Chapter 16


“If it makes you feel better, the safe word is velvet,” Sookie whispers in my ear once we’re seated at the restaurant.


“That makes me feel way better. I have no idea why we didn’t do that the first time,” I tell her and rest my hand on her thigh.


“Because I was being foolish,” she says.


“I think we both were,” I admit and lean over to kiss her softly on the lips. While I’m close my hand inches up her skirt. “Do you think you can stay quiet?” I whisper as my fingers rub up and down her slit over her panties.


“I think I better.” Sookie squirms a little.


“Do you remember how hard my spankings are when you’re naughty?” I ask as I push her panties over.


“I remember cumming when you paddled me,” she whispers.


“Baby, we don’t have a paddle anymore,” I remind her. “This,” I set my other hand on the table, “Is what will be coming down hard on your sexy ass.”


The waiter comes up to take our order. His name is Jake and he’s the type of guy I think Sookie likes knowing who was on her Tumblr all that time ago. He asks for our drink order and goes over the specials. The whole time he’s talking Sookie is giving him a sweet, sexy look that makes my dick hard when she gives it to me.


“I think I’ll just have a diet coke,” Sookie winks at Jake.


“I’ll take a Bud Light,” I order. I don’t know if Jake hears me, but he walks away just before I shove two fingers into Sookie. “You like him, lover?” I ask her as I wiggle my fingers.


“I like what flirting with him does to you,” she says as she spreads her legs a little wider for me.


I shove in deeper and lean in to kiss her neck. “You like that it makes me want to throw you on the table and claim what’s mine?” I purr into her ear before I pull back.


“Mmm… exactly,” she murmurs and her eyes close.


“Keep your eyes open, Sookie. No one can know I have two fingers deep in your tight snatch, wiggling them over your g-spot.” I twist to find her spot and begin to rub.


Sookie gasps but her eyes open. She bites her lip and looks at me with lust in her eyes just as Jake comes back with our drinks.


“Thank you, Jake,” she purrs and leans over to give him a great view of her cleavage.


“You’re welcome, ma’am,” he smiles at her. I growl when his eyes move down to her tits, making them snap back up to her face. “Have you had a chance to look at the menu?”


“I apologize, we’ve been lost in conversation,” I smirk.


Sookie bites her bottom lip and I can tell it’s taking all her will not to moan or whimper in front of the waiter.


“I think I want something spicy,” Sookie says when she can talk. She looks at Jake and asks, “Can you recommend something hot?”


I have to hide my amusement when he swallows deep and his voice cracks a little when he says, “We have… Uh, we have a spicy, blackened chicken that is delicious.”


“Kind of like my girlfriend, Jake?” I ask in a tone that makes the hair on his arms stand up. My voice also makes Sookie’s walls squeeze my fingers.


“Um… Sir?” Jake asks, trying to stay calm and not run from the table.


“You looked at her tits like you want to bury your face in them. While that is definitely a fun activity, they aren’t for you,” I smile. “Baby, how does the chicken sound?” I ask Sookie with the same smile.


“It sounds tasty,” she says. Her eyes drift back to Jake as she leans over toward my ear to purr, “Don’t worry, baby, my tits are all yours.”


“I know.” I look back over at Jake and say, “I’ll take the filet, medium-well, please.” I look back at Sookie and ask, “Is there anything else you want? An appetizer or anything?” I’m pretty much doing Jake’s job here, but we’ve flustered him enough. He’s going to get an outrageous tip.


“Mmm… how about the pulled chicken quesadillas?” Sookie asks. Her walls are pulsing around my fingers.


I lean in to whisper, “Keep going until you cum in front of him.” My fingers move faster and I suck lightly on her neck just below her ear before I pull back.


Sookie gasps and I know she’s almost there.


“Are the toasted ravioli good?” she asks Jake.


He nods and says slowly, “Yes, they’re one of our biggest sellers.” He keeps his eyes on Sookie’s eyes the whole time.


“Which would you…” she pauses to gasp again and her hand grips my wrist, tugging the top of her dress down just a bit more. “Which would you recommend?”


She whimpers softly and her walls clamp down.


I clear my throat. “Eyes, Jake,” I remind him when he looks down at her tits again.


His eyes flick back up and he stammers, “Uh… rav… ravioli.”


“She’ll take the ravioli, thank you,” I tell him, shooing him away. As soon as he’s gone I pull my fingers out and lick them clean. “Thank you, baby,” I groan around my fingers. I can taste my cum mixed with hers and we don’t taste too bad.


“You’re welcome,” she pants and buries her flushed face in my shoulder while she recovers.


“Are you okay?” I chuckle and rub her arm.


“Mmhmm,” she hums. “I think our appetizer won’t come until Jake does.”


I laugh. I can see him at a different table, glancing back at Sookie.


“You have an admirer,” I say and kiss her head. “You know you’re going to get a spanking for making our waiter hard, right?”


Sookie nods and lifts her head to suck lightly on the sensitive spot on my neck. “I was naughty,” she whispers and tugs on my earlobe with her teeth.


“Right now you’re at ten swats, your behavior can either earn you more or take some away,” I inform her and close my eyes when I feel her hand on my thigh.


“I’ll keep that in mind,” she says as she starts rubbing my cock.


I move her hand away and say, “Nope, naughty girls don’t get to have my cock until I tell them they can.”


“Please?” Sookie whispers and licks the shell of my ear.


I want to pull it out and let her take whatever she wants, but I stay strong.


“If you take your punishment well after dinner you can put him in whatever hole you want him in,” I tell her.


“Yes, Sir,” she purrs and turns my head to kiss me hard.


I moan into the kiss and bring my hand up to cup her face. The kiss is broken when a throat clears and our toasted ravioli are delivered. Normally there are runners to deliver food, but we have Jake doing everything it seems.


“Mmm… those look yummy, Jake. Thank you,” Sookie smiles and winks at him.


I lean in and whisper, “Like your pussy.”


“Thank you, I was able to get a few extra ravioli for you,” Jake grins.


“How nice of you. I’m so hungry,” Sookie purrs.


“I’ll make sure to have your chicken out as soon as possible,” he tells her. I still don’t think he’s looked at me. It’s good that she sees someone else is attracted to her.


“Thank you, Jake,” she says again while she spears one of the ravioli. Jake lingers while she cuts into it to take a bite. Sookie moans like she does when I’m pounding into her and closes her eyes as she chews.


“That’ll be all, Jake, unless you’re going to sit down with us,” I chuckle. He quickly runs off. “Baby, you’re evil,” I tell her and take a ravioli.


“Nope, just naughty.” She squeezes my cock.


“I said no cock until after you take your punishment,” I remind her and take her hand off of my lap again.


Sookie pouts and takes another bite of her ravioli. I gently grab her chin to turn her head toward me.


“No pouting,” I say in my Sir voice.


“Fine,” she huffs.


I excuse myself to go to the restroom. I pass Jake on the way and he turns away as quickly as he can. When I get into the bathroom I lean against the sink and take a few deep breaths. I know things won’t go too far this time, but it still makes me nervous. I like this; I like doing this for her. When I forced my cock on her last time still sits on the back of my mind so I just need to calm down. She forgave me, I’ve forgiven myself, but it’s something I’ll never forget.


Once I’ve calmed down and prepped myself for what’s to come I go back to the table. I shake my head when I see Sookie leaning over the table with her tits on full display as she smiles at Jake who is eating it up. Sookie sees me approach, but continues to flirt.


“I see I haven’t been missed,” I joke as I take my seat again.


“I was just asking Jake if he likes my necklace,” Sookie explains.


“I’m not sure he can see it since his eyes haven’t left your breasts,” I chuckle. Jake looks nervous. “How do you like it, her necklace that is?”


“It’s uh… it’s very pretty, sir,” Jake tells me. His eyes are glancing back and forth between me and Sookie’s tits.


“It’s one of my favorites,” I agree and reach over to run my fingers over it, trailing them down between her tits before I pull my hand away.


“Too bad I can’t show you where I used to be pierced,” Sookie says to him and he gulps again.


“I think your food is up,” Jake says and quickly disappears.


“I don’t think scaring him is the best idea, Sookie. He’s going to have a heart attack.”


“I’m not scaring him,” she chuckles. “I was also never pierced.”


“Baby, you’re scaring him. He’s not scared of you, but of me,” I smile. “I walked passed him on the way to the bathroom and he damn near pissed himself.”


“So you’re scaring him. I’m making him horny,” she says.


“I’ve done nothing,” I shrug. “You are getting us prompt service. I don’t know if that detracts from your punishment or not.”


“You should have seen his face when I ‘accidentally’ showed him the birthmark on my thigh,” she tells me.


I lean over and suck her neck, making her squirm. “That definitely adds to your punishment. We can make that fifteen swats instead of ten,” I whisper. I suck one more time and pull back just as our dinner is delivered.


“Mmm… hot meat. Just what I need,” Sookie says and grabs my dick again.


I stifle a groan and pull her hand away again, squeezing it as I rest it on the table.


“Seventeen,” I say and smile at Jake as he sets my steak down.


“No fair,” Sookie says.


I wait until Jake walks away and I look at her. “Are you sure you want to increase the count, Sookie? You need to be able to sit and bend tomorrow.”


“I’ll be fine.” Sookie picks up her fork and cuts into her chicken.


“Just so we’re clear I won’t help you tomorrow if you’re sore,” I inform her and grab my knife. The steak cuts like butter.


“We’ll see,” she smirks and moans when her lips wrap around the fork.


My eyes cut to her and my cock twitches. Only one orgasm, I tell myself. She only gets one for taking her punishment well. I want to fuck her all night and I know once she gets on a roll I can have her cumming for hours.


I take a bite of my steak and let out my own little moan before I move on to my potatoes.


“Babe, you should try these.” She got rice with her chicken.


Sookie turns her head and opens her mouth. I feed her a bite while I give her a heated look. Her full lips wrap around the fork and when I slide it out of her mouth she licks her lips.


“Mmm… that’s yummy,” she says.


“Almost as good as you,” I purr.


She smiles at me and then focuses on her meal.


We get through dinner in peace. She only smiles at Jake when he stops to check on us. When he offers us dessert I defer to Sookie.


“No, I’ll have my treat at home,” she replies.


“I bet you will,” Jake says under his breath.




We walk into the house and I drop my purse on the little table by the door. I take off my coat and hang it up in the closet but I leave my shoes on. The closet door is barely shut when Eric is tugging me toward the living room.


“Bend over the arm of the couch, Sookie. You have a punishment to take,” he tells me. “Seventeen was the last count.”


“I remember,” I tell him and bend over like he told me to. “I’ve been thinking about it since dinner.”


Eric pulls my panties down my thighs and runs his finger through my folds.


“Mmm, it seems you have been,” he purrs and without warning he gives my right cheek a hard smack.


“Ahhh!” I yelp. It stings but it also feels good. I feel myself gush a little.


Eric touches my pussy again and says, “Already gushing for me, lover.” He gives my left cheek the same treatment and then immediately gives me a third swat on my right again.


“It’s going to make me cum,” I whisper and my thighs rub together.


“If you cum you don’t get my cock,” he tells me and gives me two more slaps. Each one harder than the last.


I moan and look back at him. This is a big deal for Eric and I know it. Over dinner I realized we need this so we can put the past behind us once and for all. He needs to see that I trust him.


“Do you like watching my ass turn pink for you, Sir?” I ask him. He swats me three more times and rubs my ass for a moment to feel the heat coming off it.


“I love it, baby,” he groans. He looks up to my eyes from my ass and I feel two of his thick fingers push into me. “I also love what my hand is doing to this cunt.” He pulls out and gives me three more swats before reaching down wiping up my juices from my inner thigh. “You’re dripping.”


“You want to fuck my pussy right now, don’t you?” I moan.


“Mmm, we have six more before I even think about it,” he smirks and gives me two hard swats. “Make that four.”


“Give them to me, Eric,” I pant. I want him inside me.


“Don’t be greedy, Sookie,” he growls and reaches down to pinch my clit. I’m so wet his fingers slide off. “Fuck… You haven’t cum yet, have you?”


“No,” I whimper. If he pinches my clit again I probably will though.


He gives me two more hard slaps, rubs my ass and then gives me the final two.


“You’re going to cum the second my thick cock slides into that greedy little cunt, aren’t you?” he asks while he rubs my ass more.


“Yes, Sir,” I moan. My ass hurts but I want him more.


I hear him unzip his pants. The head of cock slides through my folds and he tells me, “You took your punishment well, and you didn’t cum…” He holds my hips and slides in, slowly filling me.


“Oh fuck,” I gasp. My walls grip him immediately and all it takes is his head rubbing my sweet spot once to make me cum.


“Oh fuck is right,” he groans. He keeps his hips still through my orgasm. “Baby, you’re dripping down my fucking balls.”


“I’ll clean up my mess,” I promise and start rocking back and forth.


He moans and massages my spine as he slides his hand up to the back of my neck. His fingers tighten around my hair and he jerks my head up so my back is arched. He uses my head as leverage to pull himself deep into my pussy as he starts to drive into me; pushing my hips into the side of the couch he’s fucking me so hard.


“I fucking adore your pussy, baby,” he pants.


“It’s yours, Eric,” I moan. I reach down to rub my clit and in just a few thrusts of his hips, I’m cumming again.


“Damn right she’s fucking mine,” he growls and smack my ass again. He grabs my shoulder and pounds into me even harder until he cums deep with a roar. “Fuuuuck!”


My body goes limp and I collapse on the couch. Eric keeps thrusting erratically until he’s done cumming. I whimper when he pulls out and I hear him growl again.


“You should see my cum dripping out of you, Sookie.” He starts rubbing my clit and I can feel how slick I am with our combined releases.


“Too much,” I try to swat his hand away.


“Mmm, really?” he smirks. He uses his free hand to hold mine down at the small of my back as he keeps rubbing.


“Eric,” I pant, “I can’t cum again…”


“Yes you can.” He’s proven right when he moves his thumb to my clit and he curls three fingers inside of me.


“Ohmygod!” I cry out. My walls clamp down in an orgasm so intense I swear I black out for a few seconds.


When I come to he’s pulling my panties all the way off and helping me to lie on the couch.


“Are you okay?” he asks quietly and snuggles in next to me on the couch.


“Perfect,” I whisper and close my eyes. “You’re so good to me, Eric. Thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” he whispers back and holds me tight as he kisses my forehead.


I completely relax and before I know it, I’m sound asleep.




A couple of weeks later I’m out Christmas shopping with Brie and Thal. I don’t have much to buy and even though I want to spoil my baby rotten, I know it’s a waste this year. My big goal is to get her picture with Santa Claus. Hopefully she won’t be screaming her head off in it.


While we’re in Yankee Candle, I start to feel nauseated. I figure it’s just so many smells all at once, but an hour later at Baby Gap, the nausea gets to be too much and I end up bolting from the store to find the nearest trashcan to puke in. Thal follows behind me with Brie’s stroller and rubs my back.


I ignore the groans of the people passing by us. It’s flu season so I don’t think much of it. I’m probably just getting sick. A few minutes pass before I feel good enough to stand up straight again. I apologize profusely to the poor custodian that’s waiting to change the trash bag.


“Happens all the time,” he says like it’s no big deal.


Brie is looking at me all confused and Thal looks concerned.


“It’s probably just the flu,” I tell her. “I didn’t get a shot this year.”


“Okay…” Thalia says skeptically.




“Nothing,” she shrugs. “You just don’t have any other flu symptoms.”


“Maybe I’m starting with this.”


“Could be. Could also be McCreamy creaming all up inside of your snat–”




“Making creamstains,” she snorts. “Little creamsicles.”


‘On my god shut your mouth hole,” I laugh, “I’m on the pill.”


“You were on the pill for this little Costa Rican delight, too,” she snickers, pointing at Brie.


“No, I wasn’t. I wasn’t seeing anyone then so I went off it. She’s the product of defective Trojans,” I say. “Besides, I got my period two weeks ago.” It was lighter than normal, but I still got it.


“Okay. Flu it is,” she concedes. “Don’t get me sick.”


“Well there goes my plan to French kiss you,” I deadpan.




“I’m sure it’s nothing,” I say as we start walking. Two trashcans later, my stomach turns.


This pattern continues all the way to the cars. Thal helps me get Brie and my bags in. I feel clammy and lightheaded. My mind reels back to when I was pregnant with Brie. I didn’t have a single bout of morning sickness with her. I didn’t even think anything was up until I was late and my bras were getting snug.


“Sook, are you sure you’re okay to drive?” Thal asks as she puts Brie in her car seat for me.


“Yeah, I’ll be fine. It’s just a few miles away. I can call Eric if I need to,” I tell her.


“Okay…” She looks nervous. “I can drive you. Mustafa can bring me back to get my car…”


“I think I’m okay. I don’t feel nauseated anymore.”


“Alright. Text me when you get home,” she says and gives me a hug. “This new baby is going to be adorable,” she teases as she pulls back.


“Haha,” I laugh. “I’ll let you know when I’m home.”


I get in the car and barely pull into the garage before another wave hits me. I leave Brie in her car seat and run inside. I make it to the laundry sink before I lose it again. Another ten minutes of puking later my baby is screaming herself hoarse and I feel like death warmed over.


I get Brie out of the car and take her inside to get her a bottle. It’s nap time anyway. Once she’s settled I text Thal and then call Eric. I’m going to need help if I’m getting sick.


11 thoughts on “Chapter 16

  1. Oh no! Please tell me she’s not pregnant again. It’s too soon to be adding that pressure to their relationship.


  2. I’m hoping she just needs Dr. Eric to come over and help her get better. Think it’s too early in relationship to throw this curve ball at them but if it is a curve ball I’m sure Eric will be amazingly supportive.


  3. Seems more like the stomach flu to me also. Dr Eric to the rescue. Although if it is a baby Northman, Eric would probably more okay than Sookie at this point.


  4. I think sookie is more than a little sick, eric and her may have a scare that puts her down for a while and that’s when the falling in love is gonna happen. these two are SEX, sheesh, you girls are the reason for my heart rate flying through the roof. ya’ll the shit.


  5. I wonder if she really is just sick? She sounded pretty sick like flu at the end there. I bet Eric will do a great job taking care of the baby while she recovers! And make Sook fall in love with him!


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