Chapter 24


Okay, I must have a horseshoe up my ass. This trip has been mostly drama-free, Eric asked me to move in with him, we’ve made more than a grand on Craps and just for the hell of it I took one pull on a slot machine.

Cherry… cherry… cherry.


“I love Las Vegas!” I laugh and hug Eric as a voucher is spit out of the machine.

“Las Vegas hates you, though,” he laughs and kisses my temple.

“Looks like you’re going to be picking out new shoes for me,” I tell him. We’ve got two more days in Vegas.

“Do I get to fuck you in them before we leave? I’ve been dreaming about fucking you on the couch… and on the desk,” he says as he plays with my fingers.

“We’ll see. Aunt Flo seems to be packing her bags so it’s possible,” I reply.

“That’s very sweet of her,” he grins and pats my ass as we wait for the attendants to come over to our machine.

“Yeah, it’d be nice if she left town early,” I agree.

“If not it’ll feel good to fuck you in my bed when we get home.”

“Yes it will. I miss home.”

The attendants come and escort us through the casino so I can cash out. Seriously, it’s a little ridiculous how good our luck has been. It makes me nervous because I believe big time in life having balance so what goes up must come down. I just hope it doesn’t come down on my head.

“You know we could do something like this every summer if you want. It doesn’t have to be as grand as our little road trip, but we can find something just for us each year.”

“That would be good. We can make a list of places we want to go and then check them off one by one.” I haven’t done as much traveling as I’d like, but traveling with Eric isn’t so bad.

“I’ve always wanted to go to the Caribbean, maybe we can check out the Bahamas next summer. That way you can spend a week in a bikini.”

I snort and say, “You mean I can spend a week trying get in a bikini.”

“Tomato, tomahto,” he winks.

“So… shoes now or do we go back to the room?” I ask once we’re cashed out.

“Shoes,” he smiles.

“Okay,” I nod.

We leave the hotel and head to the mall we were at before. I’m dressed pretty casually for the average customer at Louboutin’s, but we aren’t in the store for three minutes when Eric growls at my side. I think we have a winner.

“Which ones?” I ask since I’m looking at basic, black peep toe pumps.

“Those,” he says and I follow his finger to a pair of red patent leather peep toes.

Of course they’re red.

I find a sales consultant and ask for the red pumps in a size nine. Hopefully they fit. We have to wait a minute and I can see the filthy thoughts going through Eric’s mind.

“I can’t wait to put those to use,” he says with a glazed over look in his eye.

“Down boy,” I wink at him. “You may have to wait until we get back home.”

“I know, which gives me plenty of time to plot.”

“And me to rest,” I snort.

The saleswoman brings out the shoes and I sit down to try them on. Thank fuck I’m used to wearing heels for work or I’d break my neck. When I stand up I know Eric’s thinking dirty thoughts about the shoes and the denim skirt I have on.

“What do you think, Eric?” I ask him. His eyes are glued to my feet and I’m positive I’m going to get pounced on when we get back to the room.

“I think those are an excellent choice. I would say let’s get two, but I think that would short circuit my brain.”

“And ensure I end up walking funny,” I mutter. I sit down, take off the shoes and say, “I’ll take them.”

I’m sure the saleswoman is thrilled with the commission she’ll make on the sale, and I follow her to the register to pay for my shoes in cash. I have never spent this much money on shoes before and unless I become a millionaire, I never will again. Once the shoes are paid for and in my possession I go back to Eric.

“Want to do anymore shopping?” I ask.

“Nah, I think I’m done shopping. We can go back to the room,” he says and offers to take the bag from me.

I let him take it and we make our way back to the hotel. We have to wait a minute for an available elevator and we hear a loud cheer come from the casino. Someone just won a bunch of money.

“It’s not a good day for the house,” I smile at him as the elevator doors open.

“They’re making a lot more than they’re losing though,” he says and he leads me inside the elevator when the doors open.

“True.” I push the button for our floor and the doors close.

When we get to our room Eric opens the door and holds it open for me to enter before him. He smacks my butt as I walk past, making me squeak.

“I think I need a nap,” he chuckles as he walks in behind me.

“You wore yourself out with all the mental porn?” I tease a kick off my sandals.

“Mmm, and now I want to dream about it,” he grins and I see one of his flip flops fly across the room.

“Well you go right ahead.” I turn on the TV and lower the volume before I stretch out on the couch.

“I’ll let you know what I dreamt about when I wake up,” he says and flops on the bed.

“I’ll be here. If I leave the room I’ll leave and take my phone.”

“Have fun.”

“You too.”

I wait until I hear Eric snoring on the bed and then I grab my phone, the room key and slip out to call Dawn just to check in since I haven’t called her since we got to Vegas. I lean against the door and dial her number.

“Hello?” she answers on the third ring.

“Hey, it’s me. I won five grand on a single pull at a slot today,” I tell her.

“Are you kidding me? What god are you praying to for that kind of luck?” She’s shocked.

“I don’t know but I doubled your money too. You don’t even want to know how well Eric’s done at Craps.”

“You lucky bitch,” she giggles. “I don’t know how you did it, but I’ll be glad to get my hundred bucks when you get home. I won’t complain if you pick up some new shoes for me too.”

“Yeah speaking of new shoes, I have a pair of red, patent leather peep toe Louboutin’s in my hotel room right now,” I inform her. “Too bad you don’t wear my size.”


“You wouldn’t let me wear them anyway,” she says and then adds, “I hope you bought a guard dog to watch those babies.”

“He picked them out and is currently napping,” I chuckle.

I legitimately believe that Eric would be more upset than I would be if something happens to those shoes.

“I see,” she laughs knowingly. “Other than breaking the bank, how’s the trip going?”

“Well… he asked me to move in with him,” I tell her.

“You said yes, right?”

“I didn’t even have to think about it, Dawn. I swear, I’m seeing our kids in my head,” I confess.

“Aww, that’s really sweet, Honey. I’m happy for you. I know you would’ve murdered Quinn by now if you would’ve gone on a road trip with him.”

“Oh I would have flown home by day three,” I laugh. “We’ve had our spats but nothing that makes me want to run.”

“Let me guess, he thinks you drive too slow?” she laughs. Dawn is worse than Eric behind the wheel.

“I drive the speed limit and he doesn’t use turn signals,” I argue. “I swear I almost got whiplash in L.A.”

She just cackles.

“So Prince Charming does have a flaw.”

“He has a few but no deal breakers. If we do have kids I’m not letting him drive them around though.”

“Clearly he hasn’t killed you with his driving. I think your kids will be alright,” she says, sticking up for him.

“I don’t want my toddler to need a chiropractor because daddy can’t break when he should.”

“I think you’re imaginary children will be alright. How long until you guys come home?” she queries.

“We leave Vegas the day after tomorrow and we may spend a night somewhere on the way back since it’s an eight hour drive. I’ll let you know if we stop for the night.”

“Okay. I’ve been working on getting things packed, so it’ll look a little different when you get here,” she warns.

“No problem. Assuming nothing goes wrong I may spend a night at Eric’s before I come home so I can do his laundry.” He hasn’t done a load since I agreed to do it for him.

“You do his laundry?” The ‘what the fuck is wrong with you’ is implied in her tone.

“He cooks and I do the laundry. I don’t mind,” I shrug.

“To each their own.”

“I’d rather wash clothes than make dinner, so it works for us.” My phone beeps and the king of the catnap has sent me a text picture of his hard-on. “Hey Dawn, I gotta go. I’ll call you in a few days.”

“Okay, drive safe. I love you,” she says.

“Love you too,” I say and then hang up. I go back into the room to find Eric stroking himself on the couch. “Oops, I forgot to leave a note. Bad, bad Sookie.”

“Mmhmmm,” he agrees. His eyes go straight to my chest and he starts biting his bottom lip.

“How can I pay my penance?” I ask as I get closer to him.

He looks up at my lips and angles his shaft so the head of his cock is pointing at me. “I’m sure you can find a way,” he tells me in a sleepy voice.

I smile and drop to my knees in front of him. My fingers graze his thighs and I lick the tip of his cock. He shudders and I say, “I’m sure I can.”

Then I lower my head and take as much of his cock as I can in my mouth.


I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. Not only does Sookie drive like molasses in December, she makes all of these little annoying sounds when she gets bored. My favorite was the nail filing. What the actual fuck was she thinking doing her nails in the car. She even took off her nail polish, which forced me to roll down the windows, and even though we weren’t in the desert it’s still hot as balls outside.

When we get into the house I take my bags out of the car, but I don’t touch hers. She suggested staying the night, but I don’t think either one of us wants to be near the other right now. The glares I got when I would sigh is a sure sign she’s pissed too.

Sookie goes into my house just to get her keys since she left them here so they wouldn’t get lost somewhere. When she comes out she goes straight to the trunk of her car to open it.

She takes a deep breath and says, “Just leave your laundry and I’ll do it when we don’t want to kill each other anymore.”

I go to the Jeep and I start moving her stuff over to her trunk for her. I ignore the killing comment and say, “I can do it, just let me know you made it home safe.”

I may want to rip her fingernails off, but I still worry about her safety.

“I’ll text you.” Sookie closes the trunk when the last bag is moved to her car.

“Thanks. Love you,” I tell her and close the Jeep hatch. I stand back and cross my arms over my chest while I wait for her to get in her car.

Sookie tosses her purse in the front seat and then comes back over to me.

“I love you too,” she says and pushes up on her toes to give me a quick kiss before going back to her car.

Another reason asking her to move in was the right move. Even when we’re irritated with each other we aren’t throwing things and calling each other nasty names. We are actually civil with each other.

I watch as she backs out of the garage and as soon as her car is out of sight I close the garage door. After being in the car for the last ten hours I don’t want to just sit, so I grab my phone and shoot texts messages to both Al and Ras to see if they want to come over. This way I can tell them together Sookie and I are moving in together.

♦ ♦ ♦

Rasul brought steaks, and Alcide brought the beer. We’re standing out back on my patio with meat and potato packs on the grill, laughing about Alcide’s reaction to the wedding scare when I decide to let them know.

“I asked Sookie to move in with me,” I tell them and sit back to wait for their responses.

“That’s good, she’s a really sweet girl and nothing like Tara. She was a crazy bitch,” Ras chuckles and takes a swig of his beer.

“Sook’s definitely an upgrade,” Al agrees. “And I wouldn’t rather put my hand in a blender than be around her like with Tara.”

“Thanks,” I smile. I take that as compliment. “Dawn is moving to Miami, so I figured this would be the perfect time and then I realized I didn’t want her to go home when our vacation ended.”

“And then you immediately made her go home?” Ras says, arching an eyebrow.

“The last few hours in the car were rough,” I laugh. “That was the longest stint in the car in one go since the beginning of the trip and she drives like my Grandmother. We just need a breather.”

Al laughs at that. “Of course you say that. Did you two seriously argue about driving?”

“It’s pretty much the only thing we argued about. Apparently my road rage doesn’t sit right with her, or my lack of blinker use, and late braking.”

“Chicks,” Al shakes his head.

“I’ll drink to that,” Ras says, holding up his beer.

“And don’t worry, Al, you’ll know before I decide to marry her,” I tell him.

“Good. I don’t want you being a bonehead this time around. If you had popped the question to Tara I would have had to club you over the head and pray for amnesia.”

I laugh and say, “I learned my lesson with that one. I think you would’ve had help from Mom.”

“No, no, no, Sophie would have clubbed Tara over the head… then dropped her over the side of the Golden Gate Bridge with cement booties on to make sure she didn’t resurface, and then she would distract you with cookies.”

I love my mom.

“She’s a good woman,” I wink.

Rasul goes into the house to get another beer and comes out with my phone in his hand.

“Dude… what’s a Vajizzle?” I spit my beer out and snatch my phone from him. Sookie’s contact picture is of us at the beach in Carmel, but I don’t want him to go snooping through my phone and find something he shouldn’t.

“It’s an inside joke. Sookie has me in her phone as Schmoopy.”

“Schmoopy? Does she have your balls in her phone too?” Al snickers.

“Fuck off. I was flirting and said the name. It stuck,” I chuckle.

“I kinda like it, Schmoopy,” Rasul grins. They’re both assholes.

“How come she got the porny, gangster sounding name and you got the special ed. cartoon dog name?” Al asks.

I laugh. The look on his face is too much.

“Luck of the draw.” And I refuse to tell them my porn option was Skin Flute.

“Now does she squirt you with a water gun when you hump her leg?”

“Fuck you,” I laugh. “I’m the only one that does any squirting when we hump. And I do not hump her leg.”

“I don’t know, I’ll have to ask her about that,” Ras snickers.

I wave them off and check my phone. I pout a little when I read it.

Vajizzle: I’m home. The bed is empty without you xoxo

I ignore my friends giving me shit for a moment and reply.

Me: I have the boys here, but I wouldn’t mind seeing your pretty face.

I stopped being irritated about thirty seconds after she drove away.

Vajizzle: Have fun with your boys. I’ll come by tomorrow.

Me: Okay. Love you. xx

Vajizzle: Love you too.

“Awww look at him blush, Ras,” Al taunts.

“Just wait till you find a girl that can stand looking at your ugly mug when she’s sober,” I tell him. Fucker.

“Now I want to know what Vajizzle had to say.”

“She just told me she’s home and she doesn’t hate me anymore.”

“Good for you, Schmoopy,” Al nods.

I brought it on myself.

♦ ♦ ♦

The boys end up leaving about two hours later. I take the time to separate my laundry and get my darks in the wash. I’m getting tired, but I need to get it done. I clean up our dinner dishes and then I go lie down on my bed. It feels like heaven. God, I’ve missed my bed. I stretch out and take a deep breath. Within a month I’ll be sharing my bed with Sookie full time, and that makes me happy. Very, very happy.

I decide to shoot her a message.

Me: You still up?

Vajizzle: Yes, sir. Just put my wash in the dryer & my dinner should be here any minute.

Me: The boys left about an hour ago. I actually put my own laundry in.

Vajizzle: Whoa. I’m breaking in my new shoes 😉

Me: I am very excited about that! Can you send me a picture?

It takes a minute but then I get picture of what looks like Sookie stretched out on her couch with her feet up on the arm of it.

Vajizzle: That work for you?

I reply with an image of the tent growing in my basketball shorts.

Me: Schwing!

Vajizzle: lol good thing I didn’t send a picture of what I’m wearing then.

Me: You could. You would just get a less PG picture back.

It takes another minute but I get a selfie of her reflection. Sookie’s got on a lacy black tank top that hugs her curves, no bra, and a pair of matching boyshorts… plus the shoes.

Me: Is that an invitation?

I few seconds later I send her a picture of my bare cock, semi-hard.

Vajizzle: Do you want it to be?

Me: Have you met me?

Vajizzle: You know the way…

Me: Give me 10

My clothes finished washing about two minutes ago so I grab my car keys, my wallet and I move my clothes to the dryer on the way to the car. I takes fifteen minutes thanks to the stop light gods making every one of them red.

I park in my normal spot before I walk up and press the buzzer.

“What’s the secret password?” Sookie asks over the intercom.

“Skin flute in the vajizzle action is being postponed by your silly questions, woman.”

“Mmm… I don’t think that’s it, Sparky,” she teases.

“The duck flies at midnight.”

The buzzer sounds, letting me into the building.

When I get to her door I hear the lock flip and I just walk in. She’s still standing when I walk in and I let out a little growl.

“Please tell me Dawn isn’t here,” I say to her. We didn’t have sex again in Vegas. The last time we touched was the blowjob she gave me when I woke up from my nap.

“You know she’s not? She’s down in Los Angeles for three days,” Sookie says.

“Lucky for you,” I smirk.

“Lucky for you too or you’d have to wait until tomorrow.” Sookie closes and locks the door. I can see the bottom of her lower cheeks peeking out of her panties.

I step forward, closing the distance and pressing her face first into the door. My hand slides down her body to her hip and around to her ass. I slip my hand between her legs and I rub her slit.

“Is this okay?” I purr and push her hair to the side to kiss the back of her neck.

“It’s a great start,” she replies and spreads her legs a little more.

“You know these shoes make you the perfect height,” I tell her. I move my hand around to the front and I begin to rub her clit through her panties and I rub my hard-on over her ass.  “You see, he’s already in the perfect spot to slide into your vajizzle.”

Sookie snorts and says, “Don’t rip these panties.”

“I won’t,” I promise.

I start placing gentle kisses on her neck and shoulder as I push her panties to the side. My hips are thrusting against her ass and I stroke up and down through her folds. She’s getting very fucking wet.

“Eric, you can be sweet later. Fuck me now,” she pants.

“As you wish,” I growl.

I pull my hips back long enough to get my shorts down. I push her panties a little further out of the way. She gasps when my head hits her opening and I immediately drive into her, pushing her hard into the door.

“Ooooh… fuuuck,” she moans. “Again, Eric.”

Of course what the lady wants, the lady gets. I pull back and slam in just as hard. And then again… and again. I keep my fingers on her clit as I pound into her from behind. Her hands are pressed against the door, to stop herself from slamming into the door too hard.

“Is this good, Sookie?” I ask roughly. “Is this how you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes!” she cries out. “More!”

I keep going, panting and grunting right along with her. I’m fucking her so hard it’s hurting my hips a little, but I keep going. I can feel her pussy gushing all over me and I moan when I feel her juices coating my balls.

“So… perfect,” I grunt.

“I’m gonna cum so fucking hard,” she almost whines when her walls flutter quickly right before they clamp down on my shaft. “Fuck, yes! Eric!”

As she cums I grab both of her hips and pull her ass out a little further to change the angle a little. It takes a four thrusts in this new position and the feel of her walls milking me to cum hard. I end up slamming her into the door again and my tongue flicks out to lick the back of her ear.

“I missed you too fucking much,” I pant.

“Me too,” she moans and shudders.

I gently pull out and turn her around. I love that her shoes put her near eye level with me.

“Welcome home, Baby doll,” I smile and my lips crash onto hers.

Sookie moans into the kiss and when it breaks she tells me, “I expect a similar welcome when I change my address.”

Breakeven 24 Eric



2 thoughts on “Chapter 24

  1. The schmoopy secret is out! And there is no way the boys are letting that one go! Lol
    Geez. Driving seems to be a real issue! Glad it’s the only one…. And the reunion sex was delicious =D


  2. I think all their future holidays need to not be road trips! They seem to know to get space & calm down pretty quick. Like I said before, so not me!!


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