Chapter 29


Alyssa’s eyes light up when she sees all of the nail polish I have in my bag. I didn’t know if this was the kind of thing she would be into, but I loved painting my nails when I was that age and still do. The worst that could happen is that she’d laugh at me, but she immediately picks out every shade of pink I have.

“I like that pale, bubblegum pink one with this glitter on top,” I tell her and pluck the bottle that has gold glitter in it.

“Hmm,” she looks through the lineup and takes a glittery hot pink that Eric will probably flip over. “I like bright colors.”

“I love that one too,” I smile. “Maybe be next time I come to visit we’ll go get pedicures if your dad says it’s okay.”

“That sounds amazing,” she smiles. She does look like a darker female Eric, which is weird to see. She’s gorgeous though and he’s going to be in so much trouble in a couple years. “Can we do makeup today though?”

“Sure,” I nod. “Do you want me to teach you how to put it on?”

“Yes please. I want to know how to do it right.” She does have manners.

“I can teach you. How about we paint our nails first and while yours are drying I’ll do your makeup?” I suggest.

Poor Eric is probably having chest pains.

“Okay,” she says.

I grab a bottle of turquoise polish for my toes and then we head for the living room. Eric’s got a baseball game on TV and a beer on the end table. If he’s not drunk by the end of the night I’ll be shocked.

“Dad, you never drink beer,” Alyssa points out.

“You’re stressing me out, kid,” he chuckles. He laughs like he’s joking, but I know he’s telling the truth. He doesn’t know how to handle her growing up.

“Eric do you have some old newspaper around somewhere that I can lay on the floor for protection? Alyssa picked her color.”

“Yeah.” He gets up to grab a newspaper and I notice he ignores the nail polish in my hand. “If I don’t know, I can’t get mad,” he says when I give him a look asking what his problem is.

When he brings the paper back I hand it to Alyssa and ask her to lay some of it down on the floor.

“I need to talk to your dad for a minute,” I explain.

“Okay,” she smiles and takes the paper from me.

I grab Eric’s hand and pull him back to his bedroom. He closes the door behind us once we’re inside.

“Eric, honey, I know this is a lot for you to deal with in one day, but you have got to chill,” I tell him. I’m supposed to be the uncomfortable mess here, not him.

“She’s my little girl. She’s not so little anymore, Sookie. I’m trying, but it’s hard.”

“I know,” I say sympathetically. “Just try not to flip out too much in front of her. It’ll just make her self-conscious if you freak out or rant every time she tries something new. Besides, I promise she won’t look like a tramp when we’re through.”

“I think we need a safe word for this. Anytime I start to freak out you just yell it out and I know to cool it,” he laughs and wraps his arms around me. “Should I just stay in here?”

“No, you should come back out there and spend time with your daughter. If you start flipping out too much I’ll say… dolphin,” I say as I rub his back. “It’s going to be okay. You’ll see. It’ll be the same Alyssa, only fancier.”

“Thank you for doing this for her. Her mom would never let her put makeup or nail polish on, and I’m freaking out, but I get that it’s part of being a girl.”

“It is. Just be thankful you only have to go through this once.”

“That is such a relief,” he laughs. “Go, I’ll be out in a minute. I love you.”

“I love you too.” I give him a quick kiss and then go back to the living room.

Alyssa has the paper spread out on the floor and I run back to the bathroom to get my manicure kit. When I come back I sit down on the floor with her.

“Okay, so… fingers and toes, just fingers or just toes?” I ask her as I pull the tools from their kit.

“Fingers for now. I’ll wait for our pedicures to do my toes.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I smile at her.

When I hold out my hands Alyssa gives me hers and I file her nails for her since they’re a little jagged and need shaping. I see her looking at my face every once in a while as I work. She’s paying pretty close attention to what I’m doing, and I’m just finishing with her right hand when Eric comes back into the room. If he’s thinking any thoughts about what we’re doing he keeps them to himself.

Poor fella.

After I get Alyssa’s nails filed I put a base coat on them. While that sets I take off the polish on my toenails. Eric and Alyssa make small talk while I paint her nails but I notice Eric tries not to look at his baby girl’s fingers. It’s just pink polish. I’d like to say that I get it, but I’m not a parent. I’m not Alyssa’s mother and it’s not my job to play that role in her life.

I can be her friend and maybe something like a big sister, but not a mom. She already has a mother. She doesn’t need me coming in and acting like an authority figure in her life. But if she learns to trust me, that’s not a bad thing either. With her teen years rapidly approaching it might be nice to have someone in her corner that she can trust but isn’t her mom. There’s definitely stuff she isn’t going to want to talk to Eric about in the coming years.

When her nails are done she squeals with delight, and that makes the whole day worth it for me.

“Sookie this is so awesome! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. Now just try not to use your hands, okay? If you have an itch tell your dad or me so one of us can scratch it.”

Alyssa nods and waves her hands around to help dry them. She’s adorable.

I paint my toes and she’s watching what I do. When I’m done I leave the toe separaters in place and ask Eric to help me up. He takes my hands and hauls me up off the floor.

“Thank you honey,” I smile and give him a kiss. I turn to Alyssa. “Ready to go paint your face?”

“Yes!” she says with excitement and scampers off to the bathroom.

Eric groans and I turn back to give him a kiss that should cheer him up a bit. Then he groans for another reason.

“Be a good boy and I’ll let you stuff my panties in my mouth tonight to keep me quiet while I ride you,” I whisper in his ear.

He groans again and slaps my ass when I turn to follow Alyssa. It makes me giggle.

When I get to the bathroom Alyssa is pulling her thick hair back into a ponytail. She’s taller than most girls her age and I’m betting she’ll be supermodel height by the time she’s done growing. I put the toilet seat lid down and gesture for her to sit.

“Okay, so the most important thing you have to remember is to blend,” I start. “Since we don’t have the same skin tone I’m not going to put base on you, but when you do you have to make sure you blend it down to your neck so you don’t have a line.”

Alyssa listens as I start to apply other things to her face. I lightly line her eyes and use pink shadows with a little bit of shimmer to it. I put a little mascara on her and then dab some gloss on her lips. When I’m finished she looks girly and pretty. It’s not too much or too heavy for a girl her age. I think even Eric will think she looks beautiful.

“Okay, take a look in the mirror,” I say and step back so she can stand up.

Alyssa gasps when she looks in the mirror and the way she bounces tells me she approves of my handiwork.

“Do you like it?”

“I love it! I’m going to go show Daddy,” she says and runs out of the bathroom.

I take the separators out of my toes and then follow. Alyssa is talking excitedly and poor Eric looks like he’s trying hard not to pick up his baby girl and stuff her in a time capsule to keep her from getting any older.

Lord help us when she starts talking about boys.

“Sookie, you did a really good job,” Eric tells me and gives me a big grin. “She doesn’t look trampy at all.”

“Dad!” Alyssa glares at him.

“Thanks, Eric,” I smirk.

“Calm down, princess. I was joking. You look gorgeous and I don’t want you around any boys,” he teases. He’s doing really good right now. I haven’t had to yell dolphin once.

“But right now is when I want to be around them so they can see how pretty I look.”

Eric’s face goes pale and I have to retract my previous thoughts. He’s getting ready to say something decidedly terrible when I yell, “Dolphin!” louder than expected.

Alyssa looks over at me like I’m insane and Eric gets off of the couch to go to his room.


I know she likes boys. She’s been eyeballing that damn One Direction group. She has pictures of them all over her bedroom walls, but I don’t want to hear about it. In this moment I think having a girl wasn’t such a good idea, not that I got to choose what we were having. I just need to take a few deep breaths and I’ll be good. I hope. I need another beer.

I go back to the living room, stopping on the way to grab a beer. I only keep beer for Levi and Alcide, but it’s coming in handy right now.

“Sorry, I had to use the restroom,” I lie. They both know it’s a lie.

“Sookie’s going to fix my hair for me,” Alyssa says. I’d rather she called me on my lie.

“Yeah?” I look at Sookie and she gives me a big goofy smile. “What’s wrong with your hair the way it is? I think it already looks perfect.”

Alyssa scoffs. “You’re obviously not a girl,” my princess says.

“I’m just going to fishtail braid it, Eric. We’ll save the highlights for another time,” Sookie teases.

“It’s fine, I’ll just sit here and get drunk.” I take a swig of my beer and kiss Sookie’s head as I walk past them. She can’t get too crazy with a braid and Sookie’s hair always looks great, so I’ll trust her.

Sookie returns to the bathroom to get what she needs while Alyssa sits on the floor in front of the couch. When Sookie comes back she sits behind Alyssa on the couch and takes my baby’s hair out of the ponytail it’s in. While she works she explains what she’s doing and in no time at all she’s done with the braid. Sure enough, my princess looks beautiful but not too grown up.

“I’m going to go look,” Alyssa says as she gets up off the floor.

“She does look really good, Sook. Thanks for keeping me sane,” I smile and lean over to give her a kiss. And another with a little tongue before I pull away. I think I’m starting to get a buzz.

“You’re welcome. You getting drunk there, tiger?” Sookie’s never seen me drunk before.

“Maaaaybe,” I say and rest my hand on her thigh.

“Oh this should be fun,” she giggles. “I guess this means I should order takeout tonight, huh?”

“She’ll want to go out.” I don’t want the world to see her, but I know she will. “I’ll slow down and you can drive if we go anywhere… I don’t let anyone drive my car, so feel special.”

“I can drive my own car, you know?” Sookie points out. “Now we just need to find a Boy Scout spaghetti dinner to go to.”

“You take that back right now!” I growl. “Fuck, either way I’m screwed.”

“Pretty much.”

“Pasta does sound good though,” I laugh and sit up. “I forgot you had your own car.”

“Maybe less beer for you,” Sookie says, but leans over to kiss me anyway.

“I have to finish this one, it’s already open.”

“I have a feeling you make a cute drunk, just not when your daughter is here,” she says.

“I’m an adorable drunk. I’ll let you take advantage of me one night before you go. I might not be able to keep it up if I drink too much though,” I laugh. “Or I’ll fuck you senseless… it’s a toss up with me.”

“I have faith in you,” she says, and kisses me again.

Alyssa comes out when Sookie and I are kissing and clears her throat. “Can you guys keep your hands off of each other when I’m here? It’s gross.”

“It won’t always be gross, Lyss,” I tell her. I don’t know why; I blame it on the beer.

“Yes it will; it’s you,” she reminds me.

“But your dad is a good kisser,” Sookie says and Alyssa’s reaction is priceless.

“TMI!” she plunges her fingers in her ears and squints her eyes.

“Princess, we’re taking you out for pasta tonight,” I tell her, changing the subject.

“But you’re drunk.”

“I am not, and Sookie is driving.”

“Whatever,” she shrugs and sits on the floor next to the coffee table.

“We can stop for ice cream on the way home if you want. I could go for some chocolate fudge brownie. That sundae you had earlier has been on my mind all afternoon,” Sookie says.

“It was so good, too bad you guys missed it. You were probably kissing,” she snickers and rolls her eyes. I like this. She’s being more herself right now and I think she really likes Sookie, no matter how bad it started this morning.

“Well let us know when you get hungry and we’ll go,” Sookie says.

∞ ∞ ∞

I’m taking a piss when we get back to the house. I ended up having wine with my pasta since Sookie was driving and it’s going right through me. Anyway, I’m taking a piss when I hear a scream from the front bathroom. It’s Alyssa and I stop mid-stream and tuck it away as I bolt through the house. Sookie is knocking on the door when I get there and she’s shaking her head.

“I’ll talk to her,” she whispers and my eyes are as big as saucers. I don’t know what the fu–

“Oh,” I mouth and Sookie nods.

“Did Aude not talk to her about this?” she whispers and I shrug.

“I don’t have periods, Sookie. And I have five boys before her, this wasn’t my area of expertise.”

“Alyssa, sweetie, are you okay?” Sookie asks.

“No!” she yells back. “I think I’m dying!”

“Can you open the door? Why do you think you’re dying?” Sookie remains calm.

A few seconds later Alyssa cracks the door open. She sees me standing next to Sookie and her eyes go wide before she slams it shut again.

“Baby, let Sookie in. I’ll leave you girls alone,” I say through the door and she opens it, but doesn’t peek out this time.

Sookie gives me a reassuring nod and then squeezes into the bathroom to help Alyssa. As soon as she’s in the door slams shut again.

I go back to the bathroom and finish going pee and then wash my hands. I go back to the living room and sit on the couch while I wait for the girls to emerge. A few minutes later they come out. Alyssa looks mortified and Sookie is smirking.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes, Eric. I’m going to run to the store.”

“Sure,” I look over at Alyssa and she keeps her head down until she feels my gaze and then she runs to her room.

“Do you need anything while I’m gone?” Sookie asks when she appears with her purse.

“Nope, I’ll just sit here and deal with the awkward.”

“Okay. I’ll be as quick as I can.” She pauses to give me a kiss and then leaves the apartment.

Alyssa stays in her room, probably listening to her iPod and trying to pretend I didn’t see her or praying that I don’t know what just happened. I knew this was going to happen someday, but I didn’t think it would happen quite so soon. Didn’t we just bring her home from the hospital last week?

Now, biologically speaking, my baby girl is a woman.

A woman capable of having babies.

No, a beautiful woman capable of having boys.

I wonder if she’ll agree to let me make vasectomy appointments for her boyfriends until she finds one I deem worthy enough to marry her?

When Sookie gets back she goes straight to Alyssa’s room and knocks on the door before slipping inside. A few quiet minutes pass before she comes out of Alyssa’s bedroom minus the bags she went in with. She comes over to the couch and sits down next to me.

“We may not see her until morning,” Sookie warns.

“I feel bad for her. Her mom should’ve told her what to expect. Can you imagine if you weren’t here?” I ask.  “She would’ve sat in the bathroom and cried all night.”

“You either would have had to call her mom or Google for information about menstrual cycles,” Sookie rests her head on my shoulder. “I told her it’s okay if she wants to go back to her mom’s.”

“Since she’s in her room, I assume she’s fine with staying. I’m thinking about asking her if she wants to live with me full-time. Now I don’t know how she’ll feel about it though.”

“Mmm… it’s been a big day for her. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I’m not sure you should bring it up tonight,” she says.

“No, I’ll wait a week or so. Maybe after you go I’ll ask her,” I sigh and drop my head back. “She asked when you were going to move out here.”

“She did?” Sookie sounds surprised. “Was this before today?”

“She asked when I picked her up this morning. I wasn’t kidding when I said she was excited. That’s why I was so thrown off when we got back.”

“Well at least now we know why she was fussy,” Sookie says, and drapes an arm over my stomach. “You have a bigger problem, though.”

“I don’t want any  problems,” I groan, rubbing my hand over her arm. “What now?”

“Alyssa asked me if she could get pregnant from kissing.”

I look at Sookie and she has a big smile on her face. “Why in the fuck would she ask you that? She better not be kissing anybody. I’ll fucking kill any little fucknut that touches my princess.”

“She kissed a boy,” she whispers, “And that’s all I’ll say.”

“I think I’m going to cry. Why would you put all of this shit on me today, Sookie?”

“I haven’t put anything on you. In fact, I’ve run interference. And quit being so dramatic. It was one kiss. She’s not running off to Vegas to get married.”

“She’s not only my baby, she’s my only girl. I’m allowed to be over-dramatic. And now I know some little shit had his lips on her. It’s all fucked up and it’s taking all of my willpower not to go in there and grill her about this kid,” I snap. Today is just getting worse by the second.

Sookie sits up angled toward me and holds up her balled fists. “Okay, put up your dukes,” she says adorably. “Come on… You and me right now.”

“Should we take this outside?” I smirk, “Out by the flagpole?”

“Nah, there’ll just be two hits. Me hitting you and you hitting the floor,” she says, and throws some weak jabs at the air. If she hit me it would be like getting punched by a kitten.

I laugh hard, and fall back on the couch like she really hit me. “You’re so cute,” I pant, trying to catch my breath from laughing so hard.

“I’m happy you think so.”

“I’ll go easy on her with the boy,” I sigh, “And thank you for telling me. Especially since I plan on kissing you a lot later.”

“Really? How are you going to do that with my panties stuffed in my mouth?” Sookie smirks and gets up off the couch.

“I’ll kiss you before because your face will be shoved into the mattress too,” I grin and get up to follow her.

“I like this plan.” Sookie puts a little extra sway in her hips as she walks.

“Mmm, I like your ass right now,” I groan. This is going to be good stress relief.

“You better lock the door,” she says when we reach the bedroom. As soon as I have the door shut and locked she pulls off her dress.

“Take the bra off too, leave the panties on,” I direct her. She slips the bra off and lets it fall to the floor with her dress. “That’s a very pretty sight.”

“It’s even better up close.”

I pull my shirt over my head and throw it across the room as I stalk toward her. When I reach her I thread my fingers through her hair and pull her face to mine. I can feel her tight nipples rubbing against my chest and my cock thicken.

“Take my pants off of me, pretty.”

Sookie’s hands slide around my waist to the front of my pants and unbuttons them. She slips them down my thighs, taking my boxers with them so I’m standing naked in front of her. Her small hand wraps around my shaft and she starts to pump me.

“Kiss me,” she whispers.

She’s been so good to me today. I run my tongue over her bottom lip and she sucks it between her lips. I immediately give in and the fire in this kiss is almost too much.

I start walking forward, guiding her to the bed without breaking the kiss. I lean down, running my hands up the back of her legs and lift. Sookie’s legs wrap around my waist and I bend over the bed, lying her on the edge while I hover over her. My hands glide up her thighs to her ass and I dip my fingers under her panties.

“Mmm, I missed touching you today,” I whisper against her lips.

“Me too,” she whispers back and reaches between us again to resume stroking my cock.

My long fingers slide up her slit from the back and I rub her pussy through her panties. I want to get them nice and wet before I shove them in her mouth.

“You’re all wet,” I observe with a small smile.

“It seems to happen when I think about sucking your cock,” she replies and twists her hand a little.

“Do you want it in your mouth right now, Sookie, or do you want me to fuck this hot little cunt?”

“I want it in my mouth,” she says, rubbing her thumb over my tip.

“Turn around,” I tell her. I stand up and she flips around on the bed so her head is hanging over the edge. Perfect.

I guide my cock through her lips and in this position I can get so deep. I start to slowly fuck her mouth and lean down to play with her tits. Sookie’s hands are on my hips, trying to get me to move faster, but I’m trying to keep things slower right now. We tend to get loud and I need to make sure we stay quiet tonight.

As I thrust my cock into her mouth, I lean over and rest my hands on the bed next to her hips. Her legs are spread open, her pussy begging me to touch it. I run my fingers over her pussy, spreading her lips and rubbing her clit through her panties. I arch over her body, push her panties to the side and suck her clit, making her hips buck a little and she takes my cock deeper into her throat.

I don’t want to wait anymore, so I take her panties off and hold onto them in my hand. I slowly slide out of her mouth and she reluctantly lets me go.

“How do you want to, baby girl? I need to fuck you so bad right now.”

“However you want,” she says with her hand moving down between her thighs.

“On your knees,” I command and she quickly gets into position.

She’s sitting in the middle of the bed on her knees. Her fingers are in her pussy and she’s looking at me with so much lust it makes my cock ache.

Sliding up behind her, my hand comes around to cover her mouth. I’ve dropped the panties for now, but I’ll use them if I have to.

“Are you going to stay quiet for me?” I ask as I rub the head of my cock along her folds. “Or do you need me to make sure you stay quiet?”

My other hand ghosts down her stomach and my fingers join hers as I rub her clit.

“I’ll be quiet,” she whispers.

To test her I start to push my cock into her pussy alongside her fingers. I have my head in her when I ask, “So if I shove this thick cock into your snatch you’ll stay quiet?”

“Yes,” she gasps, and I feel her tremble a bit.

I do as I said and bury my cock to the hilt in her cunt. Her fingers are still inside and I hold her hand in place.

“Fuck, Eric,” she groans.

“I’m giving you one warning, lover,” I whisper and pull out before slamming back into her.

Sookie whimpers and tries to pull her fingers free.

“No, no,” I coo, “They feel so fucking good to me.”

Again, I pull out and drive in a few more times, Sookie panting heavier and heavier. Her panting turns into to moans that start to get louder as I fuck her.

I take her panties, wad them up and shove them in her mouth. The flood of wetness that gushes from Sookie makes my cock harder. I grab her throat and start thrusting faster. Sookie’s moans are nicely muffled by the panties in her mouth, but when her orgasm gets closer it’s not enough. So I push her face down to the mattress.

I look down to see my cock sliding in and out of her quickly and I know she’s still rubbing her clit. She makes a muffled scream when she cums and I slow my hips so she doesn’t make me cum, too. I don’t want to finish that fast.

My hands grab her ass to pull her back onto my dick, and I know it won’t take much to make her cum again.

I start fucking her harder and faster. Sookie’s legs give out and she begins to straighten out on the bed. I follow suit and lie on top of her, pushing her legs apart with my knees. My cock driving into her triggers a second orgasm and I know it’ll only take a few more thrusts for me to cum too.

When my orgasm hits I bury my face in her hair, muffling my own moans. I thrust my hips a little more, trying to get as deep as possible.

“Goddamn, that was good,” I pant and reach up to take her panties out of her mouth. “I needed that so bad.”

“Mmm… yeah,” she says quietly.

I pull out and roll off of her so she can breathe again. “Give me fifteen minutes and we can go again,” I chuckle.

“You’ll have to cover my mouth with your hand.” Sookie stays right where she is.

“Do you think that’s a problem for me?”

“Probably not,” she laughs.

As predicted, fifteen minues later I have Sookie on her back with my hand pressed over her mouth. We end up fucking and playing for another two hours before we pass out in a sweaty heap in the middle of the bed. Thankfully Sookie wakes up around five to go pee and wakes me up to get dressed in case Alyssa knocks on the door at some point.


14 thoughts on “Chapter 29

  1. As far as ice breakers and trust building experiences go, manicures and talking through your first period are pretty good ones. Hope Alyssa can get past her embarrassment. Poor girl.


  2. Damn, you ladies are gonna have me smoking a pack of cigarettes today! WOW is all I can say! As for Alyssa, poor child! How can her mother be such an idiot to not prepare her daughter for her first period? Good Heaven, even if she’s a Mormon or whatever faith, she should still prepare her daughter for the biological changes that will soon be taking place within her body. What the hell kind of mother is she? Shame on her! Even with all of Eric’s transgressions for which he’ll have to answer to God, he’s the parent for this child whose mother is obviously off being selfish fulfilling her own wants & needs – doing everything she blamed on Eric. Despite everything, he’s still thinking of & prioritizing his children. Aude is apparently shoving them off in any possible to have her fun, and that’s neglect. She can be as self-righteous as she wants, but there’s more than one definition of neglect & this particular situation with Alyssa demonstrates one of them. Ranting over! Thanks for a great chapter, ladies! Looking forward to the next!


  3. What would that poor child have done if Sookie hadn’t been there to explain what was going on and help us? Her mom is a total failure for not preparing her for the inevitable.


  4. Poor little gal –my mom was uptight about sex, but she told me about periods when I was only 10 –good thing, I started the summer before I was 11. Still a shock, even then…..

    Poor Eric –he really should talk to Aude to get a handle on what she’s exactly told Alyssa about the birds and bees –in order to fill in the gaps. Seems like Lyssa is already trying to figure it out by asking if kissing causes pregnancy. Don’t laugh –that’s what I thought until I learned more in my early teens….



  5. Love the new look!
    Poor Alyssa, they really seem to have tried to keep her young & innocent & in the process left her uninformed & vulnerable. Whilst you would’ve expected her mother to have talked to her, I don’t think Eric is blameless either as he seems determined to deny she’s growing up. Difficult place to be – the youngest & the only girl! Sookie did really well with her & circumstances may have provided the perfect opportunity for them to become closer.
    Had to laugh at the contrast between Eric’s attitude to Alyssa growing up & his own hot sex life! He barely paused between threatening to hurt anyone who came near his daughter & banging Sookie’s brains loose. Glad they found time for each other tho & it’s really quite hot having to be quiet sometimes; I just hope they were quiet enough!
    Thanks for the quick update.


  6. OMG, what kind of mother doesn’t tell her daughter about that stuff ahead of time? I’m so glad Sookie was there when it happened. I can’t even imagine being so naive and going through that with only my dad to talk to!


  7. Well Way To Be There For Her First Tramatic Event Of Her Life Sookie ! I Know Some Girls Go A Life Time Not Wanting There Fathers To Know Its That Time Of The Month For Them, I Know Im One Of Those Women, But Your First And You Didn’t Even Know It Was A Natural Thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Poor Girl


  8. great chapter, Sookie and Alyssa are becoming fast friends. i am glad they worked through their issues and she knows Sookie is there for her when she needs her most. Aude should have known this was coming, she should have talked to her already, damn Aude another let down in the relationship with her family…. Eric took all things fairly well, love the safe word… until the next post Kristie


  9. Yep I am; seeing Sookie in the older sister you can talk to about anything role. Just got to get over the initial fear that she (Sookie) is stealing her father!


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