Chapter 10: I’ll Be Your Mirror



Chapter 10: I’ll Be Your Mirror


I’ve always been a heavy sleeper. Correction: I’ve almost always been a heavy sleeper. It was part of the reason I didn’t know I was being molested as a kid. Somehow I managed to sleep through it. Sleep became my enemy for a few years, at least at night. When my stepfather went out of town I practically slipped into a coma to make up for lost time. It was incredibly unhealthy and it took its toll.


My grades suffered. My friends stopped playing with me. I became mean and I acted out in school. The school wrote me off as another spoiled rich kid who didn’t want to listen to authority.


It took a lot of therapy before I could sleep soundly through the night without getting up to check that I was alone in the room and my door was still locked. Spending the entire night with a woman was out of the question. I was afraid I’d have some PTSD type of response and attack her in my sleep involuntarily. The last thing I wanted was for anyone else to be hurt because of that piece of shit.


She doesn’t know it, but Sookie is the only woman I’ve spent an entire night with.


So there’s a moment of panic when I’m woken out of a dead sleep and my wrists are bound to my headboard.


“What the…” I mutter and tug on the bindings. I don’t care if I break the fucking bed.


But then I see golden hair and moonlight silhouetting something curvy and black. I recognize the swell and sway of her hips immediately and the panic becomes lust.


“Lover?” I purr.


“Who is this Lover?” she asks in her sweet southern lilt.


“A beautiful, sexy, sweet little woman named Sookie,” I reply. “Who are you?” I can play along.


“That’s not important, Mr…” She picks up my wallet to look at my ID. “Northman. I just needed to make sure you weren’t going to try to stop me while I rob you blind.”


“You’re here to burgle me?”


She gives me a sexy pout and says, “I don’t look like a cat burglar?”


“You look like a Bond girl. Do you have a punny name alluding to vaginas?”


Her frown deepens as she shakes her head no.


“Well, since I’m no good at being a burglar or a Bond girl, I wonder what else I can do since I have you bound to your bed.” She starts to pace at the foot of my bed, swaying her hips suggesting she’s wearing very high heels.


“I’ve been craving homemade brownies,” I smirk.


“Then you’re really fucked. I don’t bake either,” she shrugs.


“That’s a shame. Doesn’t your kind belong in the kitchen?” I would never normally say that to her, or any woman. In the moment, it riles her up.


“I am so glad I have your neanderthal ass tied up,” she says as she flips on the lamp on my nightstand so I can get a good look at her.


Boooooiiiing! Hello, hard-on.


She’s dressed in a black catsuit that isn’t made of vinyl but it’s something kind of shiny. She’s got boots on with five inch heels. I can see the little swell where the nugget is and then the much bigger swell of her tits. I swear they’re bigger today than they were two days ago when I last saw her.


“Oh yeah?” I tug on the restraints, but Sookie did a really good job of tying me up. I’m also sure she’s noticed my cock swelling under the sheet.


Her eyes flick down to my cock and back up to my face. “See something you like, Mr. Northman?” she purrs as she pulls the sheet off of me so I’m naked and exposed to the cool air. “Seems as though you really like whatever it is.”


“Well since you’re no good in the kitchen, I’m betting you’re excellent on your back.” It’s offensive as fuck and the way her eyes blaze is almost comical. Her cheeks flush with anger.


She leans over the bed so her tits are dangerously close to my cock. She turns her head to look at me and says, “I wouldn’t say such offensive things if I were you, Mr. Northman,” before her teeth lightly scrape over my head.


I hiss and my back arches. That’s a pleasant torture.


“Sorry, Miss… What should I call you?” I ask her.


“You may call me Susanna,” she says. I can feel her warm breath fanning over my cock with each word.


“Susanna… Susanna… You don’t look like a Susanna.”


“What do I look like to you?” She pushes my legs farther apart and bends, with her ass high in the air, to run her warm tongue along my balls before she lightly scrapes the boys too.


“An angel,” I hiss. I want to grab her hair but the fucking restraints won’t let me.


“An angel, huh?” Susanna drags her tongue up the entire length of my cock, flicking my tip to gather the pre-cum pooling there.


“Mmm… Uh huh.” Her tongue is soft and warm. Mmm…


“I’m sorry, Mr. Northman, but you taste so fucking good,” she purrs as her lips surround my head, giving me a hard suck.


“Keep it up and you’ll get a much bigger taste,” I growl.


“Since I’m no good and burglaring, baking, or being a bond girl, maybe you’re right. Maybe I would be best on my back.” She gives me another hard suck before adding, “Or in this case riding your nice long dick.”


She gets off the bed and stands up to unzip her catsuit. The zipper ends right above her mound. When she pulls the top back she has on a black bra that barely covers her tits. She turns to bend at the waist so I get a perfect view of her ass while she pulls her boots off. When she faces me again she peels off the catsuit leaving her in a barely there thong and that sexy fucking bra.


“You have the horrible misfortune of choosing the house of a guy who can get you off with just his mouth,” I smirk.


“Hmm, we’ll see about that.” Susanna climbs back onto the bed and straddles my chest with her back to me. The thong frames her ass perfectly. She scoots back a little, but she’s still out of reach and leans over my body. She reaches back to pull her thong to the side, leaving her pussy wet and waiting in front of my face as she takes my cock back into her mouth. Susanna rests her hands on the bed next to my hips and slowly works her lips down the length of my cock.


“You’re evil,” I growl when I can’t reach her slick, warm flesh.


She ups the ante when she reaches back to rub her opening, making more of her juices pour out. Her head starts bobbing on my dick while she begins to pump two of her slender fingers in and out of her core. She moans around my shaft each time she pushes her fingers a little deeper and wiggles them around.


I stretch forward as much as I can without dislocating something, but it’s no good. My hips begin to thrust involuntarily, though, wanting more of her sweet mouth on me.


“Back up, angel. Let me taste you,” I whisper.


She stops sucking my dick long enough to sit up on her knees. She pulls her fingers from her pussy to offer to me. She slides them in and out of my mouth as her eyes lock onto mine.


“Is that what you want to taste, Mr. Northman?” she purrs as she rubs her wet snatch over my chest.


“Mmhmm,” I hum around her fingers. My tongue does some flicking, although she already knows what she’s missing. It’s obvious she’s enjoying torturing me.


“You’ll have to wait.” She pulls her fingers out of my mouth and bends over again to resume sucking my cock. Her fingers go right back to her pussy, continuing the torture. This time I feel her throat open up and her muscles massage my head as she swallows me.


“Ahhh fuck!” I grunt. My hips jerk, not that she seems to mind or notice. I’ve only met one other girl that could deepthroat me and I was only passing through Oklahoma so it was a onetime thing. What are the odds I knock up a woman with this particular talent?


She moans around me each time my hips thrust up. After a moment she pulls back a little, allowing me to fuck her throat. The faster my hips go, the wetter she gets. The sweet, sticky sound of her pussy right in my face and the sexy fucking moan coming from her throat push me closer to the edge.


“Susanna, you’re gonna make me cum,” I warn her.


She hums and pulls her fingers out. She moves her hand down to my sac and starts to caress and tug on my balls, trying to push me over the edge.


“Fuck… Fuuuuck…” I growl. I feel my balls tingle and the swelling in my shaft right before my release goes rocketing out of me and into her hot mouth. “Fuuuuck!”


“Mmm,” she hums as she continues to bob on my dick until she’s gotten every last drop. She pulls off and turns around to face me, straddling me stomach this time. “Am I any good at sucking your dick?” she asks sweetly as she rubs her pussy on my abs.


“You’re a fuckin’ pro,” I pant. She’s amazing at giving head.


“I’m glad I can do something that meets your standards.” She sits up higher on her knees and starts to stroke her clit while she reaches back to stroke my cock, trying to get me hard again.


“Do you make it a habit of breaking into men’s houses to have your way with them?” I ask her, thrusting into her hand.


“Just the sexy ones. I’ve been watching you for a while and I wasn’t sure you would agree if I asked you to fuck me. I figured this way you couldn’t tell me no.” Her head drops back as her fingers speed up over her clit.


“I could still say no,” I say.


“That would be a shame.” Susanna’s hand pushes back some so she can slide her fingers into her pussy. She pumps a few times before pulling them out to offer to me.


Of course I stretch forward to take them in my mouth. My eyes lock on hers and my hips thrust faster. I want to be in her. Now.


“Are you going to allow me to fuck you?” she asks quietly. “Are you going to let me feel your thick cock deep inside my dripping wet cunt?”


“Mmhmm.” I release her fingers. “I want to feel you bouncing on my dick. Are you sure you can handle it?”


“I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to see. I’ve never fucked anyone as big as you.”


“Then you’re in for a treat,” I smirk.


She scoots back. Making sure her panties are out of the, she starts to rub my head through her slick folds.


“Where would you like to fuck me, Mr. Northman? Here?” She rubs my tip around her entrance. Once my head is good and wet she moves me back to her rear opening and finishes, “Or here?”


“Lady’s choice,” I grunt. We’ve played with anal but she’s made it pretty clear she’s not into it so I haven’t pushed for it.


She leans over my body and unties my wrists. “Stay,” she whispers as he leans over to grab a bottle of lube from the nightstand that I didn’t notice. She scoots all the way back so she can slather my cock in the lube. She moves up and rubs my tip around her back entrance before slowly sinking down so my cock starts to fill her ass. Her eyes close and she has to pause to take a deep breath before she very slowly starts to move up and down my length.


“Ohmyfuckinggod,” I growl as I watch my cock disappear in her ass. “Fuck me; you’re so fucking tight, Susanna.”


“Mmm, and you’re fucking huge,” she breathes. She leans back some, shifts to her feet and reaches down to push two fingers into her pussy as she bounces a little faster. “Oh god,” she moans. “I feel so fucking full… fuck!”


I haven’t been this close to cumming so fast after an orgasm since I was fifteen. I can’t help reaching out to help her bounce. My hips thrust but I’m careful not to go too deep. Sookie’s face contorts in pleasure and I can feel it when her orgasm explodes.


“Ahhh!” she cries out as her hips jerk a little. “Fuck, you feel so goddamn good.”


“Mmm… You like having a big dick deep in your ass?” I pant.


“Yes,” she breathes and falls forward to allow me to hold her hips in place as I fuck her. I feel her lips brush my nipple before he tugs on it with her teeth.


“Ahh!” I groan. I roll us over and hitch her legs up so I can keep sliding into her. “You’re fucking perfect, angel.”


“Do you plan on keeping me?” she asks. Her back arches with a strong aftershock, thrusting her tits against my chest. When she drops back to the bed she pulls the cups of her bra down so I can watch her nipples as her tits bounce with each deep thrust.


“Don’t you have a man somewhere missing you?” I kiss her collarbone and swirl my tongue over it because it drives her crazy.


“Yeah, but you have a better dick,” she pants as her fingers thread through my hair.


“Lucky me,” I say between kisses.


She hooks her legs up over my shoulders allowing me to get deeper. She moans when my cock slides in another inch.


“Is that a yes?” she asks.


“My girlfriend might not like it. I mean she hasn’t officially agreed to be mine, but she knows I’m head over heels in love with her,” I say. I bury myself inside her as much as I know she’s comfortable with. I lift my head look into her eyes. “She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, whether she ever feels the way I do or not.”


“She would be crazy not to,” Susanna whispers.


“I hope someday she does. If it doesn’t work with her, I’ll let you know,” I wink and start moving again.


Susanna let’s out a girly grunt before saying, “Maybe you can talk her into sharing you with me…” She turns her head to bite my pillow when I swivel my hips.


“I don’t know. She’s carrying our little nugget,” I explain. “I think she’d rip my balls off.”


“But you’re fucking me now,” she moans. “Maybe if we call her to join us she won’t be too mad. I’m just as good at eating pussy as I am at sucking dick.”


“Sorry, but I’ll pass,” I say. “You’ll just have to enjoy tonight.”


“Too bad,” she pouts. Her arms fly up to push against my headboard when my thrusts speed up. “Mmm, fuck, I want your cum, Mr. Northman.”


“Where do you want it, angel?” I grunt. I’m getting close myself.


“Surprise me,” she smiles. “I’m yours to do whatever you want with tonight.”


“Do I get to tie you up next?” I could have a lot of fun with that.


“If you would like,” she agrees.


I know I’m close so I pull out of her and watch her face while she watches me finish myself on her tits. Fuuuuck, she’s amazing. I’m not sure how she got in my house, but I’ll ask her that later. Right now all I want to do is turn her over and keep going.




When Eric is done cumming all over me I sit up long enough to take my bra off. I slither out of my panties and toss them across the room. The look on his face let’s me know he’s nowhere close to done.


“Where do you want me, Mr. Northman?” He’s so fucking good to me, so when he said something about the catsuit I decided then and there to break in and surprise him with whatever the hell he wants.


“Turn over. I’ll be right back.” He gets off the bed and goes to the bathroom.


I do as I’m told and I flip over, propping up on my hands and knees. I reach back and start to rub my opening to make sure I stay nice and wet for him. I have my eyes closed and my bottom lip between my teeth when I hear him growl behind me.


“Look at this greedy little thief trying to steal an orgasm,” he says before clucking his tongue.


“Mmm, nope, just trying to make sure I stay wet for you,” I say as I pump two fingers into my pussy.


“Looks like you don’t even need me.”


I pull my fingers out and turn to look at him like he’s crazy. My eyes flick down to his semi-hard cock and back up to his handsome face.


“I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself, but I want to take advantage of that gorgeous dick while I can.”


“Come over here and show me how much,” he says.


I turn to crawl to the end of the bed where he’s standing. I can tell he washed himself off while he was in the bathroom, so I wrap my hand around his base and trace my lips with his tip. I lick the pre-cum from my top lip before I engulf his head. I flick my eyes up to his. He’s completely into the role play. He’s looking at me not like the girl he’s having a baby with, but like some slut from a bar that begged him to take her home with him so she could ride his dick and he took pity on her. I don’t know if it’s concerning or not that it’s turning me on. A lot.


He grabs my hair roughly and pulls me off of him. “Just how much do you want me to treat you like a dirty little whore, Susanna?” Eric asks like he’s reading my mind.


“I want to be your whore so bad, Mr. Northman. My juices are dripping down my thighs just from thinking about it,” I breathe.


“Suck,” he commands.


“I was until you stopped me,” I sass before taking his length down my throat.


Eric grabs the back of my head and holds my lips to his base until I start to squirm for air.


“Smart mouth,” he says as I suck in air.


“Mmm, sometimes,” I smile up at him. I reach up to lift his cock and dip my head to take his balls into my mouth, slowly suckling them.


“Good girl,” he praises and strokes my hair sweetly.


I practically purr like a cat as his fingers glide through my hair. I have my eyes closed, but I open them to look into his when I drag my flattened tongue up the length of his shaft. When I reach his head I wrap my lips around him and continue the slow suck, savoring his sweet flesh while I stroke him.


When Eric pulls me off of him again he’s much gentler. He gets me on my back at the edge of his bed and lifts my ass up slide into me. His thick tip rubs against my sweet spot as he fills me.


“Fuuuuck, you’re so wet,” he groans.


“That’s from playing with that big fuckin’ dick all night,” I moan when he pulls almost all the way out and drives back in.


“You like having it pounding into you, don’t you?” He swivels his hips.


“Uh huh,” I pant.


Eric starts driving into me, holding my hips just right. His tip rubs over my g-spot perfectly, making me cry out with every deep thrust.


He goes on like this for close to an hour, making my body shake and tremble below him. As my last orgasm washes over me he falls so he’s hovering over me his eyes are intense as they stay trained on mine. This is another one of those moments when I want to tell him I love him, but right now that might be a lie and I don’t want to lead him on.


“Cum, Eric,” I plead.


His lips crash down on mine and he sets my ass down on the bed. He grinds against my clit, keeping his cock buried deep inside me. It’s my walls massaging him with aftershocks that pulls his last orgasm from him and he deflates on top of me.


“Perfect,” I whisper as I wrap my arms and legs around him. He’s heavy, and he might be crushing the baby, but I allow him to stay for just a moment. “The baby,” I remind him.


“Sorry, nugget,” he grunts and stands up with me attached to him. Eric kisses me sweetly and then turns to sit on the edge of the bed. He strokes my hair back and asks, “So, can I keep you?”


“I think so,” I smile, wrapping my arms tighter around his neck.


“You think so?”


“I know so,” I clarify. He knows what has to be done and as long as he goes into this relationship aware of that, I’m all in.


“I know you’re holding back and I know why. I just want you to know that as long as your heart is here with me while your body is somewhere else, that’s all that matters to me,” he tells me.


“Where did you come from?” I whisper. I don’t understand how he can be so… understanding.


“The same place you did, where love is something twisted and ugly and oppressive. I don’t ever want to feel that way again,” he says. “Sometimes you have to give a little to get a lot more than you ever could have hoped for.”


“And you’re really happy about the jellybean?” I ask. I know he seems happy, but I need to hear it. I need to know this is where he wants to be not because he feels some weird obligation because he’s in love with me.


Eric looks into my eyes before he answers.


“I never thought I wanted kids. I wasn’t sure I’d be any good at being dad. I’m still not sure this poor kid is getting the father he or she deserves but the idea of leaving never crossed my mind. Abandoning the baby or you never crossed my mind. I’m scared, uneducated and terrified I’m going to fuck up severely but I’m not running because I want to try,” he answers.


“I’m terrified,” I admit. “I read a little of the baby book you left last night, and it seems so… it’s so much. I didn’t even have a mother and the only father figure I’ve ever had did things that should’ve never been done. I don’t think I’m going to be any good at the mother thing, but I’m going to love this baby and every time you tell me you love me I start to have those same thoughts about you… I don’t feel right saying it because I don’t know if it’s true or if I’m just overwhelmed with all these feelings. Plus, you know, the thing I have to do…” I trail off when I realize I’m rambling.


“Maybe you’re trying to talk yourself out of your feelings because that’s safer,” he suggests.


“Maybe,” I shrug. I lean forward and rest my head on his shoulder.


“Wanna know a secret?” he whispers and rubs my back.


“I want to know all your secrets,” I say quietly.


“You’re the only one I’ve ever spent the whole night with,” he tells me.


I sit up to look into his eyes. After what he told me it makes sense.


“Why?” I ask anyway, stroking the side of his handsome face.


“Because I feel safe with you. Because for once I feel like I want to protect something instead of being the protected one,” he explains. “Because our demons are the same and with you I feel like we’re fighting as a team, even before we knew we were fighting.”


“I love you, Eric Northman,” I say without thinking. As the words come out I know I mean them though. This time it isn’t an orgasm that makes me want to tell him I love him. It’s the plain and simple fact that he’s right. We are fighting this battle together. I wouldn’t want to have anyone else at my side.


“About damn time,” he says with one of those cocky little smirks.


“Ass,” I giggle and playful smack his shoulder. “So was tonight a nice surprise?”


“It was an amazing surprise. I’m thinking though, instead of you picking my locks that I could just give you a key.” He’s serious.


“The idea I might get caught breaking in is kinda hot though. They you could tell the cops you’ll drop the charges cause you like my amazing pregnant boobs… fine, I’ll take the key,” I chuckle. “You come to my place more so you can have one for my place too.”


He looks like he wants to say something but he just nods his agreement.


“Spit it out, Sparky,” I say, rubbing my thumb over the little dimple in his chin.


“It’s too soon to be talking about it.”


“That doesn’t mean I don’t want to know what you’re thinking.”


“How would you feel about moving in here with me?” Eric asks.


For some reason I’m not surprised.


“My lease is up in two months,” I tell him. “I can afford to break it early if you want me to move in sooner. I don’t think it’s a bad idea though, not with the baby.”


“But how do you feel about it? I don’t want you to do it just because of the baby,” he says.


“I feel like every minute that I’m away from you all I can think about is being in your arms again. I feel like when I go to bed and you’re not there with me I sleep like shit. I feel like even if I didn’t have the jellybean in my tummy I’d still agree to be your roommate,” I smile.


“Good answer, toots,” he chuckles.


“Speaking of the jellybean. Can we feed her?” I’ve pretty much lost the morning sickness. I know from Caroline that if we ever have a second baby that may not be the case.


“Of course. How hungry are you?” He kisses up my neck but he’s not trying to start something.


“Hmm, hungry enough to eat a full plate of nachos with all the fixins.” I don’t even like nacho cheese or salsa but I want it.


“Well I don’t have the stuff for nachos but I can go acquire those things if our jellybean demands it.”


“Or go to the 24 hour taqueria on the corner of Main and Bradshaw,” I grin. “I can clean up in your tub while you’re gone.”


“You just want to go swimming,” he snorts. “What protein do you want on your nachos?”


“Mmm, can I get steak and chicken? Do you think they’ll do that? I have money in my purse you can grab.”


“I have money and I’m sure they’ll do it. Want anything else? Rice, churros, extra chips?”


“Will you judge me if I say an order of chicken rolled tacos with extra guacamole?” I don’t like guacamole either.


“Nope, not even a little bit.”


“That’s why you’re awesome,” I giggle. “I’m about to eat enough for two grown men and I’ll probably want ice cream after and you aren’t judgey.”


“Anything else, Chunk?” he chuckles.


I give him a playful growl and get off of his lap.


“The churros,” I say seriously.


“To dip in the ice cream, I’m guessing.”


“Uh huh,” I grin. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to eat this much in one week, let alone one meal. “Babe, I hope you don’t mind when I balloon up.”


“I’ll lovingly massage your sausage toes,” he promises.


“Thank you.”


I brought an overnight bag so I go to grab it off the floor. I get another smack on the butt as Eric walks past to go clean up in the bathroom. I pull my pajamas out. I probably won’t get in the tub, I’ll never get out. I follow Eric into the bathroom and turn to the side to look at my bump. The sooner this shit goes down with Bill the better. My stomach is starting to grow bigger and bigger every day and I know he’s already going to comment on it. I’m a size four on a fat day. I had to stay small for my job, plus, I’ve never been a big eater. I’m still going to care about what I put in my body, but I’m also not going to deprive myself to try to stay tiny. If I’m a couple sizes bigger post baby, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. As long as my baby is healthy and its parents are happy, that’s all that matters.


Chapter 10


5 thoughts on “Chapter 10: I’ll Be Your Mirror

  1. A fantastic chapter. I like how she came over and tied him up. I’m so happy that she expressed her feeling to Eric. Yeah, she is moving in!!!!!


  2. And finally she’s realised she loves him! This chapter is hot, sweet and beautiful at the same time. They understand each other’s demons and that will make them trust each other in a way they never thought they could. I can’t get enough of this story, I don’t want it to ever end!


  3. Yay! Nice chapter with Sookie doing something purely to make Eric happy. Stuff is still messy with the Compton shenanigans in process but hope these two get past that…


  4. the only thing I don’t get is sookie sleeping with both and not using condoms. she wasn’t exclusive with either of them , so I would guess they weren’t exclusive ither. having unprotected sex with bill knowing that she’s preggers is grossing me out.


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