Chapter 12


I don’t feel like moving day is really a moving day. Sookie and I opted to get new furniture, so we’re mostly waiting for things to be delivered. The TV, 65″, will be delivered next week, which will be glorious. We each have boxes of personal items and the furniture deliveries should be later this afternoon.


I’m bringing my first load of clothes in when a thought hits me. I don’t know which room I’m moving into.


“Babe,” I call to catch her attention. Sookie is in the kitchen unpacking one of my boxes.




“Uh… are we still staying in separate rooms?” We’ve technically been a couple since my trip to L.A. She felt horrible for going back the next two she needed to work.


Sookie appears in the entryway and says, “I’m sure we’ll be sleeping in the same bed a lot, but I don’t know if I’m ready for same room living yet. Is that stupid? It sounds stupid.”


“It does,” I chuckle, “But it makes sense to me. I was just wondering where to put my clothes.”


“I promise you’ll be the first to know when it changes,” she offers and comes over to give me a kiss.


“Thank you. I don’t know if there’s going to be enough room for my clothes once you have all of yours in anyway.”


“You make an excellent point,” she giggles. “But you’re going to love my shoe collection.”


“Oh boy,” I smile. “Should we just make the guest room your shoe room?”


“Maybe,” she winks. “I was thinking of making it a sex dungeon.”


“You’re serious?” I hope to God she’s serious.


“Do I look like I’m kidding?” she asks with a straight face.


“That marriage proposal is going to be sooner than you think,” I grin and lean over to kiss her


“As long as we’re not naked, fucking or postcoital at the time,” she says. Sookie turns toward the kitchen, her hips swaying invitingly from side to side. “But I’ve always wanted to be tied to one of those benches so I’m completely at someone’s mercy.”


“Mmm, you don’t have one?” I ask.


“Not yet.” Sookie winks over her shoulder.


I know what I’ll be getting her for the next holiday, which is Labor Day. I take my clothes down to the room I picked out. It’s the farthest from the master bedroom. I have a feeling if we’re fighting or just irritated with each other we’ll want to be as far away from each other as possible.


Once I put my clothes in the closet I head back to the he kitchen. I want to put all of my clothes away, but it’s more fun watching Sookie bend while she puts stuff away. Especially because she isn’t wearing much.


“You know, if you keep bending like that I’m not going to be able to do anything else today,” I inform her.


“Consider this to be practice,” she says. “Also, my dad and brother are on their way so you’ll have to keep your dick to yourself until later.”


Instant boner killer.


“Damn.” It dawns on me that Sookie and I are technically together, she’s also retiring, so I’m going to call Mom. She hasn’t talked to me since I told her we’re moving in together. I’ve called, but she always defers me to my dad.


I pull my phone out of my pocket and dial my parents’ house.


“Hello,” Dad answers.


“Hey, Pop. Are you guys busy?” I ask. I don’t need them to help; I just want them to come see the place. They can also meet Sookie’s dad and brother.


“I’m not. Your mother is meeting Aunt Brenda for lunch.”


“You wanna come to the house? Meet Sookie and see the place?” I ask. “You can meet her dad too.”


“Yeah, sure. I haven’t been up that way in a while.”


“If you see Mom tell her she and Aunt Brenda can swing by too. I know she’s disappointed in me, but I really want her to see this place, and meet Sookie.”


“She’s not disappointed, she’s concerned. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little concerned too, but she’ll come around,” he says. “I’ll leave here in a bit.”


“Alright. Love ya, Pop.” They have the address, so I don’t need to worry about giving it to them.


“I love you too,” he replies before hanging up just as the doorbell rings.


“Babe, will you get that?” Sookie calls out. “Should be the couches!”


“Yes I can, pretty girl,” I chuckle and I saunter toward the door. Sookie likes watching me walk just as much as I like watching her. When I open the door, she’s right. It’s our furniture. “Hello,” I greet the guy.


“Delivery for Sookie Stackhouse,” he says.


“This is the place. You’re about to make my girl happier than I have this week,” I joke as I take a step back to let him in so we can show him where to put the couches.


“Don’t I know that story,” the guy mutters as he follows me.


Hmm, I don’t know if I like him. Oh well, I don’t need to worry about that. I lead him to the living room to show him where we want everything. He tells me him and his guy will be in and out a few times so I nod and get out of his way. I go back to the kitchen and wrap my arms around Sookie from behind.


“We’ll have the second perfect napping spot in about an hour,” I say as I kiss her jaw.


“What’s the first? My mattress isn’t here yet,” she smiles and rubs her ass against me.


“Mmm, no but I have our two person hammock in the truck. I just need to hang it up,” I inform her. I bought it the same day I picked out the TV. I wanted it to be a surprise for Sookie.


“My hero.” She turns her head and licks my lips before she kisses me.


I pull back from the kiss moment later. “You’re a naughty girl,” I growl. “Your dad is going to be here soon and you’re making me hard.”


“I’m a very good girl,” she purrs and her ass rubs up and down my crotch.


“Evil.” I grab her hips to stop them from moving. As bad as I want to take her and bend her over the island, now isn’t a good time. “Keep that up and the movers are going to get a free show.”


“It wouldn’t be my first time with an audience,” she reminds me with a smug little smirk.




“I’m well aware,” I reply. I turn her around and make her yelp when I pick her up to set her on the counter. I wedge my hips between her thighs and pull her close to the edge so she can feel my growing erection. I hold her face in my hands and start to suck her bottom lip. I don’t plan on doing any more than this. I love kissing her though.


In an adorable, growly voice she says, “Now who’s evil?”


“I’m priming you for later,” I purr. My hands slide back to grab her ass.


“Pumpkin!” A man calls out from the front door.


“Kitchen!” Sookie yells back.




I peck her lips before pulling back. A few seconds later an average height, older man comes walking in with Jason, who I remember from school. I actually kinda remember her dad from football games too.


“Hi, Daddio,” Sookie says as she slides off the island. “What’s in the box?”


Her Dad sets down a large wrapped box and says, “Housewarming present.”


Sookie grins and begins ripping away the paper like a Tasmanian devil. “Dad, this is Eric Northman. Eric, my dad, Corbett Stackhouse. Oooh! Dad, these pans are awesome!”


“Nice to meet you, Mr. Stackhouse,” I smile, holding out my hand to him.


“Likewise. I remember you,” he says. “Tallest sumbitch playin’ Jase’s senior year and you were still on the peewee squad.”


I chuckle at that. “It didn’t take me long to move up the ranks,” I smile.


“I remember that too,” he says as he shakes my hand. “Glad you and my pumpkin found each other again. Now Sook, there’s a gift receipt taped to the inside of the box in case you want to exchange those for a takeout menu organizer.”


“Ha. Ha.” Sookie gives him her ‘mean’ face. There are raccoons more intimidating.


“She’s giving you the angry kitten face because she found someone to cook for her spoiled butt,” I chuckle. “That is a really nice set.” Mine are getting old anyway.


“I’m not spoiled, I’m culinarily challenged,” Sookie says. “Plus I make up for my lack of kitchen skills in other areas.”


Corbett cringes hard. “Pumpkin, no.”


“I got something for ya too,” Jason says, setting another box on the island.


“Oooh it’s like Christmas,” Sookie grins as she starts ripping off the paper. “Oh, babe, check these out.”


Guinness beer glasses.


“Mmm, makes me thirsty,” I grin. “Anyone want a beer?” We haven’t gotten a keg yet, but we already have beer in the fridge.


“Me,” three voices chorus back.


“So, you boys want the tour?” Sookie offers. The furniture movers come in with one of the couch segments. Dark brown microsuede with deep seats and soft, fluffy pillows and cushions.


As she leads her family out of the room I go to take the glasses out of the box so I can wash them. Once they’re clean I pull four beers from the fridge and pour them in the glasses. If we have them we might as well use them. My hands are big enough to carry all four as I go to look for them and find them in the master bedroom.


“Beer,” I say, passing out the glasses. I don’t imagine we’re going to get much done today.


“Thanks, babe,” Sookie smiles and takes the glass I offer her.


“That bed’s pretty big for just you, Sookie,” Jason says, giving me the same angry kitten look.


“Hey, I have my own room,” I say, holding my hand up in defense. Not that I’m going to spend much time in it unless it’s to get dressed.


“I’m a big girl, big brother. Just think, your nieces and nephews will probably be conceived on it,” Sookie smirks.


I’m gushing at the fact that Sookie is thinking about kids with me as I hear a little growl from the angry kitten. His sister has sex for a living and he’s mad her boyfriend is going to be sharing a bed with her. That’s cute.


“I really hope Mom comes by later,” I grin. “She’d love that comment.”


“Your mom is pushing for kids?” Corbett’s eyebrows shoot up.


“Not yet. She still thinks we’re insane, but that’s what she ultimately wants, grandbabies. I’m an only child and she’s been trying to get me to meet a nice girl since I turned eighteen. As soon as she meets this sweet girl she’s going to start dropping hints,” I chuckle. I’m sure as soon as she learns Sookie and I have made it official she’ll start pushing.


“Sookie sweet? Ha!” Jason snorts and Sookie flips him off.


She also gulps her beer and then belches.


“Still sweet to me,” I laugh as I wrap my arm around her shoulders.


“Your mother would be proud,” Corbett sighs and shakes his head.


“Yeah, yeah. Come on, I’ll show you downstairs and where Eric will be keeping his boat,” Sookie says.


“You got a boat?” Corbett might be salivating.


“Bargain for Seahawks games,” Sookie whispers to me.


I smile and say, “Yep, good for skiing or fishing, depending on your mood.” Jake rarely used the boat so I’m going to take over the payments. When we bought it we financed the twelve grand since neither of us had it at the time.


“Sounds to me like we need to schedule a fishing trip for the men,” Corbett grins.


“I’ll bring the beer,” Jason offers.


“What about me?” Sookie scoffs.


“You got a big ass kitchen. You can practice using those new pans and make us dinner, woman,” Jason smirks. Sookie flips him off again.


I don’t comment. I plan on having sex again sometime this month.


“Pretty girl, we can go back out or you can take it out with your girlfriends sometime,” I offer.


“Naked sunbathing party,” Sookie smiles. It’s Jason’s turn to flip her off.


I grin thinking about Sookie and whatever girls she invites coming home naked… and then the party that will ensue once they’re home… mmm.


Corbett clears his throat like he knows what I’m thinking. The doorbell rings.


“I’ll get that,” I smile as I turn to get the door. As I head up the stairs I see my dad walking in with a case of Corona. “Hey, Pop,” I grin.


“Hey, kid. Nice place you got here.”


“The girl picked it,” I shrug. “It’s gorgeous and relaxing though. Grab a beer and follow me, we’re showing her dad and brother around.”


Dad takes a beer from the case and puts the rest in the fridge. “You could store a couple of bodies in this sucker,” Pop says.


I chuckle and say, “It’ll come in handy for big parties.”


“She a football fan?”


“She is,” I nod. “She’s also a Seahawks fan.”


“What’s the phrase? Oh yeah. Put a ring on it, kid,” he says.


“I’ve thought about it a few times already,” I admit. “She’s a great girl. You’re gonna love her,” I finish as we find them coming out of my room, heading toward the backyard to get to the dock and the spot where I plan on hanging the hammock. “Dad, this is Sookie Stackhouse, her dad Corbett, and her brother Jason,” I introduce them. “This is my dad, Eric.” I have a different middle name, so I’m not a junior, but most people assume I am.


“It’s very nice to meet you, Mr. Northman,” Sookie says cheerfully and offers her hand.


“Same here. Eric’s been yammering about you since he used to wake up with sticky sheets,” Pop tells all of them.


“Really, Pop?” I ask, arching an eyebrow. As she giggles I look at her dad and brother and say, “In case she didn’t tell you, I had an epic crush on her in high school.” Sadly, my father isn’t lying.


“I’m flattered,” Sookie says. “And I did tell them that you had a legendary crush on me.”


“He used to practice asking you out in the mirror,” Pop informs her.


“She didn’t need to know that,” I sigh. I’m sure I’m blushing at this point.


“You were a kid,” Pop shrugs. “It’s not like I told them about the pic–”


I clap my hand over his mouth. None of them need to know about my small collage of stalker pictures I had up. They were mostly of me and my friends. I happened to make sure she was in the background of a few of them. That’s not a story to tell in mixed company.


“Point is, I moved on from the crush and then it was rekindled when we ran into each other,” I finish for him.


The doorbell rings again.


“Oh that could be the mattresses,” Sookie says. “Babe, why don’t you take them out back and I’ll get the door?”


I nod and motion for the guys to follow me out the back door. The hot tub is immediately to our left, which I point out, before nodding my head toward the lake.


“This is where I plan to have coffee every morning before I go to work.” I look at my dad and add, “I’m going to spend less time working and at the gym and more time enjoying life.”


“Good for you, kid,” he nods.


We walk down to the dock in silence. We all stand there looking out at the lake. This is going to be my life now. Relaxing with family. I like it. So far, running into Sookie again has been the best part of my life.




The couches are here. The chairs are here. My bedroom furniture is where I want it. The dishes are unpacked, run through the dishwasher and put up in the cabinets. My dining room table is set up across from the island. I have my shopping list ready for tomorrow. New towels are in the washer and my new bedding is ready to come out of the dryer.


I’m in the process of fighting the fitted sheet onto the bed when Eric appears in the doorway. Everyone has gone home and I’m a little buzzed from the beer and three shots of Jamison’s that Eric’s dad challenged me to drink. I ate pizza but I’m still buzzed.


“Hey, sexy,” I smile at him.


“Hey, need help?” he asks as his eyes rake over my body.


“You know, I could use a hand. I got my shorts off but since I’ve been thinking about you my panties seem to be all stuck to me,” I giggle.


“Huh. Come over here, let me investigate,” he says, crooking a finger in my direction.


I drop the top sheet on the bed and walk around to the other side of the room. I’m wearing my loose tank top and panties. I nixed the bra and shorts as soon as everyone else left.


“See?” I lift the front of my top so he can examine my dampened panties.


Eric gets down on his knees in front of me. “I need a closer look to fully inspect,” he tells me to explain the reason he’s on the floor. He rubs his fingers over my lower lips for a moment before pulling my panties to the side. “Huh, we should probably get rid of these. They seem to be unsalvageable.”


“I think you’re right,” I agree.


His eyes flick up to mine as he starts to peel my panties down my thighs. “Should we get this mess cleaned up?” he asks once my pussy is bare.


“My towels are still in the wash.”


“Damn…” He taps his chin as he looks thoughtful for a moment. Eric smiles a moment later and offers, “I can always lick up the mess.”


“That’s not a bad idea. I’ve been dying to try out this new bed all afternoon,” I tell him.


“Might as well test it before you finish making it in case it’s shit and needs to be returned,” he agrees. “Wanna lay down with your ass on the edge and legs up?”


I nod and step backward until I reach the bed. I climb up on it and lie on my back with my legs spread and my feet planted on the edge of the mattress. Eric walks over on his knees, resting his hands on my inner thighs so his thumbs can slide up and down my lower lips. He dips his head just before I feel his flattened tongue lick from my ass all the way up to my clit, ending with a little flick.


“I’m trying to clean up the mess, pretty girl, your pussy is getting wetter,” he frowns a little.


“You can stop if you want,” I offer.


“Or I can keep trying to suck down all of your honey,” he counters. He takes another long lick through my folds, this time suckling my clit when he reaches it.


“Or that,” I gasp. My hips shift and Eric grabs onto me to hold me steady. I suck in a breath and my hands go to my nipples to pluck and twist them while Eric teases me.


He hums as he continues to suck. He ends up dropping one arm over my hips to hold me down as he uses the fingers on his other hand to play with my opening. I feel two thick fingertips start to pump in and out. He keeps it shallow, coaxing out my juices until I feel my honey dripping down to coat my ass.


“Oh God… Eric,” I moan. “Baby, I need you…”


“Mmm, what part of me?” he asks, sliding his fingers all the way into my pussy.


“Your… Mmm… Your cock,” I pant. I want it. Bad.


I hear his zipper go down before the sound of his hand quickly moving up and down his shaft fills the air. Eric stands without taking his fingers out of me so I can see him stroking his cock. His eyes are trained on his fingers filling my pussy, pumping in and out faster and faster.


“You don’t want to cum on my fingers first?” he smirks.


“Nope. I want that big dick deep in my cunt when I cum,” I reply.


He still has that cocky smirk on his face when he pulls his fingers out. He lines up his tip with my entrance, lifts my hips a little and slides in to the hilt. His strong hands grip my hips as my legs go up over his shoulders. He holds me right where I am and gives me exactly what I need when he starts to pound into me.


“Yesssss! Fuck me just like that, Eric!” I cry out. I reach down to rub my clit while his hips slap against my ass and inner thighs.


“So demanding,” he chuckles, but doesn’t stop driving into me. He lets go of my hips, allowing my ass to hit the bed, shifting the angle. He leans forward to grab my tits, pulling on my nipples. “I want to fuck these gorgeous girls later,” he tells me as his breathing gets a little more ragged.


“Oh yeah? You want me to lube up my tits and squeeze your big cock between them to stroke you? I can suck your tip… Oh fuuuuck…” He swivels and his head rubs my sweet spot. “Right there, Eric.”


“You don’t have to suck my tip,” he tells me as he swivels again and again. “These soft, fleshy mounds make me so fucking hard. I could cum just from jacking off to them.”


“Oh yeah? I’d like to see that,” I tell him. My eyes flutter closed as the pressure builds.


“Mmm, I’ll wake you in the morning with my eyes on your sexy body while I stroke my thick cock,” he tells me. “Are you gonna let me cum all over your pretty lips?”


“Which ones?” I pant.


“Right now, these.” He rubs his thumb over my lips and clit. “In the morning these.” He takes the same thumb to paint my bottom lip with my juices.


“Sounds… like a good plan.” I suck the tip of his thumb. “Ohfuckohfuckohfuck… Faster, Eric,” I beg. I’m so close.


He’s a good boy and speeds up his hips. He releases my tit long enough to smack the side of my ass before he’s right back to tugging on my nipple.


“Cum,” he commands with a throaty growl. “Now.”


My body responds powerfully. My back arches and I scream when the pressure explodes, making my walls clamp down like a vice. My orgasms milks Eric’s from him. I’m still pulsing and gripping his cock when he pulls out and shoots his hot, sticky release all over my lower lips.


“Fuck!” he roars, his hips still jerking.


“Mmm… Baby I’m even stickier now than I was before,” I giggle.


“Damn,” he chuckles, reaching down to rub his cum all over my pussy. He gives me a teasing smirk before saying, “Too bad we don’t have one of your girlfriends here to lick up the mess I made.”


“That is too bad.”


“Hmm, should we make more mess or go to the shower to clean up?” he asks. He’s still rubbing my pussy.


“We could go try out your bed,” I suggest.


He grunts and makes me yelp when he picks me up in a fireman’s carry.


“That sounds like an excellent idea,” he says as he smacks my ass and starts to walk out of my room.


“Should we put the sex dungeon downstairs?” I chuckle.


“It will be a dungeon, I would think downstairs would make the most sense,” he agrees. “Maybe when you take pity on me and allow me into your room full time we can put it in my room.”


“Maybe. You want a sex bench in there?”


“Hmm, like the one I plan to get you for a Labor Day present?”


“A Labor Day present? That’s new,” I giggle. “I guess a sex bench is inappropriate for a birthday present.”


“It’s the first holiday we’re spending here, I figured a present would be fitting,” he says. “And no, for your birthday, I think I’ll get you a sex swing.”


“Don’t bother. I’m not a fan,” I tell him as he drops me on his bed.


“Glad I mentioned it then. Now, where were we?” He crawls onto the bed next to me and plops down, rubbing his hand over my stomach. “Top or bottom?”


“Uhhh… bottom?” I’m not sure what he’s talking about.


He rolls on top of me, pushing my legs apart with his thighs. Eric starts to rock his hips against me, rubbing his semi-hard cock through my folds. “I was asking if you wanted to be on top or below me,” he clarifies.


“I got it now,” I smile. “You know I got a text from Preston today?”


“Mmm, what did he have to say?” Eric dips his head to nibble on my neck just below my ear.


“He wished me good luck on the new house and asked if I wanted company to help christen the place,” I tell him.


“Did you remind him you had me, or did he want to join us?”


“He was offering himself as backup in case you were unavailable.” Truthfully if there wasn’t an Eric, I probably would have told him to come up.


“Hmm, even if I’m not available at the moment, you don’t get to have a backup anymore. You promised me you were mine,” he reminds me.


“I know that.”




“We almost dated, you know?” I don’t know if I ever told Eric that.


“I didn’t. Why didn’t you?”


“Because I met you,” I shrug.


I trumped a pornstar?” he asks, arching an eyebrow. “I don’t know if I should be impressed or not.”


“Well you’re a better cook,” I say.


“That’s all it took?” He sits up on his knees as he looks down at me like I’m insane.


“What should it take?”


“I don’t know. You like my sense of humor better? You think I’m sexier? You think I’m better company? Not you like my cooking better,” he snorts. “It’s just strange to me.”


“What difference does it make? I’m here with you, not him.”


He lies down on the bed next to me and curls himself around me. “Yes you are,” he says after a moment and kisses my shoulder.


“Would it help if I said you’re the prettiest pony in the whole stable?” I offer.


“Yeah,” he nods.


“Eric Northman, you are the prettiest pony in the whole stable,” I tell him.


“Thank you,” he grins.


“You’re welcome. You know I could tell him to come up if you want.”


“What would we do if he we invited him here?” Eric asks as his hand starts to move up and down my stomach.


“I’d vote for being tied to the bed with my legs spread eagle,” I answer.


“I’m not busy next weekend,” he tells me as he starts to pluck my nipples.


“Ever used a spreader bar before?”


“Nope, but I know what they are and I think Preston and I could have a lot of fun with you strapped to one.”


“I have one,” I inform him. “It’s up on the third floor with my kinky toys.”


“Do you want to get it now, or wait until we have company?”


“We can play with it tonight if you want to try it out. I haven’t really played with a Dom for a while. I think you’d be a natural at it.”


“I’m willing to try it with you,” he says, kissing my shoulder again.


I think it over for a minute. I trust Eric and I know he’ll listen if I tell him to stop, but I’m not sober right now and fooling around with that stuff while intoxicated is a bad idea.


“Tomorrow when I’m not drunk,” I tell him.


“Okay,” he smiles. He tilts to kiss my cheek and adds, “You’re an adorable drunk, by the way.”


“Am I? I barely even stripped for you. Usually I turn into a stripper.” I do. It’s not cool, according to my brother. His friends disagree.


“You don’t need to strip to be adorable,” he tells me. “Not to me, anyway. I do have you naked though.” He slips his hand down to rub my mound, proving his point.


“Yes you do,” I agree. “I suspect you’ll have me naked a lot from now on. Usually I don’t wear a lot of clothing at home.”


“You won’t find me complaining. I’ve never been able to walk around the house naked. I may start now.”


“You didn’t want Jake checking out your junk?” I giggle.


“Jake has seen my junk more times than any one man should. He has no shame and would walk in to talk to me while I was shower,” Eric chuckles. “But no, I’m glad I saved naked time for you.”


“Sounds like Sam,” I snort. “Only I’m sure Jake never interrupted your shower to tell you he would take you back if you’d just stop being such a big whore.”


“Hmm, no. He usually had some stupid story to tell me that couldn’t wait.”


“I tell you stupid stories,” I chuckle.


“It’s cute when you tell me stories, making them less stupid.”


“You know I have a new story to tell you…”


“Mmm, tell it to me,” he smiles, wrapping his body tighter around me.


“Let’s see… Once upon a time there was a charming, sexy, well hung prince,” I start and Eric laughs. “And one day he went to a ball in his kingdom where he met a wily witch who hypnotized him with her tits.”


“It was her smile,” he corrects me. “And her legs. Her tits were pretty nice, but that wasn’t what hypnotized him.”


“Uh, whose story is this?”


“Sorry, continue.”


“The evil, pansy-eyed Quinnzini tried to whisk away the wily witch with his sausage fingers and knock her out with his garlic breath,” I continue, “But the witch wasn’t having any of that shit and turned him into a wittle wabbit.”


“This is a promising story, pretty girl,” he chuckles and kisses my jaw.


“The witch gets the prince to dance with her when suddenly he hits the deck. All of his blood has rushed south,” I say dramatically.


Eric gasps, his eyes going wide.


“So to revive him, the witch got down on the floor. She unzipped his royal pants and used her mouth to relieve him of all that tension,” I tell him. “And wouldn’t you know, it brought him back to life?”


“Mmm, what a good witch,” he smiles.


“So good that she moved into a castle with the charming, sexy, well hung prince and they lived happily ever after,” I finish.


“That’s a fantastic story, babe,” Eric tells me. He pushes his hand down my stomach and starts to rub my clit slowly.


“Mmm… You should hear part two,” I giggle.


“Care to share?”


“Well it starts with the wily witch being chained up, waiting for her punishment after the prince catches her lusting after the milkman,” I say.


“Mmm, and what did the prince do to the witch once he had her bound?” He keeps his hand slow when he slips his middle finger down into my core.


“He teased her mercilessly with one of her vibrating toys, getting her almost to the finish line and then taking away her toy,” I reply. His finger pumps easily in and out of me. “And he shoves his cock down her throat instead to pleasure him.”


“Sounds like a fitting punishment,” he purrs.


“Yes it does,” I agree.


“Would you like to get tied up like the witch?” He asks, adding a second finger. “Or should we wait for someone to play the role of the milkman?”


“I think we can wait for a milkman,” I wink.


Eric rolls on top of me and I continue to tell him dirty stories of the wily witch and the charming prince while we spend the night trying out various positions on his bed. The last thing I remember, before I pass out, is telling him that the witch was dangerously close to being head over heels in love with the prince.

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  1. OMG, the sticky sheets comment was a jaw-dropper! I really had to hold in my laughter so nobody asked what I was reading. These guys are gonna be in love in no time! I’m curious to see if Eric will play with another man…not like, fondle another man, but have a MFM threesome…of course if he wants to fondle, I won’t stop him. 😉


  2. Sookie has met Eric’s father. Didn’t seem to be a problem there. Hopefully his mother will come around. Glad they they got to this stage. Their relationship appears to be working.


  3. Very cute ending to the chapter… Wonder if they’ll have Preston visit or not in the end… So the meet the parents (minus Eric’s mum) went well… Loved that Eric’s dad told the embarrassing tale of Eric’s teenage crush… So funny and weirdly reassuring in the context…


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