Chapter 12


I was a nervous wreck. I hadn’t been with anyone since Quinn. I wasn’t sure if we were going to go that far, but I was standing there half naked with a fucking God staring at my tits. I wasn’t sure if I fell asleep while I was waiting for him to get out of the shower or if maybe he was high? That was a good reason he was looking at Betty and Wilma like a thirsty man in the desert and they were an oasis.

I reached up to try to cover my nipples, but was quickly stopped when Eric let out a sexy little growl, grabbing my wrists.

“Don’t,” he said in a deep baritone I’d never heard before.

“Um… okay…” My eyes were on his handsome face. I felt what was happening in his cargo shorts in the kitchen, but I was scared to look. I could feel my nipples getting hard and my panties getting wet. I was in a situation I never thought I’d be in.

Eric dropped to his knees in front of me. His lips moved along my collarbone, from my shoulder to my neck and then over to the other shoulder. Large hands massagedImy hips as his lips moved over my skin. He took his time, kissing and tasting every inch of me that he could. Surprisingly, he skipped Betty and Wilma. Maybe he was saving them for last?

“May I?” He tugged on my pants.

“Yes,” I squeaked. I was frozen in my spot.

Eric slid my sweats down and helped me step out of them. He looked up at me while backing me to the bench at the foot of the bed. He had me sit but left my panties on while his lips went to work on my thighs.

I was too shocked to stop him, not that I wanted to. It was like every single fantasy I’d had about him was coming true. Except it was better. His hands and lips gently massaged my inner thighs, pushing them further apart. The panties I had on were little lacy boy shorts. I kept my lady bits well maintained so that was actually one thing I wasn’t embarrassed about if and when he got to them.

“It’s been a long, long time,” I warned.

Eric winked at me before I felt his hot breath on my lower lips. He began tugging the lace over my hips to get my panties off. There was look of approval on his face before his campaign of slow, sweet kisses continued on my mound and then over my slit. He licked me slowly, groaning at the juices flowing from me. His thumbs parted my folds and his eyes locked on mine when he kissed me again like he would my mouth.

“Oh, God,” I breathed. His tongue moved in and out of my warm, wet center, making my hips buck a little. My hand went to his head while the other came up to play with my nipples. Each time he tugged I swore I could feel it right above the spot his tongue was.

His tongue alternated between playing with my clit and massaging my opening. I felt one of his thick fingers begin to pump in and out of me as his mouth latched onto my clit. His tongue moved in different patterns until he found one that made my eyes cross.

I sucked in a quick breath. My fingers raked through his hair and I could feel my juices pouring out, probably soaking the bench I was sitting on. Not only was Eric a sexy motherfucker, he also knew how to give head. That was rare, or so I’d learned in my limited experience. I refused to compare him to any of my exes.

“Keep doing that,” I panted. I was going to cum hard for him.

He hummed, but kept his tongue moving in the same pattern. A second finger slid into me and when he curled them a minute or two later, my eyes crossed again. He growled when my walls clenched and rubbed over the same spot.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned. It wasn’t going to take too long to make me cum. “So close…” I knew he had the appointment Tuesday, but I wanted to be able to reciprocate when he was done. I didn’t know if he had condoms with him or if I should chance a blowjob. All I knew was we weren’t stopping after he got me off. “Fuckfuckfuck,” I chanted as my body began to tremble. One quick rub over that magic spot inside of me and I tumbled right over the edge. My back bowed as I leaned into the bed. I was scared my thick thighs were going to crush his head when I almost wrapped them around his ears. I eventually had to push his head away from my sensitive nub when he tried to keep going.

“Had enough already?” He kissed my hip, his fingers still pumping in and out of me.

“Oh, I want more,” I told him. I slipped my leg down so I could rub his cock through his shorts with my foot.

“Good.” He started to kiss his way back to my mound.

“Are my lips pretty enough to take away images of the loose ones on Google?” I giggled. I wanted him to stand up and drop his shorts.

“You’re killing my hard-on with talk of much looser pussy, Stackhouse.” He nipped at my inner thigh. His fingers curled again, rubbing my magic spot.

“Mmm, fuck,” I moaned. “What can I do to keep you hard?” My legs spread wider, giving him better access.

His fingers kept moving while his lips found their way to Betty’s stiff peak. He tugged with his teeth and then suckled perfectly.

Apparently he found my easy button. I cried out with a second orgasm. I had to force myself to stay up so he could continue to suckle. It felt way too fucking good.

“Cum,” he growled.

My body wasn’t sure if it was a command or if he was answering the earlier question. It took it as a command, though, and once again, another orgasm rocketed through my body, making by back arch and seize.

Eric pulled back from me and finally stood up to drop his shorts. The tent in front was obvious.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes,” I nodded. I knew there was no going back. “Are you sure?”

He pulled me up on my shaky legs and kissed me passionately, in a way I didn’t think he ever would.

“This feels right, Sookie,” he told me.

It did feel really right. No relationship I’d ever been in felt like it did with Eric.

“Do you have condoms?” I asked. With a shaky hand I reached out and wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft, slowly pumping back and forth. I rubbed my thumb over his tip to gather the pre-cum beading there.

“Yes,” he hissed, watching my hand.

“Do you want me to suck it?” I drew small circles around his tiny slit, making sure my thumb was good and wet before my hand gliding along his length. I wasn’t sure my fingers touched.

“I want it all, but right now I don’t want to wait anymore,” he said.

“How and where do you want me?” My confidence was shaky at best, but I was trying.

“I want you comfortable,” he said sweetly. The asshole was gone, at least temporarily.

I kissed his chin and climbed onto the bed. I wasn’t sure if wanted him from behind or missionary. I ended up on my back. The first time we had sex I wanted to see his handsome face. I still wasn’t sure it was really happening. Unless he was having a ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ moment. That would’ve sucked but I wasn’t going to stop. I really, really needed to feel his cock inside of me.

Eric left the room and came back with a box of condoms. He removed one and wrestled it into submission before climbing onto the bed. His handsome face loomed over mine and he kissed my lips as his thick tip pressed into my opening.

“I should have done this sooner, Sookie,” he whispered to me.

I shook my head no.

“It happened when it was right,” I whispered back. My back arched a little as he slowly filled me. He was huge. Either that or I was a lot tighter than I remembered.

“Fuck, you weren’t kidding about being tight,” he groaned and pushed in a little deeper before pulling back some.

“It’s been a while,” I reminded him. I started to rock my hips up, allowing him to get deeper when he pushed forward again. Betty and Wilma rubbed against his chest as my head dropped back. I pulled the pillow out and tossed it across the room. It was in my way somehow. “Fuck, you’re huge,” I panted as his hips slowly rocked up and down, trying to stretch me some.

“You’re welcome,” he smirked. There was my asshole.

“I should be saying that,” I smirked right back. “I’m giving you the girls and a tight pussy.”

“Believe me, I appreciate it.”

“I can tell,” I whisper-moaned when his hips swiveled on a deep in stroke. I reached up to press my hands against the headboard as my hips moved with him. I wanted to beg him to fuck me a little harder, but I didn’t want to be greedy. I already felt like I was getting a treat.

He groaned and found a rhythm that was slow and deep, but before I could get too used to it, he sped up some. His hips slapped against me a few times before he shifted onto his knees. Big hands held my thighs open and drove into me, his head dropping back.

My back arched again when he hit just the right spot inside of me. His head rubbed over it again and again, working on pulling another orgasm from me. I didn’t think I’d ever been with a man that made me cum with intercourse, and that was all. I suddenly had confidence that Eric would be able to. I couldn’t describe how fucking good his thick cock felt rubbing in and out of me.

“Jesus, you’re going to make me fuckin’ cum again,” I panted. I was sure he could feel my walls pulsing and massaging his length.

“Do it,” he breathed. “Ah fuck… I’m gonna…” His hips corkscrewed into me and I felt the release shoot into the condom.

It was during his aftershocks that my orgasm erupted. I reached up and grabbed his back, digging my short nails into his hard muscles. If it bothered him he didn’t let on. My walls fluttered and pulsed, trying to milk every last drop from him. My body tensed up everywhere right before I fell limp below him.

“Oh my fuckin’ God,” I panted. We needed to do that again.

“Yeah,” he agreed. His pretty blue/green eyes looked down at me. I shivered when his thumb circled my clit. He leaned forward and kissed me again. “This isn’t a dream, right?”

“If it is can we do it again when we wake up?” I asked with a small smile.

“Absolutely,” Eric agreed. He got up to pull out of me and go throw away the condom.

It definitely felt like a dream. If it was I didn’t want to wake up. I stretched out on the bed, even though I barely took up any room. My limbs were not that long, unlike the Giant heading toward me.

“You never ate your eggs,” I reminded him as I pulled the blankets over my body since we never made the bed. I needed my pillow back.

“I think I ate something tastier.”

All that did was make me blush. If I didn’t know him so well I’d think he was just being a charmer.

“So…” I wasn’t quite sure what to say. I hoped it would happen again, but he may have been on an orgasm high.

“So…” He picked up the pillow I’d thrown and brought it back to bed. “I didn’t plan that. I mean, it’s not why I asked you to come here with me.”

“That thought never even entered my mind,” I assured him. I took the pillow from him and tucked it under my head.

“Good.” Eric yanked the blankets away from me and snuggled under them.

“Hey!” I laughed, tugging them back.

“It’s cold out there,” he said like I didn’t know.

“Yeah, because you Northmans keep it like the fuckin’ North Pole in here,” I said. When I tugged on the blankets again, Eric came with them.

“It’s our Nordic blood,” he said in a Swedish accent. Eric lifted the blanket and let me snuggle in next to him.

“It’s ridiculous is what it is,” I chuckled, resting my head on his chest. His heart was still thundering a little from all the excitement. We were quiet for a minute before I asked, “What made you do that?”

“I just wanted to kiss you, so I did,” he answered like it was no big deal. “I’m not sorry I did it, before you ask.”

“I’m not sorry either,” I agreed. “Did you expect me to respond to it like I did?” It was my way of asking if he knew I had a stupid crush on him since the moment I first laid eyes on his sexy butt.

“No. I mean I didn’t want you to flip out and hit me, but I didn’t know if you’d be happy about it either,” he explained.

“I think I’m still too shocked to know how I feel,” I admitted. My brain was having trouble processing the fact that he had just given me four orgasms. I wasn’t sure he was completely human. “Are you sure you don’t do porn?” I asked.

“Uhhh pretty sure. Why?”

“That was porn star sex, not every day human male sex,” I reasoned.

“Really?” This seemed like legit news to him.

“Every guy I’ve been with was a wham, bam, and sometimes a thank you, ma’am,” I told him. “Most guys are in it for them. You’re a very good lover.”

“Want me to reel it in some?” Eric was serious.

“Hell no,” I replied just as seriously. “Is that happening again?”

“I thought we agreed it was?”

“I thought that was only if we were dreaming?” I tilted my head to look up at him. He was so damn handsome.

“Oh, well in that case…” Jerk.

“I knew it was just the Vegas talking,” I sighed dramatically.

“It’s true. I don’t want to break you. Twenty-four hours is probably enough.” His hand moved up my side to massage Wilma.

“I don’t mind being broken,” I said with a half-smile. “It might make Lorena tolerable.” My nipples pebbled against his side.

“Maybe she just needs a really good fuck,” he suggested.

“Possibly. I saw her and I.T. Bill getting friendly. She actually smiled at him,” I told him.

“And her face didn’t crack and crumble?”

“It didn’t,” I confirmed, shaking my head. “It didn’t look natural, but it happened.”

“Huh. Who knew?” That wandering hand moved down my side and between my thighs.

I lifted my leg over his to give him better access. I was going to be good with the relationship if he just randomly started massaging my lady bits.

“I’m sad I didn’t get picture proof.” I tilted my head to run my tongue over his nipple.

“It would have broken your camera,” he replied, his middle finger rubbing slow circles around my clit.

“Mmm, I agree.” I scraped my teeth over his nipple as I slipped my hand down his body to rub my palm up and down his soft cock.

Eric rolled me onto my back and settled himself between my thighs. His soft lips found their way back to my neck as his fingers worked their magic.

“Not normal-man-like actions,” I moaned. I spread my legs a little wider to give him better access. I was dripping wet, probably making a puddle on the bed below me.

“What would be normal man actions?”

“Doing anything you can to get me to suck your cock or wait until you’re hard, give me six jackrabbit thrusts and be done,” I giggle-moaned. At least Quinn was like that on most days.

“You need to raise your standards, sweetheart,” he purred.

The way he called me sweetheart made goosebumps rise all over my body.

“I’m starting to see that.” My hips rocked up, forcing his fingers in deeper. I could feel his cock stiffening against my upper thigh.

When he was ready, Eric got out of bed for another condom and he wisely put the box on the nightstand. This time he turned me over and his thick head rubbed up and down my slit before he filled me from behind, his hands holding onto my hands as he began to thrust into me.

I turned my head to the side, panting each time he filled me. Eric’s hips started to slap against my ass as he went harder and faster. It was what I wanted. I wasn’t always into hard sex, but feeling him drive in over and over had my walls fluttering. Apparently one really good orgasm was like turning my switch to the on position.

“Harder,” I pleaded. His thick head rubbed over my sweet spot each time he filled me.

A sexy growl sounded from behind me. Eric’s grip on me tightened and his hips sped up. I wasn’t quite expecting it when he slapped my ass, but it wasn’t too hard. It actually felt good. I knew he could feel it when it made my walls squeeze his cock. I had to tamp down the thoughts of what my ass jiggling looked like. That would’ve ruined the sex.

“Again,” I panted. I needed to feel it again, jiggly ass or not.

He did it again and swiveled his hips.

“Fuck, you feel good, Sookie,” he said.

I couldn’t even tell him how good he felt. My pussy was fluttering and gripping him, trying to get him to stay embedded in me. He swiveled again, coupled with another slap on my left cheek. That was all I needed for orgasm number one of that session to hit me. My ass lifted as my back arched, allowing Eric to get deeper inside of me.

“Fuuuuuck,” I groaned, turning my head to bury my face in the mattress.

He held onto my hips and pounded into me once the orgasm subsided. The little grunts and growls he let out were so damn hot. He pulled out suddenly and flipped me on my back again, pushing my knees up toward my chest. Those big hands pinned mine over my head and he drove into me again, resuming that hard and fast pace, getting even deeper than before.

“Fuck… Fuck…” His thrusts became erratic and I could feel his shaft pulsing inside me.

“Cum for me,” I breathed. I wanted to see the ecstasy take over his features again. Eric had a light sheen of sweat covering his body and when I looked down I could see his stomach muscles twitching.

He buried himself in me and jerked when he came hard. His heavy body dropped on top of mine as he tried to catch his breath.

“Un-fucking-believable,” he muttered against my skin. I was pretty sure it was reflex that kept his hips pumping into me.

“Uh huh,” I agreed. I tugged my hands free so I could wrap my arms around him, playing with the back of his hair.

I was still a little in shock over all the sex and orgasms. I wasn’t going to complain, though. I was going to ride the high as long as I could.

Fuck… I needed to tell Ben… I wasn’t looking forward to that conversation.


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  1. That was more than amazing! Hopefully there will be no regrets later…
    Yes, she needs to cancel with Ben right away!!!!!
    Looking forward to more of their wit and sexiness!


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