Chapter 12



“Aude, stop,” I sigh when she goes after my zipper.


She showed up unannounced at my house a half an hour ago. I know what she wants, but I’m not in the mood for her. I was just being nice by letting her in.



“But I’m horny,” she whispers with what I assume she thinks is a cute pout on her face.



“I’m tired.”



Fuck, I don’t even think my dick could get hard. I’ve been going nonstop for the last three weeks. I need a fuckin’ nap, not sex. Again. She shows up at the worst times and wants me to dominate her. I’m all for a good spanking or some hair pulling every now and then, but she doesn’t know how to slow down.



“You don’t have to do anything but lay there. I promise I’ll do all the work,” she purrs.



“I’m not a fuckin’ machine. My fuckin’ dick isn’t even hard and you’ve been naked for ten fuckin’ minutes.”



“Then why the fuck did you let me in?” she glares at me and snatches her hand back.



“Because for fuckin’ once I was being nice. I need a goddamn nap not for you to bounce on my dick and expect me to fuckin’ spank your ass. Go get someone else to fuck you.”



Aude and I have been casual, but I know she’s not dating someone like fucking Sookie is, or was. I don’t even know. I’ve taken to carrying condoms with me everywhere since she’s always horny and she seems to find me wherever I am. If she slept with someone else I sure as fuck wouldn’t fuckin’ care.



“You weren’t complaining last night when you had your dick in my throat,” she argues and gets off my bed to start gathering her clothes.



“No, and I won’t complain the next time I’m fuckin’ horny,” I shrug. “I need a fuckin’ break sometimes, Aude.” Not to mention, she’s not my fucking girlfriend so she has no fuckin’ right to show up and expect shit from me.



“You’re a selfish prick,” she says as she yanks her jeans on. She pulls her shirt on too and on her way out of the room she adds, “No wonder Sookie didn’t bother to tell you she and Trey are over.”



Ooooh, I didn’t need to hear that. Fuck.
“I’ll see you tomorrow,” I call back.



She’s stomped out on me five times in the last three weeks, but she still comes back. I have a feeling she wants more from me, that I’m not willing to give to her. She’s a sweet girl, usually. She still gives one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had.



“Don’t fucking count on it!” Aude yells and the front door slams downstairs.



Don’t worry, princess, I am.
If the sex wasn’t so fucking good when I’m not tired I’d drop her ass for someone that has a fucking mind of their own. I don’t have time fend off a goddamn relationship with her.
I get up and peek out the window before I lock the door. She’s still sitting there. Just to piss her off I grab my keys, slip on my shoes and jog out the front door to go to my car. I shoot Alcide a text to see if I can come by. Thankfully he replies immediately that Debbie is at her sisters and he’d be more than happy for the company.
On the way over I stop to pick up a case of beer. I sigh when I get to his place. He’s not too far from Sookie and now that I know for a fact she’s single I kind of want to pop in. I would be no better than Aude if I did that, though. I can’t even call her since I deleted her number after I left that day.
When I walk up to the house, he door is cracked for me. Hiring Alcide was one of the best things I’ve ever done. He’s a badass cake maker and he’s funny as shit, plus he fuckin’ gets me.
“Hey, fucker,” I say as I walk in and close the door behind me. “I brought beer.”
“Fuck yeah! I got ribs on the grill!” he calls from the back of the house.
“Nice,” I call back. I go to the kitchen and pull out two beers before I put the rest in the fridge. “I had to get away from fuckin’ Aude. Fuckin’ crazy bitch,” I tell him when he comes out.
“Didn’t I warn you the pussy wouldn’t be free with that one?” he says without a hint of sympathy and takes the beer I offer him.
“She’s not catching onto the whole friends with benefits thing. Unfortunate side effect of a big dick,” I sigh.
“Well it sure as fuck ain’t your sunny personality.”
“True story,” I chuckle. “She told me Sookie broke it off with her guy.”
“The blonde with the amazing tits that works over at the salon?” He twists the cap off his beer and chucks it at the trashcan.
“Yep. I’ve missed her real tits. Aude’s are big, but they don’t fuckin’ move.”
“They’re fun to lease but not to own,” he agrees.
“Sadly, she wants me to fuckin’ own them, and her. Not that I’m complaining but I can do whatever the fuck I want to do to her and she fucking asks for more.”
“That’s hard to walk away from, especially when they’ve got a screw a little loose,” he chuckles. “At this point, Deb and I are having married sex, which mostly means we pass each other in the hallway and say fuck you, unless she’s ovulating.”
“You’re more than welcome to have a turn with Aude. When she left I told her to go find someone else to fuck her,” I snort.
“Yeah I like my balls right where they are, thanks,” he says. “Come on, I gotta go sauce the ribs. Those fuckers are almost done and then you’re in for a fuckin’ treat. I legit won prizes with these fuckin’ things.”
I follow him to the backyard and take a seat on one of his deck chairs. Alcide isn’t fucking around with his ribs. He has a giant ass smoker next to his grill.
“Nice fuckin’ setup, man,” I smile and take a swig of my beer.
“Thanks. Dolores here has done me good since the day I got her. If I wasn’t such a suave motherfucker when it comes to cakes, I’d been serving up hot meat to hungry ladies,” he smirks.
I laugh. That’s fuckin’ funny.
“No you wouldn’t. Debbie owns your meat.”
“I was talking about barbecue, you gutter-brained fuckface,” he says smugly.
“Mmhmm. It’s hard to think about much else when I have that slut attached to my dick anytime I’m not working.”
“Bullshit,” he coughs. “I heard you two assholes in the office on Tuesday and I’m pretty sure I heard her tell you to put it in her ass.”
“Oh, she did,” I nod. I think Aude likes anal more than I do. “She doesn’t even want lube half the fuckin’ time. It’s like fucking a pornstar all the fuckin’ time.”
“I officially feel zero sympathy for you.” He’s serious.
“Seriously take her off my hands for a few days. I’m fuckin’ tired,” I laugh.
“She’s your problem.” Alcide shakes his head. He opens the grill and smoke comes billowing out. “Mmm…” he growls at the racks of ribs inside.
“Oh, you’re cute,” I chuckle.
“You laugh now but wait until you taste these fuckers.” He starts layering sauce on the ribs. “So what’s stopping you from going to see Sookie? If she’s the chick you’d rather be boning, what’s the worst that can happen?”
“Eh, if she hasn’t called me by now I’m sure she’s done with me,” I shrug. Honestly, I don’t want to hear her say she doesn’t want me.
“That sucks.” He closes the lid on the grill again. “You sure she’s really done with the guy? Maybe Aude’s just fuckin’ with you.”
“Could be. I wouldn’t put it past her. I’ve figured out she’s full of fuckin’ crazy,” I say and take another drink of my beer.
“Now the question is… was she always crazy or did you turn her?”
“She fuckin’ came in crazy. She sucked my dick within a minute of meeting her,” I laugh. “And she thinks I’ll want a fuckin’ relationship with her slutty ass. That being said, when she’s not trying to bone me she’s funny and not too bad to hang out with.”
“Then maybe your grumpy ass just needs a wittle nap,” he teases.
“I do need a fuckin’ nap. I woke up at three after getting Aude out at midnight. She keeps trying to stay over and I won’t let her,” I snort. “I had to leave because she was sitting in her car in front of my house.”
“Shit, son, it’s a good fuckin’ thing you don’t have any pets,” he snorts.
“Right. I’m glad Nora took Spencer now. He would’ve hated her anyway.”
“Well yeah, animals can sense that shit. He’s a better batshit detector than your dick.”
“I don’t know. My dick only seems to find taken or nutty. I need a nice, normal girl that gives a good blowie.” Sookie wasn’t terrible at blowing me…
“Good luck finding one of those,” he chuckles.
I down the rest of my beer and get up to grab us another round. On the way out our Alcide is staring at the neighbor’s yard and I hear him groan at the same time I hear a splash.
“You alright there? Debbie might think something is going on with us if she comes home and you have wood.” That groan was definitely a hot chick groan.
“Caitlyn’s home from college for the summer and my water bill has gone up about forty percent,” he says without looking away from the pool next door.
I look over to see her coming out of the pool. She’s in a tiny white bikini that barely covers her nipples. Her tits are very real and her hips look like perfect handles.
“Fuck, man, I don’t blame you,” I reply as I reach down to adjust my cock.
“Hi, Mr. Herveaux. Who’s your friend?” Caitlyn asks, lifting a hand to wave at us.
“This is Eric,” Alcide says. “But he’s already got a gi–” I elbow him in the ribs to shut him up.
“If you help me fuck that I’ll give you every fuckin’ detail,” I whisper. “And pictures.” I’m a fucking dick, but ask me if I care.
“As long as your johnson’s not in any of ‘em, deal,” he says without moving his lips.
“Tell me what you want and I bet I can get it.”
“Where’s Mrs. Herveaux? Usually she’s out here by now yelling at you to get away from the slutty neighbor girl,” Caitlyn smirks as she approaches us with her tits bouncing nicely.
“She’s visiting her sister,” Alcide answers. “Won’t be home for a few hours.”
“Oh yeah?” Caitlyn bites her bottom lip.
I don’t even try to stop my eyes from roaming over her wet body. Fuck, her fuckin’ nipples are hard. I want to fuckin’ bite them.
“Yeah,” Alcide says. He’s as stuck on stupid as I am.
“Want some more company? My parents are up at the summer house in Michigan until next week so I’m kinda lonely here all by myself,” Caitlyn says innocently. Her eyes shift to me and she smiles softly. “You’re cute.”
All I hear is “do you want to fuck me stupid for the next week?”
I nod and finally look up at her rich brown eyes.
“You’re not too bad yourself,” I smile.
“Thanks,” she replies. Her eyes shift back and forth.
“Look, you know I like talking to you but if the missus comes home and catches you here I’ll be in the doghouse until the end of fuckin’ time. I’m sure Eric here wouldn’t mind keeping you company for a while. I have to finish the ribs.” Alcide pats me on the back.
“Nope, wouldn’t mind at all,” I agree, licking my lips.
Caitlyn’s smile grows. “You know, this actually works out well. I was going to ask Mr. Herveaux to come over and change a bulb for me in the hallways that’s impossible to reach. I get terrible vertigo on step ladders.”
“Al, I’m going to help the girl change a bulb. I’ll be back for ribs,” I smirk.
“Such a good samaritan,” Alcide smirks back at me. “Don’t break him, Caitlyn, he’s my boss.”
“Oh I promise I’ll treat him very good,” she says. “I’ll meet you around front at the door.”
“Alright.” Caitlyn walks away, adding a little extra sway in her hips. My dick is definitely getting hard now. As soon as she’s out of earshot I ask Alcide, “Is there anything specific you want me to get?”
“Surprise me.”
“Something tells me she wouldn’t mind you watching, Mr. Herveaux,” I tease.
Alcide punches me in the back as I head out front so I can go next door. Just as I’m reaching up to knock Caitlyn opens the door.
“Come in.” She steps back to let me into the dark house.
I step inside; my cock is already swelling in my jeans.
“Where’s this bulb?” I ask as she closes the door behind me.
“This way.” She crooks a finger at me and leads me up the stairs to the second floor. I keep my eyes on her ass the whole way up.
When we walk into her bedroom I purr, “I thought it was in the hallway…” My hand goes to my cock to adjust again.
She looks over her shoulder and asks, “Did I say hallway? Silly me.” Caitlyn reaches up and unties the strings of her bikini behind her back.
“Mmm,” I hum. I’m letting her take the lead on this. “You need help with that?”
“That would be great. I think I tied the knots at my hips a little too tight.”
I step up behind her and gently tug at the strings. They fall with almost no effort. I rest my hands on her hips and whisper, “Better?”
“Much,” she replies. Her eyes meet mine but her hand settles over my hard-on and rubs a little. “Feels like you could use some assistance too.”
“What did you have in mind?”
She drops to her knees and unzips my jeans. Without hesitating she reaches into them and pulls my cock free. Caitlyn smiles a little before licking me from base to tip. I rest my hand on the back of her head to help guide her. It’s obvious she’s young by the way she’s licking me, but it still feels fucking great.
“That works… How old are you, Caitlyn?” I know she’s in college, but she looks pretty fuckin’ young.
“Nineteen,” she replies before sucking my tip.
“Mmm,” I moan. I start to push her head down a little, not too hard, just enough to let her know I want her to take me deeper. Like the dick I am I ask, “Are you going to let me take pictures so I can show Mr. Herveaux what he’s missing?”
“As long as my face isn’t in them,” she replies and then her head starts bobbing on my dick.
I groan. My cock is solid right now. Her mouth is warm and wet. I feel a little too much teeth so I pull her head off of my cock.
“Why don’t you get up on your bed and show me your pussy, little girl,” I say as I pull my phone out of my pocket.
Caitlyn gets up off her knees and pulls her bikini top over her head. She flops back on her bed and spreads her legs wide for me. I strip my clothes off and walk over to kneel on the bed between her thighs. I rub my fingers up and down her bare slit, making her moan. I hold my phone out and spread her lips before I snap a picture. I push two fingers into her tight core before taking another and firing them off to Alcide.
“Do you have condoms?” I ask when I find her g-spot. I have one in my wallet, but I don’t want to waste it in case Aude finds me somewhere. I don’t trust her enough to believe she had a fucking hysterectomy.
“Nightstand,” Caitlyn gasps. “Jesus, fuck, what did you do?”
“Apparently you’ve been fucking amateurs,” I chuckle as I rub her spot faster and drag my thumb over her clit.
“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” she chants. Her fists grip her comforter and her hips lift off the bed.
“Mmm, that’s it.”
I could ruin her for any other man if I wanted, but I’m fucking hungry and I want to get back go Alcide and the ribs. I spit on her cunt to get it wetter and add a third finger. I grab my phone and take another picture. This time I snap one of her tits too. I shoot them to Alcide and pull my fingers out to get two more. I flip her onto her hand and knees and take another picture of her ass, making sure to get her wet snatch. I reach over to the nightstand and find the condoms. I roll one on and move into position behind her.
“You ready, little girl? ” I ask as my head breaches her entrance.
“Fuuuuuck, yes,” she moans and her head drops to the bed. “Jesus, your cock is huge.”
“Mmm, you just have a tight cunt,” I groan as I push in deeper. I have to pull out and work my way back in a few times to stretch her. I grab onto her hips and start to thrust slowly. “Tell me how you want it,” I moan as I swivel my hips.
“Go slow,” she pants. “Fuck, you’re so big.”
“Welcome to the big leagues, princess,” I chuckle. It feels good to go slow. She lets out this sweet, raspy moan each time I thrust into her. I know she can feel every inch of my cock filling her and her walls start to pulse rapidly. “Fuck, your pussy feels so fuckin’ good.”
“I’m gonna cum so fuckin’ hard,” she moans and starts to back up to meet my thrusts.
“Mmm, me too,” I groan. I speed up just a little and purely out of habit I smack her left cheek.
Caitlyn cries out and it only takes a few more deep thrusts for her to lose it. Her walls clamp down around my shaft and she screams when she cums. Fuck. Her pussy is so fucking tight she drags my own orgasm from me. I pull out a moment later and Caitlyn directs me to the bathroom to dispose of the spent condom. When I get back to the room she’s still lying on her stomach right where she collapsed.
“You alright?” I chuckle and bend to pick up my boxers.
“Uh huh,” she breathes.
“You sure about that?” I pull on my boxer, followed by my jeans and T-shirt. I take a seat on the bed next to her and ask, “How long are you in town?” I don’t know if I want to see her again, but I might. She’s way fucking tighter than Aude.
“Three weeks,” she replies. “Then I go back downstate to school.”
“Mmm, you wanna do that again before you go?” I offer. Next time I might really fuck her up and give her head.
“That would be awesome,” Caitlyn smiles. “Give me your phone and I’ll text myself.”
I hand her my phone and she quickly enters her number before sending herself a message.
“I’m going to head back to Alcide’s,” I tell her when I get my phone back.
“Okay. Thanks for your assistance,” she winks.
“Anytime.” I pat her ass and make my way out of her house.
All in a day’s work.


16 thoughts on “Chapter 12

  1. Ugh. What a man whore. So, is he fucking his way through town to get Sookie out of his head or he’s just a man whore and Sookie is better off without him considering what she just found about Trey?
    I’m not liking this Eric one bit.


  2. eric finds the crazies because he doesn’t think like most women, they want something in return. caitlyn’s going to claim him as well, she was willing to sleep with alcide and get him into a shitstorm with his. eric has the sighs to the batshit crazy, he just ignores it
    he know something was going on with sookie and ignored it. proposed to his wife because she gave a awesome blowjob. he’s truelly a man’s man. eric and alcide are out their minds hilarious. if aude finds out thermonuclear like i said.


  3. “All in a day’s work,” made me laugh. He may be a little-or a lot- dirty but at least he has some scruples. He did ask how old she was. Lol.


  4. He’s trying to get Sookie out of his head obviously(I guess??) and no matter who he’s with there’s always a mental comment or a comparison. Eric’s kinda trying to get rid of Aude and now he’s trying to mess with a college girl who obviously hasn’t had REAL sex yet, so he’s surrounding himself with girls who are hanger ons to his yummy goodness. I really don’t feel bad for him especially when he runs into Sookie or she calls him.


  5. I don’t mind that he has a new girl every 5 minutes, he’s single after all.
    But i was expecting more from him and i’m not really sure i’m liking this Eric at all. The sex scene, while sexy and hot, do nothing for me if I don’t “feel” the character and this Eric..i don’t know…doesn’t seem such a great guy to me just a manwhore. I’m waiting to see if he get back with Sookie now that she’s single. Maybe he’ll become more likable to me then.


  6. I’m not a fan of this Eric, he really is a dick. I don’t like reading about him fucking other people and being so crude, even though I know he’s single and Sookie was the cheater. I hope Sookie is getting some too, it’s always the man fucking everyone while the woman just sits home all virginal so it would be a nice change.


  7. Definately would like to see sookie have a couple hookups to get over trey and I’d like to see her and Eric together. I’m fine with this Eric, he’s honest about everything and single. Sookie is. Sing kind of a bitch by not calling him and he’s obviously thinking about her a lot. I think he’ll feel kind of bad about sleeping with someone too young to go to the bar and he’ll back out of it with a quickness.


  8. So yeah, in a day’s work you treat your current squeeze (Aude) like shit and then go and bang your mate’s 19 year old neighbour… Sure Eric is doing nothing wrong per se. He is a single guy and he’s promised nothing to Aude who seems a bit of a basket case… Waiting outside his house in her car? She is a bit stalkerish… Still, wasn’t fucking his way through town what he did after his divorce? Is he back onto doing the same thing again or is this just his MO? Perhaps it is fun to him (seems like it reading his PoV) but it can be a pretty (self-)destructive process to just go through your life using people like Aude, Caitlin etc. I do understand is about the physical release and no emotional engagement but clearly with Aude there is an emotional engagement although it seems mainly a negative angry one… I think it is hilarious how Alcide lives vicariously via Eric’s trysts… He may described married sex life in not very flattering terms but knows to stay faithful to Debbie (if I got him right?)


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