7: Closer

It was a good night so far. Suzi had come to my third game of the season, despite not being a big fan of baseball, and since we’d lost game two but won game three, I was convinced she was my lucky charm. Instead of going for a celebratory beer we went for ice cream. At her insistence, we switched cones halfway through so I got her cookies ‘n cream and she got my strawberry.


She was cute.


Ever since the icebreaker night at her place things had been better. We weren’t caught in a stalemate anymore. On Wednesday night we were going to a car show. It wasn’t my thing, but it was important to her and I wanted to be with her. Didn’t matter if it was a car show, chick flick or looking at puppies. I learned she went to the local pet store to play with the puppies to cheer herself up. She loved animals and wanted to get a dog, but needed to fix the fence in her yard first.


Of course that got me thinking. I knew how to do all kinds shit. I could probably figure out how to fix her fence.


We were back at my place, sitting by the fire pit. Up until that point I hadn’t told her I could play guitar or sing, or so it took her by surprise when I came out of the house with my acoustic guitar.


“I don’t know any country songs, unfortunately,” I said as I strummed the guitar.


“You can play guitar?” She looked surprised.


“Yep. I’m self-taught,” I smiled.


“How long have you been playing?”


“Since I was about fourteen. I’ve been good for about a year,” I chuckled.


“Oh, I don’t believe that,” she giggled. “What’s your favorite song to play?”


“Nutshell by Alice in Chains,” I answered without hesitation.


“Will you play it for me?”


“Are you sure you want to risk your hearing? Neighborhood dogs might sing backup…”


“Oh, no one can be worse than me. I’m sure,” she smiled.


“Okay. Just remember you asked for it.” I started to play the intro. It was a slow, sad song but one of my favorites. Suzi looked even more surprised when I started to sing.


Her smile brightened as she leaned forward, resting her elbows on her legs, listening intently. The song wasn’t very long and it definitely wasn’t the most romantic song, but Suzi didn’t seem to care. She clapped as I was finishing, and it couldn’t have been better timed when the neighbor’s hound dog howled a few doors down.


“You weren’t kidding,” Suzi laughed. “That was beautiful, Rasul.”


“Thank you.” I kept strumming and asked, “You want to sing one?”


“Oh no. That wouldn’t be wise,” she chuckled. “I sound like a cat in heat when I sing.”


“You can’t be that bad.”


“I am. I’d rather not sing, thanks.”


“Even if I could learn a Johnny Cash song that he sang with June?” I could probably figure out Ring of Fire if I tried.


“I’m sorry, I don’t even sing along to the radio,” she told me. “I don’t sing.”


“Wow. Okay. No sing along with Suzi then.” I see the guitar aside.


“I love music, and I love that you play, I’m just that bad and I know it… I didn’t mean to upset you.”


“It’s okay. You didn’t.”


“You didn’t have to put your guitar down. You can keep playing.”


“Got any requests?”


“Hmm, and you don’t know any country… know any Matchbox 20?”


“Unfortunately, no. I do know some Third Eye Blind.”


“Hit me with some Third Eye Blind,” she requested.


I nodded and started to play How’s It Gonna Be, which made her smile. I liked her smile. It was warm, friendly and genuine, going all the way to her eyes. From Third Eye Blind I decided to try out my acoustic version of a Linkin Park song. I wasn’t sure if she was familiar with the band or not. She didn’t seem bored with my take on From the Inside. Then just to be silly I started playing a Britney Spears song.


“Oh my god,” she laughed. “That just took me back to seventh grade.”


“It’s Britney, bitch,” I winked, making her throw her head back with laughter. It was probably the most fucked up version of Oops… I Did It Again to ever be played, but Suzi was amused.


“I was a Britney fan before she used the word bitch,” she told me. “I had just finished dancing to her at my first school dance when Tommy Mickens kissed me for the first time. I didn’t know what to do,” she giggled. “I have a lot of old Brit memories.”


“Was it a good kiss?”


“It was good at the time. The kisses I’ve received as an adult are way better,” she smiled.


“That’s a relief, as a giver of one of those kisses.”


“I hope to get a few of those kisses from you tonight before I leave.”


“You’re welcome to come get some anytime.”


She got up from her seat and walked over to me so she could sit on my lap. Suzi wrapped her arms around my neck as she leaned in to kiss me. I maneuvered the guitar out from between us and tried to set it down gently. Kissing her was way more fun than singing any day. We weren’t being as shy anymore and I realized she didn’t mind it if I was a little more aggressive, but since I was still getting to know her I didn’t want to go too far.


“What are your thoughts on maybe staying over?” I asked her.


“We may need separate rooms so I don’t pounce on you in the middle of the night.”


“I was thinking we’d share a room.”


“Do you snore?” she asked with an arched eyebrow.


“Only if I’m drunk.”


“I can stay over.”


“Good,” I smiled. “I’m not the best cook, but I make pretty good omelets.”


“I can help make breakfast if you want. I do pretty well,” she told me. I felt her fingers playing with the ends of my hair.


“I won’t object.”


“So… what should we do now?”


“Are you ready to go in?”


“Yeah, it’s getting a little chilly out,” she agreed.


“Okay. I’ll let you take the guitar in and I’ll put the fire out.”


Suzi got up from my lap. She grabbed my guitar along with her bottle of water before she headed for the house. I got up and took a metal bucket over to the hose so I could fill it. I probably could have let the fire die out but I didn’t like to for safety reasons. Besides, a quick dousing of water would do the trick.


Inside I found my guitar on the kitchen table… along with Suzi’s shirt.


My eyebrow arched and I picked up the shirt. Suzi was something else. I turned off the lights and found her bra in the living room. After locking the front door I found Suzi’s shorts on the stairs. Finally her panties were in the hallway. She was lying naked on my bed.


God bless America…


“I hope you don’t mind, I sleep naked,” she smiled.


“It’s a good look for you.” I set her clothes on top of my dresser. “No, I don’t mind. I’d be crazy to have a problem with a gorgeous woman sleeping naked in my bed.”


“I’m glad you feel that way.” She got off of the bed and pulled the blanket back so she could get under the covers. “I was going to ask for one of your shirts of you had an issue with it.”


“You’re welcome to one if you decide you want one.” I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my shirt. There was still enough military training in me that my dirty clothes went straight to the hamper. Usually I slept in a pair of shorts, but I decided to match her. Suzi watched as I dropped my jeans and boxer briefs.


She flipped up the blanket on the other side of the bed for me. “I could use someone to warm me up.”


I didn’t think it was that chilly outs, but damn if I was going to argue with her. I got into bed with Suzi and pulled the covers up over myself.


She scooted over and wrapped her arm around me, settling her head on the pillow in front of me.


“This is nice,” she whispered.


“Yes it is.” I reached up to turn her face toward mine and I kissed her. How could I not with her lying there naked next to me?


She kissed me back. Her hand stayed on my side, keeping it there when the kiss slowly deepened. I was obviously okay with taking things slow. It was easy to jump into bed with someone and confuse sex for intimacy. I knew it from firsthand experience, but I’d learned my lesson. If I wanted something that was going to last, I couldn’t make the same mistakes and expect a different outcome. If Suzi had an issue with taking it slow – and she didn’t seem to so far – then maybe she wasn’t the girl for me.


At the moment, it wasn’t an issue. I turned on my side and let my fingers play in her hair. The little noises she made were a turn-on. Slowly our bodies got closer and closer together. My lips moved from her mouth to her neck. When she rolled onto her back I went with. The kisses didn’t stop there. Her soft, warm skin was begging to be kissed everywhere so I went traveling. Her collarbone was my next stop, going from shoulder to shoulder. Slender fingers tangled in my hair and I felt her thighs rub together as I moved further down.


My lips grazed over the delicate skin on her chest. Suzi’s breath caught when I gently tugged on her nipple between my lips. I liked the fire in her eyes and the sound she made when I sucked on the sensitive little bud.


“That feels good,” she whisper-moaned. “We can stop whenever you want…”


That was good to know, but I wasn’t quite ready yet. I was enjoying getting to know her body. She had a beautiful body with lots of little places to kiss and nibble. Just to be a little silly and playful, I blew a little raspberry on her ribs.


“Hey,” she giggled, trying to push my head away. “None of that, mister.”


“I had to see if you were ticklish or not.” My mouth moved down her stomach. Suzi’s breath caught again when my tongue swirled south of her bellybutton, low on her abdomen.


“Where are you going?” she asked, parting her thighs a little wider.


“Depends on if you want me to stop,” I replied, pressing light kisses in a trail clearly indicating where I was going.


“No, I was just curious,” she told me.


I winked at her and adjusted her thighs so her legs were resting over my shoulders. Suzi gasped when I licked her lower lips. Right away I found out how turned on she was from all the kissing. Years of experience had taught me the importance of foreplay. I wasn’t planning on going any further, necessarily, but I knew Suzi would appreciate the effort.


It was easy to take my time and explore her. She was so sweet and warm. Her fingers ran through my hair, directing my head where she wanted it. I listened to her moans, making notes of what she liked and what was working. A battle tested trick that never failed was running the alphabet over her clit. She lost her mind at the letter G.


“Ras… Ohgodohgod,” she chanted. Her back arched up and her fingers tightened in my hair as she came.


I moved down to her opening to flick my tongue inside her a little and lap up the honey coming from her. Suzi moaned and her hips rocked slowly. I kept going until she gently pulled my head up. The fact that she had stars in her eyes told me I’d done good.


“Should I return the favor?” she breathed.


“No. I did that because I wanted to.” I kissed her thigh and started to move up her body.


“What if I want to?”


“I suppose it might be selfish of me to deny you the pleasure, right?”


“I think so,” she smiled.


“Well I don’t want to be rude.” I hovered over Suzi to kiss her.


As she kissed me back she reached down to wrap her hand around my cock, stroking me slowly. I groaned and resisted the urge to roll over for as long as I could. Suzi eventually rolled with me. Under other circumstances it would have been so easy to let her ride me. Another night it would happen, and I had no doubt it would be incredible. The kiss finally broke and she started to move down.


She moved so she was on her hands and knees between my legs. Suzi’s blue eyes met mine as she stroked me slowly, dipping her head to lick the tip of my cock. She hummed before she licked me again, and then swirled her tongue around my tip.


“Tell me how you like it,” she said before taking my tip between her lips again. Her head started to bob, her tongue gliding back and forth over the underside of my shaft.


“That’s good.” She wasn’t too slobbery and I wasn’t being scraped to death with her teeth. The speed was okay and for the moment the pressure was good. I reached down to hold her silky hair away from her face. Her cheeks were a little hollowed as her head bobbed. Suzi moaned appreciatively when a gently stroked her cheek.


“Mmm,” she hummed. Her head started to move a little faster, her hand moving in time so every part of my solid erection was getting friction.


She gave good head, I’d give her that. Suzi didn’t try to rush through it or complain it was taking too long. My eyes closed for a few seconds and I focused on how good her mouth felt.


“Suck a little harder,” I instructed when I felt my orgasm getting close. Suzi did as I asked, making me grunt in satisfaction. “I’m close.” I didn’t want to piss her off by not warning her. I didn’t once and it just so happened the girl was allergic to semen or something crazy like that. It was a disaster.


She hummed again. Suzi shifted her body some and shocked the shit out of me when she swallowed my entire length. She moved her head up and down, her tongue and lips gliding over my cock. What tipped me over the edge was when she reached up to fondle my heavy sac.


“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck,” I growled. The release hit hard and shot down her throat. Suzi didn’t even flinch. Her head bobbed and she made her way to my tip to get every last drop of my cum. “It’s bad form to propose now, right?”


“Over a blowjob?” she giggled when she pulled her head back.


“It was that good,” I complimented.


“Thank you. You were pretty damn good too.” She shifted up the bed so she was lying next to me.


“Thanks.” I pulled her closer to me and let her pull the blanket up over us. “So we’re still on for breakfast?”


“Yeah,” she agreed, snuggling up to me. “Breakfast is the best meal of the day.”


“It’s my favorite.”


“It is the most important meal, after all.”


“Truth,” I agreed. I couldn’t resist pressing my lips to hers. The kiss deepened pretty fast and Suzi pulled me on top of her. Damn, she was addictive.


Her legs shifted up to wrap around my hips. Her hands ended up in my hair as her hips rocked up.


“I’m sorry,” she whispered against my lips. “You’re irresistible.”


“Don’t apologize.” I wasn’t pushing her off of me. We could roll around in bed all night for all I cared. A little sleep deprivation never hurt anyone, right?


It wasn’t like I was a virgin waiting for marriage or anything like that. When it was right, it was right. Of course our bodies said we were ready, but there was more to it than that and we both knew it.


The making out continued with Suzi pinned under me and two of my fingers pumping in and out of her very wet pussy while my thumb rubbed her clit. Her nails were digging into my back and she had to break away from the kisses to catch her breath.


“Are you sure this is all you want tonight?” she panted.


“We’ll see what happens.” I wasn’t going to slam the door on the possibility of sex, but I was content to get to know what she liked outside of the intercourse part of sex. “Is this not working for you?” It seemed like it was but I was still learning to read her.


“It’s working,” she assured me.  She was still breathing heavily.


“Good.” I slowed my hand and curled my fingers a little, testing to see what she liked and what she didn’t. Meanwhile my lips went to her neck.


It didn’t take long to coax a second orgasm from her. Or a third, for that matter. By the time we fell asleep it was well after midnight and I was sure Suzi was satisfied, even if we hadn’t had sex. Another night it would happen when the time was right. I wasn’t going anywhere, and at least for the time being, neither was she. Another step in the right direction and it felt good. I liked that we were getting closer. Hopefully she did too.


9 thoughts on “7: Closer

  1. I don’t know what to think. It seems forced, it’s like Sookie has to make a huge effort to get Raz started. He didn’t seem that into the BJ. I know he says he wants to take it slow but does he have intimacy issues or is it a culture thing. I’m probably reading to much into it, but he seems to over analyze it and not just go with things.
    I think it makes a difference that E/S have things in common. Still trying to figure out Sookie’s take on everything.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I never thought I’d want Skokie to end up with anyone who’s NOT Eric, but I really like Ras in this story. I get what others are saying about it being forced, but I think it’s endearing and sweet. Eric seems like a good time, but not the kind of guy you end up with. I have a feeling poor Ras is going to end up in the friend zone, though.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh. Geepers. This is so gorgeous. As I said before, if it wasn’t for Eric I would bee so excited! Happy dancing all over the joint 🙂
    The closer they get the more anxious I get for the fallout!
    The are awesome together!
    The fallout looks like it’s going to be E. P. I. C!

    Liked by 1 person

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