Sookie goes home to get her costume,” I replied.


“Pleeeeeease, Sookie?” Jo pleaded.


“Oh, okay. Only because you asked so nice,” she replied.


“Bring some jammies back for movie time,” I told her.


“Bossy,” she winked at me. Sookie put the last pin in my baby’s hair. “Okay, kiddo, you’re all set.”


“Jo, go stand by the wall so I can get pictures,” I said. I had to send them to Felicia.


Josie walked over to the wall to pose for the pictures while Sookie slipped out to go home and change into her costume. After the pictures I shot them off to Felicia as I ran up to my room to get my costume on too. It wasn’t too bad. I was Mr. Cogsworth because Jo said I was still too grumpy. I looked ridiculous because I was so tall. The shit you did for your kids.


By the time I got back downstairs Josie was in the kitchen drinking a glass of milk and Sookie was walking back in the front door. She looked smoking hot in a form fitting dress.


“Prettiest Pocahontas I’ve ever seen,” I complimented her as she walked toward us with an overnight bag in her hand.


“Most Caucasian too,” she chuckled.


“True,” I laughed. “You want to put your bag in the spare room?” She probably wasn’t staying the night, but she needed somewhere to put her things.


“Sure.” Sookie headed for the steps and jogged up them.


“You ready to get out there and take all the candy?” I asked Josie while we waited for Sookie to come back.


“Yep!” Josie had her own treat sack ready to go.


I took Josie’s hand to go wait for Sookie by the door. She came down a few seconds later. It was nice having someone to share things like Halloween with my daughter with. Even if Sookie wasn’t my girlfriend she was a good friend.




“She’s out,” I said quietly when I joined Sookie on the couch. Josie was ready to crash when she was sorting through her candy. She cleaned up.


“I don’t blame her. I’m almost ready to conk out,” she replied. “I took Sir Dimples out for his evening poop.”


“Thank you,” I chuckled. I kicked my feet up on the table and rested my arm over the back of the couch. “You’re welcome to use me as a pillow if you feel like you’re going to fall asleep. I can carry you to bed.”


“I may take you up on that.”


“Come here.” She didn’t have a boyfriend anymore so cuddling wasn’t against the rules. I needed a good adult cuddle.


“Okay?” Sookie looked at me curiously but came closer to me.


“I’m not going to bite. I just enjoy a cuddle partner when I’m watching a scary movie,” I told her.


“I see.” Sookie rested her head on my chest.


I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and clicked on the movie. I didn’t talk, but I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on. She was too close. I enjoyed it though. She was soft and warm. She smelled delicious and I realized about ten minutes into the movie I wanted to kiss her. I wouldn’t though. I’d be a good boy.


“Have you seen this before?” Sookie quietly asked a few minutes later.


“Mmhmm, but not since it was new,” I replied just as quietly, rubbing her side.


“Okay.” She went quiet again but a moment later she tilted her head up. “Hey Eric?”


“Hmm?” I looked down at her, meeting her eyes.


Sookie licked her lips and then they were pressed to mine firmly.




I was completely taken by surprise. I was attracted to her, but I thought whatever attraction she may have had for me was long gone. I brought my hand up to the back of her head, holding her in place as I licked the seam of her soft lips.


Her mouth opened just enough and her tongue touched mine. Sookie moaned at the same time I did and didn’t fight it when I shifted her onto her back so she was pinned under me.


My eyes were closed while we kissed. There was a spark between us that seemed to fuel the kiss. Our tongues began to slowly dance. It was soft and sweet until I felt her hips shift below me. The kiss got a little more… intense. My hands found hers and I moved them above her head so I could pin her wrists with one of my massive paws. My other hand moved to her face so I could trace the line of her jaw. I slowly worked my hand down to her collarbone, and then to her left tit. She felt amazing under me. Her body was soft in all the right places.


When the kiss broke she said, “I guess this is okay then.”


“This is very okay,” I agreed. I dropped my head to nibble on her jaw. I didn’t know what kind of stuff turned Sookie on. Part of me felt like she didn’t even know. I was going to go at her pace in whatever it was that was happening. “Tell me if I start to take things too far,” I whispered against her skin while rocking my hips so she could feel me getting hard.


“You know with your luck Jo will be up any minute,” she breathed.


“Maybe we should take this to the bedroom, then?” I suggested. Sookie had been in my house countless times but never to my bedroom.


“Isn’t that against the rules? I don’t want to get fired tomorrow.”


“Third time’s a charm,” I reminded her with a little smirk.


“You better hope so or your kid might break up with you if I disappear,” Sookie joked.


“Then don’t get crazy on me,” I chuckled.


“It might be inevitable.”


“The cock is magic,” I sighed dramatically. I continued to rub my hard-on over her center so she could feel what she did to me.


“That’s the rumor,” Sookie moaned.


“Say the word and I’ll let you find out if it’s true.” I tugged her pebbled nipple through her top.


Sookie moaned again and her back arched. I kissed and licked down her jaw, to her collarbone. I started to suck lightly. My eyes were closed and all I could think about was how good she tasted. I trailed those kisses down her chest until I reached her cleavage.


“Is this okay?” I started to tug her shirt down so I could get to her nipple.


“Mmhmm,” she hummed. She couldn’t move much with her hands pinned and me on top of her.


I released her hands so I could pull the tank top down further, taking the cups of her bra with it. I sat up on my knees to look down at her glorious tits. They looked better bare than I ever could have imagined. They were a perfect handful for me. They were firm with perfect sized dusky pink nipples. My eyes flicked up to hers as I bent over to run my flattened tongue over her left nipple, wrapping my lips around it to start to suckle. I’d barely touched her but I was in absolute heaven. Sookie’s fingers ran through my hair to hold me there.


“I think we should go upstairs,” she said after a minute.


I released the tight peak with a pop. “I think you’re right.” I pulled her tank top up in case Jo woke up. I stood up from the couch and turned the TV off. I took Sookie’s hand to lead her to my room. It was a huge room, sparsely furnished. I had a platform bed, low to the ground but it was huge. It’d been a long time since I trusted a girl enough to bring them back to my place. The only girl I’d ever fucked with Josie in the house was her mother. Sookie was special.


“I’m not sure that bed is big enough,” Sookie joked.


“My legs are like fifty inches long. I need to stretch,” I chuckled. I stepped up behind Sookie and tugged her shirt over her head before unhooking her bra. “I don’t know how far you want to go…” I stopped at her top. I would be just fine with fooling around without sex. I was confident I could get her off either way.


“We’ll see where it goes,” she answered.


“I just need to know if you want my pants to come off,” I purred into her ear. I was standing behind her with my chest against her back. Her tits were in my hands so I could play with her nipples.


“Mmm… Could be dangerous. You might not get rid of me after that,” she said.


I dipped to suckle on her earlobe. “Pants are definitely coming off,” I whispered, rubbing my erection over her ass.


Her head tilted. “Don’t want to get rid of me?”


“Nope. I like you, Sookie,” I told her. My lips stayed on her neck while I ghosted my hands down her flat stomach to the top of her pajama pants. I stopped there, allowing her to make the next move.


“So if I stay tonight you’re not going to throw me out before Josie gets up?” Sookie nervously asked.


I stood up straight so I could walk around to face her. I wanted to look into her eyes for that conversation. Allowing my daughter to know I was involved with someone was a huge deal.


“I’m not going to throw you out, Sookie. You’re the first woman I’ve met in a long time I trusted enough to be around her. I need to know if this is going to be a fling for you or if you feel more.”


“I think that if I had tried to dive into something with you when we first met a few months ago it would have been just about sex and getting over my broken engagement and that would be a shame because I know you better now. I see how you are at work and with your daughter and I feel like I could have with you all the things I knew I never would with Bill,” she told me. “Maybe I was running to something instead of from it.”


That was the only answer I needed. I dipped my head and pressed a long, lingering peck to her lips. As I kissed her I bent my knees so I could hook her thighs and lift her up so she could wrap her legs around my hips. I was sure she could feel how hard I was for her.


“I almost think I should ease you into the magic cock,” I joked as I took a seat on the bed so Sookie was sitting on my lap. I wanted to fuck her bad, but I wasn’t in a rush with Sookie.


“Aren’t you supposed to ease it into me?” she joked.


“Depends on how tight you are,” I purred. I grabbed her ass, massaging her firm cheeks.


“You’ll find out.”


I smiled and made Sookie yelp when I started tickling her. She was a fun girl, and if we were going to have something real I didn’t feel right fucking her just yet. We ended up wrestling around the bed, kissing and gently fondling each other. We were both tired anyway. The first time I had sex with Sookie I wanted to be home alone. I wanted to hear her scream my name when I made her cum over and over. Having a child in the house prohibited that so I was fine. I was happy regardless. I had a promise from a girl I’d been getting to know over the last few months. It was real. It was what I’d been waiting for.


20 thoughts on “Chapter 18

  1. Fantastic, every chapter is better than the last. This story is so good. I think it is so good that they didn’t hook up when they met. Now they have an established friendship and care about each other. The Halloween scenes were very fun, I like how she is close with Josie. I’m glad they waited, it will be fun to hear her scream.


  2. Well It Took Her long Enough ! just Kidding I Know She Had To Realize Eric Was Different , Love This Chapter …More Please.


  3. Oops, missed this chapter. Woohoo. Yay for Eric still having a crush. And yay for them both wanting this to be more than a fling.
    I think that Jo is initially going to be thrilled. I just hope she stays that way when Sookie doesn’t go to a motel lol.


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