Chapter 5: Hooky

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The next morning – at least I thought it was morning – I woke up with Eric on top of me. He was butt naked and passed the fuck out. He was snoring and even drooling a little bit. Considering the fluids I had on me last night a little drool was nothing. He was so deeply asleep that he didn’t stir at all when I managed to get out from under him. He hugged a pillow and went right on sleeping.


For a minute I stood there in the darkness and admired his ass. It really was a great ass.


Eric and BJ or Rasul or whatever his name was had stayed at the club until closing time. The party went back to Eric’s place after the club closed. Lydia tried to weasel an invite, but I knew what she was up to. I warned Eric about her ambitions to get in the business, and let him decide if he wanted her to know where he lived. I could guarantee she would show up almost daily until he filed for a restraining order or he got her in to see someone.


I slipped out of the bedroom and into the bathroom to start the shower. I needed to wash my face. By the time we fell into bed around sunrise I was too fucking tired to worry about taking off all the makeup. Eric was just happy to have me blonde again. The wig was, in part, to protect my identity. Whether or not it worked I didn’t know, but I tried. I liked to keep Wild Rose separate from Sookie. A personality was necessary anywhere, but it was especially true in my line of work. It had taken years to craft Wild Rose.


The question was, how long could I keep it going? I wasn’t getting any younger and the partying was taking more and more out of me as I got older.


I stood under the warm water for a good ten minutes before Eric walked into the bathroom, eyes closed. He went straight to the toilet to piss. I closed my eyes and let the water run over my head and face. I was still underwater when the shower door opened and closed.


“I could get used to this,” he said in a raspy, sleepy voice. His strong arms wrapped around me from behind. I felt his lips press against the back of my head.


“You’re not used to waking up with sticky junk and a hot chick in your shower?” I teased.


“Not the sticky stuff. I usually wash it off after work,” he chuckled. “I also don’t bring many girls home.”


“Me either. I mean with men. Kennedy comes home with me all the time.” She had gone off to bed with Rasul, but I wasn’t sure if she was still in the house or not.


“I’d be okay with bringing her home,” he admitted. “I’m glad I have you here with me, though. You’re the much better option.”


“So you still want to go out with me?”


“Yes, why wouldn’t I?”


“Just checking. You know how people think it’s so cool to date someone in our industry and then they see them at work…” I didn’t have sex with Ras, but we had gotten handsy with each other.


“In case you forgot, you watched me work the first day we met,” he chuckled. “You’re damn good at your job, but I’m not standing here with Wild Rose, I’m here with Sookie.”


“I know you are. Like I said, I’m just checking.”


“When is your next night off?” Eric reached for the soap. He lathered up his hands before he put it back in the little niche and started to soap up my back.


“Tuesday,” I answered. “I’m rarely off on weekends. The money is too good.”


“I’m fine with that. If I’m not busy on the weekend I can always come in and get a few dances,” he said, rubbing down my back, gently massaging my spine.


“That would be nice,” I said. I leaned forward, resting my hands against the wall. He could spend all day rubbing my back if he wanted to.


Eric’s big, strong hands worked my muscles. He massaged down to my ass, and then slowly went up my spine, along the sides of my back, and to my shoulders.


“Dinner Tuesday?” he asked quietly.


“Dinner Tuesday,” I agreed. “With clothes, right?”


Kennedy was going to have to go shopping with me for a new dress. Probably a red one.


“Mmhmm. Believe it or not, I think you’re just as sexy with clothes on.” He kissed the back of my head. “And it’s illegal to be nude in public.”


“Which is bullshit,” I replied.


“Believe me, I know,” he chuckled. He reached over me to grab the showerhead so he could rinse off my back.


“What are your plans for today?” I was tempted to get back in bed with him and call in sick. That wasn’t like me. At all.


“Laundry,” he chuckled. “I’ll probably have to cook to get Ras out of the house. He can be a pushy son of a bitch and he likes my bacon omelets.”


“Kennedy said I should marry you,” I blurted out. My only excuse was low blood sugar. I had no idea what time it was but I was sure it had been at least eighteen hours since my last meal.


“I don’t know if I’m ready for all that. Maybe after dinner we can talk,” he teased. “You want to turn around so I can wash the front?”


I turned around but stayed leaning against the wall. There was definitely more sleep in the very near future.


“Kennedy was just happy that I found good dick,” I explained.


“I’m sorry if the good dick in your life has been lacking.” He lathered up his hands so he could rub over my chest. He spent a little extra time on my tits before he started rubbing down my stomach.


“It was pretty much non-existent until you.”


“I’m glad I could fill that void.” His hand made its way down between my thighs. He was extremely gentle as he rubbed my lower lips.


I didn’t need to ask why he was still single. Maybe he had some of the same trust issues and stuff I did. Only time would tell.


We got cleaned up and then when we got out of the shower Eric dried me off. He even combed my hair. No one had done that for me since I was a toddler. It felt oddly nice to be taken care of. Eric loaned me a shirt to wear, and then went to the kitchen to start breakfast. It was almost noon already. I got back in bed and sent Kennedy a text to see if she was still at the house or if she’d gone home.


Kennedy: I’m home. I got up and left with Rasul around 10.


Me: Okay. I didn’t want to walk in on something I don’t want to see lol


Kennedy: Nothing crazy happened. We had one round and passed out after you two disappeared.


Me: Did Danny flip out when you got home?


Kennedy: He’s not talking to me right now, so…


Well that wasn’t anything new. He was big on the silent treatment when he wasn’t getting his way.


Me: Ken, cut his ass loose. You deserve better than 3rd grade head games.


Kennedy: I think this is going to be it. If I really wanted him back this time I wouldn’t have fucked BJ.


Me: Well you know if you need a place to stay…


My guess was Danny would kick her out. He was a small enough dick to do it.


Kennedy: I probably will. I’ll keep you posted.


Me: Eric combed my hair when we got out of the shower. He’s making me breakfast.


Kennedy: Go ring shopping stat!!


I laughed and shook my head.


Me: He’s nice. What if he’s TOO nice?


Too nice made me uncomfortable.


Kennedy: Honey, I was with him at the club while you were alone with BJ. He’s not too nice. If he was too nice… yeah, you probably don’t want to know.


Me: What does that mean?


Kennedy: If he was too nice he would have pushed Brittany and me away when we were alone with him. I had my hand in his pants. Britt probably would have blown him if you didn’t come back when you did. Too nice would have stopped that.


I suppose she had a point there.


Me: You know me. I get twitchy around people who are too nice. Except you, of course.


Kennedy was really the only one I’d told my whole story to, so she understood why I was twitchy and how I got that way.


Kennedy: I honestly think you should stick with this one a while. You already know he’s not in it for Wild Rose. That’s already a bonus.


Eric walked in with a cup of coffee and set it on the nightstand.


“Breakfast should be done in about ten minutes.”


“Okay. I’ll be out in a minute.”


“Take your time. The coffee is fixed the way I remember you doing it the other day.”


He… he paid attention to how I like my coffee? Quinn never mastered that and we were together for four years.


“Thanks,” I whispered.


“You’re welcome.” Eric gave me a soft smile before he turned to leave the room.


Me: He knows how I take my coffee, Kennedy.


Kennedy: He’s observant. That’s not a bad thing.


No, it wasn’t. It was just one more thing I wasn’t used to with the men I was used to dating. It looked like I was going to have to get over it. Fast.




I decided to surprise Eric at his shoot on Monday. The weekend had been nonstop busy for me, and I was exhausted. So I did something I almost never did. I called in sick.


It was obvious Eric was surprised to see me when I showed up on the set. Ginger had been able to get the address for it, and the same PA who had walked in on us fucking had led me to where Eric was chilling between takes. Literally hanging out with his wang out.


“Hi,” I said as I approached.


“Hey,” he smiled. “What are you doing here?” He didn’t look disappointed.


“I thought I’d surprise you,” I replied. “I hope it’s okay.”


“Fine with me.” He leaned down to kiss my cheek. “I know Stan doesn’t give a flying fuck if you’re here either.”


“Well, I thought you might need a little fluffing, and I’m being a very bad girl by playing hooky tonight.”


He looked down at his cock. “You’re more than welcome to fluff away.” His big hands rubbed over my hips. “What’s your new plan for tonight, bad girl?”


“I haven’t decided yet. I’m thinking of maybe calling up a friend who has a motorcycle and going for a ride.” I loved biking up the coast.


“Sounds nice. Makes me sad I don’t have a bike,” he replied with a cute little pout.


“Nothing’s set in stone yet. He might be busy. What are you doing later?”


“Was thinking about going out for drinks, or to watch you work, but that can’t happen now,” he chuckled.


“I bought a dress for tomorrow,” I told him. “It’s red, tight and I’m going to have to wear heels.”


He took my hand and helped me wrap my fingers around his cock.


“Keep talking like that and you’re going to be my accidental co-star,” he purred.


“It’s a short skirt that barely makes it to my thighs. I may not wear panties,” I said as I stroked him.


“Mmm, I can finger you and get you off on the way to the restaurant so you’re nice and relaxed during dinner.” He rested his forehead on mine, closing his eyes like he was imagining it.


That wasn’t going to happen, but I was going to play along with it for the time being.


“When no one is looking I can get under the table,” I said as I sank to my knees. I looked up at him just before my lips wrapped around the tip of his cock. I hadn’t blown him yet, so hopefully he enjoyed it.


“Good girl,” he purred. He ran his fingers through my hair, holding it out of the way. “I can already imagine how wet it’s going to make you, dirty girl… mmm… that’s good.”


I pulled back to say, “You could have me for dessert after we get back to the Escalade. I bet by then I’d probably cum in less than a minute, right on that magical tongue of yours.” I swirled my tongue around his tip, and then took more of him in my mouth. No way was I getting it all in there, but as long as my hands worked with my mouth, he should arrive on set hard as a rock and ready to go.


“I think you should come over tonight so I can practice,” he suggested. “I can spend hours with my tongue buried in your sweet little pussy. Goddamn your mouth feels good.”


I’d be lying if I said the praise didn’t make me feel good. I pulled off his dick again but my hand kept moving up and down his swelling shaft. He growled a little when my lips wrapped around one of his balls and sucked gently.


“Be careful, Lover. Stan will be pissed if he misses the money shot,” he hissed. “Fuck…”


I pulled back again.


“Maybe I should stop then. I don’t want to put you behind schedule.”


“Suck me a little longer. I’ll tell you when it’s too much.”


My tongue flicked around the thick base of his cock before I licked my way up to his tip. Once again I took as much as I could in my mouth. My head bobbed at a good pace, taking the direction he offered, not that there was much coming from him besides sexy growls and grunts. Of course as soon as I reached under my skirt to play with my pussy, Eric spoke up.


“That’s enough,” he breathed. “I can’t cum. Can we finish that tonight?”


“Mmhmmm,” I hummed with his cock still in my mouth. I was being a very bad girl, right?


His eyes went dark and he wrapped his hand in my hair, pulling me off his dick.


“Are you trying to make me cum down your throat, little girl?” he said in that low, growly sex voice. His hand wrapped around his cock so he was holding his dick right in front of my mouth.


“Me? I would never,” I said with fake offense.


“You’re lying to me. You know what happens to naughty girls when they lie?” He smacked my lips with the tip of his cock.


“You reward them with your magic stick?” I couldn’t help giggling quietly. I was going to have fucking Ice Cube in my head for the rest of the day.


I could tell he wanted to laugh too. He quickly dropped his smile and said, “They get punished with a nice, hard spanking.”


“Maybe I’m not into those reindeer games.” Truthfully, I wasn’t. I’d tried it, but it just brought up bad memories for me.


He could see the truth in my eyes when I replied. “Then don’t be a naughty girl.” He released his cock so he could help me to my feet. He ran his hand up my inner thigh so he could test and feel how wet I was. “You could always keep me hard by getting yourself off for me.”


“I think that’s a show I’d rather keep private.” Frankly, I couldn’t believe I’d just blown him in a damn courtyard. That was brave enough for one day.


He glanced up before looking down at me again. “I need to be on set soon anyway. Are you staying to watch?”


“Do you want me to? I don’t want to distract you.”


“The only way you would distract me right now is if you got jealous. I’ll be thinking about you anyway.”


“I only get jealous if someone has two tacos and doesn’t offer me one.”


He smiled and said, “That’s sounds hella good. Tacos at my place tonight?”


“If the bike plan doesn’t work out,” I teased. The scary thing was, I found I’d rather spend time with Eric, tacos or not.


“I’m going to silently will that not to work out.” He took my hand and started walking toward the set. We stopped next to a pretty girl with long strawberry blonde hair. “Lover, this is Jessica Rabbitt, my co-star today and tomorrow,” Eric introduced me. “Jessica, this is Sookie, my lover.”


“Your lover, huh?”


It wasn’t quite news to me, but it was an interesting title. I’d never had it before.


“Well we’ve fucked a bunch but haven’t been on a date,” I told her. “It’s nice to meet you.”


“You too. Actually, I think I’ve seen you before. One of my girlfriends is a dancer at Black Mustang. You know Lydia?”


That threw me off.


“Yeah, I know her,” I confirmed. “She’s a sweetheart.”


Lydia was perfectly nice. She had to know that Jessica was in porn and unless Lydia hadn’t told her about the ambitions she had, I couldn’t understand why she hadn’t used Jessica as her way in. Whatever. Not my business and I wasn’t going to ask.


“Yes, she is. So… looks like you’re ready to go, Steel. Lucky me.”


“Sookie has this effect on me,” he chuckled. He reached down to pat my ass lightly. “I’m ready as soon as the cameras are.”


“Are you sticking around?” Jessica asked me.


“That’s up to my lover,” I said, adopting the silly accent Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch used in their SNL skits for the Clovens.


Eric chuckled and said, “You can have a seat over there if you want.” He pointed to an empty chair with his name on it.


“Legs open or closed?” I teased.


“Open.” He was serious.


“You got it, lovah,” I snickered. I turned and went over to the chair he pointed out for me. At first I sat with my legs crossed, earning me a little scowl from him.


Makeup came to touch him up and then the set quieted down. Eric and Jessica got into position on the couch. She was riding him reverse cowgirl, and when Stan called, “Action!” I uncrossed my legs.


Eric didn’t notice it right away because he was focused on Jessica, but when he glanced my way he saw that my legs were open just a little. Teasing a guy didn’t hurt, right? He was just as intense with Jessica as he was in any other movie. They had to stop for a position change and that meant changing camera angles. It was much more time consuming than I would have expected it to be. How he managed to keep it up all that time without Viagra was beyond me, but I was impressed.


By the time he was done for the day I decided he deserved tacos. If I was going to play hooky, there was no one else I’d rather play with.

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  1. Really wondering about Sookie’s past relationships after her texting with Kennedy. Hope her past doesn’t mess up her future with Eric. I like that she’s deciding to see Eric instead of taking a motorcycle ride with a friend. Thanks for the updates!

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