4: Dessert


“Hi,” I smiled when I opened my door for Sookie. We’d seen each other one other time since our meeting on the side of the road. She was a firecracker in bed. I loved it. I also learned she was amazing at sexting.


“Hello.” Sookie pushed up on her toes to kiss me. “How’s your day going?”


“Better now that you’re here,” I told her. I stepped back so she could walk into the house. She was in one of her tiny sundresses. The last time we saw each other was at her place.


“Nice place you have here,” she said as she looked around.


“Thanks.” I had actual dessert if she was interested in more than fucking all over the house. “I can give you a tour if you like.” I closed the door behind her.


“I’d love one.”


I rubbed my hand over her hip as I guided her through the foyer, heading toward the kitchen.


“It’s not very big, but it’s big enough for me,” I told her as we stepped into the great room.


“That’s what she said,” Sookie snorted.


I chuckled as I slipped my hand down to rub her ass. When we headed toward the kitchen she smiled with she saw the size of my island.


“Yes, I was imagining how gorgeous you’re going to look spread out on the island, too,” I winked. “It is dessert time after all.”


“I was thinking about how many biscuits I could roll out on that monster,” she told me. “My southern granny had me making buttermilk biscuits from scratch before I could read.”


I raised an eyebrow and said, “You are always welcome here to make fresh biscuits. I don’t have a wall oven, but the one I have works very well. Does gravy come with the biscuits?” The only thing that trumped sex was food.


“For a fee,” she smiled. Sookie walked over to the island and jumped up onto it. She spread her legs enough for me to see she wasn’t wearing panties.


“What would it cost me?” I stepped up between her legs. My hands rubbed up her thighs under her skirt, reaching around to grab her ass.


“Now that I know about your magic tongue, two orgasms,” she said.


“I can give you that,” I smiled. I moved one hand between her thighs so I could rub my thumb over her lower lips. “Will I get penalized if I give you more than two?”


“Absolutely not.”


I twisted my hand and slide my middle finger into her. “I feel like I should pull up a chair.” I hooked my finger and gently tapped her g-spot. One of my first orders of business with any woman I planned on seeing more than once was to find their g-spot. I liked to be a very selfless lover. “I could be here a while.”


“Do what you need to do.”


I leaned in to kiss her as I rubbed over her spot. I used my thumb to stroke her clit as we kissed. Sookie was one of the better lovers I’d had over the years. She made some of the best faces when she came, not to mention she was extremely adventurous. I didn’t always want to have sex in public, but that first time was absolutely amazing. I pulled back from the kiss so I could kiss down the side of her neck.


“Mmm… you’re going to have me cumming for you in no time,” she said. “Always in such a hurry.”


“I like watching you cum,” I smirked. I pulled my finger out and offered it to her. She was so fucking sweet it felt wrong not to share.


“That’s all yours, champ,” she smiled.


“Your loss,” I smiled back. I kissed down her neck toward her collarbone as I tugged her dress up. “Take this off, please,” I requested. I was close to naked already. I didn’t see the point in wearing clothes around the house but at the time I did have a pair of shorts on.


Sookie moved around to get her skirt out from under her, and pulled the dress over her head. She’d skipped wearing a bra again.


My kinda woman.


My hands went to her tits, pushing them up. I bent over to suck her nipple. I moved back and forth between them, sucking, nibbling and licking. I really was contemplating getting a chair.


“We could take this somewhere more comfortable,” Sookie suggested.


“Probably a good idea.” I stepped back so she could get down off of the counter. Since she was naked I didn’t see any reason to wear clothes. I dropped my shorts before I took her hand so I could lead her back to my room. On the way back I pointed out the spare rooms and my office. “I have a theater room in my basement. We can go down to see it now if you want or we can wait.” I had the theater seats along with a billiard table, dartboard, and air hockey table to the side. There was a wet bar at the other end of the room.


“We can go wherever you want,” she said. Her small hand landed lightly on my ass and squeezed.


“For comfort we should continue on to my room,” I said over my shoulder. We could spend time in the media room later.


Sookie and I walked to my room. I let her go in first, giving her ass a squeeze to return the favor when she walked by me.


“That’s a big bed you have there, mister.” Sookie climbed up onto the California king size mattress and stayed on her hands and knees.


“I’m a big man.” I got up on the bed behind her. I was more than happy to have her on her hands and knees. I leaned over, grabbed her ass, and licked up the length of her slit, starting at her clit, dragging my tongue all the way up to her ass. I used my thumbs to spread her lower lips so I had room to rub my flattened tongue back and forth over her clit. She learned the last time we had dessert that I could easily spend hours between her thighs.


“Mmm… that’s good,” she moaned. It was easy to tell she was enjoying herself by the honey that was dripping down to my tongue.


I hummed in agreement. I continued to rub from side to side as I shifted my hand to slide my thumb into her core, slowly pumping in and out. She was so fucking wet. I switched from rubbing to sucking her clit, tilting to suck her lips one at a time.


“You know, if you lie down up here I can suck your cock at the same time,” she suggested.


“Works for me.” I kissed her right cheek before I moved up on the bed and lay on my back. I grabbed Sookie’s thigh, pulling it over my head. “Much better.”


“I concur.” Her tongue flicked against the tip of my cock. She got to work licking my sensitive skin and getting my cock wet so she could stroke me. Her lips wrapped around my tip and sucked.


I groaned softly. My arms wrapped around her thighs, holding her in place and I tilted my head up to lick up and down through her sweet folds. My tongue swirled around her clit a few times before snaking its way through her folds. I would have been more than happy to set up camp right where I was.


Sookie moaned as her mouth moved up and down my shaft. She bobbed slowly at first, letting her tongue swirl around my tip before going back down. When she released my cock she stroked it while her mouth moved to my sac. She teased my right nut and then the left before sucking on each of them.


I dropped my head for a minute so I could enjoy the feel of her mouth. It was warm and wet. She also gave a pretty damn good blowjob. After a minute or so of her playing I tilted my head up again to play with her pussy. I moved my hand up some and slid two thick fingers into her drenched core, twisting and scissoring them, making sure she was stretched enough to take my length. I didn’t have a monster cock, but I was a larger than normal.


Her lips wrapped around my dick again and she resumed bobbing. Sookie started to moan as her orgasm got closer. The vibration felt really fucking good. Her jaw relaxed and she surprised the hell out of me when she was able to take my entire length down her throat.


“Fuck,” I hissed. My back arched up a little when I felt her lips around my base. I close my eyes for a few seconds. It felt really fucking good. I turned my hand so I could rub her g-spot again. I wanted to feel her cum on my fingers. I wanted gravy, she needed two orgasms to make it for me.


Sookie had to pull back to catch her breath, and to cry out when the first orgasm hit her hard.


“Fuuuuck!” she shouted. Her walls clenched hard around my fingers and her head rested on my thigh. It took her a few seconds to be able to move again. When she did, she shifted on the bed so she was hovering over my hard-on. “Condoms?”


“Nightstand.” I pointed to my nightstand. “Top drawer.” My hands went straight to her ass.


Sookie reached over and opened the drawer. “Good to know where the lube is.” She pulled out a condom and ripped it open.


I watched as she rolled it into place. I grabbed onto her hips. Her back was still to me when she sank down my length.


“Goddamn,” I breathed. She was very tight.


Sookie slowly rose and fell, taking her time and savoring my thick length filling her. She leaned forward so I had a great view of my dick sliding into her. She moaned and rolled her hips, changing up the sensation.


She looked over her shoulder at me and said, “I won’t get mad if you want to play with my ass while I ride you.”


“I was planning on it,” I told her. I rubbed my hand over her ass, swiping my thumb down to gather up her slick honey covering my cock. I moved my thumb up to rub around her rear entrance. I applied a little bit of pressure, making Sookie moan. I wanted to fuck her there before the night was over.


She started to bounce faster. One hand went to her tits while the other, I assumed, was playing with her clit. Her head fell back and her walls started to flutter as another orgasm built for her.


I learned the last time we were together that when she came once it was easy to get her to cum again and again. I pushed my thumb into her ass, pumping it in and out slowly. Her walls gripped my cock and I knew I was going to pull the second orgasm from her in no time.


“Yesyesyesyes,” she breathed. “Eric!”


She was going to make me cum too. I wasn’t ready. I pulled my hand away from her ass so I could grab her hips. Sookie’s walls fluttering around my shaft felt so fucking good.


“I could watch and feel that all night,” I told her.


She laughed quietly and pulled herself off of me after a few seconds. Sookie turned so we were face to face.


“You have an amazing cock,” she told me.


“Thank you. I could say the same thing about your sweet little pussy.” I rubbed my hands up her thighs as she sank down again. Her eyes closed as I filled her. My hand shifted to settle on her lower abdomen so I could stroke her clit.


“Mmm… you’re so fucking deep I don’t want to move,” she said with her eyes still closed.


“Don’t move then. It feels fucking phenomenal either way.” Her walls were massaging my dick. I was perfectly content to watch her. Her body was amazing. Her tits looked so good with the pink tips pointing up. I reached up with my other hand to pluck her nipple.


“Fuck,” she breathed. Sookie finally moved, but it was to lean forward for a passionate, hungry kiss. Her hips moved lazily, but not in any particular rhythm.


I slipped my hands around to grab her ass. The kiss made my toes curl it was so good. Our tongues worked together in a smooth slow dance. She was a great kisser. My hips started to thrust up of their own accord. She moaned into the kiss each time I filled her. In the position we were in I did get insanely deep.


I rolled us over without breaking the kiss. As soon as she was under me I threaded my fingers through hers so I could pin her arms above her head. My hips rocked slowly, allowing Sookie to feel every thick inch. I wanted to feel her cum again.


It didn’t take long for her to fall over the edge. Her walls clenched so hard she almost forced me out. Sookie broke the kiss and tried to catch her breath between moans and whimpers.


“That is a stunning sight,” I whispered. Sookie’s hips rolled up involuntarily, making her shiver.


“How have you not cum yet?”


“It’s a skill,” I chuckled. “It’s not going to take much to make me cum.” I pushed up on my hands so I could look down between us. I watched my cock sliding in and out of her. My thrusts progressively sped up until my hips were slapping against her inner thigh. I started to swivel on each hard, deep thrust. It probably took less than a minute to get me worked up. I looked between Sookie’s bouncing tits and her pretty face. “Fuckfuckfuck,” I chanted just before I came. Hard.


“Mmm… that’s it,” she moaned and grabbed my ass, keeping me deep inside her as my hips jerked.


I settled my weight on her, tilting my head to kiss her temple. “Imagine feeling my cum shooting inside of you without the condom,” I purred into her ear.


“Oh I am, and I can see it dripping from my ass, too,” she replied.


“Is that something you’d like one day?”


“Oh yes,” she nodded.


“Are you on birth control?” My hips rocked.


“Of course.”


“Good to know.” I pulled out and got off of the bed so I could go to the bathroom and throw out the condom. When I got back to the room I climbed back onto the bed. I hooked her legs and buried my face in her pussy. My tongue flicked quickly over her clit.


“Ohmygod,” she gasped. Her fingers tangled in my hair and her hips wiggled with the movement of my tongue.


Instead of going slow and licking her like I was doing earlier I flicked and sucked a little harder than I did before. Her back arched up as her hands held my head in place. I wanted to see her cum one more time.


“Eric… ohgodohgodohgod…” It didn’t take long at all for her to explode again.


“Mmm,” I hummed, lapping up the sweet honey pouring out of her delicious pussy. “I could definitely get used to that.”


“Me too.” Sookie was breathing hard and shivering.


“Did you want to pause to eat?” I asked her, turning my head to kiss her inner thigh.


“Refueling might be a good idea. First I need to get my legs to work again.”


I chuckled and said. “How do berry turnovers sound for dessert before dinner?”




I crawled up the bed so I could kiss her silly. When I pulled back I looked down into her beautiful blue eyes. “I’m going to get the turnovers in the oven. Meet me out there when you can walk again.”


“You got it.”


I got up from the bed. “There are T-shirts in my closet if you need something to wear.”


I left the room so I could go out to the kitchen. When I got there I grabbed the turnovers from the fridge to bring them up to room temperature. I’d put them together earlier, hoping Sookie was a fan. I started the oven and went back to the fridge to pull out some bacon and chicken. I was just sliding the turnovers into the oven when Sookie padded into the room. I felt her hands on my bare ass.


“How do you feel about chicken smothered in bacon and cheese?” I asked her.


“I have no objections.” She kissed my back and her hands slid around my upper thighs, getting dangerously close to my cock.


“Good to hear. You’re more than welcome to stroke me if you like,” I offered.


“It won’t distract you?” She didn’t seem to care since she wrapped her hand around my base anyway. “My inner thighs are all wet because of you.”


“Is that a bad thing?” I chuckled. “I figure it’ll be easier to slide into you again later if you’re already wet.”


“I’m not complaining.” Her other hand started to play with my sac.


“Good to know.” Her skilled hands felt damn good on my cock. I wanted to get to know her a little better but it was hard to think of things to ask her with her stroking me the way she was. It was hard to think about anything other than how good it felt.


I gently pulled her hands away so I could turn around and face her. Sookie’s hands went right back to my dick as I walked her backwards toward the counter.


“What kind of spell do you have me under?” I purred, reaching down to rub her clit. “All I want to do is fuck you on the nearest flat surface when I’m with you.”


“I can’t go divulging the secrets of my witchy ways.”


“I shouldn’t be getting hard again this quickly.” I tilted her head up with my free hand and dipped down to suck her bottom lip. I pulled back a little to add, “I want to push you onto your knees so I can fuck your throat. I want to do things to you I’ve never dreamed of doing to other women.”


“So who’s stopping you?”


I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees in front of me. I wasn’t hard yet but I was twitching. I knew it wasn’t going to take long to get that way.


I wasn’t sure what it was about Sookie, but I wanted to fuck her in any way I possibly could.




“I met a new chick,” I told Rasul. I hadn’t told him about Sookie. I usually didn’t until I’d seen them a few times. After the blowjob, we ended up eating our dessert, making dinner, and then fucking again on the couch.


“Oh yeah? You thinking of keeping her around for a while?”


“Yeah, I am. Of course, we’ve mostly fucked so far, but when we’re out of the bedroom we do talk about other things than sex I like her. I like what I’m getting to know about her,” I said. We were at his place, chillin’ out on the water.


“That’s cool,” he nodded and opened a fresh beer. “What’s she like?”


“She’s cool. Hella funny when we’re hanging out. Flirty, has a killer rack and her ass is… mmm. Blonde, blue eyes, you know my type,” I chuckled. “She’s also adventurous as hell in the sack.”


“Sounds like wife material,” he said.


“We’ve only known each other just over a week. I’m not quite thinking marriage yet,” I snickered.


“Depends on if she can cook and give good head,” he said knowingly.


“She gives fantastic head and we cooked dinner together. She promised me biscuits and gravy,” I said. “She fell in love with my counter.” I had to bleach it after she left.


Ras snickered. “Before or after you fucked her on it?”


“Before,” I grinned.


“You sly fox.”


“I met her when I was going to the gym and found her broken down on the side of the road. You know I keep a toolbox in my trunk so I fixed her car. She promised me dessert after she kissed me to thank me.” I wasn’t sure how he’d feel if I told him I fucked her on the hood of her Chevelle within an hour of meeting her.


“Sounds about right,” he laughed. “Good for you, though.”


“Thanks. I haven’t seen Heidi since I met her. I’m wondering if I should cut it off with her or wait until I talk to Sookie, the new girl, about being exclusive.”

“I guess it depends on if you’re ready to be a one woman man.”


“I’ll have to talk to her. I don’t know if she wants it to be exclusive. It’s hard to talk to her because as soon as we get together clothes start flying.”


“It’s still new. Of course you’re all over her. Maybe it’s just a lust thing,” he suggested.


“Could be. We connect so well it’s hard to figure out what it is. How are things going with Suzi?” I wasn’t sure if he was still seeing her.


“Good. We’re taking it slow, but I’m okay with that.” I took that to mean they hadn’t slept together yet.


“Slow is good,” I nodded. Slow didn’t usually work for me. I got bored with slow. It took a pretty special girl to get me to be exclusive. It said a lot about Sookie that I was even thinking about cutting things off with Heidi. “Is she taking it slow, or are you?”


“It’s mutual, but I’m a little worried she’s going to friend zone me soon if it stays too slow,” Ras admitted.


“That’s very possible. Make a move,” I said. “Have you even kissed her yet?”


“Oddly, no,” he said. “There hasn’t been a good moment, you know? I almost did last time I saw her and fucking Taj came outside, yelling in Arabic. Lilah’s pregnant.”


“Oh shit.” Taj was not ready to be a dad. He was still too busy partying. “Before we get into that, you need to take Suzi somewhere your brothers aren’t. Take her to a different beach or something. Make sure she knows you want her.”


“I’ve had girlfriends before, you know?” he laughed.


“I know, and you’re not with any of them anymore because your crazy ass brothers scare them all away.”


“They’re part of it,” he sighed. “I’ll figure it out. Maybe she’s just not that interested. I don’t know.”


“Or she doesn’t think you’re that interested. Are you flirting at all?”


“Yeah, I am.”


“Okay. I’m going to trust you on this one. I still suggest getting her out and away from Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. So, how is Tweedle Dee taking the pregnancy?”


“He’s not doing well. Idris isn’t helping anything. I’m about to kick them both out,” he said.


“That might be a good idea.” I loved Rasul’s brothers like they were my own, but they could be too much sometimes. Idris especially.


“I don’t usually mind having them around but they’re bickering like old ladies. It’s getting really annoying.”


“There’s nothing wrong with needing some space,” I told him. “Even a week without them might do you some good.” And get you laid. He needed it.


“I’ll talk to them tomorrow. Taj is at Lilah’s tonight. They have to tell her parents.”


“That’s gotta be scarier than finding out she’s pregnant. Something tells me there will be a wedding in the very near future.”


“That’s a safe bet,” Ras agreed.


“I’m sure it’ll be alright in the end. Taj is a good kid and he’s smart. He’ll work it all out. It’s just going to be scary for a while.”


“That’s what I’ve been thinking. Lilah’s a good balance for him. She’s good at reeling him in, and she even tells Idris to shut up.”


“She’s about to be telling him to shut up a whole lot more,” I laughed.


I wasn’t sure what I’d do if I got a call from Sookie or Heidi saying they were pregnant. I was careful. As much as I wanted to I didn’t fuck Sookie without a condom, I didn’t. I was sure it was time to find a nice girl to settle down with. I knew my mom wanted me to, as did Ras. I was getting there. I loved women but I also knew I wouldn’t have trouble loving one woman. Who knew, maybe Sookie was the one that would get me to settle down?


12 thoughts on “4: Dessert

  1. I so didn’t realize that Eric was getting all the action. I just assumed RAz and Sookie were too. It is interesting that Eric thinks a girl like Sookie could make him want to settle down. The conversation they had about Suz and Sookie was funny.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. That was hot! So, Sookie isn’t sleeping with Ras. I don’t think they should be more than friends. Looking forward to see what Sookie is up to with both of them: maybe she’s using both of them for her book.
    Again, great chapter

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Wow! Very hot, I like Eric and Sookie together, they are enjoying each other and having fun at the same time. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am wondering about the two guys. I have not been in Sookie’s shoes but is it typical for a person to be in a ‘thing’ with two different ppl and not do something similar with both? I’m trying to figure out why only Eric is having sex. Either way I will continue to see where you lead me.

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  5. omg…again you have out done yourself…another great great story….this one is driving me crazy……you are so good at the angst….i’m totally an eric girl….i can only imagine where you are bringing us….have a feeling this is going to be a wild ride….great story great writing great everything ….love it can’t wait for more…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow. Talk about chemistry!
    And love that he bleached the counter! Good boy 😊
    Geepers. If Eric has the exclusivity talk with Sookie now, I think Rasuls going to be ‘zoned’. He needs to step up his game big time!
    I have no idea how these two are going to figure they are with the same girl, or what their reaction is going to be.
    Man I see a possibility for great angst on the horizon’


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