Chapter 11


She’s got something on her mind but I’m not going to ask her what it is. I’m lying here on a whole different kind of high. She said she was mine. It was in the heat of passion, but I could feel she meant it.


“Don’t leave until I’m out,” I request as I rub her back. Her lips feel like silk on my neck, which is going to make me hard again if she’s not careful.


“I’ll think about it,” she whispers and moves her mouth to my Adam’s apple.


“That’s all I can ask,” I reply as my hands move down to cup her ass. “Are you trying to keep me hard?” I press her down as I rock up.


I feel her smile against my neck. “Nope,” she says.


“Are you lying?” I chuckle. I’m not going soft anytime soon if she keeps this up.


“I would never,” she giggles.


“Something tells me you’re lying,” I say as my hands move down a little farther to her inner thighs. I’m going to find a ticklish spot on this girl sooner or later.


“Nope.” Sookie nibbles my collarbone.


“Mmm, and what happens if I find out you are?” I ask, giving her a light smack on her right cheek.


“You’re the one that keeps thrusting his hips. You’re the one trying to stay hard.”


“You just feel so good,” I groan, rocking up again.


“Well don’t blame me because you can’t control yourself.”


“Oh, silly girl, I have more control than you know,” I chuckle. Fuck, I’ve been controlling myself for almost two months… mostly.


“Oh really?”


“Mmhmm,” I hum and turn to capture her lips with mine.


Sookie moans and moves her hips in a slow circle. I keep my hands on her backside to help her move while my hips slowly thrust up. I can feel her pussy stretching around me each time I push in, making me groan. I’ve fucked a lot of girls and none of them have ever felt this fucking good. I don’t know if it’s due to the feelings I have for her or because it feels like her pussy was literally molded for my cock. Either way, it’s fucking good stuff.


“This doesn’t feel like control to me,” she says.


“You started it this time,” I tell her. “And you haven’t gotten off of me, have you?” I smirk. I don’t want her to move a fucking inch unless it’s to start bouncing on my cock.


“I can get off if you want me to,” she offers.


“Nope, we’re already well into round two. We might as well finish,” I smile.


“Well into it, huh?” Sookie sits up and starts to bounce.


“Oh, yes,” I groan as I reach up to cup her tits. My thumbs go straight to her nipples, brushing over them in slow circles.


She moves faster and reaches down to play with her clit. Her head falls back and her other hand covers her mouth to muffle the noise she’s making. I love that my girl is loud. Fuck, I love that the pleasure I’m giving her makes her so fucking loud. I want to ask her if Luke made her scream and draw blood but now might not be the time.


I start to tug on her nipples and my hips buck up to meet her on each bounce. She knows what my stamina is like now, as well as my rebound rate. I hope she’s not pissed when we miss another meal.


“Do you know how fucking gorgeous you are, Sookie?” I ask with my eyes trained on her hand rubbing her clit. So fucking hot…


She makes a noise but with her hand over her mouth I can’t tell what she was trying to say. It doesn’t really matter because seconds later she rolls her hips when her pussy clenches, milking me hard.


I manage to hold out through her orgasm. I wait until she collapses on top of me and wrap my arms around her back. I gauge our location and flip us over without falling onto the ground, proving that my depth perception is just fucking fine. Her legs are still wrapped around me and her body is trembling slightly as I pull almost all the way out and push back in, going hard, making Sookie groan. Her pussy feels so fucking tight right now I have to drive in hard or I’m not getting in.


“Try not to draw blood this time,” I tease as I start to swivel on each deep thrust.


“Oh fuuuuck,” she moans and turns her head to bite the pillow.


“Mmm,” I groan. I fucking love watching her fall apart like this. I start to go hard, my hips slapping against her inner thighs. Her pussy hasn’t stopped fluttering since her last orgasm and it’s making it really fucking hard to keep my control.


I shift my hand and turn her head so I can look into her beautiful blue eyes. I cover her mouth as I pound into her.


“I want to see your perfect face when you cum again,” I whisper, swiveling to hit the perfect spot inside of her.


Her eyes go wide and Sookie moans under my hand. She licks my palm and her hands grab my ass to pull me in deeper. Her knees move up higher, closer to my ribs and she gets what she wants, making her cry out.


“That’s it, beautiful, take whatever you fucking need from me… I’m all fucking yours,” I pant. I make sure to look into her eyes so she knows it’s not just the good pussy talking and I mean every word. Fuck, I think I’ve been hers since she set that book on my doorstep. She gets me in a way no one ever has, no one has even tried to. She listens when I’m pissed, even if I’m pissed at her. She lets me hold her when I need a human teddy bear and she makes me laugh. She doesn’t know all the shit I’ve been through, but the little she does know, she takes seriously and she wants to fight for me… how could I not be in love with this girl.


She mutters my name over and over when she cums again. Tears fill her eyes and she whimpers quietly.


I quickly pull my hand away as I drop down, resting my weight on her, slowing my thrusts.


“Are you okay?” I whisper, kissing her chin.


“Mmhmm,” she hums and her lips find mine.


I keep my hips slowly as we kiss. I’m pouring everything I feel into this kiss. I’m not going to blurt out that I love her. I doubt I’ll even tell her while we’re in rehab. It’s not fair to her and could be counterproductive to her recovery if she takes it bad. Plus, it’s a total fucking cop-out to tell her while I’m buried balls deep inside of her.


I reach down to hook her knees, essentially folding her in half when I bring her legs up. I grind against her clit every time I thrust in and I can feel my balls begin to tighten.


“Where do you want it?” I whisper between kisses.


“Anywhere,” she pants.


I smile and just before I cum I pull out and shoot my release all over her stomach, hitting the underside of her breasts.


“Fuuuuuck,” I groan. I lie down on top of her again to kiss her through my own fucking aftershocks. “Tell me you’re mine again,” I breathe against her jaw as I kiss her face.


“You’re mine again,” she giggles.


“You’re adorable,” I chuckle. I smile and kiss her chin before I tell her, “Say, Eric, I belong to you.”


Sookie cups my face and says, “Eric, I belong to you.”


“I’ve been yours for so fucking long, Sookie,” I whisper, turning my head to kiss her palm.


She smiles at me and kisses the tip of my nose.


“So what do we do now?” she asks.


“I don’t know, but I want to do it together,” I say, rubbing my softening cock through her folds, purely on instinct.


“I think I’m going to go after my sixty days are up,” she tells me. “I have some things I need to do and I need to do them alone. I made my mess and I have to clean it up.”


“Keep your phone on,” I smile.


“Absolutely,” she agrees.


“If you want me to, I’ll move east with you.” I have my parents but it would be way too easy to fall back in with my old friends. I might not have their numbers but I know where they live and hang out. I would rather remove myself from the temptation.


“That’s your choice. If moving east is what you want, you should do it.”


“Well, I know I don’t want to be away from you and it would be better than sitting here with the temptation of going to my friends’ houses.”


“As long as you’re doing it for you, that’s all that matters.”


“It’s my choice, Sookie, you didn’t ask me to come along,” I remind her.


“I know, I’m just saying. I’d be happy to have you there; I just don’t want you to do it for me. If you wanted to stay here we’d figure out a way to make it work,” she says.


“I know,” I smile. “This is what I want. I’m not making the decision right this second but I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m going to do. I talked to Mom about paying for school and I can go to school anywhere.”


“Yes you can,” she agrees. “I want to find a place by water with a nice lawn.”


“Fuck,” I groan, dropping my face into her neck. With a dramatic sigh I say, “If I move away from Mom I’m going to have to clean and learn to mow a lawn.”


“Mmm… but in the summertime I’ll wear skimpy clothes and bring you fresh lemonade,” she purrs.


“That is a definite perk,” I grin. “My muscles will glisten in the sun, giving you a nice show.”


“That’ll be fun to watch. I might even do dirty things while I watch you.”


“Mmm, just the thought of your fingers playing with your pussy makes me hard,” I groan, flexing my hips so she can feel my cock growing.


“Right out on a lawn chair where you can see me.”


“Keep talking like that and I’ll be sliding right back into you,” I whisper, rubbing my head over her clit.


Sookie moans and says, “You can be the horny gardener and I’ll be the bored housewife.”


“Mmm, I can bend you over the table that you serve dinner to your husband at and pound into your warm, wet little pussy,” I purr as I shift so my tip is at her entrance.


“Or you could be the angry husband that catches me with the horny gardener,” she winks.


I kiss her quickly before I peel myself off of her and sit back on my feet.


“On your hands and knees,” I direct her as I wrap my hand around my shaft and begin to stroke.


“I like this view better.” She has her eyes glued to my hand.


“Have you ever watched a man jack off?” I ask, twisting my hand on each up stroke. I reach forward with my other hand and trace her lower lips with my fingertips.


“No,” she bites her bottom lip.


Luke is a fucking idiot.


“Do you want to watch?” I slip my fingers through her folds to rub her clit as my hand speeds up over my shaft. “Watching your sexy little body makes me so fucking hard.”


Sookie knocks my hand out of the way and takes over touching herself. Her fingers rub around her clit a few times before she pushes two of them into her core.


I keep my eyes on her fingers in her pussy as I swipe my thumb over my head to gather the pre-cum gathering there. It’s taking all of my willpower not to pull her fingers out and drive my cock into her.


My eyes flick up to hers and I tell her, “I always want you to tell me what you need, Sookie. If you ever want something sexually I’ll always be willing to show you or help you.” I know she missed out on a lot being with Luke and I hope to remedy that.


She smiles and rolls over, keeping her fingers moving as she gets on her knees with her head on the bed. “Do what you want, Eric. I trust you.”


Well, fuck.


I continue to work my cock as I lean over and lick around her fingers. I can taste myself dripping out of her and it’s a huge fucking turn on. As she pumps her fingers in and out of her pussy I drag my tongue up to lick her rear opening once and tell her, “I’ll take you there when we get home.”


I pull her fingers out and get up on my knees behind her. I drag my tip up and down her slit, from her swollen nub all the way up to her rear entrance. On the way back down I drive my length into her cunt to the hilt, making her cry out.


“Fuuuuck! Eric!” she yells and grabs at the sheets.


I reach forward to wrap my hand around her throat and pull her body up against my chest. I hold her tight with my arm settles between her tits while I reach down to rub her clit as my hips thrust slowly.


“I fucking love your perfect little body,” I whisper into her ear before sucking on her jaw.


“Mmm… so fuckin’ big,” she breathes. Her head drops back against my shoulder.


“Did Luke make your body tremble like I do?” I ask as my fingers speed up over her clit.


“Only when he hogged the blankets,” she answers.


I smile and kiss her cheek. “I’ll only ever make you tremble with pleasure,” I promise.


“We’ll see about that,” Sookie pants.


She knows it’s true.


My hips speed up to match my fingers. My hand tightens around her throat, holding her even tighter against my chest. I feel her walls clenching around my shaft, trying to milk my orgasm from me.


“Cum for me, beautiful,” I breathe.


She lets out a strangled cry and she shakes violently before going a little limp.


“Mmm, good girl,” I pant. I have to hold her up as I thrust. It doesn’t take long this time and a few hard thrusts later I’m emptying myself into her snatch. “Fuuuuuck…” I groan and help her to the bed before I spoon in behind her. I need another nap.




It’s weird to be packing to go home. I still have a few days, but I don’t want to leave it to the last minute. Eric is sitting on my bed with an epic pout on his face. I know he understands why I’m not staying an extra thirty days, but that doesn’t mean he’s happy I’m going.


“Don’t give me the sad puppy eyes, Northman,” I tell him.


“I’m not,” he lies.


“Maybe you can use those thirty days to work on being honest,” I wink.


“Yeah, yeah, we’ll see,” he smiles. “I’m going to miss you. I haven’t missed someone in a long time.”


“You’ll see me before you know it.”


“As long as you don’t forget about me or go running back to that fucking idiot I’ll be fine.”


“Definitely won’t go back to the idiot,” I tease.


“Good,” he says, “And I won’t hook up with the new girl as soon as you walk out.”


“That’s good.” I close the now full suitcase.


“Do you want to tell me where you’re going when you leave or is that private?” he asks, leaning back on his elbows.


“My first stop is home. I need to find out if Luke gave the neighbor his key or if I need to have the locks changed. I’m going to enroll in a yoga class and get a tattoo,” I nod. I’ve been planning a lot.


“A big giant E on your wrist?” he smirks.


“A rising Phoenix on my side,” I correct.


“I’m sure you can work my name into that,” he jokes.


“Ummm no. Sorry, but I’m not tattooing your name on me,” I chuckle. “Every celebrity couple to ever do that had minded their relationship. No thanks.”


It seems like a sweet gesture but I really do think that’s a fast way to have the universe be like, “Oh yeah? Watch this.”


“It’s okay; I didn’t really to expect you to. You know, I haven’t even thought of getting a tattoo. Just never appealed to me.”


“I was going to get the Olympic rings after Anchorage, but I never did. It’s an athlete tradition.”


“Are you thinking seriously about training again?” he asks.


“I’ve thought about it but I’m not going to get serious with it until I see if I’m able to really skate again.” I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself only to get frustrated or disappointed if I can’t do it.


“Makes sense,” he nods. “Did you ever figure out what you want if you win our bet?”


When I win, I want you to do all my laundry for two weeks,” I grin. He hates laundry.


“Pffft, all that does is make me want to win that much more,” he snorts.


“If you stay upright for more than half a lap I’ll be impressed,” I chuckle.


“You would really let me fall?”


“I ain’t catching you,” I laugh. He’d squish me.


“That’s sad,” he chuckles. “I’d catch you.”


“Eric, you’re at least seventy pounds heavier than me,” I reason.


“And? You’re strong,” he argues.


“So are you. Besides, you’re going to skate circles around me, right? You have nothing to worry about.” He’s so doing my laundry.


“Oh, I will, don’t you worry,” he says confidently.


“We’ll see,” I smile. “Now what should I do with myself?” I tap my lips.


“Hmm, don’t know,” he replies, with his eyes scanning up and down my body.


“There’s a ceramics class in a little while. Maybe I’ll go paint something.”


“You could. I thought about offering to be the nude model for art,” he smiles.


“You could still do that. I won’t stop you.”


“You’re no fun. You can’t even pretend to be put out?”


“Do you want me to?” I arch an eyebrow.


“A pout or something,” he chuckles.


“I’ll remember that for next time,” I tell him.


“Good,” he grins.


“So ceramics then? Or do you have something else in mind?”


“Ceramics is good,” he shrugs. “We could always go for a jog.”


“I think I’ve had enough working out for today.” I did yoga this morning and after therapy I spent two hours in the gym.


“Okay, so sex is off the table then,” he chuckles. “I don’t really care what we do.”


“We can go grab some dinner and take it out to the swing to watch the sunset,” I offer.


“That sounds perfect,” he smiles as he gets up from my bed. “We can grab a blanket on the way out.”


“Works for me.” We haven’t disclosed our relationship to anyone yet but I’m sure people have figured it out. I’m meeting with Sophie-Anne tomorrow, so I’ll tell her then.


“Do you want to get food and I’ll go get the blanket and everything set up?”


“Sure. What do you want to eat?” I ask.


“Low carb turkey burger,” he says. I know what he likes on it already.


“You’re going to make me feel bad about my orange chicken,” I chuckle. It’s the special on the menu. I’ve been craving Chinese food for weeks.


“I’ll eat some of it if you feel too bad.”


“Oh I’m sure I’ll put it all down,” I laugh.


“That’s not good for your hips,” he teases, patting my side. He’s already told me he loves my hips just how they are.


“You won’t complain,” I smile.


“Not at all,” he winks. “I’ll meet you out there.”




We leave my room and I head for the cafeteria while Eric goes his own way. I get him his turkey burger with all the toppings he likes and then I get my orange chicken with a little white rice. I also get us some bottled water and some fruit to share. It takes a few minutes to get to the swing, but I find Eric sitting on a blanket out by the bluffs.


“Here you go.” I hand him a water and one of the styrofoam containers containing his burger.


“Mmm, trade ya,” he says, holding out a small bouquet of wild flowers it looks like he picked on the way out.


“Awww look how cute you are,” I smile. I kneel on the blanket and set down my food and water before taking the flowers from him. “They’re beautiful, thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” he says as he leans over to kiss me.


“Did you think you’d be going on an impromptu picnic dinner date when you first got here?” I ask.


“No,” he shakes his head. “I thought I’d get through my ninety days, maybe fuck around with a few girls, and go home to the same life.”


“Instead you met a chubby, moody bitch,” I chuckle. I open my container and spear a piece of chicken. It’s perfectly glazed.


“I couldn’t stand you, but I also couldn’t leave you alone for some reason. I’m not complaining, though.”


“You’re the only person to ever call me a cunt to my face,” I inform him.


“I won’t apologize, but I’ll never do that again,” he says. “You needed it, you were terrible to people.”


“You know it’s funny you say that considering how nasty your own attitude was.”


“Oh, I know it was,” he chuckles. “I’m not proud of the guy that was dropped off that morning. I just hope I can continue to be the guy I am now.”


“I think you can.” This chicken is amazing.


“You know I’m going to smash cake in your face when you graduate from this place, right?”


“You do that and you’ll be happy you’re not getting any for a month,” I threaten.


“You’re no fun,” he smiles and leans to kiss my temple.


“Eh. I’ve had enough fun for a while. I’m content to be boring,” I shrug.


“You’re lucky you’re cute,” he jokes.


“Back at ya,” I stick my tongue out.


We go quiet while we eat, which is fine with me. It’s too bad we can’t go down by the water but I’m sure we’ll get in a few walks on the beach before moving east. There’s a part of me that’s concerned about getting into a relationship so soon. I really like Eric a lot and I love spending time with him, but I have a lot of work to do on myself. He has this way of making rehab sound like it’s no big deal, but it is.


It’s a huge deal. I didn’t plan on taking it seriously, but I do. I don’t want to backslide and relapse. I’m a little worried that I’m going to spread myself too thin. With moving, the lifestyle changes, getting back into skating again and then the meetings and finding a sponsor, that’s a lot to take on all at once. It’ll be nice to have his support, but being his girlfriend also means there’s another thing pulling for my attention. Is it fair to him if I’m my biggest priority?


Turns out I’m still being selfish, but this time it’s for the better. I’m trying to be a better Sookie. It’s so easy in here. Wake up, do yoga, have breakfast, do chores, go to therapy, eat lunch, workout and then do whatever I want until dinner. It won’t be like this when I get home. I’m going to have to find a job because even if Eric is okay with living off his parents’ money, I’m not. Hell, I don’t even have that option.


I made serious bank on some endorsement deals after I won my medal and my parents were smart enough to put the money into a trust fund that didn’t start paying out until I was eighteen. I’ve been able to live off that money for the last four years. If I want to get back into training, it’s not cheap. Coaches are expensive, plus there’s the rink time and costumes to pay for. The prize money barely reimburses the payments I make just to get to competitions.


When I finish eating I set my container aside and lie flat on my back to watch the sky change. Clouds are moving slowly, the colors bleeding into one another over the vast horizon. I wonder if the sunsets in the east are just as beautiful.


“What’s going on in that pretty head?” Eric whispers as he settles his head on my stomach.


“I’m wondering if sunsets are this pretty in Maine,” I reply.


“They’re a different kind of pretty,” he tells me.


“Have you spent a lot of time on the east coast?” I know he toured with his dad and he traveled a lot for his mom’s shoots, but I don’t know if he was ever really in one place for too long.


“I’d say it was about 50/50 as a kid until we settled permanently in California when I was twelve. My mom is from Vermont so we go back every now and then to visit my grandparents, well, I haven’t in a few years.”


“So your mom won’t mind you moving across the country, then.” I reach down and run my fingers through his hair.


“I think she’ll be glad I’m closer to my grandparents, which were much better influences than she and my dad were.”


“It’ll be nice for you to have them relatively close by,” I agree.


“Yeah, maybe I’ll go spend a few weeks with them before we jump into living together,” he suggests.


“That’s probably a good idea. I’m sure they’ll be happy to see how well you’re doing.”


“Yeah, they will be.” I can hear the smile in his voice.


For some strange reason my mom’s favorite song pops into my head and I start humming quietly. My eyes close and I can remember her singing the song to me when I was little. It’s not really child appropriate, but I didn’t care. The words weren’t really the important thing; it was the comfort of hearing her voice.


I can feel the vibrations of Eric humming along with me as he rests his hand on my lower abdomen, gently rubbing me.


“You know this song?” I smile, pausing my humming.


“Dad was in a band, I know a lot of songs,” he chuckles.


“Well yeah, but I didn’t peg you for a Joni Mitchell fan,” I reply. “You know I used an instrumental version of that song the first time I won a world championship? I was thirteen.”


It feels like a completely different life.


“I can’t wait to see you skate.”


“I probably won’t be very good, so don’t get too excited,” I tell him.


“I’ll go find videos of you on YouTube,” he chuckles.


“That won’t be hard,” I smile.


“It’s just going to be sad when I whoop your ass on that race,” he says.


“Yeah, but if I lose all I owe you is a date. I don’t even have to wear a dress,” I smirk.


“I might have to change my bet,” he chuckles.


“Nope, too late. You should have been more specific.”


“You were still with the dick, that’s not fair.”


“Sure it is.”


“Fine,” he sighs.


“Your chances of getting lucky have gone up, so there’s that.”


“True,” he smiles, reaching down to rub my mound.


“I didn’t mean right now,” I giggle.


“Oh,” he chuckles, but doesn’t stop rubbing.


“Cut it out,” I tell him. “I’m not in the mood right now.”


He stops, wrapping his arm around my hips instead. We lie there until the sun goes down and then we walk back to the center with our hands linked. Eric drops off the blanket he borrowed and after stopping for more water, we head back to his room to watch a movie. It’s a nice, quiet evening. We only have eight of them left before I’m free.

 Chapter 11

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  1. Getting nervous. Sookie is about to be discharged from rehab. Eric will still be in for another month. So Sookie has to go back to her old life without any support to face her demons. That is the hard part.


  2. Wonderful chapter! Hoping things go smoothly once Sookie is out but I have a feeling it won’t be an easy ride. It’ll be interesting to see the challenges they face but hopefully they can do it together.


  3. Very hot but also so sweet interlude… Feels like things are about to change of course and challenges abound but I think they’ve built the beginning of something, at least a friendship. I do understand Sookie’s qualms about getting too fast into a relationship… She is a more measured person I think while Eric is more gun ho ready to jump in the pool kind of guy… That is probably a good thing as they can balance each other… I really hope they make it after they start facing the challenges of life post-rehab…

    Aso, I really cannot wait until the skating ‘competition’!!!


    • The skating chapter is one of my favorites! I can’t wait till you get to read it lol, I also think that was mentioned in one of the chapters at some point where they balance each other.

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