Chapter 12: Intimacy


I can’t remember ever being this turned on in my life and I’m including the time Eric and I were wasted in Mexico and pretty much fucked for two days straight. Bill agreed to pick me up from the airport and I have him bring me back to his place. It’s similar in style to Russell’s, but it’s decidedly less cheerful in the décor. Lots of rich earthy tones and heavy wooden furniture decorate the place. It’s very masculine.

Right now, though, all I can think about is Bill bending me over and fucking me hard from behind. About halfway back from the airport I started stroking him and I know he’s ready. So am I. I even wore a dress because I knew I was going to want him as soon as I got in the car. If it wasn’t for Butterball getting in the way I might have had him pull over somewhere.

I shrug off my jean jacket and tug Bill toward the couch. I’m used to Eric being the dominant one but I don’t mind taking control with Bill just to get things going. My lips crash into his and as we kiss I guide his hand between my thighs. I want him to feel how turned on I am, how bad I need him. I could have had Eric while I was gone, but it honestly never crossed my mind to use him that way, even if he probably would have liked it.

“Bill, I need you,” I pant between kisses.

“Have a little patience, I’m getting there.” His fingers move between my legs for a moment before he pulls back. He steps away and begins to take his clothes off, torturously slow.

“Bill, I don’t think you grasp the gravity of this situation.” I peel my dress off anyway and then turn around to bend over the arm of the couch. I push my panties down and let them fall to the floor. Either he speeds up or I’ll finish myself off.

It takes what feels like forever before he steps up behind me. He guides his cock into me and starts to thrust. His hands are on my hips and I can hear him grunt as he fucks me.

“Yes! Fuuuuck! Harder, Bill!” I shout. God, this feels good. It’s exactly what I need. I look back and see him watching himself pounding into me when he starts to pull me back as he thrusts forward. “Yesyesyesyesyes! Just like that!”

It doesn’t take much for me to feel his cock pulsing inside of me. He drives in, slamming as hard as possible until I’m right on edge. He ends up cumming with a loud gasp, pumping his hips against me through his orgasm.

I reach down to rub my clit and it sends me catapulting over the edge. I cum with a scream and slump against the arm.

“Ohmygod,” I moan. My legs are shaky and I’m seeing double. “We’re going to do that again,” I tell Bill. He’s still thrusting lazily.

“We will,” he chuckles. “Do you feel better?”

“Yes, thank you. I’ve been thinking about fucking you since those dirty messages you sent me Friday night.” We had phone sex Friday night but it’s not the same.

“What are you going to do when you go home?” he asks as he pulls out. “I won’t be there to give you what you need.”

“I’ll have to get a battery operated friend,” I reply. “Or talk you into flying out to visit me. Don’t most men want a girl who is pretty much always ready for a good fuck? We don’t even have to cuddle.”

“I have to work too, Sookie, but I’m sure I can find time to come see you. Or you can come back here,” he suggests.

“I could fly out early Saturday and spend the night,” I offer.

“Is that all I am? A long distance booty call?” he winks.

“You’re catching on,” I chuckle. “You don’t mind if I stroll around here naked, do you?”

“Not at all. As soon as I’m ready again we can go for round two.”

“So then you don’t mind being my long distance booty call?” I turn and give him a sweet, lingering peck.

“As long as you don’t pick up a local booty call, I’m perfectly fine with it.” He kisses me again, his hands gently rubbing my hips.

“I’m a one man at a time kind of girl,” I assure him. “Right now you’re the only one I want.”

“What happens if that changes when you leave?” he asks. “That’s why I think you should just move here.”

“If it changes, I promise I’ll talk to you about it before I start shopping for a replacement. Believe me, moving here is looking more and more appealing after the way the weekend went, but I’m not ready to make that leap yet,” I tell him.

“Maybe one day,” he sighs. “Leave all the drama behind.”

“The drama and all the people who think I’m making a mistake by cutting Eric off for good.” Eric’s included in that. “I mean obviously I can’t completely cut him off because of the baby, but I’m not interested in trying to work things out with him and there are a few people who don’t like that decision.”

“Well, if you move here you don’t have to worry about that. From what you’ve said about him he probably wouldn’t even care after a while,” Bill shrugs.

“Oh I doubt that,” I snicker and take a step back from him to look around a little. “I don’t think he’d forget that I took his kid and moved across the country.”

Bill stays quiet, but it’s obvious he’s thinking about something. I don’t ask what it is since I’m kind of tired of talking. I’m tired of talking and I’m tired of being talked at. The rest of my breakfast with Charlotte was a fucking disaster. I knew she was trying to figure out a way to get me to take Eric back. Hopefully Eric called her with an update on the baby.

At the appointment yesterday I learned I was at the higher end of the normal range for weight gain and blood pressure, so as much as Butterball won’t like it, I need to cut back on the fatty foods.

“Do you have any broccoli?” I ask randomly. I have a sudden craving for it.

“Yeah. I have a whole fridge full of veggies. You’re welcome to have whatever you want.”

“Know of any good broccoli recipes?” I don’t know where his kitchen is.

“Hmm, I usually just steam it.” He puts his pants back on before motioning for me to follow him to the kitchen.

I grab my dress off the floor since I feel weird about cooking in the nude, and then follow Bill. His kitchen is bigger than Russell’s. Copper pots are hanging from one of those suspended grates above the island and the stove looks like a replica of an old wood burner from the 1800s. It’s pretty cool.

The fridge is commercial grade and fully stocked. It’s like that Tide commercial with the woman who has labeled containers stacked up. I’m organized, but this is some obsessive compulsive stuff. Bill gets the broccoli and I reach out to grab his ass.

“Miss Stackhouse, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Grabbing your ass,” I answer.

The refrigerator door shuts and Bill sets the broccoli on the counter. When he turns around I sink to my knees and unzip his pants. I look up at his face as I lean in to wrap my lips around his flaccid tip. Bill groans and watches me as I start to bob up and down his length. Deepthroating him is a piece of cake compared to Eric.

Bill’s fingers tangle in my hair while his hardening dick slides in and out of my mouth. As soon as he’s hard enough I get up off my knees and bring him to the kitchen table. Bill stands between my parted thighs once I’m lying on the table, and he teases me by rubbing his swollen head up and down my slit.

“Goddamn, you’re so wet, sweetheart,” he groans. Bill slides into me, making my back arch.

“Oh fuuuuck,” I moan.

Bill’s eyes settle on my tits as he begins to thrust. His hips slap against my inner thighs over and over and over, his cock filling me just right.

“Is that how you want it, Sookie?” he grunts.

“Mmm… Yes, just like that. Fuck, Bill, harder! Ohgodohgodohgod!” I cry out. I reach down to rub my clit and in less than a minute I cum.

Bill slows down while I ride the waves but as soon as it’s over he pulls out and helps me up off the table so I can bend over the window seat instead. He fills me from behind and grabs onto my shoulders to use them as leverage while he pounds into me.

“Yesyesyesyesyes!” I chant. There’s a little sting from him slapping against my ass, but it only makes my ovaries tingle. I feel like I’m never going to cum hard enough, enough times to make this need I feel go away. I’ve never felt anything like it.

Bill continues to drive into me from behind. His breathing gets heavier and heavier as his cock starts to pulse. He’s not going to last much longer, I can tell by the sounds coming from him.

“That’s it! That’s it! Fuuuuck!” I shout right before my orgasm hits. It pulls another from Bill and this time he pulls out to cum on my ass.

“I might be thinking twice about you moving here,” he pants. “I’d never get anything done.” I can hear the teasing tone in his voice as he bends over my body to kiss my back between my shoulder blades. “Go clean up. I’ll make your broccoli.”

“You make it sound like a bad thing.” I straighten up and turn to give him a real kiss. His tongue tangles with mine for a few seconds before both of us pull back. My heart is still pounding but I’m convinced it has more to do with Bill than the sex.

“It only becomes bad when I can’t pay the mortgage,” he chuckles. “Otherwise it’s a great thing.”

“You could move to Chicago,” I point out. “Speaking of, my best friend is getting married July fifth and I need a date. I don’t suppose you’d like to be mine?”

“I would love to be your date,” he agrees with a handsome smile. “As for moving there… I don’t know about that. I’m pretty settled here.”

“Well I’ll settle for the date for now. I’ll have to keep trying to find a way to convince you about the rest,” I wink. I doubt it’ll work but he’ll enjoy my brand of convincing, the same as I will.


Mark Stonebrook is roughly my age but he’s a hard read. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily, in our line of work. Being approachable is important, but we have to play our cards close to the vest for obvious reasons. There’s a lot of sensitive, confidential information at our disposal.

Getting him settled in isn’t too hard. Mark is a quick study, which I’m thankful for. As much as I like Seattle and as much as I don’t want to leave Bill, I’m ready to go home. I have things to get caught up on back at the other office. I left Dawn in charge the last few weeks and I’m a little concerned about the job she’s done. She’s not incompetent or I would have fired her, but she’s not me either.

It’s a happy feeling when I can schedule my return flight to Chicago. With Maria’s bridal shower rapidly approaching, I have other things outside of work I need to focus on. I also have to figure out the bachelorette party. I’m relieved she doesn’t want to see strippers or go bar hopping. Maria’s wild days are long behind her. She outgrew bar hopping around the time she turned twenty-seven.

“Can I ask your advice about something?” I ask Russell over dinner one night. He made us a tasty veggie stir fry with white rice and a garlic sauce that’s making my toes curl, it’s so good.

“Sure, anything,” he smiles.

“I’m drawing a total blank, but I have to figure out what to do for my best friend’s bachelorette party,” I tell him. “She’s over bar hopping and she only wants a male stripper if he was in Magic Mike.”

“Hmm, well, you girls could have a Passion Party,” he shrugs. “A bunch of sex toys and a penis cake, can’t go wrong with that.”

“That’s actually not a bad idea.” Why didn’t I think of that?

“It keeps you girls indoors and comfortable while being ridiculously raunchy. Please let me know what to bring,” he winks. “Talbot has a friend that hosts them if you want me to get her number for you.”

“That would be fantastic. Do you really want to watch me waddle around a bunch of debaucherous women making fools of themselves after too many blowjob shots?”

“As fun as it sounds I’ll stay home,” he chuckles. “There’s a great bakery, The Sugar Shack, that makes realistic cakes.”

“I’ll look into it. Maria isn’t big on cake, though. She’s having cheesecake at the wedding instead of the usual wedding cake.” That cheesecake is to die for.

“It’s an option,” he shrugs.

“My roommate is a pastry chef, so he’ll probably handle the cake.”

“Oh, how wonderful,” Russell smiles.

“I’ll be happier when this is all over and done with.”

“You have a lot going on all at once. I’m sure things will get a lot easier once you’re back on your home turf,” he says. “And you’re right. Weddings can be a pain in the ass, especially when you’re in them.”

“Maria is terrified my dress won’t fit. Thankfully it’s not a mermaid style dress.” I will have to have it let out. At this rate I’m tempted to order a new one altogether.

“That would be torture on any woman,” he chuckles. “They’re pretty, but not very convenient.”

“Exactly. I was really looking forward to getting good and drunk at this wedding. That plan is in the crapper.” I pat my growing belly. I know I’m not, but it feels like I’m going up another dress size each day.

“Now you can make fun of everyone else getting good and drunk. Or get drunk on cheesecake.”

“I’m seriously considering the cheesecake option. Bill will be there, so at least I won’t be the pathetic pregnant lady sitting by herself looking miserable.” I’m trying to find the bright side. If I’m really lucky, Eric will stick to this new leaf he’s turned over so he won’t deck Bill for no good reason.

“I doubt that would happen anyway,” he says. “It’s nice of Bill to fly out to be your date though. He seems to really like you.”

“I hope he does,” I smile. Who knows what would have happened if I’d met him six months or a year ago. There’s no guarantee we’d still be seeing each or that things would have even taken off for us like they have. Maybe that’s part of the attraction. I have no idea what’s going to happen. I can’t predict where we’re going to end up or if this is going to last. While it’s true that I could be wrong about Eric, I don’t think I am.

“I’d say he does if he’s willing to fly out to be a wedding date.”

“Yeah, I’d say so,” I agree with a little smile.

Russell gives me a reassuring wink and we go quiet while we finish up supper. I’ll be going home in less than a week and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I make a mental note to text Eric so he knows when I’ll be back. I’m guessing he’ll want to pick me up from the airport and I understand why, but I don’t know if I want him to. I’ll sleep on it and text him tomorrow.


Alcide’s wedding is approaching and it dawns on me that Sookie and I may not be on good terms by then. She’s texted me to tell me when she’s coming home, but other than that all of our communication has been baby related as of late. I’m sitting on the couch, snuggled up with Holly, which I shouldn’t be, but again, I don’t know what the hell is happening with my relationship with Sookie. She seems pretty firm on her stance that things are over between us. It’s starting to seem that way, but I still won’t take the plunge with Holly.

“Hey,” I say quietly. We’re watching a Law & Order: SVU marathon.


“Do you have any plans July 5th?” I ask. I have my hand on her hip, rubbing slowly. I’m sure she’s caught on to the fact that I’m a touchy guy.

“Probably just nursing a hangover,” she giggles.

“Hmm, you want to be my date somewhere?” I ask as I dip my head to kiss the side of her neck.

“Somewhere?” Holly turns her head back to look at me.

“Alcide’s wedding.” She hasn’t met him yet, but she knows about him. She’s only met Mom because she was here when Mom popped in one day.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea with Baby Mama being there? I’m guessing she’ll be there, right?”

“Yeah, she will be. She doesn’t care,” I shrug. “I’m pretty sure she doesn’t give a flying fuck what or who I do as long as I’m not bugging her.” It hurts to say but it’s the truth as I know it.

“So you want me to make her jealous?”

“No, I want you there because I enjoy your company. You also keep me calm if I get worked up about something.” I kiss her neck again.

“So I’m a good guard dog?” Holly giggles.

“You’re the kind of guard dog that makes me want to throw you over my shoulder and find the nearest dark corner,” I growl playfully. “And I bet you look amazing all dressed up.”

“I do clean up nice for weddings. I’ll even get out the five inch pumps for you,” she winks. “Maybe find a dress with a low neckline and a short skirt. Mmm… no panties.” She squeezes my cock.

“Mmm, perfect wedding date.” I lift her leg over mine so I can rub my fingers between her thighs.

“You’ve seen the affect champagne has on me,” she says with a little moan and moves my fingers up to her mouth to get them wet before returning them to her clit.

“Yes I have.” She’s a fuckin’ horny drunk that pretty much wants me to take her anywhere we are. I can’t count the number of times we’ve fucked in my office now. I draw slow circles around her swollen nub as I lick her top lip, searching for entrance. “You’re a very, very sexy girl when you’ve been drinking champagne,” I whisper.

“You’re just saying that because I flashed my pussy at you last time,” she says in a breathy voice and sucks on my bottom lip.

“And then you let me finger it.” I push my hand back and slide my middle finger into her while my thumb goes to her clit. “In public.”

“You’re a sexy bartender,” she reasons. “Plus I might have a little crush on your dick.”

“Just little? Why don’t you take my dick out and show me how much you like it?” I suggest as I pump my finger in and out.

Holly smiles and reaches into my shorts. She shifts on the sofa and has me roll onto my back. Her soft, warm tongue licks the length of my shaft and flicks against the sensitive spot on the underside where my head meets the shaft. She wraps her hand around my base starts to pump up and down while her lips close around my tip. She flicks her tongue over the tiny slit a few times and then her head starts to bob up and down in time with her hand.

“Oh God, you’re good at that,” I groan. She can’t deep throat me the way Sookie can, but it still feels fantastic. Pretty much any friction on my dick feels fantastic. My hand goes to her hair to help guide her up and down my shaft. My hips thrust up a little; making her gag, but her throat feels amazing contracting around my tip.

Holly moans and her grip tightens around my base. She pulls off my cock and strokes me while her mouth goes to my sac, sucking and licking each of my nuts.

“Fuck,” I hiss. “Suck a little harder.” She does as I tell her, switching back and forth a few times. “So fuckin’ good, sweetie… You want to get up and bounce on my dick?” I bet her pussy is dripping. It always is after sucking my cock.

“Mmhmm,” she hums around my right nut. Holly releases it and then gets up to straddle me. She puts her arms up so I can take off the shirt of mine she borrowed. As the shirt goes flying she sinks down on my dick and starts to bounce.

One of my hands goes to her tits while I rest the other on her lower abdomen so I can rub her clit with my thumb. Holly leans back, resting her hand on my thigh. My hips begin to buck up so I fill her completely each time she comes down, making us both groan.

“Do you know how fuckin’ sexy you look bouncing on me like that?” I purr. “How gorgeous your pussy looks taking my cock over and over…”

“Feels so fuckin’ good, Eric,” she pants. Her walls are fluttering. “You want to feel me cum all over your huge cock?”

“Mmm, fuck yes. Are you going to give it to me like the good girl you are?” I tug on her nipple as my thumb speeds up.

“Yesyesyesyesyes! Ohmygod!” Holly cries out. She grabs onto the back of my neck to help keep herself upright. Her pussy grips my cock tightly and her head falls back as she cums for me. “Eric! Fuuuuck!”

“Perfect,” I growl. I lean forward to wrap my lips around her left nipple. Her pulsing walls are trying to milk my orgasm from me but I’m not ready. I scoot to the edge of the couch so I can stand without falling out of her. My lips find hers as I easily move her slowly up and down my shaft. The gaspy moan Holly lets out sends a shiver down my spine. After a couple minutes of the slow I flip her onto the couch again. Her legs go over my shoulders as I drive into her again and again. I watch her tits bounce and revel in the sweet sounds coming from her full lips. “Cum again,” I command as I swivel on each deep thrust in.

Holly reaches down and taps her swollen nub. Every time she does her walls pulse and grip my cock until she’s cumming again. Her lips are parted in a silent scream and her juices are running down to my sac, she’s so wet.

“Yes!” I growl. I slam in a few more times before I pull out and cum all over her mound. I reach down to rub my cum into her clit, dragging out her orgasm. Just to make sure she’s fully satisfied I slip two wet fingers into her pussy and curl to find that perfect spot inside of her and start to rub quickly, trying to pull a third release from her.

“Eric!” She grips my wrist and her back arches in an almost violent way. Her walls grip my fingers immediately and I think I see tears in her eyes when she erupts again.

“Mmm, that’s such a pretty sight,” I purr. She pushes my hand away and I bring it to my lips to suck her release off of my fingers. “So that’s a yes?” I ask as she lays there panting.

“What was the question?” She’s got stars in her eyes and I can see her walls are still pulsing.

“Will you be my date to Alcide’s wedding?” I drop down to hover over her so I can kiss her collarbone.

“I’d be crazy to say no,” she answers. Her small hands draw my face to hers for a kiss.

“Thank you,” I whisper against her lips. I settle my weight on her, making her groan. When I try to move she holds me in place though, wrapping her legs around my waist. “You want me to carry you to the shower so we can clean up?” I ask between kisses.

“Nope. I want you to stay here and kiss me like She doesn’t exist,” Holly replies.

I look down at her for a moment. I wish my heart was with her, so fuckin’ bad. I keep my eyes open as I drop my head to lick her lips. She parts them slightly and accepts my tongue into her warm mouth, prompting me for a slow dance. There are so many things I want to say to her, but I don’t want to get her hopes up. I hate to say it, but if Sookie decided to give me another shot, I would choose her in a heartbeat.

For the moment, I push Sookie aside and focus on the little firecracker below me. The kiss stays slow for a while and I hope she can feel I’m in it a hundred percent. Any thoughts of Sookie are pushed away. My hands start to roam and my hips start to thrust against her lazily.

“Your kisses are making me hard again,” I whisper. I give her another lingering peck and then start to kiss along her jaw.

“I can feel it,” she pants. Holly reaches between us to put me at her entrance. “You feel so good inside me, Eric.”

I push forward, filling her again. I keep my eyes on hers so she knows she’s the only one I’m thinking of right now. My hips begin to rock slowly; making sure my cock is good and deep.

“You feel good wrapped around me,” I whisper. “Like a soft, velvet that never wants to let go.” That’s the best way to describe her tight sheath.

Holly moans and grabs my ass to pull me in deeper, if it’s possible. She’s so warm and wet, and her pussy pulses every time I swivel inside her.

“Oh god,” she moans. I see a light sheen of sweat forming on her face, neck and tits from being so close. “Eric… I… Oh fuck…”

“Tell me, Holly, tell me how that feels,” I say as I start to suck lightly on her neck, just under her jaw. “You feel like absolute heaven to me, beautiful,” I purr against her soft skin.

“It… It feels perfect. So thick, so hard, so deep. Ohmygod,” she gasps. She’s shaking like a leaf underneath me.

“Is it too much?” I ask. My hips stop swiveling but I stay buried inside of her. She’s never trembled like this. I run my fingers through her hair, kissing her cheeks.

“No,” she breathes. “Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.”

I catch her lips with mine and begin to swivel and grind against her. Her moans are flowing into my mouth as her juices are surely creating a wet spot on the couch. I know my cock and balls are drenched. My hands move up to grab the edge of the cushion so I can pull myself deeper. My hips pull back until I almost fall out before I slide in deep again, giving her those same gentle swivels. I can tell she’s going to cum soon. Her walls are gripping me tighter than they ever have before. My shaft starts to thicken as my own release begins to build.

“Cum with me,” I whisper.

Holly nods and clings to me. She gasps and moans and when her orgasm starts, her pussy milking my shaft pulls me over the edge with her. Holly cries out and I see tears roll down her temples into her damp hair.

I kiss her through our orgasm, wiping her tears with my thumbs. I feel like an asshole for not telling her to leave. I hate that I’m hurting her so much, but I can’t seem to let her go just yet. There’s something about her that keeps me holding on. I don’t know if it’s because she’s everything Sookie isn’t or if I am just being selfish, either way, tonight is about her.

“Let’s go to bed,” I say when I pull back from the kiss.

This time Holly doesn’t argue; she just wraps herself around me so I can carry her the short distance to the bed. When we get there I manage to pull the covers back and sit down without losing her. I lie back, pulling her down onto my chest. Her head rests over my heart and I feel a few of those tears on my warm skin. I rub her back, holding her as close as possible until she finally calms down and her breathing evens out. I shouldn’t do this to her; I know it, but like I said, I can’t seem to let her go. Maybe it is time to work on falling out of love with Sookie so I can move on too since she already has.