Chapter 8: Just A Kiss



“So… are we just going to sit out here?” I ask once Eric parks his SUV by the lake. It’s pretty outside but a little cool for bare legs and I get cold easily. I’m sure Eric took that into account so he can keep me warm.


“I could turn the car around and we can pop the back so we get some of the fresh air. I have a couple blankets so you don’t get too cold. It’s nice out here,” he says as he reaches over to hold my hand. “I wasn’t thinking about how cold it is when I decided to bring you here.”


“It’s okay, Eric. I doubt I’ll be hypothermic,” I assure him. “We can do either one?”


He starts his SUV again and turns it around so he’s backed into the spot. We’re about twenty yards from the water, giving us a gorgeous view of the shore and the moonlight shining off of the lake.


“I can lay the seats down real quick. Stay,” he says as he gets out of the truck and pops the back hatch.


While he does that I unbuckle the straps on my shoes and slip them off. When he’s got things situated I climb over the front seat to the back where he’s created somewhat of a bed out of plush blankets. I lie down on my side and get comfortable. Eric climbs in next to me and takes off his shoes before lying down. He’s facing me, propped up on his elbow.


“What are you thinking about?” he asks quietly as he reaches over to brush my hair over my shoulder.


“Truth? Your lips,” I confess.


“What are you thinking about them?” His lips turn up in a small smile as he leans a little closer to me.


“How soft they are,” I tell him.


“Would you like to feel them on yours?” he asks, settling his hand on my hip.


I nod my head slowly. I know he’s been dying to kiss me for days. I appreciate that he’s let me take things at my own pace and that he’s stuck around. I decide to meet him halfway and press my lips to his in a soft, lingering peck that makes my heart race.


“More?” he whispers, his lips brushing against mine.


“Please,” I whisper back and gingerly rub his cheek.


He presses his lips to mine for a long moment before he does what he always does when he wants more. He slowly sucks my bottom lip, nipping lightly as his hand comes up to thread through my hair. When I give him entrance his tongue rubs against mine. I scoot closer to him and let him take the lead on the kiss. I know I won’t be disappointed and it feels good to let myself go like this.


Eric slips his hand to the back of my hair, holding my head in place as he turns his to deepen the kiss. The kiss stays gentle as his knee slides between my legs so he can get a little closer to me. When he breaks the kiss to breathe he starts to press soft, wet kisses along my jaw, down my neck and then back up again to get that spot right below my ear.


“Tell me if you want me to stop,” he whispers and then sucks a little harder on my neck.


I let out an involuntary whimpery-moan and slide my leg over his so we’re even closer and I can feel the twitching in his pants. When I can’t take the kisses on my neck anymore I pull his head back and nibble on his bottom lip until he thrusts his tongue back in my mouth. I can’t remember the last time I did something like this, but I love that making out like we’re sixteen all over again still feels so right. I don’t fight it when Eric rolls me under him, or when his hips grind against mine.


“Mmm, I almost forgot how much I love doing this with you,” he purrs as his hips continue to rub against me. He slides his tongue between my lips again, settling his elbows on the blanket near my shoulders and massaging my head as we make out.


I know exactly what he means but I’ll be damned if I’m going to break the kiss to tell him so. Instead I let my hands move up and down his back. At his lower back I tug his shirt free and let my hands move underneath it, feeling his soft skin. There’s the scar from that bad 360 he tried to do one time to impress me and he just ended up with thirteen stitches near his left kidney. There’s another scar closer to his right shoulder blade from the fight he got into with René Lanier after he called me a white trash cunt because I wouldn’t give him a hand release at a party junior year. For only having been together for two years, it feels like I have a lifetime of memories.


One of Eric’s hands moves down to my thigh as I lift them to wrap around his hips. He slowly rubs the bare skin, moving closer and closer to my ass. I know he wants to go farther, but he’s respectable and doesn’t move his hand or fingers anywhere he’s unsure about.


“May I?” he whispers as his fingers brush that spot right where my thigh and ass meet.


“Yes,” I breathe and decide to give him a taste of his own medicine. My fingers unbutton the top three buttons on his shirt. His skin is soft and warm beneath my lips and the sensation of his large hand gripping my ass feels right. With my legs wrapped around him I can pull my lower half up to rub against his solid erection while I search for the spot on the right side of his neck that used to make his leg twitch.


“Fuck,” he grunts when I get it. He moves his fingers a little closer to my slit, but stops before he gets to my panties. “Move your legs up higher.”


Without pulling away, I do as I’m told. My knees slide up closer to his ribs. Eric shifts his hips so I’m able to feel the full length of his cock rub me through my panties. He continues to dry hump me for a minute or so before he pulls his hips back and I feel his nimble fingers manipulating my folds. He keeps them above the lace, but seems to know all the right spots to hit.


“Oh god,” I moan and rest my head on the blankets. I can’t concentrate on anything other than his fingers and the magic they’re working. I’m so tempted to unzip him, free his cock and… Mmm…


He pushes up on his arms to look down at my face as he moves my panties out of the way. He groans when his fingers hit my wet folds for the first time. Eric’s middle finger massages my clit for a moment before he slides it down to rub my opening. He pushes just the tip of his thick digit into me before pulling out to rub my clit again. It’s not going to take much to make me explode.


I keep my eyes on his and my hands clutching at his shirt as he rubs my swollen bundle of nerves. My hips start to move with his finger. He dips inside me again, drawing more of my wetness up to my clit and I cry out when he moves a certain way that makes my back arch. Always one to take cues, Eric does it again and again and again until I’m chanting his name and begging him to make me cum.


“Is this what my pretty girl wants?” he whispers as he slides two of his thick fingers deep into my core. He curls and drags them back out, hitting my easy button on the way.


“Yes! Ohmygod! Again, please, Eric. Fuckfuckfuck,” I pant.


Never one to disappoint, Eric does it again… and again… and again.


“That?” he smirks as his eyes travel down to watch his fingers moving.


“Yes! Yesyesyesyesyes!” I cry out. The pressure explodes and I tug on his shirt while I ride out the waves. It’s been way too long since anyone but me double clicked my mouse.


“I missed that so much,” he tells me. He gently works his fingers out of me. He looks into my eyes again as he brings his hand up to suck my juices off of his fingers.


I lie there panting, trying to catch my breath a bit. When I can breathe almost normally my hands move down his chest and begin to unzip his pants.


“Your turn,” I smile.


Before he can argue with me, I have my hand around his shaft and start to stroke. Up and down, up and down, up and down over and over again, going nice and slow. My thumb strokes his tip, spreading the little beads of moisture that keep forming.


“Oh god, Sookie,” he groans, closing his eyes. “It’s been a long time since…” He trails off as his bottom lip tucks between his teeth.


I smile. “So hurry up?” I tighten my grip and twist on the next upstroke.


“You can make it last as long as you want,” he breathes, thrusting his hips slowly.


“Good.” I keep stroking him slowly and tilt my head to kiss his jaw. His cock pulses in my hand and every few strokes I rub his tip again.


“You’re going to make a liar out of me,” he says and drops his head to kiss me.


I moan into the kiss and for a moment I concentrate on just his swollen head. It would be so easy to move him just a few inches to the right… With him it wouldn’t be just sex but I don’t want a quickie in the back of a car. Something tells me he doesn’t either.


Eric drops his weight on me, stopping my hand. He hooks my arms and rolls onto his back, taking me with him. “It was taking everything in me not to shift and slide into you,” he chuckles as his hands drift up my thighs around to my ass.


“Trust me, I thought about it too,” I reply. Because it’s a little more convenient from this position, I lean down to provide a little more lubrication for him. When I start stroking him again his eyes roll back into his head.


“Good god that’s good,” he whispers.


“Do you remember the first time I did this?” It was my first ever hand job and I was paranoid I was going to mess it up.


“Like it was yesterday,” he smiles. “It was just as good then as it is now… And also in the back of a car.”


“Whatever happened to the Falcon anyway?” My thumb moves around and around his head before resuming the strokes.


“Mmm, it’s at my dad’s. I’m going to give it to EJ when so he can have something to drive when he’s with me.” He grips my ass a little tighter, clearly trying to keep from moving me over his erection. “I was getting ready to have my parents sell it for me since I needed the money but I found out I was having a boy before I told them. I couldn’t let it go.”


“I’m glad you didn’t,” I tell him. I laugh quietly and say, “I remember you trying to convince me it didn’t count if I let you fuck me in the ass.”


“I was a dumb kid,” he smiles, “I’d have a much better arguement now.”


“I can only imagine. You weren’t dumb, by the way, just horny.” On that note I decide to do something a little bolder. I shift myself so that I can lean down enough to get his swollen head between my lips while I stroke his length.


“Fuuuuck,” he groans. “You have no fuckin’ idea how bad I want to be inside of you right now.”


I hum quietly and begin flicking my tongue against the tiny slit on his tip. That used to drive him crazy and I know it still does when his hips thrust and his cock pulses almost violently. He’s going to lose it any second, judging by the twitching and tightening of his stomach.


His hands move to my hair, tangling his hands in it. His head drops back as his back arches.


“I’m cumming,” he grunts just before he lets go. His hot release shoots out, filling my mouth.


I swallow the hot, salty release quickly. I’ve never been a fan of the way cum tastes but I’m not going to spit it out either. I keep stroking Eric until he relaxes a little bit. I release his tip from my mouth and immediately he’s pulling me up his body to kiss him. This isn’t quite how I saw tonight going, but I’m certainly not disappointed by it.




“Come home with me,” I whisper when the kiss breaks. Sookie hasn’t been to my house yet. Of course I want to have sex with her but I am just fine spending any time with her I can get. If you’d told me we were going to get each other off by the end of the date I don’t know if I would’ve believed it.


“Is that a good idea?”


“We can keep our clothes on,” I promise. “I don’t want this night to end.”


“Me either,” she agrees.


“And I want you to see where I live.” I don’t know why I haven’t invited her over.


“Me too.” Sookie kisses my lips.


The only downside is letting her go now.


“Come on before the cops show up,” I chuckle as I remove my hands from her ass.


“Deal.” She sits up and fixes her panties.


I tuck my cock away and wait for Sookie to climb off of my lap. She crawls to the front seat as I get out and close the hatch. I walk around to the driver’s seat and get in, starting my car and turning on the heater for Sookie in case she’s cold. The drive back to my place is pretty quiet. Sookie’s mind is probably all over the place like mine is, which is expected.


When we get home I pull into the garage. My house is a decent size. Four bedroom and two bath. There’s a pool in the back and a big open concept living room and kitchen.


“You ready to see where I spend my downtime?” I smile as I click the button to close the garage door behind me.


“I am. I recall you predicting you would have a giant bed with mirrors on the ceiling,” she snorts.


“One of those predictions came true. I’ll let you figure out which one,” I wink. We get out of the SUV and I lead Sookie to the door that leads into the house. I open it and let her go in first, flipping on the light as we walk into the kitchen.


“Nice kitchen, Wolfgang. Do you do anything but order pizza in it?”


“I do a little cooking,” I smile. “I even have real food in the fridge and pantry.”


“Impressive.” She smiles over her shoulder and runs her hand along the island countertop. “Good surface for cutting biscuits on.”


“Mmhmm, you’re more than welcome to come over anytime you like to cut some.” Sookie’s biscuits are her Gran’s recipe with a little twist. I don’t know what it is, but they’re the best biscuits I’ve ever eaten.


“Good to know.” She looks around as we move on to the living room. “Huh. The arm on the couch is the perfect height for bending over. I’m sure that’s a happy coincidence,” she says as she bends over it to show me.


I don’t hesitate to walk up behind her and grab her hips.


“Mmm, yep, perfect,” I purr as I rock my hips against her ass.


Sookie stands up straight and says, “I’ll stop teasing you now.”


I wrap my arms around her waist to hold her close and kiss her cheek.


“Thank you,” I chuckle softly against her ear. “Come on; let’s see the rest of the house.”


“Okay.” She turns her head to the side to kiss my neck.


One of the many things I’ve missed about her. The sweet little kisses all the time. I haven’t had that with anyone else since her. I don’t know if I didn’t care enough or if it was the girl. Either way, I’m glad to have them back.


I take her hand and lead her to the stairs. I would show her the backyard but it’s dark and the light back there doesn’t do it justice. Instead, I lead her up the stairs, stopping to show her EJ’s room since it’s the first room at the top of the stairs.


“It’s normally not this clean but I always make him clean it before he goes back to his mom,” I explain as Sookie looks around.


“Sounds like the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree,” she laughs.


“Not at all,” I smile. “He’ll be back for Christmas break so you can meet him then.”


She nods and follows me out of the room. We stop to see the spare bedroom and my office, which looks more like a junk room since it’s my catch-all. We look at the bathrooms and finally get to my room.


“Now you’ll get to see which prediction was true,” I wink before we walk into my room. I have a California King bed in the middle of the room with a high frame and headboard. My furniture matches, which I’m sure is a shock to Sookie.


“No mirrors,” she snickers. “Bed looks comfy though.”


“It’s extremely comfy,” I agree. “While we’re in here would you like something to change into?” I don’t know how long she’s staying tonight and I want her to be comfortable, plus my house can get cold and a nice pair of sweats always feels good. If it were up to me we’d just get naked though.


“Are we going to bed?” The look on her face tells me she’s not offended by that idea.


“I wasn’t planning on it yet but I figured you’d like to be more comfortable. We can go to bed if you like,” I grin as I take my shirt off so I’m left in a wife beater and my slacks.


“If you had other plans…” Sookie reaches back to start unzipping her dress.


“Allow me.” I move behind her and gently push her hands away to tug her zipper down. As soon as her upper back is exposed I dip to kiss her soft skin. “My only plan is to be around you.”


“Smooth,” she giggles.


“Sometimes,” I chuckle. “Would you like something to change into or do I get to keep you naked?” I ask as I rub her bare back.


“I should probably put clothes on.”


“Damn,” I grumble. She knows I’m joking. I turn around to the dresser and grab her one of my old T-shirts and a pair of sweats. She’s taller so they shouldn’t be too long on her. “You can change here or the bathroom is through that door.” I motion toward the door to the en suite.


“Thanks.” Sookie takes the clothes and goes to the bathroom with them.


While she’s in there I strip my clothes off quickly and pull on a pair of sweats. I put my clothes in the hamper in the closet and take a moment to straighten things up. I didn’t expect Sookie to come home with me so there’s a few things lying out.


She comes out of the bathroom wearing my clothes and that little caveman in my head stands up to beat his hands on his chest. She looks extra sexy. Even better than she did in the dress and I know it’s because she’s that much closer to being all mine.


“Want to stay in here or go downstairs?” I ask as she lays her dress over the back of my chair.


“Your choice,” she shrugs. “I’m sure I’m about to have an Eric barnacle either way.”


“You’ve unleashed the monster,” I smile as I pull her into my arms. “I guess it depends on if you want dessert or if you want me to keep you warm.”


“Hmmm… tough call.”


“It’s yours to make.” I tilt her head up to kiss her, sliding my tongue through her lips to massage her tongue with mine for a minute. When I pull back I say, “That? Or chocolate, coconut crème pie?”


“Well shit,” she pouts. “How’s a girl supposed to choose?”


“I’m a nice guy. I’ll let you have both, you just have to pick the order you get them in.”


“Hmmm… Pie now or for breakfast? I think I’ll have it for breakfast,” she smiles.


I growl and reach up to grab the back of her head. My lips crash down onto hers as I shuffle us to my bed. I sit when the backs of my legs hit the mattress, pulling her down with me so she straddles my lap. I’m glad I’ve had the one orgasm tonight. She’s making me hard but if she doesn’t want to go any farther than making out my balls won’t be so blue. It’s been about six months since I got laid last or had a woman even touch me like that. When I was with Freyda she always kept her hands above the waist. The time before that was when one of EJ’s friend’s mom came into the bar. We flirted our way right back to her place and into her bed… and kitchen… and living room… and you get the gist.


This is different. We don’t have to worry about our parents. We don’t have to worry about getting caught by the cops or school officials. Yes, we fucked at the Bon Temps high school. Twice. It’s just us. We don’t have to defend our relationship to her dad or deal with rumors of her being pregnant because she gained a little weight. We can be happy.


I dip my hands into the back of her sweats so I can pull her closer, rubbing her center over my rapidly growing erection. “Maybe we should’ve stayed naked,” I growl when her hands skim down my sides and around to dip into my sweats, going after my cock.


“Maybe,” she agrees as she finds what she’s looking for.


“Mmm, we definitely should have,” I groan. I lie back on the bed so I can allow her to play as much as she wants. “Take your shirt off,” I request as I continue to rub her hips and ass under the sweats.


Sookie lets go of my dick and pulls my shirt up over her head, revealing her bare tits. The material goes flying and her hand goes right back to my cock.


I growl as I sit back up. My hands and mouth go straight to her tits, feeling the weight as my lips wrap around her left nipple. Mmm. I’ve fuckin’ missed the fuck out of my girls.


“I want to flip you over and just fuck you for hours, pretty girl,” I whisper as I move to her right nipple to give it the same attention. I draw a light circle around the dusky pink bud before gently scraping it with my teeth.


“Hours, huh? That’s ambitious of you,” she teases.


“That’s what you think,” I reply, ignoring her tiny dig at my stamina. I’ve learned to drag it out. I can still do a quickie like a champ, but if I want to I can make her writhe under me as long as I want.


“I’m going to have to see it to believe it,” she pants.


I flip her over onto the middle of my bed. I thread my fingers through hers, holding them against the bed, but not too hard. If she wants to tug them free she’ll have no problem doing it. My cock is solid and my hips are settled between her parted thighs.


“Is it something you’d like to see tonight?” I ask as I rock my hips so she can feel my erection rub against her center.


Sookie thinks it over for a few seconds before she answers. “I want to more than I can say, but I don’t think I should. Not tonight,” she says. “I don’t want to mess this up by going too fast.”


I dip my head to kiss her softly. My hips stop moving as I give her a slow, gentle kiss.


“I’ll wait as long as you want to,” I whisper as I pull my head back. “Should I move or would you like to continue to make out?”


“I’d like to continue to make out,” she answers.


I drop my head and whisper in her ear, “May I slide down your sexy body and lick up all that wetness I’m sure is coating your inner thighs?”


“Mmm… That’s a tempting offer but I don’t think that’s making out,” she replies.


“I’ll be kissing you,” I smirk. I don’t give her a chance to respond. My lips find hers again and my hips involuntarily move as our tongues dance. As much as I want to fuck her, this is enough. Being able to hold her and taste her sweet tongue is more than I ever could have imagined.


Her fingertips move up and down my sides. She breaks the kiss to move her lips down over my chin. Her tongue swirls around my Adam’s apple and open mouth kisses blaze a trail to my collarbone.


I groan as I shift my body to give her better access. “Come on,” I whisper and roll off of her, tugging her hip to take her with me. “My body is your playground.”


“Yeah it is, John Mayer,” she snorts and then busts up laughing.


“That’s a wonderland,” I laugh with her. I shouldn’t know that.


“Same thing.”


“Get over here,” I growl as I drag her up my body so she’s lying on top of me. I wrap my arms around her lower back and tilt my head up to kiss her chin.


She starts humming that dumbass song.


“That’s it. We’re going to have pie,” I say a little louder to cover up the tune that’s going to be stuck in my head for the next fuckin’ week.


“At least I’m tall enough to ride,” Sookie snickers as she gets off of me.


“Yes you are,” I chuckle as I reach up to smack her ass. Sookie is actually the tallest girl I’ve ever been with.


That sexy ass slides off my bed and heads for the bedroom door. She’s… Sookie didn’t put her shirt back on.


“Minx,” I growl as I get up to follow her. My cock has no hope of going soft tonight with her around.


I follow her all the way down the stairs. When we get to the kitchen I grab two forks and pull the pie out of the fridge.


“Should we bother with plates?” I ask as I hand her a fork.


“I don’t think so.”


I set the pie on the counter and wait for her to take the first bite. I smile when she let’s out one of those food moans she does. Yeah, my cock is in trouble. I take my own bite and lean over the counter.


“My step-mom made this,” I tell her. “Dad met her at group grief counseling. Her husband had a massive heart attack when she was in California visiting her parents.”


“That’s awful,” she frowns. “The pie is fantastic, though.”


“It is. I think they’ve been good for each other. The first time I saw Dad really smile after losing Mom was when he was telling me about her.”


“I’m sorry about your mom, but I’m happy your dad found someone.” Sookie takes another bite of pie.


“Me too. He took a nosedive and got lost in the bottle for a couple years. He’s sober and happy and he remembers the good things now.” It was a really hard couple years after Mom died but we got through it.


“That’s just… I’m happy he’s better. It’s hard to function when it feels like the best part of you has disappeared,” she says. “I’m sure for him it was like having his heart ripped out slowly.”


“That’s pretty much what he said. The only thing that kept me sane-ish, was taking care of Eric.”


“You know your dad was always polite, but I got the feeling he didn’t like me much,” she tells me.


“He thought we were too young to be so serious. He said you were a little too wild. It wasn’t that he disliked you; he didn’t like you with me. When we split up he wasn’t necessarily happy, because I was heartbroken, but he told me if you and I were meant to be we’d find each other again.”


“Well then he’ll be thrilled we ran into each other,” she snickers.


“He is,” I smile. “I told him after that first day in your apartment. He warned me to take it slow. I didn’t tell him what you’ve been through but I told him you’ve had a rough few years.”


“No offense, but I’m an adult now. What he thinks of me doesn’t matter anymore. You’re capable of deciding if you want me in your life. Your opinion is what matters. Maybe your son’s.”


“I know,” I smile. “It’s important to me that he approves. It wouldn’t stop me from being with you but… I just feel better that he’s accepting.”


“That’s understandable. It would be awkward if he can’t stand me, even if he’s not here full-time.” Sookie goes to the fridge and gets the milk out. “Cups?”


“Drink it from the carton,” I shrug. It’s not like I’m worried about others coming over to drink it and I know where her lips have been. “I only use cups if EJ is here. If I sent him back to his mom with bad manners I’d never hear the end of it.”


“I’ll use a cup,” she laughs, shaking her head at me. “I’ll even wash it and put it away.”


“Good girl,” I grin as I reach into the cabinet behind me to get a small glass down. I still hate doing dishes.


“You need a wife. Or a maid.” Sookie pours milk in her glass.


“I have a slot open for the wife position,” I smile. “Care for an application?”


“I might,” she replies. “What’s the interview process like?”


“Well, it starts with a little get to know you stuff which you’ve already gotten through. If you apply we just need to get to the second interview which is the hands on portion,” I say.


“Physical compatibility,” she smiles.


“Uh huh,” I nod as my eyes scan down to her tits. I reach out to grab her hand to place it over my semi-hard cock and add, “I need to make sure you can handle this at full mast.” It sounds cocky but I’m bigger than most. Everything about me is long and thick. Sookie’s been with me before so we both know she can handle my size like a fuckin’ champ.


“Oh I know I can take anything you dish out,” she replies and squeezes my dick.


“Which makes you perfect for the job. Let me know when you’re ready to apply.” I tug her closer by her hips and take her milk to set it on the counter. I cup her face to hold it still while I lick her lips, silently requesting access.


She gives it to me with her hand still on my cock. Her tongue massages mine while she strokes me. I moan into the kiss as my hands slide up to cup her tits, rubbing my thumbs around her nipples in slow circles. Sookie groans and her nipples start to harden under my touch. She pushes my pants down over my ass and her warm hands wrap around my shaft.


“Are you going to allow me to do the same?” I ask. I drop my hands to her hips and start to push her sweats down her hips.


“Yes,” she replies.


I keep pushing so they fall to her feet to join mine. I use my knee to nudge her legs apart. One hand goes back to her tits while the other moves back to rub her lower lips. She’s still wet from her earlier orgasm and my finger easily slides into her folds. I start at her clit before dragging it back to push into her opening.


Sookie whimpers and nibbles on my bottom lip. Her hands pump my shaft quicker than before and twist as they move up and down my length.


“Still no sex?” I ask as I push a second finger into her and use my thumb on her clit while I tug her nipple.


Her head falls back a little. “Oh fuuuu… Mmm… I’m thinking about it,” she pants.


I keep my fingers slow, curling at the right when I move past her g-spot. My thumb speeds up and I dip my head to wrap my lips around her nipple. I keep my eyes on her face as I suckle.


“Oh god,” she moans. Her walls flutter around my fingers and it’s music to my ears when she says, “We need a condom.”


“Upstairs,” I murmur around her warm flesh. I don’t stop moving my fingers.


“We should go.”


I pull my fingers out of her, sucking her juices off of them. I straighten up to look down at her. The fire in her eyes matches my own.


“Follow me,” I purr as I take her hand to lead her up the stairs.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 8: Just A Kiss

  1. Oookay, I need a cold drink and a smoke after that one:) Glad they’re making such good progress! Really looking forward to the next chapter so Eric can hopefully prove he’s no longer a two pump chump;)


  2. Amazing. They might be going faster than expected but they are both thinking about it and making choices instead of just jumping together. That’s a good sign.


  3. So much for slow! Sookie may or may not regret it come morning, she seems much more in control of her wants and emotions than ever, knowing what she wants out of life, hell, who wouldn’t go for it?

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