Chapter 8


Sookie’s SUV is already in the lot when I get to The Playground the next night. Pam’s at the door with a smirk on her face. I pause to give her a kiss. Usually Pam prefers women but every now and then she likes hooking up with a guy. I was that guy once. I haven’t told Sookie that. I’m not sure if I should or if it’ll even matter. It was more than a decade ago.

“Hello, Pam.”

“Hello,” she purrs. “I think you’re going to be in for a treat tonight.”

“I’m sure I am.” We don’t have to do anything kinky, but I like that we have a place for that. I don’t know if I could live that lifestyle all the time.

“So what’s going on with you and Blondie?” she asks.

“We like fucking,” I shrug. I like busting her balls.

“Clearly. When are you going to let me join? What I wouldn’t give to bury my face between her thighs.”

“You’ll have to ask her. That’s Sookie’s decision, but you are missing out.” She clearly hates me right now.

“I should deny your admittance and go join her,” Pam pouts. “She’s in the red room if you want to find her.”

“She likes dick, Pam. Real dick, not the rubber kind,” I tease.

“You’re a bitch, Northman,” she deadpans.

“And I’m sure your dick is diamond,” I smirk.

“They are a girl’s best friend.”

I laugh and head toward the private rooms. When I get to the red room I knock on the door and wait for Sookie’s voice or for the door to open.

“Come in,” her melodic voice calls.

I open the door slowly and peek in, only to find my girl already naked… and in bed with another woman.

A naked woman.

A naked woman who has her mouth on my girl’s pussy.

Instant boner.

“Hello,” I say. I could stay right here and watch them. Celebrate indeed.

“Mmm, hey, baby,” Sookie moans. “Have you met Holly?” Her eyes roll back in her head when Holly does something she likes.

“I don’t think so.” I close the door. I know Sookie’s wanted to try being with other women but she didn’t mention trying it tonight.

Holly lifts her head and smiles at me. She’s got big brown eyes and platinum blonde hair.

“Nice to meet you,” she says. She’s got three fingers pumping in and out of Sookie’s very wet pussy.

“Likewise,” I reply.

“I thought I’d repay the favor and give you two girls,” Sookie tells me. Her fingers thread through Holly’s hair, holding her in place. “Oh… fuck that good,” she breathes.

Holly moans and I can see her tongue moving faster against Sookie’s clit. Her back arches and I don’t wait for an invitation. I move to the bed and make myself comfortable beside her to play with her nipples.

Sookie turns her head to give me a lingering peck. She’s breathing heavily through her nose as her hips rock.

“I can’t wait to share your dick with her,” Sookie whispers, reaching over with one hand to stroke the side of my face. Holly starts pulling Sookie’s clit between her lips, making Sookie moan louder.

“Be a good girl and cum for her so I can fuck you while you taste her,” I reply and tug her nipples harder.

“Ohmygod… ye… yes, sir,” she stammers.  Her back arches how it always does. Holly is looking up Sookie’s body at her face as her fingers speed up. A silent scream leaves Sookie’s throat when she cums hard, making her shiver and tremble.

“She’s gorgeous when she cums,” Holly says, kissing Sookie’s mound.

“She is,” I agree. I kiss Sookie’s top lip.

Holly moves up the bed, hovering over Sookie’s body. “May I?” she asks Sookie, earning a nod. She turns her face toward mine for a kiss hello. As soon as our lips meet I can taste Sookie on her. She’s delicious.

“Do you like men and women, Holly?” I don’t know her limits. I want to, though.

“I do. I dated a girl last and a man before that. I like people, not a specific sex,” she tells me.

“Anything off limits I should know about?” I ask.

“No choking or hard spanking, or anything like. I do like hard fucking though and I’m able to deepthroat. I also don’t do anal,” she answers.

“Good to know,” I nod. I don’t plan to get rough but it’s still good to know her limits.

“Baby, take your clothes off,” Sookie says. I see her hands start to move up and down Holly’s sides. I notice one of her hands disappear between Holly’s thighs and a soft moan leaves her lips when I hear the unmistakable sound of a very wet pussy being fingered.

I get up off the bed and watch them while I strip. Holly’s eyes go wide when my cock springs free from my jeans. This might be a challenge to her deepthroating abilities. As soon as I’m naked, Sookie pushes Holly to lie on her back. She gets on her hands and knees between Holly’s thighs, and I wait until her tongue is moving up and down Holly’s slit to slide into her from behind. She’s so turned on it feels like her pussy is sucking me in deeper.

“Mmm,” she moans.

I look over her shoulder and I see two of Sookie’s slender fingers slide into Holly. She slowly pumps in and out, getting the feel for another woman’s body. She seems like a natural if the moans coming from Holly are any indication. Sookie arches her back, giving me a better angle and starts to suck on Holly’s clit while she fingers her wet pussy.

I grab Sookie’s hips and start to move faster. Holly’s tits are bouncing thanks to the way Sookie’s nudging her with every one of my thrusts. They’re not as big as Sookie’s but I don’t care too much about that. Holly reaches up to grab the edge of the bed. My hand moves over some and then lifts before coming down hard on Sookie’s ass, making her groan.

“This dirty girl likes to be spanked,” I tell Holly. I haven’t done it in a while, though. At home we don’t really do kinky stuff.

“Mmm, good,” Holly moans. “She’s also a natural at eating pussy… oh fuck!”

“Is she cumming, baby?” I slap Sookie’s ass again.

“Mmhmm,” she hums around Holly’s clit. I see Sookie spread Holly’s pussy open before driving her tongue into her to lap up all of her juices as she drips onto the bed.

“She’s going to make me cum again if she doesn’t stop.” Holly’s hands push against the headboard as her back arches up. Sookie isn’t stopping.

“She’s a greedy girl. You must taste good.” I grab Sookie’s hair and pull her head up. “Does she taste good, Susannah?”

“She’s delicious, sir. Like wild honey,” Sookie breathes. She starts to rock back, meeting me on each hard thrust.

“Do you want to watch her ride my cock?” I wrap my hand around her throat and drive into her harder.

“Ohmygod!” she shouts instead of answering me. Once she regains her composure she asks, “May I play with my pussy while I watch?”

“You may.” I pull her upright and reach around to rub her clit, but Holly shifts to get on her knees to use her tongue on it instead. Sookie doesn’t seem to know what to do but the orgasm is immediate and intense.

She lets out a silent scream as her body goes limp against me. “Oh my God,” she pants. “Thank you…” She’s still shivering and jerking, trying to push Holly’s head away.

“Do you want my cum, Susannah?” I whisper to her. Holly can clean it up while I fuck her.

But then it dawns on me that I haven’t fucked another woman since Sookie and I have been together. When I come to the club I’m always with her now. I don’t come alone. I haven’t changed my mind about the open relationship, but right now I like the way things are and that Sookie is my primary focus.

Just before I cum I push her forward and pull out of her to finish on her lower lips and her folds. I’m barely done and Holly’s already pushing me out of the way to get her mouth on my girl again.

“Oh my fuck!” Sookie hisses. This is the first time she’s cursed here at the club.

“Delicious,” Holly purrs and continues to lick through my girl’s folds.

I just sit back and watch. My hand wraps around my shaft to keep stroking myself. Sookie turns her head and the lust in her eyes is apparent. I move to sit at the head of the bed and the next thing I know I have both Sookie and Holly trying to suck me off at the same time. For a minute I think I might be dreaming in my bunk at the firehouse.

They figure it out and Sookie ends up suckling my sac while Holly’s mouth moves up and down my shaft. Her eyes are closed while Sookie has her eyes on mine.

“Is this okay, sir?” she asks quietly before caressing my right nut with her soft tongue.

“Perfect,” I reply in a gravelly tone that makes Sookie smile.

I have to say, Holly’s not bad at sucking cock, but I think Sookie’s better. There’s not enough suction happening, which is odd considering how much her mouth is stretched to accommodate my dick.

Sookie licks up my exposed shaft to Holly’s mouth, silently telling her to back off. As soon as Holly lifts her head off of me she drops down to work on my balls while Sookie starts suckling my head like a baby sucks a nipple. Her tongue works my little slit while her small hand pumps up and down. Meanwhile Holly has managed to get my entire sac into her mouth, running her tongue over the soft skin there.

“Holy shit,” I mutter as I watch the show going on in front of me. Two sexy women taking turns on my cock. I can pretty much die happy now.

But the best part is Sookie. Yeah, I’ve got it bad for this one. I pull her up and give her a deep kiss. My fingers tangle in her hair and it’s on the tip of my tongue to say the three little words you’re not supposed to say for the first time during sex. I manage to keep them at bay but I know they won’t stay unspoken for too long.

Sookie pulls back from the kiss to ghost her lips along my jaw up to my ear. “Do you want her to ride you?” she whispers while Holly moves back to bobbing on my cock.

To my surprise I shake my head and say, “Just you.” Yep, she owns me.

I feel her lips turn up in a smile against my neck. “I feel it too,” she whispers.

I want to tell Holly to get out but I don’t know how to do it without being rude. Somehow Sookie’s tongue ends up dancing with mine and I feel her sink down on my shaft. I have no idea where Holly is and I don’t care. The only thing that matters is the woman in front of me, riding me and kissing me like the world is coming to an end. My fingers tangle in her hair to guide her head one way or the other. I go into some sort of trance so that Sookie is the only thing I can keep track of.

Or maybe she’s all I care about keeping track of.

Sookie pulls back from the kiss, looking into my eyes. Her hips are slowly swiveling from side to side as she plays with the hair at the nape of my neck.

“I know I’m not supposed to say it now, but I love you, Eric,” she tells me. I can tell she means it and it’s not just the heat of the moment.

“I love you too, Sookie,” I reply and draw her in for another kiss. I sink down and begin thrusting up into her as the kiss continues. Our tongues tangle and dance, and when I shift her hips just a bit, I start brushing her sweet spot with my tip over and over and over again.

Sookie starts moaning louder. I can feel her orgasm approaching. Her stomach twitches against mine just before she cums with a small roar, breaking the kiss to suck in air. Her sexy little body starts trembling above me as aftershocks rip through her. We’re both sweaty, panting messes but I’m not done yet. I roll us over and pin her hands above her head.

I thrust into her almost punishingly hard and ask, “Who does this pussy belong to now, baby?” She gets off on the dominance. Now seems like the right time to bring that side out.

“You, Eric. All yours,” she answers.

“Good,” I grunt. I keep my thrusts hard and deep, marking my territory and I can tell Sookie’s loving every second of it.

“Every inch of me belongs to you,” she tells me.

My lips crash down on hers. There’s another series of deep kisses and we shift again so I’m spooned up behind Sookie. Holly’s gone but I didn’t see her leave. Oh well. Sookie’s head turns back as I enter her again from behind. My fingers move over her swollen, sensitive clit while we kiss passionately. I can feel my orgasm building and I know Sookie’s ready to explode again.

“Cum with me,” she pants. Her head drops to the pillow and her back arches enough to allow me to get just a little deeper. It’s also enough of a shift to allow my cock to rub over her g-spot. It only takes a handful of thrusts before she cries out with her release.

The force of it takes me with her and I’m pretty sure it’s the best orgasm I’ve ever had. I stay buried deep inside her after I cum and kiss her neck and shoulder. My hand settles on her lower belly. I can’t believe I said it, but I love this woman. Even better? She loves me too.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. Is it bad that I giggled at the end they said a I love you in the middle of a three some . Haha no wonder Holly left. I like how it was done. Eric not wanting anyone else and thinking Sookie is better .

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  2. Gosh, “I love you’s” in the middle of a session and they don’t know where the third party in the tryst is. Gotta laugh at that!! 🙂


  3. Nice, kinky surprise for Eric. I didn’t think Eric would actually do more than oral and I’m not sure Sookie would really be ok with it now they’ve reached the love stage. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose, but I’m not sure threesomes or orgies are still on the menu after this session.


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