Chapter 10


I wanted Sookie to be comfortable. The seats on my couch were deep so there was plenty of room for both of us. I liked the feeling of her hands in my hair and the little noises coming from her as my mouth moved down her neck. The hickey from the week before was healed up. Thankfully. I kissed the top of her perfectly perky tits and bit lightly on one of her tightened buds. I wasn’t sure if that was Thelma or Louise but it didn’t matter.

What mattered was the way her back arched and that when I finally reached under her silky skirt I discovered she was telling the truth about going commando. I growled quietly and moved further down her body. She was already breathing hard, probably from anticipation. Another animalistic noise escaped me when I pushed her skirt up, baring her perfect pussy to me. It took all my restraint not to dive in.

Instead I lowered my head to kiss her inner thighs, moving slowly to tease her.

Sookie’s hands were in my hair, stroking the top on my head. Her legs parted wider, giving me ample room to play. She wasn’t trying to push me where she wanted me, though. She was allowing me to take my time.

Her skin was so soft and so sweet. I looked up at her face to see that she was watching me. My tongue swirled when I got to the upper part of her inner thigh and caught a bit of her lower lips. She made a little noise and jerked. I moved more to the right to suck on her sensitive skin and taste the juices flowing from her.

I groaned my appreciation, kissing up to her mound and down the other side. I finally licked up her slit and let my tongue part her folds to flick against the little bud that was hidden from sight.

“Oh…” she breathed, arching her back again. Sookie’s eyes darted down to my mouth to watch me kiss and lick her.

My fingers gently spread her open for me. I sucked on her clit, continuing to flick my tongue. I sped up some and her eyes closed.

“That feels so, so good,” she whispered. Her fingers knotted loosely in my hair as her hips began to rock.

I released her clit and stiffened my tongue to probe her opening. Sookie’s eyes popped open and I shifted my hands to hold her thighs apart while my tongue worked, pumping in and out of her over and over until she was panting and shaking.

“Eric,” she panted. I could feel her walls contracting each time I pushed my tongue into her. “I’m going to… oh… oh… fuuuuck!” she gasped when her first orgasm of the night hit her.

“Mmm…” I hummed and kissed her pussy like I would her mouth. She cried out and held my head in place. Not that I planned to stop but it was good to know she was enjoying my ministrations.

“You’re so fuckin’ good at that,” she moaned, dropping her head back. Her hips started to roll so she was rubbing her pussy against my mouth. Her head popped up a few moments later. “I want you to fuck me, Eric,” she said, looking me in the eye.

Physically I was more than ready. Everything about her was a turn on.

“Are you sure?” I asked anyway. I wasn’t expecting her to sleep with me. Well, not right then, anyway.

“I’m sure,” she nodded. “But if you’re not ready, I understand.”

“I’m ready,” I said quickly. I pushed myself up to my knees so she could see what she had done to me.

Sookie sat up, her hands going straight to my zipper. She unzipped me before she started working on my belt.

“I’ve been ready for a while,” she told me as she got my pants open.

“We should go upstairs,” I replied. That was where the condoms were. I liked Sookie but I wasn’t sure if she wanted to be upgraded to baby mama in the very near future.

“Lead the way.”

I got off the couch and scooped her up to carry her up the stairs. She wasn’t as heavy as she thought. Plus she bounced nice when I tossed her on the bed. I went straight to the nightstand for a condom.

Sookie sat up on her knees so she could pull her dress off. She took her bra off quickly, and for the first time I got to see her fully nude when she laid back on the bed.

“I may not let you leave,” I warned her as I unbuttoned my shirt.

“Are you going to tie me to the bed and make me your sex slave?” She reached down between her thighs to rub her slick folds.

“If you’re a good girl,” I smirked.

“I’ll be a very good girl, Mr. Northman,” she said innocently.

“I doubt it.” I dropped my pants and kicked off my shoes. My socks were the last thing to go before Sookie was tugging me on top of her.

“I promise to try,” she said as she pulled my face to hers for a deep kiss. I was sure she could taste herself on my lips, but she didn’t seem to care.

I reached out for the condom and broke the kiss when I found it. I rolled off her so I could get the blasted thing on, and as soon as it was in place, Sookie pulled me back on top of her. Her legs wrapped around my waist, trying to get me as close as possible.

She reached down to grab my shaft, helping me position at her entrance. She let go so she could hold onto my shoulders as I pushed my head into her, giving her slow, shallow pumps. I knew better than to think I could just go for it the first time. She was plenty wet but it was still going to be a minute before she adjusted.

It helped when I unhooked her legs from around my waist and pushed her thighs wider apart.

“Rub your clit,” I instructed, knowing it would make her suck me in deeper.

She reached down and did as told. Her fingers moved slowly over her clit, making her walls massage my tip, trying to pull me in deeper. With her other hand she started to tug on her nipple. It took a few minutes and my mouth on her other nipple but I was never going to forget the look on her face when I was completely buried in her. My hips swiveled and she gasped.

“Oh my god, Eric,” I breathed. “You’re huge.”

“Want me to stop?” I kissed her collarbone and started to pull back.

“Never,” she said, shaking her head. Her hands were on my back. I could tell she was trying not to dig her nails into my flesh.

I pushed back in and started a slow, deep rhythm that did make her nails dig into my back. I didn’t mind. My lips moved up her neck to her mouth. When she let go of my back I rolled over so Sookie could set the pace.

She propped up on her knees, settling her hands on my abs. Her eyes locked onto mine as she started to bounce on my cock. She moved a little faster than I was going, which wasn’t a bad thing. Each time she dropped she would rock her hips, rubbing her clit against my pubic bone.

“Fuck, that feels good,” I said. My hands grabbed a hold of her hips and her eyes went wide when I held her still while I thrust up even faster.

“Mmm, don’t stop,” she moaned. Sookie leaned back, resting her hands on my thighs so I got the perfect view of her tits bouncing and my cock disappearing inside of her again and again.

My thumb shifted to find her clit and her walls clenched. I buried myself deep inside her and rubbed quickly.

“That good?” I asked.

“So fuckin’ good, baby,” she breathed, dropping her head back. “You’re going to make me cum so hard for you… fuuuuck…” Her walls gripped me tightly. I could feel her orgasm getting closer and closer with each passing second.

My hips started moving again, making Sookie’s eyes squeeze shut. She tugged on her nipples and those pretty lips of hers parted. I grunted when the orgasm erupted, milking me furiously. It seemed out of nowhere mine snuck up on me.

“Ah, fuuuck!” I cursed with the unexpected pleasure.

Sookie collapsed forward onto my chest. I could feel her heavy breaths fanning over my nipple as she panted.

“Wow,” she whispered.

“Yeah,” I agreed. My hands moved to knead her ass. “Not too much for you?”

“No. Just right,” she replied arching her ass into my hands.

“If I didn’t have the damn condom on I’d just keep going.” I thrust my hips up anyway, making her walls clench.

“I’m sure one day we’ll reach a point when we’re not using them.” Sookie kissed my chest right before she pulled her hips up so I fell out.

“Someday.” I rolled off the bed to get rid of the condom. When I got back Sookie reclaimed her spot on my chest.

“It never dawned on me that a person could be so comfy,” she giggled softly.

“You must have me confused with a body pillow,” I teased and tickled her ribs.

She squirmed on top of me. Her wet center brushed over my tip, making me groan.

“I’m not confused at all. You’re a fantastic mattress.”

“I’m not that big.”

“You’re not. You’re perfect size for me though. Maybe it’s your heat and the sound of your heart beating?”

“Maybe. Let’s see if it works the other way.” I rolled us over and nuzzled into her tits. Yeah, that was good shit.

“Mmm, works for me,” she said. Her fingertips trailed over my back, drawing light patterns.

“Good. I may take a nap.” Sex made me sleepy.

“A nap or sleep for the night?” Sookie’s fingers danced up my back to play with my hair at the back of my head.

“Keep that up and it’ll be lights out,” I warned.

“If you’re tired go to sleep. I won’t be far behind you.”

“I may pounce on you in the morning.”

“That’s fine,” she smiled. “I like that you make me feel desired.”

“That’s important. Tomorrow we’ll work on you feeling orgasms,” I smiled.

“I’m looking forward to it.” Her legs came up to wrap around me.

“Me too.” My eyes closed and within a few minutes I was asleep.


It worked out that I wasn’t much of a cook since I found out Sookie turned into the Nazi chef. She barely wanted me to tell her where stuff was. I couldn’t complain since she was making me breakfast but damn. Oh well.

She could cook and I could change her oil or do minor repairs for things around her apartment. I was a good spider killer. I also gave a decent back massage but I didn’t want to show all my cards upfront.

I did, however, have magnets in my hands so I needed to be touching her at all times. That meant risking her wrath to hug her from behind and kiss her neck while she flipped hash browns over. She felt good in my arms. Despite her comments about her weight and size, I liked her body. It was just a package, albeit a very attractive one, but still just the wrapping for her essence and that was what really had me. Whatever it was that made Sookie who she was, that was what I wanted.

So she could stomp her feet and throw a fit because I was distracting her but it would oddly only make me want her more. It hit me then that I didn’t just have it. I had it baaaaad.

“If this burns I’m blaming you,” she warned me.

“Yes, Mistress.” I smiled against her neck and let my hands roam a little. I was completely prepared for her to smack my hand with the spatula as I got closer to her mound.

“Eric,” she groaned in warning again. She didn’t stop me though.

“That’s my name,” I cheekily replied as my fingers found her lower lips.

“You’re being naughty,” she told me.

“I am?” I reached under her nightshirt to play with her clit. I rubbed in slow circles, making her hips move.

“Mmm, yes,” she whispered. “If I burn myself you’re paying my doctor bill too.”

Well then…

I took the spatula from her and turned Sookie around so I could lift her onto the counter a few feet away from the stove.

“Now you’re safe,” I smirked as I stepped between her thighs.

“I feel like I woke up a monster,” she said, reaching up to wrap her arms around my neck.

“Not at all. I just can’t wait for breakfast.” I leaned over and surprised her when I sucked her clit into my mouth. She gasped and grabbed my hair while my tongue flicked quickly the way she’d liked the night before.

“Eric!” she whisper-yelled. I heard her head thump against the cabinet as she lifted her legs to rest them on my shoulders.

I got down on my knees and paused my licking long enough to get one of my fingers wet. Sookie moaned when I pushed the long digit into her and resumed the teasing I was doing to her clit. I flicked at her clit and sucked lightly. Watching her cum wasn’t going to get old anytime soon.

“Ohmygod,” she whimpered. I was quickly learning just how easy it was to get her off. “I don’t know what fuckin’ magic you have, but don’t stop.”

Wouldn’t dream of it…

My finger curled in search of her sweet spot. I knew I found it when her hips jerked. I rubbed over that spot faster and looked up at her face to watch her reaction. I knew she was about to explode. Never mind the food cooking on the stove.

She pulled her feet back to rest them on the edge of the counter, opening herself completely for me. She still had her hand in my hair and when she came her fingers tightened as her hips jerked, rubbing her pussy against my lips and tongue.

“Oh my fuck,” she panted. Her honey was pouring out of her while her walls contracted around my finger.

“Such a filthy mouth you have,” I teased as I pulled my finger out of her pussy. My tongue tried to take it’s place, lapping up the juices spilling from her. She was sweet and delicious. If I had a condom I’d be fucking her right there.

“You like it,” she breathed. “I want your cock in me so fuckin’ bad, Eric… Oh…. oh yes…” Sookie’s back arched when I made a move she liked.

“What about breakfast?” I was hungry but I could wait.

“Turn the stove off,” was her response.

“Yes, Mistress.” I nipped at her clit, making her hiss as I got up off the floor.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” she muttered.

I took that as a compliment.

I turned off the stove and helped Sookie off the counter before chasing her sexy ass up to the bedroom. She got to the condoms first and took it upon herself to try to get it on me.

“There’s this trick I learned,” she smirked as she pulled the rubber out. “Do you want me to try it out on you?”


She leaned over so she could suck the head of my cock for a moment. When she was ready she brought the condom up, placed it at my tip and proceeded to roll it halfway on with her mouth. She had to finish with her hand, but it was still sexy as hell.

“Tada,” she smiled when she stood back up.

“Good trick,” I said as I pulled her to the bed. “Arms up, beautiful. Thelma and Louise have been blindfolded long enough.”

Sookie lifted her arms, allowing me to pull her shirt over her head.

“How do you want me?”

I lay down on the bed and pulled her down on top of me. I liked the feel of her on top of me and she didn’t seem to mind. Sookie straddled my hips and I reached down to put my tip at her entrance as she leaned down for a kiss. I thrust up slowly to fill her and she moaned into the kiss. My hands grabbed her ass to hold her steady as I moved in and out of her.

Still high from her orgasm, Sookie’s walls gripped me each time I filled her. She pulled her head back from the kiss so she could look down at me. Her eyes locked onto mine and I knew I wasn’t the only one that had that intense desire to be as close as possible at all times.

It occurred to me that Sookie wanted me to claim her as mine. So I rolled us over, pinning her under me before my hips began to piston, fucking her into the bed.

“Ohmygod!” she gasped. Her legs spread wider, allowing me to get impossibly deep. The way her tits bounced was mesmerizing.

“Like that?” I grunted. I knew I did.

“Yes! Don’t stop!”

I growled and swiveled my hips, making her back arch. My hips sped up and her nails dug into my back. It wasn’t going to take much more for me to cum. Apparently Sookie wasn’t far off either. Her pussy clamped down around my length, trying to hold me inside.

“Oh god,” she whimpered. Her body began to shake as her eyes fluttered shut. Her nails dug deeper into my back while her walls did their best to milk my own orgasm from me.

“Fuck… Fuck…” I grunted just before I lost it and erupted deep inside her. Fuck, that was good.

“You’ve already ruined me for other men,” she giggled. She pulled her hands away from my back, sliding them up to cup my face so she could draw me in for a kiss.

High praise. I’d take it. I’d take anything she gave me.


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