12: Fool In The Rain



It was the morning of my next day off. I had my feet propped up over the arm of my couch. The TV was on but I wasn’t really paying attention. I was starting to doze off. It was clearly going to be a lazy day. I was just starting to fall asleep when my phone rang.




I rolled off of the couch, landing flat on my face on the floor. With a sigh I pushed myself up and walked over to the kitchen where my phone was.


“Hello?” I answered on the sixth or seventh ring.


“Hello, son,” Mom said.


I hopped up on the counter. When I talked to my mom those calls usually lasted a while. Not that I minded.


“Hey, Mom,” I replied. I hadn’t talked to her in too long. I was too wrapped up with Sookie to call her.


“How’ve you been, sweetheart?”


“I’ve been good. Just working a lot lately… and I’m kinda seeing someone.” I might as well get it out in the beginning. “She keeps me occupied.”


“You are? That’s wonderful, honey. What’s her name? What’s she like? Do you love her?” Mom had a tendency to fire off questions when she got excited.


I chuckled and said, “No, I don’t love her yet. It’s still pretty new. Her name is Sookie. She’s from Louisiana.” She had the cutest damn accent. I was sure she didn’t think she had one.


“Louisiana huh? How in the world did she end up in California?”


“Her aunt and cousin live here. She’s only here for the summer. She’s going home midway through August. It’s going to suck when she leaves,” I sighed.


“You’re not thinking of following her?”


“No. I uh… her dad would probably murder me… she’s only seventeen.” That sounded so bad when you said it out loud.


“Eric, she’s a child,” Mom scoffed. “Oh honey, I think murder is a bit strong for a reaction, but if you had brought home a twenty-two-year-old woman at seventeen I would have called the police.”


“I know it sounds bad, Mom. I met her at the bar. Her cousin has been coming in for a couple years. I’ve met her aunt, and Linda loves me. She’s also very mature for seventeen. I also think her dad would kill me and throw my body in a swamp. Apparently he’s really strict.”


“So this girl’s run wild. While the cat’s away, the mouse will play.”


“Something like that,” I chuckled. “We’re taking a few weekend trips while she’s here. I took her to Monterey and in a couple weeks we’re going to drive up the coast to Oregon. She’s pretty cool. I think you’d love her.”


“Too bad I won’t get to meet her.”


“She’s going to mail me some pictures she took of the two of us on the beach. You’ll at least get to see what she looks like. She’s really pretty. She has the prettiest blue eyes.” I was so fucking smitfaced.


“Ah so that’s why you’re so interested.”


“She’s also super sweet.” I was a sucker for pretty eyes. I was a sucker for pretty much everything about Sookie.


“Then it’s a shame she won’t be around for long.”


“Yeah… we’re not looking forward to the day she leaves. It’s going to suck, but we’re going to live each day we have together to the fullest.” I was sure I was going to fall in love with her before the summer was over.


“That sounds like a good plan.”


“How’s Dad doing?” I asked, changing the subject.


“He’s doing well. Right now he’s mowing the lawn.” He was meticulous about the lawn.


“So you chose a time to call me when he wouldn’t be up your ass telling you to talk me into going into the Marines,” I chuckled. Smart woman.


“Do I strike you as a woman who likes to hear his drill sergeant huffing and puffing?” Mom laughed. “Not that it ever worked with you.”


“He has Godric to follow in his footsteps,” I chuckled. My younger brother was a big surprise. I was seven when he was born. My parents thought they were done after me. I loved my brother. We were just in two different spots in our lives.


“It’s a good thing he’s not visiting or he’d probably steal your girlfriend,” Mom snickered.


“He would not,” I laughed. Godric and I looked nothing alike, or acted anything alike. Sookie wouldn’t dislike him, but I doubted she’d be interested in him. “Has he grown any since I left?” He took after my mother in looks and height.


“Yes, he has. I don’t think he’ll be as tall as you, but he’s getting bigger. I think he might actually join the Marines. So help me if this war isn’t over by then, I’m going over there myself to settle it.”


“Mom, he wants to go. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I personally don’t want to go, but I’m proud of him for wanting to do something.” Godric was her baby. She probably would go settle it if he went to Vietnam.


“He’s a kid! I don’t want my baby going off to war. I didn’t want your father to go off to Korea. That’s one bullet dodged. I’m not interested in the next one killing one of my children.”


“Let’s hope I don’t get drafted,” I said. “I’ve been scared to check the mail lately.”


“I should have just dressed you both like girls anyway,” Mom muttered.


“Maybe I’ll come home after the summer for a while. I’ll talk to Vic about coming back to the bar when I’m ready to come back. I feel like you need a good hug,” I told her. She liked my hugs the best. I told myself that, anyway.


“It would be nice to have you. I’m sure you’re skinny as rake.”


“I’m not,” I promised. “I weigh just under two hundred pounds now.” I’d put on fifteen pounds since I left.


“I don’t believe until I see it.”


“You could always fly out here and visit me,” I suggested.


“Oh, I don’t know about flying. You know I don’t even like to get up on the top level of the step stool.”


“You know they say it’s safer to fly than it is to drive?”


“I may have to take someone’s word for it,” she said. I heard the screen door slam in background.


“Uh oh. Dad come in?” I asked. I also heard a knock on my front door.


“The lawn mower is busted again,” Mom whispered.


“I’ll let you go,” I whispered back. “There’s someone here anyway.” I pulled the phone away long enough to yell at the door to tell whoever it was to come in. I assumed it was Sookie.


“Alright. I love you, sweetheart.”


The door opened and Sookie peeked inside.


“Love you too, Mom. I’ll call you next week.” I heard Dad in the background before Mom hung up.


“Hello, gorgeous,” I smiled at Sookie as I hung up the phone on my end.


“Hi. I’m sorry if I interrupted your call,” she apologized as she closed the door.


“Nope, we were hanging up. Mom thinks you’re too young for me.” I jumped down off the counter so I could greet her properly.


“She’s probably right.” Sookie reached into her bag and handed me something wrapped in foil. “Compliments of Aunt Lin.”


“Uh oh, what is it?” I leaned down to kiss her hello.


“Open it.”


I nervously unwrapped the foil. There were two brownies in the foil.


“There’s pot in these, isn’t there?”


“Yes there is,” Sookie confirmed.


“Did you have one already?” I set them down on the counter before I turned Sookie so lift her up onto the counter so I could have her closer to eye level.


“Yes, I did. Aunt Lin wanted to make sure I wouldn’t freak out for some reason. It was… I think I like the smoke high better. The brownies made me paranoid.”


“Paranoid isn’t good.” I stepped between her legs and settled my hands on her hips.


“No, definitely not. I hid under the dining room table,” she laughed.


That was a new one. I laughed with her as I rubbed my hands up and down her thighs.


“I’m glad whatever was after you didn’t get you,” I laughed.


“So am I,” she agreed. “I think mostly it was The Man.”


“The Man is a dick,” I chuckled. “What are you up today? Or is this it?”


“This is it, unless you have other plans,” she replied.


“I had a lazy day of naps and laundry planned,” I told her. “I was trying to nap when my mom called. I fell off the couch.”


“Ouch. You didn’t hurt yourself, did you?”


“Not rea– wait, are you going to kiss any boo-boos?” I was okay with that.




“I did hurt my nose a little when it hit the ground…” I grabbed her hands to settle them on my chest. “I’m sure you can find some sore spots starting here and working your way down.”


“I’m sure I can,” she nodded, playing along. “Off with that shirt, mister.”


I stepped back enough to pull my shirt off.


“Should we go back to the couch so I can lay flat?”


“That’s probably a good idea. I wouldn’t want you to faint if you have a head injury.”


“You’re so kind and caring.” I took her hand when she slid off of the counter. “Should I take anything else off?” I asked as we walked to the couch.


“Well, you might want to take your pants off if you hit your knee,” she suggested.


Lost my sweats right there in the middle of the floor. I was going commando. This would give Sookie a chance to experiment. When I made it to the couch I got comfortable, stretching out on my back.


“Do you remember anywhere else that got hurt other than your nose?” Sookie slipped her shoes off and then slowly pulled her t-shirt over her head.


“You might want to check out this area…” I rubbed my hand over my cock. It felt nice so I rubbed a few more times before I folded my arms under my head.


“I can do that. I just want you to feel better.” Sookie unbuttoned her jeans, but then stopped herself from taking her pants off. “You know, I better leave these on. That area looks swollen enough already,” she smirked.


“You should take those off. It’ll be easier to help me reduce the swelling.” I reached out to tug on her jeans.


Sookie smiled, but she played along. Slowly her jeans eased on down her legs. She kicked them away and then straddled me on the couch. Her soft lips came toward me, starting by brushing over the tip of my nose. She pressed delicate little kisses to various spots around my face before she started working her way along my jawline from one side to the other. She took her time kissing along my neck and then traversing my collarbones. Briefly her eyes met mine before her teeth grazed my right nipple.


“Mmm, you’re already making me feel a little better.” I ran my fingers through her hair, pulling it out of the way. Her lips felt good on my skin.


“Good. Should I stop?” Her hips rocked over my swelling cock.


“Nope. I still have all that swelling…” I rolled my hips up, rubbing my thick shaft through her folds.


“I think the swelling has gotten worse,” she said with the appropriate amount of alarm. Sookie sat up, resting her weight on my thighs. She looked down at my dick and gasped. “I better concentrate on this.” Her hand wrapped around my base and started to stroke upwards.


“I think that’s a good idea,” I agreed. “Maybe if you can’t get it to go down with your hand you can kiss it?” I rubbed up and down her thigh. She looked like an angel sitting on my lap.


“Are you sure that won’t make it worse?” Her thumb rubbed over my tip, spreading around the little bit of liquid that had gathered there.


“I don’t know for sure until you try it.” My eyes closed for a few seconds when she stroked up with the perfect amount of pressure.


“Did I hurt you?” My eyes were still closed when I felt her lips on my tip.


“No, baby, you’re making me feel real good,” I whispered. I opened my eyes and wrapped my hand in her hair, getting it out of the way.


The next thing I felt was her soft tongue. First on my tip, and then slowly moving down the length of my shaft. Sookie kept stroking me and her warm, wet mouth focused its attention on my tip. Her tongue swirled and she sucked softly with her hand pumping up and down.


“That feels so good,” I praised. I watched her lips move. Her tongue swirling over my tip was my new favorite feeling. She was a natural at kissing, and apparently at giving me a blowjob. It was the first time she’d gone down there with her mouth. I was pretty certain my dick was the only one that had ever touched her lips.


She hummed softly and parted her lips to take my entire head into her mouth. She sucked and rubbed her tongue around my tip. I released her hair so I could rake my fingers through her blonde locks. I was allowing her to take her time and down what she wanted. As long as she didn’t bite me we were good. I wanted Sookie to find her style.


“Shit, Sookie…” I hissed when she gave my head a hard suck. It made the rest of dick twitch and my balls tighten some.


She moaned in response, which felt pretty good too. Sookie found a rhythm of swirling her tongue and sucking every few strokes while her hand kept moving up and down my length.


It was really hard to keep my eyes open. I wanted to watch what she was doing. It was sexy as hell to see a woman’s mouth on my dick. Part of me wanted to let her finish, the other part wanted to pull her up so she could ride me. That hadn’t happened either.


“Keep that up and you’re going to make me cum really, really fucking hard,” I breathed.


She paused to ask, “Isn’t that what you want?”


“Uh huh,” I nodded. “I don’t know if I want to cum in your mouth or with riding me.”


“Who said you can’t have both?” Sookie lowered her head and resumed sucking.


I’ll take that. I finally allowed my eyes to close. It didn’t take long for my abs to start twitching a little. I could feel my orgasm coiling, getting ready to blow.


“I’m so close…” My eyes opened again so I could lock eyes with Sookie. Her pretty blue eyes were full of lust as she sucked.


She lifted her head away before I came, but Sookie kept stroking, even as I released. Her eyes never left mine.


“Fuuuuuck,” I growled. My hips jerked up and my stomach muscle twitched out of control as I came. It hit her chin before rolling down her hand. It was a really good orgasm. “Keep stroking me like that and I’m not going to go soft.”


“I thought I was supposed to relieve the pressure,” she reminded me.


“You did an amazing job relieving it.” I felt very, very relieved. “I wouldn’t be upset if you wanted to relieve it like that again sometime.”


“I don’t think you’d be upset with any way I relieved it,” she giggled. Sookie let go of my cock. She leaned forward to give me a kiss before she got up to go wash her hands.


I stayed put on the couch. My body was relaxed. My dick did begin to go soft by the time she came back over to me. I reached out for her to straddle me again. If she didn’t care I was a little messy, I didn’t care either.


“Do you want to go out anywhere later or are you fine hanging out here naked with me for the day?” My hands slid back to grip her ass. She had a great ass.


“I don’t mind a quiet day here with you. I’m sure you would rather be lazy today anyway.”


“Yeah, that was my plan,” I chuckled. I tilted my head up to give her a lingering peck. It didn’t bother me that she’d just had my dick in her mouth. When I pulled back Sookie turned her head to rest on my chest. I kept my hands on her ass, gently kneading her soft skin.


“I wrote back to my brother this morning,” she said quietly. “Every time I write him I’m afraid it’s going to get returned unopened.”


“You have to have positive thinking. I know it’s scary he’s over there.” I didn’t have any family in the war. I knew as soon as Godric turned eighteen he’d be on the first plan overseas if the war was still going on. “I’m going to think positive thoughts, and pray for him to come home to you.” I kissed the top of her head.


“That’s what I do every single day. I don’t know if Mama can handle losin’ him. I pray for her too.”


“My little brother is itching to enlist. My mom told me today if he does and goes overseas she’s going to go over and put an end to the war herself,” I chuckled quietly.


“I’d take it if my brother isn’t home by then,” Sookie sighed.


“I hope it’s over by then. He’s fifteen now. He’s going to be able to enlist in no time.” I didn’t want to think of Godric being in battle. No one, especially not a little boy, needed to see that kind of carnage.


“I hope you’re right. Something tells me that probably won’t be the case.”


“I have a feeling I’m going to be getting a phone call or letter sometime telling me I’m being forced to go. All I can think is, I can’t be that lucky, you know?”


“I really couldn’t blame someone for runnin’ off to Canada,” she replied. “I don’t think anyone should be forced to fight a war they don’t believe in.”


“My dad would murder me if I did that. He doesn’t understand why I didn’t enlist to fight for my country. I’ve been called a pussy by him more than once.” That had a lot to do with why I was living in California and he was in Colorado.


“Well your dad should shut his piehole,” Sookie said. “If he wants to go fight a war, let him. No one’s stoppin’ him. It’s your life. You have a right not to put it on the line if you don’t believe in the cause. My daddy thinks this war was started on a bet.”


“Your daddy may be right about that,” I replied. “My mom frequently tells him to cool his jets. I’m an adult, and I can make my own choices. He fires back and tells her she shouldn’t have babied me so much. It’s not fun a lot of the time. I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t left him.” I knew they loved each other but they did not see eye to eye on a lot of things. I was a lot more like my mom. Clearly Godric was much more like Dad.


“Well, with your dad being a military man, he probably takes it a little too personally that you’re not following in his footsteps.”


“He does. I understand where he’s coming from, but he doesn’t try to understand me. I feel like it’s bullshit, not that he’d ever see it that way. He’s dad, so what he says goes.”


“If there’s one thing I understand, it’s a dad with no wiggle room.” Sookie kissed my chest.


“That’s probably why I feel comfortable talking to you about my family issue.” I reached up to stroke her hair. We had some stuff in common when it came to our families. That was something I wasn’t used to with the women I normally dated. It was more so they didn’t show any interest in my life, so I kept them at arm’s length.


“I’m glad you feel comfortable talkin’ to me.” Sookie resting her chin on my chest so she could look at my face. “You’re so cute.”


I smiled and said, “You’re crazy. I have a crooked face.” I was mostly symmetrical.


“So? You’re still cute.” She kissed my chin.


“Thank you. You’re cute too. You’re more than cute to me.”


“It’s the boobs,” she giggled.


“The boobs are definitely one of my favorite parts,” I agreed. Her warm, panty covered center resting over my cock helped too. “It’s mostly your pretty face, though.” That was what I saw first.


“I am pretty,” Sookie sighed.


“Which makes me wonder why the heck you’re attracted to me,” I smiled.


“Maybe I like crooked faces.”


“You need those pretty eyes checked.” I slid my hands down her back again so I could grab her ass.


“Do not.”


“Do too, but I’m fine if you don’t.” I slowly worked my hands over her ass for a few seconds before I moved them up to her waist so I could tickle her lightly.


“You’re cute,” she giggled, wiggling nicely on top of me. “Deal with it.”


“I’ll deal. You can keep wiggling like that if you want.”


“Oh I’ll keep wiggling,” she smirked. “I might want to get those underpants off first, though.”


I removed my hands from her body quickly, giving her room to get up so she could take her panties off. Sookie got up, but she didn’t just take her panties off. She walked over to the record player and started the Led Zeppelin record that I already had on the turntable. Then she took off her panties.


“Better?” She straddled me again and started to rock back and forth over my cock.


“Oh yes.” My hands went to her hips to help her rock. She moved in time with the music and my hips that started to rock up on their own accord. Her body was perfect. It was gorgeous.


I was a lucky motherfucker for the summer.


5 thoughts on “12: Fool In The Rain

  1. Hmm…I’d forgotten about the draft, it’s been so long. That would be the about the only thing I could see separating them.at this point and it would really suck. That was a war that never needed to happen… It changed everything though. Eric’s talk with his mom was interesting. She thought Sookie was too young as well, and that’s funny because so many girls used to get married at that age!


  2. Love that he told his mom about Sookie. I really hope that talk of the draft wasn’t foreshadowing…
    Thanks for cute update and can’t wait for more!


  3. At least one of my children was conceived to Led Zeppelin. You can never go wrong with them! They need to run away and tell the fathers to kiss their perfect asses!


  4. I don’t know what these two are going to do when the summer is over. They have a plan, but things change and their feelings are becoming wrapped up in their summer romance. I hope Jason is ok and Godric enlisting is a scary thought.


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