Chapter 32


I wake up in the middle of the night and I’m starving. I wasn’t kidding about not eating. That’s the way my body deals with stress. My appetite just disappears. After Quinn and I broke up I lost a bunch of weight. Just a fight with Eric and I’m in a tailspin.

We’ve done our share of bickering over trivial things, but this was serious. I know fights are inevitable in any relationship, but I hate fighting with him. I don’t like the way it feels and I don’t like what it brings out in me.

I manage to untangle myself from Eric and I make my way to the kitchen to find something to eat. There’s leftover pizza in the fridge so I grab a slice of pepperoni and eat it cold, leaned up against the counter. The last week plays over in my mind and I realize it was a week full of extremes. The pranks, the sex, my emotions… everything was just crazy.

And Eric is down the hall, fast asleep and happy I’m home.

We both have our pros and cons. He’s a big kid a lot of the time and I can deal with reeling him in. I can be a moody bitch and he’s good at holding me when I need it or backing off when I need space. He cooks, I clean. We both find ways to keep things interesting and fun. I love him to pieces and I know he feels the same way about me.

I feel like I’m myself when I’m with him and he doesn’t mind indulging some of my crazy ideas because he knows I embrace his silly side. I can see us raising kids together and doing all of the adult things we’re supposed to do, but because Eric is a big kid too, it’ll never be boring.

I make a decision by the time I finish my second piece of pizza. After I wash my hands I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and then I get back in bed. I curl up on my side and Eric rolls toward me to spoon in behind me.

“Where’d you go?” he whispers.

“I plundered the stress buffet in the fridge,” I reply.

“Mmm… good.” He hugs me a little tighter and in minutes we’re both asleep again.

I get the first really good sleep I’ve gotten in days and when I wake up again it’s because I have my horny boyfriend still spooned behind me. His lips are on my neck and his hands feel like they’re everywhere at once.

“Mmm… what time is it?” I ask without opening my eyes. The curtains in the bedroom keep out just about all the light so it’s impossible to tell what time it is when they’re closed.

“Does it matter?” he asks and sucks on my neck.

“Not really. I was just wondering,” I say softly. I’m really glad it’s a Saturday. At least I assume I haven’t been asleep for a full twenty-four hours.

“Mmm, I don’t know what time it is. I’ve been too busy touching you to care.”

I smile and say, “It feels like you grew extra hands while we were sleeping.”

“Nope, just moving faster,” he chuckles. “I’ve missed you way too much.”

“Ninja sex.” The words tumble out of my mouth. I want to roll onto my back but there’s not enough room for that with him being so close behind me. Instead I reach behind me and start to stroke his cock slowly.

He growls and nibbles on my earlobe. Eric moves my hand off of him and rolls me onto my stomach, resting his full weight on me. I feel Eric run the tip of his nose along my neck up to my jaw as he flexes his hips, rubbing his erection over my ass.

“You’re heavy,” I giggle and wiggle my ass. I’m pinned to the bed and not going anywhere until he decides to get off and the only way that’s happening is if we both get off.

“I’m sure I am, but I doubt I’ll hear any complaints when I’m buried balls deep inside you,” he whispers and I can feel his lips turn into a smile against my neck.

“Depends on if I get ninja sex then too,” I tease. Eric’s never really had an issue with stamina, except for the time we were drunk on the fourth of July, but then we were both extremely horny so to me it doesn’t really count.

Eric shifts his hips and I suddenly feel his head at my entrance. He grabs onto the edge of the mattress above my head and pulls so he can drive himself into me.

“Ooooh… yes,” I gasp. I didn’t realize I was that wet already but judging by how easily he slides into me, I know that I am. “Fuck, that feels so good, Baby.”

“Mmhmm,” he hums and I can see his arms flexing as he continues to pull himself up and push back. “You feel so fucking tight like this,” he growls.

He feels fucking enormous, but in the most amazing and wonderful way. My breathing gets harder, despite the fact that I’m just lying here. Eric’s doing all the work and I’m definitely not getting ninja sex.

“I want to kiss you,” I tell him. All my lips can reach is the inside of his arm.

He pulls back far enough to flip me over and before I can blink he’s right back inside of me. This time his tongue slides into his mouth. He grabs onto the mattress again so he can keep fucking me hard; driving in as deep as possible. I keep my legs together even though I want to wrap them around his waist and cling to him. His cock rubs against my clit with every thrust of his hips and my fingers end up playing in his hair while our tongues battle. When I break the kiss it’s to nibble and suck on his neck. My teeth drag over his Adam’s apple and it tickles a little when my lips feel the vibration from his growling.

“Sookie,” he pants, “I don’t know how long I can hold out…”

I give in and spread my legs so I can wrap them around him, which lets him get deeper inside me. I moan when his tip brushes against my spot, and I reach down to rub my clit.

“Faster, Eric. Make me cum for you,” I pant, pleading up into his pretty blue eyes.

He pushes up, locking his arms and his hips start to piston, giving me exactly what I need.

“Come on, Baby doll, give me what I want,” he pants before biting his bottom lip.

“Yesyesyesyesyes!” I chant as the pressure explodes and my walls clamp down on his shaft. I see colors burst behind my eyes and I feel myself shudder a little from the pleasure.

Eric drops down on top of me and kisses me hard as his hips start to jerk. I can feel his cock swell just before he shoots his load deep inside of me.

“Wow,” he breathes against my lips and then his tongue slides along mine.

I wrap my arms around him to keep him close while I kiss him back. It’s ridiculous how much I missed him in the two days I was gone. Even though I was furious, I didn’t really want to be away from him. I don’t ever want to be away from him, I realize. It only cements the decision I made while I was in the kitchen much, much earlier, half asleep and snacking on cold pizza.

He continues to kiss me and rolls us over. His cock is still hard and still very deep in me.

“Have I told you that I love you yet today?” he whispers and his lips ghost across my jaw.

“Not yet,” I whisper back and rock my hips a little bit. I have a feeling we’re not getting out of bed today unless it’s to eat or use the bathroom.

“I love you, Sookie.”

“I love you too,” I tell him. I sit up and his hands catch mine. Our fingers lace and I start to rise and fall slowly on top of him.

His eyes are half closed and he has a small smile playing on his lips.

“Have I told you today how good you feel when your pussy is rubbing my cock like this?” he asks.

I smile back at him and say, “Not yet.” I roll my hips and it makes him groan.

“Mmm, well I think your pussy is my cock’s favorite place to be,” he winks.

“Not my throat?” I wink back and start to rise and fall a little faster.

“Nuh uh,” he shakes his head, “He loves being in your throat as well, but I can kiss you when he’s in your pussy.”

“Imagine how happy he’d be if I let him have a third option,” I smirk and switch to rocking back and forth, swiveling my hips every few seconds.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” He releases my hands and his hands land on my hips to help me move over him.

“Well you’re a little too big for ear sex like on Family Guy,” I laugh.

“Uhh… yeah,” he laughs too. He has a beautiful smile on his face right now.

I move his hands off my hips and pull off of him just long enough to turn myself around so he can see the other option when I lean forward and start to rise and fall again the same as I did on his birthday.

I feel his thumb rub up and around my rear hole. “Is this option three?” he asks in a low, throaty growl.

“It could be,” I moan and swivel my hips again. “Do you want it to be?”

“You said you thought it was gross,” he reminds me, as he keeps rubbing.

“I know I did.” I look back over my shoulder. I’m still not sure if I want to try it but I want to know if he does. “Do you want it, though?”

He pulls back and sucks on his middle finger. Once it’s nice and wet he brings it back and starts working it into my ass.

“How does that feel, Sookie?” he asks instead of answering me.

My breath catches. It’s… different.

“It doesn’t hurt but it feels… strange,” I admit. I don’t, however, tell him to stop.

He keeps his eyes on me as he fingers my ass. “Tell me when you want me to stop… I don’t want you to do anything because I want it. I want you to want it.”

“I’m not sure I want to go any further than this,” I admit. “I just want to know how you feel about it, too.”

“It’s not on my bucket list, if that’s what you want to know. If you offered it, I wouldn’t say no… I guess I don’t care either way. I just want you to feel good.” He stops and looks over at the nightstand. “We have the lube if you’re up for playing a little…”

“Get it. We’ll see what happens.” If I’m going to experiment, I can’t imagine I would trust anyone more than I do Eric.

He helps me off of his lap and rolls over to get the lube. “Lay on your back and get comfortable,” he directs me.

I do as he says, lying back against my pillow with my knees bent and feet spread a shoulder width apart. My hand reaches down and I start touching myself.

“I could only be comfier if your cock was in me right now,” I smile at him.

“It will be soon enough,” he says and he pops open the lube. He drizzles some over my pussy and then moves it down over my ass.

Eric keeps his eyes on mine as pushes my hand out of the way. He rests his palm on my lower abdomen and he starts rubbing my clit. A few moments later the same finger he had in my ass a minute ago begins to rub the lube around and then he gently pushes into my ass again. His eyes flick down as he slowly fucks me.

“Is this okay?” he whispers.

“Mmhmm…” I nod and my hands move to my nipples to play with them.

He pushes in deeper with a soft groan and the thumb he has on my clit moves down to my opening. He keeps playing with my pussy and his middle finger moves faster.

“Still alright, Baby doll?”

“Yeah,” I nod again and even though it still feels a little strange to me, it’s not… unpleasant.

“Do you want more, or is this enough?”

“That’s enough,” I tell him. “Maybe next time I want you to treat me like your little slut we can try going a little further.”

“Okay,” he says without taking his eyes off of his hands. “Sookie rub your clit, please,” he requests quietly as he starts to shift to his knees.

I keep one hand on my chest while the other moves down my stomach to my pussy and my middle finger starts to rub slow circles around my clit for him. I moan loudly and my hips start to move a little bit.

“Like this?” I ask.

“Mmm, just like that,” he groans and leans over my body. He drops his hand next to my head on the pillow and dips down to peck my lips. His finger starts moving a little faster. “I want you to cum like this,” he whispers and brushes his tongue over my lips.

I moan softly and my finger moves faster against my clit. His finger in my ass isn’t going to make me cum, that much I know. His tongue parts my lips and he twists his finger inside me. I gasp when he shifts and he pushes the head of his cock into my pussy.

“Better?” he asks.

“Getting there,” I pant.

“Mmm, how’s this?” He pulls his finger out and drives his cock into me hard.

My eyes roll back and I moan much louder.

“Yes! More,” I cry out. I just don’t think the ass play is for me.

He pushes my legs back, pushing them wider. He gives me exactly what I need when his hips start slapping into the back of my thighs. Eric begins groaning loudly as he fucks me.

“Jesus, I love this…” His head drops so he can watch his cock sliding in and out of me.

I move my hand away from my clit and concentrate on just the feeling of him filling me and then retreating. I stare up at his handsome face and see it glistening a little bit.

“Tell me what it looks like, Eric,” I moan. I just like hearing him talk and I like it even more when the words coming out of his mouth are filthy.

“Mmm, your pretty little pussy is stretched wide around my cock… it’s sexy as fuck, Pretty girl.”

I groan and say, “You feel so big like this, Eric. So thick…”

“Fuck, Sookie,” he gasps. “You… God, I love you… I love your pussy so, so much.”

“She’s all yours, baby,” I moan and reach down to rub my clit again. My walls flutter and Eric growls.

“I want her to cum for me,” he growls.

“I’m close,” I tell him. It’s building fast and when he swivels his hips, that’s it. “Eric!” I cry out when I cum.

“Good girl,” he pants right before he releases deep inside me. His hips jerk a few times and he drops down on top of me. His lips brush over my neck and a rough aftershock rips through his body.

It makes me whimper a little and I free my hand so I can rub his lower back gently. I tell him I love him and he replies in kind. He snuggles against my tits and in no time, we’re both dozing off again.


A few days go by and things are better than normal. Fighting with Sookie blows, but making up is really, really amazing. I’m not just talking about the sex either. We laugh more, snuggle more, we generally spend more time together.

Tonight we’re going out for date night. We are going to do dinner and dancing. Dancing wouldn’t be my first choice,  but I really love feeling her move against me. I’ve been ready for about ten minutes now, but Sookie is still in the bathroom. I’ve seen the gorgeous dress she’s wearing and I would much rather fuck her in it than dance with her.

“Honeysuckle, are you almost ready?” I ask as I walk into the bathroom.

She’s still putting her makeup on leaning against the counter. She’s not wearing her shoes yet, but her dress hangs off of her ass very, very nicely.

“Almost. Will you do me a favor and go through the pockets of the load of laundry by the machine? I forgot to do it when I sorted and someone around here has a habit of leaving things in his pockets.”

“Uh… sure.” She knows I hate touching the clothes, even if I am the someone that forgets things. It’s the truth.

I step into the bathroom and kiss the back of her head before I go to the laundry room. I start going through the whites first. When I come up clear I move on to the jeans and when I get to my lawn mowing jeans I reach in and have a brain fart because I never put anything into the pockets of these jeans. I pull out the little box and cock my head to the side when I realize it’s a jewelry box.

I drop the clothes and I start walking back to the bathroom.

“Sook, what’s thi–” I freeze before I walk into the room when I open the box.

It’s a ring.

A very beautiful men’s ring…

“Baby doll?”

I step into the bathroom without looking at her.

“Two days without you and I was a complete mess. I don’t ever want to feel that way again,” Sookie says as she comes closer to me and I hear the clicking of heels on the floor. Her hand reaches for mine and she adds, “I’ve told you before that you’re the best friend I’ve ever had and I meant it. I love that you hug me when I need it and you give me an excuse to jump for hours on a moonbounce. You endured a trip down the coast with me and you feed me chocolate when nothing else will do. You make me smile and you make me want to be a better Sookie. Even the things about you that annoy me I love because I get it, just like you get me. Will you marry me, Eric?”

I have no idea what I’m thinking when I ask, “Did you get permission from Alcide? You know he’s going to lose his shit if you didn’t ask him if you could marry me.” Yeah… it hasn’t sunk in.

“No, I didn’t ask your husband,” she laughs. “But I did ask Senior.”

“You did?” I grin. That has to be the most adorable thing someone has ever done for me.

“Yeah, I did, and I had to take his phone away so he wouldn’t call you and ask why you didn’t shit or get off the pot already,” she tells me.

“I would’ve gotten around to it eventually,” I say and pull her closer so I can kiss her.

When she pulls back she says, “I’m gonna need an answer here, Schmoopy. It doesn’t have to be right this second, but it’s mean to leave a girl hanging for too long.”

Oh. I’m still a bit in shock but I smile and whisper, “I love you like I’ve never loved anyone before. I would be an idiot not to marry you. My answer is yes.”

Sookie grins, cups my face and kisses me. I run my hands down her back and squeeze her ass as I start to walk her backwards toward the wall.

“You’re my best friend too, Honeysuckle. You’re beautiful, you’re funny, you’re smart and best of all you go along with all of my silly ideas.” I kiss her again and reach down so I can slide my hand up her thigh, pushing her skirt up.

“I like your silly ideas,” she says. “And I like that I’m going to marry a guy who watched bad porn with me on our first date.”

“Best first date ever,” I chuckle and kiss the tip of her nose.

“Our kids are going to love that story,” she laughs too. “Mommy knew it was love when Daddy didn’t call his junk a ‘meat wand’.”

“Skin flute… and can I use Vajizzle in our wedding vows?”

She laughs harder and says, “Oh I’m sure our parents will love that. I can just see the look on your mom and my dad’s faces right now.”

I laugh with her for a moment before I ask, “Is your heart set on dancing?”

Sookie looks into my eyes and says, “Only if it’s a mattress mambo. I ordered special shoes for this occasion.”

I take a step back so I can look down at her shoes. I get an instant hard-on.

“Sugar plum, I’m never letting you out of bed again. Those are…” I take her hand and place it on my cock. “This is what those do to me.”

“I love that good shoes make you horny,” she says and gives me a little squeeze.

“Everything about you makes me horny,” I shrug. I flex into her hand and lean in to nibble her bottom lip.

“Prove it,” she whispers and nibbles my lip right back.

I reach between her legs to rub her mound and I ask, “How’s this pussy feeling?” We had a lot of sex over the weekend and we’ve been on a time out the last two days.

“Not as good as she will very soon.”

“How would my finacé feel if I fucked her with my tongue?” My fingers start sliding up and down her slit through her panties.

“I think she’d feel fantastic.” Sookie spreads her legs a little wider to give me better access.

“Mmm, and if I made her cum right here against the bathroom wall?” I push her panties to the side and I can feel she’s already drenched. I run my fingers back and forth through her folds until she’s panting and I slam two fingers into her dripping cunt.

She cries out and grips my shoulders to keep steady. “I’ll make sure your cock gets worshipped.”

“No, Baby doll, tonight is all about you,” I growl and scissor my fingers. I don’t ask, I just add a third finger and I start fucking her so hard her head drops back against the wall and she can barely get any words out.

“Oh God,” she moans and her fingers dig in tighter.

“She feels so good, Sookie,” I whisper and suck on her neck, just below her jaw. I want her to cum once before I go down on her.

“Eric…” she whimpers and her walls start to pulse around my fingers.

“Yes, dear?” I twist just enough to rub her sweet spot, making her gasp.

She opens her mouth but whatever Sookie was going to say is replace by a much louder whimper when she cums. My hand stops moving, but I keep my fingers inside her, twisting and rubbing still. Her face looks beautiful. Her lips are quivering, and short bursts of air are pushing out of her mouth. Her gorgeous blue eyes are on mine, and her cheeks are flush.

“You alright, Lover?” I whisper and lean in to kiss her cheek.

“Uh huh,” she says breathlessly and turns her face to kiss me back.

“Would you like me to take you to bed?” I ask with a small grin on my face.

“That might be a good idea,” she says with a little smile.

I slowly withdraw my hand from her. I keep my eyes on hers as I lick my fingers clean.

“Delicious,” I wink.  I make her squeak when I lift her up by her thighs and walk toward the bed. I keep kissing her face and neck the entire time. “Shoes are staying on, but I think you know that.”

I toss her on the bed and I start unbuttoning my shirt.

“Huh, if I was wearing a tie I could tie you up and spend hours devouring your pussy and you wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it.”

“So get a tie,” she challenges.

I smile and go to my dresser to grab a tie. It’s some weird, red paisley thing that Alcide’s mom got me one Christmas. It’s time to put it to good use.

“You sure about this, future wife?”

“I trust you,” she says as she raises her arms over her head toward the headboard for me. “Besides, I’m curious to see just how much stamina that big mouth of yours has anyway.”

I smirk, but I don’t comment. I start tying her to the bed, pulling the last knot tight to make sure she’s secure. She wants stamina, I’ll give her stamina. She won’t be able to see by the time I’m done with her. And then I’ll fuck her.

I reach under her skirt and I make her lift her hips so I can pull her panties off. I bend her legs and position her feet so I can see the shoes out of my peripheral vision while I eat her.

“You are in for a treat, Sookie,” I say confidently and I begin to stroke up and down her slit.

“Promise?” she smiles.

“I promise. You know I always take care of my girl.”

“Right now I know you’re a lot of bark and no bite.”

I guess she’s feeling sassy. Lets see if I can take care of that. I get comfortable on the bed with my head between her thighs. I don’t tease, I go right to work. My tongue slides up her slit and I wrap my lips around her clit. I begin pump two fingers in and out. I don’t go deep, staying nice and shallow. I want to make her pant. As I suck my fingers gradually go deeper and deeper until her hips are bucking a little. I have to fling my arm over her stomach to keep her down.

“More,” she whimpers, fighting the hold I have on her hips.

I pull out and when I push back in I add a third finger, making her groan. I begin licking her clit instead of sucking and I twist my fingers until I find that spot that makes her gasp and her back arch.

“Ohmygod!” she cries out and I hear her tugging on the restraints already.

I smirk and I continue to rub. I can feel her walls beginning to pulse around my fingers. I switch the angle of my hand, gaining a very sexy whimper.

“Goddamn, Baby doll, you should see how wet you are,” I groan when I notice a puddle beginning to pool under her ass.

Sookie only moans and tries to lift her hips again to match the rhythm of my fingers moving inside her. I hold her down tighter to the bed. My lips wrap around her clit again and I flick her nub quickly with the tip of my tongue.

“Yesyesyesyes!” she cries out and her walls are pulsing around my fingers again.

I don’t let up. A few seconds later she screams with her release. Normally I would be ready to fuck her. I’m hard as a rock, but she wants bite, I’ll give her bite. My fingers keep moving and she’s so wet I’m able to add a fourth finger. I know she can take it. I pull my mouth back so I can watch her pussy as I finger fuck her.

“Too… much,” she whines and tugs at her restraints again.

“Are you sure?” I ask and dip to lick her clit.

“Fuuuuuuuck!” she screams and her hips try to buck up off the bed again.

I flick her swollen nub one more time. I really like watching her fall apart like this.

“Eric, please,” she whimpers. Her legs are trembling and her breathing is ragged.

I gently pull my fingers out and climb up her body. I hover over her and lean down to kiss her. I rest my weight on her and grind my hips down to rub my erection over her center. If I didn’t still have my pants on I would be inside her right now.

She moans and her eyes close. Her legs wrap around my thighs and I can feel the heels of her shoes scrape against my legs.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you, Future Mrs. Northman?” I whisper into the kiss. The shoes are getting me so hot I don’t think I’ll be able to wait much longer.

“Yes,” she moans.

I give her one last lingering peck and sit up on my knees. I unzip my pants and push them over my hips just far enough to free my cock. I hook her legs and collapse on top of her so she’s basically folded in half. I can’t wait so as I fall on top of her my cock slides into her pussy.

“Perfect,” I groan.

“Baby, untie me,” she pleads.

As I slowly push in and pull out I reach up to untie her wrists. The moment she’s free her hands go to my hair to hold onto me as I kiss her.

“You’re going to break me,” she whispers against my lips and then kisses my chin.

“Mmm, why is that beautiful girl?” I smirk and I start thrusting a little harder.

“Because my pussy’s not made of steel,” she giggle-moans.

“Should I slow down?” I slow my thrusting and move her legs so her ankle resting on my shoulders.

“Just a little. Four fingers is a lot.”

“Sorry,” I whisper, “Should I stop?”

“No, just slow down a little,” she says. “You agreed to have me for the rest of your life. We have time.”

“You shouldn’t have put on these shoes,” I smile and turn my head to kiss her ankle. I move her legs down around my waist and roll us so she’s on top. “Go at your own pace, Baby doll.”

Sookie sits up and says, “Maybe I should take the shoes off.”

She reaches behind her body and unzips her dress so she can pull it off, leaving her in just her bra.

“They look so good on your feet,” I playfully whine.

She smiles and shifts herself so that her feet are closer to my shoulders and she’s leaning back with her hands on my thighs. Her hips rock and she uses her upper body to lift herself up.

“How’s that?” she asks with a swivel of her hips.

“That works very well,” I moan. I shift to pull my shirt off so I’m in my pants and my undershirt.

Sookie starts to lift herself up until just my tip inside her before she sinks down nice and slow. In, out, up, down, over and over.

“Oh fuck,” I moan when I feel myself getting close. I won’t be able to take much more of this before I explode.

“Getting close, Baby?” Sookie asks.

“Yes,” I breathe, nodding my head. My hands rest on her thighs and I begin thrusting up a little.

“If I was a mean fiance I’d lift up and stay there,” she says, swiveling her hips again. One of her hands moves and lands on my balls to rub and tug them gently.

“Fuuuck, you’re a fucking great fiancé though and you want to make me feel good, which you’re doing a stellar job of.” My eyes are trained on her pussy taking me in over and over. The slow pace she has set is pure torture, but feels oh so fucking good.

“Where do you want to cum, Eric?” she asks. When she sinks down against her hips move faster and she doesn’t lift up very much.

“Give me your mouth, Lover,” I groan. I usually prefer cumming in her cunt, but the thought of watching her head bob up and down on my dick makes me twitch and pulse inside her.

Sookie lifts up and lets my cock slide out of her. She moans and climbs off of me. She takes my pants the rest of the way off and lies down between my thighs. She bends her knees so I can see her shoes sticking up behind her head, and she reaches out to lift my cock. Her tongue runs along the vein on the underside of my shaft and her tongue swirls around my tip before her lips wrap around it to give it a good, hard suck.

My hands go to her head and I growl, “Give me more,” as I grip her hair tightly.

Her tongue flicks against my tip and she looks up at me with mischief in her eyes. When I growl again she lifts her head and asks, “Isn’t that what you meant?”

“Suck my dick, Sookie,” I command in a low, raspy sex voice. “Make me cum in your mouth.”

“Yes, sir,” she winks and then lowers her head. It starts to bob and her hand wraps around my base to stroke the rest. Her tongue moves over the underside of my shaft and when my hips start to thrust up, Sookie relaxes her jaw. When my tip nudges the back of her throat she swallows, allowing me to fuck her throat.

“So. Good,” I grunt and my hips go faster. I hold her head in place and I fuck her mouth for a few minutes before I lose all control and pull her head down a little more as I explode. “Fuuuuck!” I shout.

Sookie moans around my length and continues to bob her head until I start to go soft. When she releases my cock, she kisses my tip and smiles at me.

“Remind me to wear these shoes more often, Schmoopy.”

“That will never be a problem,” I chuckle and grab her arms to drag her up the bed so I can kiss her. “And I promise not to break you next time.”

“I would appreciate that,” she says. “Timeouts aren’t fun.”

“Want me to kiss it and make it all better?” I offer. I would be happy to lick her pussy all night.

“Maybe later.” She snuggles against me, draping her arm over my stomach.

I rub up and down her back. I kiss the top of her head and remind her again of how much I love her. I’ve thought about marrying Sookie, but we’ve only been dating a few months. I was also a little worried that if I couldn’t talk her into staying home when we got into that last fight we wouldn’t last. I would much rather talk things out, but Sookie taking off like that really bothered me.

When I found the ring I didn’t know what to think. Sookie proposing to me never once crossed my mind. But she did, and it’s still new, but getting engaged to Sookie has been the best night of my life. Until our wedding day, that is.



13 thoughts on “Chapter 32

    • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her proposing to him. There’s this stigma on a woman doing it because our patriarchal society has decided it’s a “man’s job” to take a relationship to another level, and if the woman says no, she’s a bitch. Sookie knew what she wanted so she went after it and good on her for it, in my opinion.


      • there is nothing wrong with wishing for an old-fashioned proposal. women tend to imagine wedding bells with almost every guy they date while guys take a bit longer to warm up. (generalisation yes but fairly accurate). in this modern era, it makes more sense for the guy to propose because if he isn’t ready, that will ruin things right quick. sexist or not, that just appears to be how things are. and on behalf of blokes, surely we can leave them something they can get to do?


        • There’s nothing wrong with a man proposing marriage, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a woman doing it either. Maybe instead of women sitting back and waiting for men to make big decisions about their own future they should start being a little more aggressive. Is it just a man’s job so we don’t scare them away? If you’re dating a man turned off by marriage and it’s what you want, you’re probably dating the wrong man. Just saying. If you’ve both agreed marriage is the end game, does it really matter who pops the question or is the story surrounding it more important?

          And additionally, on behalf of men, I think it’s silly that if a woman proposes and they say yes like Eric did here, that he would be viewed as anything less than a man just because Sookie beat him to the punch. Dropping a few grand on a ring doesn’t make a man a man, just like doing that didn’t give Sookie a penis.

          Old fashioned proposals are just fine, but there’s nothing wrong with a woman taking charge, either.


  1. I love that she proposed, my husband and I actually proposed at the same time to each other back in 1999. It just came out! Anyways I’m glad he accepted & hope he doesn’t freak out in a few days when it sets in. Oh & I agree w/ Eric about running away from fighting w/ each other. Staying & working it out is the one and only way to make it work in the long term. Great chapter! Keep up the awesome writing!


    • In this instance Sookie was definitely running, but generally I think taking time to cool off is the better way to deal. When you’re emotional and upset over something you don’t always think clearly and it’s too easy to let your emotions override common sense. I think in this case Sookie was too tired to fight anymore.


      • Yes, that’s generally what we would suggest in couples therapy; not the running away, or even leaving for a couple days as Sookie did, but an “adult time out”, such as going for a walk, hanging out in the man cave for awhile, just backing off & giving one another space so that things can deescalate. Words spoken during arguments & mostly never-ending “fights” are ones that are most harmful and hurtful, and usually are the only words truly heard. Nothing ever gets solved. Adult time outs work well to clear your head & focus on what’s really going on. My husband & I use referee penalty flags; when one of us starts getting off topic or accusatory, the other can throw their flag. It works well until we have off-setting penalties!


  2. I think it’s awesome that Sookie proposed! I get that Eric was waiting cos it was so soon. But I’m really glad that Sookie had the guys to take the plunge 🙂 Would’ve loved to be the fly on the wall for her talk with Senior 🙂


  3. Awesome, I love that she proposed to him & that it wasn’t because either of them thought it was what they should do, it came out of Sookie having an epiphany about what had happened & what she felt about him & where she wanted to be in her life. Brilliant!


  4. I think it’s great that Sookie proposed to Eric! It’s the 21st century, women have wanted equal treatment for a long time, so why should she wait for Eric to ask her? Sookie came to the decision about what she wanted for her life, and the person she most wanted in her life was Eric, so she went for it. Awesome! Love it, Ladies! 🙂


  5. I loved that Sookie proposed and in this story it does gel with her personalities too. I looooved that Senior was unimpressed with Eric which of course he would… but he is from another generation…


  6. aahh so cute that sookie proposed!…and loved that she asked senior first!…..can’t wait for the wedding! x


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