Chapter 18



Sookie and I have been officially dating seriously for a few months. Thanksgiving is creeping up on us quickly. My parents are in Oregon and Pam is in California still. We decided to wait to get together until Christmas. Therefore I’m planning on spending Thanksgiving with either Alcide or Sookie. We haven’t really discussed it. No time like the present.
“What are you doing for Thanksgiving?” I ask quietly. Sookie is leaning on my shoulder and we’re watching the Thanksgiving Charlie Brown special at my house.
“Dinner with the family,” she replies.
“Hmm, okay,” I hum. I don’t know if we’re at the family meeting stage yet, and I’m not sure I want to invite myself to have dinner with her family.
“What do you have planned? Other than Pam, you haven’t really mentioned your family.”
“My parents are in Oregon. They moved there almost ten years ago. We usually don’t spend Thanksgiving together. I’ll see them for Christmas,” I tell her.
“So it’s just you for Thanksgiving? That sucks,” Sookie frowns.
“A little; I’ll probably nap all day. Last year I had Pam here,” I shrug.
“I can come by after dinner with my parents. Mom goes to bed early anyway since she’s a crazy Black Friday shopper,” she snickers. “And my parents don’t live far from here.”
“That’s fine. I may swing by Alcide’s place for a while, depending on Debbie’s mood,” I chuckle.
Before Sookie can respond my phone goes off. I reach over to grab it and I’m shocked to see Caitlyn’s number pop up. Assuming it’s just a happy Thanksgiving or some shit I click on the message. Not so much…
I do a little internal groan when it’s a picture down her torso so I get her tits and her hand in her pussy asking if I want to play. Fuck… Of course like a fucker I get instant wood.
Then Sookie clears her throat next to me.
“Hmm?” I hum without taking my eyes away from the picture.
“Whose pussy are you getting hard for?”
Fuck, right, relationship. It’s been a long fuckin’ time. I kill my screen and adjust my cock.
“That was Caitlyn,” I admit.
“Uh huh.” Sookie pulls back. “Are you going to erase that?”
I don’t fuckin’ want to. Hell, I still have the pictures I took for Alcide along with some for my own collection of me fucking her.
“Yeah,” I agree. “You know I’m not fucking her still, right?”

“That picture would suggest you are,” she says.
“That picture is the first contact I’ve had with her since she left town,” I inform her.
“Are you going to tell her you’re seeing someone?”
“No, I’m going to tell her to come over as soon as you leave,” I reply sarcastically. “I told you I would tell whoever asked for my attention that I was seeing someone, didn’t I?” I know I fucking did when this fucking started.
“How many other girls are texting you beaver shots and asking you to scratch their itches?” Her face is a little red.
“That’s the only text I’ve gotten from anyone, Sookie. I don’t talk to her, so she hasn’t learned about you. If I was fuckin’ worried I wouldn’t have opened her fuckin’ message.”
She sits back against the couch and folds her arms over her chest, but says nothing.
“Look.” I pick up my phone and type out a message telling Caitlyn I’m seeing someone and there won’t be any fuckin’ play time. “Here, hit send so you know I fuckin’ sent it,” I tell her and thrust my phone at her.
“Do it yourself,” she says, turning her head.
I do. Once the message is sent I toss my phone on the table and lean over to wrap my arms around Sookie.
“I promise nothing is going on, Sookie. Cheating is not something I’m into,” I remind her. “I didn’t know she’d message me.”
She remains quiet and tense.
“I’m not Him, Sookie,” I say quietly. “I know he hurt you, but please remember that’s not me. I’ve never lied to you, even if the truth hurt, you know that.”
She nods but that’s all I get from her.
I sigh and wrap my arms tighter around her. I don’t want to fight over this.
“Tell me what you’re thinking,” I whisper. This silent shit pisses me off usually. Right now I’m just worried.
“I know you’re not Trey,” she says.
“Tell me what’s bothering you?”
“Would you like it if guys I’ve had sex with recently sent me pictures of their hard-ons and asked me to come and play?”
“Of course not,” I sigh. I honestly don’t know how I would react if Big Daddy sent her a cock pic. “Do you trust that I haven’t talked to her since we’ve been together?”
Sookie takes a deep breath and nods her head slowly.
I tuck her hair behind her ear and kiss her cheek. “I don’t care how many pussies get thrown in front of me, yours is the only one I want,” I try to assure her.
“You might want to pass that memo on to your dick,” she mutters.
“You can’t fault me for getting hard. I wouldn’t blame you if some other guy made you wet. It’s a natural response,” I remind her. “Is it okay if I get hard when I watch porn?”
“Oh that is completely different!” Sookie argues. “And don’t you dare tell me you would be fine with me sitting next to you, staring at dick pics of exes that made me wet.”
She’s not an ex, but that’s just details.
“I honestly don’t know how I would react,” I shrug. “I’m sorry I got wood.”
Sookie sighs and shakes her head.
I don’t know if I should say anything else. I have a knack for digging myself deeper into these fucking holes. Instead I sit up and see that I have a response from Caitlyn telling me it’s too bad I’m seeing someone. I delete the message without responding and then go through my contact list to delete her. Whatever hard-on I had is definitely gone.
“Are you staying the night?” She brought a bag with her, but I don’t know what her plan is now and it’s nearing bedtime.
“I was going to. Now I don’t know,” Sookie answers.
Fuck. Just my luck she would leave and then accuse me of having Caitlyn come over.
“I would like you to stay,” I tell her and lean back again.
“I’m thinking about it.”
I nod and get up. I go to the kitchen to clean up the mess from dinner before I head up the stairs to brush my teeth. Sookie was still on the couch when I came up and I don’t know if I should try to talk to her some more or just let her work it out on her own. I decide to go with the latter and just go to bed. At this point there’s really nothing I can say that I haven’t already.
I don’t know how much time passes before I hear Sookie pad into the room. She peels off her clothes and takes off her jewelry before putting on a slinky, black nightgown. Sookie piles her hair on top of her head and goes to the bathroom. The toilet flushes and the water runs for a few minutes while I’m sure she’s brushing her teeth and washing her face. After the water turns off Sookie quietly tip toes her way to bed and climbs in under the covers, curling up on her side with her back to me.
I roll over to face her and wrap my arm around her middle, pulling her back against my chest.
“Thank you for staying,” I whisper and kiss her neck before I settle my head on the pillow behind her.
She settles her hand on mine after moving it up between her breasts. Sookie yawns and whispers, “Goodnight.”
“Goodnight, pretty girl,” I whisper back.
I know Sookie doesn’t fall asleep right away, but I usually wake up at the butt crack of dawn so I end up passing out within minutes.



When my alarm wakes me up I immediately slap it to turn it off. I’m too fuckin’ tired for this shit. I get up, scratching my balls and stagger to the bathroom. I turn on the shower and wait for my morning wood to die down before I take a piss. I flush the toilet and step into the shower. It takes me less than ten minutes to wash and sorta, kinda wake up.
By the time I get out I’m ready for some fuckin’ coffee and a nap. I dry off quickly and slip on some sweats. I check to see if I woke up Sookie and thankfully I didn’t. I have a bad habit of being too loud. I’ve been living alone for the last three years though. I don’t even think about it. I run down the stairs to start some coffee and decide I’m going to have a real breakfast before I go to work. I get the coffee brewing and pull out some bacon and eggs.
The bacon is just starting to smell good when I feel two small arms wrap around me from behind.
“Morning,” I say quietly.
“Morning,” Sookie purrs and nuzzles my back.
“Mmm, that’s what I was missing,” I tell her and hold her hands together over my stomach. Shit, I forgot she was mad at me when we went to bed. “Sorry if I woke you up.”
“Bacon woke me. I’m sorry I was bitchy last night.” Her hands move down my stomach slowly.
“It’s okay. I’m sure I would’ve been worse.” I leave out the fact that I didn’t even remember until just now.
“Well I can promise you if Big Daddy ever gets my number the only reaction he’s getting out of me is hysterical laughter,” she says as she reaches into my sweats.
“I didn’t intentionally get a hard-on, I hope you know that.” I am now though.
“I know.” Her fingertips brush my cock. “How soon do you have to leave?”
“Mmm, Alcide has a key now, so he can open if he needs to,” I tell her. “How do you want your eggs?”
“Scrambled.” Her hand caresses my sac.
I groan and drop my head back. “I’m not going to make it to work at all if you keep that up,” I whisper.
“You can be a little late.” She kisses my back. “I’ll even let you cum in my mouth.”
“Yeah, I can be late,” I groan. I take the bacon out of the pan and turn off the stove. The fuckin’ eggs can wait.
“I love when you make noises like that,” she says as she begins stroking my cock. “It makes me so fuckin’ wet for you.”
“Are you going to let me feel how wet you are?” I ask.
Sookie comes around to stand in front of me. She keeps stroking me while guiding my hand under her silky nightgown. I run my fingertips along her slit. She is very fuckin’ wet.
“Mmm, that feels really fuckin’ good to me,” I purr and slip my finger between her lips to massage her clit.
“My pussy or my hand on your cock?” She smirks and twists on the next upstroke.
“Both.” I start walking her backwards toward my table. “You know, we do a lot of dirty things in the kitchen,” I point out.
“I noticed.” Sookie releases my cock and tugs my sweats down before pushing me to sit in the chair. “Heads or tails?”
“Mmm, tails. I want you to take your nightgown off so I can play with your tits.”
She pulls the nightgown over her head and drops it on the floor before bending to tug my pants the rest of the way off. While she’s down there, she sucks the pre-cum from my swollen head. I rest my hand on her head to keep her there for a moment. She’s a good girl and starts sucking on my head, bobbing up and down for a minute before I pull her up. I bring her face to mine and press my lips to hers as I help her climb onto my lap. I hold my shaft up and let out that groan she loves when she starts to slide down my length.
“Fuck, you feel so fuckin’ good,” I growl.
Sookie moans and holds onto my shoulders as she begins to quickly rise and fall on top of me, making her tits bounce perfectly in front of me.
“Mmm… fuck, your cock is so fuckin’ big, baby,” she pants.
I’m too busy watching her tits bounce to respond. Her pussy feels fuckin’ good. So fuckin’ tight; so fuckin’ wet. I reach up to grab her tits and push them together. I dip my head and take her nipple between my teeth, making her gasp. I move to the other and give it the same treatment.
“That feels so fuckin’ good, Eric,” she moans. The bouncing stops so she can grind against me.
I keep her tit between my teeth and reach behind her to smack her ass, hard. I know she has a dominant side, but it never dawned on me that she might like a little spanking. Plus I was fuckin’ worn out from Aude, but I think that’s passed. I spank her again before I run my finger between her cheeks so I can rub her rear opening.
“Are you going to let me fuck you here one day?” I ask and move my mouth to her neck, biting softly.
“Mmm… maybe,” she moans and starts bouncing again, slamming down hard.
My hips start to thrust up to meet her on each bounce. I slide my hand down to gather her juices and drag back up to her back hole. I wiggle my finger into her and I can feel my cock sliding in and out of her. Fuck.
“Is this okay?” I ask to make sure I’m not crossing a line.
“Yes.” Her walls are fluttering around my shaft. It won’t take her long to cum.
I start pumping my finger in a counter rhythm. I start sucking on her neck, not even caring if I mark her. Fuck, part of me wants to fucking mark her.
“Cum,” I growl.
Sookie’s head falls back and her pussy grips my shaft. “Fuckfuckfuck!” she shouts as she cums.
“That’s my girl,” I grunt. I slam up a few more times and ask, “Where do you want it?”
“My mouth,” she pants.
I help her off of my lap and down to her knees. I hold up my shaft and guide her mouth to my cock. She immediately starts bobbing on my dick, making me moan louder.
“Fuck… fuck…” I end up cumming with a roar while she sucks and swallows everything I have to give.
“Mmm…” she moans while licking her cum off my dick.
“Fuck, I’d be just fuckin’ fine with you doing that all fuckin’ day,” I breathe and run my fingers through her hair.
Sookie kisses around my base and moves further down to lick and suck on my sac while her hand strokes my length.
“Are you trying to keep me hard, pretty girl?” I ask.
“Maybe,” she murmurs. “Should I stop?”
Yes. I do need to get to work at some point.
“No,” I groan.
She licks her way to my head and her full lips wrap around my head. She sucks hard and then takes more of me, slowly bobbing up and down until I nudge the back of her throat, making her gag.
“Swallow,” I whisper. Her throat is already pulsing when she gags. I’ll fuckin’ lose it if she can swallow my head.
Sookie tries but only gags harder before pulling back to catch her breath.
“This would be much easier if you were Big Daddy sized,” she says.
I snort and say, “It’s fine, sorry.” I reach out to wipe her tears. “Would you rather I bend you over the table and pound into you?”
“Is that what you want? I’m happy right here,” she tells me.
“If you’re happy there I’m fine with that,” I reply.
“Good,” she says and goes back to bobbing on my length. She continues to gag when my tip hits her throat, but she doesn’t stop.
It takes a little longer than normal because I just came, but her warm, wet mouth and her hand tight around my shaft push me closer and closer. Fuck, I didn’t need this kind of apology, but I’m sure as fuck not complaining.
“Almost there,” I pant when I feel my cock start to swell. “Faster… fuck… take me as deep as you fuckin’ can…”
My tip hits the back of her throat every time she goes down and my sweet girl makes one more attempt at swallowing my head.
This time she’s successful.
“Holy fuckin’ fuck!” I gasp. She takes me just a little bit deeper and when her throat starts to massage my head I fuckin’ lose it and erupt down her throat. “Fuuuuuck!” My hips jerk and I hold her head down while I empty myself. “Just keep fuckin’ swallowing…”
Sookie does as I say, but after a few seconds she pushes herself up to breathe. There are tears on her cheeks and her chin is all wet.
“Come here.” I gather her up onto my lap and wrap my arms around her. “Thank you,” I whisper as I rub her back, trying to soothe her.
“You’re welcome. You didn’t hurt me or anything,” she tells me. “It’s just the gag reflex.”
“Maybe I just want you in my arms,” I tell her. I’m perfectly fucking happy with her right where she is. “You don’t have to give me head all the time. I can live if you don’t like to do it.” What the fuck is wrong with me?
Sookie pulls back and gives me a weird look.
“The fuck?”
“I just said the same thing in my head,” I chuckle. “Keep sucking, princess,” I wink. “Just know that I’ll give you anything you want. Say the word and I’ll give you anything you’re missing.”
“We’ll chalk that up to post-orgasm stupidity.”
“And what a fuckin’ orgasm it was,” I chuckle. “Would you like another orgasm or breakfast?”
“Breakfast. I have to get to work too. My first appointment is at ten.”
“I’m sure if I check I’ll have calls and messages from Alcide telling me to get my dick out of you.”
Sookie stands up so I can get up and wash my hands and start her eggs. This was the first real fight we kinda got in as a couple. Sookie didn’t strike me as the jealous type, but given what she dealt with Trey, I get it. I just hope she remembers I’m not that man that stole ten years of her love. I can be a fucking prick and Caitlyn is definitely hot, but no amount of pussy is going to get me to do to her what that fuckin’ asshole did. I’ll never be that guy.



13 thoughts on “Chapter 18

  1. I not surprised about Eric being committed he already was the first time even with aude he was until he was done the is a natural reaction for mentheir very visual


    • i don’t know why people think eric is a cheater. he didn’t cheat on his wife. he asked her for “extras” and fucked around after his divorce because he was angry. just like with sookie and aude, yes aude i know. when aude became to much then he tried caitlyn. when he was with sookie he told her he didn’t need anyone else, but when sookie told him about trey he was livid and stayed with aude and had lots of banging angry sex. it’s all there in his actions not his words. now trey, he had a nonchalant way about sookie and some other dude and they were “together” for ten years. he’s the fucker i’d meanmug.


  2. If i found out my boyfriend/husband had pornographic pics of someone he had sex with still on his phone i would be pissed. I can only imagine how sookie will react if she finds out or worse finds them by accident. And he’s talking about spending Thanksgiving at Alcides where the temptation will be right next door. I don’t see that going well.


  3. Oh boy, Sookie has a jealous bone and hopefully that bone doesn’t break them up. Eric is a man and seeing that type of picture can and will cause him to get turned on and he should’ve told her right away instead of having Sookie comment reminding of their relationship. In fact he needs to erase all the pictures like that in his phone to avoid all that drama.


  4. I guessing if he spends Thanksgiving with Alcide, Caitlyn will be right next door. Also hope Sookie doesn’t find his photos….


  5. Oh Eric…don’t go to Alcide’s for thanksgiving…I’ve got a bad feeling about this😳 Please prove me wrong, I hate it when Eric’s a cheater and I think this Eric is man enough to not be a cheater.


  6. The “I’ll never be that guy” makes me a little scared about what’s going to happen, but I hope Eric is not going to do anything that hurts Sookie. Spending thanksgiving with Caitlin right under his nose is not a good idea.
    The getting hard over boob and/or pussy pics is normal, but I get why Sookie was upset and I really hope Eric is going to delete all of the pics before she sees them.


  7. He needs to delete those Caitlin pics pronto! Sookie might be able to forgive him for an unsolicited text photo, but she won’t be remotely understanding if she finds out that he still has those old pics.


  8. I kinda get Sookie being miffed at Eric getting such an explicit photo but it was totally unsolicited so, all in all, glad Sookie saw that she overreacted and apologised. I do think Eric would be wise to delete other porny content by other women IF he would be unhappy with Sookie having Trey sexy shots. To me what would be wrong would be double standards but if they can agree what is acceptable to both, that’s a good compromise… Is Caitlyn going to turn out to also be stalkerish a la Aude? Maybe they should start a club together…


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