Chapter 3


I get to work early on date night. My mother has a way of finding the worst of the worst for dates. I only agree because it makes her feel better. I have absolutely zero confidence in her matchmaking skills.


When I walk into the break room to get some coffee I freeze for a moment. Sookie is standing next to the coffee pot doctoring up her cup. She’s one of the girls that talks to me in the office that I’m convinced she only does it to make me feel better. She’s a sweet girl from what I’ve seen. She’s also gorgeous. A little weird sometimes, but weird is good.


“Morning,” I smile as I step up next to her so I can get my own cup of coffee.


“Good morning, Eric,” she smiles back.


Her smile is the best part about her.


“I didn’t see you yesterday,” I blurt out. “Not that I was looking for… Um we just say hi…” Okay. I need to dial back the weird some. I’m just used to seeing her in the break room.


“Oh, yeah, took a personal day,” she says. “Did I miss anything good?”


“Just Arlene walking around like she owns the place. I’m surprised you missed her birthday.” That reminds me that Dani said something about a pirate office last year and if I remember correctly Sookie’s team decorated her office in a pirate theme. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence though.


“Something came up last minute, but if you stop by my office I’ll give you a cupcake,” she offers.


“I just might do that,” I agree. I lean against the counter a little too close, giving her what I consider to be a flirty smile and ask, “You have any big plans for the weekend?” I’m sure my face is beet red now.


“My brother’s baby mama’s shower is Sunday afternoon, but otherwise not really.”


“Sounds fun,” I say. I take a step back when I feel like I’m crowding her.


“Oh I’m sure it’ll be a hoot,” she snorts. “My cousin and I have a bet going over how long it’ll take for my mom to call the baby mama an inbred bitch.”


“I look forward to hearing about it Monday,” I chuckle. “So… cupcakes sound good. I can follow you to your office to get one on the way to mine. That sounds like the beginning of a bad porn movie,” I laugh.


Sookie laughs too and says, “At least bad porn is good for a laugh, right? Come on, I’ll get you hooked up… with a cupcake, I mean.”


She watches porn… I think my eyes glaze over and I definitely feel the blood pumping to my dick.


“Yeah… lets go,” I mumble when I realize she’s waiting for me.


“Are you okay? Bad porn flashback?”


“Something like that,” I nod. I actually started imagining Sookie wearing the corset Dani was wearing in that picture… and spanking her for being naughty.


Sookie smiles at me and turns for the break room door. My eyes immediately go to her ass. They quickly snap back up to the back of her head. I grab the door to hold it when she opens it. She smells good. I could just be horny though. Between Dani and my lack of actual sex in a few weeks my cock is screaming at me to take Sookie across her desk when we get to her office.


She bends over the front work station to reach the large Tupperware on the other arm of her desk.


“Chocolate or vanilla?” she asks, still bent over.


I’m too busy stifling my groan to answer right away.


I clear my throat and say, “Uh… chocolate?”


“Coming up.” I hear the container open but it’s a few more seconds before Sookie straightens up to give me the cupcake.


“Thanks,” I smile. My eyes inadvertently travel down to her cleavage while we’re both holding the cupcake. Her cleavage… in that color looks an awful lot like Dani’s. I may or may not have studied that picture.


“You’re welcome.” Sookie pulls her hand back to lick some frosting from her finger.


“Still porny,” I mumble under my breath. “Thanks… shit, I said that… fuck, I said shit… fuuu… sorry,” I stutter. I’m a hot mess right now. I really need to get laid.


“Eric,” her free hand touches my arm, “It’s okay. My ears haven’t been virgin for a long time.”


Jesus. Now I’m imagining Sookie playing the naughty virgin girl in the porn.


“Ineedtogo,” I ramble, but I don’t move.


She takes her hand back and slides past me to get around her desk.


“Not that you aren’t pretty decoration, but are you okay?” Sookie asks after a minute passes.


“Yeah. I’m just tired and busy. I don’t want to go to my office and deal with the shitstorm that today promises to be.” I need to find someone as soon as possible to replace Christian, so I need to get a job requisition to HR stat.


“At least it’s Friday, right? Got any plans for the weekend?” Sookie sips her coffee and licks more frosting from a cupcake.


She knows what she’s doing to me. I know it.


“No,” I lie. On the off chance I get the courage to ask her out some day. Plus I doubt tonight’s date will last longer than dinner.


“No girlfriend?” Sookie asks and her pink tongue takes another pass over the buttercream.


“No, much to my mother’s dismay,” I reply. My eyes are locked on her lips.


“That’s good news for the female popu– oh. Are you… nevermind.”


I pull up my big boy underroos and decide to flirt. I’ve been telling Dani I’m shit at it, so I have to try.


I step forward, lean on her desk, palms down. I drop my voice and ask, “What aren’t you asking, Sookie?” keeping my eyes on her lips.


“Are you into guys?” she asks.


I hide my surprise by letting my eyes drift down to her cleavage and I say, “I’m definitely not into guys.”


“Just wondering.”


I look back up into her eyes, making a pit stop at her lips.


“I should go now,” I say again using the voice my last girlfriend called my sex voice.


“Probably,” she says, and her tongue swirls around the cupcake top.


I let out a little growl and straighten back up. “I’ll see you around.” I turn to walk toward the door. I can feel her eyes on my ass.


I get to my office and I think about shooting a chat to Dani, but I don’t. I need to compose myself after that interaction with Sookie. That was the longest conversation we’ve ever had. I liked it. A lot.




This girl is insane. She has that crazy look in her eye. I want to wring Mom’s neck for this. She’s the usual itty bitty boyish girl that has a salad in front of her. I wait until she gets up to go to the restroom to pull out my phone. I haven’t talked to Dani all day and I need someone to vent to.


Golden_Boy: Shoot me now.


Dani Irving: Is she making wedding plans?


Golden_Boy: Worse. Proving how crazy she is by talking about her ‘psycho ex’. And that’s all. Plus she’s highly unattractive.


Dani Irving: Sounds like a winner lol


Golden_Boy: I call it the Nina special.


Sandra comes back, but I don’t think she even notices my phone out. She’s looking at her salad and talking about how my Gordon hated Jake. I don’t know who the fuck Gordon is, and I don’t really care.


Dani Irving: Too bad you’re not hanging out with me. I’m on my third glass of wine 😀


Golden_Boy: Just say the word and give me the address and I’m there. This chick met me here so I can leave whenever.


I know she won’t, but it’s worth a shot. Plus she probably doesn’t even live in my town.


Dani Irving: And deprive you of the pleasure of hearing more about her ex?


Dani Irving: Plus I’m considering abusing my work database privileges to try and find the guy I dreamed about. He growled at me today and I swear I had a tiny orgasm.


I growled at Sookie… No.


Golden_Boy: You haven’t heard me growl.


Dani Irving: No, Sir.


Golden_Boy: Are we going there right now, Dani?


Dani Irving: The Bordeaux is bringing out the bordello lol.


Golden_Boy: Mmm


I look up when Sandra goes quiet. She’s looking at her phone. I don’t even care.


Golden_Boy: What are you wearing right now? I want a visual before I tell you what I want you to do.


Dani Irving: A dress the color of my wine and sparkly heels.


Exactly what Sookie was wearing. When her ass was moving that way I had to look at her shoes.


Golden_Boy: Gold sparkly or Silver sparkly?


Dani Irving: Gold sparkly.


I really, really want her to be Sookie, but I could never be that lucky.


Golden_Boy: How long is the dress?


Dani Irving: Mmm… about to my knees.


Golden_Boy: Where are you sitting?


Dani Irving: My couch… with my hand in my panties thinking of you in that sexy as fuck suit.


Of course this is when she wants to do this. Sandra starts talking again, but I’m not paying attention.


Golden_Boy: Tell me how wet your panties are, Dani.


Dani Irving: There’s a nice little wet spot.


Golden_Boy: I plan on making it a big wet spot.


“Sandra, sorry to cut this short. I need to go though,” I tell her, cutting off whatever the fuck she was saying.




“It was nice, thanks.” I don’t wait. I get up, drop a hundred dollar bill on the table and walk out. My mom is going to be pissed when she talks to her later, but maybe this will teach her to leave my love life alone.


Golden_Boy: This would be so much easier if I could talk to you, but I know that’s not going to happen.


Dani Irving: What would be easier?


Golden_Boy: Telling you what I want to do to you.


Dani Irving: Eh, you’d get all flustered.


Golden_Boy: I don’t think so. I actually flirted with a girl today.


Kind of.


Dani Irving: Good for you, tiger.


Golden_Boy: I feel good about it. She was gorgeous and I’m pretty sure she was flirting back.


Dani Irving: That’s great, Pony Boy.


Golden_Boy: Enough about me. Lets work on making that wet spot grow.


Dani Irving: What about your date?


Golden_Boy: I was uninterested so I paid for her salad and excused myself.


Dani Irving: Poor girl.


Golden_Boy: I doubt she even knows I left.


Dani Irving: I’m sure she does. I’d notice if you left.


Golden_Boy: She wasn’t even looking at me when she talked. She was flipping through pictures of the ex on her phone.


Dani Irving: Ew. Sounds boring as fuck.


Golden_Boy: Why do you think I’m sitting in my car chatting with you?


Dani Irving: Because if I told you where I live you’d be getting blown the second you walk in.


Golden_Boy: Mmm, exactly.


I snap a picture of my now semi hard cock outlined through my pants and I email it to her.


Golden_Boy: And that’s only half-mast.


Dani Irving: Oh I remember…


Golden_Boy: And if you told me where to find you I’d allow you to worship it however you want.


Dani Irving: I know you would.


Dani Irving: And I’d never get rid of you when I was done lol


Golden_Boy: Believe me, you wouldn’t want to get rid of me. I’ve yet to leave a girl unsatisfied.


Dani Irving: Pretty big talk from a guy that only sort of flirts.


Golden_Boy: Get a couple of beers in me and I have absolutely no problems lol.


Golden_Boy: Plus I’m working on it.


I turn on my car and set my phone down to start driving home. I’ll call Mom tomorrow to tell her what happened.


I hear my phone chime, but I wait the twenty minutes it takes to get home to check it.


Dani Irving: You’ll have to let me know how it goes.


Dani Irving: oh! I could help you!


Golden_Boy: Oh yeah?


Dani Irving: Yes! You could practice your flirting with me so this girl at work won’t know what hit her.


Golden_Boy: Okay. What should I say when I see her Monday morning?


Dani Irving: Well what kind of girl is she?


Golden_Boy: I don’t know her very well. She’s got a gorgeous face. Her body reminds me of yours and she has a sense of humor.


Dani Irving: Okay. Umm… well if she’s the chatty kind ask how her weekend was.


Golden_Boy: I do that anyway.


Dani Irving: Why not ask her to have lunch with you one day? It’s sort of safe but you could spend some time with her away from work to see if she’s interested in you.


That would take way more nerve than I have.


Golden_Boy: What if I freeze when I ask?


Dani Irving: Don’t freeze.


Easier said than done.




Dani Irving: I mean it, Goldie. Do NOT puss out. Go in there and man up.


Golden_Boy: *sigh* fine.


Dani Irving: Girls respond to confidence, Goldie.


Golden_Boy: I have confidence in a lot of things.


Dani Irving: Just not you.


Golden_Boy: I was a nerd growing up. I didn’t get a lot of attention… I get some now, I just don’t know what to do with it.


Dani Irving: Decide if you want it. If you do, then encourage it. If not…


Dani Irving: You know what, nevermind. If you’re happy with the way you are I have no right to try and change you. I’m sorry.


Golden_Boy: Don’t apologize. You’re right. I need to stop being so shy.


Golden_Boy: That’s why my mom sets up dates.


Dani Irving: I’m sure if you asked, girls would say yes. Show them what you show me and you’ll be fine.


Golden_Boy: Not every girl likes to be told to choke on my cock. Lol.


Golden_Boy: Actually every girl that has given me a blowjob has gagged… hard.


Dani Irving: Amateurs *snort*


Golden_Boy: I’ll find a girl that can do it one day. Clearly you aren’t an option even though I would like nothing more than to grab your hair and force your mouth onto my dick so I can fuck your throat… hard.


Dani Irving: Mmmm… baby you say the sweetest things.


Golden_Boy: 😉


Dani Irving: I just mean you should be confident with the girls you like, that’s all. And if the girl at work flirted back she probably likes you too, at least enough to have lunch with you.


Golden_Boy: I’ll ask her.


Dani Irving: Good.


Dani Irving: Now about you grabbing my hair…


Golden_Boy: Mmm. Yeah, I can slide my hand up the back of your neck; knot my fingers into your hair to rip your head back. I want to suck on your neck and shove my fingers in your cunt… I’ll fuck you with as many fingers as you want until I feel you’re ready to cum… fuck. I’m getting hard again.


This is exactly what I’m talking about with him. Not every girl likes it rough, but they like the certainty.


Dani Irving: Three. I want three. I would cum all over your hand.


Golden_Boy: No you won’t.


Dani Irving: Yes I would.


Golden_Boy: I would stop before you came.


Dani Irving: *pouts*


Dani Irving: Even if I begged?


Golden_Boy: I would think about it. It depends on how believable you made it.


Golden_Boy: I like watching you squirm.


Dani Irving: You’ve never seen me squirm.


Golden_Boy: No, but I’ve seen you cum and I can get a really nice visual of what you’d do if I kept your orgasm from you.


Dani Irving: Mean.


Golden_Boy: Mmm, but you like it.


My email chimes and I see I have an email from Goldie. When I open it there’s an image of his hard cock standing up straight through his zipper. He’s still wearing the suit.


Dani Irving: That suit makes me want to do naughty things, Sir.


Golden_Boy: What kind of naughty things?


Dani Irving: The kind where I straddle your lap and ride you hard.


Golden_Boy: That’s not naughty. That would only be naughty if you thought you could stop fucking me before you let me cum deep in that tight snatch.


Dani Irving: You didn’t let me finish…


Golden_Boy: Finish what? Telling me what’s naughty, or are you talking about when I told you you can’t cum until I say you can.


Dani Irving: What’s naughty.


Golden_Boy: Tell me what’s naughty, Dani.


Dani Irving: Riding you with my hands tied behind my back until you’re ready to cum and then getting on my knees so you can cum all over my face.


Golden_Boy: Mmm and I want your back to my chest so I use the rope to pull you down harder on my dick.


Dani Irving: I might cum without your permission.


Golden_Boy: If you cum before I tell you to I’m going to put you on your knees, shove your face in the floor and punish your naughty pussy. I’ll make you cum again and again until you can’t take it, but I’ll still give you more. You’re going to be pleading for me to stop as the tears pour down your face.


Oh he’s good.


Dani Irving: Are you sure you’ve never done this before?


Golden_Boy: Positive.


Dani Irving: I think you would be very good at it.


Golden_Boy: Doesn’t matter. You don’t want me.


Dani Irving: I never said that.


Golden_Boy: Then what do you want, Dani? I don’t want this with anyone else right now.


Dani Irving: I want the guy that can give me the kinds of things you write about.


Golden_Boy: I’m comfortable with you. Who says I can’t be that guy in person?


Dani Irving: You. You said you can’t.


Golden_Boy: You told me to be confident. I am confident with you. Maybe I changed my mind.


Dani Irving: So if I tell you where to find me are you going to come?


Golden_Boy: Yes.


Well there it is. I knew it, but still. The question is whether or not I want to take the risk. If he can actually follow through with all of his talk, then I’ll get exactly what I’ve been craving for weeks.


Dani Irving: Fine. I’ll email you my address.


Golden_Boy: Okay.


I take a deep breath and send him the email with my address. I have no clue how long it might take him to get here but I decide to get changed out of my dress and put on something naughtier. There’s a scarlet corset in the back of my closet that’s perfect for this. I pull my toy box out as well and then hurry to brush my teeth and touch up my makeup.


I’m just taking off my jewelry when there’s a knock on my door. My heart leaps into my throat and I have to take a few deep breaths. I can do this. I’ve done it before. Since I don’t know who I’m looking for, I smile when I glimpse a dark suit moving back and forth past the peephole. I unlock the door and pull it open.


“Hello Gol–”


Oh. My. God.


“I fucking knew it,” Eric growls before a slow grin spreads across his face.


“What do you mean you knew it?” I move my arms to cover myself a little bit.


He reaches out and I feel his soft touch moving my arms out of the way as he steps closer.


“Tonight, when we were chatting you described what you were wearing… I already had a feeling I knew you,” he says quietly and his eyes slowly travel up and down my body.


I did describe my clothes.


Oh God.


“Look, Eric, I don’t really want my very personal life intersecting with my professional life, you know what I mean?” I ask him.


He nods but his fingertip slowly moves up my arm. He draws a light line over my cleavage and then tilts my head up toward his with his finger.


“You told me to be confident,” he whispers and leans in to press his lips to mine.


I moan in surprise. His lips feel good on mine and I linger there for a moment before I pull back.


“I meant what I told you, Eric,” I say.


“Which part?” His hand keeps moving and ghost down my arm again to hold my hand.


“All of it. Didn’t you?”


“Mmhmm,” he hums, “I want to kiss you again.”


“Do you really think you can give me the things I’m looking for?” I ask. He knows about my kinky quirks. I think he wants to be able to give me what I want but that doesn’t mean he can give them to me.


“I do.” He turns his head and runs the tip of his nose along my neck and my jaw. “I’m done being scared, Sookie.”


“Then the first rule is you don’t ask, you order,” I whisper.


“Kiss me,” he says in a quiet command.


I turn my head and ghost my lips over his before I press them firmly to his. One of his hands slides up my back and twines in the back of my hair just like he described earlier. He yanks my head back and his lips move to my neck where he sucks and nips lightly.


“You always smell delicious,” he growls against my neck and bites down softly.


I groan and my knees go a little weak. “Thank you, Eric,” I whisper.


He pulls back so he’s looking into my eyes. “Thank you, Sir,” he commands.


“I’m sorry, Sir. Thank you for correcting me.”


I feel his giant hand on my ass, rubbing lightly.


“You’re welcome,” he smiles and I suddenly feel the sting of his bear paw coming down on my ass.


“Ah!” I cry out.


“Take me to your room.”


I step back to let him into my apartment and I close the door behind him. Once the door is locked I quietly slip off my heels while he looks around the room.


“This way, Sir,” I say as I walk toward my bedroom.


“I’ve always loved watching your ass,” he says from behind me.


“I can put a little more sway in my hips if you want,” I offer. I’m shocked he hasn’t noticed the shoes are gone.


“No. I like it just the way it is.”


“What do you want me to do now, Sir?” I ask once we’ve reached my bedroom.


“Go put the shoes back on and then come back. Lay down in the middle of the bed and show me how wet you are for me…”


“Yes, Sir.” I go back to the living room and put my shiny gold heels on.


When I get back to the room I climb up on the bed and lie down as instructed. My fingers push my panties aside and with my other hand; I spread my lower lips for him.


“Is this what you want, Sir, my pussy all wet like this, ready to take your big dick anytime you want?” I ask.


“Good girl, that’s exactly what I want,” he tells me. His eyes move down to my spread open pussy and reaches down to unzip his pants. “This time only I’m going to give you whatever you want.”


“I want you to fuck me like you’ve talked about,” I tell him as my fingers start to move up and down my slit.


He takes off his jacket and lays it across the back of the chair before her takes his time unbuttoning his shirt.


“Do you want a condom?’ He finishes unbuttoning, but leaves his shirt on.


“I think it might be a good idea, unless you like the taste of your own cum, Sir,” I smirk.


“I’m going to be cumming in your mouth anyway. I’ll taste it if I kiss you.” He pulls his belt off and unbuttons his pants button so they fall open. He’s going commando. He climbs onto the bed to hover over me. He dips down to whisper in my ear, “At least I’ll cum down your throat the first time… The second time I want to watch it gushing out of my tight little cunt.”


Your cunt, huh?” I sass him a little to see what his reaction is.


Mine,” he growls as he reaches down to push two thick fingers into me.


“Ooooh… wow,” I moan and my head falls back.


I can feel his eyes on my face as he starts to pump his fingers in and out slowly. He wiggles and scissors his fingers.


“Tell me who this pussy belongs to,” he whispers and I feel his thumb brush my clit.


“You,” I whisper and close my eyes. It’s not going to take much to make me cum.


“Mmm, that’s right,” he growls. I arch my back when I feel him working a third finger into me. “I’m going to show you what kind of pleasure I’m capable of bringing you, Sookie.”


“Mmm… doing good so far,” I breathe and my hips flex.


“I know,” he says with confidence. “You’re so fucking tight.”


“I know,” I pant. His fingers feel so good pumping in and out like they are. I can feel my insides tingling with the impending orgasm.


“Ask for what you need, baby.”


“Please can I cum?” I whisper.


“Yes,” he whispers back and his lips crash onto mine. I feel his cock rub against my inner thigh as his tongue brushes over mine.


My back arches and my walls clench around his fingers. I have to pull away from the kiss to cry out while I cum.


“I told you I would cum all over your hand,” I say when I calm down some.


I feel his head rub up and down through my slit after he pulls his fingers out. He starts to work his cock into me. His hand comes up and he paints my lips with my own cum.


“Clean your honey off my fingers, sweet girl.”


I lock eyes with Eric and take all three of his fingers in my mouth at once, running my tongue between them one at a time until they’re clean.


“Good girl.” His eyes go wider the deeper he pushes inside of me. “I don’t think I’ve ever fucked anything this tight.”


“I’ve never had a cock this big,” I assure him. Alcide is close, but not quite. Eric feels amazing.


He smiles and sits back on his knees. He grabs my thighs and uses them to pull me down on his shaft as his hips thrust forward, getting as deep as he can. His eyes dart between my eyes and the spot where we’re joined.


“I knew you would look amazing stretched around my cock.”


“You got a preview of it,” I smirk and reach down to rub my clit without asking first.


He smacks my hand away and says, “Not until you have permission.”


“You said I could have whatever I want,” I remind him.


“You’re right. This pussy is making me forgetful.” He lets go of my thigh and starts to rub my clit with the tips of his fingers. “I didn’t tell you I can fuck for hours.”


“A lot of guys think they can,” I smirk. “We’ll see if that’s true.”


He growls and I gasp when I feel one of his fingers slide in alongside his cock.


“I know I can fuck you for hours.”


“We’ll see,” I pant. My walls are fluttering around his shaft already.


“Do you have something you need to ask?”


“No,” I whimper right before I explode and my pussy grips him hard in an intense orgasm.


Eric pulls out and flips me onto my stomach. He pulls me up onto my knees and pushes my head against the bed with one hand. The other guides his tip to my opening and he slides in easily.


“Oh fuck,” I whimper and clutch the sheets.


His giant hand slaps my ass, making me gasp. I feel his thumb rubbing over my rear hole as he starts fucking me harder and faster.


“Do you want to fuck me there too, Eric?” I ask and rock back to meet his thrusts.


“Not tonight,” he tells me, but keeps rubbing.


I push myself up onto my hands and look back over my shoulder at him. His eyes are on my ass and he’s biting his bottom lip. My hand moves to my clit and within two minutes I’m cumming again, trying to milk his cock and call Eric’s bluff.


“Fuck, that feels good. Ride me.” He pulls out and sits against the headboard. He holds his cock up to wait for me to move.


“Which direction do you want me?” I ask, and lean down to wrap my lips around his head while I wait for the answer.


“Mmm, fuck yes,” he groans and I feel his hand on my hair. “Face me.”


Rather than getting up I start bobbing my head, taking more and more of his cock in my mouth. I moan and hum around his impressive length until he pulls me up by my hair.


“I said ride me, Sookie.”


“You said I could have what I want,” I remind him yet again.


“I did, and your mouth feels amazing, but I already miss my pussy,” he purrs.


“That was quick,” I smirk. He hasn’t even cum yet.




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