Chapter 20


“Eric, I can walk,” I insist when he opens the passenger door of the Escalade for me like the gentleman he is.

“You almost fell twice on the way out of the club,” he reminds me and I giggle.

“Oh yeah.” I let Eric help me down from the front seat.

It’s been a while since I got drunk last. I have drinks now and then, but I usually only have one or two. Tonight I’ve had… more than two. But I’m with Eric so I know I’m safe. When I stumble yet again, Eric picks me up and throws me over his shoulder.

“Eric!” I giggle, and then yelp when he slaps my ass. He rubs my bottom as he walks to his building.

“Lover, where are your panties?” he asks, and I giggle some more.

“I took them off in the bathroom in case you wanted to fuck me in the car on the way home,” I admit.

He groans and has to pause to unlock the door to get into his building. Eric puts me down so I can walk up the stairs on my own. He lets me go first and I start to tug my skirt up so he can see my pussy peeking out every time I step up. I know he sees it when he groans again.

I’ve been teasing him all night.

When we get upstairs I start to take my shoes off while Eric unlocks the door. I think those are a big part of my problem with staying upright.

“Aww, you know I like the shoes,” Eric teases me when he looks back to see I’m six inches shorter.

“I thought you liked me vertical more.”

He opens the door for me to walk inside.

“Vertical works, but I actually prefer you horizontal.”

“The number of times you’ve fucked me up against a wall disagrees,” I smirk, and drop my shoes on the floor.

“Where do you want me to fuck you right now? That’s all that really counts,” he purrs and pulls me into his arms.

A quote from Top Gun pops into my head and I say, “Take me to bed or lose me forever.”

He laughs and says, “Show me the way home, honey.”

I laugh with him.

“Come on, Goose.” I take his hand and lead him back to his bedroom.

I climb up on the bed and pull my dress off. Then I sit with my legs folded under me and take off my bra. My movements are a little jerky thanks to all of the cocktails, but I end up naked anyway.

“You know, I’m a little disappointed,” I tell Eric as I sit back against the headboard. “You said you were going to make an ass of yourself and you didn’t. Instead you got hit on while I wasn’t sitting right there.”

I saw the cheap hooker-looking woman that was talking to him, but Eric got rid of her just fine all on his own.

“What about all the guys trying to dance with you? I attracted a bottle blond… thing,” he finishes with disgust. “I think that was foolish enough.”

“Nuh uh. If that chick would have touched you I would have yanked all that fake blond hair out of her head, and punched her fake tits.” I touch my natural ones. Way better than plastic parts.

“Nope, I’m not letting you go to jail for battery. I would’ve kept you at bay while getting rid of her. I’ve been mediating fights for twenty years, I’m a pro.”

“Well I would have tried anyway. You’re mine.”

“Yes I am,” he smiles and his eyes flick down to my hands that are still on my tits. “Uncover those.”

I move my hands. “Where should I put my hands?”

“Here,” he says and unzips his pants to pull his cock out. He moves to the edge of the bed so I can reach him and begins to take his shirt off.

I start stroking him and kiss his stomach when he lifts his shirt. I drag my teeth over his abs and lick the little bit of the V that’s exposed. When my thumb rubs over his tip Eric hisses.

“Lick it, pretty girl,” he softly commands.

I smile up at him and flick my tongue over the little slit at the tip of his cock.

“Like that?” I ask.

“Mmhmm, now lick my shaft from the bottom all the way up.”

I keep my eyes on his as I do what he told me to, only I do it more than once, like I’m licking an ice cream cone that’s melting.

“Good girl,” he groans, “Take me into your mouth.” He finally pushes his pants down his hips and lets them drop to the ground.

I resume stroking him and start by just sucking on his tip, swirling my tongue around it over and over. When Eric grabs my hair I finally start to bob my head, and reach down with my free hand to rub my clit. I need the friction bad.

“Did I say you could touch yourself?” he questions while tugging my hair a little harder.

I release him from my mouth and say, “You never said I couldn’t.”

“Well now I’m saying no. Your pleasure will come when I’m ready to give it to you.”

“You’re a mean daddy,” I pout.

He cocks an eyebrow and gives me a confused look before saying, “Don’t ever say that shit again, Sookie. That’s… awkward and quite frankly, it’s disgusting… now suck my dick.”

No more daddy. Check.

“Yes, sir,” I wink and then I take him as deep as I can without swallowing him.

“Fuck, yes that’s good,” he groans, right back in the moment.

My head starts bobbing and I grab his hips to hold him still. That way I’m not tempted to touch myself since he seems so bent on doing it for me. I release him from my mouth again and stroke him while I lick and then suck on each one of his balls one at a time. Eric groans and I look up at him to see the intensity in his eyes.

When I take his cock back in my mouth he reaches down to play with my nipples, which makes me moan around his shaft. I want him to fuck me so much right then, so I guide his hand down so he can feel how wet my pussy is. I’m so ready for him.

“Fuck, pretty girl, she’s all wet for me,” Eric says.

I moan around his shaft again and when the tip of his cock nudges the back of my throat, I relax and swallow him.

“Fuck!” he shouts, and starts to thrust his hips.

I grab his ass, and hold on while he fucks my throat. I’d prefer he fuck my pussy, but he’ll get there.

He rubs my clit for me at least, and I know the moans have to feel awesome on his cock. His hips start to thrust faster.

“I’m gonna cum, pretty,” he says.

I suck harder and a few thrusts later I feel him swell just before he shoots his thick load into my mouth. I intentionally let some of his cum dribble out of my mouth because I know he finds that to be sexy.

“That’s so Goddamn hot, Sookie,” he breathes and runs his thumb over his cum dripping from my chin.

I lick him clean before I release his cock from my mouth, and then I suck his thumb, too.

“Thanks, baby,” I smile up at him.

“I always give my girl what she needs,” he tells me and runs his wet thumb over my bottom lip. “Tell me what she needs right now.”

“I want you to fuck me, but you’re going to need a few minutes.”

“I can play with your pussy, you know that gets me hard in no time,” he says and moves his hand down to pluck my nipple.

“Mmm… That’ll do.”

Eric pushes me back onto the bed with my legs hanging over the side. He kneels on the ground, pushing my legs up and resting them on his shoulders. I have to watch whatever he does, so I sit up on my elbows.

“Do you want my fingers or my mouth?” he asks and his tongue swipes through my slit.

“Both. I’m greedy.”

He hums and uses both hands to spread my lips open. I watch his face as he looks at my cunt, his eyes devouring every bit of me. I’m so wet from sucking him off and I swear I can feel my juices running down to my ass and onto the bed.

“I could watch this all day,” he says almost to himself.

I don’t say anything. I want to tell him to fuck me now, but he seems to be lost in his own world. Finally he moves his hand and drags his middle finger through my slit, and slides just a little of that finger inside. Eric wiggles his finger a little and then starts to rub circles around the my opening.

“Fuck me,” I pant. What he’s doing feels fantastic, but I want him to fill me up. I want his cock, but two or three fingers deep inside will do until he’s hard again.

“Don’t be so greedy, little girl,” he growls at me. I huff and he gives me a look that tells me to stop my whining.

“Then fuck me!”

Eric shoves two fingers deep into my pussy and it feels perfect, making me drop my head back.

“Yes!” I cry out as he continues to pump his fingers in and out quickly.

His tongue flicks against my clit and I grab his hair to keep him close. I can’t remember ever needing to cum this bad in my life. Eric slides a third finger inside me, fucking me hard with his hand. His lips seal around my clit, and when he hums I can’t stop myself from screaming his name.

“Yes, Eric! Fuck, I’m so close!” The pressure is building fast in my belly. My hips are moving to meet his fingers and when they curl to find my spot I scream again.

“Better?” he smirks as I start to calm a bit. His fingers are still inside of me, slowly twisting.

“Yes,” I pant with aftershocks rippling through me.

“I’ve been doing a little thinking,” he starts. He waits for me to look at him before he continues. “Will you let me take a video of us fucking?”

“I told you you could,” I smile. I know he’s not going to go showing it to anyone.

“I just had to double check,” he smiles.

I drop back onto the bed and follow him with my head as he stands to get get his cell phone. I talked him into the Samsung Galaxy S III. He loves it so far. I also notice his cock is stiffening. He’s probably thinking about watching the video later and not the act of fucking me right now. I ask to see if I’m right.

“Are you getting hard from thinking about the video?”

“I’m hard because I just made sure you’re going to be drenched when I fuck you,” he says and snaps a picture of me lying naked on his bed.

“You’ll have to email this to me so I can watch it when we’re not together,” I tell him, and reach down to touch myself.

“Mmhmm,” he hums and flicks the camera on.

He walks around the bed so he’s standing between my legs and he keeps the camera on my hand playing with  my pussy. He also starts to stroke himself with his free hand which makes me groan. I like watching him just as much as he likes watching me.

“I’m so fucking wet right now, baby. I want you to fuck me so hard,” I plead with him, watching as his cock grows with every stroke of his large hand.

“Show me how wet you are, pretty girl,” he says, and I spread myself open for him.

“So wet,” I moan, and keep rubbing my clit.


“Jessica said she would have a threeway with us anytime,” Sookie says. “She likes playing with us.”

“Mmm, yeah?” she nods and I pan the camera up to her tits. I love that her eyes are on my cock, and I start stroking myself faster.

“I’m not sure which one of us she likes fucking more.” Sookie moves a hand to her nipple. “But I know she loved it when you fucked her ass. I love it too.”

“I loved watching you eat her cunt when I fucked you,” I add. “Are you ready for me to fuck you right now?”

“So ready,” she smiles, and spreads herself open again.

I move the camera down so it’s on her pussy again and I run the head of my cock through her lips. She starts to pant a little when I rub over her clit a few times. I zoom in a little when I brush her entrance and my tip slips in.

“Is that what you want?” I ask, holding with just my head in her pussy.


I push another inch in and then slide almost all the way out. I do it again, going a couple more inches, making Sookie gasp.

“You’re so sexy like this, pretty girl.”

“Eric please,” she whimpers.

I give into her pleading and drive my cock in to the hilt, and grind into her trying to get even deeper if possible.

“Better?” I grin.

“Yes,” she moans and her eyes roll back a little.

I don’t know if I’m keeping the camera steady, but I pull almost all the way out and slam in again, doing this over and over. Sookie’s screams will probably wake the neighbors, but I don’t really care. She reaches down and rubs her clit.

“I’m going to cum so hard for you, Eric,” she says, and pinches her nipple with her free hand.

“Good girl,” I pant. I want to record her face when she cums. “Keep rubbing that pussy, baby.”

Her fingers move faster and she says, “Your cock feels so good, Eric.”

I can feel her begin to tighten around me. I’m not quite ready to cum yet, but when I do I want to shoot it all over her face. If I’m going to make my own personal porn, I want it as authentic as possible.

“Cum for me, Sookie, cum all over my dick,” I command when I know she’s about to explode. I also know her pussy squeezing my cock is going to pull my own orgasm from me.

Her eyes squeeze shut when her pussy clenches hard around my shaft, trying to keep me deep inside her.

“Eric!” she screams, and grabs at the bed.

“Yes! Keep going, pretty,” I say. “Ahh, fuck you feel so good milking my cock, baby girl.”

Without warning I pull out of her and drag her off the bed. “Get on your knees,” I growl. She knows what I want.

Her hands go to my hips and she sits back on her feet, looking up at me. She grins before she opens her mouth as I wrap my cock with my fist and begin to pump. I’m close now and within seconds I shoot my load into her mouth, hitting her cheek and chin as well.

“Oh my fucking God!” I roar.

I somehow manage to turn the camera off and flop onto the bed on my stomach. I can’t move.

“You okay?” Sookie asks.

“I’m fantastic,” I pant and roll onto my back.

She lifts a hand and wipes my cum off her cheek with a finger and licks it clean. She does the same with her chin.

“I think I need a shower,” she says as she stands up. “I’ll leave a puddle on the bed if I don’t.”

“Mmm, want me to join you?”

“Can you stand up? I can’t carry you.”

“If you start I can join you in a couple minutes I think,” I say with as much confidence as I can muster.

She leans down and gives me one hell of a kiss before going to the bathroom to start the shower.

It only takes me two minutes to get up from the bed and she’s already in the shower when I join her. I’m beat so I don’t even try to touch her. I know if I do I’ll end up doing very naughty things and I don’t think either one of us can take it right now.

We exit the shower and dry off in comfortable silence before we go back to the room. Sookie slides into bed naked and I know she’s going to feel like shit tomorrow so I take a trip to the kitchen to get her a glass of water and some Tylenol.  It’s three a.m. so I know none of my kids are going to come walking in and I take the short trip completely naked.

“You’re too good to me,” she mumbles when I nudge her and make her take the Tylenol now. I leave two more pills on the night stand and then walk around to my side of the bed.

I wrap my arms around her from behind and tangle my legs with hers. I nuzzle into her hair and kiss her neck.

“I love you, pretty girl. Goodnight,” I whisper.

“Love you too, Eric,” she says sleepily.

A huge grin spreads across. I know she’s drunk, but I feel her honesty. I hear her breathing even out and I follow behind her not long after.  I fall asleep an extremely happy man.


10 thoughts on “Chapter 20

  1. I’m a little worried that his kids will find the video. I hope he has a password on his phone lol. I like that they can have fun. Sookie’s words at the end of the chapter are perfect.
    Sookie’s daddy comment was a little weird I understand Eric’s reaction especially after their night at the club.


  2. i wasn’t thinking about the kids getting his phone and seeing the video, I was thinking when he fwds the video to her I hope he doesn’t fwd it to anyone else by mistake. LOL


  3. For some Saturday night porn, you ladies rock the best!! They seemed to have had really good fun together; I love that they laugh & joke & can survive the occasional awkward moment (she’s excused cos she’s drunk & it was a bit of a pro moment, but eww he’s got a daughter) as well a make awesome porn. And he got a sleepy drunk love you – maybe Jess is right.


  4. that was totally HAWT and yes i agree with itsamia71, Jess is right and drunk Sookie was loose(inebriated) to speak her true feelings, she loves him…. until the next post…. now off to clean myself up Kristie


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