Chapter 5


I’m doing yoga when my phone dings with an email alert. I wait until I’m finished with the video before I go check it out. It’s a message from Eric with a picture of his daughter attached. She’s a stunning girl with dark, chocolate hair that I assume her mother has, but she’s got her father’s eyes. Alyssa is beautiful. No wonder Eric is overprotective of her.

She loves the locket, which makes me happy. I respond to Eric and without thinking about it I include my cell number. I don’t make that a habit either. There has to be boundaries so my clients don’t start thinking they’re boyfriends.

But I’m making an exception in Eric’s case. It always hurts my heart a little when he looks sad. I don’t expect him to call me back since it’s pretty late by the time I message him back, but I like doing yoga before bed. I take a long bath afterward and then get into bed. My weekend left me exhausted, so the extra sleep will be nice. I’m back on the night shift tomorrow.

I sleep like a log until my ringing phone wakes me. I reach for it without opening my eyes. I have no idea what time it is or who’s calling me. This better not be a fucking telemarketer.

“Hello,” I grumble.

“Hey, pretty girl, I’m sorry if I woke you,” I hear Eric’s deep voice through the phone. I’ve never talked to him on the phone, but his voice is distinct.

Well, my lady parts are awake.

“It’s okay. What’s going on?” I ask and roll onto my back.

“Mmm, nothing really, I was just thinking about you.”

“Oh yeah? What were you thinking?”

“Well just now I was thinking about your lips around my cock and me shooting my cum down your throat,” he tells me, his voice is low and a little raspy.

“Mmm, that sounds like a great way to start my day,” I tell him.

“Does that make you wet, Dixie?”

“Sucking your cock always makes me wet.”

“That little fact makes me so fucking hard right now. I love how your body responds to me,” he says. He sighs before saying, “I miss you and it’s only been a day.”

“Awww, you’re sweet.” Hearing that makes me smile. “Time will fly and you’ll see me again before you know it.”

“I know,” I hear something shift on his end before he continues. “I’m constantly stressed over shit when I’m home. You have a way of making me forget about all of it for a while… right now though, I want you so fucking bad I ache.”

The longing in his voice kills me. This is why I shouldn’t give customers my cell phone number.

“I’m sorry I can’t be there,” I say sympathetically and look over at my alarm clock. It’s after eleven. Jesus.

“Me too,” he says quietly, “I know I probably shouldn’t have called you. I just wanted to talk to you for a bit. I needed a little reprieve from the shitstorm brewing in the office.”

“It’s okay that you called. Do you want to talk about what’s going on that’s got you so stressed out?” I don’t mind listening. It’s a big part of my job, plus it might give me an idea for our next session together.

“Nah, I’ll be fine. I think Alyssa has a boyfriend though and that’s just as stressful, more stressful if I’m being honest.”

I try not to laugh about his daughter having a little boyfriend. That won’t help him.

“Darn kids growing up without your permission,” I say instead.

“Right,” he chuckles a little. “She knows better, but never listens. I haven’t talked to her mother, so I don’t know if she knows about him.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing serious. I had my first boyfriend at that age and all we ever did was hold hands and study together.”

“That helps a little,” I hear the smile in his voice. “How was your day after I left?”

“I took the day off to recover. You wore me out, mister,” I say with a smile. “I think I’m going to feel that last round in the shower until at least tomorrow. Just thinking about it makes me tingle.”

“Well then I’ve done my job well,” he tells me, lowering his voice again.

“Extremely well. You’re going to ruin me if you keep it up.”

“Are you telling me I need to go light on you? I thought you liked being my dirty girl, getting fucked so hard you can’t think about anything but my cock splitting you open.”


My hand somehow ends up between my thighs while he’s talking. The affect his words have on me… Jesus.

“I love being your dirty girl and I love that you fuck me so hard I can’t think of anything else, but that’s what ruins me. My other clients aren’t as good. You raise the bar,” I explain.

“Good, I love that. I also love thinking about how wet you might be right now. I know what my words do to that pussy.”

“I’m so wet right now.” It’s true. My fingers are moving easily.

“Are you thinking about my cock trailing cum along your lips? Are your fingers in that pretty little cunt right now?” he groans.

I slip two of them in just enough to draw some of the wetness to my clit. “No, I’m rubbing my clit and thinking about your cock doing it for me.”

“Mmm, fuck,” he growls. “I want you spread open before me, showing me that swollen clit, begging me to touch you.”

“I want that too.” I slide my fingers back in and put Eric on speakerphone. Then I move the phone down so he can hear my fingers moving.

“Jesus, I can hear how wet you are,” I can hear him panting a little on his end of the line. “I want to start slow, pumping just my tip into you. Can you feel that, pretty? Can you feel my thick tip stretching you open, preparing to take my full length? Tell me how good I feel inside of you.”

“So fucking good,” I pant. “You’re so big and I feel so full when you fuck me.”

“Good girl, that pussy feels good to me too. She feels so tight around me, Dixie, she’s gripping my dick as I pound in, holding me, trying to keep me inside of her… fuck… I’m getting close.”

I assumed he’s been jerking off, but it’s nice to have it confirmed.

“Can you see my tits bouncing, Eric? Can you feel your hands on my ass while I ride you?” I say. “You feel so fucking good when I ride you. I feel you so deep, baby.”

“Mmm, yes… I can feel your nipples in my mouth as I suck your tits. I’m holding your ass so tight, playing with your little asshole as I pump up into you while you meet my thrusts. So deep, so tight… dripping wet. Your sexy little pout… so fucking hot.”

“Mmm… harder, Eric,” I say like he’s really fucking me. “Make me cum.”

“Ah… fucking cum on my dick, pretty girl. Can you feel me swelling inside of you? I’m going to cum so hard, so deep inside of you. I need you to cum with me. Play with your clit for me,” he pleads. I can hear his voice straining.

I do as he says and it makes me cry out. I moan his name and close my eyes as my orgasm hits me hard. I don’t need to tell him I’m cumming. Eric knows damn well what it sounds like. I’ve never cum this hard from phone sex before.

“Holy fuck that was good,” he breathes after several silent minutes.

“Fucking amazing. I don’t usually cum that hard during phone sex,” I confess since I think he needs the extra boost.

His deep chuckle rumbles through the line. “You just took my phone sex virginity. So I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve cum while talking on the phone… unless you count the blow job you gave me while I was on the phone with a co-worker that one time.”

I smile at the memory of that. I thought Eric was going to blow his cover and his load during that conversation.

“It’s not quite the same,” I giggle.

“Mmm, I guess not… thank you,” he says softly. I notice he thanks me a lot.

“You’re very welcome. I hope that got you to relax a little.”

“It did, for now.”

I feel for him, I really do, but there’s only so much I can do to help him out. We talk for a few more minutes before Eric has to go. Once we’re off the phone I go out to the kitchen to start the coffee. While it’s brewing I take a long, hot shower. My house here in South Lake Tahoe is bigger than what I need alone, but every now and then one of the girls will come back with me if she needs a break.

Plus I have a room designated for Hadley. Two years after I started working at The Cathouse a pimp named Andre started coming up to the house, trying to poach Pam’s girls. He made Hadley all kinds of promises, telling her how successful she was going to be if she just put her faith in him and his leadership. Hadley’s never been much for critical thinking and to make matters worse, impulse control has always been somewhat of an issue for her too.

We all tried to talk her out of leaving, but drama at the brothel, combined with Andre’s great timing, had my cousin packing her bags. She’s been in and out of rehab for a meth addiction and arrested more than two dozen times thanks to her pimp’s “leadership”. I haven’t heard from her in more than a year. I don’t know where she is, or if she’s even alive at this point.

But I’m hoping I’ll find her. She knows where to find me.

After my shower I have a cup of coffee and some scrambled eggs out on the deck. It’s a beautiful day. Sunny and warm outside. I’m going to enjoy my last few hours of peace and quiet here before I have to drive back to the brothel.


I was sitting in my home office when I called Dixie. The kids are all at school and Aude is at work so I know I have the house to myself. Getting off in the middle of the day did help, but as soon as I get back to my real life all of that relief is gone. I’m right back to being stressed and worried about… everything.

I take a quick shower and put on a pair of jeans with a dark green t-shirt along with my chucks. I don’t feel like seeing Aude so I call Alcide and ask him to meet me at the bar a couple miles away. I’m not a big drinker and usually just eat shitty bar snacks while Alcide tosses back beer after beer. When I arrive he’s already sitting at the bar with a pitcher of beer in front of him with a glass for me – knowing I don’t drink a lot.

“You sounded stressed when you called,” Alcide says when I glance at the beer glass.

“Hmm, yeah, you could say that.” I accept when he pours a glass of Killians for me. I let out a long sigh after taking a drink. “I’m tired, Al. Things are shit at the house and I can’t stand to look at Aude lately.”

“No offense, but that’s not really new,” he says.

“I know; it just seems to be worse lately. We spend less and less time together and when we do it’s not really spending time. It’s being in the same room while we’re on our phones or doing anything and everything to not talk to each other,” I tell him. I want to discuss Dixie with him, but I don’t know how to bring it up.

“I’m still in the getting-laid-constantly phase of marriage,” he smirks. Asshole’s only been married for a little over five months. “I’d suggest you do one of those weekend trips women dig so much, but I doubt Aude would be down with that.”

Here I go. “Oh, I’m getting laid plenty.” I stop to wait for his reaction.

His brows furrow in confusion. “But you just said you’re not spending time together.”

“There’s… someone else,” I don’t want to tell him I’m seeing a hooker. It is what she is, but she’s a person, a good person. “Do you remember the blowjob I got at The Cathouse?” he nods, “I’m seeing her regularly.”

“Shut the fuck up,” he says in disbelief. “You mean like off the clock, right? Or are you… Oh man, this is… How long?”

“I’ve been seeing her since that night. I fly out every two weeks and spend the weekend with her. And I pay her,” I say a little quieter. “This is a business deal; it takes some of the guilt away.” He just stares at me. He obviously knows there’s more to it so I continue. “I like her, probably a little more than I should.”

Alcide blinks and then shakes his head.

“Sorry, I was just having impure thoughts about your side dish,” he says. “I shouldn’t congratulate you, but at least you have good taste. That said, what the fuck are you thinking, Eric?”

“Truthfully, I don’t know. Does I’m thinking with my dick count?” he shakes his head no, but chuckles anyway. “You know I’ve never cheated, but she’s everything Aude isn’t. She’s like every man’s fantasy come to life and the things she does, and lets me do…” I trail off thinking about cumming in her mouth until Alcide kicks me under the table. “I think what gets me though is she listens. When I’m having a shit week she listens to every complaint. I don’t know if it’s an act, but she seems to care too.”

“As long as the check clears,” he says bluntly.

“Fuck, come on man, don’t be like that. You don’t know her; you don’t know how she looks at me when I’m talking. She’s honest, gives me sound advice. Shit, she helped me pick out a locket for Alyssa. Aude hasn’t let me help with the kids’ presents since the twins were born.” I know he’s looking out for me, but it’s hard to think of Dixie as being anything but honest and sincere.

“First of all, if Aude ever finds out you’ve put a souvenir your mistress picked out on your daughter, she’ll rip your balls off,” Alcide starts. “Second of all, of course this woman treats you like you’re the only man in the world. She’d be a pretty sorry hooker if she didn’t cater to you. And third, have you thought about what could happen if Aude figures out what you’ve been doing? Cheating on your wife is one thing, but you’ve got kids that are still kids. Levi and Ryan might be able to understand your point of view, but I doubt Alyssa will.”

“Who needs facts and reason?” I snicker, making him laugh along with me. “I know Aude would take me for everything I have and Lyss would be heartbroken. I don’t know what to do. I don’t think I can quit seeing her. I have a loveless marriage, Al. I don’t want to lose my kids though. And you know Aude would try to keep my princess from me if she ever found out.”

“Could you blame her?” Alcide sighs and chugs down his beer and then pours himself another. “Why not just get a divorce? You’re miserable, she’s miserable, the kids are probably miserable…”

I look away, looking at myself in the mirror behind the bar. I don’t know what would happen if I divorced Aude. She’s all I’ve known for twenty-three years. I don’t think I would know who I am without her. Until recently she’s been a good, kind wife and she truly doesn’t deserve what I’m doing to her.

“I don’t know; I just can’t see my life without her in it. I don’t know how to explain it,” I tell him.

“Okay well let me ask you this. If you had to choose between your wife and the hooker, who would you choose?”

“The hooker,” I tell him truthfully without thinking.

“Seriously?” Al looks stunned. “Is the trim really that good?”

“I can fuck her in ass whenever I want and she told me about a threesome fantasy last weekend. Aude won’t even give me a blowjob. You decide,” I cock an eyebrow and he takes a deep breath, blowing it out slowly.

“Look, you know I get your reasons for seeing this chick. If I was in your shoes, I don’t know what I would do. Just be careful, Eric. You’re playing with fire here. Besides, maybe you’ve got feelings for this girl, but it’s her job to act like she’s got feelings for you. What happens if Aude figures out what you’re doing and you go running to the hooker, hoping she’ll give up her life to be your girl, only to find out she thinks of you as just a john?” Al chugs yet another beer and refills again. “I’m sure you’re having a great time doing all that kinky shit Aude won’t do, but what do you even really know about this girl? Is she really worth potentially losing your family over?”

He’s right. This is why I talk to him. He’s usually right about things. “I hate that you’re right. I also hate that I know I’ll see her again in a couple weeks. She’s an addiction, man, I can admit that.”

Alcide gives a look I can’t really decipher, but moves on, changing the subject to work. I’m not near as stressed about work as I am my Aude/Dixie situation. I stick to water and he finishes the pitcher before we leave, going our separate ways. I’m feeling the guilt and I go home instead of to the office like I’d originally planned. Maybe Aude and I can get a little time together and actually try to talk about our marriage. We can’t go on like this forever.

I get home as Aude is walking in with Chris. Alyssa is at practice and I’ll go get her later. I ask her if we can talk since Chris goes straight to his room and she gives me some bullshit excuse about being busy and then she takes off. Her nonchalance pisses me off and I give in. I shoot Dixie an email confirming our standing plans for every other weekend.


22 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. The hooker or your wife…The hooker! Yep he is falling hard for her, and she might not admit it yet but she is falling for him too. Much more slowly but she is falling.


  2. A loveless marriage can be a living hell and the hook that keeps him there is guilt and fear of losing his children. A formula for disaster, especially with what is on his cell phone.


  3. Now that’s some good tough love from your friend Alcide. Al told it like it was. But Eric’s first response about why he would pick Dixie is cause she lets him be sexually adventurous? He is ether in denial about his feelings (outside of the great sex) or hasn’t fully developed them yet…

    Can’t wait to hear more about cold fish Aude? What is up with her?

    (And yikes, generous bosomed Sookie on a tramp naked! The poor girls! LOL!)


  4. Eric needs to be careful, he could lose everything and by that I mean his kids. I think he needs a divorce. I still have a feeling that Aude has something on the side too. I feel that Eric is trying, he wanted to talk to his wife but she keeps blowing him off. Eric has fallen hard, I agree. I’m worried that Eric’s heart will break because like Alicide said she probably won’t leave her life/profession. This story is really fun.


    • The stuff with the kids will definitely come up in the future and I’ll tell you that Missy and I debated on this issue a little bit. While it’s true the kids would be old enough to give their opinion as to who they would prefer to live with, courts would still look at what is in the overall best interest of a child. Eric might be a great father but if his wife can prove that he’s been spending time with prostitutes, that’s definitely going to factor into any custody agreements that may have to be made. Just the kids saying they like their father more isn’t enough for a judge to rule in his favor and I don’t think Eric really takes that into consideration. If this relationship ever gets back to his wife, it could cause him some serious problems. He says he would choose Sookie, but gambling his children is a pretty big deal. And it’s damn selfish of him, too.

      I would completely agree that Eric and Aude need to divorce. They probably should have split up long ago, but as someone else pointed out, I think they’ve stayed together for the kids. Being together for as long as they have, they probably don’t really know how to be single. It’s a complicated, messy situation, but we’ll navigate through it little by little. Stay tuned!


  5. Very steamy Eric got his phone sex cherry popped is that even the right way for me to say that? It’s to bad about Hadley I hope she’s not dead maybe she’ll meet Sophie and get clean unless she works with Andre too. I love that Alcide is Eric’s best friend and he can tell him anything and he doesn’t judge to harshly and is honest. I get what Eric means by sort of being lost if Aude wasn’t in his life but it’s not fair for either of them to stay miserable. It seems that Aude is trying her best to keep everyone at a distance and all that she’s hiding gets taken out on her family. The kids aren’t blind they can notice the change it will also make the kids act out I feel for Eric’s situation. 😦


  6. Ah what a ticking time bomb. I felt sad for Eric in this chapter; whilst what he’s doing is wrong, he is obviously feeling very torn & conflicted about it. I’m surprised given how much he seems to care for Sookie, that he doesn’t feel jealous of her being with other clients. Maybe that is to come. She is starting to treat him differently & she obviously cares but he is still just a client to her. The potential twists & turns ahead are awesome !


    • I think its more so he doesn’t think about her with other clients to keep himself sane. He knows he can’t demand her to stop, and he was well aware of the situation when he got into it. Out of sight out of mind.


  7. Eric needs to level with his wife stat and also with his kids. It will be infinitely worse (and frankly, seems likely) if one of his kids finds out via his phone, and with a bunch of tech-savvy teenagers, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if one of them hacks his phone lock. The thought of his 13 or 14 year old daughter seeing those photos or hearing phone sex – yikes!

    Yes, there is no doubt that Eric would not get sole custody of his kids, but speaking from experience, it is better to have a part time happy dad than a full time extremely unhappy dad. As for some form of joint custody, if Aude finds out what Eric has been up to, of course she would be right to demand sole custody, although she seems to be a pretty neglectful mom.

    I do hope Aude’s role expands a little bit from the unpleasant cipher she is now. Half of the married couples in the US divorce, and it usually isn’t all one partner’s fault (I’m thinking of The Surrogate, where Pam was extremely screwed up but not flat out evil, and Bill was just… Mr. Wrong for Sookie).

    Very interesting plot, as well as porn of course! Looking forward to seeing where it goes next.


  8. well hell, Eric is very smittem with Sookie… will she leave her life for him, maybe…. she could do worse. she said she wants to leave the cathouse on her own terms and that could be coming up sooner than later. And i think she has feelings for him if she is going against her MO with her clients, he means something to her, exactly what not sure yet. As for Aude, i think something is up and i have a sneaky suspicion she works with whomever it is…. what will she do about Eric if she ever finds out? well it could go one of two ways.. try to take him to the cleaners and get everything and loose his kids or be amicable about it when he finds out what she has been up to. it would make sense for them to split but neither wants to do it and i am sure the excuse is the kids. I have stayed with my hubby the past few years for that very reason, i wouldn’t say ours is loveless but it is real rough, i love my husband i am just not in love with him like I should be, my sons see it and they said i should have divorced him years ago, but i cannot see myself doing it, kinda like what Eric is going through so i can relate. So i am sure their kids see it to and if could be why teh boys are having such issues with Aude and Alyssa is just blissfully a daddy’s girl. Kristie


  9. Oh my Aude is not the saint that everyone thinks she is. I think both her and Eric have been messing around. I wonder if they started at about the same time?? It is going to be a hell of a ride for all of them.


  10. I am finallyall caught up with this story, and Holy Hot Damn You two Crazy kuck ass genius! Loving this story…….soooo yummy! Looking forward to the fuckening, lol! Yall rock!


  11. Oh yeah. Aude is cheating, probably with a woman since she seems to be really put off by sex with Eric, and she’ll be the one approaching him for the divorce. She’ll beat him to the punch. Pure speculation, Ladies! As for them staying together all these years & being miserable, it’s easier to stay with what’s comfortable even if it’s miserable, but you have to consider what’s fair to everyone. Your kids deserve 2 happy & fulfilled parents to give them direction for their future relationships – staying together for the sake of your kids is a copout & doesn’t do them any favors. They’re better off with separate & happy parents who can put aside the issues between the two of them & still be able to raise their children. They have the rest of their lives to argue – take care of your kids first. Oh yes, about Family Courts – your way of life – your behavior, dating, morality & all those things become an open book when you start talking custody. All Aude’s attorney would need is one receipt from the brothel & Eric getting custody is null & void. He’d be lucky if he got supervised visitation. Family Court is a brutal place & the judges are unforgiving.

    Loved the chapter with the phone sex – too funny though! Can’t wait until these 2 get back together! The conversation with Alcide was great! Can’t wait for some Dirty Lemons!! You ladies write the best!


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