Chapter 9



The more Sookie is around the more excited I get. I love watching the changes in her body. I love her body in general, but knowing she’s growing a baby, my baby, is just… it’s pretty fucking cool.


I get off of work late and I’m exhausted. I spent the morning in Sookie’s bed and then ran all over town showing houses. It doesn’t sound hard, but the clients are annoying and put a mental strain on me. I end up falling asleep on the couch around eleven only to be woken by someone ringing the doorbell at… Jesus it’s almost one a.m.


I get up from the couch and stagger to the door. I open it without thinking and I’m shocked to see a worried, possibly upset Sookie on the other side.


“Hey,” I say with concern and reach out to pull her in the house. “What happened?”




I don’t know what a Hadley is, so I say, “I’m sorry…” I wrap my arms around her and she hugs me back, but she’s a little stiff. “What did this Hadley do to upset you? Can I beat it up for you?” I ask quietly, trying to make her smile.


She doesn’t.


“Hadley is my cousin,” she says. “She got me thinking about some things I didn’t consider before.”


“Consider about what…” Now I’m worried.


“You… Us…”


Now my heart is pounding and I’m freaking out inside.


“What about me and us?” I ask.


“Are you really happy about the baby?” Sookie asks. Her hands are shaking and her bottom lip is trembling.


I take her hands and put them on my hips. I cup her face and brush my thumbs over her cheeks.


“Sookie, I am… now,” I tell her honestly. “At first I was a little angry that we were so careless. I didn’t want kids, but you know that. The first couple weeks I was a mess inside. I didn’t know what to do or how to feel about this. Hell, I was still a little unsure until I heard Sally’s little heart racing. At that moment the baby became my reason to breathe, Sookie. Yes, I’m very happy about the baby now.”


She nods and asks, “And me? You’re not… this isn’t just a way for you to make your money back, right?” A big tear slides down her cheek.


“What?” I ask angrily. “No, this isn’t a way to make my money back. I don’t give two shits about the money I’ve spent at the club. You aren’t Montana, you’re Sookie, the girl I made a baby with and the girl I’m dating. I don’t know what the fuck your cousin said, but that’s bullshit.”


Sookie sniffles and nods again.


“I’m sorry,” she blurts out and hugs me tightly.


I hug her back even though I’m still pretty irritated with the accusations.


“I just hope you don’t think I look at you and see a stripper, Sookie. The person I’m with now is not the person that was dancing for me. Dating Montana was never on my radar,” I say quietly.


Sookie holds onto me and cries for a few minutes before she calms down enough to talk.


“I’m sorry,” she says as pulls back. “I’m just all over the place right now. We were at the baby store and I started thinking about the possibility that she could be right and then I’d have to do this all on my own and it’s just a lot.”


“Sookie, I’d never let you do this on your own. Even if for some reason we don’t work that’s still my baby. I was raised to take responsibility for my actions. If we didn’t start dating I’d still give you whatever support you need, whether it be monetary, emotional, or murdering someone for upsetting my baby mama,” I say, smiling at the end.


She finally cracks a little smile but then she starts crying again.


“Shit, what did I say?”


“I’m such an idiot,” she says between sniffles.


“No you’re not… why?”


“I’ve been panicking all day,” she tells me. “It turns out that I really like you and I didn’t want all of this to be a scam.”


“I really like you too,” I grin. “And don’t baby scams usually work the other way around?”


“There’s a first time for everything.”


“If you want I can quit my job and collect child support from you,” I offer.


Sookie sniffles and says, “Good luck with that.”


“I have a good lawyer,” I say and kiss her head. I wrap her in a tight hug and just hold on.


“You probably wouldn’t even need one after the judge finds out I’m a stripper,” she says.


“See, plus side to everything,” I joke. “Come on, let’s go lay down you look exhausted.”


Sookie nods but doesn’t let go of me.


“Want me to carry you?”


She nods her head and wraps her arms around my neck. I grab her thighs and hoist her up so she can wrap her legs around me. I grab the remote and turn off the TV before I make my way up the stairs with my Sookie barnacle.


“Do you need me to grab you something to sleep in?” I whisper as I sit on the bed with her still attached.


“I can do it,” she says. Sookie pulls back and says, “I really am sorry.”


“I know. I’m still a little bothered that you thought that of me, but it’ll pass,” I admit. I’m not the type of guy to get all bitchy and give her the cold shoulder because I’m a little upset.


“It’s not your fault. It’s… I don’t know why I let myself get so upset. We’re still getting to know each other and I’ve been dealing with a lot of changes, plus my hormones are all over the place…” she trails off.


“It’s okay,” I assure her, stroking her hair back. “I’m glad you came right over to talk to me about it instead of letting it fester longer.”


Sookie nods and hugs me again. “I’m sorry,” she whispers.


“I know, baby, stop apologizing,” I whisper back. “How about you get into bed and cuddle with me?”


“Yeah,” she whispers and pulls back.


I help her off of my lap and move to the middle of the bed. She knows where my shirts are if she wants to change.


Sookie climbs off the bed and goes to my closet. She comes out in one of my t-shirts and then slips into the bathroom for a minute. I hear water running and the toilet flush before she comes out.


I smile at her and pat my chest. “Come here,” I say quietly.


She climbs back up and crawls over to me. She straddles my legs and lies down on my chest. I wrap my arms around her and rub her back slowly.




“Do you feel better?” I whisper.


“Yeah. I’m sorry if I freaked you out,” she replies.


“It was practice for Sally’s freak outs,” I chuckle.


“I’m sure I’ll have more of them before all this is over.”


“Thanks for the heads up.”


“Had’s wedding is in February of next year so don’t be surprised if I come back sobbing from trying on dresses,” she warns.


“Why would you cry over that?” I just don’t get girls sometimes.


“Because by the time we go I’ll be about six months pregnant.”


“Why would you try on a dress while you’re pregnant if you won’t be by the time the wedding gets here?”


“Because she’s going to want to see it on me anyway. I’ll just order the dress a little bigger in case I don’t lose the baby weight and then have it altered after I give birth,” she explains.


“Women are confusing,” I chuckle. “If you cry I promise to snuggle you until you feel better.”


“Thanks.” I feel her smile.


“You’re welcome.” I kiss the top of her head. “You won’t be able to do this much longer.”


“Pregnant girls can snuggle.”


“I know, but you won’t be able to lie on my chest.”


“You mean like I’m a big baby?” she giggles quietly.


“Kinda,” I smile and give her a squeeze. “I like having you here though.”


“Good,” she whispers.


“How was work?” I’m awake now.


“Pam sent me home because I looked like shit,” she tells me.


“I’m sorry,” I whisper. I know it’s not my fault, but she’s missing out on money and after the first time I won’t offer her anything anymore.


“It’s fine. I really should just give my notice. I have money saved up so if I don’t find something right away I’ll be okay. It’s not like I’ll be losing insurance or anything.”


“You don’t have insurance?” I ask. I don’t know why I’m surprised.


“Eric, I work in a strip club,” Sookie says like I should know better.


“I just never thought about it,” I admit. “I can cover any baby related doctor bills you have.”


“It’s okay, I got it.”


“Can you do me a favor?” I ask.


“Depends on what you want.”


“I want you to allow me to take on some of the monetary responsibility for my child.” I don’t think it’s too much to ask.


She lifts her head to look me in the eye and says, “It’s an awkward conversation. I’m terrible about discussing money issues.”


“I’m not and I don’t think it’s crazy that I want to help take care of Sally. I have money, Sookie. I’m not offering to pay your bills or your rent. I’m asking to pay a doctor bill or buy some diapers when the baby needs them.”


“I know. I’m just sort of used to people thinking I’m not going to make it on my own so I feel like I have to prove them wrong, you know? I know this is about the baby and not me, but we’re connected, if that makes any sense.”


“It makes sense. I also know you don’t need me or my money. I’m not those other people, Sookie. I need you to trust that.”


“I’m working on it,” she says and pecks my lips. “Can we talk about money in the morning when I’m not so tired?”


“Yep.” I pull her face to mine for another kiss and then I start rubbing her back again.


We lie there kissing for a while before Sookie rests her head on my chest again. Her fingertips graze my ribs in a slow rhythm until she falls asleep. It doesn’t take me long to join her in slumberland.




The next morning I wake up alone. I can hear Sookie showering so I get up and go into the bathroom to go pee. I wash my hands, but don’t go into the shower. I doubt we would leave the house if I did and I need to work in a while.


I head downstairs to the kitchen to start some coffee for myself. I throw in two bagels and I’m getting a protein shake in the blender when Sookie comes down running my comb through her hair.


“Morning, babe,” I say as she pads into the room.


“Morning,” she smiles and comes over to kiss me.


“I have a bagel for you. Did you sleep alright?”


“I slept great.” She hugs me tight. “Thanks for making us breakfast.”


“You’re welcome. I’m making a protein shake if you want one.”


“I’ve never had one.”


“It’s chocolate. Here, try mine.” I pour mine into a glass and hand it to her.


“Well if Sally doesn’t like it we’ll find out fast like with the bacon.” Sookie takes a small drink.




She shrugs and says, “It kind of tastes like chocolate chalk, but otherwise it’s not–” She covers her mouth and hauls ass to the sink.


Sally doesn’t like it.


I move to stand behind her and rub her back as the shake comes back up. Thankfully Sookie only heaves a few times before she rinses her mouth and the sink out.


“Okay… it’s a no go on the protein shakes,” she says as she reaches for a paper towel.


“Check,” I say and go to get her a glass of water. “What do you have going on today?”




“Sounds fun,” I nod and start to doctor my coffee. “I’m still showing the Laudermilks houses. I have to meet them at the first one at eleven.”


“Wanna trade? I’ll show houses and you go to the laundromat?”


“I wouldn’t wish the Laudermilks on a snake,” I cringe. “You know you can bring your laundry here, right?”


“I do now,” she smiles.


“I’ll give you the code to get into the garage door and the alarm code,” I tell her. If something ever happens and I suddenly don’t trust her I can change both codes easily.


“Are you sure? I can just wait until you’re home.”


“Yeah,” I nod. “I trust you and if you come in and fuck the place up or steal a bunch of shit I will have learned my lesson.”


“Damn, you figured out my evil master plan,” she giggles. “I knew you weren’t just good looks.”


“Oh, I’m way more than good looks,” I wink. “If you get horny you can masturbate in various rooms to see if any are good for a sex room since we didn’t decide last time.”


“Babe, if I do that laundry won’t get done.”


“Then you’ll just have to stay another day,” I smirk.


“Mmm… maybe. But if you’re not here I’ll have to send you dirty pictures or videos and you’ll just get all distracted.”


“It’s better than dealing with Mrs. L hitting on me while her husband yells at her for doing it.”


Sookie laughs and says, “I can’t really say I blame her.”


“I am a sexy beast on a good day,” I say smugly.


“And a cocky son of a gun every other day,” she snorts.


“You like it,” I shrug. “Do you want cream cheese for your bagel?”




I go to the fridge and grab the strawberry and the plain. I set it on the counter in front of her and go to get a knife.


“Do you have to work tonight?”


“Nope. I’m off tonight,” Sookie says as she opens the strawberry cream cheese.


“I should be home around seven. Should I expect you to be here?” I ask and take a drink of my protein shake.


“You should expect dinner to be almost ready when you get here.”


“Should I expect a mint on my pillow and a blowjob before I eat?” I joke. Having Sookie cook dinner will be weird. Cool, but weird.


“You should expect Andes mint brownies and probably a good deep throating,” she says. She’s serious.


I look at her for a long time before I ask, “And how are you not married?”


“I’ve been busy,” Sookie shrugs.


“Well, if this thing between us stays solid you can expect to get unbusy,” I tell her honestly. I don’t love Sookie yet, but I’m already beginning to see a future with her other than a co-parenting one.


“Is that right?” Her eyebrow rises curiously.


“Mmhmm,” I nod.


“How would I get unbusy with a baby on the way?”


“You just need one day to get married. You can get busy again afterward,” I say and rinse the blender.


“Ah ha. Well if pregnancy stays as awesome as it is now I might just keep popping out kiddos.”


“We have the space,” I shrug. “Plus a guest house so we can move the older ones out to make room for the new babies.”


“We can turn this into a creepy baby breeding compound.”


“Should I look for a couple more girls? Maximize production, ya know.”


“Sure. Sister wives might be good. I’ll start watching Little House on the Prairie for clothing ideas.”


“Mmm, I might just use the others as breeding mares. I can only handle one spicy little blonde telling me what to do,” I wink.


“But I don’t tell you what to do. Should I start?”


“No, we can allow that to come organically. If it never happens I’ll be perfectly happy.”


“You don’t think you’d be missing out on part of the marriage package if I don’t nag and boss you around?”


“Hmm, nope. I would rather have a fun wife, not a naggy one. I want a wife that can joke with me and tease the kids with me. I want a girl that offers me dinner, blowjobs, and mint brownies.”


“So I have to be sneaky about my nagging,” Sookie winks.


“Mmm, you can nag me while you’re stroking my dick,” I chuckle.


“It’s a win/win situation,” she laughs.


“Exactly. I do give as well as I receive though.”


“So you’re going to nag while you’re fingering me?”


“Men can nag too,” I shrug.


“Oh I know.”


“Like if you don’t give on the baby bill thing I’m going to nag the shit out of you or start sticking twenties in your purse when you’re not looking.”


She smiles and asks, “How much do you want to contribute?”


“Honestly, money wise I would be perfectly content with a hundred percent, but I know you won’t have that. Once Sally is born I can put him or her on my medical insurance. As for everyday things, diapers, clothes, food, I’m fine with 50/50.”


“Okay,” she nods. “Have you thought about custody?”


I lean against the island and look at her for a moment. “If this thing between us works out I would hope we can live together by the time Sally is born. If not, again, I want 50/50.”


“That could be tough in the beginning,” she says. “I mean if we’re not still together.”


“Are you breastfeeding?”


“I want to try but it’s not just that.”


“What else would pose a problem?”


“I don’t want to leave my baby?”


“I won’t want to either, Sookie,” I tell her. “Let’s make a deal. If we break up before the baby is born we can spend the first month together. I’m sure we won’t hate each other. After that I’ll come back home and we can do 50/50… how’s that?”




“Alright,” I nod. This was almost too easy. “For the record I don’t see us splitting up unless Hadley throws other lies into your head.”


“She wasn’t trying to start something, she was just asking me a question and my brain took it like eight steps further,” Sookie says.


“Ah, well, then I won’t glare at her like she’s the devil for freaking out my girl if I ever meet her,” I smile.


“She wants to meet you. I told her we’d have dinner with her and her fiancé.”


“Okay. Want to have them over, or are you embarrassed by the size of this place?” I chuckle.


“Pffffft. You have a beautiful house.”


“Thanks,” I smile.


“You’re welcome.”


“Just say when and we can have them over then,” I tell her.


“Okay. I’ll talk to Had and let you know. I’m making patty melts on sourdough and cauliflower mashers for dinner.”


“Sounds good. I’m going to run up and take a shower. I’ll write down the codes when I get back down.”


“Okay,” she smiles. “Want company in the shower?”


“You just… sure,” I grin and close the small distance between us to grab her hips under my shirt. As expected she’s not wearing any panties.


“If you need to get going I’ll be fine here,” she tells me.


“I have almost two hours. Do you think we can do it?”


“In two hours we can probably do it like… eight times.”


“Alright, let’s get this party started,” I wink and take her hand to lead her back upstairs.




“Honey, I’m home,” I call when I walk in the front door. It smells delicious in here.


Sookie comes out of the kitchen dressed almost like a ’50s housewife, complete with pearls, pumps and a cold beer in her hand for me.


“How was your day, dear?” She winks and hands me the bottle.


“Thanks, baby,” I smile and take the beer. “My day was… annoying. It’s a lot better now. How was yours?”


“Productive.” Sookie takes my hand and leads me to the living room. “Sit. Let me help you relieve some of the stress.”


“Uh… okay.” I sit on the couch as directed and take a sip of my beer.


“Now you tell me all about your day,” she says as she drops to her knees and opens my fly. “And I’ll give you a nice head massage.”


I keep my eyes on her lips as she pulls my cock out and I say, “I think the Laudermilks finally found a house they want. She didn’t even flirt with me when I showed her the bathroom like she usually does.”


“Maybe she’s finally listening to her husband,” Sookie suggests and swirls her tongue around my tip.


“Mmm, hopefully,” I moan. “She did give me a flirty look once though… that’s really good, Sookie…”


“She’s got good taste,” she says and wraps her lips around my head to give it a hard suck.


“Do that again,” I whisper.


She does, plus she starts stroking my shaft.


“Good girl,” I groan and drop my head back. “They found a mini mansion…. mmm… one point eight million…”


“Big spenders,” she whispers and her head starts to bob up and down my length.


“Mmm, that’s nothing… you should’ve seen the price tag on this place,” I breathe.


“Mmm…” she hums and pulls off of me to say, “Moneybags,” and then she plunges down again so her lips reach my base.


“Fuck,” I hiss and buck my hips up a little. I lean forward and set the bottle of beer on the table so I can rest my hands on her head.


Sookie moans and her head keeps bobbing. She looks up at me and releases my cock to pay some attention to my balls one at a time.


“That’s really good, baby,” I moan, running my fingers through her hair. “You should see how gorgeous you look…”


“Take a picture,” she says before her lips wrap around my right ball.


“Are you serious?” I ask. I’ve sent her a dick pic, but I’ve never once thought about taking pictures of Sookie in the act.


“Mmhmm,” she hums. She releases me and spits on my cock to keep it lubed while she strokes me. “I trust you.”


“I know,” I smile. “I don’t need a picture unless you want to see it.”

“Sure,” she smiles and wraps her lips around my head again. She sucks hard and twists her wrist as she strokes.


I lift my hips a little to pull my phone out of my pocket. I turn on the phone and snap a picture of her gorgeous red lips wrapped midway down my length. She pulls up and sucks on my head, so I take another picture.


“You’re going to love these,” I tell her.


“Mmm,” she hums and starts bobbing again. When my head reaches the back of her throat she swallows, taking me deep down her throat.


I groan and drop my head back a moment before I look back down and take another picture for her. I set the phone down so I can concentrate on her lips sliding up and down my cock. Her head moves faster and I know it’s not going to take much longer. Not only is she great at giving head, she’s also giving me the perfect little housewife routine that is way hotter than I expected it to be.


Her tongue peeks out and the tip of it grazes my sac just as her hand cups it to give me a squeeze.


“Fuuuuuck!” I growl. “Again…”


She does it again… and again… and again until my shaft swells and then she tugs on my sac.


I cum hard with a whimper, shooting my release down her throat. “Oh… fuckfuckfuck…” I groan. I pick up the phone to take another picture when she slides off and my cum is on her lips. “Jesus, that’s hot.”


She licks her lips slowly so I can take another picture.


“Feel better now?” she asks.


“Much better,” I smile. “Come up here and kiss me.”


Sookie gets up and sits on my thigh to give me a lingering peck.


“Dinner is ready when you are. I even made bacon for your sandwich,” she says.


I brush her hair back and whisper, “What did I do to deserve you?”

“I don’t know,” she smiles and kisses me again. “Did you know you have an ice cream machine?”


“I do know that,” I grin. “Are you implying that you made ice cream in your day of production?”


“You now have three pints to choose from.”


“You’re adorable and great.”


“My favorite is the dark chocolate with a few drops of almond extract,” she grins and gets off my lap.


I stand up behind her and tuck my cock away. I pick up my beer and follow her into the kitchen. She has the table set with two glasses of water and another beer already open for me. She’s perfect… scary perfect.


“Did you spend the day watching Leave It To Beaver reruns?” I chuckle and pull her to me so I can give her another kiss.


“I was too busy for that. I did my laundry and yours, plus the baking, making the ice cream and then dinner.”


“Thank you, baby,” I grin and rest my hand on her growing belly. She’s getting bigger each day and I love seeing the progress. “You know you didn’t have to do all this?” I tell her.


“I wanted to,” she shrugs. Sookie moves to the oven and pulls out a platter with three patty melts on it, along with a serving bowl that I assume has the cauliflower in it.


I watch as she takes them to the table in the breakfast nook and once they’re set down I grab her around the waist and turn her to face me. I kiss her hard, sweeping my tongue into her mouth for just a moment before pulling back. I look into her beautiful blue eyes and tell her, “You’re going to be an amazing wife and mother, Sookie.”


She smiles and says, “Thank you.”


We sit down at the table to eat dinner. Sookie is an amazing cook. The brownies and ice cream are even better. When we’re done and she’s cleaning up our mess I stand back to watch her. It hits me that when I fall in love with this girl it’s going to be hard, and it’s coming fast.


14 thoughts on “Chapter 9

  1. I’m so glad she went to Eric about her thoughts on what Hadley said and ecstatic about his reply! Still think Hadley needs a smack upside the head tho. I really can’t see them splitting up as long as they can keep the communications open like they are now.


  2. Ah, she started with the tears before she even opened her mouth, that’s probably why it went so smooth – poor Eric never stood a chance 😉


  3. when Eric meets Hadley i see words being exchanged , as WTF were you thinking. but hopefully by then Sookie starts to feel valued by Eric, not just his baby mamma and i think they have both already fell hard and the I love you words will come out when they least expect it. loved the chapter. KY


  4. So happy she didn’t go at him with accusations. They seem to be on the right path to a long lasting relationship, but like Natsgirl my paranoid meter s working an i wonder who or when the wrench will happen. Maybe Felica showing up for a booty call when Sookie is there. Sookie is pregnant and in a new relationship eventually i think the insecurities are going to kick n


  5. Phew. Those accusations could have gone over really bad. Thankfully Eric has his head on right! Sookie was so cute as a 50s housewife. I can see good things!
    And ‘going’ to fall hard for Sookie? I’m thinking he has almost landed already lol


  6. Phew! I was worries Sookie’s meltdown could have been of epic proportions…. Luckily not… For all her panicky ways (hormone-aggravated?) at least she did go to Eric directly and shared her concerns….
    Eric was adorably supportive and understanding which was good… Perhaps the fact that he is older and more mature helps?

    At least they both have learnt that it is better to talk when a potential misunderstanding creeps up like this…. And they are bound to as the do not know each other well so that implicit trust in a couple is still missing no matter how well they get on…
    Can’t wait for more!!!


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