Chapter 8: Reunited



It took all the willpower I had not to steamroll over every other person off the plane. I didn’t speak much Swedish but it didn’t matter. I know the plane had landed and somewhere in Sweden, Eric was waiting for me. All I wanted was to get my bags and go find him.


Of course that meant everyone was moving like they were made of molasses. Everything seemed to be happening at a slow creep. It felt like three hours passed before I was finally zig-zagging through the gate to get to the baggage claim to collect my bags. My things were supposed to be on baggage carousel four and I stopped mid-stride when a familiar, tall frame caught my eye.


His head turned and I’d know those eyes anywhere. That pretty smile followed and before I knew it, I was running toward him at full speed. In that moment I didn’t care if I had to shove grandmothers out of my way. I jumped into Eric’s arms and hugged him like he was a life raft in a stormy sea.


“Mmm, I’ve been waitin’ for this,” he whispered as he hugged me back.


“Was it worth it?” I asked before I turned my head to kiss him. A peck turned into a lingering peck, and that turned into something much more passionate and demanding. That kiss made my ovaries tingle and my thighs rub together.


“We need to get to the hotel,” he said once the kiss broke. “You took forever gettin’ out here.” He let go of me long enough to lift my suitcase.


“Believe me, it wasn’t by choice. I wore the skirt for you.” He probably noticed already.


“I noticed,” he growled playfully. “I already checked into the hotel. My mom wanted us to stay with her, but I didn’t think she’d like all the noise we make.”


“She probably wouldn’t like the screaming you’re so fond of,” I agreed. I followed Eric to the exit and he hailed us a cab.


“Eh, she’d ask if we were makin’ her grandbabies,” he laughed.


“Does your sister have kids?” I got into the cab and scooted over so Eric could get in next to me. It was comical how those long legs of his had to fold up in order for him to fit.


“Not yet. It’s gettin’ serious with her boyfriend though, so it may happen sooner rather than later.”


“Gotcha,” I nodded. I scooted closer to him and whispered, “I want you to know I’m not wearing panties.”


“This car is too small for us to fool around, Sookie,” he whispered back. “But the second the hotel room door closes, believe me, I’m takin’ advantage of it.”


“I have no doubt.” I nipped at his neck and my hand landed in his lap.


“You’re trouble, little girl,” he growled.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I kept my hand still but whispered, “You should feel how wet my thighs are right now.”


Eric’s hand slid up my inner thigh. He kept his eyes on mine as he reached my slit. His thick fingers parted my folds so he could begin to rub my clit in slow circles.


“Mmm, I intend to make sure you’re wet enough to easily take my cock when we get to the room,” he told me in a soft sex voice.


“Oh I’m already there,” I promised him. “I had dirty thoughts on the plane.”


“Mmm, what were the thoughts?”


“I can’t tell you here. That would be cruel.”


“Not if I’m askin’ for it,” he said as his slipped his finger deep into my core.


I moaned softly and my eyes closed. Whatever dirty thoughts I’d had disappeared from my head. All I could focus on was the present and in that spirit I finally admitted, “Fuck, I missed you.” It wasn’t just the sex, as much as I wanted to believe that it was.


His finger stopped pumping as he leaned over to give me a sweet kiss. “I missed you too,” he whispered against my lips.


I carefully removed his finger and looked into his eyes while I sucked it clean.


“You’re evil,” he growled.


I smiled around his finger and licked the upper part of his palm. Okay, maybe I was a little evil. Fortunately, we were only a block away from the hotel. As soon as the cab stopped, Eric helped me out. He paid the driver and I wheeled my bag into a much swankier hotel than I had originally planned to stay in. Eric followed me in and led me to the elevator.


“What floor are we terrorizing?” I asked while we waited. If he was smart, he reserved a suite.


“Top,” he winked. “Nothin’ but the best for my pretty American girl.”


I arched an eyebrow while he pushed the button for a penthouse. PH-3, to be exact.


“Fancy pants,” I smiled.


“I want you to enjoy my home in style,” he told me. “I don’t bring too many people here, so… it felt right to go big.”


“No twin beds pushed together?”


“One giant bed facing the window with a gorgeous view of Stockholm,” he informed me.


“One giant bed I get to have you all to myself in for the next twenty-four hours?” I reached down to squeeze his semi-hard cock.


“Yes.” He groaned as he turned to push me against the elevator wall. As soon as he dipped his head to kiss me it came to a stop. “We’re here,” he whispered.


“Indeed we are.” I gave him one more squeeze and stepped off the elevator. Eric followed me to a little sitting area outside of our room. He opened the suite door and held it for me so I could pass him. I was taking off my sneakers when he grabbed me from behind.


“I’ve been ready for this since I left Berlin.” I heard his zipper go down right before he lifted my skirt. Eric’s semi-hard cock started running through my slit as he rocked his hips against me. I could feel him getting harder and harder on each pass.


“Me too. I got myself off in the tub last night thinking about you,” I admitted. I pulled my shirt off and threw it across the room.


“Good. Hold on.” Eric shifted me so I was facing the wall near the entrance of the room. As soon as my hands lifted to hold onto the wall his thick shaft was pushing into me from behind.


“Oh fuck,” I breathed. It felt so good. It was everything that was missing for the last week. I pushed back away from the wall and moaned when his thick fingers curled around my hips to hold me steady.


Eric leaned over some so his chest was to my back as he started to thrust harder. It felt like he was getting deeper than normal. His lips brushed against my ear and I could feel his breath fanning over my cheek as he started to pant.


What got me was when he started whispering to me in Swedish. I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but I could feel everything he felt as he continued to purr into my ear. One of Eric’s hands slipped down to rub my clit as hips slapped against my ass. My eye clenched shut and my nails raked the wall.


Not knowing what he was saying was driving me crazy. I wanted to know but I was afraid to at the same time. If he was saying sweet, romantic things I wasn’t sure if knowing those things was a good idea. Regardless of whether he was saying sweet things or reciting his grocery list, I didn’t reply. I concentrated on the things I was feeling, physically speaking. Any thoughts of feelings that tried to worm their way into my mind were pushed away immediately.


The angle of his thrusts was good but I wasn’t terribly disappointed when Eric pulled out and turned me around so we were face to face. He grabbed me by my thighs and hoisted me up the wall before filling me again. My arms and legs wrapped around him and his forehead pressed to mine. With our eyes locked on one another’s words weren’t necessary. His eyes were scary expressive.


Eric pulled my hips away from the wall, lifting them some so the angle changed slightly. Each time he filled me he would pause to grind against me, making sure I felt every long, hard inch.


“I’m not going to last, Sookie,” he whispered. “You feel too good.”


“It’s okay,” I breathed. I didn’t want him stressing himself out. I reached down to play with my clit and it drove me closer to the edge. I nipped at his bottom lip while he drove into me. I’d never tried kissing someone with my eyes open but it didn’t seem strange with him, for some reason. Maybe it was because his eyes made sure he had no secrets.


He returned the nip before tugging my bottom lip between his teeth. He started sucking lightly and then slid his tongue into my mouth. We kissed for a moment with our eyes open until Eric’s thrusts became a little more erratic. His eyes closed as the kiss got more intense. He moaned into the kiss, louder than I’ve heard him moan before. His shaft began to pulse right before he came hard with a low groan. He continued to pump his hips right through his orgasm.


My nails dug into his back when the pressure in my belly exploded. I threw my head back, causing it to smack the wall pretty hard, but I didn’t care. I gasped and moaned through my orgasm and my walls were still pulsing when my back landed on a soft mattress. Eric’s hips kept moving, pumping against me slowly.


“I needed that,” I panted and kissed his neck.


“Mmm, we both did,” he replied, tilting his head to give me better access. “I think if I keep moving like this I can stay hard,” he chuckled.


“I’m in no hurry,” I said between kisses. My feet rubbed up and down the back of his thighs while my hands massaged his lower back.


“Good.” His hips started to swivel, moving just as slowly. “I’m sorry if this room is too much… I just… I wanted to do something nice for you.”


“It’s… vackra,” I smiled, proud of myself for being able to recall Swedish at that moment.


“Very good,” he smiled back. “You are also vackra.”


“Thank you. How was Ireland? Everything okay with the pub?”


“It was stressful, but yes, the pub is still standing. The lady that was attacked is most likely going to live, surprisingly. I don’t want to give you all the gory details, but she’s still in intensive care, but the doctors are hopeful.”


“That’s some fight that broke out.” Eric had made it seem like it wasn’t that big of a deal but someone in intensive care was a huge deal.


“Aye, it was a lot worse than I expected. There was a knife involved.”


I frowned at that.


“Well I hope the lady recovers,” I said sincerely.


“Me too.” Eric dipped his head to kiss me again.


I didn’t want to talk about a lady in intensive care and I didn’t think he did either. His hips kept moving in time with his tongue rubbing against mine. I felt a twinge of something in my chest but I refused to give a name to what I was feeling. It was too dangerous to do that. Not just to me, but for both of us.




I could tell Sookie’s emotions were starting to get to her. If I was being completely honest, mine were too. In the short time we were apart I was fuckin’ miserable. Pam spent the whole week teasing the shit out of me. It didn’t bother me. It was all mostly true. I wasn’t in love with Sookie, but I knew if I allowed it, I could easily fall hard for her.


I’d been in Stockholm for two days. I spent a day with my mother before I booked the best hotel in town for us. She wasn’t technically mine, but I wanted to spoil her anyway.


I pulled my head back so I could look down at her beautiful face. She had a small smile playing on her full lips. I didn’t think about it, maybe it was being in Sweden, but when I started talking I said, “You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever met.” I didn’t know until she gave me one of those looks, silently asking me what I said. I didn’t clarify. I simply started to rock my hips slowly, pushing in deep.


I rolled us over so Sookie was lying on my chest. My hands landed on her ass, massaging gently as her hips rocked. We didn’t have to talk, it was nice enjoying her. She had managed to work her way under my skin… it wasn’t a good idea, but I couldn’t help myself.


“Do you want to meet my mother?” I blurted out. I’d told her about Sookie and she knew it was a fling, but wanted to meet her anyway. “I know we talked a little about it but…” It was a coupley thing.


“I’ll leave it up to you,” she answered. “Depends on if you want her to compare your future girlfriends to me,” Sookie joked.


“And she will,” I smiled. “I spent my first night at her house. I told her I met a pretty American girl that I decided to follow around Europe. She wants to meet the girl that got me to leave Ireland for more than a weekend.”


Sookie chuckled and said, “She’ll fall in love with the one that gets you to move back to Sweden.”


“I don’t know if I’d move back here for a girl,” I told her. “It’s too… stuffy to me. It’s what I’m used to and I enjoy Ireland too much.”


“Well maybe someday you’ll have little leprechaun babies.”


“Possible,” I chuckled. “I think I’m the tallest person in Dublin.” A thought hit me hard that I didn’t pay any attention to. Sookie and I had fucked enough that maybe she could leave the trip with a Swirish souvenir. I couldn’t think like that though. I didn’t love Sookie, no. I liked her, she was amazing in bed, but even thinking about babies with her was a big time no-no.


“You might be. You’re definitely the sexiest.”


“Nah, you haven’t seen all the little men there,” I told her. “I’m sure there are plenty there better lookin’ than me.”


“Hmmm… Maybe I should have a look around before I fly home–”


I growled as I sat up, taking her with me. I started to nibble on her jaw and purred, “If you’re stayin’, you’re stayin’ for me.”


“What about when you’re busy at the pub? I can’t find a sexy Irish boy to play with?”


I took her by surprise when I asked, “Are you going to video it so we can sit down and watch it like a good porn?”


She cocked an eyebrow in surprise, or maybe confusion.


“Would you want to watch me fuck someone else?” Sookie asked.


“I was actually kiddin’, Sookie,” I told her. “I have a jealous streak a mile wide.” That might have been a redneck-ism… maybe?


“But you wanted to find another girl to fool around with,” she pointed out.


“If we had a threesome now, it would be acceptable; we’re technically not a couple. If you stayed in Dublin, I would do everything in my power to try to convince you to be mine,” I told her.


She opened her mouth to say something but instead she just exhaled and then closed her mouth. Whatever was on her mind, Sookie was keeping it to herself.


I kissed her cheek as my hands roamed around her bare back. I didn’t to think about the possibilities, because in truth, we didn’t have a future. My real job made sure of that. If it wasn’t for my work at the agency I would drop everything to stay with her. I couldn’t tell her that, though.


“How about we change the subject again?” I whispered after I nipped her earlobe.


“What did you have in mind?” Sookie started to bounce slowly.


“We can start with how good your tight little cunt feels around my cock,” I growled. I leaned back on my elbows so I could watch her move. She was so damn sexy. “Or maybe how perfect your tits are.”


“Sounds like a pretty one-sided conversation,” she replied.


“Tell me what you want, Sookie,” I requested.


“You,” she answered simply.


“You have me,” I told her. I lay down on the bed all the way so I could rest my hands on her hips.


I could have sworn I heard her whisper, “For now,” before her head fell back so I couldn’t see her face. I didn’t want to think about what that meant. I was sure I could figure it out if I wanted to. Instead I helped her rise and fall, my thumbs rubbing light circles around her hips. My eyes traveled down the front of her body, ending at the spot where we were joined. Her pussy was stretched tight around my thick length. As a man I found it sexy as hell knowing that I was able to pleasure her in that way. I moved one of my hands a little further in so I could rub her clit with my thumb. I loved watching her body and the light sheen of sweat covering her smooth skin.


Her back arched and Sookie leaned back to brace her hands on my thighs. She rocked back and forth, making her tits sway in a hypnotic fashion. Her walls started to flutter and she moaned quietly every few seconds.


Since I just came I knew I wasn’t going to cum anytime soon. I kept my thumb on her clit as she moved. My hips started to thrust gently, meeting her as she bounced. I could feel her walls massaging my cock. It felt like heaven. It pissed me off that I couldn’t drop everything to be with her, and there was no way to explain why.


I want you forever, Sookie,” I whispered in my native language. “I want to leave it all for you… Fuck,” I growled when her hips started to rotate in slow circles. Fuckin’ perfect, that was what she was.


She didn’t question what I was saying to her but she did reach behind herself to play with my sac. For once I took my eyes off of her. My back arched some as my eyes fluttered closed. She was way too good at fuckin’ me.


I didn’t know how much time had passed before my cock started to pulse inside of her. My stomach muscles started to twitch and I could feel my balls tighten. My orgasm was getting closer and closer, but I managed to keep it under control. It was a lot more work than I thought it would be.


“I want to feel you cum again,” I told her as my thumb sped up.


Sookie leaned forward and the little minx started to tug on my nipple with her teeth while her hips swiveled quickly.


Evil,” I growled. I moved my hands and grabbed onto her hips. My feet dug into the bed so I could start slamming up into her. The sound of my thighs bouncing off her ass and the gloriously wet sound her pussy was making did me in. “Fuuuuuck!” I roared when I came.


Sookie moaned and a moment later, her walls were gripping and releasing my cock perfectly, milking me for every last drop of my cum. She melted into me and I felt our combined release running down my sac.


“I think I need to eat soon,” I chuckled. “I need to keep my strength up with you, young lady.”


“Maybe the hotel has Ensure or Glucerna,” she snickered.


“I wouldn’t laugh too hard. You’re the one willingly fuckin’ the guy with old balls,” I teased, tickling her side.


“I am but it’s because he’s got pretty eyes. They compensate for the old balls.”


“You’re fuckin’ me for my pretty eyes?” I laughed. “So shallow.”


“Like my tits aren’t a factor? Please.”


“Of course they are,” I chuckled. “As is your sexy ass, and the way you laughed at the dancin’ cows.”


“Flings are supposed to be shallow and meaningless,” she said.


“That’s very true,” I nodded. “And purely about the good sex. Imagine how good you are for this old man’s ego.”


“Maybe I’ll send you recordings of me moaning for you,” she smirked.


“Mmm, I might like that. Expect the replies to be pictures of my cum covered stomach.”


“Deal,” she replied. Her smile faded and she asked, “Do you really think we’ll stay in touch after I go home?”


“I would like to,” I answered. “I’ll want to hear all about the adventures in Sookie land.” I was going to miss her terribly.


“Even if I start seeing someone?”


“Hmm, we’ll see,” I replied as truthfully as I could. “I’ll try to be happy for you, but I will probably get a little jealous,” I admitted. I tilted her head with my finger so I could place a gentle peck on her soft lips. “How about this, until you meet your dream man that’s going to sweep you off your feet and give you a million babies, I can call you late at night and talk you through getting yourself off.”


“Sounds fair to me,” she agreed. There was doubt in her eyes, though.


“We’ll call that out tentative plan,” I smiled. It wasn’t a real smile. My fuckin’ heart ached just thinking about her leaving Europe.


Sookie nodded and rested her head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her to hold her tight to my chest. It was obvious we were both feeling something we shouldn’t. In truth, I should’ve just stayed in Dublin, or left her after one night in London. It wasn’t fair to either of us. I was going to be selfish, though. I hadn’t met someone in a long time that made me feel the way Sookie did. I wanted to enjoy it while it lasted and hopefully it was going to be worth it in the end. Sure we were both going to be sad when it was over, but I had a feeling that for Sookie it was going to end up being a fond memory. She would meet a guy, probably fairly quickly, and forget all about the old man in Dublin.


12 thoughts on “Chapter 8: Reunited

  1. Oh the angst . They are both feeling it. I’m now getting worried about Eric’s secret and how Sookie will react . That line about looking into his eyes and seeing no secrets, oh my. Then there were Eric’s lines in Swedish , I melted. This story is amazing !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It makes me so sad…Eric thinking that she would actually ever forget about him. I know it’s supposed to be just a fling, but clearly it’s more. They seem so attune to one another…it’s more than sex…it’s fabulous sex, the urge to please, and the need for companionship. That just screams relationship to me. God a love this storyline!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. There is no way they can just forget about each other. Their feelings have already gotten in the way of their fling. It might be easier when they part if something with Eric’s job happens just so it won’t be too hard for Sookie. After all Eric is living a double life and has to keep his actual job secret. It will come up eventually.


  4. Oh, they are both kidding themselves. Both want forever with each other. Eric is undercover but as he thought the Agency is the only thing keeping him from staying with her. Tell me there is no way at all for him to leave? Unless he really doesn’t want to leave that life… Sookie is a student and there are colleges all over the world. She might be willing to change her plans if they start being honest with themselves and each other. Damn, their situation is getting to me! Lol


  5. This has gone way past great sex and a fling. They’re in love, and there’s a solution for everything. I’ve no doubt that you ladies have already written a great surprise for us! 🙂


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