Chapter 1


“I 30,” I call.


I’ve been calling bingo for my Grandma Pam’s nursing home for about two months now. Grams talked me into it one Saturday morning when their normal caller, Patrick, had an unexpected emergency. The ladies at the home liked me so much they asked if I could come back every week. I agreed simply because it’s fun and I like spending time with the ladies. They’re funny.


Today there’s a new member of the group. Adele Stackhouse brought her granddaughter. I haven’t been introduced yet, but I’ve overheard the girls talking and I’m pretty sure her name is Sookie. Odd, but pretty. It fits her.


“O 62,” I call next. We’re five balls in and Maxine is getting antsy. There’s no way she’s close to a bingo yet. That would be crazy. The pot is small, fifteen dollars, but I’m learning the ladies want to have the recognition that comes with being a winner.


“I 18.” I glance around the room and my eyes catch Sookie’s. As soon as she sees me looking at her face turns a nice bright pink as she looks away quickly. It gives me a chance to appreciate her. She’s in neutral colors, light to no makeup. She has wheat colored hair the same as mine along with eyes so blue they pop even when she’s not looking my direction. She looks healthy and she looks like she smells amazing. Clean and soft. The more I look at her, the more I want to know about her.


“N 35.” My eyes scan the rest of the room. Grams isn’t doing so hot. I can tell by the way she slams down her dauber. I shake my head and move back to the pretty blonde. She’s still blushing.


I get through fifteen more numbers before Mrs. Stackhouse yells bingo, making every other woman in the room groan.


“Miss Adele, come on up and let me see your card,” I smile. The room is small and I’ve been told to have them come to me so they get at least some exercise.


Of course Adele sends her granddaughter up with the paper. If I didn’t know any better I’d say she looks nervous.


“Let me see what you got,” I nod, holding out my hand when she approaches. “Adele’s been known to cheat sometimes,” I wink. Of course it’s a joke. This is the most honest group of women I’ve ever met.


She plays along though, and as she hands over the card she says, “Gran is a rascal.”


I smile up at Sookie for a little too long before I compare the bingo paper to the numbers called.


“Looks like we have a winner. Miss…” I trail off. She doesn’t know I know her name yet.


“Stackhouse. Sookie Stackhouse,” she supplies with a shy smile and more of that furious blushing.


Very nice to meet you, Miss Sookie,” I flirt. A few seconds pass before I ask the room, “Does anyone else have a winning card?” without taking my eyes off of Sookie. If there are other winners the pot is divided between them.


I get a chorus of grumbly nos. I pull the money out of the envelope and count it out on the table in front of me.


“Are you sure I can trust you with this?” I smirk, resting my hand on the small stack of fives.


“I’m a good girl,” Sookie smiles back at me. “Gran didn’t raise a thief.”


“Mmm, I’ll bet you’re an extremely good girl,” I purr quietly as I slide the money across the table. I wait until she reaches down to take the money to let it go. Her soft fingers brush mine, sending a slight shiver through my body.


“I’m an angel,” she says in a breathy voice. “Thank you, Eric.”


My name sounds good falling from her full lips and I suddenly find I want to hear her scream it. I’m not going to hit on her in front of the eighteen other women in the room looking for gossip. Instead I lean in and ask quietly so the ladies don’t hear, I hope, “Would you like to go for a walk around the grounds with me?” I find I want to get to know her better. I’m a single guy, I don’t know if she’s single, but I plan on asking.


“Mmm… you look like you might be a bigger rascal than Gran,” she giggles quietly.


“Oh, I can be,” I assure her with my own chuckle. “I promise to be on my best behavior though. Unless you request otherwise.”


Sookie’s eyes meet mine and after a few seconds of consideration she says, “I’d like to give you the chance to prove Miss Pam wrong.”


Who knows what my grandmother has said about me. I’m sure it’s all bad, and somewhat true. I’m not a bad boy per say. I don’t always follow the rules though.


“Meet me on the back lawn in ten minutes.” I have to clean up the game.


“I’ll be there.” Sookie picks up Adele’s winnings and turns back to walk over to the table where Adele is sitting.


The group of ladies is up, milling around the room at this point. I get up to put away the balls and unused bingo cards. My Grams is sitting in a chair talking to her best friend Miriam. I doubt she’ll even notice me missing. As promised, I walk out to the back lawn only to find Sookie already there. Her back is to me so as I walk past the rose bushes I pluck a yellow rose from the tree. I snap the thorns off as I approach Sookie. When I reach her I put the rose in her line of sight while I stand to her left.


“For you,” I say sweetly.


“Thanks,” she says. She takes the rose and breaks part of the stem off to tuck the flower behind her right ear.


“You’re welcome. That looks pretty there,” I compliment her. I fold my arms behind my back and ask, “Would you like to walk with me?”


“Sure.” Sookie stuffs her hands in the pockets of her jeans.


We walk about twenty or so feet in silence before I ask with a chuckle, “So, what kind of lies has my grandmother told you about me?”


“Well she says you’ll charm my pants off if I’m not careful.”




“Only if you want me to. I promise I only invited you out here to talk.” That’s also a true statement. “Who am I to turn you down if you find me irresistible?” I joke.


“She also implied that if you succeeded in getting my pants off I’d never hear from you again,” Sookie tells me.


“That’s not entirely true.” I don’t see the point in lying to her. “I’m sure I could be considered a womanizer. There have been a few girls I only wanted one thing from. Not all. I want to get to know you. I’m not looking to get murdered by Adele if I did something like that to you.”


“Gran wouldn’t kill you,” Sookie chuckles. “She’d get my brother to make your death looks like an accident.”


“Ah, good to know,” I smile. “I assume Jason is your brother?” I’ve met him a couple times when he comes to visit Adele. He’s… different.




I nod and ask, “What do you do when you’re not here collecting money for Adele?”


“Would you believe collecting money for the mob?” Sookie says with a straight face.


I look down at her, giving her a little smile and say, “Yes. With a pretty face like yours I’d happily give you whatever you wanted.”


Sookie laughs and says, “You should see my mean face.”


“I’d rather not, thank you. I like the one you’re wearing now just fine.”


“It’s just as well. Jason says I’m about as intimidating as a bunny rabbit anyway.”


“I bet it’s adorable,” I tell her honestly. “I imagine your cheeks would turn that delicious shade of pink and I’d want to nibble on your… Sorry,” I stop myself. I’d happily nibble on every inch of her luscious body.


There’s that pink again.


“It’s okay,” she says. “I’m a nurse. I work with kids that have cancer.”


“I’m not surprised. I watched you with Adele,” I admit. “You seem like a very nurturing person. It’s a great quality. My Grams will be proven very wrong…” I don’t think I could just have one night with this girl.


I turn down a walking path, motioning for Sookie to follow me. The path is kind of narrow so she has to move in closer to me. As much as I want to reach out to touch her, I’m good and keep my arms folded behind my back.


“What will your Grams be proven wrong about?” Sookie asks. Her shoulder brushes my arm when she tries to dodge a little puddle.


My arm darts out on its own accord to steady her even though she didn’t actually lose her balance. I quickly put my hand behind my back again.


“I could never leave you after I got into your pants,” I chuckle.


“I bet you say that to all the girls,” she smirks and veers off to literally stop and smell the roses. Sookie bends at the waist and puts her nose to a pale pink bloom to inhale its fragrance.


I tilt my head as I stare at her gorgeous ass. I know I shouldn’t, but it’s there and I have eyes.


“I promise you I don’t,” I tell her as I take a step closer to her. “Anyone that gets involved with me knows exactly what to expect.”


“Oh yeah?” Sookie stands up straight. “And what should a girl expect if she gets involved with you, Eric?”


“You personally should expect a nice dinner tomorrow night if you agree.” I reach up to tuck a stray hair behind her ear and continue, “After dinner you should expect to go to that little ice cream shop on Fifth for dessert. If I’m lucky you won’t want the night to end there,” I purr in the end.


“How would you like the night to end?” Sookie asks.


“It depends on how the date goes. I would be happy with a goodnight kiss,” I reply, my voice dropping. My eyes leave her face, scanning down her body and back up again. “If the kiss turned into more I’d be good with that too.”


She steps closer to me and pushes up on her toes. Her soft lips brush mine as she whispers, “Good kissing lips. Those are important.”


“Yes they are,” I agree just as quietly. “May I?” I ask as I unfold my arms and rest my hand on her hip.


Sookie nods subtly and tilts her head up toward mine. My hand slides to her lower back, brushing my fingertips over her ass. I pull her close, closing the small distance between our mouths and lick her soft, full lips. I’m going to take whatever this is at her pace.




I was serious about good kissing lips being important. Eric’s got great kissing lips. They’re soft without being mushy and he’s not slobbering all over me. I like the feeling of his hands on my neck and in my hair. I’ve heard stories from his grandmother, but Pam is a trip.


I’m not usually the kind of girl that would even consider sleeping with a stranger, but today was a shitty day.


Eric breaks the kiss, resting his forehead on mine. “I definitely I want this kiss to turn into more,” he breathes before sliding his tongue along my lower lip.


“Me too,” I agree. I pull him into the shadows of the garden and kiss him again.


Eric is a large man, easily six and a half feet tall. He has broad shoulders and his hands are massive. When he runs one of those hands down my back to my ass I learn that he’s a gentle giant. He gives me a light squeeze as he walks me backwards, pressing me against a tree.


“Are you sure?” he whispers, pulling back so he can look into my eyes. He continues to massage my head softly and rub my ass as he gently rocks against me so I can feel the effect I have on him.


“Positive,” I reply and move his hands to my chest.


“How good are you, sweet Sookie?” Eric purrs. He slips his hands under my shirt, ghosting his fingertips up to my breasts. His thumbs brush my nipples through my lacy bra as his erection rubs across my stomach.


“I told you I’m an angel,” I remind him and unbutton his jeans. My eyes lock on his as I slide the zipper of his fly down.


Eric lifts my shirt as he bends over a little so he can wrap his lips around my nipple through the lace. He looks up at me as he pulls the cup down over my left breast and moves over to suckle my bare nipple.


“You definitely taste heavenly,” he groans around my flesh.


I moan and feel my insides tingle. My hand wraps around his thick shaft and I start to stroke him slowly. I let my thumb brush over his moistened tip and use his pre-cum to make my hand move a little easier. When I begin to twist my wrist on every upstroke, Eric groans again.


He reaches down and gently pulls my hand off of him. He takes both of my hands, lifts them above my head and holds them in place by my wrists in one of his bear paws. Eric releases my nipple and moves back up to kiss my lips again. His free hand slips between my thighs. Eric slowly strokes my slit through my jeans.


“You’re very good with your hands, Angel, this is where I plan on cumming though,” he purrs as his fingertips massage my opening.


“I’ll make sure I wear a dress on our date,” I pant.


Eric smiles as he moves to open my jeans. He slides his hand down the front, watching my face when he begins to rub my clit. “I promise you won’t regret it,” he whispers.


“We’ll see about that,” I whisper even as my hips thrust forward in the hope of getting more friction.


“Is this what you’re looking for?” Eric asks as he pushes his fingers back and plunges two into my core. “Goddamn, you’re soaked,” he groans.


“Oh God,” I moan and my back arches.


“Mmm, you’re gorgeous,” he whispers. His fingers slowly pump in and out of me. Eric draws light circles around my clit. “Hold onto me,” he says as he releases my wrists so he can work on sliding my pants down.


I grab onto his strong arms and try not to explode already. I’ll definitely wear a dress next time I see him.


Eric curls his fingers inside of me. He smiles as soon as he finds my g-spot. He rubs quickly and whispers, “Cum now, Angel.”


I gasp and cover my mouth to muffle the scream that’s lurking in my throat, just waiting to escape. My other hand grips his arm a little harder and my walls pulse around his long fingers.


He leans in close to whisper against my ear, “That is absolutely stunning, Sookie. Are you going to give it to me again when I have my long, thick cock sliding in and out of this tight little cunt?”


I drop my hand from my mouth and say, “God, yes.” I’m still breathing hard and aftershocks are rippling through me but I want more.


He gently extracts his fingers from my pussy. He keeps his eyes on mine as he licks them clean. “Mmm, you taste like heaven everywhere, Angel. Turn around and hold onto the tree.”


I pull his face to mine and kiss him for a minute, tasting myself on him, before I turn around and place my hands on the tree trunk like he told me to.


“Mmm, good girl,” he whispers as his hands run over my ass. Eric leans in close to my ear and asks, “Do you want my tongue or my dick in here?” as he slips his hand in to rub my opening.




“Surprise me,” I pant. I don’t really care as long as he keeps touching me.


He keeps his fingers moving as he drops to his knees behind me. I feel his heavy hands spread my cheeks just before his lips wrap around my clit. He starts moaning as he sucks and licks me. He pulls back to twist two fingers into me again.


“I can’t fucking wait to get you naked in a bed,” he groans before he sucks my clit again.


My breath catches and I can’t even talk. I’m afraid if I open my mouth it’s just going to be that renegade scream that comes out. I hold onto the tree and the closer I get to another orgasm, the more my knees shake.


“Eric,” I moan. “More.”


“Yes, my angel,” he replies. I can feel him smile around my clit before he removes his fingers and I feel his tongue slide up to dip inside of me.


As he fucks me with his tongue I hear the unmistakable sound of the condom wrapper before I see it go flying. Once it’s in place Eric spreads my lower lips so he has full access to my pussy.


“Cum on my tongue,” he breathes, his warm breath washing over my pussy. As his tongue pushes back into me I feel his thumb on my clit again.


“Ohmygod,” I gasp and my hips move on their own accord. He knows exactly what he’s doing. My body responds to him like it never has with anyone else. I cover my mouth again to muffle my noises as a fresh wave of my honey gushes out with my orgasm.


Eric moans as he licks up my juices. He keeps his hands on my hips and his tongue on my pussy as he stands behind me. As soon as his mouth disappears his thick length is sliding into me.


“Fuck, that’s tight,” Eric groans as he pushes deeper into me.


He’s not kidding. It doesn’t hurt that he’s as big as he is. I spread my legs a little wider and let him pull my hips a little further from the tree. When he’s buried in me to the hilt, he stays still for a second. My walls involuntarily pulse around him, making both of us groan.


Eric’s lips brush against the shell of my ear and his arm wraps low around my waist. “Tell me how you want it,” he breathes into my ear.


“Go slow for now. You’re big; I need a minute to adjust,” I answer him.


Eric uses one hand to turn my face toward his to kiss me while the other hand slips down to rub my clit. He does as I ask and keep his thrusts slow; going deeper and deeper each time he pushes in.


“Mmm… that’s so good, Eric,” I moan against his lips and begin rocking back to meet his thrusts. This would be even better in a bed, but this is good too.


“Mmhmm,” he agrees. His hips speed up a little, grinding against my ass on each in stroke. “I want to feel your orgasm… fuck, you have a perfect pussy.”


“Faster,” I pant. It’s not going to take much to make me cum again, especially with his fingers on my clit.


Eric does as I command. His hips begin to slap into my ass over and over. His fingers speed up, rubbing my clit in time with his thrusts. Eric’s breathing changes when my walls begin to contract around his shaft.


“Give it to me, Angel, cum for me,” he pants into my neck.


“Yesyesyesyesyes,” I chant softly as the pleasure washes over me, making my knees go weak. My legs feel like jelly.


“Fucking gorgeous.” His fingertips dig into my hips and his thrusts get faster, harder. “Fuck… yes…” Eric pants just before he slams into me one more time, cumming hard into the rubber barrier.


His body shivers against my back as his hips continue to pump lazily in and out.


“Can I pick you up tomorrow at seven?” he whispers, kissing my neck softly.


I’d be crazy to say no. That was the best sex I’ve had in a long, long time.


“Uh huh,” I whisper. “But no ice cream. I’m lactose intolerant.”


“I’ll take you wherever you want for dessert,” he says. We both groan as he slowly pulls out.


“How about your bedroom?” I suggest.


“Mmm, I can take you there. Do you have any plans tonight?”


“Just a shower.” I smile over my shoulder at him. “What about you?”


“Funny, I was going to see if you needed someone to shower with,” he smiles back.


“I suppose I could use some help washing my back,” I say as he slides my jeans and panties back into place.


“How about I bathe your hard to reach places with my tongue,” he purrs and pats my pussy once he zips my jeans for me.


“Mmm… I would offer to return the favor, but that thing is so big you can probably do that yourself.” I’m only half kidding.


Eric chuckles as he removes the condom, tying off the end. He tucks himself away and does a quick scan to find the wrapper.


“I think I’d rather have your tongue on me,” he smiles at me. He reaches up to fix my hair. “I want this down later,” he whispers.


“I can do that,” I whisper back and push up to my toes to kiss him.


After the day I’ve had, I couldn’t ask for a better ending.



15 thoughts on “Chapter 1

    • is it just me or is it weird the characters worry about sti’s and std’s on the private region but not when it comes to oral sex , I find this to be a fact in real life as well. food for thought!!!


  1. I finally have a chance to start reading this story and you have me hooked already. Where do you find all these pictures of co-ordinated outfits. You have great taste.


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