Chapter 15



I come home to the familiar smells of pot and sex, and as I pass Amelia’s room I can hear her friend moaning. I keep walking, pulling my suitcases along behind me. My bedroom is the same as I left it. I flip on the lights and close my door behind me.


I kick off my shoes and pull out my phone to text Eric so he knows I got home okay.


Me: I’m home 🙂


God: Good. Thanks :-*


Eric immediately sends me a picture of himself giving me kissy lips.


Me: You’re cute.


God: I am, aren’t I? 😉


Me: I’m bored. I should have stayed at your place.


God: Come back. Ras and I are having a couple beers out back.


Me: I just got home. You two can have your bro date and I’ll lay in bed having dirty thoughts about you.


God: But if you come back you can lie in my bed and do dirty things WITH me.


Me: You make a good point. However, I was considering taking pictures of whatever filthy things I do.


God: Mmmm…


God: If you were here you could be bouncing on my dick though.


Me: I can do that here too 😉


I fall back on my bed and immediately get comfy. I’ve missed my bed.


God: Only if I come there… I’ve never seen your place.


Me: You can come here. You might get a contact high.


God: 😦 I’d do it for you. If you wanted me to… I can always have your bed moved here.


Me: I think it’s a little soon to be talking about living together, sweetie.


God: I’m not saying you need to live here. I’m just saying you can keep your bed here.


Me: You’re drunk lol


If my bed is there, I’m living there.


I hear Amelia’s headboard smacking against the wall down the hall and obvious sex noises traveling through the apartment.


Me: Jesus, my roommate is loud when she’s getting laid.


God: So are you.


Me: Yeah, and you’ll just have to imagine the noises I make tonight :p


God: That’s too bad.


Me: Yes it is. I’ll let you get back to your bromantic evening.


God: Yes ma’am.


I set my phone aside and get up to take off my dress. I turn on my TV and channel surf until I find something worth watching. About twenty minutes pass before I start to nod off. Not long after that, I’m sound asleep.




Fuck. My. Life.


There are photographers everywhere. I know they’re not here for me specifically, but they’re still here. I pull into a parking space about a half a block away from the place I always go for my pedicures and hope that I can slip by unnoticed. Aside from the airport pickup, Eric and I haven’t been photographed together.


Rumors are circulating, though. Eric might not check the internet, but I do. Some of the things people come up with are pretty crazy, but the speculation runs from me being his girlfriend to me just being his bimbo-esque beard to halt the gay rumors.


I know Eric likes his privacy, but he’d be better off getting ahead of his image. Being too secretive means he’s not really owning his celebrity, and I’ve seen lots of talented people fade away because they couldn’t take control of their image. The mystery becomes boring after a while if no clues are thrown out there.


I’m two doors away from the salon when the cameras turn on me and start shooting. I keep walking like they’re not even there. I’m not going to answer any of their questions anyway. When I walk into the salon, I see what the fuss is about. Claudine Crane, who is also up for an Academy Award, is getting her toes done.


I brought my own polish, so once I’m checked in I’m escorted to the only vacant pedicure chair which happens to be next to a curvy redhead with doe eyes and skin the color of fresh cream. I take my seat and set the massager in the chair to do my whole back while my feet soak. My eyes close and I let myself relax.


“Excuse me,” a soft voice says from my left.


I lift my head to look at the girl next to me.


“Hi,” I smile at her.


“Hi, aren’t you Sookie?” she asks.


“Maybe. Who’s asking?”


She smiles and says, “I’m Jessica… Eric’s Jessica.”


Oh. Oooooh.


“Nice to meet you. I’m Sookie.” I extend my hand to her.


She reaches over to shake my hand.  “You too,” she smiles.


“I didn’t know you got your nails done here. I’ve never seen you in here before.” I pull the polish I borough from my hoodie pocket and give it to Chow when he comes to start my pedicure.


“This is only my second time here. My last nail girl quit and I didn’t like anyone at my old shop,” she explains.


“That always sucks. It took me six tries before I found a good hairstylist,” I nod understandingly.


“I don’t do anything with my hair for that very reason,” she says.


“You have beautiful hair,” I tell her. She’s a beautiful girl. I can see why Eric was interested in her.


“Thanks,” Jessica smiles. “Yours is pretty too.”


“Thanks.” I don’t really know what else to say to her without bringing up Eric, so I just go quiet.


A few minutes pass and she asks, “So, are you seeing Eric now?”


“No, I’m just his assistant,” I tell her. He hasn’t said anything about it, so I’m not going to.


“Mmhmmm,” she hums and looks away.


“Are you seeing anyone?”


“Nope. Eric was it…”


I nod, again not really sure what to say. I know he broke things off with her but I don’t know what reason he gave for doing it.


“So… are you an actor too?” I ask.


“Oh, no I’m a P.A,” she says.




Annnnd I got nothing.


“So… what do you… oh, never mind,” she giggles. “I know what you do.”


“Yeah,” I smile.


“Do you like assisting for him? He he a good boss?”


“He is. I’ve definitely worked for worse than him. He’s fairly low maintenance, which is nice.”


“Mmm, yeah,” she agrees awkwardly. “Are you sure you’re not seeing him? I mean, I know him and you’re the type of girl he likes.”


“What type is that?” I ask curiously.


“Pretty, you seem sweet, a little thicker around the middle, nice tatas…” Jessica looks like she wears around the same size as me.


“And they’re not fake,” I smile. Usually boobs this size in this town means implants.


“I can tell; he doesn’t like fake girls,” she smiles back.


“How long were you two seeing each other?” I ask. I’m trying not to use his name if I can help it since places like this are a breeding ground for rumors and gossip.


“Close to a year,” she tells me.


“Oh… I didn’t realize it had been that long,” I tell her. I feel a little guilty now.


“It was never exclusive. It seems you did something special to get that privilege,” she tells me.


“I don’t really know what I did,” I shrug. “I’m sorry if… I don’t really know how to phrase it, but I’m sorry if your feelings got hurt.”


“A little. I mean, obviously I miss him but you can give him something he wasn’t finding with me. Honestly, I never expected him and I to last as long as we did.”


I don’t really know what to say to that so I just nod. She’s not exactly his ex-girlfriend, but pretty damn close. It’s clear to me that she had feelings for him, although to him, whatever they had was just casual. There was no broken heart when he called things off with her. All he was missing was the sex and I’m sure if I had said I didn’t want more he would have gone right back to Jessica to pick up where they left off.


“I like that color,” I tell her when I see the deep shade of red being painted on her toes.


“Thanks. I normally do some shade of red. It’s hard to find something that works with skin this pale,” she giggles.


“But it’s flawless skin,” I point out. I’m tan but it’s not exactly an even tan since I can’t be walking around naked all the time.


“Oh, I have plenty of flaws,” she laughs. “But thanks.”


“Are you originally from California?” I might as well get us away from the topic of Eric since that’s obviously awkward as fuck.


“No, Alaska. I followed a boy down here when I was eighteen and he dumped me after two months.”


“Ouch,” I wince for her. “That had to be tough.”


“Yes and no. It was hard being in the big city on my own after I’d been so sheltered but at the same time it felt good.”


“I know what you mean. I’m not from here either so it was a big change at first, going from small town Louisiana to a big place like Berkeley,” I tell her.


“How’d you end up way down here? Most people stay in the bay area,” she says.


“I majored in journalism and the first job offer I got was for one of the rags down here. Everyone has to start somewhere so…” I shrug. The rest is history.


“Oh, eww,” she cringes. “I try to stay away from tabloids. The only reason I knew who you were when I saw you was because you and him were on a blurb on the cover of one when I was in line at the grocery store.”


“Yeah, it turned out they weren’t really for me either but it paid the bills,” I shrug.


“I’m sure your current job is a lot more satisfying,” she winks.


“It is, actually. I feel like I’m doing something positive for a change,” I tell her.


“You are. He needed the help.”


“I’m starting to see that,” I laugh. It’s not like Eric wasn’t a complete mess before he hired me, but I’d like to think he’s in better shape now than he was.


Jessica smiles at me but stays quiet. A few minutes later her pedicure is done so we politely wave and say goodbye before she gets up to go put her toes under the UV lights to dry the paint a little faster. I pull out my cell phone and text Eric to tell him about my encounter.


Me: Guess who I just met.


God: I’m no good at guessing games. Who?


Me: Jessica. She’s nice. Great rack 😉


God: Mmm yes she wasn’t too bad to look at naked. And she is a very sweet girl.


Me: I think she was hoping I’d invite her to come and play with us.


God: Oh yeah, she looks sweet but that girl is hornier than me. Some days I think she likes pussy more than me too.


Me: Too bad I’m not into girls.


God: That is too bad. I wouldn’t mind watching her eat your pussy.


I snicker. Of course he wouldn’t. I can’t think of a single guy that would turn down watching live action, lesbian porn going down right in front of him.


Me: In your dreams, buddy.


God: Oh I’ll be dreaming about it tonight 😉


Me: I’m sure you will. Maybe I’ll stay over and you can tell me all about those dirty things you’d like to do.


God: Just tell? I can’t do them?


Me: Depends on what filthy things you’re thinking.


God: At the moment I just want to fuck you but I’m sure I can come up with something filthy.


Me: I have faith in you, sweetie. Oh, and I got papped on my way into the salon.


God: I’m sorry 😦


Me: Eh, they weren’t here for me. Claudine Crane is getting her nails done.


God: Fuck. I would kill to be in that salon with all three of you. She’s fucking hot.


Me: Want me to take a picture? She’s only a few feet away.


God: Only if you’re in it and you’re both naked.


Me: Yeah, I don’t think that’s happening lol


God: Damn. I’m good then.


Me: But feel free to put a threeway of me, Jessica and Claudine in your spank bank 😉


God: It’s there.


Me: You’re a dirty, dirty boy, Mr. Northman.


God: Sometimes 😉


Me: Just sometimes? Ha!


God: What? Are you implying I’m dirty all the time?


Me: Yes.


God: I don’t see you complaining.


Me: Nope, definitely not.


God: Good.


Me: When I’m done here I’ll run home and pack a bag. I’ll try to be at your house by dinnertime.


God: Okay. I’m out right now. I should be home in an hour or so.


Me: You know… it would be easier for us both if you gave me a key. I promise to only let one or two rabid fans in 😉


God: I have one for you. I just keep forgetting about it. It’s in the top left drawer in my office in case I forget again later.


Me: I’ll remember. See you in a few hours :*


God: Have fun :*


I put my phone back in my pocket and lean back while Chow massages my legs. The massager feels good on my back. I watch Jessica leave the salon a few minutes later and I can see the photographers looking all disappointed when it’s just a lowly P.A. that leaves the shop. There’s a part of me that still feels a little dirty for ever having been part of that business. Never again, that’s for damn sure.




When I get back to my apartment I find a petite blonde I don’t recognize standing nude in my kitchen, gulping down a bottle of Voss water.


“Uh, hi?” I arch an eyebrow.


“Hello,” she greets me and takes another gulp of water.


“Who are you?” I set my purse down on the dining room table. I have no idea who this woman is, why she’s in my apartment, or why she’s naked.


“Pam, who are you?”


“Sookie. I fuckin’ live here. You don’t,” I remind her. “How the fuck did you get in my apartment?”


“Amelia let me in.”


Of fucking course she did.


“Right. Well… nice meeting you. I’m sure this will be the first and last time.” Amelia’s not really known for keeping her playmates around for very long.


“We’ll see,” she shrugs and opens the fridge to put what’s left of her water back.


Poor thing. Amelia’s… well, she’s the closest thing I’ve ever met to a real life Samantha Jones. She’s not really known for sticking around. When she does get into the occasional relationship, that doesn’t usually last for too long either.


I continue on to my bedroom and start to go through my closet to decide what to take to Eric’s with me. Amelia comes waltzing into my room, draped in a pale pink robe that’s loosely tied around her waist.


“Could you please ask your friends to put something on before they leave your bedroom? It’s disturbing to come home and find naked strangers in my kitchen,” I tell her.


“I didn’t think you’d be home so soon.”


“That’s not really the point, Ames.”


“Fine, I’ll tell her to put something on.”


“Thank you. I probably won’t be home for a day or two,” I warn her. “I’ll be staying at Eric’s house.”


I haven’t really told her yet about the shift in our relationship, but judging by the look on her face I know she suspects something is up.


“Uh huh, and where will you be sleeping, young lady?” she smiles knowingly.


“At his house?”


“In his bed,” she teases.


“Maybe,” I shrug casually. “His guest room is occupied at the moment.”


“So when the tabloids call what should I tell them?”


“Nothing,” I reply.




“As far as anyone needs to know right now, I’m just his assistant,” I say quietly since I don’t know if that Pam woman can hear us and I don’t need her running off to the tabloids to tell them what’s going on.


“Alright. I’ll keep my lips sealed.”


“Thank you,” I nod. “So where’d you meet Pam?”


“Whole Foods. She was thumping a cantaloupe and I “accidentally” bumped into her.”


“And now you’re thumping her cantaloupes,” I snicker.


“Uh huh. She’s fun.”


“Well good for you,” I smile. I grab a dress, a pair of jeans and two different tops since I’m not sure which one I like more. Then I move over to my dresser and grab two nightgowns. I doubt I’ll actually sleep in them but I don’t really feel comfortable walking around naked with Rasul staying there. I honestly don’t know why he doesn’t just officially move in and get it over with. He’s been staying with Eric for weeks and I don’t see any signs of him leaving in the near future.


I get all my stuff packed up and say goodbye to Amelia and Pam before leaving the apartment. On my way back to Eric’s house, I stop at a little bakery that makes some amazing seven layer bars and pick up a few. My sweet tooth is killing me right now. I swear, every time I see chocolate in the last week I can’t stop myself from eating it.


By the time I pull up to Eric’s place, his car is in the drive. Rasul’s rental is missing so God knows where he is or when he’ll be back. I park my car beside Eric’s and grab my things to head on inside.


12 thoughts on “Chapter 15

  1. LOL, I was wondering when she would bump into Jess. I’m glad Sookie decided to not walk around naked in front of Rasul. I hope Ameila does manage to keep her lips sealed. Great chapeter, can’t wait for more.


  2. Sweet tooth? Probably reading too much Into it. And Amelia? She is an expose waiting to happen. Sure it’s only one more chapter? I’m going to miss these guys! As always a wonderful surprise. Thank you for the story!


  3. Wonder if Amelia will slip up if there are calls…
    Chocolate, hmmmm, wonder what that might mean?
    An E/S story that the Eric doesn’t know the Pam? If that’s true it’s the first one I’ve read.
    Sad there is only one chapter left but excited for what comes next!


  4. I don’t want this to end now. The Jessica encounter was very interesting. I’m amazed they have kept it a secret about their status this long. A chocolate craving hmmm.


  5. I love this story I’m just dying I love how it’s kinda funny, but then again sexy, and the story is amazing I haven’t got bored once and I’m kinda horny now keep make more of this stuff!


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