Chapter 14




I only agreed to come to this fucking wedding because Aude put a fucking guilt trip on me. I spent the morning reminding her we are not fucking dating. This is the datiest thing we’ve done yet and I’m spending most of it alone since she’s in the fucking wedding. Fuck, I’d rather be here to deliver the cake instead of watching this shit. I’m in the back row of guests next to some fucking kid that’s too busy looking at his fucking cell phone to notice the girl across the aisle eyeing his ass.
The music starts so I do like the rest of the guests and turn around. Aude is the first one to walk out. She looks nice. The bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the fucking cake. I know the shop that did it and they do beautiful work.

Aude winks at me like I give a shit. I smile back, simply because I don’t want her to start a fucking scene. Like I’ve said, she’s funny, nice, fan-fucking-tastic in the sack, but batshit crazy. Two other girls walk through the doors, but when girl four walks through I freeze. Sookie comes walking through and I can feel my pants getting tighter around the crotch. She looks fucking hot. The dark hair makes her eyes pop and I find myself staring at them, probably the way Aude wanted me to look at hers.

When she catches my eyes I give her a genuine smile. I can see the surprise in her face, but she quickly schools it and starts to smile as they walk down the aisle. I don’t even see the bride when she comes out because I can’t seem to take my eyes off of Sookie. If Aude notices I’m staring, I don’t give a fuck. She knows I sleep with other girls. She knows I am never going to be her boyfriend. She just doesn’t want to believe it.




I’ve spent the last hour critiquing the cake when the girls get out of pictures and the new couple is introduced. I skirt Aude somehow and I’m standing in the back, trying of hide behind a pillar when I feel a small tap on my shoulder. I know it’s not Aude because I can see her flirting with one of the groomsmen. Good. Let him take her crazy ass off my hands.

I turn my head and that same smile graces my face when I see Sookie standing behind me.


“Hey,” I grin.

“Hiding from your date?” she asks and hands me a beer.


“Thanks.” I take the beer and take a huge swig. “She guilted me into coming. I can’t say that’s a bad thing now.”


“If it helps she didn’t tell me she was bringing you along,” Sookie says. She leans against the pillar with a glass of champagne in her hand.


“She didn’t tell me you’d be here either,” I reply. “You looked pretty up there. You look pretty right here, too.”


“Thank you,” she smiles. “This is the first bridesmaid’s dress I’ve worn that I actually really like. Holly’s got good taste.”


“She does,” I nod. I don’t want to bring up the guy she was having dinner with when I saw her, but I need to know if she’s with him. I don’t see him here, so I can only hope it was a one-time thing. “So, where’s your friend, Sam?”


“I have no fuckin’ clue. I pretty much left him at the restaurant the night I saw you there,” she tells me. “He uh… he couldn’t handle my cursing and he didn’t like the way you were staring at my tits.”


“His fuckin’ loss,” I smile. “And you have great fuckin’ tits, how could I not stare at them?”


“Thanks.” Sookie takes a drink of her champagne. “So is it serious?”


“Is what serious?” I ask, confused.


“You and Aude,” she says like I should know better.


I bark out my laugh and say, “She wishes. I’ve never even spent the night with her. I’m trying to wean her off of the dick. I haven’t fucked her in a fuckin’ week. No, Sookie, it’s not even remotely serious.”


She snorts and says, “Your dick should come with a warning label and a twelve step program.”


“Do you miss it?” I ask seriously.


“Let’s just say it’s been in my thoughts a time or two.”


I look back so see Aude is still talking to the guy she walked down the aisle with. I look back at Sookie and ask, “Is it too soon to ask you to get out of here with me?”


“I think my duties are about done here. Although I will probably miss the Cha-Cha Slide…”


“I can Cha-Cha Slide you…” I tell her with a small smile, uncharacteristically leaving out the on my dick part. Fuck. I didn’t realize how much I missed this fuckin’ girl until today.


“You could Cha-Cha Hammer Throw me,” she laughs.


I move a little closer and reach up to stroke her arm. “Would you like me to?” I purr.


“I’m thinking about it,” she admits. “The last guy I was with was a sweaty mess that called himself Big Daddy–”


Big Daddy?” I snort. “Baby, you aren’t getting anything bigger than this.”


“Oh I know,” she smiles softly and takes the last sip of her champagne.


She doesn’t stop me when I lean in to whisper, “Let’s go get a room, Sookie. I’ve missed being inside of you so fuckin’ bad.” I kiss her cheek before I straighten up.


“I have a room,” she breathes. “Fuckin’ suburban weddings.”


“Let’s go, then.”


Sookie searches my face for a minute before setting her empty glass on the tray of the passing waitress.


“I have to go get my purse. I’ll meet you in the lobby in five,” she tells me.


As she walks by the get her purse, I rub my hand over her ass, making her shiver. On the way out to the lobby, I catch Aude’s eye and she can tell I’m leaving. She looks mildly irritated, but ask me how many fucks I give. I lean against a pillar by the elevator to wait for Sookie. When she comes walking up to me I don’t hide the fact that I’m checking out her cleavage. I love that her tits are real. Fuck, I want to bury my face in them.


“You’re like a walking wet dream,” I purr when she approaches me.


“Sadly, that is the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a while,” she replies.


“That is pretty fuckin’ sad,” I agree and press the button so we can go up to her room. “What floor?”




We step onto the elevator and I press floor nine. When the door closes I do like I did the time before and press Sookie against the wall. I kiss her soft, full lips and whisper, “Please tell me you’re single now.”


“Free as a bird,” she whispers back.


“Good.” I nip her bottom lip before pressing mine to here again. The kiss stays soft while we’re on the elevator. Once we’re off we head to her room. As she opens the door I trail my fingertips up and down her arms, making her shiver.


“You’re going to destroy another pair of my panties if you keep that up,” she says.


“I don’t see anything wrong with that.”


As soon as we’re in the room I close the door and pull her close. I unzip Sookie’s dress, just as I did the last time we ran off to a room.


“I want to see your body. I miss it,” I tell her honestly.


She carefully peels the top of the dress off.


“Double stick tape,” she winks. She’s not wearing a bra.


I groan and I reach up to grab her tits. I bend to suck on her nipple. My eyes drift closed and I start to suckle. “Mmm, you taste so fucking good,” I moan and push her dress all the way off, leaving her in just her panties.


Sookie runs her fingers through my hair and then her hands move down her sides to push her lacy red panties over her hips. She lifts my head away from her tits and licks my bottom lip slowly, almost teasingly, before sucking on it lightly.


I sweep my tongue into her mouth gently caressing her sweet tongue with mine. She tastes like the champagne she was drinking. As we kiss I unbutton my shirt, slipping it down my shoulders. We pull apart long enough for me to pull my undershirt off before I get to work on my pants.


“Tell me what you want, pretty girl,” I whisper into the kiss as I walk her backwards toward the bed.


“Everything,” she breathes.


I lift her by her thighs to continue the trek to the bed. I gently lay her down, moving to hover over her body. My lips move down to her neck, sucking lightly when I reach her collarbone. Eyes are closed and I’m reveling in her soft, subtle scent. Her smooth, milky skin against my lips is making me harder than she’s ever made me. When I reach her nipples I take my time sucking each one a little harder than before. I suck and kiss the underside of her breasts before moving down her stomach. I drop slow, wet kisses from hip to hip before I make it to the promise land. I push her legs farther apart and look up at her face. I drag my flattened tongue from ass to clit, moaning when her honey hits my tongue.


Her eyes flutter closed and Sookie lets out a raspy moan. Her hips shift just a little and she reaches down to stroke the back of my head, petting me sweetly as I lick up her warm honey. I start to purr against her pussy as she strokes my hair. My tongue stays slow so I can spend as much time as possible licking her cunt. She’s so fucking good.


My lips wrap around her clit and I start to flick the tip of my tongue over her swollen bud. I wiggle one of my fingers into her warm, wet channel and start to pump.


“Mmm… I missed those long, perfect fingers,” Sookie says.


Because I know she likes it I add a second finger and start to gently rub her sweet spot. I release her clit and move to suck and lick her lips before moving back to suckle her sweet, swollen bud. Her hips begin moving in time with my fingers and her core is dripping her honey.


“Eric,” she pants. “Please… please make me cum.”


I move my fingers faster over her spot and I suck harder, moaning and purring against her pussy. Her breathing becomes ragged and her stomach tenses when her walls clench.


“Ohhhh… fuuuuck,” she gasps. Her grip on my hair tightens and when she explodes, Sookie’s walls pulse wildly around my fingers.


“Mmm,” I hum and work my fingers out, giving her hard, shuddering aftershocks. I move up her body to kiss her chin and whisper, “Even better than I remember.”


“Mmhmm,” she agrees and sucks her honey from my lips.


“Stay,” I say and kiss her quickly. I get up to go to my pants so I can grab the condom I brought with me. “How do you want me?” I ask when I settle between her thighs to roll the rubber on.


“On your back.” Sookie pushes me over once I have the condom on. She straddles my hips and glides back and forth along my length.


“Mmm, I can’t even describe how much I missed your pussy,” I groan. My hands settle on her hips to help her rock.


Sookie’s head falls back and she moans softly as her hips glide back and forth, rubbing along my length. When she lifts up, my dick springs back up, chasing its new best friend. Sookie puts me at her opening and gasps as she takes me to the hilt. Her pretty eyes close and her hips roll in slow, tortuous circles. Her small hands grab mine but instead of putting them on her tits or telling me to choke her, she laces her fingers with mine. She rises slowly and swivels on the way down. My back arches as her tight sheath takes me in. This, right here, right now, is possibly the best sex I’ve had to date.


Because I can’t stop myself I pull Sookie down on my chest. Our hands remain locked above my head and I lick her lips. My hips start to slowly thrust up, allowing her to feel every inch I’m pushing into her. We kiss with our eyes open, both letting out soft, mewling moans.


“You’re so fucking deep, Eric,” she breathes against my lips and starts swiveling her hips again. Her nipples are rubbing against my chest and her walls are fluttering lightly.


Fuck. I’m not going to fuckin’ last like this.


I release her hands so I can hold the back of her head while we kiss. In order to keep myself from blowing my load like a fucking teenager I roll us over. I keep my weight on her, flexing my hips, going in even deeper when Sookie lifts her legs to wrap around my ribs. I lock our hands again, lifting them above her head. I use my grip on her hands to pull myself in deep. I go hard and slow for a few minutes as my own release begins to build.


“You feel so fuckin’ good, pretty girl. I’m not going to last…”


Sookie nips at my lips and jaw. Her core tightens and I feel her trembling under me. She locks her bright blue eyes on mine and her swollen lips part in a silent scream as she comes undone, her walls gripping me harder than they ever have before.


My head drops to her neck when my own release erupts from me.


“Fuckfuckfuck,” I whisper against her skin. I know she can feel me pulsing inside of her as I cum hard, buried so fuckin’ deep in her. I haven’t felt like this in so fucking long it’s fucking scary.


“I needed that,” Sookie says softly. Her hands move to rub the back of my neck and her hips rock up to cause aftershocks that feel good for both of us.


“Mmm, me too,” I reply just as quietly. I feather kisses along her neck for a minute before I say, “I don’t want to move but I need to clean up…”


She unlocks her limbs from around me to let me up.


“If you need to get back to Aude–”


“No,” I stop her. “I’m right where I need to be.”


The corner of her mouth twitches up and Sookie pulls me in for another, much hungrier kiss.


“I’ll be right back.” I extract myself from Sookie’s grasp and slip into the bathroom. I dispose of the condom and rinse my mouth quickly.


When I get back to the room, Sookie is sprawled out on her back. “You look good like that,” I smile as I climb back onto the bed.


“I’d look even better with your cock filling me,” she smirks.


“That can be arranged,” I smirk back. I reach down and start to stroke my shaft to get hard again.


“Allow me to assist.” Sookie snakes her way down and lets me stroke my shaft while she teases my tip and rubs my sac.


“Mmm, it’s not going to take too long to get hard again with your hot little mouth on me,” I smile. It feels good to be played with like this. I’ve gotten used to Aude and she hoovers my dick like she needs the fucker like air.


Sookie traces her soft, wet lips with my tip. Her tongue rubs the sensitive spot on underside and every few seconds her lips close to suck me before she starts all over again. I settle my hand in her hair, gently massaging her scalp.


I keep my eyes on her lips and I can feel a small smile on my own. I know she doesn’t like the taste of cum, and I can only assume she doesn’t like have dick in her mouth, but she’s doing it for me. That makes me feel good for some reason.


“Get up here,” I whisper.


When I help her up I roll onto my side and have her spoon in front of me. I start to kiss her along her neck. I lift her thigh and guide my tip to her opening. I push into her as I start to tug on her nipple.


This goes on for the next few hours. Playing, fucking, talking, laughing… It feels good. It feels… Right.
I end up going home around two in the morning. I don’t know if Aude figured out I was still in the hotel or if she even cared. I think it’s time to cut the cord with that one.



14 thoughts on “Chapter 14

  1. Yaaaaaaay 🙂 they hooked up again. I hope it turns into something more. They seem like they really care for each other. They don’t treat other random flings like how they treat each other. Can’t wait for the next chapter.


  2. Firstly may I say, how very kind of you is to gift us with another chapter so soon! It helped Sookie and her blue ovaries too I think!!!

    The chemistry between Eric and Sookie is obvious (great writing as usual ladies!!! So So hot!) plus they do not totally hate/irritate the hell out of each other (a la Aude-Eric) but whether it can be more remains to be seen…. One of them has to put it out there at the very least… though I suspect they may first go through the non-exclusive fuck buddies phase again? Wonder who’ll say something first… I think Eric’s “Please tell me you are single now” may hint that he may crack first but then again he may just be pre-empting another Trey situation…


  3. That was a beautiful chapter. Their sex seemed more tender and loving. I like how Sookie said she wants everything I wonder if it had a deeper meaning. I like how Sookie asked about Aude and Eric’s response. I have a feeling Aude and Eric’s other women might come back to haunt him. I enjoyed the chapter.


  4. Love the reconnection between the two of them. I did notice he said ‘the condom I had with me’ (singular) and there was no mention of one in round 2. Is there going to be a little ‘surprise’ in their not too distant future, I wonder?


  5. eric is crazy in love with sookie, he told her he didn’t need anyone else when they were together the first time. when sookie gave him oral with aude after what she told him, i knew she loved him then. i’m guessing trey didn’t get oral. they had 10 years together. chemistry people, smoking hot


  6. That was nice. They proved to one another that they can have a good time and not spend it arguing & bickering. Maybe they’ll have more evenings like this, but I fear the spectre of Aude may create some issues. Thanks for the twofer today, ladies! Both chapters were terrific!


  7. Hmmm I wonder if they’ll have rules for their ‘not in a relationship’ thing they have going on? It’s nice to read that they did miss each other. Looking forward to reading where you take it from here.


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