Chapter 4



I take a few days to think over the offer like Sookie suggested. Three years is a long time, yet the pros are outweighing the cons for me. Sookie said she’s in for whatever I decide and if I do this it guarantees that she and any kids we have will have a great life. I can retire after that and spend my life with her and our family.


Even though I’ve made my decision I don’t call my agent right away. I want to tell Sookie first. I want to make sure she’s going to be okay with the possibility of being photographed or whatever. I don’t usually have to deal with it too much, but I know it’s different for Ras now that his wife had the baby. There were reporters waiting outside his house when he drove up. He wasn’t too happy about that.


But since Sookie revealed a much naughtier side of herself I decide to surprise her. I hear the garage door go up and I go upstairs to wait for her. When she walks into the house she calls out like she always does, but I don’t answer her. I hear the clicking of her heels and eventually her coming up the stairs. She told me years ago that she hates surprises but I think she’ll like this one.


I time it just right so that just after she’s passed the guest room, I step out and grab her from behind to push her against the wall. Sookie yelps and turns her head to the side to make sure it’s me, and my hand is already going up her skirt.


“Eric, what are you doing?” she asks in a breathy whisper.


I lean close to her ear and my other hand slides up to her throat to hold her in place. I push her panties out of the way and rub her lower lips.


“Getting my pussy wet,” I growl at her.


She makes a sound between a whimper and a moan and says, “Okay…”


“Pull your skirt up, Sookie,” I instruct.


She reaches down and it takes her a moment, but she gets her skirt up resting around her hips.


“Like this?” she groans.


“Very good,” I nibble on her ear. “Now pull your panties down.”


“Yes, sir,” she says quickly and pushes her panties down to her knees before they drop to the ground. “Is that what you wanted?”


“Perfect.” I lick her neck and tug on her earlobe while my fingers start to tease her clit.


Her forehead rests against the wall and she moans loudly. Her pussy is dripping, soaking my hand.


“Do you know it’s after seven?” I ask her.


She gasps and starts to whine, “No, it can’t be! I left the office right on time, Eric, I promise.”


I let go of her throat and hold up my wrist so she can see the time. She might have left when she usually does but it’s still after seven.


“I didn’t mean to be late,” she says in a pleading tone.


“You want to cum, don’t you?” I know she does.


“Yes,” she breathes, “So, so bad.”


I put my hand back on her throat and my other pull her hips away from the wall, making her moan. I could slide right into her and I plan to.


“How about I give you a different punishment this time?” I rub my hand over her ass and she shivers.


“Anything you want. Please let me cum though,” she quickly agrees.


“I think you’ll get a swat on this perfect ass for every minute you were late,” I tell her.


“Yes, sir.” She nods the best she can with my hand wrapped around her throat.


It’s hardly a punishment, but that’s okay.


“Put your hands on the wall, Sookie,” I order and let my fingertips graze her slit.


Her hands go up and she rests them shoulder width. “Like this?” she questions.


“Perfect. If you take your punishment well I’ll let you have my cock,” I tell her and rub my hard-on against her ass.


“I promise to take it well.”


“Good girl,” I say and bring my hand down on her right cheek.


She cries out and I see her fingers try to grip the wall. Sookie doesn’t get much recovery time between swats, but I learned already that she likes it that way. I alternate from one side to the other and I can see her juices on her inner thighs. I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t cum the second I thrust into her.


By the time I get to the last swat she’s a panting, quivering mess. I unzip my pants and bring my hand down one more time and immediately thrust into her to the hilt. Fuck, she’s so hot and wet.


“Ahhhh!” she cries out and I feel her pussy start contracting around me.


My grip on her throat tightens a bit and I pull her head back to growl, “You like being punished don’t you, dirty girl?” I thrust hard and deep.


“Mmm, no. I don’t like to be a naughty girl,” she tells me. Her soaking wet pussy tells me differently.


“This drenched pussy disagrees,” I growl and reach around to rub her clit quickly. I need her to cum.


“Yes… yesyesyes!” she chants and her walls begin to hold on tighter. “I’m cumm–” She can’t finish because her orgasm steals her words.


She’s so fucking beautiful when she cums. It only takes a handful of thrusts before I lose it and cum hard deep inside her with a roar. I press her tighter against the wall and kiss her neck.


“Fuck, I love you.” The words just fall out of my mouth but I realize I mean it.


“Mmm, I love you, too,” she replies quietly with her head pressed against the wall.


It’s generally considered bad form to say that for the first time just after sex, but nothing else has been conventional about our relationship. Why should this be any different? I pull out of her and turn Sookie around to kiss her, making sure to pour everything I’m feeling into it. Her arms wrap around me and I can feel she means it too.


“I’ve been dying to tell you,” she whispers into the kiss.


“I just figured it out,” I reply and lift her by her thighs to take her to the bedroom.


“It’s okay,” she smiles.


I set her down on the bed and reach over to the nightstand to grab some tissues if she wants to clean up some.


“Thanks.” She takes a moment to wipe up some of the mess.


“I made a decision today. I want to take the offer,” I tell her.


She gives me a big, gorgeous grin and says, “I was expecting that. I put in my notice at work yesterday. When I’m done with the case I’m working on that’s it. I also contacted my realtor about selling my house since I won’t need it.”


I smile back at her and lean down to kiss her again, allowing my hands to move into her hair to cradle her head. “Thank you, pretty girl,” I whisper.


“I love it when you kiss me like that,” she whispers back. “And you’re welcome. I promised to support you in any way I can and I intend to keep that promise.”


“And I’m going to make it worth your while,” I promise her.


“It’s already worth it.”


I kiss her again the way she likes and it leads to a much slower second round before we decide we’re starving and order a pizza for delivery.




Sookie goes with me to Indiana so I can sign the papers to officially become the newest player for the Indianapolis Colts. I sign on St. Patrick’s Day and since it’s available, I ask to wear the number fourteen in honor of Sookie’s birthday. Doing that earns me a hell of a blowjob when we get to the hotel.


Her last day at work was the previous Friday, so for the time being I have her all to myself. Before I get into training mode again I want to go on a trip with her. She mentioned Italy so after we get back home I call my travel agent and make arrangements to spend two weeks in Italy at the beginning of May.


So far things are going really well. Almost too well. It’s inevitable that we’ll argue but we haven’t really done that yet. Sookie said something about wanting babies sooner rather than later if she quit her job. I want kids with her. It sounds kind of crazy, but if she wants to wait to get married for a few years I’m okay with that. It’s definitely not conventional, but who cares?


The subject keeps coming to mind and I try to figure out timing since I won’t want to leave her alone with a newborn and I doubt she’s going to want to travel with one. Ras told me all an Maria’s need to nest and not stray far from it after their daughter was born in early January.


I’m guessing it’ll be the same for Sookie. Training camp starts at the beginning of July. If we go to the post season we won’t be done until mid-February or so. If not, we’ll be done at the end of January. I’m lost in my thoughts when Sookie waves her hand in front of my face. She’s lying on my chest, her favorite place to be, according to her, while we watch TV on the couch.


“Sorry, I was thinking about something,” I smile at her.


“What has you thinking so hard?” she asks as she reaches up to stroke the side of my face.


“Babies,” I admit.


“Awww, really?” she grins. “What about them?”


“I’m thinking about having them with you.”


“I like that,” she tells me softly. “I’m excited to make a family with you.”


“Me too. I was wondering how soon you want to get on that,” I confess.


“Hmm, I kind of want to be married first. I would still have your children if you didn’t want to get married, but if it’s an option…”


“How about in Italy?” I ask. Might as well go for it and Sookie doesn’t know about the trip.


“What’s in Italy besides Italians? Italy was our no sign plan,” she says. She has a skeptical look on her face and she sits up on my waist.


“Now it’s our first half of May plan,” I smile.


“Eric… what?”


“We’re going to Italy,” I say slowly.


“We are? And you want to get married while we’re there? Or is that a honeymoon?” She has an unsure smile on her face.


“If you want to be stuck with me for the rest of your life it’s both.”


She looks at me for a moment before she resumes her spot on my chest. She scoots up a little and presses her lips to mine in a soft kiss.


“I want nothing more than to be stuck with you for the rest of my life,” she whispers.


“Are you sure?” I ask seriously and rub her hips.


“I’ve never been more sure about anything.”


“I love you, pretty girl,” I smile at her.


“I love you too, Eric.” She kisses me again, this time I feel her tongue slide across my lips seeking entrance.


My mouth opens for her and my hands move up her back into her hair. We lie there making out for a while before Sookie pulls back and snuggles into my chest. I wrap my arms around her and kiss the top of her head.


There’s a little part of me that worries it’s a lot to take on at once but we’ve proven that we aren’t afraid of a challenge. And there’s no one I would rather face one with than Sookie.




Okay, so this is the most insane thing I’ve ever agreed to. It’s also the first thing in my life I’ve ever felt a hundred and ten percent certain about. It’s quick, and we’re still getting to know each other. We have amazing sex, but he’s also my friend. I don’t have many in Chicago, not that it matters since we’re moving, but friendship is important. I don’t want to compare this relationship to Alcide, but that’s one thing we were missing. We were great at sex, but terrible at communication.


I rest my head on his chest and revel in the feel of Eric’s arms around me. He’s solid and warm and makes me feel safer than any other person has. Losing most of my family at such a young age taught me to be more independent. I have to get used to the fact that I’m giving myself fully to the man I’m laying on.


“You surprised me,” I say out of the blue. “I’ve never thought I would feel so… complete.”


“Bet you never thought the horny punk that hit on you in a grocery store would actually marry you,” he chuckles.


“Ah, but you said you weren’t horny, just flirty,” I grin. “And no, never in a million years. I always expected our wild hotel sex, but never anything more than that.”


“Baby, I was twenty-one and you have the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen. I was sporting a semi when you walked away,” he informs me.


“You’re ridiculous,” I laugh and give him a quick peck. “And thank you. You have a pretty spectacular ass yourself.”


“It’s even better with your teethmarks in it,” he smirks.


“Oh, I’ll be biting that bad boy later. I need to mark my territory.”


“You’ve done a fantastic job of it so far.”


“I smile more with you I’ve noticed. You make me insanely happy, Eric.” I give him another peck. I could do this all day. “Did you even get me a ring or did you just decide right this second you want to marry me?”


“Right this second,” he admits. “But we can go get you an obnoxious ring tomorrow to keep those horny bitches away from me.”


“Good call.” I’ve only been semi jealous once with him and that was ten years ago for all of thirty seconds. I’m not worried about any of his fans unless they get all stalkery on him. “You know I’m not all that worried about an obnoxious ring. Just knowing you’re mine is good enough for me.”


“Then how about a more modest ring?”


“A thin gold band would be just fine.”


“That’s a wedding ring, not an engagement ring.”


“How long are we really going to be engaged?” I ask, arching an eyebrow. “Fine. I’ll let you pick it out. You can choose how obnoxious my engagement ring will be.”


“Deal,” he grins.


“Are we in a deal sealing mood or are you happy where you are?” I ask. I can always have sex with Eric, but I’m perfectly content lying on his chest at the moment if he’s not in the mood.


“I think we can seal this deal with snuggles.”


“Perfect,” I grin and nuzzle my head into his chest. “I love you, Eric.”


“I love you too, pretty girl,” he says and kisses my head.




The next day Eric and I are walking around the city. I completely forgot about rings until I see a jewelry shop.


“Babe, do you want to look at rings?” I ask. It’s already been in the entertainment news that Eric Northman has been spotted with a mysterious blond. I’m almost excited to see a picture of myself walking down the street with a little zoomed in box with a picture of my ring in it.


“Yeah, let’s see if we can find one obnoxious enough,” he grins.


“What are you thinking, four, maybe five karats?” I giggle as we walk in. That would be ridiculous.


“More like seven.”


“Oooh, big spender. I don’t even think that would fit on my hand. I would need one of the stupid knuckle rings.”


He laughs and says, “We can have the rock shaped like a football.”


“Oh, that’s cute,” I grin. I actually like the idea. “Laces out of course.”


“Yes, Finkle, laces out.”


“Glad we agree. If we did do something absurd we could do a football, or whatever fruit you were picking out when I ran you down with my cart.”


“Apples,” he recalls. “You smashed into me to get bananas three feet over. I get it now that I’ve seen you drive.”


“Hush,” I laugh. “I’m not good with carts. I swear you were not there when I moved the thing.”


“Pretty girl, I’m fast but not that fast. Plus I was there first. I think you were too busy checking out my ass.”


“I didn’t even see your ass until you picked me up for our date,” I tell him adamantly. “As a matter of fact, maybe you’re just not that noticeable.”


“Uh huh.”


“Are you calling me a liar?” I really didn’t see him.




Somehow I don’t believe him. We walk up to the ring counter and my eyes go wide. There is way too much to choose from.


“I hope you’re better at making decisions. I’m terrible. That’s why I have that one tank top in five different colors,” I say with my eyes wide.


“And every single one of them looks better on the floor,” he winks.


“If it were up to you I’d never put clothes on,” I mumble under my breath.


A pretty young brunette walks up to greet us and that jealousy bone I claim I don’t have suddenly shows up. She’s eyeing my man. I don’t like it.


“Welcome to Green Family Jewelers. How can I help you and your sister?”


Dirty little bitch.


“Oh, I’m not his sister,” I grin and lace my fingers with his.


“This is my fiancé,” Eric corrects her. “And we’re here to look at rings.”


“Oh,” the girl says. “What kind of ring?”


Eric looks at me with a cheesy, lovesick expression on his face. “Obnoxious,” he says. “Nothing is too much for my sugarlips.”


I smile, holding back my laugh. I stand on my toes to kiss him. He’s too much, and I love it. I love him.


“Ummm… okay.” She sounds uncomfortable. “I have some over here you might be interested in.”


“I pretty much want a disco ball on her finger,” Eric explains. He puts his arm around me and adds, “I don’t want my baby getting away from me.”


I look up at him like he’s lost his mind. We already said nothing obnoxious, and I don’t want this broad getting the commission if we find something.


I hold my tongue about the ring and say, “Baby, I’m not going anywhere,” with a sappy grin on my face. Two can play this game.


“Well a big ring will make any girl stick around,” the salesgirl says.


I look at her and tell her, “I told him I didn’t want a ring at all. I’m not materialistic like some other woman out there.” I’m being as nice as possible.


She gives me a fake smile and starts pulling rings from the display case. They’re hideous.


“Now this one,” she pulls a ring that looks like costume jewelry, “Is art deco inspired from the 1930s. I’m sure we can resize it. You’re a… size nine?”


Fucking anorexic cunt.


“Seven actually, and this really isn’t my style. Baby, do you see anything?” I ask Eric.


“I’m not sure these are what my angel face is looking for,” Eric says and squeezes my ass.


Just to rub it in that she has no chance in hell with my fiancé I stand on my toes and shove my tongue in his mouth, giving him a deep kiss. Eric goes right along with it and almost a full minute passes before the salescunt clears her bitchy throat to get our attention.


“I have more traditional rings if you’d care to see them,” she says.


“Actually, I think we’ve seen enough,” Eric tells her and then puts his hand on my ass to lead me out of the store. “What a bitch,” he mutters once we’re outside.


“She just wanted you. I’m sure I’ll get that a lot. It’ll get old quickly,” I sigh.


“It’s no excuse to be rude to you. As if that’s going to make her attractive to me.”


I thought I was bothered by her.


“No, sweetie, it’s not an excuse. Hopefully we’ll find someone nicer at the next place,” I tell him. I allow him to leave his hand on my ass. He seems to love it there.


“I hope so.”


We head a little farther down the street when another shop pops up.


“Want to try this one?” I ask. “We can wait if you’d like.” The ring is more for him anyway.


“No, we can try this place,” he says but we don’t go right inside. Eric turns to look at me and he says, “You know if you really don’t want a ring you don’t have to get one.”


“I don’t know. I’ve never been big on jewelry. Part of me says ‘I’m engaged, I must have a ring’ the other part says ‘eh, you have the man. Who cares about a ring’. That’s why I’m leaving it up to you.”


“Yeah but I don’t want to buy you a ring if you’re just going to leave it tucked away in a box most of the time,” he explains.


“If I had a ring I would only take it off if I had to,” I say and squeeze his hand.


“Okay,” he nods and opens the door for me.


I smile and walk in before him. As soon as we’re inside he takes my hand and looks around for the ring section.


“Over there.” I point to the engagement ring selection. There are a ton of rings to go through.


“What kind of rings do you like?” Eric asks as we walk toward the ring display cases.


“Nothing with too much… too many things, if that makes sense. Something simple,” I say.


“So no football diamonds,” he chuckles.


“I’d wear a football for you,” I wink.


“I won’t make you wear a football,” he says. Eric looks down at the case we’re standing in front of and asks, “Is there anything in here you like?”


As I look at the rings I say, “You know you’re supposed to pick my ring. I like stuff like that though.” I point to a small, plain solitare. I know Eric could buy seven of them.


“It’s not bad,” he shrugs. “Is that what you want?”


“That particular ring, eh, not so much. I feel like I should have something with more pizzazz.”


“Then we’ll move on.” Eric steps over and he points into the case. “How do you feel about the third from the left in the fourth row? It’s pizzazz, but not obnoxious.”


“It’s gorgeous. Can I try it on?”


“As soon as we find a salesperson. I’m shocked we weren’t swarmed the second we walked in,” he says as he looks around for an employee.


“I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad sign,” I say. I walk over to the side to see if I can see someone in the back. Nope. “Is there a bell we can ring or something?”


“I have no idea.”


I call out a hello toward the back room and a lady with fiery red hair comes out.


“Hi, we’re looking to try on a ring,” I smile at her.


“Sure,” she smiles at me. “Do you have one in mind or more than one?”


Eric snickers and says, “I can barely get her to wear one.”


“I’m not that bad,” I smile and wrap my arm around his waist.


“Honey, be glad he’s letting you pick your ring,” the woman winks at me and opens the case in front of us. She sets a cushion on top of the case. “Which ring did you want to see?”


“This one,” I tell her and point to the one we’re looking at.


“Oh that’s a lovely choice,” she says as she takes the ring out. “It’s a carat and three-quarters total weight with the chips around the band. It’s eighteen carat white gold.”


She hands it to me and I slip it on. I wiggle my fingers a little to see the diamond in the light.


“What do you think?” I ask Eric.


“I think it’s beautiful but I’m more concerned with what you think,” he replies.


“Hmm… I think I want to try something else.” It’s a beautiful ring, I just don’t know if it’s for me. “You pick one.”


Eric moves down a few cases and after a minute he points another ring out. “How about this?”


I walk over and it looks similar to the one I just took off. It’s bigger, but not too big.


“I’ll try it.”


The saleslady comes over and pulls the ring we’re looking at. She hands it to me and says, “This one is like the fancy big sister of the other ring. It’s set on a platinum band and two carats.”


I slip it on and give it the same test.


“Is it too small? Will it make you look like a cheapskate?” I ask. I’ve seen a couple of the rings his teammate’s wives wear and this looks like a miniature compared. I never saw myself wearing something even this big.


“I don’t care what anyone thinks but you,” Eric says. “I think it’s a beautiful ring but if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.”


“I like it,” I smile and stand on my toes to give him a quick peck. As I take the ring off and hand it back to the saleslady I see it. Its huge, but not obnoxious. “Baby, that’s it,” I whisper and point to the ring.


“Oh this is one of my favorites.” The saleslady takes the ring out for me. “This is also platinum with diamonds going all the way around the band. The chips surrounding the center stone plus the band gives you three carats.”


I don’t care how big it is. I just know I’m in love with it. I slide it on my hand and show it to Eric.


“I love it,” I tell him.


“Is this the one you want?”


“Yes. This is perfect.”


“Then we’ll take it,” Eric says.


“Excellent choice,” the saleslady smiles. “How’s the size?”


“It feels like it was made for me,” I tell her. “I don’t think I’ve ever put on anything so perfect.”


“It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?”


“It really is. I wasn’t actually excited about a ring until right now,” I grin. I take the ring off to hand it to the lady so she can take it to the back to polish it.


“I like seeing you smile like this,” Eric says.


“It’s official now.” I wrap my arms around his neck and press a lingering peck on his lips.


“Should we pick out bands while we’re here?”


“Sure. She’s not a twat,” I say as I let him go.


“Doesn’t seem to be,” he agrees.


“What kind of band do you think you want?”


“As long as it’s not yellow gold, I don’t care,” he says.


“I want something to match the band on my engagement ring,” I tell him as we look around. I spot a men’s band with an intricate design going around in platinum. “What are your thoughts on this? The woman’s band matches my ring.”


Eric looks into the case and says, “I like it.”


“As in you’d be happy to wear it the rest of your life?”




“Is this surreal to you?”


“Not really. Ask me again in Italy.”


“I can’t believe you’re taking me to Italy,” I say as the saleslady comes back with my ring.


“I’ve never been there but you seemed excited about the prospect of going so I figured it was a good idea.”


“I honestly don’t care where we go. The only international place I’ve been is Canada.”


“Well how about we make a list and every year during the off season we’ll go somewhere on the list?” Eric suggests.


“That sounds perfect.”


Eric pays for the rings we picked and when we walk out I have a shiny new engagement ring on my left hand. We’re about two blocks down the road when I spot the paparazzi snapping pictures. Now I’m excited to see the paper in the morning to see if they got a picture of the ring.


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