Spring Breakin’

Hey all, I had these up on my personal Fanfiction site for a while before I took all of my M rated stories down. This is two short five chapter stories revolving around a couple of love birds that liked each other, but life got in the way.


Faded Away

Summary: Our lovers meet during spring break. Things get hot and heavy for that week, but life tears them apart. Timing is everything, and this just wasn’t their time.


See You Again

Summary: Our lovers meet again several years later. This time they don’t let their lives or careers keep them apart. They know what the want and it seems to be each other.

2 thoughts on “Spring Breakin’

  1. I absolutely loved reading both stories! Some people do come across situations like that where they meet for vacation but separate but when they find one another again it just works! Can’t wait to read more stories by you lovely ladies!


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