Chapter 2: Cold Hard Bitch


 Chapter 2: Cold Hard Bitch


I don’t confront Bill with what I know. Instead I erase Sookie’s call and put the phone back where I found it. Even though I’m not tired, I turn off the lights and get back in bed. Bill won’t try to wake me if he thinks I’m asleep. I feel… numb. I should be angry or hurt or something, but at the moment I’m numb.


Maybe it’s a general lack of surprise about what he’s capable of. I spin the wheel of options and play out scenarios in my head. My daughter will be furious about this if I tell her. Tommy will blame me or the other woman instead of blaming Bill, the only one at fault for any of this. Lee… I honestly don’t know what he’ll think. Sometimes he takes Bill’s side, sometimes he takes mine. It just depends on the day.


Of course I could just swallow it and look the other way. Bill is obviously a serial cheater. He’s going to keep searching for other women to fill whatever void I’m not. Or maybe there is no void and he’s just a selfish asshole with little to no concern for anyone’s feelings but his own. Either is possible.


I could also get even and find a lover of my own, but I’m not going to stoop to his level. Plus, I realize, I still love my husband. The hurt starts to seep in just as the bedroom door opens. I lie there motionless and keep my eyes closed. The en suite door creaks shut and I hear water running while Bill brushes his teeth. I roll over to face the windows.


When Bill gets into bed I’m surprised by the way he cuddles up to me. His hand settles on my hip and he whispers my name. The way he’s kneading my side I know what he wants.


“Are you awake?” he asks when I don’t answer.


Despite the fact that I shouldn’t, I answer him.


“Yes,” I whisper back.


He pushes his hand under my night shirt and says, “Why don’t you take this off?”


“Since when do you want me anymore?” I ask him. It’s been three months since we had sex. Of course he’s had Sookie to keep him satisfied and I’m sure she’s younger than I am. They’re always younger than I am.


“I always want you, sweetheart, we’ve just both been so busy,” he says as he tugs on my shirt.


We have been busy but that isn’t why we haven’t been having sex. That’s why we weren’t fifteen years ago. It’s different now. It’s conscious avoidance, in my opinion.


However, I feel anger growing in the pit of my stomach that suddenly has me rolling over to practically attack him. It’s not my usual style and the shock at my aggression is written all over my husband’s face. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I know this is going to be the last time I have sex with him. Because I’m not running on empty yet, I decide to put everything I have into and remind him of what he’s been missing with his trips to Mississippi and long weekends with whatever silly little girl will play with his dick.


Somehow clothes come off and we wrestle around the bed, trying to get each other turned on and ready for the main event. It’s a fight to not wrap my hands around Bill’s throat. I want to. Badly.


“Caroline, what’s gotten into you,” Bill grunts.


“What? You just want me to lie here like a corpse?”


“No, I mean, you’re so… aggressive.” He reaches up to grab my breasts and adds, “I like it.”


“Oh yeah?” My right hand goes to his throat and squeezes. “You like that?”


“That’s a little too aggressive.” He pries my fingers off of his neck.


I don’t apologize for it. Instead I get off of him and lie on my back, waiting for Bill to make a move. He rolls over on top of me and props himself up on his arms.


“Sweetheart, are you okay?” he asks as his hips rock, trying to get the friction he so desperately wants.


“Perfect,” I reply through a fake smile that Bill hasn’t questioned in years.


“Good.” He pulls his hips back and doesn’t question it when he has to struggle to slide into me. I’m so far from turned on I can’t even fake it like I’ve done in the past.


I close my eyes and think of the sexy blonde man I’ve been lusting after from my stories. In my mind he’d never cheat or be so inconsiderate of my feelings. Thinking of him shirtless helps quite a bit and it gives Bill a smoother ride.


“Wait,” I say suddenly. I push Bill off of me and roll over onto my stomach. I push my rear end up some and Bill doesn’t hesitate to fill me from behind. I’m sure he’s not expecting this. Sex has been pretty standard and missionary for years. Passion left our sex life years ago. We got it back for a bit while we were in Tuscany on our second honeymoon, but it was gone within a month of our return.


“This works too,” he grunts as his hips start to speed up, slightly slapping against me.


It’s easier to pretend he’s someone else if I can’t see his face. Happy anniversary, honey.


“Is that all you’ve got?” I challenge.


He growls quietly and grabs onto my hips. His thrusts speed up and he spanks the side of my ass as he starts to pound into me.


“Again,” I demand quietly.


He does it again and again until I’m sure there’s a red splotch on my ass. Bill turns into the man he once was and reaches down to play with my clit, rubbing in quick circles to match his thrusts.


Holy cow, I might actually have an orgasm. The pressure is building and my walls are fluttering… Oh my God.


“Bill,” I gasp right before it happens for the first time in… Hell, at least three years. Usually I have to finish myself off.


He grunts again right before my orgasm pulls him over the edge with me. His hips jerk a few more times before he pulls out and falls to my side. I collapse for a few moments before I get up to clean up in the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror, checking out the handprint on my ass.


Suddenly I know what I’m going to do.


Bill’s already snoring when I get back to the bedroom. I pick up his phone and text myself Sookie’s phone number. She might just be an unexpected ally.




First things first, I look at our finances. I don’t spot anything obvious. Bill’s been the one to keep track of the bills for as long as we’ve been married. It was easy for him to hide things before because I never looked at the credit card statements or asked any questions. That changed after the heart attack.


I’ve been spot checking here and there just to be safe, but I haven’t seen anything that doesn’t fit. It takes some snooping around on our home computer but I locate a file named Truman Burrell Expenses that I’m pretty sure is about Sookie and not the governor.


On the spreadsheet is an itemized list of expenses. Hotels, gifts, meals, plane tickets… Motherfucker.


I should be calling a lawyer but instead I reach for my phone to call Sookie. My husband has been making a fool of me for years. I have cleaned his house, washed his clothes, cooked his meals, raised his children, carried his children, nursed him when he was sick, took care of his bitchy mother when she was on her goddamn deathbed and I have forgiven him for multiple affairs.


While I’m angry at him, I’m even angrier at myself because I shouldn’t have given Bill another chance. I should have been a little more selfish years ago and divorced his ass. I put our family ahead of myself, thinking it was the best thing for everyone.


I was wrong.


It was humiliating the way everyone looked at me. I’d go to football boosters or bible study and the looks of sympathy, like I was a poor little fool for not knowing sooner what a snake my husband is. My kids got teased because their father was fucking a girl young enough to be their older sister. It was terrible.


Bill swore to me I don’t know how many times that it would never happen again. He promised me that he wouldn’t put our children through another round of heartache. They definitely don’t deserve having to go through this.


I don’t want to deal with a divorce. I want Bill out of my life once and for all. I don’t want him to be able to hurt or embarrass me ever again and I think I know a way to make him disappear, but I’m going to need help. I’m going to need it to look like an accident.


I’m going to need Sookie’s help.


I’m not stupid. Calling Sookie from my phone would be a mistake. I grab my purse and head out to Walmart a few towns over to get a prepaid cell phone to call her on. I’ve seen enough crime shows to know it’s always the little things that get someone caught. I have no plans to get caught.




“Eric!” I jump when I open my eyes and see it’s well past nine in the morning. I don’t work until later tonight. Eric is usually out of here by seven when he sleeps over.


“Hmmm?” he hums.


“You’re late!” I say, shaking him frantically.


“Nope. Took a personal day,” he says with a sleepy smile.


“Oh my god, you scared me,” I sigh and drop back on the bed.


He gathers me closer to him and kisses up and down my neck. “You look beautiful in the morning,” he whispers and thrusts his hips against my ass.


“You’re insane,” I whisper back. I wiggle my butt, making him growl. My heart is still racing.


We stayed up until close to three in the morning telling stories about our shitty childhoods. It’s nice to get to know someone just as fucked up as me. The good thing is, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Eric is successful in life. He’s managed to pull himself up by his bootstraps and do something about his pain, which I’m working on doing now with my twice weekly therapy.


“Nope, just horny.” He nips at my collarbone and his hand slips between my thighs to stroke my folds.


“So you took a personal day to sex me for hours and hours on end?” I giggle.


“Is that a problem?”


“Not a problem at all.” I run my fingers through his hair and tug his face to mine for a slow, soft kiss.


His fingers part my folds and move up and down from my opening to my clit over and over. Eric manages to get me under him and he sits up on his knees to tug my shorts off. He looks down at my center like he’s found breakfast. Eric licks his lips and leans down to kiss my inner thighs, slowly working his way to my lower lips.


I thread my fingers through his hair, trying to tug him closer to his destination. Of course he doesn’t move from where he is. He smirks at me and kisses my inner thigh again.


“You’re going to kill me, you know that?” I breathe. I can already feel my legs trembling in anticipation.


“Should I stop?” I can feel his breath on my pussy and he finally licks the length of my slit.


“No,” I shake my head. “Please don’t stop.”


He smiles and licks me again… and again and again. Eric parts my folds with his thumbs and his tongue moves in slow circles around my clit several times before sliding into my opening.


“Oh fuuuck,” I groan, lifting my hips to try to get his tongue deeper. I hold his head down the best I can as I try to grind my pussy against his face.


Eric growls and grabs ahold of my thighs to hold me down. His tongue plunges in and out quickly a few times before his mouth goes back to my clit. His lips wrap around the swelling bud and his tongue flicks just right at the perfect speed.


I’ve been with my share of men, but I’ve never been with one that make me cum as quick as Eric does. My arms fly up, pressing against my headboard as my hips flex. My legs wrap around his head, trying to keep him close as my orgasm hits.


“Oh my god!” I shout as body starts to tremble.


He growls softly and sucks on my clit, tugging it gently with his lips and prolonging the pleasure. When Eric releases my clit he kisses his way up my body, tugging my tank top up so he can slip it over my head.


“You taste like honey,” he says before kissing my lips.


I don’t taste it, but I don’t argue. I slide my tongue between his lips, massaging his tongue with my own. My feet come up and I try pushing his boxers down. It takes a moment but I get them hooked on my toes.


“Fuck me,” I pant between kisses.


Eric reaches down and rubs his thick tip up and down my folds a few times before putting his head at my entrance. His hands capture mine and pin them above my head as he slides into me as deep as he can get.


“Fuuuuck, you feel so good, Lover,” he groans.


I completely agree but his thick length stretching me takes my breath away. Sex is so much better when you’re sober. Sex with Eric is… it’s indescribable. He grinds against me, rubbing my clit into his pubic bone.


“You’re my favorite,” I pant. I don’t know how else to describe it right now.


He pulls almost all the way out.


“Your favorite?” He slides back in just as deep and grinds against.


“My favorite…  the best.” He’s the best I’ve ever been with. His cock makes me forget how to talk.


“High praise for only one orgasm so far,” he smirks. Eric keeps moving slow and deep, grinding against my clit and moving his hips in slow circles so I feel every thick, solid inch of him inside me.


“It’s true,” I smile. My eyes quickly roll back in my head when he pulls back and drives in hard.


“Good to know,” he says and then his hips start to move faster, slapping against my inner thighs.


I move my arms to wrap under his arms.  My nails grip his back as I lift my hips to meet him on each deep thrust. Eric’s lips find mine again in a hard, passionate kiss. I don’t know if it’s the passion in the kiss or the head of his cock rubbing over my g-spot each time he pulls back that’s making my ovaries tingle but I’m already feeling the beginning of a second orgasm. This something that liar Bill Compton could never do. I’m still pissed, but now isn’t the time to think about that.


Eric lowers his head to capture my nipple. He nibbles and suckles on the taut bud. His hips begin to swivel on every thrust into me.


“Eric!” I gasp. “I’m so, so close… fuck!” I don’t know that I’ve been with anyone that makes me so vocal during sex. He seems to like it though.


He hooks my knees over his arms and pushes my legs up so he can get deeper. “Oh fuck,” he grunts when my walls clench. I can feel his shaft pulsing.


Of fuck is right. He’s hitting a spot inside of me that has only been touched by him.


“Ohfuckohfuckohfuck!” I cry out when orgasm number two hits. My back arches, as my walls grip his length, trying to keep him buried deep inside of me.


Eric manages to hold on through my orgasm but he pulls out like he always does before he cums. His release lands on my mound and stomach. His entire body jerks and his lips crash down on mine again. His cock rubs up and down over my clit, causing intense aftershocks as he tongue rubs against mine.


I moan into the kiss as I wrap my legs around his waist. I still don’t know if I’m ready to be exclusive with Eric like he wants, but if I am going to be with anyone it’s him.


“You hungry?” I ask quietly as he continues to kiss my chin and jaw. I’m not the best cook but I can do breakfast like a champ.




“I have bacon and eggs…” It dawns on me that we’ve never had breakfast together.


“Sounds good,” he replies but doesn’t get off of me.


“How am I going to make you breakfast if you have me pinned to the bed?” I smile. I’m starving too but I like his weight on me.


“Good point.” He rolls over and takes me with.


I sit up so I’m straddling his waist. I rest my hands on his chest as I start to rock, rubbing his cum into my folds.


“Do you realize how sexy you are?” I ask as I roll my hips.


“Am I?” Eric knows he is. He reaches up to pluck my nipples.


“Mmhmm,” I hum. I drop my head back as I rub my pussy over his cock, making his semi-hard length twitch. “If you were hard enough I wouldn’t mind having another round.”
“There’s always the kitchen.” He tugs on my nipples.


“Yes there is,” I agree. I reluctantly sit up on my knees to stop myself from trying to fuck him again right here. “Follow me.” I climb all the way off of him, earning a smack on the ass as I move past. I stay naked ask I leave the room with Eric right behind me.


Once we’re in the kitchen I’m bent over grabbing a cookie sheet for the bacon. Eric has his hand on my ass, rubbing and waiting for me to finish so we can finish what was started in the room when my phone vibrates on the counter. I wiggle away from him and look to see an unfamiliar Louisiana number.


“Hello?” I answer. It could be Bill and I would like to give him a piece of my mind.


“Governor?” Caroline?


“Uhhh, Caroline?” I respond. Why the hell is she calling me?


“I have a proposition for you. You see you’re just one of many women that Bill has fucked behind my back. He’s humiliated me more than I even want to think about. A divorce would mean putting my children through another embarrassing and painful round of Name The Hobag. I’d rather skip it. I’m willing to make it worth your while, seeing as he’s humiliated you and manipulated you,” she says. “But just in case Big Brother is listening, I’d rather not say over the phone what I have in mind.”


What is she talking about?


“Um, Caroline, I’m not going to see Bill anymore, I can assure you. I–”


“He’s worth more dead than alive,” she cuts me off. “We’re talking millions, Sookie. Think about it.”




“I see.” At least I think I see. I glance at Eric who looks highly concerned.


“I’d like us to meet. Bill is planning to see you this weekend. I’d like it if you didn’t cancel the visit,” she says.


I look at Eric as I reply, “I don’t want to see him, Caroline. I certainly don’t intend to have sex with him.” If I see Bill he’s going to want sex.


“Fine. Forget I called. Good luck to you, Sookie.” She hangs up without hesitation.


“Caroline wants me to meet with her,” I tell Eric as I look at my phone with a shocked expression.


“Caroline who?”


“I’m sorry, Bill’s non-dead wife.”


“What does she want with you?” Eric asks.


“I don’t know. She said she wants me to keep my plans with him this weekend and then hung up as soon as I said I’m not having sex with him again.” She mentioned something about millions, which is highly intriguing, but I’m not going to mention that part to Eric. “Should I call her back to ask what she wants to meet me for?”


“That’s your call,” he says, although it’s obvious by the look on his face that he doesn’t want me to.


“Honestly, I’m kinda curious,” I admit. “I’m completely done with Bill, but I feel like I should hear what she has to say.”


“Then call her. I’ll go shower,” he says. Eric gives me a little smile but he looks disappointed as he leaves the kitchen.


I sigh as he walks away. It sounds callous but I’m my own person. I don’t have to worry about what Eric wants; even though I know what he wants is to be with me. I’m truly curious about what Caroline has to say so I pick up my phone and dial the number back.


“Hello,” she answers.


“Caroline, it’s the Governor,” I sigh. I should just walk away from this.




“I’ll meet with you. I just need to know when and where.”


“How’s Thursday? I can come to you if you prefer,” she says. “I’d prefer we meet on neutral ground. There’s a Waffle House right on the state line.”


“I know it,” I reply. “I can be there at eleven.” That’ll give me time to meet with her and still make it to work on time.


“Then Thursday at eleven it is. I’ll see you then,” Caroline says. “And Sookie? For your help I’m prepared to offer you six figures.” Once again, she hangs up before I can respond.


I set my phone down and walk through the house to join Eric in the shower. He’s standing there with his hands against the wall; head down, with the water beating on his back. This is my decision. I’ve spent years living by other people’s rules. If anyone understands where I’m coming from with that it’s Eric given the past he revealed to me last night.


I step into the shower and duck under his arm so I can wrap my arms around him.


“I’m going to meet her Thursday at eleven at the Waffle House on the state line,” I whisper. I know he knows where I’m talking about. I figure letting him know when and where I’m going to be there might help his mood.




Not helping at all.


“Are you going to be a grumpy butt about it?” I ask, tilting my head up to kiss his chin.




“Is there anything I can do to make you less grumpy?”


“Nope. This is my problem, not yours.”


“Okay. I’m going to rinse off and then make us breakfast. Are you staying?”


“If you want me to,” he answers.


“I want you to.” He took a whole day off to snuggle with me; of course I want him to stay. Plus, I feel really clingy right now and Eric is the one I want to cling to.




I tilt my head up to kiss his chin before I move around him to wash up really quick. I don’t know if Eric is bothered by me meeting with Caroline or that she asked me not to break my plans with Bill. I’m sure it’s a combination of the two. The only thing that keeps going through my mind is the word millions. If I’m not wrong, I’m sure she’s talking about millions of dollars. I barely make enough now to cover my rent from month to month. Working as a go-go dancer doesn’t pay as well as stripping, but I’m not going to sell my naked body anymore. When I think about I feel dirty. I like Bill, well, liked him. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t using him for the gifts and the couple short business trips I spent with him. He made me feel special, but there was always something off about him. I should’ve known something like this would happen. Nothing in my life ever turns out the way it’s supposed to. Maybe Bill Compton will end up giving more than I ever expected. Probably not in the way he planned, but Caroline makes an intriguing case if nothing else.



7 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Cold Hard Bitch

  1. As much as I love a dead Bill any day of the week (twice on Sundays), this sounds like a dangerous road to go down to… For Caroline though in her case, perhaps I can see why she’d do it although what about her kids? They are Bill’s too so this won’t be easy on them even if she doesn’t get caught… And if she does, then they’re out of parents…
    Sookie getting involved in murder purely for money seems like a terrible idea (which I guess is what Eric is thinking and not saying) but I am still curious to see how this will play out…
    And definitely different from just about any other story I’ve read…


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