Chapter 14: Who Knew?


So it’s a girl. I thought it was a boy, but I’m not disappointed it’s a girl. I’m not decorating my daughter’s room with Disney shit though. The movies and toys are enough for me. Charlotte will get over it. Maybe she can talk Eric into the Minnie stuff at his place. I can’t see him putting pink everywhere though.

I like to wear pink but I don’t really want to decorate with it. It’s just not my cup of tea. I’ll figure something out. Lafayette isn’t leaving for another two months so I have some time before I can even start painting. I’m sure I’ll find something by then. I’d like to avoid the clichés of ballerinas, princesses or Tinkerbell if I can. I’d rather do nothing than pick any of those three. Frankly, the baby won’t know the difference anyway.

To keep from getting in a stupid argument I agree to let Eric drive me home. I’m still a little annoyed with him and lately even the slightest irritation turns into a fight. I don’t feel like fighting with him. It’s a waste of my time and it doesn’t get us anywhere anyway.

“Do we need to stop anywhere on the way back?” he asks once we’re in the truck.

“No, I don’t need anything.” If that changes I know Maria won’t mind running out for me since Dr. Fant wants me to stay in bed.

“Okay.” He starts the truck and backs out of the spot.

I don’t know what there is to say to each other. He doesn’t want to hear about Bill and I don’t particularly want to hear about Holly. I’m sure she’s great and all, but I don’t want to listen to Eric try and talk himself out of admitting he has a new girlfriend. This is new territory for me where he’s concerned. Eric and I have never been awkward exes before and now we just happen to be expecting a kid. Talk about bad timing.

When he pulls up in front of my building I say, “You don’t have to walk me up. I’ll be fine. Lafayette is home now.”

“Are you sure?” he asks, “I… okay.”

“Thanks for the ride home.” I open the door and carefully get down instead of jumping like I normally would. “See you later.”

“Yeah,”  he nods.

I close the truck and then go into the building. Lafayette has his ‘do not disturb’ sign on his bedroom door, but I go into the other little bedroom, the one closer to my room. I can tell he’s already started taking stuff to Jesus’ house. I’m happy they found each other.

There’s a knock on the front door and I look over my shoulder in time to see Al stick his head in.

“Hey,” I smile.

“Hey,” he smiles back as he walks in.

“What’s up?”

“I just saw Eric’s truck; I thought he might be here.”

“Nope. We only talk when we have to.” I hold up my wrist so he can see my hospital bracelet. “Some cockstain ran into me when I was getting to a subway platform. I’ve got a nice bruise on my side from it.”

“Oh, shit,” he says, “Are you alright? I’m shocked Eric isn’t here then. Shit, are you guys fighting?”

“I’m fine. Your niece is fine. And Eric’s still pissed that I’m not swooning over him.” Same shit different year.

“Niece, huh? Congrats,” he grins. “And Eric’s not mad at you or anything you’ve done.”

“Coulda fooled me, but thanks.”

“Is he acting like he’s pissed?”

“I can tell.” I’ve known him a long time.

“Unless something has changed in the last twenty-four hours, I can say he’s not pissed about anything, Sook. He’s confused as fuck, but he’s not pissed,” Al tells me.

“I don’t know what he’s confused about.” I close the spare bedroom door and move on to the kitchen. I need a snack. Apple slices and peanut butter sound good.

“I don’t really know either,” he shrugs.

I get an apple out of the fridge and move to the sink to wash it off. It only takes a minute to cut the apple up and plop a spoonful of peanut butter on a paper plate. I take a seat at the island and dip an apple slice in the peanut butter. Damn, this is good stuff. The apple juice keeps the peanut butter from sticking to the roof of my mouth.

“Want some?” I offer since Al’s just standing there staring at me.

“Nah. How are things going along with the bachelorette party planning?” he asks.

“I booked Mongo, the stripper with the fourteen inch cock,” I say seriously and watch his eyes narrow. Gullible to the core.

“That needs to be canceled, stat,” he glares.

“Negatory, good buddy.”

“Fine,” he grumbles. “Eric’s got me a VIP session with Summer. I’ll be sure to tell her to be extra slutty about it.”

“Oh I dare you,” I laugh.

“Cancel that Mongo shit. I’m going to blame it on you if she goes too far.”

“I don’t think so, Tim,” I reply.

“Bullshit,” he growls.

“Oh come on. I’m sure Mongo has nothing on you.” I don’t really want to know.

“You’re goddamn right!” he says a little too seriously.

“Besides, it’s not like he’s going to do anything more than dry hump her,” I shrug. He’s got that angry bull look on his face. Poor Maria… almost.

“I don’t think you two should be friends anymore,” Alcide huffs.

“I don’t think you get a vote.”

“Oh, I do. Maria and I will be having a chat when I get home.”

“Yeah… Good luck with that,” I snort.

“I didn’t need to know about any stinky big dick stripper. You should’ve left that out. I should tell Eric to start acting like a jackass again just to make you miserable.”

“Go ahead. I can handle Eric.”

“Mmhmm,” he hums.

“I never asked you to intervene for me, Alcide. I’m a big girl; I can handle it myself,” I tell him. I don’t need him inserting himself in the middle of my problems with Eric. If he chose to say something that was all on him.

“I know,” he agrees. “I should get going. I don’t want to bug you if you just got home.”

“See you later.” I wave and take another bite of my apple. If he does confront Maria with that Mongo crap she’ll know it’s bullshit. Even if she was into strippers I don’t think she’d be interested in a guy with a whale dick.

“See ya.” Alcide turns to walk out. “Congratulations again,” he calls over his shoulder on the way.

“Thanks,” I reply. I don’t know why I’m not as excited as I thought I’d be.

This is one of those moments when I want to call my mom but I can’t. I can’t call Charlotte because she’s a broken fucking record, trying to get me to get back together with Eric. Maria doesn’t have kids yet. Arlene is crazy. Normally I’d call Eric but he’d probably just take it the wrong way and think I’m blaming him somehow when I’m not.

This whole day is just fucked.

When I’m done eating I rinse off my plate and put it in the dishwasher. I go back to my room with a glass of water and my work bag. Once my computer is up and running I shoot Russell an email to let him know I was in the hospital today thanks to a gastrointestinal blunder and a hipster asstulip. I answer a few other emails that are waiting for me, but I can’t seem to focus on much.

After reading the same email six times from our insurance guy, I give up. I close my work stuff and open Chrome instead. I Google for nursery ideas for a baby girl and quickly dismiss anything that will make Butterball’s room look like it was hosed down with Bubblegum. I see one centered around swans that I like, but then a room with mermaids catches my eye.

My phone rings on the bed next to me and I smile when I see Maria’s face. I’m guessing Al caught up with her…

“Are you walking funny?” I ask in lieu of saying hello.

“Do you really want the answer to that,” she giggles.

“One of us should be, and not because they’re housing a baby girl,” I reply.

“You know you have all the free access to dick you can handle if you just make a cal– A GIRL?!”

She’s on a dimmer switch but when the lights crank up…

“You heard me, and I’m not calling him for that anymore. The only dick I can have is in Seattle,” I remind her.

“Then don’t complain to me,” she chuckles. “I can’t believe you’re having a girl. That’s so exciting!”

“Yeah, it is.” It is exciting. I am excited. I’m just not bouncing off the walls about it. I should be. It seems like every other woman on the planet is, unless they really had their hopes up for the opposite gender. I didn’t have a preference. If Dr. Fant had said it was a boy I’d still be in sourpuss mode. “God, I really can’t stand myself sometimes. I feel like such an asshole. I should be ecstatic right now and I feel so… blah.”

“So you’re not happy? Did you wish it was a boy?” she asks. She sounds a little concerned for me.

“No, nothing like that. I found out it’s a girl because some shit stain smacked into me earlier and I hit my stomach on the railing leading to the subway stop. I started having stomach pain so I went to the ER at Rush to get checked out. The baby is fine and I called Eric so he could be there. It seemed like the right thing to do. He was barely in the room three minutes before he was up my ass for taking the train instead of driving, like it’s my fault some jerk off ran into me. He wants me to drive everywhere from now on. It just… It made me regret calling him. I hate that he second guesses me all the time. He says he’s trying to change but I’m not convinced he can.”

“I’m so sorry,” she says. “Sook, you have to talk to him. I know you say you get into fights anytime you talk, but you’re both going to have to put all that history aside for a minute to talk about what’s going on with this baby. You shouldn’t regret calling her father because he’s a jackass. I hate that you’re feeling this way.”

“It is what it is,” I say quietly. I don’t want to start crying again. I also know I can’t keep avoiding all this shit with him. We’re going to have to figure something out.

“It doesn’t have to be, Sook. The offer to mediate always stands.”

“We’re adults. You don’t have to get in the middle of this. We need to figure out our own problems. I don’t regret getting pregnant, but this would be so much easier if it wasn’t with Eric,” I say.

“Oh, Sookie,” she says and I can hear her frown. “You loved him once upon a time and for a reason. That just breaks my heart to hear.”

“I remember,” I whisper. “It sucks, Maria. We can’t make it work but I’m miserable without him too.” Well there’s a confession to ponder over for a while.

“I think you should call him,” she tells me. “Maybe not tonight, but soon. I know from talking to Al that Eric is pretty sad without you around anymore too.”

“And then what? We agree to try again and in six months or a year when the baby high wears off do I just get pregnant again? I can’t do that, Maria.” I know I’m being pessimistic about him but I have no reason to think it’ll be any different if we try again.

“Babies change people, Sookie. I don’t think the baby high is wearing off,” she chuckles. “And if it doesn’t work, then you figure out how to raise that little girl and get along. There’s also the possibility that it will, though. Don’t short change yourself. If you want him to be in your life, make it work. Obviously don’t take shit you normally wouldn’t but just… start with talking to him.”

I exhale slowly and decide to change the subject.

“What do you think of mermaids?” I ask.

“Like the creepy ones from Harry Potter, or The Little Mermaid?”

“Neither,” I chuckle.

“I like them either way, why?”

“I’m trying to find a nursery theme I like that isn’t all pink and princessy,” I explain. “Right now I like mermaids and swans. The dragonflies aren’t bad either.”

“Of those I’d say mermaids or dragonflies. I like mermaids better,” she tells me. “I like the ocean blue color that’s more mermaidy.”

“Me too,” I agree. “I’ll have to keep looking around. I saw one room with stripes of the different ocean colors going up the wall from darkest to lightest. It’s like someone picked one of the sample swatches they liked and then painted all the colors with like three inch white stripes between each shade of blue.”

“That actually sounds really cool,” she says. “I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard either. When I get home from the honeymoon you and I can get in the room and get to work.”

“Hopefully I’ll have something decided by then. Laff is moving out in August.”

“Oh, wow. I never thought he would move unless Eric was moving back in, and I highly doubt that’s happening anytime soon, if ever. Where’s he going? Moving in with Jesus?”

“Yep. I’m happy for him. I’m glad he found someone so awesome,” I say sincerely. Jesus is a great guy and he’s been fantastic for Lafayette.

“Me too,” Maria agrees.

“Shoot, I gotta pee. I’ll email the nursery stuff I find that I like,” I say as I scoot off the bed.


“I’ll talk to you later,” I promise and then hang up. I feel a little better. It’s not that I’m necessarily opposed to trying to work things out with Eric.

I’m at the point where I don’t know what either of us could realistically do to fix things. It’s easy to say that I should forget the past. That never happens. I might be able to ignore it for a while but it’s always there just under the surface. It’s true that none of the things Eric has done has been unforgivable. He’s never cheated, never hit me or been abusive to me. Our arguments stem from both of us wanting to be in the driver’s seat and not being able to agree on the direction we’re going.

That still hasn’t changed. Until it does, I don’t see the point of even trying to change things. It’ll just frustrate us even more. I don’t need that. I’m frustrated enough.


Once I drop Sookie off I head back to the bar. I have to finish up the paperwork for the night and make sure Chow gets a night off. I don’t know what to do with Sookie either. I don’t know how to get back that icy attitude she’s been throwing at me. I hate that when I dropped her off it was so… Strained. Everything has been strained between us. I hate that I can’t celebrate learning the sex together, not that she’s happy about it. I know her well enough to know she’s not upset about it; she just doesn’t have the excitement that most expectant mothers have. She’s sad, and it hurts to know I can’t do anything to make her feel better.

I don’t know how Sookie will feel about it but I want to do something nice for my girls… Girl. I hop online and start searching for something to do that won’t make me look like I’m trying too hard. It takes damn near thirty minutes before I come up with it. I want to make Sookie smile. I don’t know if this will work, but I find the site for the florist down the street from the bar and look for the best flowers I can find.

I know Sookie doesn’t like a lot of pink, but baby girl flowers are pretty limited. I find a gorgeous bouquet of white roses, yellow daffodils, and pale pink lilies. There’s a cute little pink teddy bear with the vase and in the spot for the message I type the most heartfelt note I can come up with for my baby girl. Just as I’m about to hit submit on the site my phone rings. I click the button to send the flowers to the baby and answer my call.

“Hey, Mama,” I answer.

“Hi, honey. How are you?”

“I’m great,” I smile into the phone. “We found out what the baby is.”

“Didn’t you always know it’s a baby?” she jokes.

“Mom,” I chuckle, “You know what I mean. Sookie got bumped into while she was walking to take the train and hit her belly against a railing. When the doctor was doing the ultrasound she discovered you’re having a granddaughter.”

“I knew it! Oh honey, that’s so wonderful! You’ll have a little flower girl when Sookie finally gets her head out of her ass,” Mom says.

“Well, with the way she’s been acting I don’t know if that’ll ever happen. I may end up with someone else. You’re going to have to accept that if it happens.”

“At this rate I almost hope you do. If Sookie doesn’t appreciate you, you should find someone who does. That Holly girl seems nice. Why not her? You seemed happy when you were with her. Sookie hasn’t made you happy in years, now that I think about it.”

“Holly is a great girl,” I agree. “I like her a lot and she’s been a great friend but I don’t know if it’s going to go past friendship anytime soon. As frustrating as Sookie can be, I still love her. I don’t want to half-ass it with Holly. She deserves more than being the consolation prize.”

“You know she’s in love with you, don’t you?”

“Holly? No,” I say. “She may like me, but she’s definitely not in love with me.” Is she?

“Son, either she’s a better actress in private or you’re blind to what’s in front of you. Since you’re a man, it could be either one.”

“So… You think I should start letting Sookie go and focus on Holly?” I ask. I… I know I probably should. But… Fuck, I don’t know.

“Do you like Holly? Can you see something happening with her?” Mom questions.

“I do,” I confess. “It’s hard to imagine loving someone else other than Sookie, though.”

“It’s your choice. I only want you to be happy. If she’s moved on to someone else, maybe it’s time you do the same. You can’t make her love you, unfortunately. I’d hate for you to miss out on a good thing because you were holding on to something because you were hoping the situation might change,” Mom tells me.

“Yeah,” I sigh. “I’ll see what happens. She’s going to Alcide’s wedding with me as my date. That’s a start, right?” The more time I spend with her the more I like her, sadly more than Sookie. Sookie has my heart though. This is a shitty spot to be in.

“It is.”

“And when Sookie called me to tell me she was at the hospital, Holly was my first call.” I still haven’t heard back from her. Maybe she’s trying to distance herself some, knowing where my heart is right now?

“That could be a sign,” Mom agrees.

“This could be bad timing though. I don’t know, Mom, I just want to be happy and raise my girl. The colder Sookie is with me, the more it seems like she isn’t supposed to be my forever.” We’ve fought over the years where we stop talking for a few weeks, but we’ve never been like this. I don’t know if it’s baby hormones or if this is going to be it for us. Either way, we’re going to have to learn to get along eventually.

“Does Holly know you feel that way?”

“That I love Sookie, or that I’m starting to think it’s never going to work out between us?”

“All of it.”

“She knows I’m still in love with her, but that’s about it. We don’t talk much about her though. I tell her all the new baby stuff,” I say, “But that’s also all Sookie and I talk about too.”

Mom sighs.

“You sure have a mess on your hands,” she says.

“Yeah, that about sums it up,” I sigh too. “Maybe I should stop worrying about the ladies and worry about that baby Sookie is going to be popping out?” Damn… That’s… Strange…

“That might be for the best,” she answers.

“You want to have dinner on Monday with me? We can start talking about nursery themes.” Thinking about having the baby on my own is an even scarier thought than swearing off sexy women.


“No,” I veto immediately. “No pink.”

“Why not?” Mom huffs.

“I don’t want my daughter to stare at Pepto Bismol pink all day. She’s getting something neutral. Something classy and tasteful.” Maybe I should have this discussion with Holly.

“Pink is classy and tasteful,” she argues. “It doesn’t have to be all pink you know.”

If I leave her in charge it will be.

“I don’t want pink, Mom, that’s my final answer on it. We can do girly without pink.”

“You know it’s too bad you and Sookie can’t get your heads on straight because you’re both no fun.” She’s pouting.

“What is it, Ma? Stick with my plan to work shit out with Sookie or forget her and focus on Holly?” I chuckle. “You know you can make your own flamingo pink nursery at your house,” I remind her.

“Oh I don’t think Sookie will be allowing me any overnight visits. You’ll be lucky if she doesn’t pack up the baby and move to Seattle,” Mom says.

“If she decides to move my daughter to Seattle I’ll pay a visit to my lawyer. She’s not taking my baby anywhere I can’t see her whenever I want to. I’m not fucking around with this, Mom. This baby is more important than anything to me. I would walk away from the bar and Sookie to take care of her.”

“That’s good.”

“I should let you go. I’m at work,” I sigh. I don’t want to think about Sookie and Bill. Or the idea of her taking my daughter out of state. It’s bad enough I missed out on so much already.

“Alright. I love you, honey. Congratulations,” Mom says sincerely.

“Love you too. Thanks.” I hang up with Mom and get started on research for masculine baby girl rooms.


The next day I’m in my spare room trying to figure out what to do with all the shit in here. It was designed to be a spare room/office, but it’s more like my catch all. I know I have plenty of time to clear it and get it prepped for a nursery, but I don’t have much else to do today.

So color me surprised when I’m bending over to pick up a box when I hear a feminine voice clear behind me.

Sookie is the only person that can walk into my house without knocking so I drop the box and turn around.

“Uh… Is everything okay?” I ask.

“I got the flowers,” she answers instead. “Butterball loves the way they smell.”

I give her a small smile. “I’m glad. I like making her happy.”

“I didn’t read the note, but I did save it so someday I’ll give it to her when she’s old enough to understand it.”

“That’s sweet. The note is probably cheesy as hell,” I chuckle. “Are you thirsty?” I don’t know what to say to not piss her off. Or why she’s here, so I’m trying to be as neutral as possible.

“No, I’m fine, thanks. I just wanted to come by and say…” She sighs and leans in the doorway. “None of this is easy for me. I’ll always love you but you and me, we don’t work in the long run and it sucks because I’m tired of being miserable without you. Either way I can’t win but I can’t just cut you off completely because of the baby. No matter what I do, I’m fucked.”

That feels fantastic. Not.

I take the few steps to close the distance between us. I look down at her, resting my hands on her shoulders. My thumbs move slowly along the base of her neck in a soft massage.

“I’m pretty damn miserable without you too,” I admit. “Maybe we can work on being friends again? We’re going to have to figure something out. I love you, but I love Butterball even more and I want her to be happy. We can’t make her happy if we can’t communicate.”

“That’s the problem, Eric. I can’t communicate with you. If you don’t get your way you’re unbearable to be around. You call me stubborn, but it’s your way or the highway. How are you going to handle it if your daughter wants something different from what you wanted for her? I don’t even know what I can say to you anymore, if I’m being honest. Telling the truth just gets us into a fight.”

“I told you I’ve been working on that, right?” I ask. “I’ve been a lot better at listening and compromising. I uh… I started yoga and meditation while you were in Seattle… it helps more than you can imagine.”

“I guess I’m not seeing it then,” she replies.

“Or you don’t want to. I feel like I’ve conditioned you so much that it’s like the boy that cried wolf. I’m sorry for that, Sookie. This… disconnect isn’t what I want for us. The arguing about everything, I don’t want that either. I’m willing to make those changes in myself to make things between us better. It’s still a work in progress so I’m going to freak out sometimes, but I’m trying to back off as soon as I realize I’m doing it.”

She nods and says, “I’m going to Seattle for the weekend.”

I don’t want her to, but there’s nothing I can say right now to change her mind. If this is meant to work out between us, it will.

“Okay,” I say quietly. “You’re not… thinking about moving there are you?”

“I’d be lying if I said it never crossed my mind,” she admits.

“That hurts,” I sigh. I know we don’t have the best track record but I didn’t think she wanted to get away from me that bad.

“It’s not about you, Eric.”

“To be closer to Bill, or would it be for work?” I ask.

“It would be for me, because I want to. Because it’s a beautiful city and I like it there.”

I nod and wrap my arms around her shoulders in a tight hug.

“I miss being able to talk to you,” I whisper. “I miss my friend.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Can we work on that?” I ask.

“We can try.”

“Okay.” I don’t let her go. I miss having her in my arms.

“It’s not that I don’t want us to be friends, Eric. I don’t even know how it got like this. Part of me thinks it’s because there are so many people who are constantly telling us how they think we should be. It’d be great to be able to snap my fingers and have the happily ever after I used to think we’d have but that’s not how it works. Everyone telling me that we should be together when we have legitimate reasons not to be just makes me feel like shit. I don’t know if it’s the baby hormones or just because I don’t like the way we are or what…” Sookie trails off and by the trembling of her voice I know she’s crying.

“Then fuck what everyone else says,” I tell her. “This is about us and what we’re capable of. If we’re meant to be together, it’ll work out. For now, we work on what we can and that’s being the best parents we can figure out how to be for our little Butterball. We work on not pissing each other off and listening to one another. If that’s all we can end up with, it’s…” It will never be enough for me but I’m not going to push her. “Look, Sookie, I love you. Plain and simple. Nothing is ever going to change that. I’m doing my best to figure out where I need to better myself and how to be a better co-parent with you. That seems like a damn good place to start.”

“Yeah, it does,” Sookie agrees. She sniffles and takes a step back. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a moody twat lately. It’s only partially your fault,” she finishes with a little smile.

“The rest is simply you,” I tease, reaching up to brush her hair out of her face. “I haven’t exactly been easy.”

“You never have been. I don’t mind that, to be honest. I like that you aren’t a pushover. I just wish you’d think a little more before you speak. Some of the things you say are really hurtful, even if you don’t intend for them to be,” she tells me.

“I’m sorry. The meditation is helping, mostly. Holly almost backhanded me when I commented on her ass the other day,” I chuckle. I think she’s starting to get comfortable and putting on a little weight. It looks good, and telling her her ass was looking fluffy was a very bad choice of words.

“Good for her,” Sookie says sincerely.

“Yeah, yeah,” I chuckle. “Are you sure you don’t want something to drink? Or something to snack on?”

“I’m sure, thanks,” she answers. “Look, not that you need my blessing or anything, but it’s okay if you have feelings for Holly.”

“Thanks. I uh… I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately,” I admit. “She’s an amazing girl, but it’s hard to give her my whole heart when most of it is still yours. She knows. She’s been a great friend and I can see myself falling in love with her someday, but that’s still a long ways off.”

“Gotcha,” Sookie nods.

“She’s coming to the wedding with me,” I tell her so she’s not surprised. I’m pretty sure Sookie is going to bring Bill.

“That’s good. It’ll be nice to meet her.”

I smile. “So… I was thinking of painting the room a pale teal color,” I say, changing the subject. “I found some butterfly stuff that wasn’t too girly and not too masculine.”

“That was fast.” Sookie looks impressed.

“It was just decided right now,” I snort. “I wasn’t too sure…” Until I realized it’s the same color as Sookie’s eyes.

“Too sure about what?”

“The color when I first saw it,” I shrug.

“Oh. Well, I’m glad you decided. I’m still debating. Maria has me leaning toward mermaids,” she says.

“Mom suggested flamingos,” I snort. “That was shot down before the word was all the way out of her mouth.”

“Too much pink.”

“And I’m a manly man, I can’t handle that shit,” I tell her, although she knows. I decide now is as good a time as any to bring up her reaction at the hospital. “So… Are you excited it’s a girl?”

“I’m excited she’s a healthy baby. The gender isn’t important to me. I’ll be just as happy if she turns out to be a he,” she smiles. “I do, however, need to know if her last name will be Northman or Navarro–”

I stop her by covering her mouth with my massive hand.

“None of that, Stackhouse,” I growl playfully.

She moves my hand away.

“I could hyphenate it–”

“No!” I say loudly. “That shit needs to stop.” I’m actually getting tired of being teased about something that just isn’t fucking true.

“Touchy,” she snickers.

“Keep it up and you’re getting a spanking,” I tease… not sure if that should’ve come out.

“You lost your spanking privileges years ago, buster.”

“That’s never stopped me.” I lift my hands to crack my knuckles.

“Butterball won’t like it.”

“Butterball won’t even feel it,” I tell her, rubbing my hands together.

“That’s what you think. Plus I don’t think my boyfriend would be okay with it.”

Like I give a flying fuck what he’s okay with. All the same I say, “You’re lucky I’m feeling generous,” with a little wink. I know it would turn her on and that’s not somewhere we need to go right now.

“No, I’m lucky it’s not a horny day,” she mutters.

“Mmhmm,” I hum. “Want to stand there and watch me, or should we get out of this little room?” I ask.

Her eyebrow quirks. “Watch you what?”

“Lift shit and get all sweaty?” I wink.

She thinks about it for a minute before shaking herself out of her trance.

“Uh, no, I shouldn’t.”

“Hmm, your loss,” I shrug. “I think I’m going to keep this chair in here.” I point to a cherry colored leather chair. “That can be my midnight feeding chair.” Just to be a dick I lift the box I already had when she showed up and plop it on the bed so she gets a good view of my ass and biceps.

“Good idea.”

I bend again to start packing shit in any box. I can feel her eyes on my ass the whole time I’m bent over. When I stand and turn around she quickly looks away. This is fun. She’s cute when she’s trying not to be horny. I’m not that big of a dick so I leave the big guns put away. If I really wanted to I could get her going and make her forget all about Bill, but I have more respect for her than that.

All in all, this is a good start to the master plan of wooing my girl back. I like Holly, a lot, but I just can’t see her as my future. My future is standing in the doorway trying not to stare at my half naked body.