Chapter 9


After last night’s little confession and the amount of sex we ended up having I feel like I’m broken. I’m definitely going to need a couple days off from sex. Eric’s monster cock has finally put me out of commission.

I still have him wrapped around me with his head on my chest and his legs intertwined with mine when my eyes blink open. Holy shit, it’s almost one in the afternoon. I guess we were worn out.

“Babe,” I whisper. I need to pee and he has a death grip on me.

“Ten more minutes, babe.” He snuggles into my tits and kisses my bare skin.

“You can have all the minutes, but I have to pee,” I tell him. If he can Dutch oven me I can tell him when I need to piss.

He grumbles his disappointment. “Can you leave your pillows here?”

“I would if I could. I’ll bring them right back to you,” I promise. I’m hungry too, but I can wait to eat.

“Mmm… Good. I’m not done snuggling my girl yet,” he whispers as he moves off me.

I roll off the bed to race to the bathroom. We’re at his place so as soon as I walk in I feel like I’m in heaven. This is a seriously gorgeous bathroom.

As I do my business my mind drifts back to last night. I knew what he was feeling when he turned down fucking Holly. She’s a beautiful woman and he had to be insane to turn it down. Insane, or in love. He’s definitely not crazy. I figured out I was in love with him yesterday morning when I making my lunch and I was already trying to think of what he might want for dinner tonight. It was a silly thought, but it told me what I needed to know. Eric is perfect for me.

When I’m done with my business I wash my hands and pad back into the room. Eric is on his back with one hand under his head and the other resting on his stomach. That changes the second I start to kneel on the bed. He moves faster than I can track to pull me under him so he can snuggle into my tits.

“Hiya, fellas. I missed you.” Yep, he’s talking to my tits.

“You’re ridiculous,” I giggle. He’s adorable too.

“Shhhhh… Don’t listen to her. She’s just jealous,” he whispers.

“Hmm, seeing as the fellas are attached to me I have nothing to be jealous of,” I reason as I run my fingers through his hair.

Eric kisses his way up my chest, past my neck to my lips. “I love you,” he says.

“Mmm, I love you too, baby,” I reply, giving him another quick peck.

“Sleep okay?” He smoothes some of my hair back and gives me little kisses all over my face. He’s kind of like a puppy when he gets excited, minus the random piddle puddles.

“Like a rock, but then I knew I was safe all wrapped up in your strong arms,” I tell him, rubbing up and down his broad back.

“Yes you were,” he agrees. “Got plans for today?”

“Snuggling with you. I think I’ll get up soon to cook us breakfast.”

“I have dough chilling in the fridge for cinnamon pecan sticky buns,” he tells me.

“Mmm, maybe I’ll get up and make those in a bit. I wouldn’t want to deprive you of your precious time with the fellas,” I giggle.

“I’ll make the sacrifice for a homemade Sookie breakfast.”

“Say when.” He kisses my right breast while rubbing his thumb over the nipple on the left one. It feels good and I tell him so.

His mouth keeps moving over my skin, kissing and tasting me, slowly making his way from the right side to the left. Eric is thorough in his endeavors and doesn’t leave a millimeter of my flesh unworshipped. It seems to take hours, but his lips finally close around my left nipple and suckle it.

It feels amazing. I keep my hands in his hair, slowly running my fingers through his silky strands. I start to think about what it would be like to be married to Eric. With him being a firefighter I know every time he’s working I’m going to be sitting at home terrified he might get hurt, but he can get hurt driving to put gas in his car. As long as he comes home to me every thirty-six hours I can live with it. If God forbid something does happen to him I will have moments like this to get me through the tough days…

Oh hell. I feel a tear trickle down my temple. I reach up to catch it before Eric notices.

He snuggles into me again. “What’s wrong, babe?” he whispers.

“I’m being a girl and thinking about the future with you,” I whisper back.

“That bad, huh?” Eric jokes.

“It’s going to be perfect. I was just thinking about what I’m going to do if something ever happened to you in the line of duty.”

“Ah, so those are tears of joy.”

“A little bit,” I chuckle. “Only because I thought days like this would get me through the bad days. It’s morbid, I know.”

Eric lifts his head and shifts his long body so we’re eye to eye.

“I’m not going to lie to you or make any promises that I’ll always be okay because there’s a serious chance that I won’t be,” he says. “But I will say that it’s because of the job I have that I try to live every day like it might be my last because it could be. It’s always in the back of my mind, but I don’t let that dominate my life; I can’t afford to. I choose to focus on the living and not my mortality. And if something ever does happen, I know I’ll go on living here,” he kisses over my heart. “That’s a pretty good place to be.”

By the time he’s done the tears are streaming down my temples. He’s right and as scary as it is, I need to stay focused on him and the life we end up leading together. I know I can do it because not doing it isn’t an option.

“You inspire me,” I sniffle with a little smile.

He smiles back at me and gives me a kiss. He settles his weight on me, making me feel a little safer and more secure.

“I can make you one promise. My dad always said his most important job was loving my mom. My parents went on dates, they took care of each other first and us kids second and looking back on it, I know it was the right thing. Dad would have lassoed the moon for Mom if she asked for it. I want that. So if you’re the one I’m supposed to be with, nothing will ever be more important than you. Not the job, not even our kids. Like Dad used to say, we can make more of those little assholes,” he finishes with a chuckle.

“I’m sad I didn’t get to meet him,” I smile. “He sounds like a very wise man.”

“I think he was.”

“You want more kisses or pecan buns?” I ask, rubbing his back.

“Pecan buns. I got more of that thick cut bacon you like, too,” he smiles. Eric wipes away my tears. “No more crying, babe. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.”

I give a curt nod followed by a tiny sniffle. Eric rolls off of me so I can get up. I go right to his closet and pull out his favorite old Garth Brooks shirt. It’s not his favorite because of Garth, but because it’s comfortable. I think it’s funny. It also goes down to the middle of my thighs so I don’t have to worry about panties.

I grab my hair tie from the nightstand and put my hair up while my sexy boyfriend finally gets out of bed so he can go to the bathroom. I head out to the kitchen and find the dough chilling in the fridge. I set it on the counter and then wash my hands. I’m just pulling the bacon out when Eric comes sauntering put in a pair of low slung pajama pants.

“You wanna lay the bacon out?” I ask. He has double wall ovens that make me wet.

“Yes, dear. Oh, new cabinets and counters go in this week,” he says. “I’m going to need you to come by to test drive them.”

“To make sure they’re the right height for fucking?” I ask casually as I bend to get the rolling pin out.

“Exactly. Next week I start building new shelving units for the living room.”

“I may need to come over to watch that. There’s something sexy about a sweaty man. Mmm.” I get the silicone mat out to roll out the dough. I can’t wait for him to get new counters.

“Oh I’ll be sweaty but it probably won’t be too sexy,” he chuckles as he lays out the bacon. “I was also thinking of repainting the shutters out front the same shade of blue that’s in here. I’m repainting the outside of the house this dove kind of color and the new roof will be gray slate.”

“Look at you with the fancy color palate,” I giggle. “Are you going to allow me to help you on the weekends? Or is it just man’s work?”

“You can help. Just don’t expect me to get good at dressing myself. I wore black pants with brown shoes in Pam’s presence once…”

“I’m surprised she didn’t castrate you,” I laugh. I don’t know Pam very well, but I do know she’s fully against black and brown together. I am too.

“So am I,” he agrees. “You know she uh… I mean years ago we hooked up.”

“I figured as much,” I shrug. I’m not worried about Pam. She’s not a cunt, at least not in the way that she’d try to fuck around with Eric now. Eric isn’t that kind of guy either. “That day you fucked me in front of Amanda she told me you’re good with your hands. I took that to mean you’ve used those monsters on her.”

“Just once in college,” he says.

“She’s lucky she got to experience you. You’re hands down the best sex I’ve ever had,” I tell him. “I’m not a jealous person unless I have a reason to be. From what I know about you, you’re about as loyal as they come. Sleeping with Pam over a decade ago doesn’t bother me at all.”

“It shouldn’t but you never know.”

I smile over at him. “Given how we met, I don’t think there’s much room for jealousy. I appreciate you being honest with me, though.”

“Well it was different when you were just Susannah, the sexiest woman I’ve ever fucked stupid. I had no claim over you then,” he points out. “Not that I own you now. You know what I mean, right?”

“Oh, but you do,” I tell him. “You own the most important part of me. You own my heart. I started giving it to you piece by piece right around the time you bumped your head on the bleachers.”

“Does this mean you don’t want us to keep things open anymore?” Eric moves to the sink to wash his hands.

“I don’t think it’s ever been truly open. The only time I’ve been with other people you were there with me. I don’t want to go to The Playground without you anymore. That part of our life is very important and I prefer to only have that kind of play there, outside of our home bedroom. If we decide to play with other people I’d like it to be mutual now. I want it to be something we both agree on,” I explain.

“So threeways,” he clarifies. “I can live with that. You were seriously getting off on Holly last night. Maybe we need to tie you up so the ladies can fuck you.”

“If you don’t want to see me with other men I’m perfectly fine with that.” I get the dough rolled out and start to slather butter on it.

“I’m not saying that. You just have more options now.” Eric hugs me from behind and I can feel he’s semi-hard. “Watching Holly go down on you was very sexy, babe.” He kisses my neck.

“It was a lot better than I expected,” I reply, tilting my head to give him better access. “She tasted better than I ever would have guessed.”

“She must have. You didn’t want to stop fucking her,” he whispers between kisses. His hand sneaks up under the shirt and rubs my folds.

“Be gentle,” I whisper. “Would you like to watch me do that again?”

“I would.” His fingers barely graze me but it makes me tingle.

“Is it just with the women, or would you like having the threesomes with men too?” I ask as my eyes close. “Did you enjoy using me the way you did that night?”

“I wouldn’t say I used you,” he replies.

The front door slams suddenly and a woman calls out, “Eric! Are you here?”

Eric groans. “Mom,” he whispers.

I’m not ready to meet his mother! I’m half naked!

“Does she know about m–” I’m cut off when his mom comes into the kitchen to find her son wrapped around me. Thankfully he’s already removed his hand from between my legs.

“Hi, Mom.” Eric moves away from me to kiss his mother’s cheek.

“Morning, sweetheart. Is this her?” She looks at me. I guess she does know about me.

“Yes, Mom, this is Sookie. Sookie, this is my mom, Audrey,” Eric says.

“Good morning,” I smile. I go to shake her hand and realize I have butter all over them. “Sorry, I’m making pecan buns.”

“It’s alright. It’s nice to meet you. Eric’s been talking my ear off about you,” she informs me.

“She’s been giving me the third degree,” Eric adds.

“Aww, I like to think you just yammer about me all the time,” I wink at Eric.

“Well sometimes,” he winks.

“Only every time I talk to him. Sookie this, Sookie that,” Audrey says. “It’s refreshing. He hasn’t brought a girl home since college. His brothers were starting to wonder if he was gay.”


I laugh hard at that. “He’s definitely not gay,” I inform her. “You raised a wonderful man.”

“Oh I know. He’s a picky one, but a wife is something he should be picky about,” she says.

“Unlike Scott,” Eric snorts.

“His brother’s on his third wife,” Audrey explains.

“And he’s only twenty-eight,” he says.

“No kids though, thank God. I couldn’t imagine having to deal with Courtney for the rest of my life. That girl was a nightmare. I’m glad she’s some other mother-in-law’s problem. You know I heard from her mama that she’s got six kids with four different fathers now? I’m not surprised but thank God Scottie left her when he did. Your father would roll over in his grave if he found out Scott’s wife didn’t know who their baby’s daddy is,” Audrey rambles.

She’s average height, blonde with a few white streaks growing in, and eyes like Eric’s. The color and shape are almost identical. She’s also a curvier woman, but Eric is the second of five kids. A few of my friends who have kids already have a little pooch they can’t get rid of no matter what they do. I can tell that she’s not the kind of woman to mess with, as friendly and talkative as she is.

“So, Sookie, how do you spend your days with a bunch of booger munchers?” she asks, making Eric chuckle.

“They’re usually sweet and innocent,” I smile. “It feels good helping to mold young minds. Seeing their little faces light up when something finally clicks is so rewarding. Even with the boogers it’s worth it.”

Audrey smiles and says, “That’s good. I loved my kids but didn’t always like them much. Little assholes they were. Not enough parents tell their kids they’re being assholes.”

“Believe me, I’d tell them if I wouldn’t get fired for it,” I laugh. “Dealing with so many kids, I really get a feel for what not to do when I have my own.”

“If you still want your own, you’ll be fine.”

“Mom and Dad don’t believe in the cult of parenting,” Eric chimes in.

“Well not every child is special, goddamnit. Most are mediocre, at best.” Audrey gets herself a coffee cup.

I start to sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar over the butter and say, “That’s a very true statement. What they’re doing in school today is teaching the children that life is fair and it’s far from it. My kids get stars for different things and when Ashley saw Sophia had more stars she started working harder and now Ashley is at the top of the class. It’s not perfect, but it helps the kids get more involved and stop messing around. If they don’t care, that’s going to be on them when they grow up.”

“Praise Jesus, she’s not just good looks,” Audrey says. “Doodles, you pick Scottie’s next wife.”

I pause what I’m doing to look at Eric. She just called him Doodles… Oh, that’s cute.

“Doodles, huh?” I grin.

“Oh yeah. He used to go hide under the dining room table to take a shit when he was potty training,” she explains.

Audrey is the best mother ever.

“That might be the best nickname in the world,” I chuckle. “Sookie is my nickname. If I was ever called anything else I don’t know about it.”

“She used to get us confused,” Eric snorts.

“I’m sure it wasn’t hard. Especially if you all look alike,” I chuckle. Hell, I get my students confused all the time.

“They do. You’ll see at Thanksgiving,” she says. “You’re coming, by the way.”

“Oh, okay. I don’t do much anyway,” I shrug. I start sprinkling chopped pecans on the dough before I roll it. I have more to put on the bottom of the pan when I bake them.

“Why not?”

“I don’t have any family left. I have a brother that I usually go visit, but I don’t get along with his wife,” I explain. “I lost my parents when I was a kid. Mom was in a car accident when I was two and my dad succumbed to liver cancer when I was twelve. My Gran took care of us after that, but I lost her two years ago. She had a massive stroke. She hung on for about two weeks before we had to pull the plug. She was brain dead. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make.” By the time I finish I can feel the tears trickling down my cheeks. This is the first time Eric is hearing the story.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Audrey says sympathetically. She hands me a paper towel for my face.

“Thanks.” I dab under my eyes. “Thank you for the invite as well.” It’ll be nice to spend a major holiday with Eric. The relationship part is still so new it’s weird to think we’ve known each other for six months already.

“Of course. The more the merrier,” Audrey says. “I’ve already got my turkeys anyway. Jack got me three good ones when he went hunting with 33.”

“His firehouse number,” Eric supplies for me.

“Ah, I don’t know if I’ve ever had turkey that fresh,” I tell them. “I’m a Butterball girl.”

“Well they’re frozen now,” Audrey says. “I do ’em three different ways.”

“Thanksgiving is an event for the Northman clan,” Eric chuckles. “Last year I peeled twenty pounds of potatoes, I think.”

“Holy cow,” I laugh. “Well, put me to work. I don’t feel right unless I’m in the kitchen.” I move to the stove to make the caramel sauce for the sticky buns.

“Don’t let Jack get ahold of her,” Audrey says to Eric.

“That ugly asshole? Ha! Sookie likes men who bathe,” he retorts. “Jack, my older brother, looks like a Duck Dynasty extra. Smells like one, too.”

“Nothing wrong with a beard,” I tease. “And I’ve smelled you on a bad day.” It dawns on me that I’m still mostly naked. Audrey hasn’t mentioned anything about me being in Eric’s shirt so I stay quiet.

“Oh no, there’s a difference,” Audrey insists. “Jack is only a volunteer firefighter now because he refuses to shave that afghan off his mug. It smells like old catfish and tobacco juice.”

I have to stop what I’m doing. I laugh so hard at tobacco juice I need to hold myself up against the counter.

“Duly noted,” I laugh once I gain some composure.

This afternoon doesn’t go like planned, but that’s okay. Eric’s mom is a great lady that has a fantastic sense of humor. I can see how Eric turned out so well rounded. Audrey is the kind of mother I hope to be one day.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 9

  1. Wow, he meet the mom want it went well…amazing! I really like the morning after how they talked and thought about the future. I’m glad the had a discussion about the playground too. Eric’s family sounds interesting.


  2. Looks like Sookie fits right in with the Northman family😊 I’m not too sure about threesomes with these two, the idea was ok before the ‘I love you’ exchange and that idea may be completely different now when it actually happens😞


  3. Sookie gets to meet the other woman in Eric’s life. Even better they appear to like each other. Glad the two of them discussed their relationship and what they are comfortable with in the light of day rather than ‘in heat’. No confusion then. Idyllic chapter. ladies.


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