Chapter 7


Because we’re ridiculous and this relationship is still so new we can’t seem to be away from each other. Eric invited me over to the firehouse to meet the guys. We’ve been a technical couple for the last month and every day I’m with him I get closer and closer to falling in love with him. Eric is pretty much the perfect man for me. He’s crazy smart, he’s handsome and determined. Our personalities and sense of humor fit perfectly together. It’s something I didn’t know I was ready for, but I am so glad I met him that day.

I told Eric I can’t just show up empty handed so I offered to make them dinner. I have two 9×13 baking dishes with chicken enchilada casserole in them. That way if they don’t like me they’ll be preoccupied with food. I have a pair of skinny jeans and an off white sweater on. My hair is back in a ponytail and I didn’t put any makeup on today. Eric prefers me more natural when we’re not at the club and I am A-Okay with that.

I’m nervous when I pull up to the firehouse, but Eric is standing out front with the guy he was standing with at the school when I ran into him there. He’s not a tall as Eric, but just as muscular. It doesn’t look strange though. He looks well proportioned. By the time I gather my things and I’m getting out of my SUV Eric is walking toward me.

“Hey,” I smile. The sun is just setting so I can see the happy glow on his face when he smiles back.

“Hi. Need some help?” he offers.

“Sure, these are a little heavy.” I offer him the reusable bag with the heavy glass dishes in it.

He gives me a look like I must be joking and takes them from me like they weigh nothing at all. After that he leans down to give me a kiss.

“Anything else need carrying?”

“Nope.” I have another bag with sour cream, sliced jalapenos and guac in case anyone wants it.

“How was work?” he asks like he always does. He’s got that sooty, firefighter smell on him right now.

“Terrible today. Two of the kids got sick. Well, one got sick and puked in the trashcan, triggering the second. After that no one could seem to focus so I had to do an impromptu lesson plan change to keep them all engaged,” I tell him. “You smell manly. Have you been playing with fire?”

“I wouldn’t say playing with it,” he says as we walk toward the open overhead doors. There are two firetrucks parked inside along with an ambulance.

“Uh oh. Did something catch fire on accident?” There are suddenly four pairs of very curious eyes on me.

“Just a warehouse,” he shrugs. “That was full of pesticides. You should have seen all the pretty explosions.”

“Oh, sounds fun. Lance told me wants to be a firefighter after you guys left,” I smile. “I told him that it’s a very noble profession.”

‘It is,” he nods. When we walk into the large garage he stops to introduce me to the guys sitting around watching us. “Fellas, this is Sookie. Sookie, this is Lieutenant Herveaux, the chili terrorist.”

“Ah, so if I leave Eric, he has you to thank,” I giggle. “It’s nice to meet you, Lieutenant.” I hold out my hand to shake his.

“You too.” He shakes my hand. “Northman’s been trying to keep you a secret so you must be a big deal.”

“Or I embarrass him,” I shrug. I know he’s not embarrassed by me.

“She’s his lock screen,” the little guy snickers, making the other guys do the same. Someone makes a whip cracking noise.

He must be single.

“She’s better looking than any of you schmucks,” Eric retorts. “And she brought food, so be nice.”

“I don’t know, that one,” I point at the one eyeing my rack, “Has better boobs than me.” I have a D cup… and I’m not kidding. His are even perky.

“Chief Quinn,” Eric supplies. “Chief, this is Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie, Chief runs the house.”

“Nice to meet you, Chief,” I smile. I hope my humor didn’t rub him the wrong way, although he looks like he’d be happy to be rubbed at all. Maybe on the top of his head like a genie lamp.

“Likewise. Welcome to house seventeen,” he replies.

“And this little runt over here is Godric,” Eric says, motioning to the guy he was with when I drove up.

“I’ve seen you before,” I say to Godric. “You’re the one that was teasing Eric at the school. I like you.” I pat Eric’s arm.

“Yep, he was stumbling all over the place as soon as he saw you,” Godric tells me. I know why he was a little flustered. I was too, but I don’t think Godric knows why.

“I wasn’t stumbling all over,” Eric argues.

“Yeah ‘cause you took that header on the bleachers, Lumpy,” Herveaux snickers.

“It’s flattering,” I chuckle. “I brought food if anyone is hungry.” I don’t want Eric to take anymore slack for his reaction to me.

“Bro, you didn’t tell her we’re always hungry?” Another shorter guy with dark hair asks.

“She’s not our new chef, Pardloe, although if I could convince her so I’d never have to eat that shit you make again, I’d do it,” Eric replies. There’s a round of ‘here, heres’ that comes from the other guys, leaving Pardloe looking mildly offended.

“It’s okay, Pardloe, is it?” He nods. “I was taught to cook by my Gran. Not too many folks are better than me.” I’m not as uncomfortable as I thought I’d be. “Anyway, I made chicken enchilada casserole.” Even with two I don’t see them having any leftovers.

“Uh, we’ll take that off your hands, Northman. You should go give your lady the tour,” Herveaux says, reaching for the bag Eric’s carrying.

“Yeah, I’ll help you,” Pardloe offers, taking my bag from me. Before either of us can argue, the group is heading away from us.

“If there’s none left over I can always make you your own,” I chuckle, looking up at Eric.

“There better be some left. They know the rules around here,” he says. He reaches for my hand and asks, “Do you want the tour?”

“I would love a tour.”

“Good,” he smiles. His fingers lace with mine and he leads me off to the left. “This is all the administration area. Our receptionist sits up here by the lobby and we have a few offices. The chief, Herveaux, a conference room, fire prevention office…”

I look down the hallway. This seems like stuff I could see as a civilian off the street. “I want to see the good stuff. I want to see where you sleep,” I grin.

“In due time,” he winks. Eric leads me through the corridors and back out to the bay.

Out there, hidden a bit behind one of the firetrucks, is a trailer that Eric explains is for tactical stuff. There’s also a boat, but that’s not surprising considering the number of bayous and whatnot in the area. The last vehicle is a bright red Suburban that belongs to the Chief and the Assistant Chief. Eric leads me down a short hallway and then opens another door. To the left is a little fitness room with weights and cardio stuff. And to the right I can see the guys I met chowing down in the kitchen/living area. Straight ahead is the dorm. It’s divided into six sleeping areas and Eric brings me to the middle bunk on the left.

“Home away from home,” he says. How he sleeps on that twin bed is anyone’s guess.

“Are you actually comfortable on this?” I ask. I sit down on it to give it a bounce test.

“If I’m tired enough.”

“You’re a braver man than I am,” I chuckle. “Something tells me this is a dangerous place to sleep with those boys around. I like it though. I like getting to see where you spend your time.”

“Eh, we’re all pretty close, for the most part. We fight like brothers sometimes but that’s to be expected. Guys who can’t be trusted don’t last long, you know what I mean?” Eric sits down on his bed beside me. “And I’m happy you’re here too.”

“It’s nice to meet people that love their job so much,” I comment. “I feel like I was born to teach and I’ve met very few people that feel the same way about their career.”

“Honestly, I don’t know if I was born to be a firefighter, but I love it,” he answers.

“That’s what’s important. So, Jessica, one of my co-workers, was checking Godric out at Fire Prevention day. When I told her we were dating she asked me to put in a good word for her,” I tell him.

“Oh yeah? Which one was Jessica?”

“The redhead I was talking to.” I know he saw us talking.

“I think I remember who you’re talking about. At the time Godric was interested in someone but it didn’t work out. He might be interested in Jessica.”

“Bring it up to him,” I shrug. “She’s a sweet girl and I’m sure you saw how perfect her tits are. They even give me wood.”

Eric chuckles and says, “The only tits I was admiring that day are yours.”

Smart boyfriend.

“Good boy,” I smile, patting his thigh. “I don’t know him, obviously, but if you like him I’m sure he’s a good guy. That’s what she needs. She’s too nice and keeps getting stepped on by dickweeds.”

“Godric’s not the type. He can be a snarky little shit but he’s as loyal as they come when it comes to the women he dates,” he assures me. “And he’s my best friend. I’m bias, Jessica could do a lot worse.”

“I’ll send you a picture if he doesn’t remember her. If he’s not attracted to her I don’t want to tell her. I’ll just say I forgot to mention it.” I’d rather not hurt her feelings.

“That’s cool. Or you can talk to him yourself since you’re here,” he counters. “That way there’s no miscommunication with the middleman.”

“Oh, I can do that. I don’t want to blurt it out in front of everyone. I already embarrassed myself in front of your chief, even though he was checking out my boobs.”

“We could arrange for them to accidentally meet on purpose,” he offers.

“Oh, that’s a great idea,” I smile. I lean over to kiss his cheek. “Maybe we can all go out for drinks one night? I won’t tell Jess you’re bringing him. She is anxious to meet you.”

“We could do that. There’s always the bowling alley, if all else fails,” he suggests.

“We’ll figure it out,” I shrug. “Should we go out there so you can eat?” I’m perfectly fine in here talking to him.

“Depends on if you want to be asked a million questions by those other guys,” he chuckles. “If not, we can stay right here. You just have to promise to keep your hands to yourself.”

“You know that’s damn near impossible,” I snort.

“Well then I guess we better get out of here.” Eric stands up and extends a hand to help me. “You know… there’s always the cab of my truck…”

“That’s up to you,” I smile up at him. He knows I’m down for just about anything.

“I don’t think we’ve had a quickie yet.” It’s been more than four months and we haven’t yet.

“No we haven’t,” I agree. I reach down to palm his cock. “I do miss you on days I don’t get to see you.”

I hear a low growl rumble in his chest. He snatches my hand and leads me to a side door that takes us out of the building, and out to the parking lot. Eric digs for the truck keys in his pocket and then opens the door for me. “After you, my dear,” he says with a wink.

I climb in, not really sure how this is going to work with my jeans, but I don’t care. We’ll make it happen. It helps that I don’t mind being watched when I have sex so if his friends see is I won’t be that upset.

I start to unbutton my jeans and ask, “How do you want me?”

Eric considers it for a moment before climbing in after me. The windows are tinted so I don’t know how much anyone will see. He unzips his own pants and then has me sit across his lap, kind of. This is a different position, but it feels awesome when he slides into me.

“Can you hold yourself up a little?” Eric asks.

“Yeah.” I wrap my arm around his shoulder and use his door handle to hold myself up. He feels amazing when I start to slide up his length.

It feels even better when he begins to thrust up quickly. Eric pulls my face closer to his and somehow manages to snake a hand between us so he can rub my clit.

I moan quietly. If anyone is outside they can definitely see the truck rocking. I don’t care. What I do care about is the fact that my boyfriend is quickly building my orgasm. I think my body knows we’re on a time limit.

“Oh, fuckfuckfuck,” I chant when I pull back from the kiss to rest my forehead on his.

“Take me with you, Sookie,” he groans and his hips speed up.

My muscles clamp down around his length, trying to keep him inside of me. I can feel his cock pulsing, nearing his release. I tilt my head to kiss his neck, licking and sucking from his shoulder up to his ear.

“I’m about to cum so fucking hard for you, baby,” I breathe into his ear. His finger speeds up over my clit and I lose it. My head drops back against the window as my walls milk his cock, trying to take him with me. I think I’m saying something but the orgasm is so strong all I can hear is the pounding of my heart.

“Yesssss!” Eric shouts as he cums, his cock buried deep inside me. “Holy fuck, Sookie…”

“Mmhmm,” I agree. I sit down, taking his entire length into me. I kiss his neck and remind him, “I’m going to walk in there with all of your friends filled with your cum. I’ll be able to feel it dripping into my panties…” Definitely time to go back to the club. I’m starting to get dirty on him.

“Does that turn you on?” Eric asks me. His finger is still on my clit.

“Knowing you just marked your territory makes my ovaries tingle,” I purr. I’m sure he can still feel my walls pulsing around his shaft.

He nips at my lips and then gives me a deeper kiss as his finger speeds up. I moan into the kiss. A strong aftershock hits right before orgasm number two rocks my body.

“Fuuuuck,” I gasp. I have to push his hand away so I don’t tell him to fuck me again. We’re trying to have a quickie, not a full on sex session. That could take hours.

“You’re lucky we’re not at the club. I’d tie you to the bench and–”

I stop him with my hand over his mouth. “If you finish that sentence I’m making you call out sick so we can go,” I tell him. I can only imagine what he’d do to me, especially after the discussion we had while we were with Rasul.

He moves my hand away from his mouth but gives me a sweet little kiss on my wrist. Then another closer to my elbow, trailing his way up until he reaches my mouth. Eric’s pretty eyes lock on mine and he says, “I’m in serious like with you, Sookie. I just want you to know that.”

My heart starts to beat a little faster as a smile slowly spreads across my face. “I’m in serious like with you too, Eric,” I respond. I know it’s not going to be long before I’m crazy in love with him.

“We should go inside,” he says, but I can tell he doesn’t want to. “Tonight’s my last shift for four weeks, by the way. You might be sick of me before I go back to work.”

“That could never happen,” I tell him. I lean in to give him another sweet peck. “Maybe we should go celebrate at The Playground tomorrow night…” I lift myself off of his cock and shift to pull my panties and jeans up.

“That sounds like a good idea,” he agrees.

“Come on, let’s go be diabetes inducing cute in front of your friends,” I giggle.

“You might get marriage proposals when we walk in.”

“I’m saving myself for the sexy blonde sitting next to me right now,” I assure him.

“I’m just warning you. They’ve done it before,” he chuckles. “Herveaux and Quinn are married already, so I think you’re safe there.”

“Good to know,” I chuckle. I give Eric one more kiss before I hop out of the passenger side. If I don’t get out of the truck now I might try to talk him into another round. This man seriously keeps me ready to go at all times.

Eric follows me back to the building. No one seems to notice we even slipped out of the building. They’re too busy shoveling food into their mouths.

“Save any for me?” Eric asks.

“We thought you were already snacking,” Godric deadpans before stuffing another bite in his mouth. I can feel my cheeks heat up. I don’t want them to think that’s all I came here for.

“I was showing Sookie around, Klondike,” Eric snickers, and a few of the guys chuckle around the table.

“Is it good?” I ask the table. They’re awfully quiet, so I assume so. I see Eric grab a plate and the spatula to dish his own up.

I get a chorus of grunts in response. Yep, they like it.

I take a seat next to Eric when he sits down. The boys are all pretty sweet guys. I’m excited to see if Jessica and Godric hit it off when they meet. He’s a little small for my taste but that okay. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes.

I take off about an hour later. I have to go to school in the morning, but it’s Friday so I want to be well rested for the club. I don’t know if we’re going to do anything special but I’m starting to get some ideas. Maybe it’s time to face my fears and give Eric the same pleasure he gave me when he worshiped me with Rasul.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. This chapter made me smile. I liked the lines they spoke I’m in serious like with you. I also enjoyed the fact that they both like their jobs. And firefighter Eric is so sexy!


  2. “In serious like with you…” So cute! There’s a little bit of commitment there, introducing Sookie to all the guys with whom Eric spends so much of his time. I like that they want to set up their friends too. That spells serious relationship! Another sweet little chapter with these two!


  3. Going to the firehouse was a quite treat for both of them😊 They’re in serious like, I don’t think Sookie will be able to handle Eric with another woman😕 I mean, they’re becoming attached and they aren’t safe fully knowing each other’s feelings yet. Seeing Eric with another woman now might be counter productive and Sookie might just snatch a bitch😱


  4. Now they have both been to the others workplace . Things are hotting up for these two after their declarations of ‘serious like’. Be interesting to read what occurs while Eric is off shift for 4 weeks.


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