Chapter 1



Every Friday and Saturday night like clockwork I end up at the Love Shack. I showed up one night about a year and a half ago for boy’s night and I’ve been spending my weekends here since. Well, most of them. There are the few occasions I go on dates or something. I’m happy being single; it’s nice not to have to deal with the relationship aspect of good sex.


I come here every weekend for a specific girl, a dancer I can’t get out of my mind. I want her, bad, I’ve wanted her since day one. It took about six months for me to proposition Montana the first time. It was no big surprise when she said no. I’m sure she gets it all the time. I pay well; I’ve probably paid her rent or mortgage more than once. When I approached her for sex I made it completely clear I wasn’t trying to hire her. She’s a dancer, she’s not a prostitute. Of course being turned down doesn’t stop me from asking her to spend the night with me every night I go to the club. She’s gorgeous, sexy as fuck, her tits are real, and we’ve actually started talking during lap dances. I like her. She’s funny and has an adorable little giggle. She’s insanely smart and ultimately the whole package. I would be an idiot not to try to fuck her.


I have a standing appointment with her every Friday in a VIP room. I make a stupid amount of money with no one to spend it on so I waste it on a dancer, I personally don’t see an issue with it. I certainly don’t tell people about my little addiction though. My friends and family would probably stage an intervention.


It’s Friday at eleven-thirty P.M. I’m in the VIP room relaxing against the wall with a coke in my hand when Montana walks in.


“There she is,” I purr when I see her gorgeous face. I pay to have her to the end of her shift, giving me two hours with her.


“Hi,” she smiles as she saunters over on five inch heels. She’s wearing a fishnet top over some sexy black lingerie. Her long blond hair is curly tonight and there are little sparkles at the outer corner of her eyes. Her panties are tiny enough that I can see the butterfly tattoo on her golden-brown hip.


“You look gorgeous,” I smile back as my eyes roam over her body. “One day you’re going to let me touch you.” We’ve both always followed the rules and Montana does all the touching when she dances. Of course between dances when she’s talking to me she’s taken my hand, but I’ve never touched more than that. “I promise I’m good with my hands,” I flirt.


“I’m sure you are,” she says and comes right over to straddle my lap.


I watch her face and I whisper, “I’m sure you can feel how hard you make me.”


“Mmm… it would be impossible not to.” The corner of her mouth lifts and her hips start to rock slowly in a way that makes her back arch. She smells good too.


“Fuck, that’s beautiful,” I whisper and my eyes move down to her tits. “Just think about how good that would feel if you were impaled on my hard-on…” I’ve been talking to her like this for months; it never seems to get to her though.


“Oh I have, sugar. I’m imaging it right now.” Her hips swivel and she pulls the fishnet top off.


“All you’d have to do is pull it out and push those tiny little panties over,” I smile. I have to grip the side of the bench so I don’t grab her ass. “No one would ever have to know.”


“But I would know,” she says as she rubs her perky, firm tits against my chest. Montana moves her full lips close to my ear and whispers, “And I’m a good girl.”


“I bet you are,” I purr. “Let me touch you,” I whisper.


“That’s a no-no, sugar. You know the rules,” she replies and sits up to grind against me and play with cups of her bra.


“I do, and I think I’ve been a very good boy. I deserve a reward,” I say as I watch her hands. I stay quiet about her pussy getting hotter over my erection.


Montana smiles at me and gets up on her knees. Her fingertips graze my cheek and her hand moves around to the back of my head to draw my face closer to her tits.


“Mmm,” I hum. She smells delicious. It takes all of my willpower not to flick out my tongue to taste her. I’m so focused on not licking her that I don’t realize my hands are traveling up her thighs until she clears her throat. I look up, rubbing my scruff over her skin, to see what she wants.


“Watch those hands, mister. Quinn won’t hesitate to toss you out and then we won’t be able to play anymore,” she says.


I drop my hands like they’re on fire and quickly apologize. “Shit, sorry,” I say, dropping the flirting act.


“It’s okay. I’ll be thinking about them after my shift,” she winks and reaches back to unhook her bra.


“You know you can feel them after your shift…” I tell her with my eyes trained on her tits. “Among other things.”


“That’s against the rules too.” Montana slowly lowers the straps of her bra and holds the cups in place with her hands while her hips move in a slightly more exaggerated way.


I look up into her eyes and tell her, “It’s against the rules if I offer to pay you to fuck me. I don’t want that. I want to show you the same pleasure you’ve been giving me… more pleasure. I think you would enjoy it, and deserve it…”


“I bet I would, but personal relationships and the club don’t mix.” Montana slowly lowers the cups of her bra but doesn’t go all the way. She’s a great tease.


“I just want one night. I’ll even stop coming to the club if you ask me not to,” I tell her. I keep my eyes on hers so she knows I’m serious.


“Sugar, if you get a night with me one won’t be enough,” she says confidently.


“Prove it.”


She chuckles at that and finally drops her bra. Looks like someone got her nipple pierced since last week.


“That’s fucking hot,” I growl. I want to lean in and suck her nipple, but it’s against the fucking rules. Instead I sit back like a good boy and enjoy the show. I’m going to stop pressuring her for sex right now.


Montana keeps her hips moving. Her hair flips, filling the air with the scent of coconut, and she plays with her nipples while she moves. She moans when she twists and plucks just the left one where the new piercing is.


Because I can’t stop myself I say, “Keep rubbing your hips against me like that and you’ll cum on my dick.”


She smiles and climbs off of me so she can turn around. Montana stands between my knees and her lace covered ass rubs up and down my groin. There’s another tattoo on her lower back. I want to smack her ass so fucking bad.


“You want to spank it, don’t you?” Her hair flips again and her hips move in slow circles.


“Uh huh, and I have a very heavy hand,” I groan.


Montana reaches back and slaps her ass for me, making it jiggle perfectly.


“I could do so much better than that,” I assure her.


“I’m sure you could.” She leans back and to my surprise, she picks up my hands and puts them on her hips. She slowly guides them up her sides and she moans again when my fingertips brush the underside of her tits.


“Mmm, you feel good,” I whisper in her ear. “Imagine what my fingers can do in other places.”


Montana moans again and stands up. She’s only gone as far as being topless. Tonight, however, she stands in front of me and moves her panties to the side so I can see how turned on she is.


“Mmm, what I wouldn’t give to devour that sexy little cunt right now,” I moan. My hard-on is straining against my zipper. I want to pull my cock out so she can impale herself.


Montana fixes her panties and climbs back on my lap so we’re face to face. Her little hands brace on my shoulders and her head falls back so her long hair brushes my thighs. She begins to rise and fall like she’s riding me.


“Montana, come home with me,” I moan. She’s rubbed against me more times than I can count, but something is different right now.


She lifts her head and bites her bottom lip. “One night,” she relents. “I’ll give you one night.”


“Really?” I never thought she would agree.


“One night is all you get and then you don’t come back in here,” she says.


“You want to get rid of me that bad, huh?” I smirk. It’ll be hard to stay away, but I’m willing to take the deal.


“You’re one of my best customers,” she tells me. “But I know you’ll see me differently after I fuck you and I can’t have a jealous boyfriend type fucking up my finances.”


“If I guarantee I won’t get jealous boyfriendy, can I come back? I enjoy the way you dance, but I’m not looking for a girlfriend,” I admit.


“Nope. You can keep your regular appointments or you can have one night with me.”


“Deal.” I’ve been lusting after her for too long to turn it down.


She smiles and leans in to whisper, “And I do anal.”


“Dirty little girl,” I growl.


“Sugar, you have no idea.”


“Can you knock off early since I’m your last client anyway?”


“I don’t think so. If you leave I’m still on shift until midnight.”


“Then I’ll sit back and enjoy the ride,” I smirk.




Montana follows me back to my house after her shift. As we walk in I take her hand and bring it to my lips.


“Tell me your name, I won’t be coming back. I don’t want to fuck a stripper, I want to fuck you,” I tell her as we make our way up to my room.


“Sookie,” she says. “My name is Sookie.”


We get to my room and I turn to face her. For the first time when my lips get close to hers they touch softly. “Sookie fits you,” I whisper against her lips.


“Thank you,” she whispers back and licks my lips.


“Are you going to show me what a dirty little girl you are now, Sookie?” I ask and my cock cheers when I’m finally allowed to touch her. My hand slips between her thighs and I start to rub her pussy through her pants.


“I’ll show you anything you want.” She shrugs out of her jacket and drops it on the floor.


“This is my last night with you. I want it all.” I grab the back of her head with my other hand and hold her close as my tongue sweeps through her lips.


Sookie moans into the kiss and her tongue duels with mine. Her fingers start tugging at my shirt to get it off and she breaks the kiss to pull it over my head. She looks at my bare torso and whimpers before her lips find mine again.


As we kiss I start to walk her back toward my bed. When her legs bump into it I start to kiss down her neck as I work on getting her shirt up.


“Take that off,” I growl and I move my hands down the back of her pants to start pushing them down.


“Bossy,” she breathes and unzips her jeans before she goes after mine.


“I’ve been thinking about eating your cunt for the last year and a half. I’m done waiting,” I tell her.


When she gets her pants to her knees I push drop and pull them all the way off, dragging her panties with them. I drop down, tilting my head and flick my tongue out to rub her clit with my tongue.


Sookie sucks in a breath and lifts her leg to rest it over my shoulder. “I hope that’s not your A game,” she smirks.


“Just needed a taste,” I tell her. I look up at her and suck on two fingers to get them wet. As I start to push them into her I ask, “How many times have you gotten off while thinking about my dick buried in your tight pussy?”


“Mmmm… today or overall?”


“Overall,” I request and I start rubbing her g-spot. I’ve been with enough girls to know how their bodies work.


Sookie gasps and almost instantly a fresh wave of her honey starts flowing. “Too… too many to count.”


I stand up. My fingers keep moving expertly over her sweet spot and I wrap my other hand around her throat to hold her down against the bed while I finger her.


“You’re about to cum, I can feel it,” I purr and rub my fingertips a little faster, brushing her clit with my thumb.


“Yes,” she gasps. “Don’t stop. Make me cum for you.”


I hold her down a little tighter. My hand moves faster and it takes less than thirty seconds for her to explode. She’s still gasping for air when I release her throat and lower my head to suck on her clit, flicking my tongue out to lick her honey up every few seconds.


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuck!” Sookie cries out and grabs my hair roughly. “Make that pussy cum again for you,” she growls.


I suck a third finger and force it in. She’s so fucking tight and it’s going to feel so fucking good when I get inside of her. I continue to massage her g-spot and suck hard on her clit. My pinky starts to tap her ass, letting her know I will be taking her there at some point.


Her hips try to flex but she doesn’t get far. Her hands go to her tits and she plucks her nipples. “Ohmygod… ohmygod… ohmygod…” Sookie pants and her walls grip my fingers again as her second orgasm takes over.


“Mmm, good girl,” I moan. I gently extract my fingers and lick them clean as I use my other hand to unzip my jeans. “Do you want to suck my dick, Sookie?” I ask. I would be just as happy if she wanted me to start pounding her pussy right now.


“I do, but right now I want you to fuck me,” she pants.


“Get comfortable… my stamina is…”


Sookie scoots closer to the pillows and spreads her legs wide for me.


“Mmm, that’s gorgeous,” I purr as I drop my jeans. I climb up onto the bed, settling on my knees between her thighs. I grab my cock and I start to rub my head through her folds. “It’s safe to go bare?” I ask as I press my tip into her opening.


“I’m on the pill.”


“Perfect,” I smile and slowly push all the way in so she can feel every long, thick inch of my cock.


“Oh shit,” she groans. “Fuck, you’re huge.”


“Mmm, I’ve been trying to get you to come home with me for so fucking long. You could’ve had this months ago,” I remind her as I pull almost all the way out before driving in hard, making her cry out.


“Well I’m here now so shut up and fuck me.”


“Yes, ma’am,” I smirk. “Grab your legs.” I push her legs back so she can hook them and I lift her by her ass so I can get in nice and deep. I start pounding her hard, my hips slapping against her ass. Fuck, she feels good.


“Yes! Right there!” Sookie shouts.


I keep going, harder and harder on each thrust. My hand slips under her body and I start massaging her back hole.


“Imagine what I’m going to feel like when I slide into this tight little asshole,” I growl. I move my hand away and rest it on her lower abdomen so I can rub her clit.


“So… fucking… good,” she pants.


My eyes go to her tits so I can watch them bounce as I drive into her over and over.


“Cum for me, Sookie,” I command her when I feel her walls begin to pulse.


She lets go of her legs to grab onto the end of the mattress and her pussy clamps down on my dick, trying to keep me deep inside her.


“Fuuuuuuuck!” she screams.


“Mmm, good girl,” I moan and grind against her, allowing her to feel my width stretch her. I bend over and grab her by her shoulder and waist to pull her up so she’s straddling me. “Ride me… Cum on me again, Sookie.”


Her hands grab my shoulders and she starts bouncing on my cock, slamming herself down so she’s taking all of me. I can feel her cum leaking down to my balls as she bounces.


“Fuck, that’s good,” I whisper and pull her face to mine to kiss her. All I can think is she feels just as good as I always imagined. I can only hope I feel as good to her.


She grinds against me and reaches down to play with her clit. She’s riding me so fucking hard.


My hands go to her ass and I start rubbing my finger through her rear cheeks, massaging her rear hole a little.


“Make me cum and I’ll give it to you hard in this little hole after you suck me hard again,” I whisper.


“Mmm… and I was going to let you cum in my mouth,” she says.


“The night’s still young,” I grin.


Sookie smirks and reaches back to grab my balls. She gives them a nice squeeze while she rocks her hips fast.


“Fuck,” I hiss. “Fuckfuckfuck… I’m getting close…” The tip of my finger dips into her ass and I get an image of my cock drilling into her there, pushing me over the edge. “Fuuuuuck,” I roar and hold her still while I pump her full of cum.


Sookie moans and hugs me tightly. Her hips move in slow circles like when she dances for me. “Is that what you needed, sugar?”


“Mmhmm,” I moan. “But I want every one of your holes…”


“You’ll have them.”


“Good.” I turn her face to mine to lick her lips. She tastes so fucking good. Everything is good about her, I’m learning. “Get down there and suck your sweet honey off of my dick, dirty girl.”


“You don’t want to watch your cum leak out of me?” she asks as she starts to rise up.


“Show me.”


Sookie slides down again and leans backwards so my shaft slides out of her slowly. When I fall out some of my cum rushes out a moment later.


“You dropped a pretty big load,” Sookie smirks and reaches down to rub her clit, making more of my cum appear.


“Your sexy little snatch milked it out of me,” I say, watching my cum pour out of her. I reach down and rub it around her opening, down to her ass and back up to her core. “Suck my dick, Sookie,” I tell her softly.


She gets up and lies on her stomach in front of me. Without hesitating she leans in and begins cleaning our cum off my cock. She moans as she works, taking extra time to polish my head before moving down my shaft. Her head starts bobbing, taking more and more of me until I hit the back of her throat. Sookie gags but she keeps taking me deep like that.


“Fuck,” I groan and start slowly thrusting my hips. I want to ram my head down her throat, but I know better.


Sookie moans and hums around my shaft as she sucks me. She only lifts her head to start working on my sac, licking and sucking her cum from each of my balls.


“That’s good, baby,” I moan and gently tug her hair to get her to stop. “Get on your hands and knees.” I pull away from her and go to my nightstand to grab the lube and a condom.


Sookie does as she’s told and when I look at her she’s got three fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. I groan and roll the condom on as I walk back to join her again. She moans when I pour the lube on her ass.


“Keep your fingers in your cunt,” I whisper as I grab her ass hard and begin to slide in.


“Oh… my… god…” she groans. “You’re so big… fuuuck.”


“Mmm, and you’re so fucking tight,” I breathe. “You want it hard?” I ask. I might be too big for her to take it as hard as I want to give it to her.


“Mmmm… give it to me hard. Own my tight little ass,” she growls.


I slap her ass and spread her cheeks. I hold on tight as I pull her back onto my shaft as I thrust forward, driving into her hard, going in deep. I spank her again and reach up to grab her hair. I yank her up to her knees and grind into her ass each time I thrust in.


“You like that, dirty girl? You like having my big fat dick deep in your ass?” I purr as my hips slap against her skin.


“I fucking love it,” she says.


“Good.” I wrap my hand around her throat to keep her in place. I can hear her fingers moving in her pussy. “Cum for me, Sookie. I want to feel it again…”


“I’m close. Keep slapping my ass.”


I push her back down to her hands and knees. She drops down to her elbows and my hand comes down hard on her ass again and again. I keep my eyes on my cock disappearing into her over and over. So. Fucking. Hot.


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” Sookie screams when she cums again. Her whole body shakes this time.


“Mmm, fuck!” I pull out, rip the condom off and pull her by her hair to shove my cock in her mouth just before I cum hard. “Fuuuuuuck!” I shout when I feel her swallowing my release.


Sookie moans around my length and keeps bobbing her head to clean me up.


“Oh… fuck, that’s good,” I pant. I pull her off after a moment settle on the bed next to her. “You staying?” I ask. If she does we can have another round in the morning.


“I told you you get me for the night,” she says with a smile. “And I’m pretty sure I can keep you hard all that time.”


“Oh, I am too,” I chuckle. I roll onto my back and say, “Come and play…”


Seven weeks later…


I’m sitting on the couch on Friday night. I’ve been a good boy, staying true to my word and I haven’t gone back to The Love Shack once. It’s been tempting, but we agreed to one night. It was a fucking amazing night, too.


Anyway. I’m sitting on the couch watching ESPN when my doorbell rings. I’m not expecting anyone, but I’ve had random booty calls show up every now and then. Maybe it’s Felicia. When I get to the door I frown when I see Sookie through the peephole. I frown because she looks upset.


I open the door quickly and say, “Sookie? What are you doing here?”


“I’m pregnant,” she blurts out.


I blink a few times before I ask, “What?” I heard her, I just don’t know if I heard her right.


“I’m pregnant,” she repeats. “And you’re the father.”


I’m the… I’m the… Sookie’s face goes a little blurry just before everything goes black.


27 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. ROTFL! He’s the big man when he’s fucking her and talking dirty, but she tells him she’s pregnant and he faints??? That’s priceless!

    So glad to see you ladies back! I can’t go very long without my Dirty Lemons fix. 😉


  2. i agree with lostinspace, damn, he got his cake now he has to suffer the consequences…. what a way to become pregnant and i can hear him tell her now its not his that she probably has sex with other customers. looking forward to her POV and why she gave in. KY


  3. I REALLY hope he doesn’t think she’s a gold digger. To be honest, I hope this story is angst-free hahaha
    I’m with lostinspace! Eric fainting was really hilarious and Sookie seems to be a nice girl. Welcome back, girls ;>


  4. Hi, i thought i would read this and i love the first chapter.
    Eric all big and bad dirty talking through the whole night. then he faints when he finds out she is preggers with his and her child? HILARIOUS!!!!!


  5. Wow… He was the one who asked to go bareback. Taking a home a woman that you do not know personally and one who is a stripper to boot… He should be happy that she didn’t say, “I have the Clap”. Looks like he is going to have to decide if he wants to play the responsible card. Men. Poor baby.


  6. The big bad man fainting is priceless! Loved them together. Chemistry was so hot. Can’t wait for next chapter. I already see him flipping out accusing her of being after his money


  7. Lol. Love that he faints. That’s going to help Sookie. Hehe. Definitely looking forward to Sookies POV. I’m thinking that she gave in because she was becoming to attracted to him? Maybe a way to fuck him out of her system?

    Brilliant beginning!


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