Chapter 11



This is the day Sookie and I have been anxiously waiting for. We get to find out if Elina is really going to be an Elina or if we have to come up with a boy’s name.


Sookie is getting off early and I’ve kept my schedule clear for the afternoon. I’m going to pick her up from her place since it’s on the way to the doctor’s office. I’m so glad Sookie got the counseling job. I’m fucking ecstatic she has benefits for herself now. Elina could’ve been covered under my insurance, but I would always worry about Sookie since I can’t add her unless we get married and we’re a long way off from that.


When I pull into the lot for Sookie’s apartment she’s already standing by her car. I pull up and before I can get out to open her door she’s already getting in.


“Hey,” I smile and lean over to kiss her hello.


“Hi,” she smiles. “How’s your day been?”


“It was a bust. I was too excited to do anything productive. I do have a handful of cribs I want your input on. I spent a lot of time on the Pottery Barn Kids website.”


“Awwww,” Sookie swoons. “I will be happy to give my opinion.”


“Cool. What do you have planned after the appointment?” I ask. “If you don’t have anything going on we can go to the store and look at them.”


“I’m all yours.”


“Awesome, we can start the nursery shopping then,” I grin. I’m not a big shopper and having Sookie with me will keep me from just pointing and paying.


“Don’t forget we’ll be having a baby shower. Mom’s already planning it,” she tells me.


“I know. I just want to get the big shit out of the way. Oh, did you ever talk to your cousin about dinner?” It’s been postponed twice and I’m ready to just get it out of the way.


“I’ll call her tonight. Remy’s been traveling a lot for work.”


“Okay,” I nod as I make a left onto the street. “How was work today?”


“Not too bad,” she says. “I was assigned to a fourteen-year-old that just found out she’s pregnant.”


“Oh wow, that’s gotta be tough,” I say sympathetically.


“It is, to some extent. At that age she has no idea what she’s really in for. The concept of that much constant responsibility is pretty much lost on her. It worries me that she’s so blindly excited about this. She’s already talking about names and how cute her kid is going to be. I freaked out about not having insurance, how I was going to teach my kid to be a good person and if I was going to be able to start putting money into a college fund. The last thing I was worried about was how cute the baby would be.”


“I couldn’t even imagine,” I sigh. “The really sad part is she’s probably just starting or continuing a cycle of early teen pregnancy and welfare. Is the dad still in the picture?”


“He’s thirteen.”


“Jesus. I liked girls at thirteen, but I definitely wasn’t trying to have sex with them yet.” Fourteen is a different story. “I don’t even have anything to say to that. I don’t know how you do it,” I say, reaching to hold her hand.


“Well I think if it was up to her parents she would give the baby up,” she says. “Of course she doesn’t want to do that, but financially she’s not going to be held accountable for this kid. My pregnancy wasn’t planned, but I’m an adult and capable of supporting a child. She’s… she’s still a child herself.”


“I’m sure she knows babies aren’t live action dolls, right?”


“I’ll find out. I asked why they didn’t use protection and she told me it was because condoms are gross.”


“Sorry to say this, I’m sure she’s a nice girl, but she’s an idiot. You should seriously have to take a test before you can have sex.”


“I don’t think she’s an idiot; she’s immature and naïve. At fourteen you don’t think about the long-term repercussions for your actions. Now she’s stuck with a child. Whether she decides to keep the baby or place it for adoption, she’s a mother.”


“This is why you’re the counselor and I just sell real estate.”


She chuckles and squeezes my hand. “Stick with me, Gramps. I might teach this old dog new tricks yet.”


“I know you will,” I smile and turn into the parking lot of the doctor’s office.


I find a spot to park and get out so I can help Sookie out before I lock the car doors.


“This is the sort of thing that makes me want to homeschool my kids,” Sookie says.


“You could,” I shrug. “My parent’s only put me in public school because I was new to the country and they wanted me to speak English regularly.”


“You know Mom asked me if you speaking Swedish is the sexiest thing ever,” she says as we walk into the building.


“Oh yeah? What did you tell her?” It’s obvious Michelle has a tiny crush on me.


“That you could be reciting your grocery list and it would still be sexy,” she replies.


I chuckle and say in Swedish, “Milk, bread, cheese…”


“Still sexy, whatever that was.”


“Just my grocery list,” I wink.


“Yep, still sexy.”


We walk into the office and Sookie checks in. I go take our regular seat and grab a magazine to wait. When she sits down I take her hand.


“Have you thought of any names in case we have a boy?” I ask. My dad wants a grandson.


“I haven’t thought about it yet,” she admits.


“Dad says if it is a boy we should name him after him,” I chuckle. “I’ve informed him we’re pretty positive it’s a girl.”


“What’s your dad’s name?”


“Aidan. My mom is Johanna.”


“I like that name.”


“He would love you forever if you agreed to name our baby after him,” I smile.


“I’ll consider it,” she says.


We only have to wait a few minutes before we’re called back. Sookie’s vitals are taken and then she’s led to a different room than last time. There’s an ultrasound machine waiting in there for us. The nurse hands Sookie one of those napkin things to tuck in her waistband, and she’s barely got herself situated when another man comes into the room dressed in colorful scrubs with fake eyelashes and nail polish on.


“Hello, I’m Lafayette. I’ll be y’all’s tour guide today,” he says.


“Nice to meet you, Lafayette. I’m Sookie Stackhouse and this is Eric North–”


“Eric Northman. I’ve seen yo’ pretty face before,” he says, looking me up and down.


“Um… you have?” I’m pretty sure I would remember if I met this guy.


“On all them for sale signs around town,” he says with a little wink and then sits down at the machine.


Ah. I didn’t even think about that. I guess that’s good.


“Well, then it’s nice to meet you,” I smile and reach over to shake his hand.


Lafayette shakes it firmly and then gets to work prepping Sookie for the ultrasound. I look down at her and take her hand, threading my fingers through hers.


“This is a lot more comfortable for me than last time,” I chuckle.


“Oh come on, you loved watching the internal exam last time,” Sookie laughs.


“Uh… right,” I smile. “Some guy I don’t know doing unspeakable things to the mother of my child. Fantastic time, yep.”


Sookie rolls her eyes and shakes her head.


“At least it wasn’t you, sugar pie,” Lafayette snickers.


“True,” I agree. I bring Sookie’s hand to my lips to kiss the back of. “I’ve read some kids get stage fright. Let’s hope Sally isn’t shy,” I say to Sookie. This is seriously the most exciting day of this pregnancy, and possibly my life.


“It happens,” Lafayette agrees. “But there are ways to get the baby to cooperate.”


“As long as it those ways don’t require busting any kneecaps,” I joke. Ugh. Now my brain is so overloaded with baby anxiousness I’m telling dumb jokes. At least I’m telling them in English.


Sookie gives me a look I can’t decipher but thankfully Lafayette turns the machine on and starts moving the wand around on her belly.


“Sorry,” I whisper. “I’m anxious.”


“It’s okay,” she replies as the baby’s spine comes into view.


“Wow, it’s so much longer,” I say quietly. I know she’s growing, but knowing and seeing are two different things.


“Awww… look at those tiny fingers,” Sookie says. “It looks like she’s waving at us.”


“Look at the size of her head,” I cringe. “Sorry, babe.”


Sookie laughs and it makes the baby spaz out.


“Oh god, look!” I gasp, like Sookie isn’t watching or feeling it. Another situation where feeling and seeing are nowhere near the same.


“That happens a lot,” she giggles.


I grin like an idiot and try to take in her brand new features. I can see her silhouette perfectly. I know I won’t be able to see who she looks like, but the feeling of seeing your brand new baby growing is… powerful.


“Do you want to do one of those 3D ultrasounds before she’s born?” I ask Sookie.


“We could,” she says. “I’m sure the grandparents will love it. Oh, that reminds me! I want to get little Giants outfit for her so I can get her picture in it for Dad’s birthday.”


“Okay,” I shrug.


“Dad hates the Giants,” she smirks.


Ah, well the comments at the TV when I met him make perfect sense now.


“As long as I have no part in it you can take her on a photo shoot with the thing on.” I don’t intend to get on his bad side. If he’s that serious about Sandra Bullock I can only imagine how intense he gets over sports.


“Are you interested in knowing the gender or do you know already?” Lafayette asks.


“I have a feeling it’s a girl but we were hoping it could be confirmed,” Sookie says.


Lafayette freezes the screen and points. “You’re gonna want to get that outfit in pink.”


I smile and bend over to kiss Sookie hard. “We’re having our little Elina,” I whisper and realize how strong my accent is. Oh well. “I’m so…” I can’t place this emotion. “Proud,” I finish in Swedish.


“In English?” Sookie giggles.


“Proud, baby, I’m proud we’re having our little girl and I’m so thankful for you,” I whisper before giving her another lingering peck.


Sookie smiles up at me. The sound of Elina’s heartbeat fills the room and Sookie’s eyes well up.


“I can’t wait to meet her,” she says.


“Neither can I,” I agree. I turn to ask Lafayette, “Does she look normal to you? Size wise?” I saw her fingers and toes. I can’t wait to nibble on her perfect little baby feet.


“Everything looks good to me,” he says. He takes us on a little tour of our baby and prints us a bunch of pictures to take home. He also gets me the disc I ask for.


When we’re done and Sookie is cleaned up we stop to make her next appointment and then head out to the car.


“Do you want to shop now or go home?” I ask as I start the Audi.


“We can shop,” she says.


“Okay.” I take her hand and place it under mine on the shifter. “Have you thought of a middle name for her?”


“Not yet.”


“Neither have I,” I admit. “How do you want to tell our parents?” Sookie still hasn’t talked to mine yet. She’s never around when I talk to them.


“We could ship them a picture from the ultrasound in a pink frame,” she suggests.


“Yeah,” I nod. “That works. I can have it shipped priority. Has your mom set a date for the baby shower?”


“She wants to do something around Halloween. I’ll ask if she’s picked a date yet.”


“Okay. Mom’s bummed she’s going to miss it. Also, my parents are going to spoil the hell out of the baby,” I warn. “Don’t be surprised if we get plane tickets to Sweden from them in the mail one day.”


“I’ll make sure my passport is up to date,” she replies.


“Good,” I smile.


It doesn’t take us long to get to the strip mall with Pottery Barn Kids in it. I park and get out, taking Sookie’s hand.


“All of the cribs I looked at we can get in any finish,” I explain as we head to the cribs. “And if you don’t like any of them we can go somewhere else.”


“I like dark stains,” she says as we start checking out the cribs. “And one that converts to a toddler bed and then a regular bed would be good.”


“Good, that’s what I was looking at,” I smile.


“Well show me which ones you like and we can go from there,” she offers.


We head over and I begin to point them out. Sookie doesn’t seem too impressed until I point to one with a darker stain, not too dark though. It has a high back that will be a perfect headboard that goes all the way to the floor.


“This was my favorite,” I grin.


“I love this,” Sookie gasps. She runs her fingertips over the wood with a big smile on her face.


“Good,” I say, rubbing her back. “Do you still want to go with a gender neutral color for the walls?” I think it would look good next to a really pale pink.


“I don’t want to overload on pink. Elina shouldn’t feel like she’s growing up in a Pepto Bismol bottle.”


“I agree, but a nice soft pink would look good with this. We don’t have to put pink everywhere. If not, that’s fine too,” I shrug.


“You know I saw this really cute fairy border that would look cute with pale pink.”


“Where at? We can go wherever it’s it and maybe look for paint…”


“I saw it online. I can find it again.”


“Okay. Do you want to get the crib and go home to hop on the internet? I can email the ultrasound pictures to my parents too.”


“Sure,” she nods.


As we walk through the store she grabs a cute stuffed owl and takes it to the register.


My car isn’t big enough to take the crib with us now so I pay a little extra to have it delivered. It doesn’t take us long to get back to my house. When we do I grab my laptop and bring it down to the living room. I hand it to Sookie so she can start looking for the border again.


“All yours,” I say and head to the kitchen to get some water for us. When I get back to the living room Sookie has Google pulled up looking through images.


“Whatcha got going on?” I ask, leaning over to look.


“There are a few borders I liked,” she says and points out the few she likes.


“That’s cute,” I say, pointing at one with little pink and green elephants.


“Eh,” she shrugs.


“Alright, no elephants,” I chuckle. “Are these the fairies or was it a different border?” I ask.


“The purple one is my favorite,” she points.


“I’m not a huge purple fan,” I shrug.


She gasps and looks at me like I’m nuts.


“Um… sorry?”


Sookie shakes her head and turns back to the laptop. She clicks on some of the little boxes next to the border she pulled up and enlarges a picture of three colorful owls all lined up on a wall.


“Now this is adorable,” she says.


“That I can agree with.” It is really cute and it kind of matches the owl we got at the store.


“I even love that paint color.”


“It’s gorgeous, baby,” I smile and kiss her cheek. The real question will be if she wants to put this in my house, hers, or both.


“Do you know where you want to put things up there or are you leaving it to me to figure it out?”


“I’m leaving it to you. You have better design taste and I’m sure you’ll be going through your nesting stage soon.”


“True,” she says.


“So… are we just doing a room here, or…”


Sookie sets aside the laptop and rests her hands on her belly. She takes a deep breath and says, “If things keep going the way they are now, we’ll only need to do one room. My lease expires in October so I have to let the complex know if I intend to move out in September.”


I nod and say, “Well, you know my stance on it.”


“If you had your way I would already be living here.”


“Probably,” I chuckle. “If we didn’t get along after a while one of us could always move to the guesthouse…”


“If we don’t work out, I’m not letting you move out of your own house,” she says. “Maybe we should do a trial run. You know, two weeks or something.”


“That’s a really good idea,” I agree. “Want to do it immediately or in a week or so?”


“Well I’d need to go home and pack,” she says.


“I know that, silly,” I smile. “Now or later?” We have all evening.


“How about this weekend?” she suggests.


“That works,” I nod. “Do you want to order the owl stuff now or wait?”


“We can order it if you want to. Are you sure that’s what you want?”


“I like it. Honestly if you left it to me she’d be in a white room with a crib and nothing else,” I laugh.


“Oh boy,” she laughs.


“I paid someone to decorate the house. If you do move in permanently you’re welcome to change whatever you want,” I tell her.


“Your decorator did a pretty good job.”


I shrug and say, “It makes no difference to me. I just didn’t want it to look like I was squatting.”


“Then why did you buy this place?”


“I got it for a really good deal and at the time I just wanted the biggest and the best. If I was looking for a new house now I probably wouldn’t get this place.”


“Do you want to move?” Sookie asks.


“Nah, unless this place becomes a problem when Elina starts walking or you think it’s too much for us. I’m not married to this place.”


“I’ll just put a GPS tracker on Elina,” she giggles.


“That works. We can chip her like people do to their pets,” I laugh.


“Yeah, that’s normal,” she nods.


“It would probably be best here.”


“We’ll just have to be careful,” Sookie shrugs and hands me the laptop. She gets off the couch and heads around the corner, probably for the bathroom.


I do a mental calculation of how much of the border we’ll need for any given bedroom and order a few extra feet of it. I shoot off an email to my parents with the ultrasound pictures attached and let them know I’ll call tomorrow. I’m just closing the lid of my laptop when she comes back into the room.


“Owls are ordered. I bought enough for any room and then a little extra,” I tell her.


“Awesome,” she grins.


“Now, I think you should come over here and kiss me,” I smile and pat my lap.


“I bet you do,” Sookie smirks but doesn’t come any closer.


I pout a little, poking my bottom lip out. “Pweese,” I say sweetly.


Sookie bursts out laughing. “You sound like Roger Rabbit.”


I smile and ask, “Are you a fan of Roger?” quirking an eyebrow and tapping my lips. “Kiss me…”


“I’m a bigger fan of Jessica Rabbit,” she says as she starts backing up. “And I really think it’s about time we go for a naked swim in that giant pool out back.”


“Mmm,” I hum. I stand up and start to unbutton my shirt. “I’ll go get towels and meet you out there.”


“I’ll be in the pool,” she winks and goes out the French doors.


I run upstairs and grab two towels. I pull off my shirt and shoes while I’m in the room and head back down to find Sookie walking into the water naked. Yum.


“That’s one of my favorite sights,” I groan from behind her and take off my pants and underwear.


“What are your others?” Sookie asks as she begins float on her back.


“Your morning smile. A pound of crispy bacon, and the sunset from the hot air balloon,” I tell her and start walking down the steps into the pool.


“Crispy bacon? Seriously?”


“Uh huh,” I smile. “It’s my favorite artery clogger.”


“Yeah well your daughter doesn’t care for it.”


“She is part you. There is a level of crazy in her,” I joke. I push off into the water to do a lap around the outside. It feels really good.


Sookie disappears underwater and resurfaces at the deep end of the pool. I swim to where she’s at and tread water in front of her.


“May I please have a kiss now?”


“Oh I guess,” she sighs.


“You act like kissing me is a hardship,” I tease and swim forward to push her to the edge of the pool. I brush my lips over hers and then move down to kiss her neck.


“Only a little,” she says with a small giggle.


“Mmhmm, can I kiss you again?” I ask sweetly.


“If you must,” she teases.


I lick her lips before sweeping my tongue into her mouth for a soft, wet kiss. I hold into the edge of the pool and pull myself a little closer so she can feel my erection growing between us. Her legs wrap around my waist and she rubs her center against me.


I pull away from the kiss and run my tongue over her neck, lightly sucking under her chin. It’s been a few days and I’m already solid as a rock. I keep one hand on the ledge and slide the other between our bodies, slipping two fingers between her folds. I rub her clit in small, soft circles.


“Mmm… that feels good, babe,” Sookie moans, tilting her head to the side for me.


“Pull yourself up a little higher,” I whisper. I need to get to her nipples and my hands are busy.


“Uhhh… I think I’m a little too big for that,” she says. “This is an awkward spot.”


I nod against her neck and pull myself up a little, running my head through her folds. I my head back to watch her face as I start to slide in.


“Mmm, that’s good,” I groan as I thrust all the way in.


Sookie groans and flexes her hips so she’s riding me a little bit. Her back arches and she swivels her hips some.


I brace my feet on the wall so she has more stability.


“Fuck, just like that.” Jesus only a couple days off of sex and I’m ready to cum right now. I tilt my head again and suck on her collarbone since I can’t get to her nipples.


She moans and keeps swiveling her hips as she moves herself up and down my shaft.


“Oh God,” I whimper. I keep myself fingers moving over her clit hoping she’ll be able to cum before me, but it’s not likely with the way my balls are already tightening. The water swishing by them and her warm, wet pussy sliding over my shaft are on the verge of too much. “Baby… I’m gonna cum,” I pant when my cock begins to swell.


“Mmm… give it to me, Eric,” she moans but I know she’s nowhere near ready to cum.


Fuck. I can get hard again quickly with Sookie. I move my head to hers and drive my tongue between her lips, kissing her hard. She contracts her muscles with each twist of her hips and I lose it. When I cum I whimper into the kiss as I fill her with my release.


“Mmm… that’s perfect,” Sookie purrs when she breaks the kiss. She lifts her hips and my cock slides out of her.


“Yes it is,” I breathe. I can’t move just yet. However, my hand still works and I reach back a little farther to push my fingers into her. I curl them immediately and begin to rub her g-spot.


Sookie gasps and her walls start pulsing around my fingers.


“Mmm, that’s what I needed to see,” I whisper and tilt to kiss along her jaw as I rub faster. “I need my girl to cum for me, please.”


“Oh… fuuuuck…” she cries out. Her pussy grips my fingers hard and her eyes squeeze shut.


“That’s it… keep going, baby,” I say against her skin and press my thumb lightly on her clit.


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” Sookie screams and her nails rake my back. “Fuuuck!”


“Mmm, also on my list of favorite sights,” I say and kiss her chin before I slowly pull my fingers out.


“Uh huh,” she breathes.


Sookie and I end up swimming for another hour or so before we get out. Sookie ends up tanning naked for a while and I go into the house to start on dinner. It’s still fairly early, but I’m sure she’s going to be starving when she gets in.


11 thoughts on “Chapter 11

  1. I liked the section with the ultrasound. It was fun to see their excitement . It was cute and made me laugh seeing Eric so excited at Pottery Barn Kid’s…hell I love that store too.


  2. that was a fun but sexy chapter…sharing their duties. i like how they are going to have a trial live in. makes sense but i don’t think she will be leaving after the trail two weeks. KY


  3. Pottery Barn is the devil!!! I cannot be set loose in there with any of my credit cards! Haha…..but hey, I think Eric can afford it…;)


  4. Awww! They are so cute together while shopping and at the doctors. Don’t think Sookie will be moving out after the two week trial….


  5. So adorable… Glad Sally wasn’t shy… and now we know it… It’s a GIRRRRRL! Trialling living together sounds like a good idea though the first two weeks even the first two months are a honeymoon in my experience… it is after that the little quirks become less cute and more irritating… Anyway these two have my vote of confidence for sure!

    Thank you for another brilliant story ladies… I hope you are having a great Easter!


  6. Yum, hot pool sex with Eric. Makes you wet in more ways than one. Great chapter. I wonder if they will have Eric’s mother’s name for the middle name. Elina Johanna sounds nice.


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