Chapter 3





“What do you mean your leave didn’t come through? You told me three weeks ago when I booked my fucking plane ticket that you had the time off. What the fuck, Trey?” I can’t believe this shit. I waited for a reason and now he’s telling me to cancel my trip.

“Babe, I don’t run the fucking military. I’m sorry. You can come, but I won’t be able to spend any time with you,” he sighs.

“Then what’s the fucking point?” I sigh and plop down on the couch. “Trey, we have to figure something out here. I love you, but this is just… What are we even doing anymore?”

“Surviving the best we can,” he says quietly. “I’ve already put in for leave once the drills are over. I can come to you.”



“When is that?” Probably after Memorial Day.



“I’m trying to make it out for your birthday.”



July. Even better.



“Great,” I sigh again. “I’ve gotta call the airlines and cancel my tickets.”



“Babe, I hate hearing you so sad,” Trey says. “I’m sorry…”



“Me too. I’ll see you in fucking July,” I grumble and hang up on him. I’m pissed off and disappointed. I was really looking forward to going to see him.



The buzzer sounds and I go to the intercom to see who’s here since I’m not expecting anyone.



“Who is it?” I practically bark into the speaker.






“Eric who…” Oh. Right. “How the hell did you find me?” I didn’t even give him my name.



“Amelia,” he supplies. “I come bearing chocolate.”



Lucky for him, I could use some. I buzz him in and go to the door. Heavy footsteps come up the stairs to my apartment. My place is two floors with several outdoor spaces. It’s great in the summertime for cookouts and whatnot.



“Hi,” he says when he sees me. He has another pink box.



“More frosted genitals?” I lean in my doorway.



He shakes his head and hands me the box without responding. I lift the lid and I’m pretty sure I’m looking at a turtle cheesecake.



“You’re lucky I’m having a shitty day. Come in.” I straighten up to let him in.



Eric nods and follows me into my apartment.



“This is a cute place,” he comments.



“Thanks.” I lead him to the kitchen. I renovated it last summer so now there’s a nice breakfast bar he can sit at. “So why are you here, exactly?”



“Every time you walk away I feel like a fucking prick and I wanted to properly apologize without any innuendo.”



I should be getting out plates and forks. Instead I open the freezer and get out a bottle of tequila because I can’t stand it warm. I grab two shot glasses and my salt shaker, and take it all to the breakfast bar.



“I need something a little stronger than cheesecake,” I tell him as I unscrew the cap on the tequila.



“Whatever works,” he shrugs. “I could probably use a drink too.”



“Good.” I pour him a shot and then one for myself. “To something harder,” I say as I hold up my glass.



He holds up his shot and says, “To offending you and making it up with baked goods.”



I clink my glass to his and toss my shot back. Yep, I’m gonna need another one – or twelve – of these.



“So, what has you so upset?” he asks as he pours another round.



“I don’t really want to talk about it. Right now I want to drink on it,” I tell him.



“Maybe we can sleep on… Good call,” he stops himself.



“Do you have bad pickup line Tourettes or something?” I pick up my shot glass and shoot it back.



He shoots his and shakes his head. “Blake Shelton song.”



“Right,” I smile. “I didn’t even think about that.”



“It’s alright. We’re already two shots in. I’m bound to get way fuckin’ worse,” he chuckles. “My fuckin’ filter doesn’t really exist.”



“That explains a lot.” I pour another round.



“I’ve gotten used to offending people. I stopped caring years ago.” He takes the shot and takes the bottle from me.



“Then why are you apologizing to me with pastries two days in a row?” More importantly, why am I getting drunk with a guy that invited me to take my clothes off?



“You have amazing tits and your feistiness is hot as fuck. And you look like you need pastries,” he shrugs.



“Pastries are nice,” I agree. “Too bad eating your dick didn’t help.”



“I promise that turtle cheesecake will make your fuckin’ ovaries tingle,” he winks.



“Maybe later.” I slip my cardigan off and push myself up onto the counter by the sink.



“Now you’re getting me drunk. You know you’re going to be stuck with my giant ass for at least six hours.”



“I’ve dealt with worse,” I shrug. “Plus you’re easy to look at.” He’s sort of ridiculously good looking. His hair is the same blond as mine and he’s probably around a foot taller than I am. He’s got this almost Old Hollywood look about him.



“Then we’re good. I can look at your tits and you can admire my face. Should I take my shirt off so you can check out my sugar gut again?”



“Maybe later,” I chuckle. He’s ridiculous with that ‘sugar gut’ business. I bet I could bounce a quarter off that ass.



What the fuck am I saying? I have Trey. I’m not supposed to be checking out other men, much less getting drunk with them. Yet…



“Another shot?” Eric offers.



“Hit me,” I nod. I scoot closer to the breakfast bar to collect my glass. Tequila is the devil in a lot of ways, but as long as I go emotionally numb, I don’t care.



Eric takes his shot and I slide off the counter to go turn on my iPod.



“What kind of music do you like?” I ask.



“Anything,” he replies.



I scroll through my iPod but don’t find anything jumping out at me so I just hit play. I snort when Todd Rundgren’s ‘It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference’ starts to play. How fitting.



“So… what’s your name?” Eric asks after a minute or two.



“Sookie,” I reply. I go back to the kitchen area and open a drawer to get a fork.



“Sookie fits,” he nods.



“I think so.” I flip the lid off the cheesecake and dig in so I don’t start singing along with the iPod.



Damn, this is good cheesecake. Creamy and delicious.



“How are your ovaries? You’re moaning over there and if I’m being honest it’s making my dick hard.”



“Ovaries are fine,” I say with my mouth full. The song changes to ‘Tiny Dancer’. Uh oh.



I see Eric move out of the corner of my eye, heading toward me. I feel his hands on my hips as he sways slowly to the song. “Dance with me,



Sookie,” he purrs into my ear.



“Is this song your mating call or something?” I snort.



“No,” he chuckles. “I just wanted to be closer… to feel you.”



I put down my fork and straighten up so my back is to his chest. I close my eyes and revel in the warmth of his body behind mine. I miss Trey, but he’s not here. He won’t be here for months. I’m so tired of missing him and feeling lonely all the fucking time.



“See, this is nice,” he whispers against the shell of my ear in his smooth baritone. His hands slide around to the front of my hips to pull me tighter against him. As we sway I can feel his growing erection against my lower back.



I should be pulling away from him. I’ve never cheated on Trey in the time we’ve been together. Even when he was in the Middle East I was a loyal and faithful girlfriend. I push thoughts of him right out of my head and concentrate on Eric; the slow movement of his hands up my sides. I don’t stop them from brushing my chest or roaming over my stomach.



“Tell me something, Eric, do you kiss as good as you bake?” I ask.



“I’ve never gotten a complaint,” he says as I feel his lips brush along my neck just below my ear.



“Maybe there’s a first time for everything.”



His hand ghosts up my body to my jaw so he can turn my face toward his. Eric’s lips are soft when they slide over mine.



“Are you interested in finding out?” he whispers against my lips.



I nod slightly and that’s enough for him. He holds my head in place as he moves his lips across mine. His tongue moves slowly along my bottom lip before moving to the top to get me to open up for him. When I do his soft, sweet tongue licks mine gently.



It’s been a long time since I’ve kissed anyone but Trey. This should feel weird or wrong, but it doesn’t. It feels good. Really, really good.
My body turns toward his and my arms wrap around his neck as the kiss gets deeper. I should be pulling away but instead I start moving us back to the couch. When his feet hit it he holds onto my hips and helps me lie down so he can settle his weight on me; wedging his hips between my thighs. As we make out Eric’s hips thrust against me so I can feel just how big his dick really is.



“We should stop,” he moans between kisses. His hands slide into my hair to tilt my head back and he starts to kiss down my neck. “Mmm, but you taste so fuckin’ good.”



I’m already breathing hard and the thin material of my leggings is doing nothing to shield me from his hips grinding against mine. My eyes flutter closed and I turn my head the other way so he can kiss the other side of my neck. At the right spot, my hips thrust up to meet his, making us both groan.



He places wet, open mouthed kisses up to my ear so he can nibble on my earlobe. “Tell me, Sookie, do I kiss as good as I bake?” he purrs as his hips swivel against mine.



“Better,” I pant.



He pushes up, locking his arms so he can look down at me. His hips are moving against me like he’s fucking me.



“Do you feel how fucking hard your hot little body is making me?” he asks. I can feel every inch of his rigid cock sliding over my clit.



“It would be impossible not to,” I answer. “Maybe you should take your pants off. I’m sure that sucker needs room to roam.”



“If I take my pants off my dick will be roaming the inside of your cunt,” he tells me, thrusting harder.






He stops moving and looks at my face, searching for something. When he finds it he sits up on his knees and pulls his shirt over his head to throw it across the room.



“Take your clothes off, Sookie,” he commands when he goes for his jeans.



I sit up and pull my shirt up over my head, tossing it to the side. I haven’t had a one night stand in over a decade, but right now I need this. Trey doesn’t need to know and Eric doesn’t need to know about Trey. I lean back and wiggle out of my leggings.
Eric stands long enough to take his pants and boxers off before he’s right back on knees between my legs. His eyes roam my body before they settle on my pussy. He runs his middle finger up and down my slit. He spreads my lower lips; his solid erection slides over my clit over and over.



“Please tell me you have condoms here,” he whispers as he continues to rub my swollen nub slowly. “Mmm, you should see my dick weeping all over your little cunt.”



“In my bedroom,” I tell him. I have condoms from Trey’s last visit at Christmas. I push him back and get off the couch with Eric following close behind me.




16 thoughts on “Chapter 3

  1. I never saw that coming. I never thought Sookie would cheat on Tray. I think it’s time to break up with Tray. I wonder why Eric’s relationship ended with Nora? If Nora cheated I wonder how Eric will take it if he knew Sookie cheated with him? I could totally be jumping the gun. Oh, those were some sexy kisses.


    • Don’t worry. We’ll find out how he reacts when he finds out in a few chapters. And we also find out what happened with Nora. That’s not a big spoiler, but he basically put the bakery before his wife. She left him.


  2. Holy hell. He does have a potty mouth but dang it’s a turn on. Sookie is crazy if she thinks they will be a one night stand. She needs to be honest and break it off with Trey.


  3. Hm, drunk Sookie is a cheating Sookie. I Sookie just breaks up with Trey instead of with this crap of a relationship that really isn’t the relationship she needs.


  4. Dang, I love no filter Eric! I always wonder about condoms…like how does Eric fit into the regular ones that most people probably have? Maybe everyone in SVM universe is similarly well-endowed…I guess he could like a tight fit. I am thinking way too much about this!
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!


  5. This story is already so so so addictive…. Not sure how you did that but ‘bad pickup line Tourettes’ really has to be a condition… I can’t decide if Eric was in the right place and the right time or in the wrong place at the wrong time…. probably both but yeah, I do wonder what he’s going to make of Sookie being in a 10 year old relationship… Although he didn’t really ask many questions either so… I am normally not a huge fan of ‘cheating’ in a story but I have to say, in this story, Sookie is really in a troubled place (figuratively and literally with Trey being posted so far) so this all fits without taking from the sympathy one always wants to have for the characters. Oh, and yeah, it was very hot… Can’t wait for the next chapter!!!


  6. LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! please tell me that an unplanned pregnancy is about to happen, with two people who have barely known each other for two days!!!!


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